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In the middle of finals week, West Virginia University student Joseph Cortese got a letter from the school telling him he was under investigation for "prohibited conduct." His misdeed? Posting a photo of himself wearing a Border Patrol T-shirt and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) hat for a Halloween party to Instagram weeks earlier. When Cortese met with Assistant Dean LiDell Evans, Cortese says the dean admitted he had a constitutional right to wear the costume. After media picked up the story, the university released a statement saying someone filed a complaint accusing Cortese of posting "vulgar hateful Instagrams."

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27 responses to “Brickbat: Too Scary

  1. Another snowflake melts in the Trump sunshine and makes a spurious report; another totalitarian bureaucrat tries to wield a hammer against dissent from the Orthodoxy.

  2. You know who didn’t respect borders?

    1. Alexander the Great?

      Genghis Khan?

    2. A three-year old with a coloring book?

    3. Attila the Hun?

    4. Canadian geese?

      1. You mean Canada Geese from Canada? That would make them “Canadian” geese.

        Sorry, just feel like a niggling asshole today, and you’re it…

    5. It’s this a bookstore home?

      1. Bookstore joke.

    6. Tony?



    7. Most of the Reason staff?

    8. Czechoslovakia, Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, France, Denmark, Norway, the USSR?

    9. Goobacks?

  3. I like how we know the accused is Joseph Cortese but the name of his accuser is unknown. If we’re protecting the privacy rights of the “victim” here, don’t we first have to ascertain which one is the victim? And what happens now that they’ve investigated and found no wrong-doing by Cortese? Does the person who filed the complaint get a stern lecture about filing frivolous complaints and a mandatory class on the First Amendment and what it means?

    1. I like your questions. But the answers are known. How do we change the answers?

      1. Stop guaranteeing student loans.
        Make two years of wage based income a requirement for college admission.
        Eliminate common core.
        Eliminate the federal department of education.
        The ways are endless.

        1. Those are all a damned good start though.

          I would make eliminating the federal department of education first; that would take care of a lot of problems down the pipeline.

    2. A mandatory class on 1A.

      Great idea!

  4. In other (related) news: a conservative group filed a request to force the city of Tucson to remove a statue of Poncho Villa, cuz like, they heard about that whole statue tearing down thing. The city art council refused.

    1. Where is Soave to tell us how the Confederate memorials and war markers would be it and trying to erase history would go no further?

  5. What would they have said if he had been wearing an ATF hat?

    1. What’s not to like about alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives?

    2. “Who’s bringing the chips?”

  6. the university released a statement saying someone filed a complaint accusing Cortese of posting “vulgar hateful Instagrams.”

    So what? Did the university drop the “prohibited conduct” investigation and apologize? Did the university investigate the “someone” for deceitful bullshit? Did Cortese successfully sue the university for violating his civil rights? What’s the rest of the story?

    1. “the university released a statement saying someone filed a complaint accusing Cortese of posting “vulgar hateful Instagrams.”

      The correct response…”yeah I did, and I’m gonna do it again soon as I leave this meeting…so fucking what?”

  7. Whenever anyone sets up a 360 degree opportunity for pounding on your fellow colleagues, workers, or students, this is what you get. Any one from any where can levy an anonymous complaint against you that has to be investigated.

    Cannot imagine a more miserable system for abuse.

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