My Upcoming Speaking Engagements for the Next Several Months [Updated]

Ilya Somin's upcoming speaking engagements for the next few months, covering topics such as federalism, immigration, "voting with your feet," property rights, and others.

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For readers who may be interested, here is a list of my upcoming speaking engagements for the next few months, covering a variety of topics. Unless otherwise noted, all are free and open to the public.

February 7, University of Texas Law School, Austin, TX, 2:45-4:30 PM: "Federalism, Executive Power, and Sanctuary Cities," Panel on "Unilateral Presidential Lawmaking," conference on "Reclaiming—and Restoring—Constitutional Norms" (co-sponsored by the American Constitution Society and the Texas Law Review). A complete program for this conference is available here.

February 13, New America, 740 15th St NW, Suite 900, Washington, DC 20005, panel on property rights and Trump's border wall: "Eminent Domain and the Border Wall." The other panelists will be Mary McCord (Senior Litigator, Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection at Georgetown Law School, Kiah Collier, Energy and Environment Reporter, Texas Tribune, and moderator Yuliya Panfil (Director of Future of Property Rights program at New America). Rep. Justin Amash (R-Michigan) has been invited and may also participate.

February 15, American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC, 2:20-4 PM: "Severability and the New Obamacare Case," panel on severability and the Obamacare case, conference on "Sense and Severability." More information on this panel and conference available here. I wrote about this issue here.

March 6, New York University School of Law, New York, NY, 1-2:30 PM: "Time to Get Moving on Making it Easier to Move: Zoning Reform and other Strategies to Expand Opportunities for Americans to 'Vote with their Feet'" (with comments by NYU law Prof. Vicki Been, a leading academic expert on zoning). Sponsored by the NYU student chapter of the Federalist Society.

March 21-22, Bagwell Center for the Study of Markets and Economic Opportunity, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA, times TBA: I will do two talks, one on "Democracy and Political Ignorance," and another on a property rights topic. The first will be the evening of March 21, the second the next day around noon or so.

May 3-4, University of San Diego, San Diego, CA, exact time TBA: "Foot Voting and the Future of Democracy," conference on "The Travails of Democracy" (tentative title).

May 23-24, Rome, Italy, conference on "Administrative Limits to Property Rights," sponsored by European Research Council Advanced Grant on The Common Core of European Administrative Laws, exact time TBA: "Eminent Domain and Property Rights in the United States" (tentative title). I am not yet sure to what extent this event will be open to the public. But I will update this post when I have that information.

I will update this post when I get additional information on some of the events for which I do not yet have exact times and the like.


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  2. I’m not an NYU student or lawyer, but interested in going to the talk at NYU. Is it open to laymen?

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