Brett Kavanaugh

Susan Collins, Joe Manchin Say They'll Vote 'Yes' on Kavanaugh Confirmation

Judge Kavanaugh appears to have enough votes to be confirmed.



Sen. Susan Collins (R–Maine) said today that she'll vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. Minutes later, Sen. Joe Manchin (D–W.Va.) said he'll vote yes as well. With both senators' support, Republicans appear to have the 50 votes necessary to confirm Kavanaugh.

Collins made the announcement during a speech on the Senate floor. Earlier, Collins voted yes on a cloture vote to end floor debate on the nomination. Fifty-one senators, including Collins, supported the measure, while 49 opposed it.

The moderate Maine Republican acknowledged the allegations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh, which were the subject of an FBI background check over the past week. But Collins asserted that "the allegations fail to meet the 'more likely than not standard.'" Ultimately, Collins said, "I do not believe these charges can fairly prevent Judge Kavanaugh from serving on the court."

Collins and Manchin are among four swing senators likely to decide Kavanaugh's fate. The others are Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R–Alaska) and Jeff Flake (R–Ariz.). Murkowski voted no on the cloture vote, then later said Kavanaugh was "not the right man for the court." Flake and Manchin, on the other hand, both voted yes. Flake later said he would continue to support Kavanaugh "unless something big changed."

Collins and Manchin's support means Kavanaugh is likely to be confirmed. A final vote could take place as soon as tomorrow afternoon.

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  1. Our long national nightmare is over. Or just beginning. One of those two things.

    1. You mean continuing-the progtardedness has been off the charts ever since Jan 21, 2017. I didn’t think it could get any worse, but it will…

      1. I predict riots to break out after the confirmation vote.

        1. So the Democrats and mainstream media are proved correct?

          They did predict, as the 2016 voting day approached, that there would be national chaos when the losers refused to accept the results.

        2. If so, just shoot into the crowd of rioting progtards. Repeatedly.

      2. I think November 10 is a closer approximation. There was a day of mourning, followed by a full-on loss of sanity

    2. The Democrats can now base their campaign to retake the Congress around relitigating this by impeaching Kavanaugh. That should be really appealing

      1. SO now they can try to impeach Kavanaugh and Trump. Well, if they are busy trying to do that, at least they won’t have any time to pass laws.

        1. I like that optimism

      2. I hardly think present evidence warrants impeachment. They’re going to have to uncover an incriminating campus photo of him wearing a novelty beer-can holder hat or something.

        1. Nice.

        2. You have not read the seven letters Feinstein has from people who claim Kavanaugh murdered them.

          1. I hear she has already had them in to give depositions.

            1. We can’t have a Supreme Court Justice subject to credible accusations of murder.

            2. Better yet, they all passed polygraph exams. The machine showed absolutely no deviation from baseline. Proof!… or in Hihnspeak, PROOF!!!

      3. The progtards are finally giving into their baser stupid instincts to be extra stupid. This will cost them even more later as they steadily alienate all actual Americans from their commie cause.

    3. Our nightmare started in ’89

      1789 that is

      1. I always considered it to have been 1949. You see, there was Harry Truman, Doris Day, Red China, Johnnie Ray, South Pacific, Walter Winchell, and Joe DiMaggio.

        1. No, it was 1913, that was the year we created the FED, took away state government control over the federal government AND created the income tax.

          After ~150 years of advancing liberties, the US took a hard dive since then.

        2. Rock and roller cola wars. I can’t take it any more.

    4. Our long national nightmare is over.

      Where nightmare = desegregated schools, women in graduate schools, avoidance of back-alley abortions, repeal of anti-miscegenation laws, lawful contraception, gay marriage, environmental protections, evolution in science classes, etc.

      And you guys wonder why American society has passed you by?

      1. I didn’t think it was possible to be dumber than shrike AND more obnoxious, racist, and misogynistic than Hihn, but you have really risen to the challenge.

      2. That’s right. Put Kavanaugh on the Court, and there’s nothing stopping us from bringing back Jim Crow. Hell, let’s go for broke and bring back slavery. (Joe Biden was certainly on to us there.) And the best part is, there’s nothing they can do about it! Mwahahahahahahahah.

        1. Nothing liberal-libertarian Americans can do about it?

          When Justice O’Kavanaugh is on the wrong end of 6-5 decisions, America’s half-educated goobers will be wishing they had gotten enough education to understand what just happened to their intolerant, ignorant, backwater dreams.

          1. You really ok the bait on that one. You’re so fuckimg stupid Arty. And you keep waiting on that ‘6-5 decision’.

          2. 6-5 decisions? Tell me again who is half-educated and ignorant?

            1. He’s alluding to the supposed plan to add another two seats to the Court the next time the Dems control both the White House and the Senate.

              Forget it, Rev. Time to MoveOn.

      3. I heard Arthur Kirkland use a racial slur at an event in 1993

      4. So, what’s your real name? I want to visit and watch your torment in the concentration camps Trump’s going to establish with the Supreme Court’s approval.

        1. Trump will be too busy responding to investigations and making court appearances to get much of anything done after Democrats reclaim the House.

          He’ll still make time for rallies in depleted, can’t-keep-up backwater towns to lather up the rubes, though.

          1. If that were to happen we could always just put congressional democrats in GitMo. I’d say you could go visit your Marxist masters, but odds are you will have been long deposited face down in a landfill.

          2. “depleted, can’t-keep-up backwater towns to lather up the rubes”

            The elitist attitude of the left is truly pathetic. But, please, keep it up. This language from left and their friends in the media is what keeps so many democrats from being elected.

    5. One? No, both.

  2. I heard last week that Collins had been getting death threats from some womyns’ groups. I’m glad to hear that she didn’t cower to them. I hope she has a very good security detail.

    1. Good ol’ tolerant Left! I especially love the way they treat Republicans like Collins, whom they claim to respect and frequently cite as the type of aisle-crossing moderate all (read “Republican only”) senators should be.

      1. I perceive scant reason for liberals, libertarians, and moderates to respect Collins politically. She appeases bigots and the backward.

        1. You really are incapable of grasping sarcasm aren’t you?

    1. Democrats are the Party of Hate.

      1. Definitely the party of Eugenics.

        1. Ironic, that.

          1. Why is there not a “Like” button here? Why?

    2. These people are seriously disturbed, emotionally, they’re infants.

      1. That is a real stinger, coming from the side that believes fairy tales are true, is full of birthers, thinks that street pills, tobacco, and bigotry are solutions to self-inflicted problems, and did I mention the ostensible adults who claim to believe a man lives in the sky and tells them what to do?

        Carry on, clingers.

        1. Does this apply to Islam with you?

        2. Ouch. Go easy on me.

        3. Arty is a raving retard.

        4. So to refute Al’s statement that those on the left seriously disturbed, and that emotionally, they’re infants, you offer an emotional, infantile response?

    3. A presumption of innocence that is never offered to Black men in America is what you get when you “believe all women” that its, believe all allegations of sexual assault. .

      1. I like how the solution is to deny due process and basic civil rights from more people, rather than expanding it.

        Equality and justice are not always the same thing.

    4. I can’t wait to see someone on facebook feed say that with all the seriousness they can muster.

  3. James OKeefe has the Tweet of the year…..29540?s=21

    1. Now that’s pimp!

  4. Look! a woman said it! You can all drop the woketarian bullshit now


  5. Trump keeps on winning.

  6. This might be a good time to start discussing his actual qualifications as a jurist.

    1. Enough of you, Debbie Downer!

    2. OK, but only if the discussion lasts a month or more

    3. At least the tears will be yummy and salty.

  7. Senator Harry Reid
    Thanks to all of you who encouraged me to consider filibuster reform. It had to be done.

    1. Thanks Harry.

      1. Yeah. He made my day.

      1. (Said in sing-song Nelson Muntz voice.)

  8. Where does Kavanaugh stand on the old “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” adage?

    1. Well we already know where the Senate Judiciary Committee stands on the old “There’s no business like show business” adage.

  9. Great, Brett can break open a six-pack and party on.

    1. Six-pack? What is this, church?

      1. Wonder what beer he likes?
        Someone needs to find out.

        1. too easy…


          1. IPA. Hmmm, second thoughts perhaps I have.

            1. If you boof it, you can’t even taste the hops.

    2. I do think the hearings would have been even more entertaining if Brett has brought beer for everyone

  10. Well he’ll probably be no friend to liberty but I’m glad the Democrats and their mouthpieces in the media, including Reason, didn’t manage to win with their bullshit allegations. I thought Collins’ statement was pretty impressive. A presumption of innocence is a basic libertarian principle no matter who the mob targets.

    1. Careful, someone might come here and try to straw man you with a scenario of kicking you off of their property being the same as accusing you of serious crimes.

      1. Does getting thrown out of a bar count as kicking me off their property? Cause that bouncer really violated the NAP in my view.

  11. This episode produced one good thing; Lindsey Graham of all people gave the greatest crack I have ever heard from a politician when he told a protester who was demanding Kavanaugh take a polygraph,”why don’t we just stick him in water and see if he floats?”

    1. Orrin’s “why don’t you grow up” to a couple of screeching banshees was pretty good too.

      1. Don’t forget Corey Booker yelling “I’ll cut a bitch”.

        1. I just knew that dirty motherfucker was a misogynist!

    2. The Party of Old-Timey Superstition cracking jokes about witch trials . . . what happened to self-awareness?

      1. Said the ” reverend”.

        1. Congregation Of Exalted Reason, you half-educated, can’t-keep-up rube.

          1. Oh Arty, keep on losing you dumb cunt.

      2. It was last seen in your vicinity…I presume you lost it?

      3. If we *were* the Party of Old-Timey Superstition, that would be ironic, but the Rev seems to be unaware of who the witch-burners are in this scenario.

        1. The Republican Party base is built on backwater religious schooling, street pills, revival meetings, depleted backwaters, faith healers, old-timey intolerance, rattlesnake juggling, disaffection, and gullible evangelical yahoos, and resentment aimed at educated, successful people. Superstition is about all the right-wingers have left as modern America builds more bypasses so it won’t even need to look at Republicans..

          1. Better than being built on childish rage and Marxist delusion.

            But then again Arty, I’m a college graduate who owns businesses, and you’re just a high school dropout doing menial work for a man like me.

            You would starve to death without people like me pissijg mercy upon you.

      4. Arthur Kirkland tried to forcibly grope a 15 year old at a party in 1979.

      5. Its better then being the party of lynching.

    3. Yeah that was pure gold. And frankly any candidate for SCOTUS that legitimized the polygraph by submitting to taking one is a danger to the republic.

  12. So a Republican and a Hillbilly decided to vote for Trump’s Antichoice?! Will wonders never cease? Will the Dems keep the Let’s Ban Coal and Let’s Tax Non-Communists for Carbon planks in their platform after this? Stay tuned…

    1. Did Trump actually anti-nominate him as a clever procedural gambit? Was that his secret to success?

      1. Well, he didn’t not do it.

    2. Hank, I picture you writing this stuff on the wall of your cell at the insane asylum using your own fecal matter.

  13. make certain Collins and Manchin stay out of Fort Marcy Park until after the vote

    1. not meant to be read as threateny…

  14. All this just to add a guy to the Supremes? Do they start touring immediately or is he going to need time to learn the songs?

    1. He will have to play his parts and most of the Notorious RBGs are well, who they just bring out for the encore most nights

  15. Welcome to The Supine Court Mr KKKavanaugh!!

    1. Be careful, Ruth, Elena, and Sonia hide knives in their robes!!

      1. We know what Kavanaugh hides in HIS robe.

        1. Cocktail frank?

          1. Cocktail Frank? Dude, that guy was awesome! Figures he’d pull a crazy stunt like hiding under Brett’s robes at a super serious time like this.

            1. Just biding his time………

        2. A gun that shoots ice?

    2. Welcome to The Supine Court

      Nonsense. We all know the last person nominated for a seat there, Jeri Ryan, turned it down more than two decades ago. And look where that got America.

  16. I assume the protesters will still be there for the vote tomorrow. If I was in charge of the swearing in of the new justice I wouldn’t wait nor would I do it in the Oval Office or the Supreme Court building I’d have it done immediately and outside in full view of the protesters and let them screech and wail and do their whole schtick for the whole world to watch.

    1. Behind bullet proof glass…

      1. Somebody said this morning that if they lose even more seats in the House and Senate, Democrat supporters are going to lose their shit and probably start trying to assassinate people.

        Rev. is a perfect example of someone who I could see doing this.

          1. That seemed like more “spray & pray” crazy motherfucker than targeted hit of a particular politician.

  17. Very very soon, I will be laughing my fuckin’ ass off at the following list of people, including but not necessarily limited to:

    Welchie Boy, Goth Fonzie, Mango, Rico Soave, Lizzie the Lezzie, MacAdoodle, Dipshit Dalmia, Chapwoman, Shackturd, Little Boy Setyon, Boehmer, Whacky Mary Stack (in all of her 17 sockpuppet incarnations), sarcasmic, Chemjeff Status Quo Collectivist, and last but most certainly not least, our very own beloved Dipshit Dave Weigel.

    I also give it at least a 75% likelihood that I will tell all of the above that they should go eat a big, fat, ginormous bag of dicks, while I am preparing to uncork a bottle of fine red wine in celebration.

    1. And they said Hihn was crazy for having an enemies list…

      1. He didn’t need the enemies list for that.

    2. Whoa, a master list of all the nicknames! But hasn’t Dave Weigel not been seen in these parts for something like half a decade? Maybe that’s why he doesn’t get a nickname.

      1. My mistake; he is “Dipshit Dave” Weigel. Looks like sarcasmic is the odd man out. Haze him at once! Nothing pisses people off like a substandard position on an enemies list.

    3. Yes we know. Owning the libs is more important than that pesky Fourth Amendment.

      1. Yes, we should be thinking about that Fourth Amendment-loving judge waiting in the wings if Kavanaugh is rejected.

        1. Then we can get some serious bi-partisan rejection going on. What do you mean you’re against warrentless searches? Do you want the terrorist to win Benedict?

      2. When the libs behave as despicably as they do, sometimes, yes, it becomes more important. Like when they attempt to set a precedent that unsupported character assassination is an appropriate tactic. They have no one but themselves to blame that we are not seriously discussing the 4th amendment (which being in the constitution, would make it somewhat abhorrent to them, would it not?).

    4. “Chemjeff Status Quo Collectivist”

      That’s good

      1. That’s even better than me calling him “Little Jeffy”.

  18. Celebration is in order. On both sides. Movement conservatives get to celebrate now. Later, Ds probably get to celebrate for a long time.

    Three Senate races in 4 years. The one upcoming this November is the hardest for the Ds. They may pick up a seat, they may not. The next two elections combined give Ds a fair shot at 9-10 more Senates seats, putting them comfortably in control, except for super-majority requirements.

    More promptly, the House is likely gone for the Rs, starting this January. Absent Trump’s premature departure, there is little chance the House will go back to the Rs?not anytime soon. Trump can’t seem to get above the enthusiastic top of his plateau. Things don’t look good for him in newer voter cohorts.

    I get that movement conservatives think Trump is a shoo-in in 2020. He has a lot of bad news coming politically. And he barely beat the worst Democratic candidate since Dukakis.

    I hope Kamala Harris is not the D’s choice, but how could Trump beat her? She would probably run stronger than Obama.

    Warren is another candidate I don’t want (I think she is a terrible politician). But her command of Trump-base-friendly issues might give her a shot.

    There is a fair chance that someone completely unexpected will show up on the D side in 2020, and a near-certainty that will happen by 2024. In either case, the candidate will be younger, and likely run stronger, than anyone movement conservatives would be content to back.

    1. I’ll go with “a fair chance that something completely unexpected will happen.”

    2. Yes, of course. Every defeat holds the seeds of a future victory. Good thing for the Democrats that Kavanaugh got confirmed!

    3. Their best bet is most definitely an unheard of blank slate that the media can lionize/cannonize and women and the young can project their hopes and dreams on and that can make Chris Matthew’s leg tingle.

      1. Not sure whether you are just being clever (which your comment is, of course), or serious. But actually, yes, this is their best bet. in fact I think this may be all the Dems have left in their bag of tricks. Well, that plus character assassination. And lying. And fear mongering. And physically threatening people. And, well, ok they have a really big bag of tricks. Pathetic, but big.

        1. Yeah, trying to be a little of both:) Unfortunately their despicable bag of tricks work on too many people.

    4. Here is your problem guys. Everything you think you know about politics is based on a political premise which is now about 30-years old, and about to disappear. Namely, that baby boomers control the presidency. That has been so?with Obama as a quasi-exception?since Clinton’s first election.

      To keep that up, the nation has to be willing to vote for candidates who are older and older, and less and less in touch with the needs of most of the electorate. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, for instance. The old saying applies?things which can’t go on forever, don’t.

      The presidential election of 2020 is shaping up as another contest among aging baby boomers?Trump against Joe Biden, or Trump against Elizabeth Warren, or Trump against the ghost of John Kerry. Sanders is too old even to be a boomer. Movement conservatives would delight in any of those contests, but movement conservatives are not a majority, not even close.

      And Ds will, eventually, get the sense to look seriously for a majority, by turning away from boomers. For that reason alone, Kamala Harris would run much stronger than conservatives expect. There are plenty of others. There are big changes coming in the pattern of presidential politics. Expect a millennial by 2024. Before that, expect Trump to fall, for generational reasons, if not others.

  19. * Turns up Darth Vader theme music and marches around living room *

    1. Lol

      Seriously. Lol is not a something I type as a matter of course, because I hate it.
      But you got a real lol there

  20. Am I the only one here, who isn’t really a Trump fan, for multiple reasons related to my libertarian philosophy, and who was at best luke-warm on the Kavanaugh nomination, but who now finds myself as a Kavanaugh fan, and in fact coming around to being at least a luke-warm Trump supporter, simply because the democrats have shown themselves to be thoroughly disgusting human beings? And I use ‘disgusting’ because I cannot immediately think of a stronger word.

    1. I think you may have also described the reaction the gop senate had…how else would some of these folks suddenly have grown a spine?

    2. I’m still not a fan but yes, how can anyone possibly want those pieces of shit to win. I was saying the other day that I may have to do what I said I never would which is to vote for Trump because I just don’t want the scumbags to win. They’re just bullies with no conscience whatsoever. And obviously no shame.

      1. I mean how could you not want to see these people wallowing in their own tears

      2. They’re just bullies with no conscience whatsoever. And obviously no shame.

        You realize that describes Trump, especially during the last election, pretty much to a T.

        I’m certainly no fan of the Democrats for what they tried to pull here, but you’re kidding yourself if you think the Republicans, and especially Trump, are some kind of political saints.

        1. Oh I hate all politicians. I’m not even talking about that. I’m talking about the left in general whether it’s Antifa violence or SJWs on college campuses shouting down, getting in the face of, and getting fired anyone who dares speak a different opinion. Now you have people following around families and forcing them out of public places.

          1. Not to mention all of the holier than thou sanctimonious screeching by paid protesters and social media assholes. How to talk down to your family at Thankgiving and Christmas. Real nice. I’ve said many times that Trump is a 5 year old with his petty tweets and comebacks but hes the adult compared to these tantrum throwing douchbags

        2. ‘You realize that describes Trump, especially during the last election, pretty much to a T.’

          Well, isn’t this part of the point? In a world where politicians are generally scum, and with Trump worse than most, the Dems have actually plumbed new depths, to the point that Trump looks like a statesman by relative comparison.

    3. No. You’re not alone in that. And offhand, I’d suggest adding “evil” and “bat-shit crazy” along with “disgusting” to describe the Democrats’ behavior vis-?-vis Brett Kavanaugh.

    4. I still dislike Trump. And I still wish Kavanaugh was more libertarian.

      But it’s like the Red Sox versus the Yankees. Since they can’t both lose, you smile that the Yankees lost while hoping for a meteor strike on the stadium and a Cleveland-Milwaukee World Series.

      1. And I still wish Kavanaugh was more libertarian.

        Judge Kavanaugh has been a “Congress knows what its doing when passing laws” jurist. It would be very interesting to know what lessons he took from the recent circus.

        “A libertarian is a statest mugged by the Judiciary Committee?”

    5. +1

      Well, I don’t know about ever being an actual Trump supporter, but stranger things have happened. But to the rest, yes.

      The dems cannot be rewarded for that circus they created. When a child throws a tantrum and knocks over a display in the grocery store after not getting their way, they need to be slapped and told no, not given what they want.

      Im not going to run out and vote for all things trump and the republican party, but I certainly won’t be encouraging this shitshow that is the democratic party.

      1. And the first thing I see on my google news feed this morning is…

        “Is Melania Trump’s hat racist/colonialist?!?!”

        …what. the. fuck. is wrong with these people. Do they want to completely put off everybody with a reasonable thought in their head?

        I mean with Trump being who he is there are so many things you could bitch about legitimately. Melania to a lesser extent but you could find something maybe.

        But her fucking safari hat? The SJW’s are really grasping at straws here. Can’t imagine how they lost western PA…

        If I ever go to Africa you bet your ass it’ll be in a sweet land cruiser with a safari hat. And anybody who says its colonialist can suck on a large bag of dicks.

        1. Probably nothing worth bitching about on Melania. If she were a Democrat First Lady, she’d own more magazine covers than the the Obamas combined, and anyone who got tired of it would be a misogynist.

          As it is, the only thing they can do is whine about her hats and shoes and suggest that she isn’t as fluid in her 6 languages as she could be.

  21. How do Democrats like Joe Manchin live with themselves? Mitch McConnell totally screwed the Democrats by not even giving Merrick Garland a hearing and Manchin’s response is to vote yes on the next two Republican appointees. People like him should just join the Republicans, they’re certainly not on our side.

    And other Democrats, why the hell are they voting to invoke cloture. They should have been fighting this 100% from the beginning even before Trump named anybody. That is what they should do to all future Republican Supreme Court appointees after what McConnell did. That should never be forgotten or forgiven.

    One more thing, when we do get a Democratic president, put LIBERALS on the courts. I don’t want to hear none of this “moderate” BS or justices that “both sides can support. The Republicans are working for a court with nine extreme right wingers. The Democrats should work for a court with nine extreme left wingers. The days of the non partisan court are over and Democrats need to realize that. It is now a war zone and they need to fight.

    1. Ummm, I guess you have never heard of Justice Kagan.

      1. “But she’s a centrist squish!”

    2. ‘They should have been fighting this 100% from the beginning even before Trump named anybody.’

      Is this sarcasm?

    3. First, there’s Kagen and Sotomayor. Might want to look up those vote totals, and they are liberal enough to cite feelings instead of the constitution as their basis for decisions. Let’s not pretend this is a Republican thing when Dems have been pulling this shit out of their ass since Bork, and have just tried it again.

      Second, yes, Republicans did screw Garland out of a vote, citing the Biden Rule. Not saying it was right, but when you make new rules and play by the, don’t whine when the others use the same rules.

      Third, all the major changes in confirmation process have started with Harry Reid’s Dems. They eliminated both the filibuster and 2/3 majority requirements. So if you want to blame anyone, look to dirty Harry. Changing the rules usually comes back to bite you in the ass. When it does, don’t be a bitchy little girl and whine about it.

      Fourth, get your head out of your ass and realize that Kavanaugh is a Bush conservative, not “extreme”, though I realize that for some of you, anything to the right of Mao is extreme right. BTW, doesn’t it get boring to constantly claim everything you don’t like is “extreme”? Your hyperbole is worn out.

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