Mass Shootings

Shooter Kills 12 in California Bar

The bar was packed with people for college night.


YouTube Screenshot via CBS This Morning

Authorities say 13 people are dead, including the alleged shooter, after a gunman opened fire last night at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California.

Among the dead is Sgt. Ron Helus, a 29-year deputy of the Ventura County Sheriff's Office. Helus is believed to have been among the first law enforcement officers to arrive on the scene following reports of a shooting.

The other victims remain unidentified. Between 10 and 15 people sustained minor injuries, according to authorities.

According to Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean, the suspected shooter has been identified as 28-year old Ian David Long.

Long is reportedly a Marine Corps veteran.

Witnesses tell CBS Los Angeles the gunman first opened fire at a bouncer and a cashier before shooting in the vicinity of the dance floor.

"I started hearing these big pops. Pop, pop, pop. There was probably three or four, I hit the ground," one witness tells KABC. "I look up—the security guard is dead. Well, I don't want to say he was dead, but he was shot."

It's not clear what the shooter's motives were. Dean told reporters that the gunman appears to have shot himself, according to CBS News.

The shooting occurred at the Borderline Bar & Grill, a western-style bar located about 30 minutes away from Pepperdine University. The bar was full of people for a college country music event, and Pepperdine University confirmed that some of its students were there last night.

Dean, meanwhile, said investigators have only found one weapon at the scene. "Right now as far as we know there was only one handgun, but that could certainly change as we do a more thorough search of the building," he said. Dean later said Long carried out the massacre with a Glock 21 handgun equipped with an extended magazine.

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123 responses to “Shooter Kills 12 in California Bar


    1. are you having a stroke? do we need to get help?

      1. “are you having a stroke?”
        It’s possible

        “do we need to get help?”
        Definitely not

    2. America worried about persecuted individuals knocking at its front door asking for help while the real individuals doing harm to you and yours sit comfortably in America’s living room! The “MIGRANT CARAVAN” and this latest mass shooting, move along people, nothing to see here!

  2. We need background checks on any parents who are thinking about giving birth to a white guy.

    1. We don’t know if the alleged shooter is a white guy or not, I guess he’s wearing a ton of concealer?

      1. We don’t know but with all the right wing terrorism going on lately odds are that he was a disgruntled Trumpt-tard type angry about the lost House.

        1. As the guy is dead and there’s no mention of race so far, if expect the opposite.

          1. Reports now are that he’s a heavily tatted white guy named Ian. Maybe he’s the Highlander.

            1. You’re correct.

              David Ian Long.

              1. Ah… trained to kill people on the other side of the planet, and just got all excited and forgot, that’s all. Nothing to see, keep moving…

        2. Yeah, because shooting a bunch of young people who are just having fun is the most logical way to protest the election of some old relics to offices located at the other side of the country.

        3. The choice of target (Conservatives love country music) implies you’re wrong. Probably an angry Leftist upset the Blue Wave fizzled. But we shall see…

          1. It was College Night.

            1. It was actually called country night you fucking dweeb. Im sorry (snicker) the mid terms were such a disaster for you baby bitch but lying about mass shootings it’s a bad look. Baby bitch.

            2. It is a country bar. The main attendants were from a Bible college. Hmmmmm Christian College students at a country bar for a line dancing night. Youy right totally a target a conservative would choose to make a political point.

          2. New Evidence Shows the Vegas Shooter Was Probably a Far-Right Extremist, but No One Will Say It


            1. The Root? Really? It is funny this author knows when the FBI investigation said it could find no motives, and from all reports the shooter was pretty apolitical. You know lying to further your cause usually backfires. Maybe next time you post something so disingenuous you might bear that in mind.

          3. Was he wearing a Waylon and Willie concert tee? Maybe he just didn’t like poseurs or Kane Brown.

            1. (If it was a *real* country bar, the shooter would have been shot 47 times by 47 different people before he could get off a second shot. And there wouldn’t have been a single person in there under the age of about 45.)

              1. the Bar is in California and all bars are no gun zones in California.

                1. all bars are no gun free fire target zones in California.


                2. “the Bar is in California and all bars are no gun zones in California.”

                  So the shooting couldn’t possibly have happened.

                3. I think he forgot to turn in his extended mag.

                  1. The law requiring surrender of larger magazines has been on hold for 16 months.

                    Here’s hoping it gets struck down entirely at trial. It will eventually go to SCOTUS.

                4. that should read “… all bars are pretend gun free zones in California”.

          4. Here’s a novel concept: how about we all take a step back and wait until we know a little more before we all start trying to blame our political “enemies” for something that was probably the work of some random nutjob with no rational motive, or am I in wrong place for that?

            For fuck’s sake, you all sound a bunch of raving partisan lunatics.

            1. I believe the answer to your is generally yes, but butt plug started it.

            2. > For fuck’s sake, you all sound a bunch of raving partisan lunatics.

              You must be new here.

          5. Country music venues can be deadly.

        4. Right wing terrorism? Wow, do you like the flavor of the Kool-Aid? The only right wing terrorism happening in this country is those events manufactured by the press or the imaginary ones happening in the twisted, childish minds of people like you.

          1. You’re delusional.

            I suppose you were brain dead last week when the MAGA-bomber and Anti-Semite shooter were active.

            But you woke up.

            1. Sarah Palin’s Buttplug|11.8.18 @ 11:06AM|#
              “You’re delusional.”

              New total of turd posts which are not lies:

    2. A racial preference policy to make it harder for white women to have sex with white men? This is one affirmative action measure Latino men do not need to get ahead in a field of accomplishment!

    3. Seriously? Unfortuantely, I think it is much more likely this poor man was suffering from PTSD and unable to get help from the VA. You are an idiot and a racist jackass.

      1. Seriously?

        No, pretty sure that was sarcasm.

  3. Have gun nuts checked in with “thoughts and prayers” yet?

    1. My thoughts and prayers for the victims

    2. I know better then to expect an intellectually honest answer from you, or even a semi-intelligent one, however, I just have to ask: how is mentioning gun nuts even close to being pertinent? This was in California, the state with the strictest gun control laws in the nation. A state that polling shows the population generally isn’t in favor of private gun ownership (yes there are red, rural counties that are the exception) and this was done with a handgun. Are you ever able to offer anything that isn’t callow and nonsequitor?

      1. THAY’RE COMIN’ FER MY GUNS! paranoid CT is not restricted to flyover states.

        1. One of the best defenses is to ridicule your opponents protests, especially if their charges are true. This way you don’t have to justify your actions, while falsely discrediting your opponents. You are examoke A if this strategy.
          Considering that democratic lawmakers are already using this to call for more (unspecified) gun control, despite California having the strictest gun control laws in the Nation, and despite the magazine the shooter used being already illegal in California, the charge that their eventual goal is to eliminate private gun ownership is not without it’s merits. Especially when they talk about places like England as examples of what we should do.

      2. how is mentioning gun nuts even close to being pertinent

        Gun nuts invariably and promptly respond to shootings, wherever the shooting occurs, with (1) lame ‘thoughts and prayers’ rhetoric, (2) assertions that ‘now is not the time’ to debate gun absolutism, and (3) more lame ‘thoughts and prayers’ rhetoric.

        1. And gun grabbers inevitably respond with non sequiturs like protests and DO SOMETHING.

        2. “Absolutism” being relevant to California exactly how, you disingenuous pile?

          1. The gun nuts I was describing comment about and offer their worthless “thoughts and prayers” with respect to shootings everywhere — in this case, California — you bigoted, half-educated, disaffected right-wing rube.

        3. And totalitarian gun control assholes invariably call for more gun restrictions. Hmmmmm, yep bodies weren’t even cold before they started calling for more gun control. Wonder what they want to blame? He didn’t use a rifle and the magazine he used was already illegal in California. And it is illegal to carry in bars in California.

    3. Is Ruthy G gonna be OK. Thoughts and prayers to Roe v Wade in about a year in a half.

      1. You genuinely figure authoritarian, superstitious right-wingers are going to win this one and bring back statist womb management?

        Have you learned (or perhaps observed) nothing in the most recent 60 or 70 years of American progress?

        What’s next on your wish list? Prayer in schools? Government gay-bashing? Creationism in science classes? Taking back the vote from women?

    4. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland|11.8.18 @ 9:32AM|#
      “Have gun nuts checked in with “thoughts and prayers” yet?”

      My hope is a painful and slow death for you.

      1. “You are bad, and you should feel bad!”

    5. He’s a Reverend. He’s a bigot. He’s a retard. He’s Reverend BigTard.

    6. Tried, but my e-mail to came back undeliverable.

      1. Oh, you want, but you could try his personal account,

    7. The shooter actually seems to have preempted it:

  4. If only California had passed some Common Sense Gun Safety laws!

    1. Cali is such a slack red state with loose gun laws.

    2. Obviously the ones currently on the books are inadequate. We need stronger gun violence prevention legislation.

      1. How about demilitarizing the cops? Socialists never mention that option. Didn’t London Bobbies make do with billy clubs after that nasty Boston Massacre flap?

        1. Bobbies weren’t invented until the 19th century.

        2. Oh yes please, and then when we have an active shooter situation, we can call in the military like they do. Oh wait, there is the Potus Commitatus act which makes that illegal. So if we cant use the military and we disarm all the cops, what exactly will criminals be afraid of ?

          1. Each other?

          2. “…what exactly will criminals be afraid of ?”

            How about an armed citizen -which is a regular feature in the American Rifleman? When seconds count, citizens are there without any policies to disregard or hamstring them.

          3. The shooter WAS the military.

    3. And the writing is kinda sloppy – “extended” means “bigger than than stock”.

      Most likely – we don’t know yet – the “illegal” magazine was simply “bigger than the CA 10 round limit”, not “extended”.

  5. This is terrible and a great tragedy, because people are going to be distracted by this instead of the great job this president is doing. The president said the exact same thing after another shooting, so we know things like that affect him personally.

    1. Yes, a MIGRANT CARAVAN like distraction is needed if the shooter is another White Nationalist.

    2. Excellent post. I like how you immediately made this about Drumpf. (It would have been even better if you worked the word “Trumpista” in there, however.)


      1. The guy used a single handgun and California already limits magazines to 10 rds. What exactly could have been done? The state has the most restrictive laws in the nation and yet events like this still happen. How long will it take for you idiots to grasp it is not about guns.

        1. “How long will it take for you idiots to grasp it is not about guns.”

          8 billion years.

  6. Fake News! Couldn’t have happened, because California has some of the strongest gun control laws in the nation!

    1. Now they’re going to pass Double Secret gun control laws.

  7. It’s not clear what the shooter’s motives were.

    So let’s assign him some, quick.

    1. Country music critic?

    2. Maybe he was having trouble getting any, like the Canadian who drove down the sidewalks?

      1. INCEL?

    3. reports are that in 2015 he got beat up in a bar and has had multiple police contacts since then. A person could argue he had head trauma from both the war and from the bar fight. if he hadn’t of died he may have gotten off on those grounds

    4. Everyone break out your Jump to Conclusions Mat!

      1. Do you like all of Michael Bolton’s classics as well?

  8. Well, good for the cop for actually going into danger instead of standing around outside until the shooter offed himself.

  9. End the killing fields called gun-free zones; they’re deadly.

    1. A good guy with a gun was there, and he was killed.

      You gun fetishist people need to check yourselves into institutions and probably stay there forever.

      1. I think it’s funny that you don’t even realize that we/they have our/their own institutions and you don’t give a shit. Only lending credence to the notion that an individual’s actions one way or the other don’t matter.

      2. First, in a nightclub you have a serious choke point since there is a single entrance/exit. Second, the officer was running into the situation blind and therefore was at a disadvantage. Third, as someone else posted, this guy was arrested after fighting a bar and has had multiple police contacts since then, so what happened to that wonderful red flag law gun control zealots have been pushing? As for your assertion about “gun fetishist people”, a mind is a terrible thing to waste and clearly yours is beyond redemption. I never hear people such as you screaming about drunk drivers when they kill an entire family or mow down people on a sidewalk. Four Girl Scouts and a troop leader were killed over the weekend by a kid on drugs driving into a ditch where they were picking up trash. Are people who drive trucks the problem? Maybe we should make littering a capital crime so there will be no need for people to pick up trash along the road. Congratulations, you are truly a freaking idiot.

        1. TxDick says, “…this guy was arrested after fighting a bar and has had multiple police contacts since then…” “Congratulations, you are truly a freaking idiot.”

          Says the guy who thinks only squeaky clean, undocumented angels get to exercise their natural rights. So, having police contact in a police state is reason to deny a person’s right to bear arms. Sound libertarian logic, numbnuts. You’re obviously lost in digital space.

          The real story is that the former marine shooter grew impatient waiting for his acceptance letter to the police academy and thought he would audition to impress but you will not read that anywhere else. FNTY (my Fake News That’s Why) Semper Fi

      3. You gun fetishist people need to check yourselves into institutions and probably stay there forever.

        I’ve got a better idea, how about you and your ilk go start rounding up all of the “gun fetishists” to force them into some kind of institution. Perhaps a “camp” of some kind where they can get plenty of fresh air, and maybe while they’re there they can provide some useful work. After all, “work makes you free,” right?

        Oh, and one caveat: you’re not allowed to use guns when you to round up all those “gun fetishists” since you find guns so icky and gross. Wouldn’t want you to be hypocrites. Let me know how that turns out for you.

      4. “Good guy with a gun” normally means “a random person who happens to carry legally”.

        I think we can simply assume that’s not the case, because California doesn’t really allow that.

        Plus, you can’t carry legally in CA any place that serves liquor, as far as I can tell.

        So, tell me more about this.

  10. At first I thought Thousand Oaks, Texas, or mebbe Nevada. After all, California has sensitive, concerned and aware gun laws, right? But then when it turned out there was only one gun… Well, there went another No-Second-Amendment zone. There must be something irresistibly convenient about knowing in advance that the Political State has already disarmed all potential resistance in a specific place.

    1. The victims were in a bar. No state in the US allows people to carry firearms in a bar. Of Course the reason the guy chose a bar is simple. No one is armed, there is a single entrance/exit and your have a large number of people in a confined area. The same reason the shooter in Orlando chose the Pulse nightclub.

      1. “…there is a single entrance/exit …” cause they do not have fire exits or back doors in Cali.

        Problem was too many backs to shoot at and not enough chests if you know what I’m sayin’. Somebody should have yelled, “Let’s roll!” Must have been full of urban cowboys.

  11. Last I heard, he used a handgun (still legal in Cali) and smoke bombs, which not even the Dems are talking about banning, yet.
    As far as motive, who knows? But my guess is romantic reasons-maybe his ex-GF was there? Or maybe another disgruntled incel?

  12. Of course the real victims are people with a fetish for guns. How dare these mass shooters soil their good name!

    1. It’s early still, but I’m gonna go ahead and call it: this is the dumbest comment on the internet today. Not the dumbest of all time though, I’m sure you’ll top yourself soon.


    2. How about the people with a fetish for hating guns?

      Naw, this is getting them off real good.

  13. Just in time for our new governor Newsom to get even more anti-gun

  14. It was evidently the extended magazine that caused this tragic event. The evil magazine is now in custody.

  15. California needs to get a handle on assault rifles.

    1. In this case, assault pistol.

    2. California needs to get a handle on it’s definition of assault rifles and it expand the demonization to include menacing assault pistols.

    3. “Not sure if deeply ill informed or super dry joke.”

  16. I rarely go to bars in California, but when I do I wear a bullet-resistant vest. It is too heavy for dancing, but I only go for drinking anyhow. Light drinking, one an hour, sitting with my back to a wall and watching the entrance and the rest rooms. Also the eyes of the bouncers and bartenders.

    I drink with my off hand. The other rests in my lap, close to my left side IWB holster. On my ball cap what looks like a small silly sports mascot actually conceals a cop cam that I ordered for three payments of $29.95 off late-night TV. It lenses a broad view over the hat brim continuously recording one frame a second in low light for up to 7 hrs. Will be very handy if/when something needs to be justified. My phone records audio around me continuously as well, downloading to my home computer every hour.

    By preference I frequent bars that have a high number of police responses, especially gunfire reports. It may seem like a strange hobby, but it is more exciting than staying home playing violent video games. You just have to be patient.

    OK, only fantasizing. Too old and ugly to try to pick up girls.

    1. I think you have a future in fan fiction.

      Please, continue.

  17. “Right now as far as we know there was only one handgun, but that could certainly change as we do a more thorough search of the building”

    Translation: “don’t worry folks, we’ll do our best to find that nasty AR-15 for you.”

  18. Where are all those “good guys with a gun” when you need them? Too busy sitting home drinking beer and watching Fox News, I guess.

  19. What was the shooter doing with a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds? Everyone in California knows that this is illegal.

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