William Rehnquist Proposed to Sandra Day O'Connor When They Were in Their 20s

Their having dated in law school was well-known, but the proposal was not.

|The Volokh Conspiracy |

Nina Totenberg (NPR) reports, based on a discovery by Evan Thomas, whose biography of Justice O'Connor (First) is set to be published in March 2019. Now that is a fun fact for you.


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  1. I wonder if they had sex.

    1. What is wrong with you?

      1. Nothing. It is a natural question. Why are you such a prude?

        1. I know, right? And if they had sex, I wonder what positions used.

          1. Do I need to remind you what your screenname is?

            1. Sure, make it about my height.

              1. Great response.

        2. “It is a natural question. ”

          Not for a lady or gentleman.

          “Why are you such a prude?”

          I mean, a dead man and an Alzheimer patient, Its soooo funny to talk about their possible sex life.

          1. “Lady or gentleman”? What is this, 1910?

            The sexual revolution happened. People do the nasty, Bob, and we talk about it. If you think it should never be discussed in public, I feel sorry for anyone who was ever made the unfortunate choice to bang you, Bob. Because he or she certainly didn’t have an enjoyable time.

            We talk about Thomas Jefferson giving it to Sally Hemings, don’t we? They are both dead. Indeed, neither Rehnquist nor O’Connor is going to care that we are talking about them nailing each other here.

            1. Yes, we have defined deviancy down in all sorts of ways, which “liberated” those with crude tastes (especially men) to discuss such matters in public.

              But be careful as it might constitute creating a hostile work environment and your binary “he or she” is transphobic hate speech.

    2. If he had buttsex with a man, you liberals would be celebrating this “discovery.”

      1. How’s that search for Mrs. Right Wing Patriot going? Have you gotten to a second sentence yet?

        1. I’ve been married (to a woman) for years. I know normal, traditional relationships bother liberals like yourself.

          1. Does she know you figure women don’t deserve to vote?

            Does she hate brown and black people?

            Do you make her an exception to your anti-buttsex stance, or is she getting it elsewhere?

            Happy Halloween.

            1. Yes, she brings her ballot home and asks me how to fill it out.

              No, she does not.

              No, I do not.

        2. You two should put together a stage act. You could be our generation’s Bob and Ray.

          1. I have often thought they are the same person. ARW Patriot is just too good a caricature of a crazy right-winger that it has to be parody. I figured ALK was using him to be the actual strawman for his arguments. It’s the perfect clinger carry on.

            1. Wait, is ARWP the parody, or is ALK?

              1. Porque no los dos?

            2. Patriot just outed himself once and for all as a parody with that crack about his wife “bringing her ballot home”; no jurisdiction allows the voter to leave a polling place with a ballot.

  2. She answered that she believed his love was probably ephemeral and that, in 25 years, it would no longer be there.

    1. Damn, sick burn. Is it still do soon?

  3. Was this before or after the guy was strung out on pills?

  4. Wow, 9 comments and still no one has complained that we shouldn’t believe anything NPR says because it’s a liberal mouthpiece.

    1. You shouldn’t believe anything NPR says because it’s a liberal mouthpiece……..(I’m complaining, maybe)

    2. No need to complain about the obvious.

  5. Did their dating come up during her confirmation hearings?

  6. The photo caption in Nina’s article says “Rehnquist (back row, furthest left)”. I bet that this is the first (and last) time Rehnquist was described that way.

    1. Also: it’s “farthest”; not, “furthest”. (assuming your quote is verbatim)
      The best and the brightest strike again.

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