Far-Right German Party Tries to Recruit Jews by Attacking Muslims

But many of the Alternative for Deutschland's leaders have questionable track records when it comes to anti-Semitism.


Sachelle Babbar/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Germany's most prominent right-wing nationalist party is trying to attract Jewish voters by stoking the flames of anti-Islamic sentiment. The twist: Some of the party's leaders have a history of offending the very people they're trying to reach.

The Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) claims it's not anti-Semitic. But in May, the party confirmed that some of its local politicians exchanged anti-Semitic messages in a WhatsApp group chat. In June, AfD co-leader Alexander Gauland downplayed the Nazi era, claiming that "Hitler and the Nazis are just a speck of birdshit in over 1,000 years of successful German history." And last year AfD regional leader Björn Höcke said that Germany needed to do "a 180-degree reversal on the politics of remembrance" of the Holocaust. Referring to Berlin's Holocaust Memorial, he claimed that "Germans are the only people in the world that have planted a monument of shame in the heart of their capital."

But like many nationalist parties, AfD tends to back Israel. And now it's trying to appeal to Jews by arguing that the two groups share a common enemy: Islam. In the town of Offenbach, the AfD is launching a new association called Juden in der AfD, or Jews in the AfD.

"The AfD is the only party in the Federal Republic that makes anti-Semitism toward Jews by Muslims a topic without trivializing it," says Dimitri Schulz, the initiative's Jewish founder, according to ABC News. Schulz also decried the "mass immigration of young men from Islamic culture," and particularly their "anti-Semitic socialization."

In a Facebook post, the AfD highlights several acts of anti-Semitism perpetrated by Muslims. Anti-Semitism is "normal" for those who live in Arab countries, Joachim Kuhs, a Christian AfD leader, argues to Deutsche Welle. "Why should they be different when they get here?"

The AfD's pitch likely won't work for most of Germany's roughly 100,000 Jews. Already, a host of Jewish organizations have warned against joining the party. The AfD, they warn, simply wants to further its own misguided xenophobic goals. They're right: The best solution to Germany's migrant crisis, as Jenipher Camino Gonzalez explained in a July piece for Reason, is to loosen work restrictions so immigrants can actually find good jobs.

ABC notes that anti-Semitic attacks do appear to be on the rise in Germany. "But," it adds, "93 percent of the perpetrators are far-right Germans." Evidently, AfD's fans contribute far more to the problem than AfD's foes.

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  1. The US North and South hated each other for a long time, but they quickly put aside all of those issues when it came time to fight a foreign invader or foreign war.

    1. The ‘foreign foe’ is actually the Germans themselves. They don’t have free speech or freedom of association. Therefore they were not allowed to speak out against immigration and thus feel it was imposed on them. Not by Muslims but by their own government. Facebook police raids based on ‘xenophobic’ posts are common. Also Facebook bans users who post ‘hate speech’, which leads almost immediately to violence. #wehavemettheenemy

      1. Europeans need to escape the Fourth Reich while they still can.
        Particularly Jews. But at least they know it.

    2. I don’t remember when either side of the Civil War tried to completely exterminate the other? If the British had a policy of killing all Americans in the War of 1812, do you think we would have helped them in WWI?

      1. I don’t remember when either side of the Civil War tried to completely exterminate the other?

        You need to read up on Sherman’s March.

        1. Mayhaps you need to also. Extermination was never Sherman’s goal. Perhaps you were thinking (equally wrongly) of the Andersonville death camp.

          1. Andersonville was not a death camp like Auschwitz. Jesus Christ. The South tried to release the prisoners to the North a one point. The South was not trying to exterminate all of the North.

            1. Exactly, my literate friend. Neither was Sherman’s march an attempt at extermination.

            2. Exactly, My Great-Great-Grandfather was a prisoner in the camp for officers that was the equivalent of Andersonville (as I understand it, Andersonville was for enlisted men). My mother had the spoon he whittled to feed himself there (I am still trying to find it among her effects) and the family mythology is that things were pretty dismal for him. OTOH, things were not just dismal for Confederate prisoners in the North, they were horrible. Lincoln’s opinion was that since Confederate prisoners were insurrectionists, rather than prisoners of a legitimate belligerent (remind anyone of anything, say in 2001-03), they were not entitled to treatment accorded to prisoners-of-war according to already established laws of war. The Confederates, like the Japanese in WWII, treated prisoners pretty much the same as they did there own troops because they were short of food, not because the were cruel and/or negligent.

              In the victory parade at the end of the war my Great-Grand-Mother (a baby of three years) sat on the pommel of his saddle as he led his regiment down Pennsylvania Ave. She died in 1957, I was nine years old.

              Neither of the above anecdotes means that I do not believe that either my Great-Great-Grandfather nor my father who served in the USN in the SouthWest Pacific during “the big one” were not fighting on the right side.

        2. I have read up on Sherman’s March. It was full of devastating destruction and death, it was but no means the extermination of the the Southern people like say the Final Solution. If it had been Lincoln’s reconstruction plan would have looked a lot different.

      2. Ugh. I hate to throw some actual history into this discussion, but as a huge WWII buff I must point out that initially Hitler had no intention of exterminating all the Jews. He mostly just wanted them out of German territory… But nobody would take them. He got as many of them out of their lands as possible, literally even looking into buying territory to send them to away from Europe.

        When the war went full tilt boogie, they very much did slave them. As the war went down hill and they had food shortages for Germans, they treated their slave labor worse and worse. When it became clear they were going to lose the war, they decided perhaps they should just whack them all.

        Fun fact is that there is not a SINGLE shred of documentation that Hitler even knew anything about the mass exterminations, although one would assume he did. Many people think the whole extermination campaign may have been mostly driven by Himmler wanting it as he was a real Jew hater. We’ll probably never know.

        But the Nazis didn’t start out planning to kill them all. That’s just the way shit went down in the hood as things became tougher for them. The caricature that most people have in their heads about the Holocaust is VASTLY over simplified.

    3. ORLY? When was the US invaded?

      1. English in 1812; pancho Villa in early 1900’s; aliens on July 4th.

        1. Blame it on the English? Nice try.

          It as the Canadians!

          The Canadians invaded, and they burned the White House down like the Canucks had just lost the Stanley Cup to Boston or something.

        2. Welcome to Earth!

      2. That is a classic CMB post, gets the facts wrong, acts like an idiot and an asshole, and then runs away when he’s shown to be historically ignorant.

  2. You know who else tried to influence Jewish Germans with his political party?

    1. Mark Rothko?

    2. Dieter from Sprockets.

  3. The Nazis have always supported Israel. The reason is of course to expel the Jews there, and kill any who remain. Also, the Zionists have long allied with the Nazis, for the same reasons. This goes back over a hundred years. It was in fact Hertzl’s explicit strategy. Thank you Reason for broaching this subject. #imkvelling

    1. Not really. They certainly wanted to expel the Jews (before they decided to simply kill them). However, Hitler’s good buddy the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem had no interest in letting them into Palestine and was working on his own plan to kill or expel them from the Middle East.

      al-Husseini opposed all relocation of Jews to the Middle East. Eventually the Nazis agreed – in return al-Husseini recruited Muslim volunteers for the Aserbaidschanische Legion and the Waffen SS SS Handschar Division.

      There was a fantasy plan to dump all the Jews into Madagascar after the war.

      1. While Herzl claimed that the establishment of a “Jewish” state would cure anti-Semitism, he also promoted anti-Semitism to further his cause.

        Not sure where you disagree. In fact I think you just proved my point.

        1. My point is that the Nazis gave up on a Jewish state to mollify their Muslim allies.

          1. Oh – I agree. And they will do the same this time. This is only a marriage of convenience. “First they came for the Muslims” and you know the rest.

    2. It isn’t just the Nazis that supported Israel, it has been the fundamentalist, prophetic, Armageddon types.

      OK, how harmful can that be? The “end of the world” as described in Revelations is not going to happen and the Jews in Israel know, so more fool them. So the worst thing that’s going to happen is a bunch of Jews make fools of a bunch of fundo Jesus Freaks, who will never figure it out because, well, they haven’t been able to figure it out for, like, forever.

      Of course, while the rest of us are amusing ourselves, at their expense, hundreds, if not thousands of Palestinians are suffering and or dying because of the Israeli State.

  4. Trump tried to recruit gays by attacking Muslims. Vote Republican: At Least We Don’t Throw You Off Buildings!

    1. Isis and progressives = two groups in perfect harmony

    2. Wasn’t the reverse: Hey, so they’ll throw you off buildings, but at least you’re not racist!

      1. I wasn’t aware ISIS was a major political party.

        1. Of course you weren’t, you’re pretty ignorant of the world at large.

    3. Obama blamed Muslims for murdering our ambassador in Libya–all in a pathetic attempt to distract people away from the embarrassing behavior of himself and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

      How pathetic is that?

      Making up a bullshit story about Muslims overreacting to a YouTube video, leveraging all the bigotry and prejudice against them–just to get himself reelected. Obama was such a shithead.

      1. I don’t think even Ted Cruz is still on the Benghazi lie. Do the world a favor and find a padded room to lock yourself in.

        What is your primary source of political news, out of curiosity?

        1. Really though, It’s just mean to kick Hillary around after her epic, historically unprecedented failure in the election she lost with only her incompetence to blame so prosecuting her instead of letting her die of her proven alcoholism is unseemly.

        2. Are you or are you not saying that Obama did not blame Benghazi on a Muslim overreaction to a YouTube video?

          1. He did and he was correct to do so. There have also been about a billion more important events in the world since then. I fucking hate how fucking much you idiots suck Republican cock around here. You’d think with the most embarrassing human being ever spawned occupying the presidency you idiots would ease off a bit with the partisan nut fondling. Dear god it’s nauseating.

    4. Trump tried to recruit gays by attacking Muslims.

      That started way back in the 90s with the Clinton Administration sending All Gore and Mad Allbright on their 1998 “Invade Iraq tour”.

      The funny thing is that at that point the Republicans weren’t interested.

      Of course, later, after 9/11 when Dubya decided how he needed to get the Germans and the Canadians on board, and everyone was talking about how everyone else the whole thing about how mean the Taliban and was to women and gays Then that became the whole story. Everyone wanted to invade Afghanistan and straighten those misogynistic, homophobes out.

      ( though the Frogs and the Canucks decided they weren’t interested)

      ( though the Frogs and the Canucks decided they weren’t interested)

      1. Correction:

        The Frogs and the Canucks had no problem with the Afghan invasion and occupation, what they had a problem with was Iraq.

        OTOH the Frogs and the Canucks have had problems with sicking with the Afghan invasion.

  5. AfD == ??? I know little German.

    Alles fur Dumbkoff

    Axis fuhrer Died

    1. Ich bin ein bear’s wiener!

      Germanglish lesson fur heute:

      Brassiere, AKA over-the-shoulder, boulder holder : Schtopp ’em Von Floppen!

      Vaseline : Viener Schleider!

    2. Haben Sie ein bierfahrten?

    3. Donde estas los Auslander?

      Haven Sie ein fiero?

  6. As some wag here once said… Was it gaoxien or some such?

    I did NAZI this coming; did Jew?

  7. “Hitler and the Nazis are just a speck of birdshit in over 1,000 years of successful German history.”

    Calling Hitler and the Nazis “birdshit” is not complementary towards them. Is the problem that it’s insufficiently self-loathing?

    Referring to Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial, he claimed that “Germans are the only people in the world that have planted a monument of shame in the heart of their capital.”

    Again, looks to me like he’s calling the holocaust shameful. I guess that’s not enough?

    I wrote earlier today that the first step to being a social justice warrior is to embrace self-hatred. Once you’ve accomplished that, it’s easy to get to the place where you hate other people for not hating themselves.

    I don’t know why I should hate Germans who don’t hate themselves–especially if they were born after the war. Looks like he’s ashamed of the holocaust. I’m ashamed of slavery. Why isn’t that enough?

    1. The problem is that they’re not complying with the official narrative that Nazi Germany was far and away the worst moment in all of human history and that the Jews stand far above all others as the greatest victims in history. That narrative is the justification for the the privilege of Zionism and for the ban on criticism of the grossly disproportionate Jewish influence on world affairs, so that can’t be tolerated.

      1. These quotes don’t seem to be about that. They seem to be about some Germans today not being sufficiently self-loathing.

        They’re ashamed of the Nazis according to those quotes. They call the Nazis birdshit.

        That’s not enough.

        You must thoroughly hate yourself–forever–for things that happened before you were born.

        1. You’re missing the point. They’re downplaying the significance of the Nazis. That’s the problem.

          1. Is that not possible? Maybe the significance of the Nazis is being overemphasized in regards to defense policy for instance. Am I supposed to be okay paying for their defense because of the Nazis? The German people are less aggressive than we are.

            JJuJust oononeone eexexample

    2. ‘Calling Hitler and the Nazis “birdshit” is not complementary towards them.’

      Why expect German Nationalists to complement Hitler and the Nazis? They started catastrophic wars, perpetrated unspeakable crimes in the furtherance of crackpot racial hygiene theories, just to name two of their worst horrors. German nationalists have every reason to loathe the Nazis and what they did. Your ‘self hatred’ theory sounds like something you’re parroting from TV. You need to reflect more, I think.

      1. Do you really not get the point that they’re saying bad things rather than good about the Nazis?

        1. I got your point. I was asking why is it so surprising that these Germans should distance themselves or condemn the Nazis and Hitler. I’m asking again. We all know the horrors of the Nazi regime. Do you accuse American nationalists of self hatred if they voice disagreement with American crimes of the past like genocide against the indigenous population?

    3. ” Is the problem that it’s insufficiently self-loathing?”


      Feel German Guilt NOW!

  8. Far-Right German Party Tries to Recruit Jews by Attacking Muslims

    ‘Attack’ as in ‘run over them with trucks’ or ‘attack’ as in ‘criticize harshly’?

    1. What’s the difference?


  9. Germany and France bring in millions of Muslim “refugees” who have almost zero prospect of finding actual jobs or of ever becoming German or French citizens. Good thing Hitler existed so the idiot politicians who do this can call anyone who opposes this mind numbingly stupid policy “Hitler” and/or “Nazi”. It would be cheaper and more compassionate to help them where they live then to shepherd them into ghettos.

  10. Seyton seems to have that ENB/Soave disease–where they think that if their intentions are good, we’re all supposed to overlook all the problems.

    Isn’t everything you say about “the far right” okay–so long as it’s bad?

    Um, . . . no.

    “When REASON speaks of poverty, racism, the draft, the war, studentpower, politics, and other vital issues, it shall be reasons, not slogans, it gives for conclusions,” Mr. Friedlander wrote in the first issue, published in May 1968 and peppered with typographical errors and misspellings. “Proof, not belligerent assertion. Logic, not legends. Coherance, not contradictions. This is our promise: this is the reason for REASON.”…..ander.html

    1. ENB and Soave are progressives.
      Seyton is a progressive.
      Every article Reason now publishes is for the purpose of advancing progressivism.
      Don’t know how different that is from the past, but its certainly the case in 2018.

      I guess it’s okay though; like that paragon of progressivism – Adolph Hitler – they too have “good intentions”

      1. Progressitarians

        Reason is converged.

  11. Muslims as a group hate Jews. There are virtually no Jews left living in Muslim countries. Life has become nearly intolerable for Jews in places like France that have a large Muslim minority. Importing large numbers of Muslims into your society is an almost sure way to make life for any Jews that happen to already be there intolerable. So the far right parties are not attacking Muslims. They are just telling Jews the turth about the nature of the threat against them.

    Would Reason claim that Demcorats try and attract gays by attacking Christian Conservatives? I don’t think so. How is this any different other than Reason for some reason loves Muslims.

    1. No, they don’t. I’m an out and proud Jew, and I have never once been threatened by a Muslim either online or in person. In fact I’ve actually had a few Muslim friends. On the other hand I’ve been stalked and threatened by Zionists many times, both online and irl. They are the greatest threat to godfearing, torahloving Jews like me. Reason is right to expose their hypocrisy. I am deeply grateful.

      1. Bullshit. You are likely as Jewish as the Pope. Beyond that, the animosity towards Jews by Muslims in the Middle East and Europe is well known. Go lie to people dumb enough to believe you.

        1. Everything you just wrote is a lie. Also, deeply antisemitic and Islamophobic. Jews and Muslims live together in freedom, peace and prosperity in the US and now we are demanding the same of Israel. #proclaimliberty #letfreedomring

          1. Jews and Muslims live together in freedom, peace and prosperity in the US

            They are small minorities here. They do not live together in peace anywhere else in the world. To claim Muslims don’t as a general rule hate Jews is just a complete lie.

            1. Jews and Muslims lived together happily in the Middle East until the Zionists came in and sabotaged the relationship:

              Jews from Islamic lands did not emigrate willingly to Israel; that, to force them to leave, Jews killed Jews

              1. So its the Jews’ fault that Muslims hate them? Even if that were true, you just conceded my point that Muslims hate them.

                1. First of all, everyone hates everyone. The fact that you denied my Judaism is proof. Secondly, the problem here is that Jews hate Jews. (Zionists are Jews.)

                  1. Even if you’re not just trolling right now… You’re an idiot.

                    The fact is that the vast majority of Muslims are VASTLY more anti-Semitic than your typical European/White American at this point in time. Anti-Semitic problems in Europe have picked up a LOT because of all the new Muslims.

                    If you’re serious, you’re basically saying that it’s totes cool to bring them in, let them harass the shit out of Jews, because MAYBE SOMEDAY in the far flung future we’ll have a Utopia where Muslims all LOVE Jews! YAY!

                    Sorry bro, not gonna happen any time soon. Yes, Zionists are a big part of why Muslims are extra angsty right now… But they hated Jews long before the modern Zionists got any real traction. If you’re really Jewish you should know these squabbles go back millennia.

                    Cultural clashes are not going to magically go away overnight because of your wishful thinking. Multiculturalism is a failed experiment… Some people are just a little slow to pick up on this. The only way it could ever work is VERY SLOW assimilation of small numbers of immigrants. Huge numbers in short time spans will always be a shit show, as history shows over and over.

      2. “out and proud Jew”


  12. …the party confirmed that some of its local politicians exchanged anti-Semitic messages in a WhatsApp group chat.

    How did WhatsApp get past the Right to Be Forgotten?

    1. A couple of anti Semetic messages on Watsapp is a big deal. But Imams routinely calling Jews monkeys and sub humans and calling for their extermination is just diversity.

      1. So much cultural enrichment!

  13. ABC notes that anti-Semitic attacks do appear to be on the rise in Germany. “But,” it adds, “93 percent of the perpetrators are far-right Germans.”

    I will eat the hats of everyone here if that’s anything close to true and they’re not counting Muslims who do these attacks as “far-right”

    1. There is no way in hell that is true. Why Reason thinks it helps their cause to lie is beyond me.

    2. This is exactly true–they automatically categorize all these crimes as “far-right” in advance.

      And the Reason “journalist” pads his wallet and resume at a supposed “libertarian” publication by copy-pasting ABC uncritically, before making the Dave Weigel jump to a “respectable” mainstream fake news organ.

    3. That number appears to come from this media report.

      From google translate: “According to the Federal Interior Ministry, 632 of the 681 anti-Semitic crimes committed by right-wing extremists (93 percent). Only 23 cases are assumed to have a religious or foreign motivated background, which is extremism determined by foreign issues, such as the Palestinian conflict. 25 offenses can not be assigned, in only one case, a left-extreme motive is accepted.

      It states that xenophobic and anti-Semitic offenses are always always the phenomenon “Politically motivated crime right” assigned, “if no other specifics recognizable” and “no suspects have become known.” For example, the words “Jews out” generally appear as “right-wing extremists” in statistics, although such a slogan is also popular in Islamist circles. “This may result in a distorted picture of the motivation for the crime and the circle of perpetrators,” wrote the authors of the expert report.

      Really shocking that Reason would lie about this issue.

      1. I’m wearing my shocked face.

      2. What’s wrong with a little lie if it supports the narrative?

        You wouldn’t want them reporting on the number of rape cases going up perfectly in unison with the number of refugees let into the country or anything would you? If you admit that not all foreigners are perfect citizens, that might lead people to think perhaps they should limit immigration! And you can’t have that…

    4. Well, when Muslims attack (tonight on the Nature Channel) the worst thing about it, according to the media, is usually the possibility of “stoking Islamaphobia”. So in a way we can safely blame the right-wingers even if Muslims are technically responsible.

  14. I’m still waiting for an article on European politics that doesn’t describe every right-of-center party as ‘far right.’ Because by definition, you can’t be ‘right’ – only ‘far right.’ Whereas you can celebrate Joe Stalin’s birthday and be labeled ‘left of center.

    1. These parties are extremist. If they were in the US, they would have been banned a long time ago.

      1. Parody account?

        In the US, you can be a Communist or a Nazi if you want to.

        1. You can be a Communist, but if you need to be gainfully employed, you can’t be a Nazi. Nor can you deny that men can become women and women can become men, merely by announcing they have done so.

  15. Germany’s most prominent right-wing nationalist party is trying to attract Jewish voters by stoking the flames of anti-Islamic sentiment.

    The Germans hate the Jews=bad. The Germans court the Jews=bad. There is not pleasing you people!. //sarc

    Also, “right-wing”…If they are socialists of any stripe they are not “right-wing”.

  16. People at the fringe sometimes are willing to make strange accommodations in an effort to lash together a critical political mass, and this seems especially likely when religion and intolerance are involved. The bizarre relationship among America’s Jews, right-wingers, and evangelicals is a vivid illustration of this.

    1. “People at the fringe sometimes are willing to make strange accommodations in an effort to lash together a critical political mass, and this seems especially likely when religion and intolerance are involved”

      That’s a surprising amount of self-awareness about the Democrats Rev.

    2. bizarre relationship

      You mean like the Democrats and the Blacks?
      The Dems endorsed slavery, started the Klan as their own paramilitary, enacted Jim Crow and opposed civil rights. Finally when they saw change was inevitable, they jumped in front of the parade and pretended they were leading it all along. They then crammed them into projects and ghettos, and put planned parenthood clinics in every black neighborhood to create an abortion rate 30 times higher than Whites. Himmler would be jealous of that last one.

      It’s like if the Nazi party survived, kept the same goal but changed tactics, and the convinced the Jews to vote as a block for them.

    3. The American Right are the only people in the world outside of Israel who would be inclined to lift a finger to stop a war of extermination against Israel.

      It’s really just bizarre that Jews continue to support the Left, after a couple of decades of watching them use Islamic violence to ethnically cleanse Jews from Europe.

      1. American Jews really do trip me out. I listened to a show with a right wing Jew talking about this stuff from his perspective, and his theory is this:

        Jews in Israel are mostly right wing. Yet Jews everywhere else tend to lean to the left very strongly, about 70/30 in the USA. They push for multiculturalism, secularism, etc very hard. But not in Israel. His theory is that they simply perceive that by weakening the white Christian majority, and putting together a coalition against them politically, this MUST by default help Jews. They’re the “other,” so assume bringing in more “others” must help them… Except it doesn’t always.

        Therefore, in situations like Europe getting mostly Muslims, which is definitely NOT going to help them… They have this weird cognitive dissonance. In his opinion he thinks that European and American Jews are starting to realize that their interests actually pretty much line straight up with white Europeans, and he expects them to start bailing to the right out of self interest, now that it is clear that multiculturalism is in fact not good for Jews either. Especially in Europe because of the immigrants they’ve been getting.

        Time will tell, but I think it’s a pretty accurate guess at the conscious/sub-conscious motivations of Jews outside Israel.

  17. Germans have had self-loathing systematically instilled in them since 1945; as such they are inclined to think there is nothing they can ever do to adequately compensate for WWII and the Holocaust. Yes that amounts to a bit more than “birdshit” no matter the context in which that phrase is used [presumably anti Nazi] but at some point they will either got on with life or remain constrained by their past.

    The problem is that they have a government that operates along these ideas and it’s starting to piss people off. That tends to encourage NAZI thinking rather then lessen it. I think the AfD is a natural outcome of their “open borders” approach. Allowing a million people with very different cultural backgrounds and practices to mass migrate tends to have that effect.

  18. The Judaic people are the only ethnicity to have total control of its own narrative. Tens of millions died in WWII, but no one has politicized their fate or exploited it for financial gain as completely as Judaics. They must be portrayed as completely innocent, and the Nazis are certainly always evil.
    As an Irish American, I would have no legal recourse if an English historian wrote a book claiming the English conquest and occupation of Ireland was a benevolent liberal hegemony. But entire major political parties are terrified of any criticism of Israel,s Brand of Zionism .
    I agree with comments here. Eichman visitednthe Zionists in Palestine to discuss emigration of Judaics from Germany to Israel. The Zionists themselves preferred Mussoloni style fascism, which was OKWith them. Make no mistake, the Irgun, Stern Gang etc. were paramilitary Fascist gangs. Fascism always has a paramilitary wing. Israel is and always has been fascist.
    Speaking of self hatred, most of the current criticism of Zionism is being written by converted Judaics. Ron Unz, Israel Shamir, many other “self hating Jews” are offering new critiques of the Judaic standard narrative.

    1. So because there are a lot of Jewish Hollywood producers and directors, the Jews have “total control” over their own narrative? Never mind that your own comment contradicts that, unless the Jews paid you to say it. Which I don’t really understand, but I guess they have their reasons.

      1. Are you willfully dense?

        His point is that Jews have waaay over hyped the bad shit that happened to them, and play the victim car LIKE WOA anytime anybody dares to criticize them, or any modern policy goal they have completely unrelated to the holocause.

        It was horrible, obviously… But ~5 times as many Russians died during the war. More Russian CIVILIANS were killed than Jews total. That was every bit as much ruthless Nazi asshole-ery as them killing Jews.

        So why is one such a big deal, and nobody gives a shit about the other? It’s all in the way the things have been spun. I’m pretty sure that’s basically all homeboy is saying there.

  19. I’m not really up on German politics, but is the Alternative for Deutschland really far-right and anti-Semitic? Or is this just the standard political defamation the clerisy use against any party that doesn’t mesh with their zeitgeist?

    They’ve used it against the GOP, the Canadian Conservative party, UKIP, the UK Conservatives, etcetera for so long, I don’t know when they’re serious or when it’s a smear.

    I do know that Joe Seyton didn’t provide one decent fucking example in his hit piece above though.

    1. ‘They’ve used it against the GOP, the Canadian Conservative party, UKIP, the UK Conservatives, etcetera for so long, I don’t know when they’re serious or when it’s a smear.’

      It’s a stretch to compare the GOP or the Tories on either side of the Atlantic to the far right and or populists. UKIP is closer and France’s National Front is closer still. As far as I recall, both of these parties have made effort to purge the Jew hating Hitlerites from their ranks. In France it was noted for the split between Le Penn the Jew hating father and his Muslim hating daughter.

    2. I think the correct answer is this:

      They are NOT especially far-right, or anti-Semitic. But they don’t buy into mass migration, and a number of other things good brain washed little leftists are supposed to believe, so they’re Nazis.

      In all fairness, just as I would say with the GOP, what few actual Nazis may exist would probably support the AFD (or GOP stateside), because it vaguely supports some things they would agree with more than other parties. But if having .5% of your party being made up of shitty people disqualifies you, then the Dems in the USA and several parties in Europe have even worse people in the form of ACTUAL violent communists… Soooooooo…

      But yeah, it’s basically just a BS smear job.

  20. When the AfD finds people in their party expressing racist views, in group chat rooms, they have a shit fit and expel them from the party.

    Democrats give them a job at the New York Times.

  21. It was only 85 years ago that Jews globally declared war on Germany. english/archives/articles/jdecwar.html

    I guess they let bygones be bygones.

  22. “The best solution to Germany’s migrant crisis, as Jenipher Camino Gonzalez explained in a July piece for Reason, is to loosen work restrictions so immigrants can actually find good jobs.”

    The best solution to Germany’s migrant crisis is to quit the NATO alliance, members of which caused the refugee crisis by bombing Libya and destabilizing Syria. A million Syrians have now returned to areas under the control of its elected, legitimate government.

  23. “Hitler and the Nazis are just a speck of birdshit in over 1,000 years of successful German history.”

    “Germans are the only people in the world that have planted a monument of shame in the heart of their capital.”

    SERIOUSLY? These are the examples of them being Nazis? LOLOLOLOL

    There is nothing unreasonable about either of those statements. The Nazis did some shitty things, that don’t even give them any 1st place records as far as mass murder goes, and all Germans are supposed to be self loathing for all eternity? Fuck that.

    I hope ALL Germans stop feeling bad about WWII. They shouldn’t feel guilty for something they didn’t do. Guilt tripping people will only work for so long, and thankfully that seems to be breaking.

    As far as things go, I hope more German Jews DO get on board with AFD. They’re the only ones talking sanely about dealing with the cluster fuck that letting in so many economic migrants… Errr, sorry, I mean “refugees,” has created.

    Germany should be for Germans first. Europe is not America, and all peoples deserve to be able to maintain their homelands for their people. That goes for Germans, Japanese, Somalis, Afghans, whoever. The migrants have caused nothing but problems, and frankly Germans aren’t obligated to make their country shittier by allowing in foreigners. Send their asses back home I say!

  24. “The best solution to Germany’s migrant crisis…” is to stop taking in millions of half illiterate savages with a shit ton of bad cultural baggage? And ship back every single one of the ones they’ve let in already?

    Yeah, that is the right way to do it.

    Look, the fact is that Germans have the right to keep their homeland for GERMANS. Most Germans have NOT been in favor of anything remotely resembling their idiotic refugee program, which JUST like in America has just been a shit ton of economic migrants more than anyone really in need of moving.

    This isn’t even America we’re talking about here, where you can spin the stupid country of immigrants yarn… Germanic peoples, with clear and continuous cultural lineage, have lived in those areas for AT LEAST 2,000+ years, probably much longer. Genetically it definitely goes back much further.

    It doesn’t make one evil to not want to see several thousand years of your peoples history washed away by mass migration in the span of a single lifetime… Which is EXACTLY what demographic trends show will happen in Europe is they remain even remotely on the track they’re on now.

    Europeans ARE the minority globally. We’re a successful minority, but we’re the smallest of all the broad ethnic groups. There are more Chinese and Indians ALONE than all Europeans combined. We have no obligation to give up our homelands to foreigners just because they want to show up and have a higher standard of living, OR even worse mooch off the system.

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