Brett Kavanaugh

Midterm Voters Punished Anti-Kavanaugh Democrats

But pro-Kavanaugh Joe Manchin was spared.



The four Democratic senators facing competitive races who voted against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh lost their seats in Tuesday's midterm elections, while the sole Democratic senator who supported the judge—West Virginia's Joe Manchin—claimed victory.

Indiana's Joe Donnelly, Missouri's Claire McCaskill, North Dakota's Heidi Heitkamp, and Florida's Bill Nelson all lost their re-election bids.

In North Dakota, voters who were especially concerned about the Kavanaugh proceedings—which featured a dramatic series of late-breaking sexual assault allegations, at least two of which now seem highly questionable—voted GOP by a two-to-one margin, according to the Associated Press.

Michael Avenatti, who first gained fame as the attorney of alleged Trump mistress Stormy Daniels, also represented Julie Swetnick, who accused Kavanaugh of participating in serial sexual assault and drugging young women at house parties. The sheer ludicrousness of the charge, coupled with the fact that Swetnick repeatedly contradicted her story, likely provided cover for swing vote Sen. Susan Collins (R–Maine) to confirm Kavanaugh. Sen. John Kennedy (R–La.) told MSNBC, "I think this process changed dramatically when Mr. Avenatti entered the picture. I think a lot of people, including many of my Democratic colleagues, felt like we had gotten into the foothills of preposterous."

Between Kavanaugh's confirmation and Republican dominance in the Senate, Avenatti is the gift that keeps on giving for the right.

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  1. I don’t want a live in a country where not only was that strategy not rewarded but was actually punished.

    1. That’s a triple negative! So I don’t get your point.

      1. “That’s a triple negative! So I don’t get your point.”

        Agreed. Keep dependent clauses to one per sentence. How any times do I have to switch from positive to negative and back to get your point?

        1. I don’t not want you to not fail to understand my point, so if anything is not only not clear but also very much not certain please don’t hesitate to let me know.

          1. If I didn’t have a clear understanding I wouldn’t have made a comment regarding any possible chance thereof, depending, of course, on your clarifying statements.

            1. You guys pulling to replace Abbott and Costello with a better than “Who’s On First” routine?

              1. Whos on second.

                1. What’s his name?

                  1. Why?

          2. Don’t you need another “not” in there, or not?

              1. While a double negative is not necessarily inappropriate, a triple negative; well, let’s just say In would in no way not refuse to negate that.

    2. Fist of Etiquette, please tell us to what country will you be moving?

      1. lololol?.What you talkin; about, Willis? Evidently even though I recall your name you’ve never been exposed to a Fisticism or your sarcometer needs new batteries.


          1. If you are always DEAD serious, does that mean that you are either a zombie or a bot?

    3. I’m not sure what you’re saying either. But I’ll say this:

      I’d rather live in a country where making up false allegations against political opponents is punished, rather than living in a country where political dirty tricks like this are successful. After all, when politicians engage in incivility to get elected, they encourage more incivility. Another example of uncivil dirty tricks: Clinton’s accusation of Trump colluding with Russia, which is even worse because it used the power of government to disparage a candidate and SPY on them under false pretense.

      1. In most cases it is the progressives behind the voter fraud. In Florida, Arizona even Minnesota progressives have no problem coming up with trunk loads of “missing” ballots. When “Reason” for whatever reason supports progressives over Republicans because the editorial staff dislikes Trump they are siding with the enemy of the Republic I wish Libertarians could see that. I am in favor of keeping Trump honest in respect to the Constitution but please be honest Obama proved that progressives are far more likely to shred it.

  2. But:
    “Between Kavanaugh’s confirmation and Republican dominance in the Senate, Avenatti is the gift that keeps on giving for the right.”

    While those on the right might well benefit from that idiot’s ‘performances’, those who prefer facts over bullshit are the beneficiaries of his efforts also.
    Please do not categorize his stupidity as a gain for the right when it is a gain for reality.

    1. For being so corrosive, according to Robby, avenatti gets a shit load of time on CNN and MSNBC. So not sure what Robby’s point is. The bubble living cocktail party crowd obviously believe him. Just like they didn’t even make a slight push back on Don lemon calling all whites terrorists and asking for a white male ban.

      1. Well before the Kavanaugh hearings, even CNN wasn’t returning Avenatti’s calls. And now that Kavanaugh has been confirmed, only TheHill is giving him, Avenatti, any coverage

  3. Ford’s story also repeatedly changed.

  4. Ford’s story also repeatedly changed.

    1. Allow Robby to walk away with at least the facade of some dignity

    2. This is a woman who has spent 30+ years in the world of psychology /academia yet a 35 year old incident that lasted 5-10 minutes where she was not raped, beaten and her clothes were not even torn left her a mental wreck. Sorry I never found her credible. In addition it appears that this supposedly a recalled memory in therapy which as a practice has been completely discredited.

  5. “at least two of which now seem highly questionable”

    So one story ISN’T highly questionable? Which one? Cause all I remember are a bunch of crazy broads and completely unbelievable fantasy fiction.

    1. Read, people. “At least two” includes the possibility of “all”. Nothing in the article above affirmatively says that “one story ISN’T highly questionable”. The author is just conceding the limits of his knowledge.

      1. “The author is just conceding the limits of his knowledge.”

        No, the author has demonstrated in the past that he wants to believe that the Ford accusation is “credible”. He kept calling it credible over and over again, even after all the named witnesses supposedly at the alleged party where the alleged attempted rape was supposed to have happened all uniformly denied any recollection of not only the rape attempt, but the party itself.

        1. “I don’t remember what city it happened in, and I don’t remember what year it happened in, but I’m sure it was that dude right there.”

          This is a new definition of “credible” of which I was not previously aware.

          1. A certain quote from the Princess Bride comes to mind, but I can’t quite remember it….

    2. A href=”″>Shut up baby dick

      1. Let’s try that again

        Shut up baby dick

        1. Amd again

          Shut up baby dick

  6. At this late hour here in MT Maryland Matt is ahead of Tester. If, as I suspect, he leads with predominantly rural tallies left to count ‘ol Seven Fingers is toast too and will hang next to the other scalps on Kavanaugh’s mantel. Didn’t vote for either, but if he loses it’s a lot on that vote and trashing Ronny Jackson. Poetic justice of a sort, plus our L candidate has 3% vs 7 in 2012.

  7. We know Robby and most of #believeher won’t read the grassley report regarding the evidence and interviews. If they did they would be thoroughly embarrassed… If they had the capacity to actually be so. It is damning.

    Ford getting a nice million dollar pay day is the kicker.

  8. Avenatti is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Unless he owes you money, in which case you are fucked.

  9. Is it just me, or does that photo look like McCaskill is being perp walked?

    1. When you’re getting fitted for your bonnets, after Amy Coney Barrett replaces RBG on the court, remember all you had to do was not push obviously false allegations about gang rapes.

      Way to amplify the smear media. Job well done

        1. Oh damn it, this was a picture of Amy Coney Barret from Google and now it doesn’t show anything.

          1. Link worked for me.

  10. Several squishy conservative pale faces were insisting that this election was about Kavanaugh. The always insufferable Hugh Hewitt comes to mind. Of all the problems in the world, what matters most to these smug over-the-hill doucherags is that a man of lifelong privilege be able to get away with a little harmless college rape. The self-regarding myopia is really something to behold.

    1. “is that a man of lifelong privilege be able to get away with a little harmless college rape”

      Are you admitting to being a rapist, Trust Fund?

      1. If you define rape as having sex while drunk, my college days were a spree of mutual rape. But, again, I’m not auditioning for the supreme court.

        1. And yet the accusation against you is more substantiated than those against Kavanaugh.

          1. Again, it’s the single-minded butthurt you people have over this guy that is fascinating to me. There’s a reason Mitch McConnell didn’t want him nominated. He won. Trump won. What’s the bitching about?

            1. The bitching is that you smear a man as a rapist with absolutely no evidence to back that up just because you don’t care for his politics.

              1. Witness testimony is evidence. She upended her life and reluctantly testified in front of the entire country. You can claim she was an actor hired by Democrats, but that’s not plausible.

                And once again, to me it’s bad enough that he is probably a violent alcoholic. But his dumbass Hannity-esque conspiracy theories are what really disqualified him. I’m sure he’ll recuse himself from any case involving Democrats or the Clintons.

                1. Oh my Lord. This is like a faith to you. Every single witness that she identified disputed her story, including her friend.

                  1. I realize that you people think that repeating a lie often enough makes people believe it… and you’re right! Stupid people, that is.

                    1. If you really want to talk about butt hurt, keep in mind that the Republicans have an even greater lock on the Senate [expected to be even more so once AZ finishes its vote count] and there are currently 136 judicial vacancies to be filled, including 11 at the appellate level.

                      And Ginsberg is 90.

                2. >>I’m sure he’ll recuse himself from any case involving Democrats or the Clintons.

                  Heh. Just think how he is going to view any case or argument brought forth by Leftists. I doubt if there will be any ‘Souter-like’ moderation on his part. It’s going to be a fun, joyful 40 years for our side. I’m glad I’ve got lots of popcorn stored in my pantry.

                3. >>Witness testimony is evidence

                  And Ms. Ford’s testimony was suspect and not very credible.

                4. There were no contemporaneous witnesses you lying shitbag Tony.

                5. What’s this reluctant part by Ford by the way? She sought multiple ways to tell her story dumbass. She is gladly taking her million dollar GoFundMe and a book deal. You’re such a lying shitbag Tony.

        2. Tim Leary in 1966 replied that “There is no question that LSD is the most powerful aphrodisiac ever discovered by man.” I lost interest in the entire hullaballoo when it turned out the stories of Hizonner spiking the punch properly were greatly exaggerated.

        3. Well, yes, the Democratic party platform claims that drunk sex is rape, and has for years. But only if the lady says so, and only if the man’s not a Democrat.

    2. Your script is tiresome, NPC.

    3. “Several squishy conservative pale faces were insisting that this election was about Kavanaugh.”

      And interestingly, all of the Democrat Senate incumbents in battleground states who opposed the Kavanaugh nomination lost. Hmm….

    4. So in your mind accusation = evidence = guilt. I guess it saves time if you don’t have to go through all that trial stuff and just head straight to the sentencing.

      1. Why wait for the accusation? “Kill them all, let God sort them out.”

    5. Or it’s about political abuse by the democrats, fomenting and pushing lies in their pursuit of complete power. You’re not a smart person Tony.

    6. 1) it was high school, not college
      2) it was alleged assault, not rape
      3) it never actually happened

  11. I really hope this ends the virtue signalling that is happening with a good number of contributors on this site. Stick to the libertarian message.

  12. No, it is just that Deplorables in WV think their Obamacare policies are actually Manchincare and that people in Illinois have Kenyacare.

  13. How dare these untermenschen punish the anti-Kavanagh senators by not voting for them again.
    Don’t they realize the infantile antics, violence and shrill opposition to Kavanaugh’s nomination is the best way to show the world what a racist, homophobic, capitalist, misogynist Kavanaugh is?
    It is only through insane mob activity, endorsements from celebrity airheads and violence can the message that Kavanaugh’s nomination should be turned down and replaced with someone with the ideals of Marx, Lenin and Stalin.
    This is why democracy should be eliminated and replaced with an oligarchy of the enlightened so we can eliminate all vestiges of freedom, due process, voting, etc. for the benefit of the collective and most importantly, for the benefit of the ruling elites who know how to run and ruin a country.
    Now let’s all get out there and protest this egregious social injustice butt naked by banging drums, blowing whistles, starting fires to cars, throw rocks at cops, start riots, etc. The world needs to be changed.

  14. How long is it going to take Robby to learn there is a third party that is neither Hitler right nor Stalin left–indeed, isn’t any kind of socialist at all? Since Dan Lantz tilted the Nolan chart so that the mixed-economy LeftandRight could be visualized, the LP has been up there with Glinda the Good Witch of the North, and no-rights totalitarianism directly due south of that horizontal bar. The Whole point of forming the LP was that Nixon had gone hard Nationalsocialist and the Dems had been taken over entirely by 50 shades of communism. Mercantilism and communism are dustbin. Looters and Libertarians are what’s happening today.

  15. “The four Democratic senators facing competitive races who voted against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh lost their seats in Tuesday’s midterm election”

    Nelson says “HA ha!”

  16. L ^ 0) to you losers.


  17. Tester survived.

  18. As I suspect, he leads with predominantly rural tallies left to count lol Seven Fingers is toast too and will hang next to the other scalps on Kavanaugh’s mantel!!!

  19. This is a baseless conclusion. Those “democrats” were hated by most of their own party, and not liked by the Rethugs, either. Shame more of the “blue dogs” didn’t get the boot.

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