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Idris Elba Says #MeToo Is Only a Problem for 'Men With Something to Hide'

That's PATRIOT Act thinking.


Matt Crossick/ZUMA Press/Newscom

British actor and 2018 "sexiest man alive" Idris Elba recently told The Sunday Times that the #MeToo movement is "only difficult if you're a man with something to hide." Vanity Fair contrasted Elba's uncompromising stance with remarks made by Matt Damon and Henry Cavill, who both had to walk back their criticisms of #MeToo's potential excesses and their perceived sympathy for accused men.

Valerie Jarrett and Shonda Rhimes tweeted praise for Elba. Essence said his answer was "perfect."

Is #MeToo only a problem for men who have something to hide? I doubt Aziz Ansari—who was smeared in the pages of babe.net because of a bad date involving some misinterpreted cues—would agree. Or Stephen Henderson, the first black editor of The Detroit Free Press' opinion pages, who lost his job for vaguely-defined inappropriate behavior that had generated zero complaints. (My colleague Shikha Dalmia called this a clear case of #MeToo run amok.)

Then there are various male college students, often blacks or immigrants, who were accused of sexual misconduct and faced unfair adjudicative procedures at the hands of Title IX bureaucrats. To take just one example: I recently covered the case of a UC-Davis student who incurred $12,000 in legal fees—almost a full year of tuition—defending himself against an unfounded accusation. This young man had absolutely nothing to hide. That didn't make him any less vulnerable.

Elba's comment mirrors language we often hear from conservatives who defend the national security state, the TSA, the PATRIOT Act, and other incursions on civil liberties: You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide. It's an attempt to shut down legitimate criticism of well-intended but recklessly illiberal policies by making it seem like the only reason to oppose them is fear of getting caught. In reality, there are many reasons to oppose these policies: They violate the law, they are draconian, they ensnare the innocent, they are more likely to negatively impact marginalized communities, etc.

The #MeToo movement isn't the government, and mere social stigma does not carry the force of the law. But it's myopic to write off all criticism of it as warped self-preservation. Even Associate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has chided some unfair provisions of college Title IX trials. No one should be asking, Well, what's she got to hide?

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  1. Elba’s comment mirrors language we often hear from conservatives who defend the national security state, the TSA, the PATRIOT Act, and other incursions on civil liberties: You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide.

    Right wing statists and Left wing statists have more in common with each other than either has with libertarians. Sometimes its impossible to tell the fuckers apart.

    1. That is one particular sandwich I don’t enjoy.

      1. What if the left-right sandwich is Alex Wagner and Candace Owens?

        1. That might be the most awkward and disappointing two minutes of their lives, but I’d be the cream in that Oreo.

    2. Left wing statists want the government to run the entire healthcare system. Right wing statists support a draconian white nationalist immigration policy that literally rips children from their parents’ arms. As a Koch / Reason libertarian, I know who I’d rather see in charge.

      1. literally rips children from their parents’ arms

        Not only that, but they actually rip the arms off. There are women going around with no arms because of this.

        1. OBL thinks disarming people is A-OK.

          1. Looking at this from a glass half full perspective, if you disarmed the women you’d end the practice of ripping babies from their arms.

      2. You jest, but if I am forced to choose between cutting only one of welfare or warfare, I will choose cutting warfare.

        1. I would prefer managing my welfare myself (and did so pretty well up to retirement) . My medicare premium is paid today from my social security which is the result of me and my employers paying taxes into the system from 1966 to 2008.

          Handling my defence against enemies foreign – warfare – I would prefer to leave to the state. Dealings with foreign powers is what government is supposed to do.

          Often government does such a crappy job at both welfare and warfare, it would be better to have an alternate to government for both, rather than a either-or.

      3. Would note that left-wing statist Obama had ICE do it too.

    3. Statism is left-wing, by definition. Libertarians are just so high on their “we’re above the fray” self-righteousness that they adopt the Left’s Orwellian definition of the political spectrum (where all Leftism that a particular Leftist dislikes is somehow on the Right) in order to create their own self-indulgent version of “extremes are bad!”

      A spectrum that considers Nazis and communists to be opposites, with free markets somehow between them, is just an awful spectrum.

    4. There are no ‘right wing’ statists.

      A statist is a statist and if you are one, you’re a collectivist–which is a ‘left wing’ stance.

      Individualist and Collectivist are the departure points for ‘right’ and ‘left’ respectively

  2. As a libertarian feminist and staunch opponent of RAPE CULTURE, of course I agree #MeToo has been an overwhelmingly positive movement for social change. I will concede it can sometimes go too far though. If it were up to me Al Franken would still be in the Senate.

    1. Two thumbs up OBL. I got a hearty chuckle there.

    2. I’m with you, OBL. He’s good enough. He’s smart enough. And doggone it–people like him!

      Even that one sleepy chick on the C130 with the really nice knockers says so.

    3. If it were up to real people that are like OBL’s parody, prominent democrats like Bill Clinton would still be raping away as long as they doled out the Marxism in generous helpings.

      Oh wait, this is still going on today.

  3. I doubt Aziz Ansari?who was smeared in the pages of babe.net because of a bad date involving some misinterpreted cues?would agree.

    I was about to say that being bad at cunnilingus is something to hide, but on second thought it’s not all bad having that out there. I mean, if a girl thinks her boyfriend is clumsy at it she’s not going to nag him to go down on her. It’s diabolical on Ansari’s part, really.

    1. Poor Mrs. Fist.

      1. One can always trot out the toys. If I think a girl needs a little extra help getting there I bring them in. Early and often. I’ve been to,d this is a plus, as some guys are threatened by toys.

    2. Don’t denigrate your talents, Fisty. You are a cunning linguist.

  4. Wait until he gets hit with an accusation for saying “good morning” to a woman on the set 20 years ago.

    1. He’s safe for now. He’s making sure he’s seen to be saying and doing the “right” things. One step out of line and he risks a Cosbying.

      1. Nothing the left hates more than when an uppity black man wanders off the vote plantation. He’ll be amazed to find out just how much he raped people if he doesn’t stay on script.

        1. The Culture War between Black men and lefty white women is continuing to heat up. Make some more popcorn.

          1. Blacks once voted almost exclusively republican. At the rate the progtards shit on them, it may go that direction again.

            1. Or we might the kind of split we see among whites, with the majority of Black men voting Republican and most Black women continuing to vote Democrat.

              1. Well, you can’t blame women for wanting to upgrade their choice of who their daddy is.

              2. Giving women the vote really fucked America.

      1. Haha, I need to watch that.

        1. It really is a great movie.

  5. Heimdall noooooooooooo

    1. Heimdall, known as the whitest of the Norse pantheon.

      1. Once you go Bifrost you never go back.

        1. Winning 🙂

  6. Who in the hell is Idris Elba? Why should I care about what he says?

    1. He’s an African-American British actor.

      1. He’s the 2nd sexiest man alive, me being first, of course.

        1. That’s two Asgardians that have been picked now. There’s definitely corruption in the selection process. Asgard is undermining our democracy.

          1. I’m only sorry no one picked up one your adjective.

        2. Eddie, I told you take what that priest tells you with a grain of salt.

      2. Who the SJW crowd have been in love with for several years, now.

      3. That’s it. You win the internet today!

      4. Does that mean he’s British born to AA parents or are you being funny?

        1. He’s being funny. Because progtards have no idea what to call a foreign black person. Upelba is Nritish and not in any way an American.

      5. He’s an African-American British actor.


        1. I prefer African – Limey British Actor.

    2. Wasn’t he second in command of a West Baltimore drug gang a while Back?

      1. Omar capped his ass!

    3. You don’t know who Stringer Bell is?????

    4. He’s supposed to be the new James Bond. Good luck to him balancing his and James’ views of sexual desires

      1. Bond. James Bond.

        /whips out consent form.

        /Me walking out of movie.

      2. Elba is a good actor, but really, Bind is a Scotsman from an old Scots family. This really strains credulity for the sake of diversity casting.

        1. Well if he can play a Norse god…
          I never quite understood how it is okay for him to play a good from my culture but I (if I were an actor) would be run out of town for playing an African god?

          1. Unless it were the god of cuckolded husbands. They might tolerate that.

            1. This son of a viking won’t ever be cuckolded though. So guess that is out.

        2. Logic is merely a tool of the white cis-male patriarchy, dude. Release your inner progtard!

  7. No one should be asking, Well, what’s she got to hide?

    No one should have to see what she’s hiding.

    1. I hear Boris Yeltsin once made a pass at RBG…or maybe he just passed out on her lap.

      1. Colluuuuuuuusion!!!

        Dang nefarious Rooskies!

  8. >>>The #MeToo movement isn’t the government

    no shit. metoo destroys people magnitudes faster. government should take notes oh wait …

  9. “The #MeToo movement isn’t the government…Even Associate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has chided some unfair provisions of college Title IX trials.”

    Title IX *is* the government, and Soave correctly links it to hashtag MeMeMeToo.

  10. Yeah, sure. Easy to say when every straight woman in the world wants to fuck you.

    1. This ^

      One does not have to fear #MeToo when no woman alive would complain about a sexual encounter with you, whether it actually happened or not.

  11. No one should be asking, Well, what’s she got to hide?

    I don’t understand Robby’s point. If the accuser has nothing to hide, xi has nothing to fear.

  12. I’m not surprised Idris Elba thinks this way. He seemed a little slow on the uptake that one time I met him. It was in the bathroom of a bar near Heathrow (I don’t remember where exactly) a few years back (I don’t remember when exactly) where I’d gone with a couple of buddies (I don’t remember who exactly it was). But I do definitely remember I was sitting on the toilet when some guy crawled under the stall door, pulled his pants down and started humping my leg. When I objected, he pointed out he was Idris Elba, said he was the sexiest man alive and he just wanted to show me a “sweet time”. I kept kicking at him to no avail, but I finally got my buddies to drag him off of me and threaten to beat his ass if he didn’t pull his pants back up. It was all quite traumatic, so much so that I’ve never been able to speak of the incident until just now.

    1. You sound credible to me.

      1. I dunno. Edris seems like the type of guy that would tap his leg first.

    2. This might be the most credible accusation I’ve ever read in my life.

    3. Immensely credible. Somebody should report this to the NYT.

    4. It was in the bathroom of a bar near Heathrow

      -1 Single attacker

      -1 No one raped through broken glass.

      -1 ‘Loo’ and ‘pub’ unless you were pissing on the bar.

      C-, still better than the Jackie story that Robby had to be convinced wasn’t real.

    5. I ALWAYS believe the accuser!

    6. #YouCredible

    7. 36 years ago? No corroborating witnesses? No objective evidence?

      Sounds totally credible to me! We have to believe you anyway cuz you are a survivor!

    8. This calls for an FBI investigation!

      Just to be sure and all.

    9. Was there a punch bowl at this bar with an appellate judge hanging around?

    10. Amd you haven’t been able to fly since, right? And did you feel a need to install a second front entrance to your home in order to feel safer?

  13. Guess who’s next, Idris!

  14. He’s a fucking Brit celebrity who probably loves government CCTV everywhere and guns only in the hands of criminals and his bodyguards. His experiences are about as relevant as the fleas on my dog, and I haven’t got a dog.

  15. What is this Brit fuck from Garbage Island saying?

  16. “Then there are various male college students, often blacks or immigrants,”

    {rolls eyes} So is the implication is that if it were just white males being falsely implicated that it would be acceptable?

    1. You aren’t supposed to notice that. It cannot be bad because it targets everybody. WHO gets targeted MORE is key.

    2. Thankfully, I didn’t read the article.

      You had to ruin it for me!!

    3. No. It points out the irony that these SJWs are wrongfully ensnaring people they purportedly try to empower.

      1. What good is a hierarchy of victimhood without victims? Gotta perpetuate that sweet, sweet “institutional racism.”

  17. Stop and frisk is only difficult if you’re a black man with nothing to hide.

  18. I bet this guy didnt make much of a fuss when he was getting Hollywood parts from accused sexual criminals in the biz.

  19. So, according to Idris, the Duke lacrosse team REALLY did rape that stripper, even though they found the DNA of five different men — none of them on the lacrosse team — on her?

  20. Methinks the actor doth protest too much.

    1. An obvious red flag. Idris Elba needs to be investigated. Thoroughly. Why should he object if he has nothing to hide?

    2. He has forgotten the face of his father.

  21. A man with nothing to hide usually has nothing worth showing.

  22. #metoo looks like another venue to vilify a ham sandwich. Not that every accusation is directed at a ham sandwich. Only Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd qualify for all of #metoo accusations

    1. Well, there is no chance at all that the ham sandwich got any kind of consent, so – – – – –

    2. I’ll bet those two proggie shitbags DP’d at least a few chicks agains their will back in the day. Kennedy was a notorious date rapist sort.

  23. “only difficult if you’re a man with something to hide.”

    On a related note, even if you are a man with something to hide, getting the charges dropped doesn’t seem to be that difficult.

    1. All you have to do is donate to the Democratic Party.

  24. He’s an actor, for God’s sake. Why does anyone think we care what he thinks or says off-screen?

    1. You mean aside from the fact that he won’t play James Bond, right?

      1. Maybe he’s holding out for Doctor Who, since they’re writing Jodie Whittaker off (thank God).

        1. Jodie Whittaker is going to be around for at least one more series. And that’s being delayed until 2020.

    2. Because people do.

  25. You can’t blame him. He’s British. Brits have very different ideas of what the word “freedom” means.

    1. The Brits tried to “free” us Americans from ourselves.

      Thousands of Americans gave their lives to free us from the British. Then the British come to American to earn wages that they could not otherwise earn in Britain and then try to influence our elections.

      I guarantee Mueller wont be investigating those people.

  26. What a little bitch.

  27. How can he be the sexiest man alive when I’m not dead, yet?
    Or when he’s black? (I keed, I keed)

  28. Not many people know that Idris Elba’s real name is Elba Idris, like Elton John was originally John Elton.

  29. Virginia Postrel had a cherry tattooed on her azz but got a cover-up that says #MeTooHorny in thug font.

  30. He’s an asshole and Luther is overrated.

    1. I haven’t been terribly impressed with him in anything but The Wire.

      The Gunslinger was so bad I couldn’t even watch it on an airplane.

      1. Can’t blame Elba for that shitty script.

  31. Due process protects people from persecution without evidence. Think about that.

    Meetoo is based on the principle of persecution without evidence.

    They are mutually exclusive meaning you can’t have both. Only one is a right.

    Choose and know your enemy.

  32. Let’s be honest?by the Fully Informed Enthusiastic Consent In Writing And Notarized Prior To Expressing Sexual Interest In Any Way standard being pushed by the academic feminists, virtually all men DO have something to hide, in addition to having a legitimate fear of false accusations.

    1. I’d prefer a snug a kiss and less politics, thanks gentlemen

      1. Get a dog, then.

      2. Fine. Initial here… and here…

        Now… sign and date there.

        You’re all set.

  33. well-intended but recklessly illiberal policies

    You’ve used that phrase before, Robbie. Why do you assume that authoritarian progs are well-intentioned? Their own words provide ample evidence that that is not the case.

    1. I used to think it was that but it’s just about power and control in reality.

  34. As a woman, can I get laid anytime soon??

    1. Your own personal Adonis awaits you.

      Now just sign here before clicking the link, to certify that you won’t sue.

    2. Only if you live somewhere the men won’t have to worry about being arrested for hitting on you if it turns out you’re not interested. Sorry. Blame your sisters in Academia.

    3. If you were a transgender woman, you could have any woke beta-male on demand… but why would you want to?

      1. If a transgender woman and a transgender man have drunken sex, which one is the victim?

  35. I can’t believe a grown man who believes himself to be a thinker would utter such tripe.

  36. Actors seem to do stupid shit when they don’t have a script constraining them.

    And I’m not just talking about John Wilkes Booth.

    Too soon?

    1. I’m going to a play tonight, and if the person in front of me is overly tall and won’t take off his stovepipe hat, I’m doing him right then and there.

  37. If Elba was exiled to an island, which island would it be?

    1. The island of irrational self hating narcissistic apologist pussys.

      1. You mean Bainbridge Island?

    2. Great Britain (you know, from Malibu or wherever he lives now?)

  38. Matt Welch said something to same effect regarding inappropriate prior statements on the Fifth Column podcast. Matt intimated that he is, and has consistently been, perfectly woke.

  39. Are there false accusations? Yes, up to 3% of accusations prove to be false.

    On the flip side, what percentage of women have experienced sexually inappropriate behavior? As many as 25% of women have been raped Also EVERY SINGLE WOMAN has experienced some form of street harassment.

    What happens most of the time is women don’t bother reporting because their entire sexual history will be aired in public as the man tries to defend himself. So most women don’t speak-up. It takes about 6 or 7 credible reports to come forward before anything happens to a man. So there is rarely a case that one woman ruins a man’s reputation.

    Yes, investigations happen a fewer than 1% of rapist ever see a jail cell. Now if you are talking about “softer” consequences to being accused, well, where is the outrage of being accused of insider trading or theft when not true? Actually, the likelihood of being falsely accused of sexual assault is less likely than being falsely accused of anything else as the burden is already on the victim and coming forward usually requires women to expose their sexual history and often for no benefit.

    1. usually requires women to expose their sexual history

      If they have nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear, right?

    2. So… your point is that Elba was wrong?

    3. ” As many as 25% of women have been raped”

      We can get that number up if we just make college free!

    4. These numbers are all made up.

    5. Rape is a difficult crime to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. That really sucks if you are a victim of rape and there isn’t much evidence besides personal testimony. I have nothing but sympathy for people in that position.
      But, legal due process and presumption of innocence are more important than punishing more people for rape.

    6. Your 3% is dubiously sourced, but even then, it’s incredibly hard to PROVE something false when most allegations have Kavanaugh-level vagueness.

      If it’s true that 3% are provably false, then at least 10 times that number are probably false, but not provably so.

      25% of women have been raped… in South Africa. Not here. Our sex crime rates have declined over the last few generations despite far less burden of proof, far less stigma against women admitting non-virginity, far more CSI tech, and far more hookup and drug culture.

  40. Fuck you, Idris Elba.

  41. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but it would be poetic if he found himself accused by one of his fellow actors. I wonder what he’s say in that case.

  42. I wish I could find the article, but a prominent feminist wrote in 2004 about the risks feminism faced due to the fact that it was increasingly obvious that it was really two completely difference sets of rules – one for attractive men, and one for the rest. The author posited that the “rest” couldn’t reasonably be expected to accept this arrangement.

    That was in 2004.

    And now we have the alt-right, among others.

    1. Ah, I found it.

      Key quote: “Sexual harassment is a crime committed by beta-males who think they can get away with alpha behaviour.”

      This is why Idris Elba doesn’t see the problem.

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  44. British actor and 2018 “sexiest man alive” Idris Elba recently told The Sunday Times that the #MeToo movement is “only difficult if you’re a man with something to hide.”

    Said British actor and 2018 “sexiest man alive” Idris Elba before he was falsely accused by a woman with an agenda.

    Currying favor with #MeTwo fanatics might inspire them to seek for or invent something he might be hiding. after all he’s male and for some accusers that’s enough..

    1. Remember Gary Hart.

  45. The only reason you’d oppose quartering troops in your home is if you were plotting an insurrection.


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  48. Idris Elba’s Strange Grovelling

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