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The British government has announced new sanctions against those who have been convicted of knife crimes but also against people police simply suspect may be carrying knives. The penalties, which can be applied to those as young as 12, include curfews and bans from social media. The goal, authorities say, is to reduce conflicts between gangs and to discourage youth from carrying knives.

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  1. The APPG has been pushing for some time for the government to prevent proven knife offenders from using social media to incite violence…

    Keep calm and watch out for those cutting jabs on Twitter.

    1. FOE, that was a pretty cutting remark! Watch your words if you ever visit “Great” Britain!

      “Great” at what, anyway, besides micro-managing the snot out of everyone foolish enough to live there?

      1. pretty sharp comment there…

        1. The cutting edge of humor.

  2. Any way you slice it, the British authorities are starting to resemble Stalin’s NKVD (precursor to the KGB). But far from trying to draw a sharp contrast, they don’t seem to mind the comparison…it’s kinda the point.

    1. I see what you did there.

    2. doesn’t that cut both ways?

  3. This is the natural and expected result of gun control – – – – – – – –

    1. A logical extension, might as well cut to the chase.

  4. Garbage Island.

  5. The British are proving to us daily that there is nothing than cannot be legislated, managed, and overseen in any aspect of ones life. A perfect template for our progressives in the US: “If the British can do it…so should we.”

    1. Darwin’s progressive fans established a memetic pipeline between British academia and Harvard in the late 19th Century, and it is still an efficient way to transport bad ideas to America.

  6. My first psychiatrist said that hiding all the knives in the house to avoid injuries is a sign of mental illness. We’ve gone full circle.

    1. My 59th shrink told me to lighten up on dropping acid 5 times a day, and I did NOT like what he had to say; it hurt my baby feelings!

      So I went to my 60th shrink, and he told me I need “primal scream therapy”, so I started screaming really-really loudly, and they took me away to a padded cell.

      So then when I got out, I went to my 61st shrink, and she told me that I needed alien abduction therapy. I felt pretty alienated that day, so I abducted myself, and started taking therapy from my own inner head voices, from then on. I have been MUCH happier ever since!

      1. Well, that certainly explains a lot about this site – – – – – – –

  7. I see you’ve played knifey-spooney before.

  8. No comprendo! Wouldn’t it be easy for police to determine whether someone is, in fact, carrying a knife? What are they going to do, decline to search people, so they can be forever suspected of carrying knives?

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