Election 2018

The Most Important Election of Our Lives?: Reason Roundup

Plus: midterm marijuana initiatives and conditioning gun rights on Twitter civility.


Hyperbole and hysteria in the midterms. If you don't vote tomorrow, immigrants are going to rape your wives and repopulate Maine. Or maybe democracy as we know it will die and open white supremacy will reign. Take your pick and pull the lever for "R" or "D" accordingly.

Don't think it's quite as dire as all that? Congratulations on maintaining a bit of perspective. You're in increasingly rare company.

With one day before the 2018 midterm elections, supporters of America's ruling parties are ratcheting up the rhetorical alarm to a farcical level.

For instance, here's Donald Trump Jr.:


And here's New York Times columnist Paul Krugman:


Here's the Leonhardt piece Krugman is tweeting about. The thesis is that the U.S. is veering dangerously close to a Hungarian-style retreat from liberalism and democracy. Others have raised similar concerns—never mind that liberal democracy in Hungary is about 213 years younger than ours and that the country has a history of communism.

Meanwhile, everyone from journalists to former president Barack Obama are warning that this is "the most important election" of our collective lives, or perhaps in the history of the country. At Mother Jones, David Corn writes that "Elections are always crucial. But this year, it really, really is the most important contest in decades. Or at least since 2016." Obama recently urged Democrats to vote in what will be the "most important election of our lifetime."

I'm sympathetic to arguments for and against voting, but have no patience for the voting scolds—those people who not only want to act like their gesture is grand and important but also like anyone who fails to find it as imperative is a Very Bad Person who deserves whatever hell their personal lack of voting will surely usher in. As Reason editor-in-chief Katherine Mangu-Ward writes, "if you're in it for the warm fuzzies and the people-watching, that's fine. Maybe your own pleasure in the act of voting is the best you can do with your time to make the world a better place. That's OK. It's good to do things that make you happy! But for goodness' sake, stop looking askance at the stickerless."

Whatever happens, we can count on one thing: an immediate pivot to presidential speculation. As one of the talking heads on CNN chirped today, "There's a presidential race that starts on Wednesday morning."

You can bet that one, too, will be "the most important election of our lives."


Conditioning gun rights on Twitter civility? That's the future New York Democratic lawmakers want. Last week, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and state Sen. Kevin Palmer announced draft legislation that would require a review of three years of social-media history and one year of internet search history for anyone seeking to legally own a gun.

"A three-year review of a social media profile would give an easy profile of a person who is not suitable to hold and possess a fire arm," Adams says.


Marijuana markets could get a bit more free. Reporter Cady Drell rounds up midterm marijuana initiatives, which will appear on ballots in Michigan, Missouri, North Dakota, and Utah tomorrow. Read more about them here.


  • The D.C. Libertarian Party is "running an entirely gay slate of candidates."
  • How health care factors in to this year's election.
  • 1-800-LAW-FIRM and Excolo Law "are responsible for most of the lawsuits we've covered that attempt to hold social media companies responsible for international acts of terrorism." The good news is that they keep losing.
  • Australian libertarian Helen Dale on the foolishness of European blasphemy laws.
  • "The 'fix your own country' argument implies that the ancestors of most Americans (and also many Canadians, Australians, and others) were wrong to emigrate," argues Ilya Somin. "The Russians should have tried to fix the czar and (later) the communists; the Irish should have stayed home and worked to fix the British Empire. Donald Trump's grandfather should have stayed in Bavaria and worked to fix imperial Germany. And so on."

NEXT: D.C. Unfriends Silicon Valley

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  1. Hyperbole and hysteria in the midterms.


    1. Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria

    2. Hello.


      1. Hey Rufus, I’m curious what Canadian media is saying about tomorrow’s USA elections.

  2. If you don’t vote tomorrow, immigrants are going to rape your wives and repopulate Maine.

    First of all, way to be heteronormative. Secondly, everyone knows Maine is a myth. Literally no one knows anything about it or anyone who lives there or is from there.

    1. I live in Maine, Fuckstick.

      1. Sure you do. What is Steven King’s address then?

        1. He lives across the street from the LL Bean factory.

        2. Somewhere in Bangor. That’s a couple hours north of where I’m at. I’ll settle for reading his books.

    2. I’m with you on Maine. I’ve been there once ?allegedly? but that was probably just people lying about Vermont

      1. I would be happy to prove you wrong….

        1. That came off rapey

          1. Can’t rape the willing…

      2. Seriously, Vermont is nothing but hills. In Maine we’ve got beaches, trees, lakes, trees, fucking horizon is forty five fucking degrees because of the fucking trees, did I mention the trees? Fuck. Never mind.

        1. You mean the trees that go right down to the rock strewn beach in front the freezing ass water?

          1. Pretty much. Maine has hundreds of miles of coast, and a handful of miles of beach.

        2. Lake Champlain would like to have a word with you.

          1. Never been there.

        3. Do you live in Collinsport? I read that all of Maine is a Dan Curtis production.

    3. I hear Ogunquit is where Quebecers go during mating season.

  3. I’m not voting this year. I can tell the outcome of any election by taking the inverse of my ballot. It used to be entertaining to lose on every single thing, but now it’s just depressing. Why bother?

    1. I only vote for Libertarians now. If there isn’t one running in a given election, I choose nobody. If nothing else, I’m hopefully helping them maintain ballot access.

      1. That’s my primary rationale for voting — keeping the LP on the ballot. I also used to write a lot of letters to Congress and figured it help to start with I’M A VOTER, but I got too many mischosen reply form letters, and haven’t written a letter in 5-10 years.

        Strangely enough, I haven’t been called to jury duty in 30 years.

        1. Most people dont contact their representatives.

          If you do, they notice.

          I dont give politicians one cent but contact them a lot and go to their local meet-and-greets.

          They pay attention when a Libertarian talks to them. Libertarians demand results from politicians and they cannot just count on your vote because Team loyalty.

  4. The thesis is that the U.S. is veering dangerously close to a Hungarian-style retreat from liberalism and democracy.

    I’m kind of surprised the Trump White House is even allowing the elections to take place.

    1. 22 months is not enough time for Hitler to become fully realized.

      Trump needs more time.

      1. Hitler is literally Trump

      2. Trump is a complete amateur fascist. He’s never going to be Hitler at this rate.

        1. Hitler had 12 years and Trump will only get 8 years.

          I just don’t see how Trump could possibly conquer most of Western Europe, get the US Army to the outskirts of Moscow, get most of non-occupied Europe to be Socialists allied with Nazis, and invade most of North Africa.

  5. I’m sympathetic to arguments for and against voting, but have no patience for the voting scolds…

    I will not abide voting scolds scolds.

  6. I like the Left constantly screeching that we’re now living in a fascist state when in a true fascist state they’d be in jail, not everywhere screeching about fascism.

    1. Fantasy > reality


  7. Here’s the Leonhardt piece Krguman is tweeting about.

    Krguman must be Krugman’s evil conservative twin.

    1. Remember when Obama let those people out of Guantonimo to get back a deserter and you assured us that they were totally innocent and not a threat to anyone? Like always, you lied.


      1. Krugman said there was going to be a global recession because Trump.

        We had a nice laugh at his expense in our investor group.


        1. Investment. Whatever. He’s still a fool.

        2. Shreek doesn’t want to talk about this for some reason.

  8. The Most Important Election of Our Lives?

    Its one of them since we have another chance like 2016 to vote out more Lefties and send the Democratic Party into a tailspin.

    1. Still going with your “Red Wave” prediction? LOL

    2. Luckily, the Lefty propaganda about how many Congressional seats they will win will be over tomorrow.

      The truth will be how many seats that Democrats lost and when the Lefty violence will begin.

      Lefties are going to have such a sad tomorrow.


        Stop living in a bubble. Most of the country doesn’t want the white nationalist Handmaid’s Tale government Orange Hitler is trying to create.

        1. OBL – are you familiar with the Stoics? (The actual Greek branch of philosophy, not the modern recast of it as Mr. Spock). You do something long enough, – like every day – and it becomes a Habit – with the capital H.

          You keep parodying something long enough and you might just become it. Seriously – I’m starting to worry that it’s not longer parody for you.

          1. Stare at the abyss long enough…

  9. “A three-year review of a social media profile would give an easy profile of a person who is not suitable to hold and possess a fire arm,” Adams says.

    That’s a helluva background check. “I would give you your 2A rights but I see in December of ’16 you retweeted a Walter White meme.”

    1. What if you don’t use Facebook? Would that disqualify you? Then that would mean smart people couldn’t get guns.

    2. Yet more proof that the US has lost its Dominant Superpower title to China – we’re now reduced to following their lead in instituting a Social Credit Score.

  10. So Pete Davidson is eating shit like no one’s business for making fun of Dan Crenshaw. In principle, comedy is dead if we can’t make fun of the disabled–no matter how heroic their background. I don’t want to live in that world. I hated the joke, but very briefly felt a little wary doing so.

    I had an interesting gain in perspective by looking at Dan Crenshaw’s picture. Thing is…dude is very handsome. And even more strikingly so in context, because not “handsome politician” handsome like Beto; just regular-dude handsome. Like, Chris Pratt will most definitely play him in the (nonadult) biopic. Anyway I think this is what is behind the impression he made on Davidson, that with his eyepatch he looks to Davidson like he should be the “sexy villain” in that fancy plot-based erotica that women still watch. I think it’s in principle an observation with some comedic potential; I think, in the right context, Crenshaw himself would very much enjoy a joke with that punchline.

    1. …The thing is, the devil is always in the context in comedy. Nothing in principle is off limits, but the very essence of an “edgy” or “risky” joke is that if it doesn’t work, if it is not in fact funny, you catch hell for it. The risk of going bust is the very essence of a gamble. And this didn’t work. Some conservatives are being oversensitive or trying to make political hay of it, but most are dead on. And it shows that the second-worst thing that could happen to comedy is if it becomes driven by political commentary–instead of, when it does need to be topical, vice versa; being first and foremost out for a laugh. Davidson came across as one of these innumerable comedians these days who–knowing that no one would otherwise pay any attention to his opinions on politics–uses his mic opportunity to vent and rant in the guise of comedy. And if you are making political commentary, not comedy, of course making fun of a war wound is going to sound ghastly. Not an ultimately respectful roast, or even deliberate edginess, but belittling a war hero’s deformity in pursuit of your political agenda. Dropping the hammer on this asshole, I think, will ultimately be good for comedy.

      1. …As a far more interesting aside: Why has Davidson adopted such an eccentric personal appearance, with silver hair and such heavy ink that it stands out even with a collared longsleeve? Last I remember (haven’t watched much SNL since he was a child) he was having trouble getting put in any skits even before all this. Actors in quick-change sketch comedy troupes do not normally make these choices at that point in their careers, because of how greatly it limits them. A joke in his early seasons was that one of his few roles was playing Jon Snow’s corpse; lying shirtless on a slab, he could not do even that nowadays. Maybe he has given up on aspiring to anything but advertising his comedy career with mini-routines on Update; unfortunately, cast members who adopt that strategy rarely seem to put their best foot forward in that format, and he seems to be no exception.

        1. Well, that’s the thing. People realize and see what SNL and late night talk has become. It’s political commentary passing off as comedy. Go watch late night talk in the 80s. THAT was entertainment. It wasn’t insulting or filled with empty didactics. They may have been Democrats but they had the decency to respect their audience.

          This bunch? No such thing. The arrogance overtakes the humour. I can’t for the life of me can’t understand how anyone finds Meyers or Colbert funny.

          There’s a way to mix politics and humour. For example Mark Russell.

          1. I thought Colbert was funny back when he was on the Daily Show. When he got his own show I never had any interest in watching him.

            It seems to me that the layers between entertainment and political high-horses have been stripped away. I’m fine with enduring some subtle left-wing messaging when it’s incidental to the entertainment. Lately it seems like political messaging is the primary goal, and they’ll just try to make it entertaining when they do it.

    2. The same people who got a rodeo clown fired for wearing an Obama mask are today saying that making fun of someone’s war wounds are essential to comedy.

      I agree with out about comedy being dead. But, assholes like Davidson made the rules, they ought to have to live by them.

      1. It is fascinating to see the support for Crenshaw among right-wingers.

        Crenshaw’s big accomplishment, apparently, was getting hurt by a ragtag bomb. So it turns out he was a very ineffective soldier. Me? I like soldiers who don’t get blown up by ragtag bombs while joyriding around in a government vehicle, OK? I hate to tell you, but the good soldiers are the ones who don’t screw up like that. Sorry, but that’s the way it is.

        Crenshaw is trying to capitalize on this politically, but I credit him for leaving the whining about it to other conservatives. He is the kind of dope, though, who says right-wingers should make conservatism “cool and exciting again.”

        1. Yeah, because being in the wrong place at the wrong time and taking an IED is totally the result of being a bad soldier.

          Jesus fucking Christ you are stupid.

          1. I think he just trolled you by paraphrasing Trump’s analysis of McCain.

            1. Except that McCain really was a shitty pilot. Trump was telling the truth on that. Even if you don’t believe the various claims about his fucking up and nearly sinking the Forestal, he got in trouble numerous times and was a complete fuck up who would have been kicked out of the service had he not been the son and grandson of very important admirals.

              1. So it’s ok when Trump does it then?

            2. I think he figured that out.

        2. Trump – “I like soldiers who weren’t captured”.

          Kirkland – “I like soldiers who weren’t wounded”.

          Assholes are going to act like assholes. Could it be that Kirkland’s distaste for Trump is self-hate?

          1. At least you understand half of it, bevis.

          2. There are few things more transparent than rev’s self-loathing

        3. I know you’re a loser but an asshole too it looks like.

          1. Most times I believe him but occasionally I think the Rev has to be a parody account. Things like this are just too on the nose. Nobody is like this in real life. I live in NYC and I have never seen this.

            1. Really? You suspect the Rev is a parody account like OBL? A good parody has to be delivered dead-pan, no breaking the fourth wall by using comedy so broad it constitutes winking at the audience.

              1. You’re one of the first people to think otherwise. Everyone else swears up and down that it’s not true. And they keep tabs on things much more consistently here than I do.

            2. Then you are truly lucky.

            3. Some of these accounts are Reason accounts to have interns increase web traffic.

              Some are trolls that get paid to keep the Lefty voice alive on platforms that threaten the Lefty cause.

        4. I see the rev is just doing what Trump did to McCain being a POW, Hopefully

          1. But not as well.

    3. A talented comedian could’ve made a joke about it that was funny.
      This dude is not talented and the joke was garbage and poorly delivered.
      Progressives have no sense of humor. A joke to them consists of superficially insulting someone and pointing so their audience can clap like trained seals.
      He further flubbed it by going on to say he “was injured in war, or whatever” – it’s just stupid.
      Thankfully, Davidson’s imminent heroin overdose should spare us too much more of his attempted comedy.

      1. Progressives have no sense of humor because humor requires understanding of its target and Progressives don’t have that.

        1. Progressives have no sense of humor

          It must puzzle some people that the liberal-libertarian mainstream has essentially all of the good actors, musicians, movies, comedians, and television shows, while conservatives settle for being entertained by the Greg Gutfeld Show, Big and Rich, Stacey Dash, the Left Behind movies, Jim Gaffigan, Tom Selleck, and Jeff Foxworthy.

          1. Stacey Dash is, and has always been, a goddess

            1. Everyone from that movie has held up so well. (RIP Brittany.) That is one fucking good looking group of middle-aged people.

        2. Look at the Lefties try and tell themselves that they are the best actors, best comedians, best singers.

          They even get a bunch of awards.

          Never mind that they are industry awards not awards based on anything but who Lefties think is popular that day.

          Trump got awards from Lefties for being popular. Now Lefties hate him.

      2. The vet has an eye patch.

        The funny jokes write themselves.

        SNL is just not funny. They dont make it easy finding the viewership numbers for SNL over their 40 years. It does not seem to go up much even with US population growing.

      3. Agreed entirely; that bizarre last line ruined any chance of rescuing the joke. It just made you want to punch him in his weird culturally-appropriated face.

        For a second I couldn’t believe people actually liked his routine. Then I remembered this is what late-night “comedy” looks like now (except Conan and probably that fat English dude. And oh where are you Craig Ferguson?) It’s really no different, which is why maybe dumbass Davidson thought he could combine that with edgy un-PC insults and still produce “comedy.” The “comedian” essentially does the equivalent of De NIro’s “Fuck Trump!” boxing pose, and the audience cheers histerically. No joke normally.

        I always wonder where the fuck do they get these studio audiences? I don’t think this shit would have flown in the old days of late-night talk.

        And of course under any normal circumstances making fun of a man with one eye would get you the most shameless virtue signalling from this crowd. Yet more evidence that’s all it is. They don’t care if the disabled need straws to drink a Coke with dignity, nor of course if things they do hurt the poor and minorities; they just care about themselves and their narcissism.

        1. “It just made you want to punch him in his weird culturally-appropriated face.”

          “Weird, culturally appropriated face” – that’s humorous.
          Because its true

        2. They don’t care if the disabled need straws to drink a Coke with dignity, nor of course if things they do hurt the poor and minorities; they just care about themselves and their narcissism.

          That is a perfect description.

      4. Don’t people watch Norm MacDonald on how to lampoon people you hate?

        The two dingbats who do the news on SNL admitted their stupid goal was to be pro-Democrat.

        And Lorne Michaels allows it. Result? The product stinks.

        1. SNL has not been funny since Eddie Murphy left and John Belushi died.

          1. Ahem… It’s clear.

            You need more COWBELL!

            1. The rare guest appearance aside.

              I think Justin Timberlake is funny as shit on SNL and he is a Lefty douchebag whose music sucks a bag of dicks.

              YouTube is great because you can watch the rare funny clips without having to endure an hour of super unfunny SNL.

          2. 1990–>*right before Wayne’s World was a movie* was good … Carvey and Myers weren’t famous enough to take themselves seriously yet … Hartman Hooks Sweeney Miller … not to argue just two cents

            1. Definitely some funny people and they do some funny things….sometimes.

              SNL is not funny anymore. If I have to shut the program off because I dont laugh for 10+ minutes, a comedy show is not funny to me.

              Dave Chappelle has me laughing constantly. He is light years funnier than any one person that has ever been on SNL. My opinion of course.

              1. >>>SNL is not funny anymore

                dude they’ve even killed the open which was the only thing worth watching since the Bush/Gore election – Strategery!

                1. If SNL wanted to be funny, they would have begged Trump to be on and imitate Alec Baldwin beating up some driver over a parking spot.

                  That would be kind of funny to see the person that can imitate the sitting president, get the the same medicine.

                  1. exactly.

  11. The D.C. Libertarian Party is “running an entirely gay slate of candidates.”

    Wow. In 2018 they’re still using epithets like that. What’s next? The Green Party candidates are all retards?

    1. That’s fair.

    2. DC is actually a major gay center but you might not know it because everyone in that town is so fucking ugly they don’t even try. (Fuck, it might be a major center for Brazilian and Swedish women for all I’d have noticed it.) I never know if it is paradise for homo uggo, or if even they can’t stand being surrounded by all that.

      1. A sign of decadence – when the capital goes gay.
        See: Rome, Constantinople, Shanghai, Paris, London, etc

        1. Thing is, those are all real cities first and foremost. (I’m not even sure Shanghai ever was a capital.) DC is a purpose-built political capital, a government town and nothing more. Like Brasilia, Canberra, Pretoria, Ankara, Riyadh, Islamabad, Naypyidaw, Abuja, Abu Dhabi, Astana, Putrajaya, etc. To flatter DC like that, as though it were in any sense a center of American civilization–a “capital” like you behold in history books–like those other great cities were to theirs, I think is inappropriate. DC has little to do with American civilization, ultimately little to do with America. It’s where our bureaucracy is housed. I’m not sure any aspect of such a district’s condition says much of anything at all about a civilization, except that if it “flourishes” or grows too much simply as is, without ever becoming a flourishing real (i.e. commercial) city, that is probably a bad sign.

          1. Ok, throw ‘bureaucratic’ in front of capital

      2. There are a lot of very attractive young women in DC. They tend to be very frustrated because the men tend to be married, gay, or metro sexual hipster douchebags.

    3. “The D.C. Libertarian Party is “running an entirely gay slate of candidates.”

      Man bites dog story.

      “What’s next? The Green Party candidates are all retards?”

      Dog bites man story.

  12. SNL Lefties blast Navy SEAL veteran who lost eye

    Not only was this badass a Navy SEAL, he became blind in one eye and temporarily blinded in his other eye from an IED in Afghanistan- then woke from a coma and regained sight in his less injured eye- TO FUCKING GO BACK AND SERVE 2 MORE TOURS.

    A pussy Lefty on SNL made fun of him to cheerlead for Democrat candidates this election. This is how Lefties hate America America and what Americans do in service of their nation. To Lefties veteran sacrifices are punchlines.

    1. “You may be surprised to hear he’s a congressional candidate in Texas and not a hitman in a porno movie,”

      That is “mocking” him?

      Damn, you’re a little pussy of a snowflake.

      Is the SEAL himself butthurt? Or just you pussy snowflakes?

      1. Buttplug be triggered!

      2. SPB making a butthurt angel.

      3. Lefties using snowflake is classic.

        It’s like how they try to take the NPC meme.

        1. +1

          Lefties trying to own a meme is so awkward looking.

        2. It’s a sure way of telling that the meme stings them.

      4. Didn’t see this particular bit, but Davidson is usually so nasty in his delivery, it’s like it’s personal. I don’t find him funny because of that. I agree that if someone who was actually funny said it, they probably could have pulled it off.

    2. Figures Buttplugger is the first Lefty to defend unfunny SNL.

      You Lefties made these social rules, we’re gonna hold you to them. Until they are so untenable that Lefties backtrack.

  13. I’m still predicting a #BlueTsunami, meaning Democrats win the House and Senate. However if that somehow fails to happen, we need to consider the possibility of another hacked election. As Vox explains, The hacking threat to the midterms is huge. And technology won’t protect us.

    It’s time we as Americans treat these attacks on the very foundation of our democracy as seriously as we treated Pearl Harbor and 9 / 11. Get tough on Russia ? vote Democrat!


    1. C-, lacks conviction and frothing at the mouth hysteria.

      1. Just wait until tomorrow.

  14. Reporter Cady Drell rounds up midterm marijuana initiatives…

    At least she’s not rolling them.

  15. “most important election of our lifetime.”


    1. No worries. Saw over the weekend from the usual hysterical sources on the left that der Trumpfuhrer is going to put them in “concentration camps”. Get ready for Migrant Caravan Hair Socks, coming soon to a Dollar Tree near you!!!!!

  16. How health care factors in to this year’s election.

    In that everyone needs Xanax.

  17. “The thesis is that the U.S. is veering dangerously close to a Hungarian-style retreat from liberalism and democracy.”

    Bending to the people’s will on asylum or immigration is poor evidence that any government is retreating from democracy. People who believe otherwise don’t have much of a grasp on the meaning of the word “democracy”.

    Democracy is Brexit, Merkel being forced to abdicate, and the French center-left getting their asses kicked at the polls because those governments opposed their own people’s opinion on asylum and immigration.

    Along those lines, trying to impose a more liberal asylum and immigration policy on people over their objections and against their will isn’t “democracy” either. Some people seem to want us to only use good words to describe their favorite things–without any apparent consideration for what the word actually means.

    1. Don’t you understand Ken, ensuring that elections don’t matter and the borders stay open regardless of the opinions of the voters is what Democracy is all about. Anything other than the right people getting their way is just tyranny.

  18. http://www.france24.com/en/201…..-gay-pride

    Spate of gay bashing in France “just the tip of the iceberg”. Hey, mass migration can only have positive effects on your society. Saying otherwise is just being a racist and collectivist.

    1. The Cheyenne and Apache would agree.

      1. I think. Not sure. Ask a drunk injun like lc. He’d know.

        1. Bad dog. No, Sarcasmic you CANNOT have my fire water and make your life more miserable than it already is.

          1. dang

            *hangs head in shame*

            1. *pats your head*

              Its okay boy. Sit boo-boo sit.

              1. *rolls over and farts*

                1. The life of Sarcasmic.

      2. Yes they would. It didn’t work out so well for them did it? That is a great example of how migrations usually don’t work out very well for the people in the places that recieve them.

        How can you not see what an own goal that is? Open borders people make that same stupid point over and over again. It is literally the same as pointing to Pearl Harbor to support the point that sneak attacks are nothing to worry about.

        1. I’m not for open borders, Doood. But I’m not a xenophobe either. There is plenty of room between.

          1. Sure but the room in between shouldn’t include pretending what is going on in Europe isn’t really happening.

            1. It’s a big deal for you. We get it. Everyone has their own priorities. As far as my priorities go European immigration problems are pretty darn low on the list.

              1. What is happening in Europe will happen here is people like you get your way. And the Reason sure as hell considered it important a few years ago. Now that we are seeing the effects of what they supported, they just ignore it rather than answering for it.

                Yes, I know you don’t care. You don’t care about Europe and you wont’ care when it happens here. The people harmed by mass migration are just eggs that are to be broken to go into your Libertarian omelet. It is their job to suffer for your principles.

                1. John, I have other priorities. It isn’t that I don’t care. In the last four months I’ve sold a house, moved twice, been sued for custody, and that’s just the big stuff. I don’t have time to care about immigration.

                  1. Then stop commenting on it. No one made you respond to my post.

                    1. Oh boo fucking hoo. You don’t like to be criticized. Pour me a bath from your tears. I thought you had a thicker skin than that.

                2. What is happening in Europe will happen here is people like you get your way.

                  This is just ignorant pandering to fear. OH NOEZ THE MOOSLIMS WILL COME AND IMPOSE SHARIA LAW!!!!

          2. “I’m not for open borders”

            All of your posts on the topic beg to differ

            1. Criticizing Trump and his xenophobic sycophants does not equal supporting the polar opposite.

              1. Name one border control you want enforced. Name one time you have ever said that allowing more immigration of any kind was a bad idea.

              2. I was more remembering your constant bitching about any sort of border regulation and derisive reference to “government permission slips”

                1. “government permission slips”

                  Are you telling me that is not accurate?

                  Name one border control you want enforced.

                  I’ve never stated my own ideas or preferences on immigration. My shtick is to criticize others.

            2. Its almost lunch time. Sarcasmic has to scurry off soon.

          3. “I’m not for open borders”
            sarcasmic|11.5.18 @ 9:54AM|#

            Its not even worth finding old posts of yours to embarrass you.

            1. Because you couldn’t find a one where I do. Have another swig of fire water.

            2. Its not even worth finding old posts of yours to embarrass you

              Shut up you fucking moron. I’m not even chummy with ‘sarcasmic’ and I know that you are the liar here.

              1. Shut up and tell us about the terrorists Obama released Shreek.

            3. Funny an Anarchist does not need to say they are “for open borders”

              Anarchists do not want any sovereign state to exist that might want to enforce a national border.

              Look at Sarcasmic go though. He should have patented that backpeddling bicycle.

              1. Funny lc trots out the Anarchist card when he knows he is lost.

                1. Funny that Sarcasmic tries to hide his being an Anarchist.

                2. Thats every day on here for Sarcasmic. He’s a loser and loses every day.

                  He seems lost too.

                  I hope he find solace because Anarchy-Land is not happening in the USA in his lifetime. Especially him being an alcoholic which tends to shorten one’s life.

        2. It will be different this time.

  19. The ‘fix your own country’ argument implies that the ancestors of most Americans (and also many Canadians, Australians, and others) were wrong to emigrate…

    We’re already a country built by cut-and-runners. We don’t need more. We need an infusion of people who are apathetic or ambivalent on their presence here.

    1. “We need an infusion of people who are apathetic or ambivalent on their presence here.”

      Isn’t that the children of the baby boomers?

  20. “The D.C. Libertarian Party is “running an entirely gay slate of candidates.”

    Gay is so a few years ago. If they want to be woke, they should nominate a slate of disabled trans people.

    1. For maximum woke!

      1. Not disabled veterans though. Those disabled folks are yucky and are to be ridiculed by the NY Lefty propaganda wing.

  21. Important reminder that Drumpf has been absolutely terrible for the economy, and that any good economic news should be credited to Obama: Anything good in this #JobsReport is thanks to Obama and the American people. We haven’t suffered yet due to Trump’s trade wars, him adding to the deficit and tax cuts he gave to the wealthy. We will probably feel that impact next year. No good is due to Trump. None. #VoteDem

    Remember what Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman said. The markets would never recover from Drumpf’s election, and he would cause a global recession.


    1. B+, that sounds properly delusional. Unfortunately you fail to get an A, because it’s not your original work, but quoted.

  22. “Require a review of…one year of internet search history…”

    So would searches such as “milf threesome” be helpful or harmful? (Asking for a friend.)

    1. Or two girls and a cup? Totes cool to own gunz if you like sick porn?

  23. Buttplug Opinion-

    This might be the LEAST important election in recent memory. Why?

    1) The GOP is in such an identity crisis that there is no legislative agenda or conservative threat to concern us
    2) Democrats are a terrible opposition party even if they did capture the House
    3) The Dotard has not completely destroyed the economy yet like the Bushpigs did in 2006-08.
    4) Democrats have no important legislative agenda anyway
    5) When we finally sink into a financial debt crisis let the party in power take the blame

    The Buttplug Letter Nov 2018 issue

    1. Tell us more about the Chocolate Jesus releasing terrorists.


    2. Buttplugger and his Lefty NPC’s gonna be screeching tomorrow after the election results are in.

      1. If we do end up with a split Congress (the Rs are a lock to gain seats in the senate), I hope we at least get an honest-to-goodness government shutdown out of the deal.

        1. Maybe even gridlock! (Which is what I support and always have).

          1. You were all about Gridlock in 2009. Stop lying you piece of garbage and tells us more about he terrorists Obama released and how you applauded it.

  24. “A Libertarian is someone who says you can be as liberal or as conservative as you want to be; just don’t force others to be like you.”https://t.co/VQeGrx8X0S#Sharpe4Gov #aNewNY #Libertarian #SharpeHollister2018 #BreakTheStatusCuomo #NYGov #SaveMainStreet #GOTV pic.twitter.com/A2OTCBXQoh
    ? Larry Sharpe (@LarrySharpe) November 5, 2018

    The libertarian dream is a wish your heart refuses to make.

  25. Another one of Kavanaugh’s accusers turns out to be full of shit. Read the letter requesting that she be investigated for what amounts to felony perjury below.

    “Committee investigators were able to use open-source research to locate Ms. Munro-Leighton and determine that she: (1) is a left-wing activist; (2) is decades older than Judge Kavanaugh; and (3) lives in neither the Washington DC area nor California, but in Kentucky.

    . . .

    She further confessed to Committee investigators that (1) she “just wanted to get attention”; (2) “it was a tactic”; and (3) “that was just a ploy.” She told Committee investigators that she had called Congress multiple times during the Kavanaugh hearing process ? including prior to the time Dr. Ford’s allegations surfaced ? to oppose his nomination. Regarding the false sexual-assault allegation she made via her email to the Committee, she said: “I was angry, and I sent it out.” When asked by Committee investigators whether she had ever met Judge Kavanaugh, she said: “Oh Lord, no.”

    —-Chuck Grasserly, Judiciary Committee Chairman

    Letter referring the case to the Attorney General’s office.

    http://www.judiciary.senate.go…..2018-11-02 CEG to DOJ FBI (Munro-Leighton Referral) with redacted enclosures.pdf?mod=article_inline

    1. and this one was given no attention until Grasserly turned her over to the A.G.

  26. http://www.breitbart.com/polit…..n-guns-in/

    During a November 4 appearance on CNN’s State of the Union Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D) admitted that a possible outcome of her gun control plans could be that “people would turn their guns in.”
    She said other options might include “buybacks” and/or “grandfathering in” certain firearms, so current owners could keep them but be barred from selling them or transferring them to other individuals.

    Abrams began by telling host Jake Tapper that “AR-15s are not necessary on our streets.” She then called for more gun control “semiautomatic weapons” in general. She did not mention that semiautomatic handguns like Glock, Kimber, Ruger, Walther, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, etc., are the go-to choice for concealed carry and self-defense. Rather, she simply called for new controls for firearms with semiautomatic actions.

    But anyone who claims Democrats want to confisgate gun is just paranoid.

    1. Georgians are not fooled.

      Abrams is a socialist and one of her many Lefty schemes is to confiscate guns and get rid of Georgia’s pro-gun policies.

    2. I don’t imagine that plan goes over well in Georgia.

      I wish they’d made her confess that her plan would throw people in jail for doing nothing wrong.

      1. There is a reason why Kemp has guns featured in his commercials.

        Georgia is very pro-gun. Georgians of all races carry guns, including in our mega-city Atlanta.

        Out of state Lefties dont get it.

        1. Most republicans I know in Georgia feel Kemp is a very disappointing candidate though. There’s something so phony about him-like a guy used to wearing suits all the time had to get fitted for a flannel shirt in order to shoot his ads. And he holds guns in his ads like he’s never held them before.

          The man is no Burt Gummer.

    3. She’s obviously in the clutches of Big Revolver and the Bolt and Lever Action Association.

      P.S. not a band.

    4. Give up guns in Georgia? HA HA!

      1. It always cracks me up when non-Georgians stop off the interstate or just move to Georgia and they see multiple customers enter a business with pistols on their hip.

  27. Caption: “We are better than this”, but only if you vote for the team not currently in power

  28. Ah yes, we’re once again just a few hours away from that day every couple of years where the Reason staffers all claim that they either didn’t vote or voted straight libertarian, while in reality most of them actually will actually vote straight democrat (in multiple jurisdictions in some cases).

    1. How do we know the vote different than they claim in their (non-required) disclosure articles?

      1. What’s with the multiple jurisdictions?

    2. most of them actually will actually vote straight democrat (in multiple jurisdictions
      “Vote early, vote often”

  29. The Redskins stink.

    The Redskins stink even worse without Trent Williams. It isn’t even just about protecting Smith. It’s about TOP and moving the ball on the ground–that may have been a big part of our defensive success.

    Letting Kirk Cousins go was retarded. I feel like Stephen before the Sanhedrin. We spent 25 years looking for a franchise quarterback, and when he finally showed up, you crucified him.

    1. “I feel like Stephen before the Sanhedrin.”

      When sports fans get *really* into their hobby.

    2. Krik Cousins is a loser who wanted to be paid like he is Aaron Rodgers. Letting him go was the smartest thing they have done in years.

      1. Not a loser.

        Look at his completion percentage.

        Look at his TD to interception ratio.

        He’s probably not a top three quarterback, but he’s top ten.

        1. He has never been on a team that won more than nine games or won a playoff game. He might win more than nine this year but you watch, he will gag in the playoffs. He is the king running up meaningless yards and fantasy stats only to spit the bit when it matters.

    3. I’m a Falcons fan.
      We don’t have a good run defense.
      Having Smith air it out early was idiotic.
      9 carries for AP?

      1. It was about Trent Williams being out. He’s that important.

    4. Well. Due. Their name is rrrracist!

    5. >>>The Redskins stink.

      fine by me. go Cowboys.

  30. Is everyone ready for the riots tomorrow when dems lose?

    Liberals argue that Trump incites violence, but what they fail to mention is that Trump mainly incites violence in them. But that kind of violence is okay, because….they’re fighting fascism? You know, protecting us from people like Trump who want to control us with fear and suppress our individual rights.

    It’s amazing how so many grown people don’t see the irony in fighting fascism by wanting the whole country to become one collective, blue thinktank.

    1. People in the Ghetto riot. And none of them give a fuck about this election. The people who give a fuck are white, doofuses like Suderman and they never riot. There will just be a lot of whining and name calling, which come to think of it is what they will do if they win. They are forever angry and butt hurt win or lose.

    2. My tear barrels are ready for all the Lefty tears.

      Its really great that most of America has decided to reject Democrats.

    3. I just don’t think people should be in power who don’t believe in rational thought. Nobody forced Republicans to be that way.

    4. I’m not ready for the Democrats to lose. I expect them to take control of the House, and I expect the Republicans to maintain control of the Senate.

      If the Republicans lose fewer than 24 seats in the House, it’ll be a huge victory for Trump. But, realize, this election really is just a referendum on Trump.

      What I think we should prepare ourselves for is that the Democrats will interpret taking the House as a mandate to do something. Whatever it is they want to do, they’ll claim that their win means the American people want them to do that.

      And that will be horseshit. The first Midterm after a new president takes office is almost always a loser for the new president’s party, and it doesn’t have anything to do with any issue. It’s just that the American people don’t want any presidents getting too big for their britches.

      The median loss in House seats for the president’s party in his first primary after taking office (since 1910) is -24 seats in the House. If Hillary Clinton were the president, the assumption with the smallest margin of error would be that the Democrats would lose 24 seats in the House.

      1. In other words, it isn’t about any issue. The Democrats will claim it’s all about how America wants whatever they’re selling, but that’s horseshit. It may not even be a repudiation of Trump. The Republicans lost 26 seats in Reagan’s first midterm in 1982. He won 49 of 50 states for reelection in 1984. Losing 26 seats in 1982 told us nothing about where the American people were on Reagan’s policies or Reagan personally. The Democrats billed as a total repudiation of Reagan’s policies, and they’ll sell Republican losses the same way–as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.

        1. >>>I expect them to take control of the House

          they’re just such a monkeyshow I hate thinking of them w/the keys in hand. too stupid to have fun watching even. hope you’re wrong (about this expectation only).

          1. Americans are too employed, seeing economic gains, and too sick of lefty bullshit to give Democrats the keys.

            1. word. i’m an optimist.

      2. I was going to expand on your outstanding list of midterm election results to cover the hotly contested Congressional seats that might be lost/won.

        Then the Lefties went on the rampage around the USA and via their MSM propaganda wings to say this election is in the bag for them. JUST LIKE THEY DID ELECTION 2016.

        I wont even waste my time. I will just wait until tomorrow and laugh and laugh at Democrats losing their asses off.

        Even in the slightest chance they take the House, they will try and impeach Trump. Their attempts will further sour America toward the Democratic Party. The Senate wont agree with the House for Impeachment. Congress will be in gridlock. Trump will keep the government shutdown as long as he can. Its a win-win-win.

        1. They won’t impeach Trump if they take the house. It’s impossible for them to gain enough seats in the Senate to remove him from office. The “Never-Trump” wing of the Republican party is basically non-existent now so the Dems will have to do this on their own.

          1. They will totally impeach him. The Dems in the house are batshiit crazy. What they won’t do is remove him from office or accomplish anything except ensuring his re-election.

          2. You underestimate the lunacy that is floating around with Lefty discussions.

            This is another reason that the Democrats wont win the House. Enough people suspect that giving the House to the Democrats will allow them to fuck things up.

            The party of the sitting president tends to lose Congressional seats because voters want whatever it is that they are looking for that election cycle. Trump’s strategy has given the voters what they wanted.

            More jobs, better economy, and put America first.

            “W” lucked out because America rallied behind him because of 9/11.

  31. There’s something especially pathetic about the mealy-mouthed both-sidesism that comes from libertarians, because it’s both expected of contrarians but also so beltway-friendly as to nauseate. Republicans really are trying to fuck democracy. They’ve taken advantage of institutional barriers to it and have concocted their own so that they have far more power than the people they govern want them to have. It’s slow-moving, but it’s a fact.

    Meanwhile brown people from other countries are not a particular menace to your daughter’s virginity or to Maine’s racial purity. That’s equally a fact.

    1. yeah, they are totally trying to destroy the insitutions of the Republic unlike the Democrats who just vow to pack the Supreme Court, equal representation among the states in the Senate, and eliminate the electoral college.

      So if the Democrats don’t even take the House is it going to be the Russians fault? Why aren’t you out doing something about the evil Russians who are likely fixing the election for Trump right now!! Act Tony before its too late.

      1. I don’t see why you would object to making our system more democratic. It’s the least democratic in the civilized world.

        1. Because we have a Republic that was carefully designed to keep mobs of hateful idiots like you from having too much power over normal people.

        2. The “civilized World” you mention is actual socialist Nanny-States that have many of the same policies as the Nazis did.

        3. Actually, the Westminster system actually weights the vote much more “undemocratically” than the US system does.

          In the UK Toady Bliar became PM because the Tories got a majority of the seats in the House of Commons with about 37% of the vote. This is common in the British world except for Australia, which uses a preferential ballot (instant runoff) to elect its members of the House of Representatives.

          The UK is now committed to Brexit in spite of the fact that England, Wales and NI voted for it, Scotland voted overwhelmingly against. Why should the 55 million votes of England and Wales force the Scots to do something their 5 million voters do not want.

          Likewise why should the all of the states that voted for Trump have to have Hillary for President just because the votes she got by winning a huge majority in California gave her a plurality (NB not a majority) of the national popular vote? The whole object was that smaller states should never become vassal states of one of the bigger ones.

          1. Even super democratic classless (at least they are in their own national mythology) Australia has equal representation of the states in its Senate. Tiny Tasmania with half a million people gets the same 12 Senators as big fat NSW with its seven and a half.

            Canada doesn’t even have an elected Senate. Senators are appointed by the ruling party when vacancies occur. Thus their Senate is basically a retirement home for political party hacks.

            And the less said about the UK’s House of Lords the better. Suffice it to say that membership is based on being descended from some medieval bandit from the invading Normans who was able to steal the land from and subjugate a significant number of the “lesser races”, the Anglo-Saxons, Scots, Danes, Welsh and Irish natives, that inhabited the islands.

    2. Meanwhile brown people from other countries are not a particular menace to your daughter’s virginity

      Fuck you, pal.

      1. Well what are you worried about? Restaurant food being too authentic?

        1. ??? Was this a reply to me? What on earth are you talking about? Come on work with me here Tony.

          1. Oh. Well you are free to take the virginity of any maiden who gives consent.

            1. Thank you. Jeez, was that so hard?

            2. Challenge accepted.

            3. i miss the ’80s.

    3. What’s mealy-mouthed about thinking that both Ds and Rs are actively trying to destroy the republic with their fascism?

  32. Whats left of the Democratic Party is gonna have such a sad tomorrow.

    We should know by midnight how bad the bloodbath is for Democrats since so many Americans early voted. The vote tallies should come in quicker that way.

    Does anyone remember if Tony, Buttpugger, Baculum and other Lefties did not show their faces in the Reason comments for days after election 2016 or did they immediately start throwing out false accusations?

    1. Polls are closing for Democrats. It’s not looking good for you. Not that you really care. You get your 1,500 daily rubles anyway.

      1. What’s a rubles?

        Boy you Lefties sure dont have any clue how the World works, do you?

        1. The ruble is the unit of Russian currency.

          I think Tony is referring to the money he thinks the Russians must be paying you $22.71 to stump for Trump. 🙂

          1. That’s $22.71 a day… 🙂

            1. Remember when it was Democrats who were accusing Republicans of having paranoid delusions about Russian influence on the US government?

              I do.

    2. Well, I certainly hope you won’t hide like them if you’re wrong! Which you will be. #BlueTsunami everywhere but Senate, where the Republicans gain seats. Long-term story (beyond Republicans riding Trump’s coattails to House regains in 2020) will be the scary margins revealed by tomorrow’s races. (I am far more confident in this prediction than anything else.) Unapologetic radical progs doing way better than they have business doing, in every growing area of the country. (Exception: Midwestern suburbs, to the extent that they qualify.) McCaskill’s luck runs out; Missouri rare long-term great news for the Republicans.

      Stacy Abrams is a black militant socialist radical who openly says she’s going to take Georgians’ guns. If she loses in a landslide then I will bow to your wisdom and everyone else who says the GOP is not doomed.

      1. I dont hide. Never will.

        I was wrong about Moore winning Alabama and said so on here. I didnt think Alabamans would fall for the unsupported Lefty sex allegations. They did and ~50% of election 2016 Republicans refused to vote for Moore.

        If it weren’t for that, America might have fell for it during the false allegations against Kavanaugh.

        I was right about the Georgia and Montana special elections and the Lefty propaganda wing was in full swing in those races.

        I was right about Trump winning but wrong that he would carrying NY State.

        My secret is seeing how much the Lefties go overboard for certain races. That tells me that even they know that they wont win. Abrams is not going to win Governor race for Georgia. The fact that Obama and Oprah stumped for her tells you how they know that she wont win.

        If Democrats are actually going to win, they barely even talk about it. Notice Lefties barely talk about California, NY or Illinois races. The only reason a NY election was mentioned was because a Socialist beat a less socialist Democrat in NY.

  33. Will you go away forever if the Dems take the House?

    1. Question for LovesTrumpsTinyMushroomDick1789.

    2. Will you go away forever if they don’t? 🙂

    3. We know that Buttplugger will never go away and it will be a bloodbath for Democrats this election.

    4. Who is Buttplugger even talking to?

      It must be in Buttplugger’s fantasies that some commenter named LovesTrumpsTinyMushroomDick1789 exists.

  34. me and seven friends could take Maine wtf.

    is “fix your own country” a thing?

    1. Another great band name. They can be the opening act for The Abortion Center Blessings.

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