Hate crimes

An Ohio University Student Said She Received Death Threats. The Police Think She Sent Them Herself.

The Student Senate has no regrets, will continue to believe survivors.


Ed! / Wikimedia Commons

Police have arrested an Ohio University student and charged her with three counts of making false reports. The student, Anna Ayers, claimed to have received death threats and other harassing messages referencing her LGBTQ status, but the authorities now believe she sent those messages herself.

Ayers entered a not-guilty plea last Wednesday, according to The Post. She faces six months in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted.

Ayers was a member of the Student Senate, but she has since resigned from that position. Her claim was initially presumed to be true, and the Student Senate cancelled a meeting with the mayor of Athens, Ohio, in order to give Ayers a chance to address the community. Her remarks included a condemnation of the Student Senate itself, The Post reports:

"Senate will never be the same for me," Ayers said. "The friendships will continue to grow, and our successes will always evoke pride, but the memory of my time in senate and at OU will be marred by this experience. We will all have a memory of a time when this body failed one of its own."

Ayers also addressed the writer of the note directly, saying she hoped that person was in the room. She called that person weak, cowardly and worthless.

"You may find me revolting and worthy of a threat on my life, but in reality, it is your beliefs that are repulsive," Ayers said. "You need to get this through your head, you f—|ing a–hole: I am proud to be who I am, and nothing you could say or do will ever change that."

Despite the revelation that the authorities now believe Ayers sent the threats to herself, Student Senate President Maddie Sloat said the Student Senate will not "change its commitment to believing survivors."

"It's important for you to know that I do not, for one second, regret any of the actions we took in the past week to support Anna on the information that we had at the time," said Sloat, according to The Post. "Know that if you report something…we will listen. We will believe you. We care about you."

Listening is one thing. Believing is quite another, especially when it comes to dubious campus bias incidents.

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  1. Who knew it was so goddamn hard to be a victim?

    1. Not this particular victim, that’s for sure!

    2. Espcially a fake victim with no fake news to cover for you.

    3. A lesbian at my high school did the same thing as this lesbian, left threatening notes to herself in her locker and said she was being threatened. Some hillbilly boys everyone thought did it were caught hidding in the bushes on school property at night, we thought it was a over. Turns out they were looking for who did it, the people everyone thought did it! And it was the lesbian doing it to herself!

      Good times.

    4. I’m so tired of this LGBTQWTF bullshit.

      1. So stop sucking cock and getting fucked up the butt. It’s not that difficult to avoid.

        1. Thanks for that wonderful opening. Libertarian thought is easy: live in any way you choose with consenting adults and leave other people alone.

          The LGBTQWTF people totally do not get that last part. It IS difficult to avoid, especially on college campuses and some companies. There are opinions you are not allowed to have. And there are consequences if you have the wrong opinions.

          You can’t avoid the absurdity of your daughter being in the same locker room with some dude with a swingin’ dick who thinks he’s a woman.

          You can’t refuse to take part in ceremonies you find offensive, if you happen to be in business.

          You can’t avoid tax or insurance money being spent on lopping off dicks.

          1. One more: you can’t avoid unfair competirions. In Texas a girl won the state wrestling title in her weight class. Except she thought she was a boy and she had been taking PEDs for years. Testosterone makes you unnaturally stronger and bigger when you’re a girl. PEDs are illegal in high school sports in Texas, why is she allowed to compete? No matter: the answer from you is “fuck you, that’s why”

  2. I suppose it’s technically possible this incident was among the exceedingly rare examples of so-called “fake hate crimes.” But don’t forget, the election of Drumpf has emboldened the most bigoted members of American society. Sadly, given this climate, there’s a good chance these hateful messages are in fact genuine. I should know. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community myself (I’m nonbinary), I deal with intolerance every day.

    1. I tolerate you, OBL.

      1. We all love you here. You’re not the only true libertarian (me), but you’re honorary.

      2. I don’t. Fuckers mother should’ve aborted it when she had the chance.

    2. There have been a great many fake hate crimes reported. 10 have been debunked in 2017 alone. Which pits people who actually suffer from hate crimes in the position of being disbelieved by Police who have seen too goddamned many fakes. Just as women actually raped on college campuses now must deal with the fallout of the Duke Lacross circus and the blowup of the notorious Rolling Stone story.

      I assume that you are telling the truth about your own experience. I’m a white heterosexual male and I’ve been harassed (mostly by nitwits) so your experience is almost certain to be worse. But this is why you and your community MUST stomp in fakers.

      1. Don’t over look retractions/corrections issued by the press.

        I would love to see statistics on that.

        1. Zero.

    3. I too am a member of the community and I think acceptance is pretty mainstream. I cannot remember the last time I experienced any issues

    4. Not only do a large number of “hate crimes” turn out to, in fact, be faked, but there is a website dedicated to tracking them.


      I am sorry to hear that you, as non-binary, deal with intolerance every day. On the other hand, I am openly gay, but can count the number of times that I have experienced anything that I would call intolerance in the last thirty years or so on one hand (and still have fingers left over to flip off anyone who does give me a hard time).

    5. Non binary. You really are opening up your borders.

    6. Has there been a single word you’ve typed that isn’t complete bullshit?

      1. that’stheirschtick.gif

    7. So you identify as: ?Victim

    8. Well OBL, I do indeed hope that I someday run into you so I can accidentally call you “Sir” or “Madam” which will hopefully trigger the hell out of you since you don’t fit in with either of the ACTUAL biological sexes.

      But keep up the good prog-trolling! It seems some people who don’t know any better took you as being serious!

    9. re: “exceedingly rare” – Citation needed.

      re: “I deal with intolerance every day.” – Having read your posts, I’m sure you do as you dish it out on a regular basis. You might want to consider the hypothesis that the “hateful messages” you receive have a lot more to do with your own attitude and choice of communications than your sexual orientation.

    10. Sounds like an NPC

    11. Tawana Brawley was unavailable for comment.

  3. Are these events EVER real? Death threats, rapes, Nazi symbols on walls. My entire generation has grown up with victimhood being a status symbol, 50 years ago you’d have been praised for risking your life to save someone else. Now your praised for being week and trampled upon by someone stronger.

    1. There are real ones, they’ve just been swamped recently by ‘resistance’ idiots who somehow think A) they will get away with it and/or B) that even if the fakery is detected, it will somehow help.

      Brainproof, the lot of ’em.

      1. They’re swamped because even if it’s fake, you can still start a GoFundMe and if the legal penalty is $1,000, you’ll still come out ahead.

        It’s become a scam to hustle gullible #resist morons out of their money.

    2. Looks like she has issues and was attention seeking. If she actually did it.

      I am not sure that things are worse in terms of bigotry or victimhood. I think some of that is background noise. A few decades ago this would not have even made the school newspaper.

      1. How much of that is because Hunter S. Thompson wrote about “a couple of rednecks kicking the shit out of a faggot over by the pinball machine” and nobody batted an eye?

        1. Hahaha. I wonder how he would play out today. Definately a darling of the left (I am a fan too), but I think he is too rough around the edges for todays leftists. Bill Maher has had some of these problems too, he has not checked onboard the new PC train yet.

          1. Better than Sex.

            His coverage of the Clinton campaign.

            What happened to writers like him?

    3. I actually was buddies with some guys in high school who got drunk and spray painted random racist shit (some poorly drawn swastikas, something about Jews and niggers) on a couple buildings… AND GOT CAUGHT! They were just a couple total dumbass trouble makers. And were of course actually not very racist, being friends with a brotha, a Jew, and so on. Best part was that one of them was mostly Mexican by blood! LOL

      But I’m pretty sure they both technically got charged with a “hate crime,” which was of course prosecuted by the counties Jewish district attorney… Would not have wanted to have been their dumb asses during that case. LOL

      But yeah, I’m pretty sure most hate crimes are either completely made up, or stuff blown WAY out of proportion.

  4. But my truth is true!

    1. Postmodernism at its core.

  5. “Know that if you report something…we will listen. We will believe you. We care about you.”

    Number 1 and number 3 are both admirable statements. But some skepticism is also a virtue.

    1. That might require them to think or worse yet confront which is way too difficult for them.

  6. Of course, while she may be guilty, she is contesting the charge. Right now we just have the cops’ version.

    1. True. Although I haven’t seen a case of this type, where they bring charges against the supposed victim, without the LEOs having solid evidence.

      1. Well, I don’t trust SJWs, and I don’t necessarily trust LEOs, so I guess the tie vote will be cast by the evidence!

        1. Buh…Buh…Buh-Leeve Wymyn! Remembuh the Kava-naw! /endsarc

  7. Having hung around liberal and conservative sites before I find reason and libertarians in general to be the least racist and bigoted of any political group.

    1. Yeah, we tend not to be because we tend to see everyone as an individual rather than part of some collective identity group.

      It’s pretty hard to be racist or bigoted when any one person is seen as an individual who doesn’t necessarily reflect some stereotype of whatever group he or she may supposedly belong to.

      1. How dare you stereotype libertarians as being not racist or bigoted!

      2. “we tend to see everyone as an individual rather than part of some collective identity”
        Except for the Dutch. Clog-wearing, tulip-loving, dyke-building bastards.

        1. Europeans in general, really. Fuck Europe.

        2. What about the miserable fat Belgian bastards?

          1. They invented fries…and waffles! They can’t be all bad.

        3. I thought dykes were born that way?

        4. THE DUTCH??? No wai bro! They’re good, legit, Aryan stock, clogs and all!

          Now the FRENCH, there is a European group that is truly worthy of scorn. Even the Italians, or Spainiards with their lazy southern European ways. But surely sir, not the Dutch.


          1. Surplus French military rifles for sale. Never fired. Only dropped twice.

            1. French Army battle flags


            2. 🙂

              For some reason, I NEVER tire of bagging on the French! It must be because I’m mostly German…

    2. Pretty much what i learned since discovering Reason nearly 20 years on.

    3. We are distrustful of the police, all races, genders, and religions of them.

    4. I take people as individuals, because that’s what they are… But I don’t completely ignore aggregate statistics, because they can also be very useful when one is talking national policy stuff. Like it or not, “odds” of something being X or Y matter on the large scale.

      1. True, group odds are useful for things like setting budgets and observing post hoc trends. They are useless in evaluating or predicting individual events. Weird how consistent that is.

        1. Yup. You should never meet a person and think “Oh, that person must be a drunk because they’re a ginger, and have an Irish name.” However 100 years ago it would not have been unreasonable to say the Irish on average had saaay lower educational attainment and income. One can take individuals as such, while still admitting statistics are useful for evaluating large scale issues.

  8. I wonder if she is any relation to convicted terrorist bomber Bill Ayers.

  9. Apparently there’s not enough hate to go around…

  10. “She called that person weak, cowardly, and worthless.”

    Well, I guess she if all people should know, since that person appears to be herself. I suppose the description is therefore pretty accurate.

    1. She wasn’t quoted above using the Oxford comma, and probably says that extra comma is part of the patriarchy.

      1. I don’t buy into the patriarchy, but the Oxford comma is something I strongly support.

  11. Ayers ? an OU senior studying journalism and a previous Post columnist

    This explains why Ayers likely thought she would be immune to any consequences for “false reporting”.

    1. Did you see the wapo story yesterday about Georgetown prep hiring a PR director due to kavanaugh? The school emailed the wapo reporter back after 8 min saying the position was opened in July. The reporter tweeted back it didn’t matter, wapo would have run the story as is anyways. Dishonest media.

      1. The reporter’s second update, apparently after the legal team had a discussion with her, was that she didn’t “see” the part of the email about the job being posted in July.

      2. Unfortunately for WaPo not many people read that propaganda outlet much anymore.

        1. It’s the most circulated CIA disinformation-publication in the US

    2. an OU senior studying journalism and a previous Post columnist

      Which Post columnist is she studying and why?

      1. studying = stalking ?

  12. Ayers also addressed the writer of the note directly, saying she hoped that person was in the room. She called that person weak, cowardly and worthless.

    Talk about projection.

  13. If she wanted to receive threats, all she needed to do was play an online video game. As a new player in League of Legends, I’m sure she could manage to find herself threatened with death and rape within minutes!

  14. Anna’s mythical harasser is innocent until proven guilty, folks!
    Does no one care about the rights of mythical harassers??

    1. Remember when people who harassed LGBT types were thought to be LGBT types themselves who were just closeted and having difficulty accepting themselves? Pepperidge Farms rememberers.

      I wonder that no one in Ayers’ group brought that up. The person threatening her because she’s a lesbian, if that person exists, is probably really struggling with their own orientation.

  15. She’s no lipstick lesbian, so I can’t cut her any slack.

    Story with photo in Athens Post

    1. Yikes.

    2. If self loathing had a face…

    3. She looks like Past Me, if Past Me was a fat lesbian with a bad haircut.

    4. Disgusting!

      If I went to school with her I wouldn’t bother making fun of her for being a lesbian (cuz that can be kinda hot!), I’d just stick to fat shaming!

      IN OTHER NEWS, simply more proof that most of the people who go for this SJW bullshit are just ugly, stupid, worthless human beings who want to stick it to people who aren’t freaks. Of course she COULD have simply put down the Twinkies, and not ended up a pig, and possibly been a 5 and actually attracted some male interest, and not had to worry about it all… But I guess that’s just too much to expect from some people.

      1. You’re shaming knows no bounds. Well done.

  16. In the near future, it will be easier to get a job if you didn’t spend 4 years in college.

    1. It already is, for any job not done behind a desk.

    2. Yep.
      Really honest HR departments are looking at student debt .vs degree to determine a level of intelligence.

  17. I actually feel sorry for her. But, goddamn, how old are people supposed to get anymore before they are required to actually grow the fuck up? This is the kind of stunt that children pull.

    1. 142

  18. Regardless of whether she is guilty, how is it the student senate was to have failed her?

    1. The student senate failed her by letting hateful crazy people join the student senate.

      1. She said she suspected the threats came “from within [the Senate]” and called on members to take immediate action.

        “I have no interest in hearing from any of you that you are sorry that this happened, or that you can’t believe it happened at all,” she said. “Instead, I want each of you to do everything you can make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

        The Student Senate responded by ending the open-space orientation of Student Senate offices in Baker Center and moving to replace the locks with electronic ID swipers, Athens News reported. It was unclear Wednesday whether the plan would move forward in light of Ms. Ayers’ arrest.

        Yeah, it sounds like she was hoping to purify the student senate by removing the hatemongers. When the hatemongers were too cowardly to act on their beliefs, she did it for them. Brave.

        1. Hey now, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt… Maybe she just owned stock in the company that makes the electronic ID units, and was hoping to line her pockets a little bit?

      2. “The student senate failed her by letting hateful crazy people join the student senate.”

        “I would never join a club that would take ME as a member.” ? Groucho Marx

  19. Student Senate President Maddie Sloat said the Student Senate will not “change its commitment to believing survivors.”

    I survived the sinking of the Lusitania and I say Ayers is lying. Solve that paradox.

  20. “Her claim was initially presumed to be true,…”
    That is the problem. That which is freely asserted may be freely dismissed. Or, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

    1. Hell, I would accept ordinary evidence. Unfortunately the Progressives never have evidence.

  21. True Progressivism is supposed to be entirely evidence based. Yet almost all of the Left’s platform is FEELZ. Automatic belief is all about a rejection of evidence. This fundamental cognitive dissonance will never cease to astound me.

    1. Progressivism is just Communism with better propaganda!

    2. It really is all a difference of logically thinking people vs emotional people. This is why women are overwhelmingly left leaning, including ones that vote Republican in the USA.

      People who can think rationally are not for any of the nonsense, because evidence has shown it all to be a horrible idea… People that are swayed by emotion cannot be convinced no matter the evidence. Hence the cluster fuck our civilization is in. Society used to largely just tell the emotional people to go fuck themselves, and let the men figure out what’s what. Now that everybodies opinion is considered equally important, and we let the emoters vote… We’ve descended into chaos.

  22. Fake hate crimes have been going on for a while on campuses to the point where they almost had become cliche. The individual or group pulling it off feels justified because, even though they know that what they are doing is fraud, they are at least raising “awareness” of their group or issue, so the ends justify the means…

    1. “Grab its motherfucking hijab”

      1. I personally prefer to play “Grab its’ motherfucker.”

        1. I read that as “Grab tits, motherfucker”


    2. The “fake but accurate” meme has been going on for a long time whenever one of these characters gets caught red handed.

      1. Dan Rather, the Godfather of “fake but accurate” news!

  23. See these things are so common we need to make them up.

    It pays to be a victim.

    And people ask Why Ford would ever lie

  24. Despite the revelation that the authorities now believe Ayers sent the threats to herself, Student Senate President Maddie Sloat said the Student Senate will not “change its commitment to believing survivors.”

    And to kicking honor-code violators out of the school, right? RIGHT?!

    1. how do they know who is a ‘survivor’?

      1. They don’t have to know; they commit to *belief*.

      2. Let me check my handy victim book.

        Yep she’s female and thus a survivor if she wants to be.

        1. “…if she wants to be.”
          If she denies being a survivor, then she is still under the repression of the patriarchy.

  25. Is there anything more fundamentally futile than a student senate? What’s the point of that?

    1. Hello Ken:
      I see your point, but I disagree. Student senates are not futile, they are DANGEROUS, and should be eliminated, along with any power they have over the student body.

    2. Well, there’s quod usque tandem, Anna, abutiere patientia nostra? This now has a deadline, barring dilatory continuances, but is ultra senatorial in context.

  26. “Despite the revelation that the authorities now believe Ayers sent the threats to herself, Student Senate President Maddie Sloat said the Student Senate will not “change its commitment to believing survivors.”

    “It’s important for you to know that I do not, for one second, regret any of the actions we took in the past week to support Anna on the information that we had at the time,” said Sloat, according to The Post. “Know that if you report something…we will listen. We will believe you. We care about you.”

    Ah. Carry on then. No need for lessons.

    1. What the idiot student president means is that women are to be “believed” despite a lack of evidence, and without any “innocent until proven guilty” for the accused. I’ve said this before, but DON’T send you kid to college, send them to work, and they will not only be four years richer, but they will possess VALUABLE real world (which no college will ever be!) information, as opposed to the mind fuck they’ll get in college.

      1. “What the idiot student president means is that women are to be “believed” despite a lack of evidence”

        Not just despite lack of evidence supporting their accusations, but they are to be “believed” even if there is overwhelming evidence that their accusation is untrue

      2. Actually, if you read carefully, that Senate president left herself an out. They believe “survivors”, but the faker was not a survivor. The rest of the statement was, technically, addressed to survivors, not accusers.

        I hope this makes you feel better about Maddie Sloat.

  27. Those crazy snowflake conservatives are totes just as bad.


  28. “You need to get this through your head, you f—|ing a–hole: I am proud to be who I am, and nothing you could say or do will ever change that.”

    You should really spell it out, I am dying to know what “f- – -ling” is. It’s OK, we can swear here.

    1. I figured it was “foundling” ? a baby left on a doorstep or put in a basket and floated downriver to be raised by somebody else.

    2. Since that’s a quote from the article in The Post, I imagine that the redaction was made by them. While we can swear here, we are obligated to report as accurately as possible – and that includes not making changes to quotes even when you think the original author was a sanctimonious moron. (Maybe especially then.)

      1. Well, we have no more obligation to not change a Washington Post quote than they have to not change (or not to make up) an actual quote.

  29. Yep, our colleges are in “GREAT” shape these days!! Could it be that “progressive” (read communist) college professors and other staff have caused students to become radicalized, and STUPIDLY radicalized at that? YEP, THAT IS WHY! DON’T SEND YOUR KIDS TO COLLEGE BECAUSE: a.)They radicalize students. b.)They favor radicalization over learning. c.)If a kid spends four years WORKING instead of going to college he/she will be much better off. With a few exceptions, e.g., accounting, college is a waste of time and money, both of which are precious. If you must send your kid to college, make it a religious or conservative college. Even then, you have to watch out. I would go so far as to say you should interview your son/daughter’s teachers at whatever school they are going to and confirm that the teachers want to TEACH your kid, not indoctrinate them. Good luck, though, as all the best schools, Harvard, Northwestern (Chicago) Yale, U of C already are in this mode.

    1. There a bunch of exceptions, medicine, engineering

    2. The trick is making sure your kids KNOW they will be indoctrinated. My dad done learnt me about all the lies the school pushes when I was a little kid, and I had the sense to see them trying to push it. So it never effected me.

  30. They should change it to Student Synod

    Its become a religious organization made up of believers.

  31. “Despite the revelation that the authorities now believe Ayers sent the threats to herself, Student Senate President Maddie Sloat said the Student Senate will not “change its commitment to believing survivors.”

    Another fine example of circular logic.

    We must “believe survivors”.

    And how do we know someone is a survivor?

    Because they said so and we must therefore believe them!

    Of course circular logic is hardly confined to this issue.

    Take Keynesian economic theory. Government spending is claimed to boost the economy. And the proof of that?
    Why it’s GDP numbers of course – the metric that includes government spending as part of the calculation.

    How about spending on public schools. More equals better is claimed of course. The proof?
    Studies that include the amount of spending per pupil as part of the calculation.

  32. When I worked in law enforcement I met many lesbians on staff (why they are over-represented there and in the military is anyone’s guess.) I found them to always be super competent and fearless, maybe sometimes just a little bit too aggressive. When the fight started getting them to wind down and stop was like trying to pull a dog off a meat wagon.

    But the violent incidents weren’t the sad but interesting part. It was all the boring hours you spend with such a partner chatting about your families and your lives. I am a natural sympathetic listener so inevitably I began hearing all the details of their loves and their disappointments.

    I guess what struck me then and lingers still is how much the stories seemed like high school or an overly dramatic soap opera. Now if a male partner had a spouse that was cheating on him he would never talk about it. The lesbians would not stop talking about it. Of course, either male or female who mostly liked to talk about sex and brag about their exploits would make most officers uncomfortable so they ended up being paired together.

    Imagine the “top this” sessions!

    1. BTW, complaining is often a form of bragging, I have learned.

    2. I think much of what you noticed is more about the differences between men and women. Women talk incessantly about bs and drama that comes across as really juvenile and irrelevant. I think the difference is that lesbians feel more comfortable expressing all of that with men than are straight women.
      As far as aggression, that seems to be my experience as well. Lesbians seem to have an angry chip on their shoulder. Maybe it’s because they feel isolated in society. More likely, I’d guess it’s because they have higher testosterone levels (since lipstick lesbians seem to be rare.)

    3. I have a lesbian friend who, every time you see her, will make you read long strings of text messages from whomever she’s dating at the time.

  33. Kim Jong Un wants to nuke the U.S., and I agree, though I would demand he target only radical colleges. If he were to rid the U.S. of “student councils”, it would be worth it.

  34. ‘ Maddie Sloat said the Student Senate will not “change its commitment to believing survivors.” ‘

    Let’s stop using that word incorrectly. There’s only one Survivor. Eye of the Tiger.

  35. When you’ve just about run out of real victims, you’re left with no choice but to manufacture fake ones.

  36. Is there some evidence that she made the threats herself? I don’t necessarily default to believing “victims”, but I FOR SURE do not default to believing police.

  37. “Her claim was initially presumed to be true”

    I remember when there used to be a thing called presumption of innocence…

  38. Poor Ms. Ayres was probably feeling underserved by the homophobe threat community, and so had to take matters into her own hands in an effort to rebuild her self-esteem and get her 15 minutes of woke outrage.

  39. Transgenderism is a MENTAL ISSUE, not a PHYSICAL one. If you have a penis and testicles, you are a male. If you have breasts and a vagina, you are a woman. I can’t believe Reason really thinks that the feds approving benefits, et al, based upon what sex someone FEELS or IDENTIFIES with is proper. If so, I will have to stop reading Reason, as they will have shown they have none, at least on this issue.

    1. Bye.

    2. But what if they have a penis and breasts?

    3. That could free up time for dabbling in a medical textbook and getting some real surprises.

  40. Yep, Gay students do this all the time. This needs a huge amount of attention. Straight students never do this. Mentally ill students never do this.

    Never pay attention to anything any female or gay student says unless you have 5 eyewitnesses and DNA evidence. If you have 5 frat brothers that contradict the 5 other eyewitnesses believe the frat brothers. That’s the only way to get things back under control like they were in the 1950s when you could beat up the gays and fuck the girls without anyone bothering you.

    1. Don’t you have letters to be writing to yourself?

    2. Never pay attention to anything any female or gay student says unless you have 5 eyewitnesses and DNA evidence.

      What if the female has 5 eyewitnesses who end up saying she’s full of shit?

  41. #HerToo or #ItToo?

  42. What a delightful article. There was a time, when Tricky Dick screwed the nation, you and several others could be shot dead by people in uniform walking across a college campus in Ohio. Waitaminnit… that hasn’t changed much. The uniforms have simply become optional. Other than that, the initiation of force is still a required subject on campus.

    1. #NPC

  43. Incredible points. Solid arguments. Keep up the amazing work.

    Jasa Seo

  44. In light of past history of these things, that she sent threats to herself is a Winning Bet.

  45. The bomb threats to Soros, Obama, et al are sad, but also, in a way, unsurprising. Soros, Obama, et al were, and some still are, advocates of everything from monetary to incendiary attacks against their opponents.

    1. And that has precisely nothing to do with this story. The bombs were obviously sent by a deranged lunatic, and there are plenty of those on both sides of the political aisle.

  46. Unpossible, no one ever makes up things to get media attention!

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