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It Looks Like Trump Will Sign Border Deal and Dodge Another Government Shutdown

Make no mistake about it, avoiding another shutdown is for the best.


Zach Gibson/CNP/AdMedia/Newscom

President Donald Trump will likely sign a compromise border deal that would avoid another partial government shutdown, several outlets reported Wednesday morning.

Two unnamed sources told CNN that the president intends to sign the deal, which would keep the government open beyond Friday. The Wall Street Journal reported the news as well, also citing anonymous sources.

What comes next remains unclear. The deal in question has the support of Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress, who are eager to avoid another shutdown. It provides Trump with $1.375 billion for physical barriers on the border, according to Politico, not the $5.7 billion he's been demanding for months.

As I pointed out yesterday, it's still possible the president could sign the border deal and still get his way. While the bill funds just 55 of the 215 miles of border wall that the administration wants, Trump could conceivably take executive action to divert Defense or Treasury Department funds to build the wall, according to CNN. He could do this even without declaring a state of emergency.

Speaking to reporters prior to a cabinet meeting yesterday, Trump expressed his misgivings over the deal, but suggested he's "using other methods" to get his wall money.

"Am I happy at first glance?" he said. "I just got to see it. The answer is no, I'm not. I'm not happy."

"It's not going to do the trick, but I'm adding things to it and when you add whatever I have to add, it's all going to happen where we're going to build a beautiful big strong wall," Trump said. He also said he doesn't expect there to be another shutdown.

Ultimately, signing this border deal is probably the right thing to do. While government shutdowns might sound good in theory to those who love liberty and hate government overreach, the reality is much more complicated. As Reason's Eric Boehm noted last month, the last shutdown did nothing to actually reduce the federal government's power or cost. (Though it did highlight the intrusive and inappropriate role government plays in industries such as air traffic control and beer-labeling.)

Signing the border deal and then immediately taking executive action to obtain money for the wall would also be a bad idea. That's because building the wall would actually cost tens of billions of dollars and involve seizing private property to provide an ineffective solution to a problem that doesn't really exist.

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  1. It Looks Like Trump Will Sign Border Deal and Dodge Another Government Shutdown
    Make no mistake about it, avoiding another shutdown is for the best.

    Some of us think that the 35 day federal shutdown was one of the best things on Trump’s accomplishments list.

    Another shutdown might have sent more federal bureaucrats screaming thereby saving taxpayer money.

    1. What did the shutdown accomplish besides tanking Trump’s approval rating even lower than it already was?

      1. Nothing, really. It was a pathetic failure.

        I’m really kind of tired of people on my side who pretend otherwise. We got nothing out of it except to demonstrate that Trump could be rolled, and that the Senate didn’t have his back.

        And I knew that latter already.

        1. Thank you for at least being honest about it. Quite refreshing to see.

  2. Signing the border deal and then immediately taking executive action to obtain money for the wall would also be a bad idea. That’s because building the wall would actually cost tens of billions of dollars and involve seizing private property to provide an ineffective solution to a problem that doesn’t really exist.

    Illegal immigration is a real problem and its a problem that the majority of states cared about, since Trump was partly elected on that issue.

    Its a shame you and most of your Reason staff peers are so delusional.

    1. Standard boilerplate paragraph for any story on this subject.

    2. Trump’s promise was that he would build the wall and Mexico would pay for the wall. He said this many times. Would he have been elected had he said the American people should pay for the wall. That we will never know. So let him keep his promise. Sign the compromise bill and then go to Mexico and ask them for the money.

      1. I have been assured ‘mesicans pay more in taxes than they get out.

        Mexicans are paying for the border wall.

        Thanks Mexicans.

        1. LOL

          If only it were true that they were net tax payers… Then I wouldn’t have so much of a problem with it. But math is not our friend there, given the average Hispanic income in the USA, and that NOBODY is a net positive tax payer unless they make at least $50-60K a year… It just ain’t so.

          On the flip side, all blacks are net negative tax payers too… So 3 cheers for racial transfers of wealth! Those pesky whites, Jews, and Asians didn’t need all that extra money anyway!

          1. You can always count on Vek the retarded hate-filled half-wit to throw in a bit of race-baiting at the end.

            1. That was pretty retarded. Not to mention I’ve lived well below $50k a year and didn’t get a cent of government subsidy, beyond ROADZ of course. In fact I was paying taxes the whole time: gas tax, sales tax, property tax, drivers’ tax, etc etc etc.

              1. Here’s the thing marshaul, it doesn’t matter!

                You THINK you covered your shit… But you didn’t.

                Because we live in a country that spends WAY too much money.

                Just to name a few: Roads, other infrastructure (water, electrical, all kinds of stuff is often government owned), the military, social security, welfare, etc.

                People have done the math, and found that anybody who doesn’t make $50-60K a year in the USA is NOT covered their pro rated share of government spending. As a working person, you gotta help pay to bomb Arabs! And pay for single mothers to sit on their asses and not work! And pay for free healthcare for slackers! So on and so forth.

                Keep in mind that’s not stuff the government SHOULD be spending money on… But they are.

            2. McJizz, you’re a nasty, greasy, unkempt asshole. While Vek is generally civil, if not outright cordial to deal with.

              I can be unpleasant. Although that is usually reserved for progtards and America haters. They are enemies of our republic and my freedom, and clearly undeserving of civility.

              1. Ohh, little Shitty calling me an greasy, unkempt asshole. Ironic.

            3. Well Mcgoo, that is the fact of the matter. Those are the ethnic groups in the USA that are net positive tax payers. Sooo they all pay more in taxes on average, and all the other groups do not.

              It is what it is bro!

              1. “It is what it is bro!”

                I’m not your “bro” asshole. The problem couldn’t possibly be that the government spends far too much money. Naw, gotta be those freeloadin non-white folks not making enough money. Fuck. Off. Slaver.

                1. You DO realize the thing that makes 1st world countries 1st world countries is that the AVERAGE income is through the roof by global standards right?

                  So if you LOWER the average income, and have a higher proportion of impoverished people… That basically by default turns the nation shittier than it would have been.

                  Rich people live just as good in India as they do here. Better actually, because their servant class costs less! What makes America, Europe, Japan, etc great is that our working class and middle class make shit loads of cash.

                  This saves us from having a ton of issues other countries have to deal with, like our kids being kidnapped for random money because we can afford a BMW.

                  I am 110% in favor of cutting spending… But I still wouldn’t want to drag the nations standards down… I want to drag our standards UP by allowing in only high skilled immigrants. I say this even as a business owner who benefits from suppressed wages, because I believe it is the right thing as a matter of principle.

                  1. As far as who can come in? Anybody who actually brings something to the table. Asians tend to be pretty good. They vote bad, but not as bad as some other groups. But they make lots of money and commit fewer crimes than whites.

                    But anybody is fine. I’d even be stoked to let in Mexicans! Doctors, engineers, programmers and the like of course, not dish washers…

                    We don’t need illiterates now, let alone in an age when we’re automating all these low skilled jobs into oblivion. People who think we’re going to need MORE low skilled labor in the future are fucking idiots and don’t understand any of the trends at play in global employment.

      2. It’s not like it’s hard to understand this: He wasn’t going to ask Mexico for the money. Of course they weren’t going to voluntarily cough up a few billion dollars to stop the flow of illegal immigrants.

        The idea was to enact a law that would have the effect of dumping the cost on Mexico. It would have been easily accomplished in many ways, such as a targeted tax on financial transfers to get the funds from remitances heading to Mexico.

        The problem is that all the ways you could get the money out of Mexico required legislation, and the Republican Congress had no interest in doing it.

        He’s pretty good about accomplishing what he can do on his own. He’s lousy about accomplishing things that required Congress to assist. That’s not his fault, that’s Congress’s; The GOP establishment oppose most of that stuff, even if they sometimes have to lie about it at election time.

        1. So basically, he lied and continues to lie, but it’s not his fault.

        2. Ted Cruz said let’s draft a law & take the billions El Chapo has to forfeit after his conviction & build the wall…Well, then, at least A MEXICAN will have paid for it, if not Mexico itself!

          1. Hahahaha…Chapo’s also got a lot of employed expert tunnel diggers. Win-win for everyone!

        3. Trump should take the money from this deal and then subsequently declare an emergency and get the rest that way.

          Fuck the democrats and their slaver ways.

          1. Yea, and when the Democrats win they’ll just tear it down and then who loses? The taxpayers. That’s who. Trump’s wall is the pinnacle of stupidity in this country. Too bad everyone in this country has turned into assholes that can’t find common ground. Nothing good will come of it. All great Republics thus far have collapsed into tyranny. The only thing were fighting for is which side of the line is the shit pile gonna fall. Time for another glass of wine…..

            1. Well, if the Democrats hadn’t gone shithouse nuts I don’t think we’d be having nearly as many unsolvable problems.

              Democrats, even up through the 90s or early 2000s, were somewhat adult and sane on almost all issues. Then somewhere in the 2000s they lost their shit, and have gone full on utopian, hittin’ the crack pipe about a ton of issues.

              The Rs haven’t really changed much… They’ve become MORE liberal if anything. It’s the Dems who have wandered off the reservation.

            2. ‘everyone in this country has turned into assholes’

              You are of course including yourself in that statement? Correct? Or is it just people that ‘can’t find a common ground’ that YOU approve of?

              1. Of course not. It’s all you assholes that surround me. Duh.

                1. Don’t worry, us assholes are more than willing to do the RIGHT THING, even if it is unpopular… You can thank us in the future if and when you finally realize how wrong you were about all this shit.

                  I’ve always wished we had 2 universes so we could A/B test things.

                  Hardcore capitalist America that only allowed in skilled immigrants would probably be about as close to paradise as one could ever expect… And if we could show people what that would have really looked like, NOBODY would want the fucking disaster we have now.

      3. Mexican-American Comedian George Lopez on the border wall (made before Trump got elected)

        (1) I don’t care if Trump builds the wall, as long as he doesn’t disturb the tunnels underneath it!

        (2) It’s been my experience that if you are expecting Mexicans to pay for anything, you will be waiting a long time!

  3. “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

    Why these sorts of ‘sources say’ pseudo-predictions are considered news continues to baffle me. Are they supposed to fuck with the stock market, or what?

    1. What, you don’t like being in on secrets?

      1. Hmm. Do they involve “National Security”?

  4. “Make no mistake about it, avoiding another shutdown is for the best.”

    Avoiding another shutdown is for the best for whom?

    Trump can’t get what he wants out of this congress, so taking this deal is in his best interests.

    I can see all sorts of great reasons to denounce parts of the deal that have nothing to do with the wall–even on fiscally conservative grounds. The Democrats have stacked up extra spending on hiring more customs agents–to man the checkpoints across the border we already have!

    Who said this is needed?

    I can see why Democrats might oppose the deal, too. What’s in it for the Dreamers? Anything? We went though all of this and got nothing at all for the Dreamers?

    The Democrats don’t give a shit about the Dreamers.

    If and when the Republicans take the House in 2020 or 2022, Trump may have a decent shot at getting serious about border wall funding, but he’ll need to win another term to fight that battle, and refusing to capitulate and declare victory at this point makes it less likely that he’ll be reelected.

    1. Avoiding another shutdown is for the best for whom?
      Well, I did read a heartbreaking story about how some federal workers were dipping into their savings during the shutdown. It was like nobody in history ever got laid off before.

      1. More like civil *slaves*, huh?

      2. Really?….The way the MSM media portrayed it,all the Fed workers had no savings!!!!

    2. Oh, so it’s next time Trump and the Retardicans control the House.

      1. Is the suggestion that a president’s agenda is more likely to succeed when his or her party control’s the House surprising to you?

    3. “Trump can’t get what he wants out of this congress, so taking this deal is in his best interests.”

      No, it isn’t. This deal actually reduces the number of permitted detainee beds. It’s a step backwards in border security.

      1. I’ve heard conflicting reports on the beds.
        Some say reduces, some say allows increase.
        Dont know the reality of it

    4. The Democrats have stacked up extra spending on hiring more customs agents–to man the checkpoints across the border we already have!

      Who said this is needed?

      Well, it makes more sense than a border wall, given that most drugs and slightly over half of illegal immigrants cross the border through these “checkpoints we already have”.

      The most amusing part of this is the way that types like Ken Schultz suddenly forget that government is, almost by definition, incompetent and value-subtracting. “We already have government at checkpoints, once we have it along the entire border it will suddenly be efficacious!”

      No, Ken, it won’t.

      1. It’s a physical barrier, not a bunch of bureaucrats. It is capable of stopping a lot of problems.

        Your analysis is biased and flawed

  5. It provides Trump with $1.375 billion for physical barriers on the border

    $1.375 billion for a length of shitty fence is what he wanted all along. HAHAHA, SUCKERS!

    1. And then we’ll stiff the suppliers and pocket the cash.

      1. I see someone’s read The Art of the Deal.

    2. SparkY finally spit out the checkers he has been eating on since Jan 20, 2017.

      Hide your Connect Four pieces.

  6. Oh no, I am pulling my hair out in weeping, and chewing my nails off in fear! The brown-skinned people will take over the whole USA and we must all start speaking Spanish, and English will be forbidden!!!

    Oh, wait, maybe not… The article cites “anonymous sources”, and the Wise Commentators on have all assured us that “anonymous sources” are always, all “fake news”.

    The Donald WILL build a $15 billion wall, and He WILL make the Mexicans pay for it all, as promised! We are SAVED, and the above article is all “fake news”!!!!

    1. Uhhh, well if you have bothered to look at the statistics… America has already been radically transformed. And will continue to be moreso. The majority of people under 18 are already non white, and whites will simply continue to become more and more of a minority in the land we built.

      This would be fine and well if things worked like they do in delusional progressives and libertarians heads… The problem is they don’t. Whites are on our way to being a hated and despised minority. We’re going to end up looking a lot more like South Africa than an America where whites are treated the way we have treated other minorities recently. There will be no showering of affirmative action on whites, no lauding them for staying true to their cultural heritage, etc.

      Anybody who thinks this majority minority America is going to end up working out well doesn’t know history well IMO… At least I’ve got enough beaner blood to start calling myself Hispanic in the future if I ever have to… I’ve had to do that a number of times already to keep from being harassed by Mexicans who thought they were badasses growing up in Cali.

      You utopians just don’t know the world of hurt you have brought on yourselves and your progeny. Boomers couldn’t conceive of a world where they weren’t running the show… And now that it’s already here, by the time they realize how awful it is, it’s basically too late.

      1. Aren’t you confused. You’re like the Clayton Bigsby of Reason, except not funny.

        1. Goddamn you’re a dumbshit McJizz.

          1. Little Shitty gettin hissy pissy.

        2. I’m not confused mcgoo… I’m just more educated on the subject than you.

          Children under 10 have been a white minority for several years now. Now it is 18 and under as of this year, give or take.

          This shit HAS implications. Anybody who can’t see the level of hatred that many minority groups have for whites is fucking blind. There are ZERO signs of this dissipating. It is in fact only increasing. No non white group gives 2 shits about the constitution either, so we can kiss a lot of our rights goodbye.

          IMO, just like in South Africa, once whites have “lost power” the minorities will simply step up their anti white rhetoric even more, and begin passing laws that are directly tailored to hurt whites. They do it in SA where 90% of the population is non white! They have affirmative action AGAINST WHITES, when they’re less than 10%. They’re taking their land WITHOUT compensation. Not to mention all the rapes, murders, etc that the police conveniently ignore. They give NO FUCKS about the rights of whites.

          My point is merely that we’re going to trend that direction. We probably won’t be as bad as South Africa for a LONG TIME… But any trending that direction will be an awful thing for whites. And frankly won’t benefit “brown people” any either. The country will just be ruined for everybody because idiots can’t read statistics on voting patterns and traded our freedom for brown people because tacos are awesome!

          1. So to paraphrase, ‘helter skelter bitches, it’s coming’. I guess someone had to pick up where Manson left off. Nice work.

            1. I don’t WANT it to happen… But it probably will.

              Look at how much hatred and bile is directed at whites in the USA today. It’s the same in South Africa, but far worse. As America becomes more like SA demographically, we’re going to have politics more like SA too.

              History shows this to be the most likely outcome when cultures and ethnicities clash over the same territory.

              I’m the one basing my guess off of history, human psychology, and observed reality… You’re basing your belief off of… Feelz. You WANT it to work out well, so you ignore all the obvious problems that already exist, and all the others that are likely to arise. Simply because you WANT it to work.

              Hell, I WANT it to work… I’m just smart enough to realize that is not a likely outcome. If you moron utopians get your way, I sure as hell hope it does work… But it won’t. And I’ll probably have to either bail for some European country that didn’t go full on stupid, or maybe Japan or somewhere else that’s decent. Because this won’t be a nice place to be.

      2. Who the fuck are all these whites, anyway? I’m just a dude. I don’t have any say in government as it is. Who cares what color skin my neighbors have? It doesn’t make any difference, and it isn’t like there aren’t a fuckload of “white” (whatever that means) progressives.

        Vek is pretty much the epitome of “culturally insecure”.

        1. No dude, I just know more than you do apparently.

          See, your problem is you believe in utopia.

          I don’t.

          I believe in reality. Observed facts. Historical trends. Human nature, which really doesn’t ever change.

          And in reality no non white ethnic group polls as being in support of most important American ideals. No guns, no small government, no freedom of speech, on and on.

          Also, even aside from that, racial tensions… They’re a thing. Non whites DO NOT like white people, and are pretty okay with saying so openly nowadays. Or even many other non whites. Blacks and Mexicans have been fighting like cats and dogs in LA for decades now, shooting each other like crazy. A funny old black guy I know from Compton has told me some crazy shit about the transition from black to Mexican in that area…

          White progtards are a problem… That doesn’t mean that importing groups by the millions that are 3x as likely to vote left is a GOOD IDEA. It’s like saying “Well I stubbed my toe, which sucks… So I should clearly cut off both my arms, because that’ll help!”

          Remember: Just because you WANT something to work a certain way, doesn’t mean it will. I with multi-culti utopia were possible… I’ve just read enough facts to make me believe it is a disaster in the making.

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  8. The wall doesn’t matter. Within a generation, LA will have the climate of Cabo San Lucas and Tampa will be like the Yucatan. So we’re gonna need folks who are able to work in those climates.

    Maybe we can arrange a swap. Our lazy elderly fatasses for their younger hard-working folks to pay SS/Medicare taxes.

    1. Except they’re all net negative tax payers? The average Hispanic income in the USA is FAR below the mark where anybody is a net positive tax payer. Period. Whites, Jews, and Asians are the only ethnic groups who actually pay more in taxes than they use. Sorry to burst your bubble…

      1. “Whites” are not an ethnic group (nor for that matter a homogenous group in any respect) you fuckwit.

        1. You’re not someone who should be impugning the intelligence of someone like Vek.

          Now apologize.

        2. Actually, in America we are. Not so much in Europe.

          But in America different varieties of “whites” have more or less all blended together and formed the “White American” ethnic group, which is fairly homogenous. As homogenous as various parts of Germany are anyway, Bavarian vs Prussian and whatnot.

          So kindly fuck yourself sir.

          1. Bwahahahahahaha….the two self-described geniuses are not pleased that someone will deny the existence of the North American Aryan Race.

            1. Huh?

              Ethnicities form, split, and reform over time. The people that lived in Spain pre Muslim conquest would probably NOT consider the current Spanish to be “their people” because their blood AND culture got mixed with Arab culture…

              In 1776, there really wasn’t a “White American” ethnicity… But after a couple hundred years of mixing in various Europeans, blending those cultures and genetics, modern white Americans are pretty much a thing unto ourselves. We’re surely at least as distinct as the English are from the Scots, or the Germans from the Austrians, etc.

              Also, I don’t like the stupid word Aryan. That’s stupid trippy hippie occult nonsense that Nazis were into. Aryans were the Caucasians (Probably related to if not basically identical to modern Persians) that invaded the other Caucasians that were already living in India from further north a few thousand years ago… Completely unrelated to modern Europeans, unless you go A LOT further back in the family tree.

  9. President Trump’s supporters wanted a wall, got a cave.

    Fortunately for the president, his fans are gullible enough to think they got what they wanted so long as he tells them so.

    1. DAMN.

      As much as I hate you for being the retarded piece of shit you are… That is a pretty good burn. I will give you credit for that one!

    2. I agree with your first paragraph, not the second. We’re perfectly capable of deciding at the end of the day that we didn’t get what we wanted. We mostly tolerate Trump because he HAS been delivering what was within his power to deliver.

      The real problem with this bill isn’t the amount of wall funding. It’s putting a cap on the number of detention beds below current levels in the middle of an illegal immigration spike.

      The direct savings from that are microscopic, the end costs immense. It’s clearly a command not to enforce the law by way of a denial of resources.

      Now, if Trump signs this stupid bill, and then finds some way to circumvent these limits, (Direct deportation with appeals to be pursued from Mexico, say.) he’ll retain his support.

      But if he signs it and complies with the intent, he’s toast.

      1. He likely is toast in any event.

        Just not enough uneducated, backward goobers to give him another longshot needle-threading at the Electoral College. Especially after four years of improvement in the electorate.

        1. Never underestimate the Democrats’ ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Hillary Clinton was supposed to be unbeatable, and none of the current crop of Dem 2020 candidates seem to have anywhere close to her popularity. The fact is Democrats are doing nothing to win back the swing states they lost to Trump, and in fact seem to be doing everything in their power to increase the margins of those losses

          1. That’s the one hope, that they manage to puke up somebody as unlikable as Hillary. I’d be depressed if it weren’t that that’s perfectly plausible. But it’s a heck of a thing to have to rely on, when they could have been going into 2020 with a long list of accomplishments instead, if the Republican Senate hadn’t been worthless.

            1. Yup. The senate was what fucked up the whole deal.

              Granted, they couldn’t pass certain types of things as they didn’t have the votes. But many things only needed 51, and they didn’t pass most of that shit either. Pussies.

        2. >>>He likely is toast in any event.

          in the we all are sense, not in the 49 state landslide sense

  10. IMO Trump should STILL have the government shut down. They would have caved eventually. Even tons of leftists were posting to just give him the damn wall towards the end of the shutdown.

    He got convinced to punk out by limp dick advisors. He needs to stop listening to pussies, and go with his “Fuck ’em” gut instincts.

    But whatever. It’s done now. He should just flip ’em the bird and build the wall with military funds or whatever. He will lose ZERO support, and only gain. The leftists will never like him, and it’ll fire up his base and probably even some centrists who don’t like the immigration situation. It will be one more campaign promise he made, and kept, if he does so.

    1. Do you delusional fucknuts not realize that the entire focus of this nonsense is a big expensive freedom-destroying government boondoggle that will solve exactly zero social problems? I mean come the fuck on. How much of a braindead sheep do you want other people to see you as?

      1. That describes most government legislation.

      2. Gosh Tony, sounds win win for you. Since you hate freedom and goodness.

      3. It’s the government… It will cost more than it should, and be a mediocre job. I wouldn’t dare say otherwise.

        HOWEVER, just like we inefficiently spend money on the military… That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t spend any money on the military.

        Border security is something I believe must be done. A wall WILL NOT magically solve the issue of illegal immigration, BUT I think it is reasonable to assume it will reduce numbers by making it more of a pain in the ass for illegals to cross over in the future. It ALSO sends the message to people considering coming here illegally that we’re not fucking around.

        Just because something doesn’t 100% solve an issue doesn’t mean it isn’t worth doing anything. In the cost/benefit analysis given the low costs of a wall, and the potential savings of stopping potentially hundreds of thousands, or maybe even millions, of illegals from entering over a long number of years… I say it’s worth a go.

        1. Also, how is it freedom destroying? There is something un-free about blocking people from illegally entering your country against the laws you have in your nation? Fuck off!

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  12. The Blocko Mofo fugazi libertarian bitches of Reason:

    “Trump better sign that awful big-deficit budget so twe can put all of the blame on him! However, if he doesn’t sign that awful big-deficit budget and shuts down the government, that will also be terrible and we’ll blame him for that as well.”

    1. love fugazi.

  13. i dunno i *really* enjoyed the last shutdown.

    1. How many people did you purge?

      1. funny. i guess “all the fedgov workers” because I didn’t care they weren’t at work.

      2. I would love to purge you Tony.

        1. Your repeated romantic advances are becoming a nuisance in the legal sense.

  14. Ted Cruz wants to use the $14b seized from el chapo to fund border wall.
    I like it

    1. That’s legislative trolling at its finest

  15. I don’t know … job growth was pretty good while the government was shut down.

  16. Is it worth listening to some bullshit I’d scan and bypass?
    Transcript or STFU.
    You $2 donation is falling fast.

    CLICK HERE…??????

  17. Few people outside the DC beltway give a rat’s ass about a government shut down. Or more accurately, government shut down mystery science theater 3000.

  18. Now that the bill is out, we find out it has hidden AMNESTY PROVISIONS and endless other open borders nonsense.

    This is an abomination.

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