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A revision to Canada's criminal code allows cops to demand a breath test from anyone they suspect has been driving under the influence even if they aren't behind the wheel. The cops can go into bars, restaurants, and even homes up to two hours after someone has been driving and demand a breath test, and they don't even need to have reasonable suspicion."If you start to drink after you get home, the police show up at your door, they can arrest you, detain you, take you back to the (police station) and you can be convicted because your blood alcohol concentration was over 80 milligrams (per 100 milliliters of blood) in the two hours after you drove," said defense attorney Paul Doroshenko.

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  1. “FYTW, eh?”

    1. Bunch of hosers.

  2. That shit will get you shot in a civilized country.

    1. If only that were true.

    2. It is also used in at least 16 US States
      The uncivilized states?

      1. “”It is also used in at least 16 US States and has been upheld by their courts. In order to seek a breath sample after a driver is no longer behind the wheel, a police officer would require reasonable grounds to believe that person was impaired while they were driving.””

        That’s the full quote. It’s not an actual, sourced argument, but rather, an assertion by an idiot who doesn’t appear to actually be clear on the law.

        So, not really what you presented it as.

  3. “The ‘two-hour’ rule in the new impaired driving laws was put in place to limit the use of certain defences in drunk driving cases,” Taylor said in a written statement.
    It would be a crime if people who didn’t commit a crime got away with it.

    1. Damn people and their reasonable defenses.

  4. Oh No Canada !!!

  5. “Mandatory alcohol screening only applies at the roadside, nowhere else. The law is clear on that,” said David Taylor, director of communications for the minister of justice and attorney general of Canada.

    Sooooo, Canadians foresee drunk drivers hanging out in or near their car for two hours after driving it?

    1. Passed out on the lawn?

  6. What on Earth? Sounds like complete overkill and an abuse of power! I hope a judge finds it unconstitutional!

    1. Oops! Forgot this was Canada! Well, I hope at least the US would think better!

    2. Totally agree with you sister…Finally someone on this site with the biggest sack to say what I’m sure WE ALL were thinking… Definitely not okay! I don’t agree with it either! I would hate to find out that it’s lady police officers doing the breathalyzing! That would be a double whammy!

  7. I feel bad sometimes for people of other nations that don’t have our Constitution.

    The US Constitution has slowed the tide of Socialism compared what has happened elsewhere.

    Most people around the World that I have encountered are nice enough, they just have a look in their eyes when you mention some freedom that they wish that they could enjoy.

    1. I lived in Sweden for six months – they don’t envy us for much, except the cheaper prices for all goods and services. I also had more than one Swede point out to me that their homeless population is 0. I volunteer a lot of time with the homeless and near homeless, and I have to admit that is a nice statistic, but I would point out to them that the live in a country the size of our western seaboard, they are rich in minerals and natural resources, and basically have the same population as Chicago.

      1. In order to get 0 homeless, they need to force slightly crazy people into care facilities against their crazy will.

        In order to get 0 homeless, they need to take a massive amount of people’s wealth and redistribute that wealth.

        Sweden has a mass emigration to the USA until about 1920, which freed up a bunch of land for those Swedes who remained. Around 9.6% of Minnesotans claim to have Swedish heritage.

        The Swedish also remained neutral throughout all of WWII, except for allowing Nazis men and equipment to travel from Norway to Finland.

        That is Sweden for you.

        More than 7% of Swedes live abroad ? and USA is their favorite country
        1. USA: 150 000

        1. The USA would have less social problems even with our large population if government got out of the social safety net and let charities and religious organization fill the void.

          My state of Georgia has about the same number of people as Sweden (as of 2017, 10.43 million). Sweden has 10.2 million, as of 2018. I have never seen a single homeless person in Georgia outside of Atlanta. Atlanta is our Socialists paradise and its definitely run that way.

          So its not inconceivable that Georgia would have 0 homeless people, if Atlanta did not exist and our population was spread over the entire state.

        2. My great grandfather moved from Sweden to the US in 1914. He had an older brother, and when their dad died the oldest son got the farm. The next oldest got a ticket to America.

          The Swedes aren’t proud that they stayed out of WWII, but they didn’t have much of a choice to let the Nazis move equipment on their rails to Norway. Germany would have occupied them like they did Denmark if they refused, or full on invaded them like they did Norway.

          1. The choice is fight or be a slave. Swedes chose to be slaves to Nazi Germany without even being occupied. All their foreign trade was monitored by the Nazis in Denmark, so most of it went to Nazi Germany.

            You’re right though, Hitler would have invaded Sweden because he absolutely need iron ore from Sweden for the war effort.

            Jewish gold paid for all the nice things Swedes got during WWII.

            Freedom isn’t free.

            With that being said, Swedes are super nice. I just will never let history be re-written by a nation too scared to fight for their freedom and then pass judgment on the USA about freedom, especially the freedom to be homeless.

      2. Isn’t it also the sort of place where homeless will, y’know, freeze to death?

        1. I grew up and now live in another such place (Michigan), and I’ve noticed that, although we allegedly have a substantial homeless population, we’ve never found their bodies when the snow melted in the spring. However mentally ill they may be, they are sane enough to find either a way to get inside for the winter, or to go south.

    2. I agree, our Bill of Rights is precious.
      There are bright areas of the world though, Switzerland is one example as its constitution is based on the US constitution and the bicameral congress. The US was also inspired by Swiss direct democracy although technically the US system is supposed to be a Republic and rightfully so. Norway is another hopeful, it is not a member of the EU and it has promoted the free market.

  8. That’s awful.

  9. Don’t answer the door. It’s that simple.

    1. Can’t they smell your breath through the door, though? You know, like detecting raw MJ?

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  11. Hmm, what’s next? How about testing in the 2 hours before you “might” be driving?

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