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Twitter Suspends User Who First Spread Covington Catholic Video: Reason Roundup

Plus: Kamala Harris officially enters the 2020 race and Google News may leave the E.U.



Twitter has suspended the source of a short video clip that started much of the outrage surrounding a group of Covington Catholic High School students. The account—which shared a short clip of students' encounter with Nathan Phillips and other Indigenous Peoples March ralliers—purported to be run by a California school teacher but was using the photo of a Brazilian blogger, thus violating Twitter's rules against "fake and misleading accounts." From CNN:

The account, with the username @2020fight, was set up in December 2016 and appeared to be the tweets of a woman named Talia living in California. "Teacher & Advocate. Fighting for 2020," its Twitter bio read. Since the beginning of this year, the account had tweeted on average 130 times a day and had more than 40,000 followers.

Late on Friday, the account posted a minute-long video showing the now-iconic confrontation between a Native American elder and the high school students, with the caption, "This MAGA loser gleefully bothering a Native American protester at the Indigenous Peoples March."

CNN notes that "The video had been posted earlier on Instagram by someone who was at the event, but it was @2020fight's caption that helped frame the news cycle." An editor at Twitter-monitoring service Storyful said "the @2020fight video was the main version of the incident being shared on social media."

From there, the teens' reaction is debatable. Many are mocking Phillips and his drumming, chanting crew. It goes on for an uncomfortably long time. Wherever the chaperones are on this trip, they just let it happen. One kid gets in a sort of staring contest with Phillips—in the image and clip that would initially go viral.

None of it should have blown up into days of national news. But the symbolism was apparently too toxic to resist virality; the initial error-filled claims and their swift spread led to a need for setting the record straight and the whole thing quickly gave way to everyone's favorite sort of 2014-forward culture war battle…which it seems increasingly like we're doomed to repeat in ever-more-nauseating ways for all eternity.


Kamala Harris is running.


  • This can't end well:
  • Joe Biden: tough on crime and truth….

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  1. Twitter has suspended the source of a short video clip that started much of the outrage surrounding a group of Covington Catholic High School students.

    Whether under red hats or raised fists, those are children we see at rallies. If their developing beliefs are anti-abortion or anti-gun, they’re still children. We’re adults. Think about it before jumping into the mob and piling on. You end up looking worse, not better than them.

    End of rant.

    1. Their childish lack of awareness makes it easier to assert our own feeling directly upon them.

      1. Substituting childish lack of awareness for childish lack of awareness seems to be a wash.

    2. Hello.

      Fite for Troof 2020!

      /cue Itchy and Scratchy tune.

    3. Same goes for all the nonsense happening at colleges. They are children whoe brains haven’t fully myelinated. Neveretheless, many on the left have lost their damn minds.

    4. Odd how random Twitter accounts can run the news, aint it?

  2. One kid gets in a sort of starting contest with Phillips?in the image and clip that would initially go viral.

    Remind me again, which one is the adult?

    1. This is the sad part of ENB’s write up. She looks at this whole episode and goes, “Ugh, culture wars. How icky.” I look at it and see a bunch of ADULTS picking on kids, then manipulating a story such that these kids’ lives were almost (or could still be) ruined. If that cannot spark even the tiniest bit of introspection to those on the left, I would at least hope ENB- often left aligned, but still an outsider- would take that moment. Instead, she has retreated to the laziest interpretation of all. “See guys, culture war. I’m so over it. You should be over it. Nothing else to talk about here.”

      Not even a mention of the death threats or people calling up schools to get them to reject applications of kids from the high school. No mention of the kid who was falsely accused online, and received his own death threats. From the Native American and Black adults who decided to pick on a bunch of 14 year olds to the bullies online who participated in their public immolation, this was a stupid and ugly episode of grown ups behaving worse than kids. What a shock that ENB wants to move past this as quickly as possible.

      1. Until it happens to her, she is still shopping for the full time job at one of the Lefty propaganda outlets.

      2. Also, kid didn’t “get into staring contest” any more than kid “got in Phillips’ face”. Kid was standing there in a group waiting for a bus when an activist came up to him and started banging a drum inches from his face, staring him down and chanting at him. Kid reacted to that provocation by not moving and smiling in return.

        “got into a staring contest” isn’t as dishonest as the other characterizations, but it ain’t honest either.

        Neither is the characterization of the kids as mocking the native drummers. That is completely incompatible with the video. They were cheering and chanting when the native drummers showed up and they clearly were overjoyed that the drummers joined their side in drowning out the racist street preachers. They jumped, chanted and clapped along with the drummers, trying to figure out how best to participate. Some did the FSU style war chant. Nobody appeared to be mocking anyone.

        The only reason it got weird was because Phillips and his crew decided to try to provoke a reaction they could use. They failed, but they got use of it any way. None of the rest of the drummers acted like Phillips. No camera crew followed them.

        The kids were just a bunch of kids. They reacted the way you’d expect a bunch of kids on a field trip to behave – i.e. mostly very well behaved, if a bit rowdy.

        1. ENB and Robbie get more dishonest by the minute. Must be trying to cover for low intersectionality status.

          1. Robby was at one point the only person who stuck up for the kids

      3. I like a lot of ENB’s reporting, but crap like this just moves me further to the Trump camp. She can’t even bring herself to concede that the kid wearing the MAGA cap wasn’t the troublemaker in this scenario. Reason keeps sinking further into TDS.

        1. Agreed. I don’t much like Trump, but as things stand right now he has my vote in 2020 if he runs.

          This has been a disgraceful episode, and proven to be 180 degrees from the initial hand wringing by the media. Despite that, the media is equivocating or standing by their claims of “poor tribal elder assaulted by white supremacist apprentice”. The media should be falling over themselves in abject apology. They should also treat the tribal elder as the charlatan that he actually is.

          The culture warriors are determined to turn things bloody.

    2. We needed more Cowbell!

    3. Remind me again, which one is the adult?
      Isn’t it insane?

      – A bunch of adults verbally assault some kids, calling them faggots, incest babies, etc. They tell a black Catholic kid that his friends are going to harvest his organs

      – The kids admirably respond to the hate by singing school songs

      – Professional Indian for hire and fake Vietnam vet, Nathan Phillips starts banging a drum in their faces

      – Scared kid responds with a forced smile to Phillips assault

      – Millions of shitheads squeal that his smile was “rude” and “disrespectful”. Nobody says shit about the fact that an adult male was banging a drum inches away from a kid’s face.

      This is it for me. I’ve seen journalists pull a lot of bullshit over the last few years, but this tops everything.
      Twitter still hasn’t banned the accounts calling for the kids to be killed. The New York Times wrote a sorry, not sorry article insinuating that it’s the lying parents who’ve changed the narrative, and ignoring the fact that unedited video exists.

      I don’t know what to do, but I do know that these “progressive” Der St?rmer lynch mob factories need to be stopped.

  3. None of it should have blown up into days of national news.

    Two words: MAGA hats.

      1. Yes, for about 4 years.

        1. should be “the M-word”, as it’s no less triggering than “the n-word”

          1. NAGA?

            Nigga America Good Atlast.

  4. More terrible economic news.

    IMF, CEOs Warn of Slowing World Economy on Eve of Davos Summit

    The Obama economy was the best this country has ever seen. Hillary Clinton would have continued that. Instead we got Drumpf who wrecked our economy (possibly on Putin’s orders) like Paul Krugman said he would.


    1. A+, this is trolling at its finest!

      1. It is?

        1. In my opinion, it is.

          Trolling should use the best arguments of the side your trolling. But carry them a step too far. This is so that the emotional thinkers on the side you are trolling just nod their heads and agree because it agrees with their perceptions and memories. The emotional thinkers are always the majority, often heavily so. Then the intellectual thinkers on that side will spot the flaws, but they don’t want to get in a fight with their own side and so remain quite.

          This argument is a classic case:

          Starts with something the Left will nod their heads about: Bad economic news.
          Follows it up with something that’s close enough to the truth, that they’ll keep nodding: “The Obama economy was the best this country has ever seen”

          Then diverges into speculation that can’t be disproved: “Hillary Clinton would have continued that”

          Then it goes directly into Troll territory with a comment that is not only False, but famously False:
          “Drumpf who wrecked our economy (possibly on Putin’s orders) like Paul Krugman said he would”

          The Lefties at this point are emotionally committed to the argument. The argument maybe obviously false, but the Lefties want it to be true. The smart ones know that the last line is ridiculous, but most aren’t going to choose this hill to die on.

          1. The emotional thinkers are always the majority, often heavily so. Then the intellectual thinkers on that side will spot the flaws

            I think it’s funny that so many commenters think there’s a difference.

            1. Yup. Everyone is emotional.

          2. Then diverges into speculation that can’t be disproved: “Hillary Clinton would have continued that been worse”

            You know who else does that?

          3. The Lefties [insert political affiliation] at this point are emotionally committed to the argument.


  5. That’s funny, because he bragged about the crime bill in his book just last year.
    ? Thaddeus Russell (@ThaddeusRussell) January 22, 2019

    Maybe he can win against Trump in the primary.

    1. So you’re just going to ignore her giant teeth?

      1. I think they make her even more appealing.

        1. Makes me want to lick the inside of her mouth.

          1. I’d lick the inside of your mouth after you licked the inside of her mouth just to get a taste of the inside of her mouth.

          2. You and me both.

        2. The better to eat out your substance my dear.

      2. Who needs a wall when you have those teeth protecting the country?
        May God have mercy on us.

        1. Anyone against using those teeth to protect this great nation are (((ANTI-DENTITES)))!

    2. I’m betting the kid in the MAGA hat has different thoughts on those subjects.

      1. I hope that story never dies; it’s so interesting!

    3. She’s a retard.

      A for true retard.

      Now she’s in Congress spreading her retardation.

      ‘They’re afraid of me!”

      Of course they are retard, because you’re an illiberal, illiterate 29 year-old retard.

      1. spreading her retardation

        I would say shouting more than spreading. It looks like plenty of her colleagues also believe she’s an imbecile.

        1. But she thinks she’s brilliant. Dunning-Kruger effect writ large.

        2. She thinks she’s brilliant. Dunning-Kruger effect writ large.

    4. Don’t underestimate her. She just got people to talk about climate change by making an outrageous claim. Scott Adams was right. She knows the Trump playbook and is using it effectively.

      1. Doubtful. Broken clock and all…

    5. FUTURE NEWS BREAK: Six-Term Congressperson Votes For Resolution Declaring World Officially Gone, Is Shouted Down By New Crop Of Congressional Freshman As Being ‘Out Of Touch With Youth’

      1. No-no, by that time you’ll have horses and dogs in the Congress, and saying “person’ will be ‘speciesist’.

  6. and the whole thing quickly gave way to everyone’s favorite sort of 2014-forward culture war battle…

    Thank you ENB – I’ve been trying to pinpoint when the world became a joyless slog, and 2014 on seems about right.

  7. which it seems increasingly like we’re doomed to repeat in ever-more nauseating ways for all eternity.


    1. “for all eternity”
      So this is the kingdom of YHWH? Disappointed!

      1. Nah – we’re all just in prugatory after global warming killed us in 2012.

  8. Twitter has suspended the source of a short video clip that started much of the outrage surrounding a group of Covington Catholic High School students.

    Something broke in me over this story today. Broken. Furious doesn’t even scratch the surface.

    Black adults to white kids: “F*ggots, crackers, bigots, incest kids.”
    White kids: [smiling, not responding]
    Everyone: “omg did you see that smile?! So disrespectful!”

    1. Destroy the media. Hulk Hogan vs Gawker x 1000.

      We’re getting new submissions every 30 seconds. Every member of the media who defamed, slandered, and doxxed the #CovingtonBoys on Twitter will be served.

      Each and every tweet will be archived and turned over to the students’ legal counsel.

    2. “NEWS: Liberal activists are calling the college admissions offices of universities that have accepted Covington Catholic students, urging them to rescind offers of admission, a Covington Catholic senior tells me.” CJPearson

      I wonder if this is true and substantial. If so, it’s pretty despicable.

  9. Kamala Harris is running.


    1. One of the many exciting Democratic candidates who will easily beat any Republican in 2020. That’s who.


      1. What is the Democratic Party?

        Is that the Party that could not beat Trump in 2016?

        1. The Democratic Party is the party that agrees with us Koch / Reason libertarians on our two main issues ? immigration and abortion.

          It’s the party that won by 3 million votes in 2016 and was cheated out of the Presidency by Russian hacking and the Comey letter.

          It’s the party that proved your “Red Wave” prediction hilariously wrong a couple months ago.

          It’s the party that will win the 2020 election in a landslide no matter what dirty tricks Putin has up his sleeve.

          1. What if Putin AND Xi help?

    2. A democrat friend on facebook asked the question, “Can we get a candidate who doesn’t have some history that they have to apologize for?” It was asked in reference to Tulsi Gabbard and her history, but applies equally to Kamala Harris.

      He wasn’t very happy when I pointed out that standard democrat positions/platforms from just ten years ago are things that they have to currently apologize for. The only way that he can get what he’s looking for is to find someone who simply has no history. Or, at worst, their history involves them participating in lame trends involving dance videos.

      1. It’s a thing where I work.

        “You’ll never do anything wrong if you never do anything.”

        Also where I work,

        “We can’t promote you because you did something wrong once.”

  10. Yeah, I have cases I regret where we weren’t able to charge someone that molested a child. There were folks in my office that made a decision without consulting me – but again, I take full responsibility for that.

    So youre only a worthless shitty boss when children are involved, but other than that you would make a good leader?

    1. It sounds like her office was soft on pedos and she’s trying to get ahead of the story before the competition uses it against her.

    2. Her office did not have enough of a case to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to even justify bringing charges, but she is certain those people did it.

  11. ABC World News Tonight was just doing a story tragic avalanches in Colorado and New Mexico when out of nowhere and unidentified on screen, Gary Johnson was interviewed
    ? Logan Dobson (@LoganDobson) January 21, 2019

    Everything around Gary is a disaster, apparently.

    1. What is A Valanche or A Leppo for that matter?

    2. McAfee would have melted the falling snow with his hot sexuality, saving all in danger.

      1. Thank you BUCS for elucidating another beneficial aspect of McAfee for his 2020 run. But I must correct your post because while McAfee is saving people from avalanche-related danger, he’s introducing them to another one: himself. You see, McAfee’s middle name is Danger. Indeed, wanting to have passionate sex with a whale is the epitome of a man of whose mere presence is enough to endanger all peoples within a 100 mile radius.

        1. Yet, he is giving the whale something it needed; giving it something it craved. As we know from McAfee himself, if the whale didn’t want it then it could easily stop him. From this we know he is a man of love, Tony. Love.

          No one is danger from him, except the danger of loving too much.

  12. David Letterman’s ‘Late Show’ Created A Fake Boy Band, And You Probably Didn’t Know

    Fresh Step seemed like any other musical act on the popular late-night talk show. Letterman introduced the band as if it were legitimate. But the thing was, they weren’t.

    Fresh Step was a parody boy band created by the staff of the “Late Show” as a joke that was executed so earnestly that it went over most people’s heads.

    Craig Thomas and his writing partner Carter Bays, who created “How I Met Your Mother,” worked as staff writers on the “Late Show” at the time and helped create the band. Thomas told HuffPost, “The audience never had a clue they were fake.”

    1. “Some people got it, and it became a cult thing kind of,” Rothman told HuffPost. “This was post-internet but before social media exploded, and the people who enjoyed it did so alone; there was no real way to share or find other people who got it. So, we never really knew what people thought.”

      According to Thomas, the creation of Fresh Step happened pretty organically. At the time, the “Late Show” staff writers were also creating bogus songs from fake Broadway musicals ? like “Jimmy’s Coming Home” from “Homecoming,” and “On the Moon” from “One Small Step” ? that Letterman would introduce as acts at the end of the show in the same sincere manner. People took the musicals at face value as well. Playbill even published an article about how the musical numbers were fake.

      This story warmed my heart.

      1. A University of Oregon prof is facing disciplinary action and possible termination over spoofing some specious journals [Fat Studies] with bogus “research” that ran counter to the prog narrative [all victims are valid] and embarrassed the publications. Parody is heart warming indeed.

    2. They are proud of making fake costume jewelry?

  13. ABC World News Tonight was just doing a story tragic avalanches in Colorado and New Mexico when out of nowhere and unidentified on screen, Gary Johnson was interviewed

    ? Logan Dobson (@LoganDobson) January 21, 2019

    Should have asked him about Aleppo for old time’s sake.

  14. The kids went to a political rally wearing MAGA hats to be provocative and offensive. And guess what? They succeeded! In the past before video was universal, each side would have its own story and people would take sides and self-radicalize with righteous outrage. Today we can see the entire video and reach a consensus understanding. And I agree with the consensus, except that we will soon have a debate over whether the MAGA hats were a provocation. When I was in high school they would be completely unacceptable. I don’t understand what happened, and why everyone here is defending them. Honestly it’s baffling. But as with many conundrums, they eventually just dissipate into the ether. Please I beg of thee – send me a postcard from where ever you end up. Because I really do care.

    1. MAGA is a campaign slogan for Donald Trump. If kids cannot wear campaign slogans for one of the two political parties in this country without it being provocative then we have lost all perspective in society.

      Your rush to equate MAGA hats at a conservative anti-abortion rally with something like “F*ck the Police”, “No F*gs Allowed” or “All N-s Should Die” or other truly provocative statement says more about you than anyone else.

      And even if these kids HAD been wearing more provocative messages, the problem wasn’t that. The problem was the professional protesters who singled them out for real, actual harassment. The same protesters who lied. The same protesters who spread this message, and the millions of bullies who piled on to try and ruin the lives of 14 year olds for wearing a fucking campaign slogan. At every step of each chain of events, a line was crossed. It is sad that you think a line was crossed for wearing a hat, for God’s sake, but clearly the evil being done was the fault of people crossing much, much brighter lines.

    2. ” except that we will soon have a debate over whether the MAGA hats were a provocation” – Dajjal

      Is this like the debate on whether the phrase “Black Lives Matters” is provocative? Where do you stand on that slogan?

      1. It’s honestly worse than that. I can object to “Black Lives Matter” by taking a serious topic like police authoritarianism and lack of accountability and wrongly framing it as a racial problem. That distracted from the issue by raising racial tensions and it makes a lot of white people defensive even if they’d otherwise agree with the point. There’s something to actually object to in the message of Black Lives Matter.

        This is like taking Obama’s catchphrase from 2012, “Yes we can,” and saying that’s provocative and inciting a fight. Make America Great Again is just a benign campaign slogan. It’s equivalent to “I’m with her,” and not something to start a fight over unless you’re so polarized on politics you just want to fight anyone you disagree with.

    3. Are the “I’m With Her” t-shirts the Women’s March protesters all wear “provocative and offensive” too? It was the other 2016 campaign slogan.

      If I see a bunch of schoolgirls wearing those shirts, should I scream “dykes” at them and bang a drum in their faces?
      Is that cool Dajjal?

  15. Rep. John Yarmuth
    I am calling for a total and complete shutdown of teenagers wearing MAGA hats until we can figure out what is going on. They seem to be poisoning young minds. [1/2]

    The conduct we saw in this video is beyond appalling, but it didn’t happen in a vacuum. This is a direct result of the racist hatred displayed daily by the President of the United States who, sadly, some mistake for a role model. [2/2]

    1. the President of the United States who, sadly, some mistake for a role model

      He got that right.

    2. Sadly, these politicians are the people who want to run American lives.

  16. Speaking of evil retards. Kathy Griffin truly is a reprehensible creature of remedial intelligence. Blind faux-righteous rage is corrosive to the mind and soul. That’s why she looks like she does:

    “Kathy Griffin
    Verified account

    Jan 20
    Well we are not going to give them the privacy that they do not deserve. Remember Charlottesville? Heather Heyer was MURDERED because we wanted to hear from both sides. By the way, Charlottesville cops, we’re watching you. You look pretty fucking dirty right now.”

    “Calvin Parker
    I can’t believe after all the video is available you still have the stance you have. What crime did anyone commit? By far the worst actions were those of The Tribe of Isreal DC who the SPLC recognizes as hate group.”

    Word Calvin. Word.

    1. I can damn Tribe of Israel DC without giving further credence to the SPLC.

      1. The SPLC considers the Washington Redskins a h8 group.

        1. I’m pretty sure I’m a hate group to them. Certainly now that I made this joke.

  17. This is what damage control looks like and will probably be the narrative everyone settles on.
    ?Mr. Phillips can remain a hero.
    ?the CovCath boys can remain the villains.
    ?and the video will be explained away.

  18. It is “news” to the NYT that Amazon targets ads and makes a tidy sum in the process:

    “Amazon Knows What You Buy. And It’s Building a Big Ad Business From It. ? The New York Times”
    “When a chain of physical therapy centers wanted new patients, it aimed online ads at people near its offices who had bought knee braces recently on Amazon.
    When a financial services provider wanted to promote its retirement advisory business, it directed ads to people in their 40s and 50s who had recently ordered a personal finance book from Amazon.
    And when a major credit card company wanted new customers, it targeted people who used cards from other banks on the retail site.
    The advertisers found those people by using Amazon’s advertising services, which leverage what the company knows better than anyone: consumers’ online buying habits.”

    I know I’m shocked! I thought the just deleted all that information from my order.

  19. Oscar Nominations 2019: The Complete List

    Black Panther was a a middle-of-the road superhero movie.

    1. I thought it was lame. It was pretty boring…I didn’t care about any of the characters…predictable as all get out. I’d class it as on par with Solo…so, pretty bad.

      1. I was kind of “meh” on it until the very last 10 minutes. It hooked me right before it ended.

        I honestly found it really stupid that we’re supposed to root for the preservation of a society that grants absolute power based on fist-fights to the death. Like, the instant they established that, I didn’t buy that this could work as a society, and the entire movie then goes on to demonstrates that it’s a fucking stupid way to decide absolute power…and that fact is never addressed at the end.

        “Hey, maybe there’s a better way we can decide on a king. Or maybe we can get some kind of representative body to put limits on the king’s power so he can’t just decide to burn our sacred plants on a whim?” None of that came up at the end.

  20. The world is going to end in 12 years unless the government takes action, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) said Monday at a Martin Luther King forum in New York City.
    “And I think the part of it that is generational is that millennials and people, in Gen Z, and all these folks that come after us are looking up and we’re like, the world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change….”

    How is she going to be president for 8 years if Trump is president until 2024 and the World ends in 2031?

    1. COATES: “I hate to personalize this, but do you think it is immoral for individuals to, for instance ? do we live in a moral world that allows for billionaires? Is that a moral outcome and and of itself?”
      OCASIO-CORTEZ: “No, it’s not. It’s not.

      1. COATES: “I hate to personalize this, but do you think it is immoral for individuals to, for instance ? do we live in a moral world that allows for billionaires? Is that a moral outcome and and of itself?”

        The person who comes up with a question like this should be laughed at frequently and vigorously.

  21. Most Americans name their cars and have sex in them 3 times, survey says

    The average car owner sleeps two and a half nights in their car, eats six entire meals in it, and has sex in it three times.

    How short and cheap are you people?


      The Bug Slayer
      Earth Mover
      Baby Sweet Lil’ Kayden
      Fancy Jenny
      Grease Lightning
      Uriah (Note: “because it was a heap”)
      Lil’ Speedz
      Miss Tigglywinkle
      Muscle boy
      Optimus Punto
      Professor Yaffle

      Conclusion: flyover country is full of short people with pornographic minds.

      1. My God. I am way over on the amount I’ve eaten and slept in my car, and way below the amount I’ve had sex. This is getting too sad for me.

        1. Masturbation counts, right?

            1. How much for “masturbate on the drive thru window”?

      2. My first car was a 1986 Ford Taurus (I purchased in 2000).
        It’s nickname, which I wish I could take credit for but can’t, was The cliTaurus

    2. You know what? I just realized I’ve never had sex in my current car. Damn. I need to get with it. Um, in a few months.

    3. the most fun is doing it while driving.

  22. Cato says, posting a chart that says they commit more crimes than legal immigrants (take the illegals out of “all immigrants” and the number gets lower)

    Illegal immigrants commit murders at lower rates than U.S.-born citizens in Texas

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  25. NY Times Opinion: Democrats Should Embrace Open Borders
    Alternatively, we could short-circuit this problem by opening the borders to everyone and simply bring the people who are currently treated unfairly inside our sphere of control. Here’s just one problem with that idea. There are probably several times as many people who would rather live in America if given a choice than there are Americans. Manjoo says we have plenty of space but what happens when 40 million people (about 8.6% of the population of Central and South America) show up at the border with nothing and demand food, water, and a place to live. We’re talking about the entire population of California or double the population of New York state. How do we accommodate that? And that’s not including the 100 million or so who would probably eagerly depart China if given the chance, people who mostly don’t speak our language and don’t have much of an education.

  26. How can you catch enough fish if you only have one fishing expedition?

    “House Democrats bringing new scrutiny to education secretary”
    “We are going to hold Secretary DeVos accountable for, in so many ways, failing to uphold federal protections for our students,” said Rep. Rosa DeLauro, a Connecticut Democrat leading an appropriations subcommittee that oversees the education budget. “It has to do with hurting student borrowers, protecting predatory for-profit schools and, above all, moving toward privatizing public education.”

    IOWs, they are going to “investigate” what she is legally empowered to do as SoE.

  27. Murders in Mexico rise by a third in 2018 to new record

    Investigators opened to 33,341 murder probes compared with the previous year’s record of 25,036, according to information from the Interior Ministry published on Sunday.

    They dont even know HOW MANY people have been murdered.

    Yeah, send more people to the USA from a nation that does not even want to know how many people have been murdered.

  28. Newark Flight To Hong Kong Marooned On Frozen Canadian Tarmac For Over 14 Hours

    Hong Kong-bound United Flight 179 reportedly left Newark just after 3 p.m. on Saturday, but had to reroute for Goose Bay airport in Canada when a passenger had a seizure over Greenland.

    Temperatures reached a completely unreasonable -25 degrees (-65 with windchill, or what hell would feel like if it froze over) by the time the crew had taken care of the ailing passenger. Apparently, that was too much cold for the plane to handle. Flight attendants found themselves unable to shut the emergency door, effectively trapping passengers in an icy metal cage: Because Goose Bay is a Royal Canadian Air Force Base, and because no customs officers were on duty during night hours, none of these roughly 240 prisoners were permitted to seek warmth inside the airport, or shelter from the 31 mph winds outside.

  29. By the way, as much as I like McAfee, it should be said that dolphin pussy is objectively better than whale puss.
    And totally unrelated to that, SeaWorld is full of fascists that won’t allow customers to manifest their true feelings for the animals imprisoned there.

  30. Kamala Harris was thrown a softball question to begin to explain her purported journey from tough-on-crime prosecutor to progressive criminal justice reformer and mass incarceration opponent. Instead, her first thought was about additional people she would’ve liked to prosecute.
    ? Essential Employee (@amyep9) January 21, 2019

    Our only hope for a pushback from journalists on her is if the twitter mob turns on this former prosecutor.

  31. Love Trumps hate:

    Kathy Griffin
    Ps. The reply from the school was pathetic and impotent. Name these kids. I want NAMES. Shame them. If you think these fuckers wouldn’t dox you in a heartbeat, think again.

    1. Cathy Griffin doesn’t even know what a good doxxing is even about.

  32. Google may pull its Google News service from the entire European Union in light of the country’s disastrous new “data privacy” rules.

    Someone retreating from Europe? They won’t know how to handle that.

  33. …purported to be a California school teacher but was using the photo of a Brazilian blogger, thus violating Twitter’s rules against “fake and misleading accounts.”

    Seems borderline, but I guess.

    1. Feels like I’m going to lose my mind.

    2. I think they meant “Fake Russian hackers at it again.”

      Clearly, Putin set up the media.

      It has all the Russian signatures: Twitter.

  34. Nathan Philips now wants teachers fired, students expelled because of Sandmann’s statement

    “What he came to town for was protesting,” Phillips said. “Anyone who knows about Roe versus Wade knows it isn’t a pretty picture. He (Sandmann) had just come from that protest. To me, he came worked up in a frenzy already.”

    “(The students) had an opportunity to not hate and to put out an olive branch and say, let’s sit down and pray together,” he said. “Instead, they responded to hate with hate. And (Sandmann) transferred that hate to me.”

    1. What ever happened to AmerIndian fighting spirit of the Buffalo?

    2. Philips objects to being called a protestor, because he thinks that is somehow pejorative. The man cannot admit he read the situation wrong based on his own prejudices.

    3. Philips objects to being called a protestor, because he thinks that is somehow pejorative. The man cannot admit he read the situation wrong based on his own prejudices.

    1. To be fair, some of us blasted Obama for wading in on local issues, like the Trayvon Martin shooting case.

      Trump has bigger fish to fry and he is frying the shit out of those spinless Lefty jellyfishes.

      1. This isn’t a local issue though, right? These kids were at a national political march. The most obvious “crime” for which they are accused was wearing the Trump campaign Slogan. This is hugely related to Trump.

  35. Chad Morris went above and beyond to get recruits and parents to his house for social event

    Sean Tuohy Jr.

    People thinking @coachchadmorris recruiting stuff is lip service: instead of cancelling recruiting social after dinner at his house, he personally went to Home Depot earlier today & salted not only his driveway but his ENTIRE neighborhood & roads to it to get parents here. #WPS

    SEC! SEC!

    1. Fines incoming in 3… 2…

    2. 100k weirdos chanting to conference is creepy.

    1. She probably didn’t think so many people would be triggered by saying the kid has a creepy smile. Then again, one twit post with one response.

  36. Poll: 74% of Dems would vote for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for president

    And democrats are roughly, what, 33% of the population, give or take?

    Anyway, point is, about ~25% of people are insane Democrats who’s voting preferences would be best ignored by all good-thinking people who don’t want an economic disaster on a humanitarian scale.

    1. about ~25% of people are insane

      That’s probably a reasonable estimate.

  37. >>>Joe Biden said he made a mistake in supporting the tough-on-crime drug legislation of the 1980s and 1990s

    too busy plagiarizing to foresee future mistakes

    1. He literally put y’all in chains!

    2. He changed his mind on it when the Black Congressional Caucus did.

  38. So a 16 year old kid who had the audacity to wear a smile and a hat gets death threats and an active campaign to deny him college and career prospects,

    …and the the instigator of this outrage du jour gets her twitter feed temporarily suspended. Well, I guess justice is served here.

  39. “From there, the teens’ reaction is debatable. Many are mocking Phillips and his drumming, chanting crew.”

    It’s a mystery to me what Brown think’s she’s accomplishing by lying at this point. Does she think that people here have never seen the actual video and will just blindly accept her word without taking the time to see for themselves?

  40. Great job last night Robby

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  42. SNL Writer Offers Oral Sex For Anyone Who Punches MAGA Kid
    “I will blow whoever manages to punch that MAGA kid in the face,” tweeted Sarah Beattie.

    One the MAGA kids should punch the other MAGA kid in the face to get a BJ from this chick and then turn her into police for molesting a minor.

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