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Libertarian Halloween Tips: Reason Roundup

Plus: Halloween Netflix recommendations and a glimpse of Trump trick-or-treating.


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Happy Halloween! 'Tis the time for hauntingly bad takes on public safety, extra paranoid policing, and all manners of moral panics. Which makes it our October 31 duty to put out a few very important reminders of our own…

1. Your kid's candy is fine. No one is going to waste their edibles on some strange children, no matter how many sheriff's departments put out panicky warnings about it. The same goes for meth and whatever other illicit substance police are pushing fear about to parents across America. The most menacing thing in trick-or-treat bounties is and always has been sugar.

2. Sex crimes aren't especially likely tonight. In many places, police take extra measures to warn people about local residents who are on probation for sex crimes. Even though many of these people were placed on the sex offender registration for nothing to do with kids (and sometimes nothing to do with anything we'd think of as a sex crime); sex offenders have lower recidivism rates than other types of offenders; and sex offenders already face extreme restrictions on where they can work and be, the police often pretend that Halloween is an especially busy time for child predators and that extra precautions must be taken to prevent that.

In Grovetown, Georgia, the mayor recently posted to Facebook: "In order to ensure the safety of our children, all sex offenders (on probation) in the City of Grovetown will be housed in the county chambers on Halloween night for three hours." In many other counties, anyone on the sex offender registry will be identified on a map publicized by local news outlets or have signs posted to their doors.

But when it comes to sex crimes, child abductions, or anything like that spiking on Halloween, "no evidence of such a phenomenon exists," writes Lenore Skenazy, who has had to debunk this time and again. Even USA Today notes:

There is no hard evidence that proves children are more vulnerable to sexual predators on Halloween than any other night of the year, but the National Safety Council reports children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than any other day. Critics believe resources are be better served tackling that rather than going after the sex offenders.

3. Creepy clowns are almost always a hoax. (I say almost to hedge my bets here; it is Halloween, after all, and I've seen It. I'm not taking any chances.)

4. Small-town authoritarians will find any reason to exert control. From making it a crime to trick-or-treat if older than age 12 to banning clown costumes, local officials love flexing their power pointlessly around October 31. In Belleville, Illinois, for instance, "it's illegal to trick-or-treat beyond the eighth grade. Violation of that rule is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000." And "Forsyth, outside Decatur, has one of the most unique and harsh restrictions in the state. Those trick-or-treating in the Macon County village should beware: Police can slap you with a fine of up to $750 if you 'approach' a house that doesn't have its porch light on."


  • Caption contest?
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  • Sure, statists are spooky and both Democrats and Republicans give us the chills. But if you're looking for less mundane frights tonight, tune out of Twitter and TV news and fire up Netflix for The Haunting of Hill House (reviewed by Peter Suderman here) or Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (a dark and twisted take on comic-book turned '90s sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch).
  • Mongolia bans Halloween in schools.
  • Russian officials are also keen on banning Halloween celebrations.
  • Kanye's MAGA phase was short-lived:

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  1. Happy Halloween!

    The most or least libertarian holiday?

    1. Most liberal-libertarian. I get to dress however I want, and people will call me whatever thing I want them to.

      1. I am so disapppointed that ENB didn’t post a picture of a sex worker in a skimpy Halloween costume.

        1. Slutty slut?

    2. Hello.

      Caption: “Creepy Joe is jealous”.

      1. Krazy Kaption Kontest

        Even though the caravan finally reached the White House, Trump told everyone to go back to Chicken Cluck, Honduras.

      2. T: “hey Supergirl only one piece. give that back.”

      3. “That’s what I was going to wear, little girl!”

    3. This Halloween I’m dressing up as a cutural appropriator.

  2. Caption contest?

    Trump has proven to be a great President. The best in 80+ years.

    Thanks to Trump defeat of Hillary, even these kids now have a better chance to avoid being slaves to Socialism.

    1. Trick or Your-Hot-Wife-Pissing-In-My-Open-Mouth!

    2. President Trump gives out Halloween candy to children including two escapees from an illegal immigrant children detention center.

      1. All 5 kids are white kids. They cannot be from a illegal immigrant detention center.

        Don’t cha remember, Trump is a racist?

        1. I’m pretty sure that a Wookie is considered a POC.

        2. So it was one of Trump’s white power rallies?

          1. Trump Youth

    3. Caption:
      “We can combine the skills of you 5 kids in our big, beautiful Space Force”

    4. 80+ is very appropriate, considering Smoot-Hawley.

  3. Libertarian Halloween tips?
    So I’ll have to wait for the comments, then

    1. Exactly. If you want Anarchist Halloween tips, Reason staff are your cup ‘o Cosmos.

      1. Because anyone who wants less government than you wants no government at all.

      2. Lovecon89, who is going trick or treating with you tonight, mom or dad?

      3. Look at Reason interns and their first internet gig.

        They are so cute trying to drum up web traffic.

        1. Real question. Not an insult. Why do you respond to people by responding to your post they responded to instead of responding directly to their posts?

          I notice your responses rarely go deeper, even though the Reason will indent slightly more.

          1. Because the people he is trying to troll, like me, don’t dignify his nonsense with a direct reply.

  4. I love Halloween, I ain’t afraid of no ghosts, and authoritarians scare the crap out of me!

  5. Caption contest?

    These kids and Trump would like a glitch free Reason website, like most websites are.

  6. Caption contest?
    Trump wears flood pants.
    Trump steals candy from kids.
    Trump gives candy to child prisoners.
    Trump compares hand size with children, declares ” victory “.
    Didn’t Malania wear that coat the other day?


    ‘No sane country would permit birthright citizenship’.

    1. It’s not mentioned in polite circles.

    2. Ah, 1993, the good old days when the Republicans were the pro-immigration party and the Democrats the anti.

  8. Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill has taken up Trumpian talking points on immigration, border security, and the migrant caravan. McCaskill’s senate seat is in jeopardy, with Republican state Attorney General Josh Hawley leading in polls.

    It’s a little disappointing that Democrats sometimes need to slightly mislead voters in order to get elected. I wasn’t old enough to vote in 2008, but I remember Obama did exactly that with his stance on marriage equality. Here we are a decade later, and it still happens, as we see with McCaskill and Kristen Cinema.

    But the alternative is much worse ? let the Republicans win and continue their attempt to turn this country into The Handmaid’s Tale. Yes, I’ll overlook occasionally dishonest campaigning in order to take the government back from the white nationalist Kremlin asset party.


    1. Democrats sometimes need to slightly mislead voters in order to get elected.
      Sometimes you produce printed jewelry.

    2. Will you be old enough to vote in 2024?

    3. It *is* a little disappointing and sometimes a little confusing. McCaskill is calling her fellow democrats crazy, and Chappelle-Nadal is saying McCaskill’s take on Trump is putting her family in harms way. Please help me understand what the truth is in these slightly crossed assertions.


  9. children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than any other day.

    By golly, require all cars to be parked at City Hall during trick-or-treat hours!

  10. Haven’t decided yet. Do I want to carry my Bersa Thunder in .380, my Springfield XDe in 9mm, my S&W Model 10, or my new .357 Ruger Security Six when I take the little one out. Oh wait. Her mom has her that day. Never mind.

      1. Bersa is easiest to hide, XDE is most comfortable, and I don’t yet have a holster for the .357.

        1. So carry it in hand, duh!

          1. I read somewhere that God EDCs a Glock 19

    1. XD is a good choice, just picked one up in .45 for 300. Thought it was a good deal with all the extras they’re offering right now.

        1. S, 3.3″ for CC.

          1. No, E. 3.3″ for CC as well, but E not S.

            1. Again, to each his own.

            2. Sorry I realize I wasn’t clear, I picked up an XD-S.

      1. E has a hammer. I’m a hammer guy. E lets you do cocked and locked like a 1911 lover, double action as a safety, double action and a safety, whatever.

        1. Yeah, everyone has their preferences and I don’t judge. The most important thing about a hammer for me is the double strike capability, and the S has that.

    2. You only have four guns? What happened to the rest of them?

      1. sold a few. Still have a Bambi killer.

      2. Got a Ruger P95 for sale. Interested?

        1. I got a 9mm. Plus, I don’t shoot my handguns very often. When I find the time, I prefer to shoot sporting clays. I like the challenge. It is a very difficult discipline. I suck at it, but am determined to get better.

          1. Nice. I don’t own a shotgun. My stepfather has one I could use next spring. Looks like a lot of fun.

            1. It is. It is also frustrating in the beginning. Take some lessons. A consistent mount is super important, so your eye lines up with the barrel exactly the same each time. That way, you can keep your eye on the bird and not look at your barrel.

    3. no plastic swords you’ll get shot

    1. If I’m dressing as Hsien-ko is that offensive to Chinese or Japanese?

      1. I don’t know who Hsien-ko is, so consult your Chinese and Japanese friends. It may be offensive to both groups.

        On second thought, if you even have to ask “Is this costume offensive to anybody?” then the answer is probably “Yes.” Better choose a different one.

        1. Can I dress as white privilege, or would that be offensive?

          1. “would that be offensive?”

            Sure, if you do it right.

          2. My kids are going trick-or-treating as ghosts since a white sheet is an easy costume. Since we live in the Bible Belt and this sort of satanic nonsense is frowned upon, they’ll carry crosses so that everybody knows they’re good Christian ghosts and not the scary demonic kind. The crosses will of course be set ablaze to provide high visibility for safety purposes. I can’t think of any reason anybody would be offended by these costumes.

            1. Make sure that you go to the projects first, they always have the best candy…

        2. I don’t know who Hsien-ko is

          I hate saying this, and I hope I never have to say this again. Your professors truly failed you.

          1. Wikipedia suggests she’s a superpowered Asian warrior-woman from a video game.

            Ruling: It’s OK to dress as her if you’re an Asian – man *or* woman, because gender is fluid – but not if you’re non-asian – because race indelible.

          2. google to appear educated? der

        3. Is it ok for me to wail and moan about all you NGMFs (Non-Ginger Mother Fucks) appropriating my Irish Heritage and Culture to insult, demean and belittle all of the Irish as drunken, belligerent hicks willing to fight over anything? Or is that just another example of

    2. Whoa. You can dress up as a race or culture?!

      Ima dress up as the Boston Marathon or Hip Hop Culture!

      1. So, a festering mound of garbage or a festering mound of garbage with a boom box?

    3. But dressing as a murderous, blood-drinking former Balkan prince is OK?

      1. Only if you are Romanian, Eddie. Your best bet is to dress as the pope.

        1. Nah, I think I’ll do a non-racially-specific werewolf.

          1. How about a pope werewolf? I bet no one has done that before.

        2. Current Pope is some sort of South AMexican. That’s way more offensive.

    4. Is 5 white guys dressing up like the Wu Tang Clan ok? If not whose culture are we appropriating?

  11. Wonder Woman, two astronauts, a stormtrooper, Chewbacca, Hitler and Eva.

    1. walk into a bar.

      1. Chewbacca asks the bartender, “RAWRGWAWGGR”?

        1. The bartender replies, “Rectum? It damn near killed him.”

        2. The bartender replies, “Rectum? That first shot killed him.”

      2. The bartender asks “Holy shit, can I get an autograph?”

      3. ….Why the long face?

        1. Wonder Woman, two astronauts, a stormtrooper, Chewbacca, Hitler, Eva, and Sarah Jessica Parker walk into a bar?

  12. I enjoyed last nights Cromwell article, where certain members of the commentariat, despite adamantly denying any group association, clearly took up the defense of a single group while attacking that groups ideological opponents.

    Masks and all that.

    1. You’ve got to love a stupid, insane Hollywood asswipe who says this:

      “This is nascent fascism. We always had a turnkey, totalitarian state?all we needed was an excuse, and all the institutions were in place to turn this into pure fascism,” Cromwell told Variety on Sunday night. “If we don’t stop [President Trump] now, then we will have a revolution for real. Then there will be blood in the streets.”

      …and then later on claims that he’s not advocating for violence. ROFLMAO!

      1. Tulpa, Sevo, Mikey, sitting in a tree,
        l.e.m.o.n. p.a.r.t.y.i.n.g.

        1. Are you one of Cromwell’s fantasy brownshirts who’s going to run around wearing a balaclava hacking the “bougies” up with a machete?

          I don’t think you have the balls for it.

        2. “Tulpa, Sevo, Mikey, sitting in a tree,
          l.e.m.o.n. p.a.r.t.y.i.n.g.”

          The person who posted that is supposedly a grown adult.

          And also stupidly assumed he knew who I was talking about.

          The funniest part about thay whole post though is that for years we had to watch that supposedly adult commenter childishly shit up the site with his fuckbuddies, and noe he’s throwing shade at other people.

          1. It took you a whole hour to come up with that weak sauce? You are terrible at comebacks.

            1. Your response makes it pretty clear it was good enough.

              Without your fuckboys here, you’ve been reduced to shitty jokes and you obviously hate that I point it out.

              Lol “weaksauce” what the fuck is the 1998? How fucking old are you? Why not just bust out “whippersnapper” lololol

      2. In the very least, he would have had more credibility if he had said it during the Obama administration as well. The institutions were in place then too. They didn’t just suddenly pop into being.

        1. That’s the head scratching part. If we have a ‘turnkey totalitarian state’ than it would seem to be the obvious question of ‘why don’t we change that instead of the people who have the key’?

    2. Awww. Did you get picked on?

      1. No Cathy I wasn’t even there but I’m glad you outed another one of your sockpuppets.

  13. Caption Contest: “President Trump examines children’s Trick or Treat bags in preparation for negotiating a fantastic trade agreement on candy corn, Blow Pops and Milk Duds.”

  14. Caption contest?

    “They think aliens are to be found in outer space only… Sad!”

  15. The Missouri senator went on Fox News to denounce “crazy Democrats” and say that she supports the president when it comes to the migrant caravan.

    “It’s a trap!”

    1. So why doesn’t she run as an independent?

    2. That’s appropriating Mon Calamari culture!

  16. Caption contest?

    Where’s your documentation kid?

  17. I truly wish a group of people get together and dress up as every politically incorrect figure.

    Black Face, Hitler, Don Lemon, Obama, Indians etc…

    1. Don’t forget Bandito. Nothing hotter than a chick in a big sombrero and a prominent fake ‘stache. As long as the mustache is actually fake.

      1. Hair on woman is a beautiful thing.

        1. Aw shit, I forgot BUCS is into really long pubes. There are so many sides to you BUCS, you are a rich personality.

          1. Sorry enthusiasts; racially speaking you can either get the long pubes or the plentiful face and body hair; not both. Maybe somewhere on the steppe there is a perfect blend of West Asian and East Asian DNA that manages to hit both jackpots. But if so I bet she is doing all she can to hide herself from all of you; even if in some uncontacted peasant village I bet she deep down she has an intuition that suspects what is up.

  18. My eyes are now wide open and now realize I’ve been used to spread messages I don’t believe in. I am distancing myself from politics and completely focusing on being creative !!!
    ? ye (@kanyewest) October 30, 2018

    Never rely on flighty allies. Sad!

    1. Flighty is one way to put it.

      1. More likely scared he would get the Bill Cosby treatment. As in no body cared about Bill Cosby being a rapist until he told blacks to go to school and take responsibility for themselves

        1. ^ This. I think the ‘eyes wide open’ mean’s that someone suggested that maybe people won’t buy his music if he keeps siding with a Republican. They’re also probably wrong, and people might not buy his music because it’s lame.

  19. No one is going to waste their edibles on some strange children, no matter how many sheriff’s departments put out panicky warnings about it.

    The key is to build up your child’s tolerance before sending him out trick-or-treating.

  20. Interior Department secretary Ryan Zinke has been referred to the Justice Department for investigation into his alleged corruption.


    1. He forgot to set up a foundation?

  21. Creepy clowns are almost always a hoax.

    Yeah, until they’re not.


        1. Bozo was the shit.

  22. Don’t call the Niskanen Center libertarian.

    Or late for dinner.

  23. Sex crimes aren’t especially likely tonight.

    We’ll see, once everyone gets a load of me in my slutty altar boy costume.

  24. I was going to write something about Halloween until I scrolled down and found I’d be doing something I never dreamed I’d be doing in a million years–morally praising the Niskanen Center.

    It always irritated me a bit when people here called Niskanen woketarians, cosmos, Beltway libertarians, or what have you. Nonsense. That is Cato and Reason. Niskanen is something well beyond that. They are simply not libertarians, and never have been. I am not one for litmus tests and definition fetishism; but say what you want about Cato and Reason, they do not spend half their energy taking out editorials in paper after paper calling for gun bans (likewise socialized medicine, expanded welfare, even campus speech codes) and denouncing those who resist them as dangerous fanatics who will get us all killed. To take just one example.

    Niskanen’s M.O. was to loudly and ostentatiously pose as libertarians here to help the movement by presenting a friendly, moderate face to the outside, to help grow the movement by busting stereotypes about fanatical, ideologically rigid weirdos; then, they would concern-troll to libertarians about dropping their various marginal fetishisms and fixations on the Constitution, freedom, limited government, etc.

    1. …Of course their real agenda is clear. They function exactly like those phony “pro-Israel” groups–here to present a friendlier face to the world and make room for those Israel supporters who allegedly feel left out by existing pro-Israel groups–who just happen to oppose Israel and embrace their enemies at every turn. Or the fake-front “gun rights groups” here to grow the movement among Democrats allegedly alienated by existing groups’ gratuitous Republican alignments–who just happen to be “moderate” on every “reasonable, common-sense measure” ever proposed. Or the house-slave “conservatives” on MSNBC. Or…you get the picture.

      But no more. Now Niskanen is just a run of the mill centrist think tank. And I have nothing more against them than against any other. Fuck, I can even find common cause with the little Bloomberg clones every once in a while. What I loathed was their morally revolting duplicity.

      1. OK, but I like how bossing people around is considered “moderate,” while being against bossing people around is considered being trapped in an ideological prison.

        1. What’s so hard to understand? We are extremists about liberty; who out there besides a few anarchists want more than us? The centrists are moderate between pro-liberty and pro-authoritarian extremists. You and I are anti-abortion extremists as well.

          1. Good rant, Diego. I enjoyed it.

          2. It reminds me of when the ACLU finally dropped their mask. At least now they’re both a little more honest which seems like a plus.

        2. Ideology is a prison, though. It’s why RAW wrote, “Convictions make convicts.”

  25. In Belleville, Illinois, for instance, “it’s illegal to trick-or-treat beyond the eighth grade.

    Finally, being held back pays off.

    1. I still do the spelling bee, a la, Bad Words.

    2. Just trying to sell more eggs and shaving cream.

  26. Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill has taken up Trumpian talking points on immigration, border security, and the migrant caravan.

    Trump is never more right than in flyover country.

    1. It’s shocking. It’s almost like these people will say whatever it takes to maintain power!

    2. Missouri is one state where even I admit the future is looking nothing but brighter and brighter for Republicans. In a few elections the archetypal “swing state” will be nothing of the kind anymore! And it’s actually booming in population (for some reason I’m not really clear about), unlike all the rest of the only reddening part of the country left–the Midwest–which is aging and hemmorhaging population like the rest of Red America. Republicans can certainly feel some solace about glowing red Missouri in the future as we count up how many Congressmen purple Texas, purple Georgia, blue-purple Florida, bright blue Virginia, blue-purple North Carolina, and purple Arizona have gained in the last election.

      1. Purple Texas, huh? Yeah, I suppose the big four major cities being blue could lead one to that conclusion but it’s a big state. Specifically, a pretty big red state. Not that you can really tell much of a difference between the Republicans and Democrats in more than a few races. The Democratic position on guns seems to do a whole lot of damage to them here.

      2. only purple in Texas is on TCU cheerleaders

  27. I am distancing myself from politics and completely focusing on being creative !!!

    Why start now Kanye?

    1. He got this far without creativity, why hobble himself at this late date?

      1. People who are much cooler than I am assure me his music is very creative. Because no one ever rapped incessantly about how great they are before he pioneered it, I guess ?

        1. Obviously he’s able to persuade people to pay to hear him, which is more than I’ve been able to do, but whether that makes him creative is another matter.

        2. Nobody samples other people’s work like Kanye. His samples are the best. The BEST!

  28. Get KKKorporate money out of politics!!!!!

    “Salesforce backs new tax to support San Francisco housing”

    This is in addition to Benioff’s personal money, and if I owned any stock, I’d be pissed.

    1. I know housing is expensive there, but Salesforce’s revenue was +8 billion dollars last year. Someone should tell them that THEY can buy housing for people without the government taxing anyone at all!

      1. Benioff is BIG in city politics and when the BLM was holding camp-outs, some did so in the park in front of what was then Salesforce’s headquarters.
        For a day.
        Somehow, they all moved to other camp-grounds…

      2. Or they could move to Pleasanton.

  29. I was feeling masochistic this morning so i listened to some retarded local morning radio talk show. They were talking about their favorite candy and one of the hosts blamed capitalism for Reese’s peanut butter cups getting smaller. Because communism is all about making decadent sugary treats as huge and plentiful as possible!

    1. Have they been getting smaller? Just don’t fuck up their composition like Cadbury’s did when the Americans bought them (not that traditional British sweets of any kind will last longer than five years hence since the “Conservative” government has put them in their anti-obesity sights). Peanut butter cups may be the single greatest accomplishment in the history of capitalism.

    2. In Soviet Russia, Reese cups make a smaller you!

    3. I thought radio hosts were supposed to do noncontroversial stuff like make double entendres and discuss various sex-related news items.

      Why should people listen to Marxist crap on the radio which they could just as easily get from their teachers?

      1. Good point. Since when do drive-time zoo hosts hold forth on capitalism and social theory? Maybe it was tongue firmly in cheek. Those fuckers are grateful for anything they can find interest to talk about. Before anyone has contempt for those shows they should remember that they have to fill four hours of new material every single day, by themselves and very small writing staffs. It’s not remotely fair to compare them to most anyone else you see trying to be entertaining. No one else in entertainment has a task like that in front of them to rise to.

    4. Capitalism has resulted in 1.5 quart ice cream containers. Socialism would provide a full pottle.

    5. If Reese’s had raised the price instead it wouldn’t be “funny”. Next, a hilariousl segment about that 9/10th of a cent we pay per gallon of gas. Where does the 1/10th of a penny go? Classic.

    6. Call in and debate him!

  30. Waymo isn’t required to have drivers in its driverless cars anymore.

    “The Department of Motor Vehicles today issued a permit to Waymo authorizing the company to test driverless vehicles on public roads, including freeways, highways and streets within the cities of Palo Alto, Mountain View, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Sunnyvale, in Santa Clara County. While Waymo has held a permit to test autonomous vehicles with a driver since 2014, the new permit allows the company to test a fleet of about three dozen test vehicles without drivers behind the wheel.”

    —-California DMV…..18/2018_81

    1. So Californians can expect to see cars without anyone behind the wheel on the roads? creepy

      1. I guess we’re looking at total disruption. The changes will come much faster than they did during the industrial revolution. We’re still adjusting to things like Uber and Lyft. Now, the people who drive for them will be disrupted. Will there even be a Teamsters union 20 years from now? Maybe they’ll still have UPS and FedEx guys that ride in the back of an autonomous van to carry the package to your door–although that must be a big part of their costs.

        1. We’ll see how many people these vehicles manage to kill and how many of those kills are successfully covered up by government and Waymo acting hand-in-hand. After all, you can’t make driving illegal without having a backup plan to control the movement of people and trains ended up not working.

          See, this way they get to make you buy your own train car. It’s genius!


      2. Name your first driverless car “Christine”.

  31. Question: Is it now verboten to dress up as someone of the opposite gender because that would be trans appropriation?

    1. Sure, if gender “reassignment” itself wasn’t already exactly that.


  32. lol The Jacket is live in the mental mud pit with idiot Joshua Johnson on National Drama Radio. Nick agrees with the moron host that the Declaration of Independence is a weapon of war. FFS.

    1. In what sense precisely “weapon of war”?

      1. I dunno. Because the revolution continued after publication?

      2. parchment paper leaves helluva cut.

  33. Caption

    Trump: Candy is bad for you. Here is a thumb drive with the greatest hours of my pep rallies. NEXT!

    1. A decent president would provide them on an iPod

  34. “He [Taylor] eventually came to see opposing action on climate change as both scientifically misguided [wut ???], and wrong.

    Yet he also rails against fanaticism in the same article. Sense of irony, not strong with this one.

    One can be perfectly comfortable with the idea that climate is indeed changing and that human being may be contributing wit it, but that doesn’t turn the ideas to mitigate climate change into moral imperatives only because you think they’re supported by science. Any sort of horrible crime against humanity can be justified by claiming that “the science is settled!” No wonder the institute decided to drop all pretense of being libertarian!

    1. Niskanen what? Never heard of them…

      1. I thought they said Nick Saban.

      2. He plays defense. He used to play for the Dallas Stars, but now he plays for the Capitals.

      3. I read their stuff a few times when Facebook promoted Niskanen in my page. After the second or third article promoting restrictions on gun ownership and mitigating climate change by asking people to forget about improving their personal lot, I turned their notifications off forever.

    2. No one ever seems to answer the basic questions.

      What do you propose?

      What will it cost?

      What will it accomplish?

  35. Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill has taken up [Trumpista] talking points on immigration, border security, and the migrant caravan. McCaskill’s senate seat is in jeopardy, with Republican state Attorney General Josh Hawley leading in polls.

    Which should tell you that politicians, like whores, dress up for the occasion.

    1. Which should tell you that politicians, like whores, dress up for the occasion.

      What’s surprising is that this is so often surprising.

  36. Oh man, check this out: fake, fraudulent, fugazi libertarian Nick Gillespie is attacking real libertarian and fellow Reasonoid David Harsanyi on Twitter.

    CNN’s Jim Acosta: “The Constitution > Executive Order”
    David Harsanyi (in response): “What an absolute fraud. Obama bypassed congress and legalized millions of people with an executive order. There is zero chance you protested.”
    Nick Gillespie (in response to Harsanyi): “He did not legalize them. The two situations are not comparable.”

    And Harsanyi is telling the truth and Gillespie is blatantly lying, as he pretty much always does. “Legalized” in this context quite clearly doesn’t mean that Obama made then U.S. citizens; it means that he shielded people from deportation and thus made them protected resident legal aliens. And that’s exactly what Obama did!

    Gillespie, you are such a fucking pathetic, lying, sack of shit hack.

    1. I can’t think of Jim Acosta without Remy’s latest CNN parody.

      1. It was sublime. I might watch it again this evening.

    2. Under the Constitution, the President only has to see that the laws are *fitfully* executed.


  37. Those look like more white kids dropping by in that picture alone than I would’ve thought live in Trump’s neighborhood. Recent DC residents: I know the place is one of the fastest-gentrifying cities in America of late, but is it really so thorough that the area around the White House is white now?

    1. Yes. After they built the basketball arena all of downtown DC gentrified. It used to be that Rock Creek Park was the line between Gentry to the west and ghetto to the east. Now it is more like New Hampshire Avenue. In addition all of SW and Capitol Hill up through NoMa Gallaudet have gentrified. Gauludet in particular was Ghetto with a capital G until as recently as five or six years ago

    2. Why are you so obsessed with race?

  38. 3. Creepy clowns are almost always a hoax. (I say almost to hedge my bets here; it is Halloween, after all, and I’ve seen It. I’m not taking any chances.)

    Or “almost” because they aren’t always a hoax. Fucking millennials.

  39. Caption contest. Whats Trump gabbing now?

      1. (OK, even I’m offended by the Anne Frank costume)

        1. Who would know it was Anne Frank and not Annie. all teh costumes are awesome

          1. If I had not seen it with my own eyes that it was Business Insider and Gawker Group, no fucking way would I have believed that it was not a smartass conservative/edgelord piece making PC culture. Not even a good parody, I’d have thought–just something way too over the top and meanspirited. Some of the captions I still can’t believe I actually read.

        2. that sheikh is straight out of the Clash video how is that appropriation?

          1. So? Is the pictured model British?

  40. These are mostly costumes *not* to buy.

    The flapper costume glamorizes a racist decade.

    The Egyptian queen costume is cultural appropriation.

    The Roma costume insults a vulnerable minority.

    Samurai – cultural appropriation and toxic masculinity.

    Tribal Warrior?

    Girls’ Colonial Time costume? Getting them ready for the return of patriarchy, are we?

    Breathalyzer costume? Guess where you’re supposed to blow?

    Apu costume? Hasn’t he been officially retired?

    It’s pure problematicism.

    1. And what’s the point of dressing up as A Nudist?

      Oh, excuse me, Anubis.

    2. Shame on Google for not censoring these lists. I always suspected they were alt-right.

  41. 1. Your kid’s candy is fine. No one is going to waste their edibles on some strange children, no matter how many sheriff’s departments put out panicky warnings about it. The same goes for meth and whatever other illicit substance police are pushing fear about to parents across America. The most menacing thing in trick-or-treat bounties is and always has been sugar

    You sure about that? Sounds hilarious to me.

  42. still heart Kanye. Touch the sky.

  43. Caption contest: Who’s the lady in the Sexy School Principal costume?

  44. I’ve been avoiding the Roundup, but in case this wasn’t discussed in the comments–I know Reason hasn’t mentioned it– has been under the same threat as Gab and many other websites, with their hosting service pulling the plug with a 12-hour notice. Because someone else bitched until they did. Not because they broke the law, or the contract, but because someone doesn’t like the content.

    You might not care because they’re icky pro-lifers, but honestly, it should be quite concerning. How long until this happens to people you do care about?

    1. You might not care because they’re icky pro-lifers, but honestly, it should be quite concerning. How long until this happens to people you do care about?

      Too late, I’d say. There’s already no one left.

      1. I’m going to be honest, I will relish a little the day that they come for Reason. “Oh, it’s fine. Take down people’s websites because of icky speech. That’s the free market at work. Wait, you can’t do this to me! I’m one of you!!!! Noooooo!!!”

  45. Caption contest?

    America! Fuck yeah!

    1. 2nd entry:

      President Trump and the Very Merry Roy Moore Halloween Adventure!

      1. 3rd entry:

        Trump: Did you know that undocumented children steal candy away from “real” American kids like yourself? It’s true. That’s why we have to separate them from their mommies and daddies at the border, so they don’t get the chance to steal your candy… Now, remember to tell your parents to vote Republican next week!

  46. [blockquote]In Belleville, Illinois, for instance, “it’s illegal to trick-or-treat beyond the eighth grade. Violation of that rule is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000.”[/blockquote]

    How many folks in Belleville IL never passed eighth grade?

    1. I should probably use the preview function.

  47. Don’t call the Niskanen Center libertarian.


  48. No mention of Whitey Bulger’s long overdue shuffling loose his mortal coil?

  49. Caption Contest:

    Trump: Did you know, every Halloween, undocumented children seek out and steal candy away from “real” American kids like yourself? It’s true. That’s why we have to separate them from their mommies and daddies at the border, so they don’t get the chance to steal your candy this year… Now, remember to tell your parents to vote Republican next week so we can continue protecting your candy on future Halloweens to come!

  50. Ukraine loves Halloween. Ukrainians are the most American ex-Soviets there are.

  51. Thank goodness there’s finally a resource for libertarian-minded people looking for someone to tell them how to Halloween correctly.

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