Brickbat: Time Out


Locked in
Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush /

The Okaloosa County, Florida, sheriff's office has charged a teacher and two aides at a school for the disabled with abusing students with autism spectrum disorder. Deputies say the abuse involved a 10-year-old and two 8-year-olds. The teacher and aides locked students in a dark room as punishment. In addition, deputies say the teacher and aides blew a whistle close to one child who is sensitive to noise and held his arms down to keep him from covering his ears.

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19 responses to “Brickbat: Time Out

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  2. Their defense lawyer advised them to stick to ECT next time. Hey, if an expert at Johns Hopkins could cure Little Albert of his fur related OCD with mild ECT, medicare will keep paying for that procedure a century later.

  3. Psychos

    1. Prison guards are bullies and sadists? Who would have guessed? They’re government employees – I thought having the government sign your paycheck magically transformed normal human beings into altruistic, selfless saints. You know, the humble public servants the Left says we should trust with unlimited power to remake society.

  4. Let’s see, police or teachers. Which can I believe.

    1. Teachers won’t shoot your dog for no reason. Give us a reason though…

      1. The dog ate my homework?

        1. Guilty! BLAM

      2. Wait until the teachers are armed – – – – –

        1. I knew several teachers who drank on the job in high school – them or the roided up gym/teacher – not sure I would feel safe with the teachers packing

      3. Only because it’s not in their contract.

    2. Neither.

  5. How sick and sadistic! They should never be allowed to teach again and get charged! I hope those parents fight hard to put those teachers away!

    1. They’ll be “administratively reassigned”. It galls me as a teacher that sadists like this are allowed to stay in the profession because my union protects them. Maybe the law will get involved, and maybe the parents will sue and win, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  6. But did they wear black face?

  7. charged a teacher and two aides at a school for the disabled with abusing students with autism spectrum disorder

    How are you going to get new teachers if you take away the perks?

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  9. Sounds like these teachers make the wrong career choice.

    They should have been cops where they would have had unlimited power to abuse anyone they wanted with no possibility of being held to account.

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