Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Netflix Paying $10 Million for Ocasio-Cortez Campaign Documentary. Isn't the Free Market Great?

Thanks to the Citizens United decision, the streaming service can play it whenever and wherever it wants.


'Knock Down the House'
'Knock Down the House,' Courtesy of Sundance

Deadline has broken the news that Netflix is paying $10 million for the rights to distribute Knock Down the House, a documentary that follows the campaigns of four women running against incumbents. One of the women is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.).

The film was apparently the darling of this year's Sundance Film Festival, which wrapped up last weekend. It won the Festival Favorite Award, beating out more than 100 other candidates. Deadline says this appears to be the biggest documentary deal ever hammered out at a film festival.

There will, no doubt, be all sorts of jokes about how a documentary partly about a socialist is benefitting immensely from a massive capitalist company. But keep in mind that the deal isn't with her; it's with the filmmakers. And she's not the only person the movie's about, even if she's the only one who has become a household name.

What I do want to point out is that Deadline's coverage of this documentary about four progressive candidates does not include the phrase "Citizens United." But it's the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. FEC which makes it clear that no government forces can censor Netflix from showing the documentary however and whenever it wants.

Ocasio-Cortez hates the Citizens United decision and wants a constitutional amendment overturning it. This has been a pretty steadfast position among Democrats: They believe the Citizens United decision has ushered in an era of "dark money" and of massive, manipulative mega-corporations buying elections.

All of that fundamentally ignores what the Citizens United case actually involved—an attempt, just before the 2008 Democratic Party primaries, to censor advertisements for a documentary critical of Hillary Clinton. It was a case about censoring the media.

Prior to the Citizens United ruling, it still would have been perfectly fine for Sundance to have shown Knock Down the House. The law that was being challenged banned certain types of political communications close to elections. The ruling guaranteed that Netflix can air this documentary whenever it wants, even close to Ocasio-Cortez's next election race.

And that's good! Prior to this Supreme Court decision, the law was being used to censor what the media could and could not do. That makes anger at the decision, particularly from challengers facing uphill battles, all the more confusing. Laws that limit campaign spending and the ability to get support from outside the political parties ultimately benefit entrenched incumbents, who have legislative history and lots of simple political inertia on their sides. It's the challengers who desperately need of financial support and avenues to increase the reach of their messages. It's really, really hard to beat incumbents. Challengers like the ones in Knock Down the House.

Ocasio-Cortez has benefited greatly from press coverage—both positive and negative—and that coverage most certainly played a role in her win. Tellingly, when people on the left talk about the money that comes in to help candidates in getting their message across, they bring up "big oil" and "big pharma" but tend to leave out Hollywood and the media. (Conservatives do bring it up, of course. They yell it from the rooftops.)

Should Netflix be allowed to air this documentary come 2020 when Ocasio-Cortez is looking to get re-elected? Yes, absolutely. Does the information in the documentary magically become more sinister and a threat to democracy now that $10 million is changing hands to make sure people can view it? Absolutely not. That money doesn't magically transform into votes. The candidate still needs to make her case. It's just that enough people like her message that they're willing to spend lots of money to provide the megaphone. That's known as the marketplace of ideas, and we need it for a functioning democracy.

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  2. They believe the Citizens United decision has ushered in an era of “dark money” and of massive, manipulative mega-corporations buying elections.

    It did, until AOC mustered together all her resoursces to defeat the world’s greatest enemy,

    AOC > Amazon

    You can’t stop the people, capitalists!

    1. How much you want to bet that AOC has multiple smartphones sex videos of herself floating around out there?

      1. She has four and in one she wears blackface while forcing a woman to go down on her.

        1. If I know one thing about Hispanics, it’s that they’re openly 1000x more racist than proper white folks are in the USA. I still hear Mexicans etc say nigga/nigger all the time, in public, and other than a couple white guys I know who might throw one of those out in private, I haven’t heard a honky even use such words for years in a public setting.

          So there probably is some video of he calling somebody a nigger. Not quite as good as your hypothetical (a lot less wanking potential), but wouldn’t do her none too well in the polls.

          1. You just have to love the complete lack of self awareness it takes to write, “If I know one thing about Hispanics, it’s that they’re openly 1000x more racist than proper white folks are in the USA,” and then follow it up by using Mexicans as an example of how you think an American with Puerto Rican ancestry behaves.

            For the record, the last person I’ve know to use the N-word in a public setting goes by the screen name “vek.”

            1. Joke is on you retard… I’m part Mexican dip shit. I’m also from California. I’ve known a metric fuck ton of Mexicans, Puerto Rican’s, and every other sub denomination of Hispanic… A lot of them are racist as fuck.

              Hispanics, including American born ones, tend to not be anywhere near as “politically correct” as your average “white” American. That’s because they’re not endlessly harped on for being racists, so they don’t feel the need to go quite so far out of their way to not say racist shit. Also, many Hispanics ACTUALLY hate black people, and aren’t afraid to say it.

              Likewise, blacks are often unafraid of saying un-PC shit about Mexicans, or gays, etc that a “good” white person would never dare say. Again, because they aren’t lambasted as being evil so often, they just aren’t as touchy about these things.

              If you are not aware of this phenomena, it must be because you’ve never ACTUALLY lived around “brown people.” Or at least not working class ones, as the good “token” ones that make it into upper class white circles tend to be “better trained” on these sorts of PC related issues.


              1. Christ, virtually every culture in the world is more openly racist than white Americans. Just talk to Europeans and you’ll sooner or later hear something that’ll make you go wha, even as they claim to be so damned progressive. The whole obsession with “PC” culture is the product of a tiny group.

                It makes you wonder about the nature of saying racist shit, when I say “every culture in the world is more openly racist than white Americans,” I don’t really mean they are more racist, it’s just shit people say that doesn’t really mean much for what they actually do in their day to day lives, for the most part.

                1. Exactly. And when I hear people spout off all this bullshit it just makes me shake my head.

                  I don’t think very many people are all, from any race, HATE other groups massively. But lots of people prefer their people, and will take cheap shots when having a laugh about things they think are silly about other groups. This does not mean one wants to gas everybody in that other group.

                  But I think many groups other than white Americans both make more cheeky comments, and have more actual “racism” in my experience. But even in them it’s not murder them all levels of racism, just mild stuff.

              2. As a funny aside ive experienced the same thing with Latinos but they replace the “gg” part with “qq” and thing that makes it better the same way black people think replacing the “er” on the end with an “a” does.

              3. Truer words…..

                1. Dizzle, YUP. That is totally a thing! I wonder where that whole deal started? I don’t think it has anything to do with accents or anything, it must be an intentional tweaking to seem less bad as you say.

              4. ” I’m part Mexican dip shit.”

                Don’t sell yourself short.
                You are all Mexican dipshit.

                1. LOL WUT?

                  So after all this SJW whining, you’re flipping that around and using Mexican as a term to insult me or something?

                  Don’t get it.

                  In any event, I am in fact only PART Mexican. I’m mostly good ol’ German stock, with a touch of some other stuff thrown in in typical American mutt fashion.

      2. I’ll bet $100,000 that you can’t produce a single verified “smartphones sex video” of AOC in the next week.

    2. Nevermind the Richard Nixon Anti-Libertarian law taxing libertarians at gunpoint to subsidize media campaigns for The Kleptocracy. Let’s pretend that’s not been happening for 48 years!

  3. She is going to be corrupted by capitalism, and her most ardent supporters will excoriate her, and it will be a delight to behold.

    1. Fat chance. Didn’t hurt Bernie none.

      1. Wrong for so many reasons. Wouldn’t even know where to start.

    2. She will be our next President, after Trump’s second term.
      God save us all.

      1. Shudder.

        The terrifying thing is if it isn’t her, it will probably be somebody like her. This is the future the cowardice of right wingers and libertarians has brought upon us. We were too polite in the way we handled the leftist lunatics, and we allowed them policies that entrenched their power… Now we’re literally screwed via any option that isn’t peaceful secession or civil war. That’s what happens when you allow your enemy to import voters, control the education system, the media, hollywood, etc etc etc.

        People have known all this shit for decades, but never had the balls to call them on it, or force it to end. Now we’re fuct.

        1. You have a newsletter?

          1. Trolling? Either way, no. But I do spend too much time typing excessively long rants on articles here, so there’s always that! LOL

    3. She’s a socialist, it’s too late to corrupt her. It would be like infecting a streptococcus culture.

  4. Hooray! A happy ending for the rich people!

  5. I understand the film is in Russian

    1. And directed by Eisenstein

  6. And that’s good!

    Don’t spoon feed me an opinion on Citizens United and moneymaking off our democratic process. I am fully capable of deciding for myself whether or not it’s “good” that a Sundance-approved “documentary” on socialist darlings can be shown without state molestation as a booster to their next re-election effort.

    Yes, it’s good.

  7. Now I just need someone to actually watch this dreck and tell me how full of shit it is.

    1. You should not live in fear of watching strong women doing their best to garner power.

      1. That sounds way sexier than whatever this is.

        1. I’ll watch if AOC rides a sybian.

      2. Just wait until Kamala Harris cruises to an easy victory in 2020!

        1. Fuck, marry, kill for AOC, Kamala Harris, and Tulsi Gabbard, OBL, go!

          1. Nuh uh I ain’t falling for that one. The moment anyone specifies a kill the feds will be swooping in on Reason with many subpoenas (again). I don’t even own a wood chipper.

          2. Fun fact; Tulsi Gabbard just received David Duke’s endorsement for president!


          3. I don’t know about that, but I could see Gabbard lezzing out on AOC. Totally going down on her.

            I imagine that AOC would really get into it. Especially if toys are involved.

        2. Cruises? As in …. cruising? As in …. jeesh, whatever you are trying to say sounds very not woke.

          Here’s a new word for people: wokie

        3. Maybe she can hire Hillary as a campaign consultant

        4. You are truly deluded if you honestly believe Harris stands a chance.
          She has way too much baggage and is highly unlikely to will any but the most progressive states such as NY and California.

        5. I don’t see Harris overcoming all the baggage of her time as a prosecutor to even get the nomination, especially when she claims her biggest regrets aren’t prosecuting innocent people, but that she didn’t prosecute enough people.

      3. so, porn?

      4. What difference at this point does it make?

      5. And that would be who, exactly?

    2. Of course you want someone to tell you what to think.

  8. When you make money, it’s called capitalism preying on the disadvantaged.

    When AOC makes money, it’s called democratic socialism.

    1. Nobody needs 10 million for a documentary.

      1. I’m sure she’ll be complaining about how messed up the traxes are and give the remaining money to her environmental causes.

        1. I’m absolutely sure your fiction-based ideology is so threatened by actual facts you didn’t even read the story.

          Otherwise you would know “that the deal isn’t with her; it’s with the filmmakers,” because the third paragraph states pretty clearly “that the deal isn’t with her; it’s with the filmmakers.”

      2. Well Netflix needed the documentary enough to pay $10 million for it.

  9. With Hulu producing the most important show currently on TV (The Handmaid’s Tale) and Netflix paying big bucks for an AOC documentary, streaming services are clearly at the forefront of #TheResistance. Hopefully the documentary spends a lot of time on AOC’s call to #AbolishICE which is something democratic socialists and Koch / Reason libertarians agree on.

    1. The most important shows are produced by Brazzers.

  10. More bad economic news. Even if some Shopko employees voted for Drumpf and therefore brought this on themselves, I still feel bad for them. They didn’t have Paul Krugman’s foresight to see how Drumpf would immediately wreck the economy.

    Shopko to close more than 250 stores amid bankruptcy filing


    1. Are you suggesting Trump hurt the economy by putting black people to work?

      1. Again, Palin’s Buttplug can explain this better than I can, but I’ll do my best.

        Basically, the Obama economy was so amazing that any good economic metrics now should still be credited to Obama. Drumpf has done severe, possibly irreparable damage ? like Paul Krugman predicted ? but he inherited such a good situation that some numbers still look strong even today. So if you’re talking about the low unemployment rate for workers of color, that’s all Obama. Drumpf just hasn’t gotten around to messing that up. (Yet.)

        1. You would think it could have been messed up after two years.
          He’s not even good at being incompetent!

          1. Remember what AOC said though. In the Drumpf economy, a low unemployment rate might be a bad thing because it means too many people are working two jobs and barely making ends meet.

            1. She doesn’t understand what “low unemployment rate” means statistically any more than you do, and that’s saying something.

              1. Dude. It’s a parody account.

            2. OBL, knocking them out of the park again. Bravo.

        2. Krugman belongs on the ash heap with Malthus and Ehrlich.

        3. Sarcasm or stupidity?? Krudman is a biased hack. Put the PCP down shermhead you’re dusted & delusional. Enacting 1000’s of onerous regulations & hamstringing the energy sector while throwing away billions on quixotic schemes to change the weather doesn’t make the economy grow demoRAT drone.

      2. Nice strawman, Dorothy.

  11. All of that fundamentally ignores what the Citizens United case actually involved?an attempt, just before the 2008 Democratic Party primaries, to censor advertisements for a documentary critical of Hillary Clinton. It was a case about censoring the media.

    (Conservatives do bring it up, of course. They yell it from the rooftops.)

    Can’t. Facepalm. Hard. Enough.

    Time to go see if Brendan Eich, Peter Thiel, or Jordan Peterson have or recommend a streaming service.

    1. You’re fundamentally ignoring the fact that before challenging McCain-Feingold in court Citizens United tried to use the law to censor advertisements for Michael Moore’s documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11” prior to the 2004 elections and when it was unsuccessful tried to pass itself off as a bona fide movie studio to circumvent McCain-Feingold.
      When that failed it challenged the very law they had initially argued in favor of, proving once again that hypocrisy and right go together like peas and carrots.

  12. Ocasio-Cortez has benefited greatly from press coverage?both positive and negative?and that coverage most certainly played a role in her win.

    I don’t think she got much coverage at all until she had won. In the Democratic primary, that is, which was the election that counted. Once she was the Democratic nominee, her election was a foregone conclusion, press or no press.

    1. Exactly. She was a stealth primary candidate, garnering something like 15K votes in a district with 700K residents, 50% of whom are hispanic, and that historically votes 70-90% for democrats. Not a hard thing to do, eeking out a win over an old white guy with a young female hispanic. As the Dem candidate she was all but guaranteed the win in the general election. and yeah, nobody heard of her outside that district until the primary was over.

  13. As long as that commie bitch doesn’t make a dime on the deal I’m good with it.

    Fuck (yes, I would) her.

    1. I wouldn’t. I believe that daffy twat’s particular type of stupidity is highly contagious.

      1. I’m sure she’s all broken up that someone with your ignorance of how the human body works doesn’t want to have sex with her.

    2. Been a dry spell, eh

      1. I’ll bet AOC is a crazy, horned up, energetic little spinner. I’ll also bet she does her keel exercises.

        Crazy bitches like her can usually fuck pretty good.

        1. The risk/reward isn’t favorable

        2. What the fuck are “keel exercises?”

          1. Where she gets Conservatives raked over her barnacles

  14. Somehow I doubt that AOC is going to criticize Netflix’s use of the Citizens United decision to publish a hagiographic story about her. After all, it al depends on who you’re idolizing.

    1. How,exactly, is Netflix using “the Citizens United decision to publish a…story about [AOC]?

  15. “…even if she’s the only one who has become a household name.” Scott, you need to hang around normal people. She is far from a household name.

    1. She gets about 3 stories a day on Yahoo News.
      Yes, she’s a household name.

    2. Yes, he needs to stop hanging out with people who watch Fox News, where she’s the household name.

  16. The other Netflix news today is a record $845M profit in 2018 — and paid $0 in U.S. taxes.

    Isn’t crony capitalism great?

    1. She is 29 years old. Astonishing to get so far. The force is strong in this one.

      Kids today. Your parents generation invented computers, space exploration, cell phones, advanced energy technology, the internet, few other things. Those are yours.

      “No one owes you anything”
      Harry Browne

    2. Libertarians should be happy when the government doesn’t steal any money from a productive private company.

      1. Well, I think there is something to be said for being a bit balanced though… Until I’m not paying any fucking taxes, it’s kinda bullshit for a multibillion dollar company to not be paying anything.

        That said, these stories are all BS. Every big company paid a TON of taxes. That they might be able to skate on federal income taxes for a quarter here or there is NOT the same thing as paying nothing. Care to guess how much they paid into Social Security this quarter? Probably hundreds of millions.

  17. Conservatives do bring it up, of course. They yell it from the rooftops.

    Of course conservatives shout it from the rooftops. It’s the only platform left to them. But only until 10 pm.

    1. Well, after education, the leftist media control is probably the single greatest power they have wielded in destroying our country… So it is WELL worth shouting about. We’ll never pull shit out while the mainstream media has any respect or the amount of power they still seem to. They either need to become more balanced, or simply lose their importance.

  18. Politicians go to DC penniless and retire as multimillionaires. Just wondering how long before AOC clears her first million.

    1. Barry ‘at some point how much is enough’ Obama got a $65 million book deal. AOC is gonna get hers.

      Capitalism suddenly is great!

  19. Netflix sure loves a good faux-woke story.

  20. “That’s known as the marketplace of ideas”

    There’s no such thing as a marketplace of ideas. Books, movies, music yes. But ideas can be transferred from one to another without intervening market mechanisms.

  21. Where do I apply for a job for the gator aid water-boy?

  22. And yet another moronic contributor to whom knows nothing of true “free markets”.

    The more the U.S. becomes further entrenched under the thumbs of the state-sponsored, neo-feudal crony-capitalist Plutocrats, the more pseudo “free market” propagandist garbage like this we’ll all continue to be bombarded with.

    The largest institutional owners of Netflix include:
    The Capital Group (19%), Vanguard (9.4%), BlackRock (6.2%), Fidelity/FMR (16.9%), State Street (3.4%), T Rowe Price (2.5%), and other of the largest money-management & investment firms….which are also the largest owners of the largest “competing” corporations, in most every single industry.

    They’ve created virtual monopolies, via large share holdings…..essentially eliminating any TRUE competition in the marketplace.

    1. What’s more:

      ? Corporations owned by these institutional firms are among the largest political campaign donors, to politicians from both the “left” and “right” (even their “fringe” elements like the “Libertarians” and “Progressives”).

      ? Corporations owned by these institutional firms are among the largest spenders on lobbying activities, to politicians & bureaucrats of both the “left” and “right”.

      ? Not surprisingly, corporations owned by these institutional firms are also among the largest recipients of the over $110 BILLION given away ANNUALLY by the government in the form of corporate subsidies.

      They not only own corporate America, but American politics, and as such, the U.S. government.

      They reap profits off special-interest legislation and Executive Orders (including Obama’s ACA, via their owned “competing” hospitals, insurance and pharmaceutical co’s, and Trumps “zero-tolerance” immigration policy, via private detention operators, like CoreCivic and the Geo Group).

      1. In fact, programs like the “Progressives” Medicare for All will become law once these firms learn how to reap guaranteed profits from it.
        Just like the ACA.


    2. This is a blind spot many libertarians have… There are more than just direct government subsidies that can create crony capitalist type situations. There is a TON of crony capitalism in our world today, and most of it is NOT direct subsidy or even regulatory capture… It is mostly small cabals picking winners and losers, and of course only backing those that are ideologically acceptable.

      1. It would be nice if there were a publication that focused on libertarian issues and called that sort of thing out

        1. I don’t know of any full on publications dedicated to that sort of thing, but some commenters/writers/YouTubers cover such issues. Many are “right wing” types of various assortment, but who tend to have a lot of libertarian thinking in the mix. But most are not purist libertarians.

          1. I was thinking this publication could fill the void

            1. LOL

              Not the Reason of 2019! Maybe back in the day. This place will only very rarely tackle anything very controversial, including just intra libertarian disputes.

              They don’t even really have any right-libertarian writers around here anymore, and they’re probably a majority of libertarians! So they will surely not have much that’s even more outside the box considering concepts like crony capitalism being a legitimate charge for syndicate/cartel like behavior on the part of private actors. Too far out of the comfort zone methinks.

  23. What was that quote about capitalists selling socialist the rope they will be hanged with?

  24. The Republican Party, the Prohibition Party and the Libertarian party currently agree to stand and watch white male Comstock Christianofascism, Papal pederasty and Ku-Klux Dixiecrat collectivism vote to strip women of individual rights and let ’em eat coercion. Meanwhile the Communist party position is: “The CPUSA supports a woman’s right to choose.” It’s hard to fault Alexandria for wanting to burn down the Library of Congress or riddle the House with pock-marks like Lolita Lebr?n given the cowardice of the opposition. Ireland actually caved to the brutes shortly after the LP got La Suprema to legislate our platform. But women voters there upended constitutional coercion by over a 2/3 margin. Cortez and the Econazis Against Electricity are an apropos reaction to superstitious fascism.

  25. Isn’t laundering massive campaign donations great?

    Yeah, there shouldn’t be the campaign donation laws in the first place, but let’s none the less be clear about what is going on here.

  26. “Knock Down the House, a documentary that follows the campaigns of four women running against incumbents…” I thought AOC took over for a dead or retiring incumbent in a solid Dem district…

    1. Why would you think that?”
      Did you just make that up in your mind or did someone tell you that and you were too lazy to educate yourself?

      AOC defeated incumbent Joe Crowley, the Democratic Caucus Chair, in the Democratic primary.

      This is why the documentary is needed, to educate ignorant people.

      1. Joe didn’t campaign – thought he’d coast on by with name recognition. It does have about a 99% success rate with democrats historically speaking, so the guy got caught asleep at the wheel. That’s not much of a defeat – kind of like pretending you quit after getting fired for being late to work?
        I’m not sure how any democrat couldn’t spot what happened at the 2016 convention: if Bernie had chosen a floor fight, he probably could have won with a 4 or 5% margin. But he’s also smart enough to know dem politics: it’s not what you know, but who you bring to the table that counts. Had he taken the nomination and gone on to win the presidency, he would have found himself in a position like Trump: a man with only half a party to back him up – and Hillary’s people salted all around the bureaucracy waiting for his initiatives with sharp knives. So Joe ignored the Bernie bots, thinking it was a fad or a headfake [to garner a nice pile of cash to his family while losing] – what a dumbass.

  27. The Left runs Media. They’re in business to further leftist power.

  28. Braindead bubblehead commie gets campaign donation & propaganda plug SCREW NETFLIX I cancelled their service 3 years ago when they went full SJW.

    1. Joke’s on you. Now you can’t cancel them NOW. But I can and will.

      I’ve always appreciated Netflix for providing extra-broadcast content at a much more reasonable price than the media giants would have wanted. Great. Good for everybody. Now they can go to hell. And I’m not paying for a whole lot of “silos”, either, Disney and CBS being two I’m ESPECIALLY not paying any money to. Like, I’m gonna write them a check for $0.00 and then tear it up. Grrr….

    2. And somehow they remained in business without your $10 a month.

  29. I thought they already had a documentary like that.

    It was called Idiocracy

  30. I dismissed NetFlix when they embraced The Last Black President. Their three-way with Alexa Occasional-Cortex will not entice me. In the end, I may just have to re-read my P-book library.

  31. It’s great as long as there’s no anti-competitive behavior in the particular industry. Social media and search are bordering on a monopoly problem. Payment processors have long been deep into that territory already, and they’re also jumping on the censorship and political targeting bandwagon.

  32. The more and more SJW all these media companies go, the more and more I just want to stop paying a dime into the system.

    If you look at TV shows even 10 years ago, they were mostly normal. Now EVERY SINGLE SHOW or movie HAS to have every single solitary SJW loved oppressed group thrown into the script… Even when it is completely ridiculous, historically inaccurate, etc.

    It’s fine and well to have some black guy in a movie set in 2019, we have those around. Fair enough. Having black females in movies set centuries or millennia in the past (In Europe mind you, which just wasn’t a thing!), that are being all assertive, or warriors, or bullshit like that… Then there’s how one would assume 30% of the population was LGBTQ+XYZ or whatever from how over represented they are in everything. And just the general women run everything in the world, are smarter AND somehow stronger/tougher than men. All of which is nonsense. It’s such utter bullshit I just can’t stomach it anymore.

    I probably should cancel my netflix subscription.

    1. What’s the last movie you saw set in Europe 2,000 years ago that had “black females…being all assertive, or warriors,” in it?

      However, I do love that right after you claim it’s “nonsense” that women are “stronger/tougher than men” you admit you’re so fragile that some movies make your tum tum hurt.

      1. Well, it’s debatable on when it was supposed to be set since it’s based on legend, but the British TV series “Merlin” features a BLACK Guinevere, who in fact kicked mens asses from time to time in the show…

        So eat it retard.

        How about Achilles, a known white Greek hero, being played by a black man in that new retarded version I can’t even stomach watching?

        How about throwing in random Asian/Arab characters (A chick BTW, a badass Samurai would have at least been cool!) for NO REASON on the show Vikings? A female Navy Seal in some movie that was so dumb I can’t even remember what it was 2 months after watching it. There has NEVER been a chick Seal, and never will be unless they dramatically lower standards.

        ALL this kind of crap is utter fantasy, and also distorting the past. They’re trying to make it out like there were never homogenous countries in Europe, or just rewriting history/fables to fit into the new multicultural BS world they’re trying to make.

        There are times where this shit could be done without being TOO ridiculous… Giving Achilles a black home boy who wasn’t named in the legends… Almost acceptable. But Achilles was a GREEK hero. At best you could get away with a Turk or something playing him, but not a friggin’ black dude.

        This is all bullshit propaganda, and I am sick of it.

        1. “ALL this kind of crap is utter fantasy, and also distorting the past.”

          Wouldn’t portraying more diversity throughout history suggest the world was less racist “back in the day”? If it’s fantasy, it’s fantasy in favor of tolerance, which in turn would suggest racism is more of a boogeyman than a historical reality

          1. Right? Their own internal logic, as usual, doesn’t make sense.

            But it’s mostly not true. I mean there are times and places where it is reasonable… But they slide it in where it isn’t.

            There’s nothing unrealistic about having a random black character in something set in ancient Rome. It’s not like Rome the city was majority minority or anything, it was mostly various whites… But there actually WERE people from all around the known world there in modest numbers.

            But there really wasn’t in England 1000 years ago, or more. Achilles was also NOT a black guy. And women WERE NOT allowed to fight in almost any culture in the ancient world, and still aren’t except in stupid western PC countries who don’t want to offend women by telling them they make inferior soldiers to men.

            It’s basically these idiots in Hollywood projecting their idealized fantasy world onto the screen. But with history it’s just wrong… And with the here and now and even futurism, some things are simply never gonna happen. Women will NEVER be as good as soldiers as men. Sorry, biology is a bitch.

            When it was just a touch here and there it was tolerable… But now you literally can’t watch a show without EVERYTHING being distorted to the point of absurdity.

        2. Wow, you sure used a lot of words trying to avoid admitting you can’t name a single movie you saw set in Europe 2,000 years ago that had “black females…being all assertive, or warriors,” in it?

          It would have been so much easier just to admit that it’s your own imagination upsetting your little tum tum.

          1. Oh Jesus.

            There you go again, trying to nit pick off handed comments as if I was specifying the precise value of pi or something.

            Arthurian legends potentially DO take place 2000 years ago in Europe. There was also the movie 10,000 BC IIRC that had the same female hero kind of nonsense thrown in, with non whites in Europe. This is standard fare now.

            But the 2000 years is not important. 1000 years, 500 years, 200 years, or even 100 years ago in Europe makes half of the shit they have in movies completely inaccurate and preposterous.

            Female roles and what behavior would have been acceptable from a non white person in Europe even a century or two ago is completely distorted. Not to mention most minorities literally just did not exist in Europe in any numbers to speak of anything much beyond 100 years ago to begin with.

            Watch just about any period drama from the BBC from the last 10-15 years, and you’ll see they’ve slipped in bullshit characters to be PC that absolutely would not have been there, or would not have been acting/being treated in the ways shown.

            If Guinevere, probably most famous women in British mythology, and Achilles being recast as minorities doesn’t show you how fucking retarded and out of line this shit has got… I don’t know what will. Does Winston Churchill have to be played by a gay, black, transgendered, midget, in a wheel chair to get the point across?

        3. “”A female Navy Seal in some movie that was so dumb I can’t even remember what it was 2 months after watching it.”‘

          GI Jane?

          1. Nah. That was old school propaganda! They made it look like she had to actually try extra had to be able to compete… Which might actually be realistic for a small minority of women. Nowadays they just show that all women are inherently better fighters and warriors than men, because GURL POWAH!

            I don’t remember the movie. It was some sci-fi ish thing set in the near future that I was thinking of. But this stuff is everywhere. The TV show the Last Ship had a prominent “super soldier” chick in it. Every other action movie.

            Thing is, it’s all pure fantasy. I would DARE women to accept this challenge:

            100 women specially selected from any nations armed forces from any country in the world OR even a super team hand selected from EVERY army in the world, and given enough time together to train to be efficient as a unit.


            100 US Marines selected completely at random with no effort made to select good soldiers at all.

            Fight to the death with equal equipment and supplies.

            My money is on the guys 100%. A few friends of mine in 9th grade played our Varsity girls basketball team in a pickup game… Not one of us on the school buys team mind you… We kicked their asses. That team came in 2nd or 3rd in the state of California that year. Women cannot compete with men in most physical activities. It is just fantasy.

    2. You should cancel: and just because it’s a contract. Does Netflix [or anybody else] deserve cash flow matter what? What if we don’t feel like watching a movie for say… a whole month? At least the old video store model was fee for usage. [And yes, Netflix is a bargain by comparison I must admit] Get out into your asian community, be it chinese, korean, vietnamese or whatever – they know how to live life on a cash & carry basis, which includes movies. Another under the radar budget entertainment source is pawn shops.

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  36. No fan of the occasional cortex, but this is indeed free market: sometimes wrong, sometimes ugly, but still better than a fascist alternative.

    1. Surely she will deny the large campaign contribution and not seek to benefit from corporate shills.

      Let’s hold our breath and wait for that

  37. Is she paying taxes for this nice gift?

    Yeah, didn’t think so.

    1. Did you actually read the story and learn that she is getting the money, the filmmakers are.

      Yeah, didn’t think so.

    2. Corrected version of previous comment:
      Did you actually read the story and learn that she is not getting the money, the filmmakers are.

      Yeah, didn’t think so.

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