Brickbat: What You Don't Know Won't Hurt Us


Crime scene
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An investigation by the South Florida Sun Sentinel found that the state's schools routinely fail to report crimes that take place on campus. The newspaper found many schools have reported no crimes at all, including major crimes that made headlines. Florida law requires schools to report crimes to state officials but contains no penalties for those that don't.

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  1. I’m not sure how this one cuts.

    One of the worst developments of the last 20 years is the move toward having police (resource officers) in schools. So I’m not sure what we are talking about in terms of “crimes not reported”. If a couple of 13 year old boys get into a fight in the hallway, I’d prefer that it not become a criminal justice matter. Getting detention for fighting is the kind of thing that can correct bad behavior. Getting charged with a crime is something that can put your foot on the path toward life-long failure.

    But then there’s this:

    The Parkland school is rated as one of the state’s safest, but school officials had failed to record more than two dozen cases of trespassing, burglary and physical attacks over the previous three years. The district reported the offenses to sheriff’s deputies, but they were omitted from reports filed with the state.

    So if that’s what is going on…. reporting kids to the police but hiding it from state education officials, well that’s the worst of both worlds.

  2. The district reported the offenses to sheriff’s deputies, but they were omitted from reports filed with the state.

    So a state database doesn’t get populated. Okay.

  3. If they were to attach penalties for failure to report, that’d be one more crime right there.

    1. Obstruction of justice.

  4. Ministry of Truth at work – – – –

  5. Lefty run institutions dont like to report to the World how bad they are doing.

  6. If Nikolas Cruz’s repeated assaults on other students had been reported to police and he’d been prosecuted, he might have ended up on the NICS database, and would not have been able to legally purchase a firearm. But lib-think is that it’s always the gun, and not the individual that causes the problem, so no need for discipline for the violent.

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