A Fun Line About the Internet of Things: "The S in IoT stands for 'security'"

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I just saw it quoted as an established saying; don't know who came up with it, but if any of you do, please let me know so I can give proper credit.

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20 responses to “A Fun Line About the Internet of Things: "The S in IoT stands for 'security'"

  1. It sounds like something that Bruce Scheier would say but I can’t definitively attribute it to him.

    The longer version (“The S in IoT stands for security. Sold Separately, that is.”) is available as a t-shirt so I’m guessing that the phrase has been out there for a while. A fair number of people use variants of that quote as part of their email signature blocks.

    1. Schneier

  2. Hmmm. There is no S in IoT.

      1. My work as a straight man is done here.

  3. Not sure it’s original with him, but Steve Gibson has been using this in his weekly SecurityNow podcasts for years.


    1. I was able to find a transcript in which Gibson does not claim it, but he first used it November 15, 2016:

      “Oh, and Leo, my favorite. I don’t know who the originator was because I saw it coming from several different sources over the past week. But I just love this. I mean, I liked the acronym IDIOT, I-D-I-O-T, which of course stands for I Don’t Internet of Things. But I think even better is this slogan: “The ‘S’ in IOT Is for Security.””


      1. Another interpretation of that acronym is Insanely Dangerous Internet of Things, which Google tells me comes from Brian Krebs.

  4. Saw a cartoon recently:
    Couple welcoming another couple as guests to their abode. One of the arriving couple says loudly:
    “Alexa, order three dozen pepperoni pizzas!”
    Caption: ‘This is the way to see if your discussions are private’.

      1. Ah, hell. Old fart memory…

  5. Recently, I was sitting in friend’s living room, mentioned that I need to buy a new first aid kit. Her smart TV was on. A mere hours later, I borrowed her laptop for something and guess what ads were lining the browser? Curse you telescreen!

  6. Another one:

    “IOT” is an abbreviate for “Internet of Things” which is itself an abbreviation of “Internet of Things that should not be on the internet”.

  7. There is more than one attribution floating around but none are authoritatively original. The first tweet I can find is from Oct 1 2016 and the author doesn’t claim to know the source.

    1. Here’s a slightly older one from September, but it’s in German. He claims his group of internet friends made it up, but I find it unlikely that the first English poster learned it from a barely-noticed German post.

      Interestingly, the phrase took off only after the second time the guy posted it and almost immediately morphed and stabilized as “stands for” rather than “the s in IoT is for security”.

  8. The first mention on the internet I found is from 1/11/16, a fair amount older than the others found so far. No attribution, though.

    1. Scratch that, I found something from 3/9/10 where a guy changed his signature on a forum to include that after posting already that day, so I know it’s not a quirk with the way the forum handles signatures. Not saying it’s definitively the first, but I was checking him specifically because of his long activity. Now I know what range to check more.

      1. Never mind about those, I’m pretty sure both are forum quirks. I really dislike forums that update post signatures to the most recent signatures.

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