Donald Trump

Casualties of Trump's Trade War

The president's economic agenda is harming American businesses and consumers.


When White House economic adviser Gary Cohn showed up in the Oval Office earlier this year to give Donald Trump news of an excellent jobs report, the president's keen grasp of economics and policy instantly came into play. "It's all because of my tariffs," he replied, according to Bob Woodward's new book, Fear. Cohn had to inform him that the tariffs were not yet in effect.

Now they are, and the news is not so sunny. The Federal Reserve reported Wednesday that already, "tariffs are reported to be contributing to rising input costs, mainly for manufacturers," and worries about trade disputes have "prompted some businesses to scale back or postpone capital investment."

Eighty percent of the world's recreational vehicles are built in and around Elkhart County, Indiana, which voted for Trump by a 2-1 margin. When times are bad, people don't buy RVs, because they are a luxury, not a necessity. The Great Recession walloped Elkhart, which saw its unemployment rate hit 20 percent. Nine years later, the rate is 2.3 percent. But RV sales are falling and some plants have cut production to four days a week.

Why? Trump has imposed new duties on steel and aluminum, two commodities needed to build motor homes, campers, and the like. Elkhart-based Smoker Craft, which makes pontoon boats, said because of European retaliation the price of a typical new rig could climb from $30,000 to $37,000. Meanwhile, the tariffs imposed by Canada in retaliation have shriveled a market that previously accounted for a quarter of the company's sales.

"This is a really big deal for us," Elkhart county commissioner Mike Yoder, a Republican, told The New York Times. "We export a lot of product and import a lot of product. If this whole trade dispute expands much more, it has serious implications, and we will once again lead the country into a recession, without a doubt."

He has plenty of company in his anxiety, well beyond northern Indiana. A group of more than 80 trade associations representing U.S. farmers, retailers, toy makers, fisheries, tech companies, and others has launched a campaign with the slogan "Tariffs Hurt the Heartland."

New trade barriers do no good for them or their customers. The American Apparel and Footwear Association, which is part of this coalition, says, "we urge the American consumer to buy their warm winter clothing now, as it's shaping up to be a long, dreary, and bitter tariff season ahead." Parents in need of baby strollers and car seats "could see prices increase dramatically," warns the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.

The president's fixation on blocking imports and punishing trade partners, it must be said, is producing some worthy achievements. One is enlightening many people who voted for him in the mistaken belief that he knew what he was doing.

A new NPR/Marist poll found that his support is declining even in small towns, where 46 percent of voters disapprove of his performance, compared with 41 percent who approve. All this is before Trump follows through on his threat to slap fees on $200 billion of Chinese goods.

His trade war has also illuminated the value of free trade in ways that everyone can see. When a single industry or corporation laments the threat of foreign competition, it can point to the jobs it provides. The intended benefit—saving them—is obvious.

Granting it relief may raise prices, but not enough for most people to notice or object. Trump's broad increase in import taxes, by contrast, can't be ignored: It's too large and affects too many American companies. It could have hardly been designed more effectively to inflict palpable harm across a wide swath of the country and the economy.

But the benefits, if any, are exceedingly narrow. The steel industry, which stands to gain from the tariffs, employs only 140,000 people. Set that against more than 2 million farmers, 5 million retail workers, and 1.3 million auto dealer employees—all of whom stand to lose and many of whom realize it.

In the past, protectionism could be portrayed as a negative only for foreign companies. Now it's become clear that imports are a vital element in the functioning of the economy and that the government restricts them at our peril.

If the trade fight continues and expands, a lot of Americans will suffer from the effects, losing jobs and paying higher prices. Memo to the president: It's all because of your tariffs.

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  1. Another stupid article written by a very stupid man.

    1. No, yours is called a “comment.” The “article” is by Chapman. He triggered you, but this is not a safe space for the alt-right. Try these.

      ht tp://InfoWars. com

      P.S. It’s not true that the universe disappears if you close your eyes, cover your ears and BELLOW, “Fake News.”

      1. Do you notice how our Reason Republican colleagues here never get around to saying what they are in favor of? They are stuck in attack mode. Shithole here doesn’t defend Trump’s tariffs, he just attacks Chapman. That is because he CAN’T defend Trump’s tariffs on their merits. He doesn’t have the brain power to do so.

        1. They have said what they are in favor of. They want true free trade. Trade with zero tariffs on both sided. This can only happen by first raising tariffs to hurt foreign producers so badly that they force their governments to lower all trade restrictions. It isn’t intended to hurt domestic industry. Quite the opposite. So when domestic businesses are hurt, it isn’t Trump’s fault. How could it be? It’s not the intention. It must be the fault of something or someone else. Like fake libertarians who are really leftist anarchists.

          1. Freedom isnt free.

            American business people were already hurt by pre-Trump trade restrictions.

            Americans are allowing Trump to try this strategy. Its all of our faults. Americans all reap the rewards if the strategy works.

            1. If the strategy works, then American producers will be back to complaining about how it isn’t fair that they can’t compete with cheaper foreign goods.

              1. Then there are no excuses. Compete or go bankrupt.

                The managed trade status quo allow every side to complaining, instead of focusing on being the best business people that you can.

                1. You say that, but I don’t believe you. If there were no tariffs, and China was selling us steel more cheaply than it could be produced at home, you’d be whining and complaining about how it isn’t “fair” because commies, dumping, cheap labor, regulations, etc, and be demanding that we restrict imports until there is an equal playing field. No matter what the goalposts would keep on moving, while you claimed to support “free and fair trade” the entire time.

                  1. You can believe what you want. I am very consistent with what I say.

                    I want free trade. There are only a few ways to get it.
                    (1) Offer it and not be refused
                    (2) Hope it happens
                    (3) Negotiate via every available tool to convince trading partners to lower their trade restriction

                    The only ‘equal playing field’ is free trade. Every trader starts the trade with zero trade restrictions. May the best and cheapest product or service win.

                    1. Except that what you call free trade is a straw man. Free trade means the people of a given nation are free to trade with others without their own government punishing them. What other governments do is out of their control. The only thing our government can control is its own policies. So unilateral free trade is still better than a trade war. I’m sure that the millions of Americans being harmed by Trump’s tariffs would agree.

                    2. Other countries can agree to end trade restrictions.

                      If they do, all private traders would have free trade.

                    3. Trade policy is foreign policy
                      Sorry, you don’t get to have your own

                    4. I am very consistent with what I say.

                      Consistently ignorant,

                      I want free trade. There are only a few ways to get it.

                      Ignorance #1. Or a lie
                      4) Bully other nations to act against their own interests. It appeals to his base, who know nothing about negotiating, and even less about trade.

                      Ignorance #2. The HUGE one
                      Our tariffs average 3% over all. Their tariffs (average 18-20%). Do that math goobers.
                      Trump’s bellowing SOUNDS fait, unless you share lc1789’s ignorance.
                      What Trump is REALLY doing is yellowing ans screaming his demands:
                      Their prices will be 3% cheaper here. Our prices will be 18-20% cheaper there. Bullying.

                      If one is ignorant of reality, then Trump is just being fair. If one is educated, Trump is trying to increase our exports by bullying. He’s been failing at that in every arena.

                      For the REALLY educated, the problem is in our tax code, and cutting the marginal rate, even from 35% to 21% misses the INVESTMENT taxes and we still DOUBLE-TAX corporate profits. Consider Canada.

                      Tax rate = 15% once (ours 21%, plus AGAIN as dividends)
                      Tax write-off, factory equipment = 5 years (ours 7 years)
                      Capital gains = indexed for inflation (ours, tax inflation + gains)
                      Dividends = tax free (ours taxed)

                      So .. again .. Trump is gambling our entire economy on … his ignorance.
                      We’re STILL the worst place to invest in jobs.
                      Any questions?

        2. Little Jeffy and Sarc are now fellating Hihn to defend Chaoman.

          How expected.

          It’s like two nuts, and Hihn is the dried up sack they inhabit. Chapman is the asshole.

          1. See the alt-right hate fest! Why do we never see this from the left? Or the non-psychotic right?

            Last of the Shitheads continues his compulsive, raging psycho hatred, includes another Hihn conspiracy, all with the overall retardation of a 12-year-old throwing a tantrum.

            Brainwashed Trumptards AGAIN show their massive gullibility and .. well … stupidity. Trump says he wants zero tariffs, which is how he programs their robotic minds. Our tariffs average 3%. Theirs average 18%. So, here’s what our precious Trumptards cannot seem to cope with …

            Trump wants our prices to be 18% lower there, but their prices only 3% lower here. Another Trumpian Art of the Squeal, for his devoted bobbleheads. This again confirms Trump’s abject stupidity on trade and tariffs, as in everything else.. As loveconstitution1789 scurries around like a cockroach, adding whatever lies he hopes will stem another failure, expanding on Trump’s ignorance of markets and trade.

            Can Mueller jail him before he totally destroys America — to match Trump’s abject failure as a businessman ( when he repeatedly failed to be more than just an investor? Having sold his soul to Russian financing when everyone else cut him off/

            And will Last of the Shitheads continue his alt-right humiliation of the responsible right? And blame his own fuckups on Hihn and Mary Stack and the other conspiracies infesting his brain?

            While we await even a partial victory in ANY Trump negotiation!

            1. You can’t post under your real name because Reason will purge you again. How does that make you feel? Worthless? It should, because you are.

              Time for hospice.

    2. Re: Lord of the Shitloads,

      Another stupid article written by a very stupid man.

      Unassailable argument, Aristotle!

      Trumpistas are easily triggered by pointing out the fact that their Shitlord is an economic Neanderthal.

      1. Let’s hope you resist when ICE picks you up, and they put you down.

    3. If this trade strategy works to get America lower trade restrictions with trading partners, Chapman will be so sad.

      1. And if it doesn’t, you can always point to several hundred conspiracy theories meant to obfuscate and distract from DJT’s incompetence and Trumpista folly.

      2. If it doesnt work, we go back to managed trade pre-Trump.

        Its already working.

        1. Its already working.

          Does he BELEEB his own bullshit.
          Or is he programmed by Trump’s Twitter feed every morning?
          Even Orwell missed it. Big Brother is ruling via a Twitter feed.

  2. MAGA, Make America Grate (its teeth) Again!!!!

    1. ^^ This

      1. Cry more

        1. Learn whar “cry” means, whiner.

          1. Sock puppet

            1. ANOTHER conspiracy!!! (smirk)
              I know the difference between celebrating and crying.

              Stop humiliating yourself, like some angry schoolboy on a hissy fit.

  3. Look. Trump’s intention is to force China to drop all its tariffs on American goods so we can have true free trade, as in zero tariffs on both sides. Anything other than zero tariffs is a trade war. So there was a trade war going on when Trump took office, because tariffs existed. So what if they were at historically low levels? They existed, and that means there was a trade war. In fact there has been a massive trade war in effect since the founding of the nation, because tariffs have always exists. Only Trump can lead us to true free trade. He will do this by jacking up tariffs on Chinese goods, which will hurt Chines producers to badly that their government will cave in a bring us to true free trade. Any job losses or shuttered businesses are figments of someone’s stupid imagination, because those things are not intended to happen. Good intentions have good results. Trump has good intentions, which means his policies only have good results. Anything bad that happens has some other cause, because intentions.

    1. Stop making sense! You’re hurting the proggie’s brains! They can’t comprehend multi-step process or things like strategy, they only understand crying, feels and living in the now.

      1. Yeah, Proggies all want to feel like they are doing the right thing for the right reasons. For them it is intentions that matter. This is why they are so hell bent on raising the minimum wage. To them, the important thing is that by raising the income of those privileged few with existing jobs, they are helping America. That the costs of artificially increasing the cost of inputs actually hurts far more people is likely due to faulty studies or greedy businessmen. Luckily principal’d people on the right are there to remind them of their hypocrisy. That raising the costs of local labor with Min Wage increases is fundamentally no different than raising the costs of key input resources for manufacturing never dons on them, and….wait! This sarcasm makes my head hurt!

    2. Besides that (the well-engineered sarcasm, I mean) Trumpistas don’t want to talk about the end-game. DJT claims he wants zero tariffs. That’s an obvious lie, of course, but setting that aside, what if DJT gets what he presumably wants and gets the EU and Canada and China fo lower their tariffs to American goods? Will his anti-trade crackpots tell him “Ok, our job is done, lower the tariffs to zero, Mr. President”, when DJT talked about “fair trade” and bringing back “American” jobs to America?

      It’s all a scam. He’s not being truthfull. The guy couldn’t care less about the pain to consumers he’s causing because, after all, them anti-patriotic ingrates should be standing up to the National Anthem at ball games and buy ‘Murican made, for cripes’ sake!

      1. So he should just go back to the status quo? Is that your opinion? He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t? Even if what he’s doing is posturing for blue collar votes, at least we’re having the discussion about unfair trade that been going on for over 30 years in some cases. If he somehow does succeed and the tariffs are lowered and it is cheaper for US manufacturers to compete in foreign countries, what then? Are you going to concede defeat?

        1. Trade agreements, while not conforming to the straw man of free trade that Trump followers espouse, were a heck of a lot freer than anything that came before. But they came with a price. That being that when Americans buy imports because they are cheaper, domestic producers suffer.

          Thing is, Trump doesn’t want free trade, no matter what he says. And neither do his followers. Free trade allows competitive advantage to thrive. That’s not “fair” because domestic producers are hurt when they can’t compete. What Trump and his followers really want is to sell without restrictions, but only allow Americans to buy stuff produced at home. But that means more of what we see happening in this article. Domestic producers who depend on lower cost foreign materials are hurt by tariffs. That’s because you can’t have it both ways.

          1. We’ll never know if free trade would be possible since Trump offered free trade and our trading partners refused.

            Trump offered free trade….

            1. You keep saying that. So what happens if we get zero tariffs on both sides? That means that many goods, like steel for instance, will be cheaper to import than to produce. We’ll be right back to having people like you crying and wailing about how it just isn’t fair, and how we need the government to do something to protect domestic industry.

              You don’t want free trade. You want free exports and restricted imports.

              1. As I note below, their argument will just shift to saying that “Free Trade” doesn’t exist as long as China’s labor costs less than domestic. Tariffs will be justified because China is communist, because the Chinese don’t have the same rights, or pay for social security or whatever other domestic policies can be tortured into justification.

                This will never end. We have always been at trade war with Eastasia.

              2. I want free trade.

                Yeah, the market will have to adjust after decades of managed trade.

                I still wont buy most of the Chinese crap out there because it breaks too easily. I would rather pay more for a durable good. With free trade, my durable goods prices will go down.

                1. Re: lovecons… Yeah, I can’t even,

                  I want free trade.

                  Liar, liar, pants on fire.

            2. Re: Naive Trumpista Fool,

              We’ll never know if free trade would be possible since Trump offered free trade and our trading partners refused.

              He lied. The EU allies know he’s lying. Everyone knows –except you, it would seem– he’s lying. The end-gams for DJT is not free trade but even WORSE managed trade. That much is obvious by what the administration is ‘negotiating’ with the Mexican government.

              1. “That much is obvious by what the administration is ‘negotiating’ with the Mexican government.”

                Really? Can you be specific to that point?

            3. As a rhetorical ploy. The president cannot reduce all tariffs to zero, that is not within the scope of his constitutionally delimited powers.
              This makes the offer a lie, or, to be gracious, a meaningless rhetorical ploy intended not for ‘our’ trading partners but for the press.

              1. While true that only Congress can reduce end all trade restrictions, Trump can promise that with the caveat that the American Congress has to make it happen.

                Its the offer of free trade that matters and is symbolic.

                1. Re: lovecons… You kid no one,

                  Its the offer of free trade that matters and is symbolic.

                  If it’s symbolic then it doesn’t matter.

                2. Re: lovecons… You kid no one,

                  Its the offer of free trade that matters and is symbolic.

                  If it’s symbolic then it doesn’t matter.

                3. Yet said caveat was not offered.
                  The offer was fundamentally dishonest on the face of it.

                  1. It wasnt dishonest.

                    Dishonesty is lying that everything Trump says is a lie.

                4. Don’t you tire of the same tired hackneyed arguments from these anarchist halfwits? They’re actually defending Steve Chapman. Who is a gigantic piece of shit. They’re Ben sucking up to Hihn. Capital offense right there.

                  1. They’re actually defending Steve Chapman. Who is a gigantic piece of shit.

                    It’s really sad how partisans on the right become just like the left in embracing ad hominem arguments as if they are not fallacious. Even a giant piece of shit like Chapman, or even you LotS, can be right sometimes. To judge solely on who the person is, not what the person says, is to be just like the loony left.

                    1. No, I’m right nearly all of the time. It is very sad you resist my logic and deny so many facts.

                      And yes, Chapman is worthy of little consideration. He worked hard to earn that kind of ire. Given that there are so many better columnists, even ones with whom I tend to disagree, Reason could better than publish this hack’s vomited pablum.

                      I’m surprised that you don’t demand better too. Even when you’re wrong you appear to be trying. I don’t really get that from Chap,an.

              2. I think that if the EU, or China came back to us with an offer of vastly reduced trade restrictions all around that Trump could sell it to congress.

          2. MAGA

        2. Re: Cy,

          So he should just go back to the status quo?

          The Status Quo Ante Trumpum was never the problem. Average tariffs across the board were 2.5% (economist David Stockman has made this point numerous times) People are not buying Chinese-made goods because they’re unpatriotic but because it makes economic sense. DJT and his cadre of economic crackpots are operating on a series of bad assumptions coupled with economic ignorance.

          So, yeah, DJT should mend things right away while he can, because it takes DECADES for states and political powers to convince themselves that trade is indeed a good thing.

          1. Trade restrictions were very high pre-Trump.

            1. Take those goalposts and run Forest run!

              1. Since you can’t do anything about it anyway, why don’t you wait and reserve judgement until we see the end results of Trump’s trade strategy? We. might actually end up with less trade restrictions than we started with in 2017.

    3. Glad you finally see it Sarcasmic.

      The Chinese Communist Party sets Chinese trade policy, so Americans deal with them. Trump is trying to make it so Americans deal with Chinese people for trade.

      I hope it works.

    4. Look. Trump’s intention is to force China to drop all its tariffs on American goods so we can have true free trade

      Precious snowflakes swallow anything. Trump’s failure here is like all his business failures .. his totally stupidity, which exploits your own.

      How can he “force” a FAR more powerful government, to do anything? . Pay attention, and I’ll teach you.

      When you see that China owns trillions of our debt, that means the Chinese government. Their government has an estimated $5 trillion in assets. Our government has over $20 trillion in debt. So when you tell us that Trump is trying to force China, that’s like you launching an economic war against Bill Gates — which savvy Americans would also ridicule.

      Berniebots = Trumpbots

      1. Debt to Emperor Xi is wonderful!
        Reason tells me so.

        All he can do to collect that debt is to “invest” in the US! Yay! We win again!

        Right? Isn’t that The Narrative?

        1. Debt to Emperor Xi is wonderful!
          Reason tells me

          Fucking liar.

          Now your TOTAL gullibility. Now how STUPI they are one what debt even ois!

          All he can do to collect that debt is to “invest” in the US! Yay! We win again!

          Pay attention, third-grader
          1) He already bought the debt of our GOVERNMENT.
          2) Why must he invest more in our debt, to get the interest we owe him? Trump is THAT bad?
          3) Dipwad CELEBRATES China buying more of our debt? (I don’t know WTF he’s babbling about either!

          If China buys more of our federal debt, as YOU hope he does, Trump must first create more debt! DUH!
          Trump *IS* creating debt at record levels! More new 8-year debt in less than 2 years, than Obama added after EIGHT years.


          Make America (debt) Great Again!

          1. Kill yourself, you communist moron.

  4. But the benefits, if any, are exceedingly narrow. […]

    If the trade fight continues and expands, a lot of Americans will suffer from the effects, losing jobs and paying higher prices. Memo to the president: It’s all because of your tariffs.

    The biggest prize is far lower trade restrictions after our trading partners cave and lower their trade restrictions.

    Thanks Mr. President for trying a new strategy by using America’s best market leverage to get Communist China and Socialist EU, Mexico, and Canada to lower their protectionists trade restrictions.

    Thanks Donald J. Trump for making it so America does not have to accept Communist and Socialist bullshit trade restrictions without a fight.

    1. Reminds us all of the Founders who could have kept the English status quo and just asked for less taxes, less Royal regulation, less Royal mandates, and more rights like voting for colonial representatives to the King.

      The Founders chose to fight to take a gamble and break the status quo. Fight off the largest and best Army in the World. Create the freest and most successful nation the World has ever seen.

      1. Create the freest and most successful nation the World has ever seen.

        Until Trump. Now we’re careening toward the same failure as all his actual businesses.

        You speak of the founders. How many of them made their name as the head of a family business?
        Financed by loans from the then equivalent of Russia, because all the “free” banks refused to lend to one of America’s biggest deadbeats? Four bankruptcies plus nearly a dozen outright failures?

    2. Here is why we know you are full of shit: We were at record low levels of trade barriers and tariffs. And that resulted in exactly the same “problems” that will occur if we ever reach this mythical “True Free Trade” era. That is, many labor intensive industries in the US will simply not be competitive with the comparative advantage of other countries in the developing world. We know this is true because many of the tariffs that Trump created are in industries that faced little to no tariffs, and those manufacturing jobs were tough to justify. If we eliminate our tariffs on those as part of “true free trade” they will become uneconomical again.

      So let me get your talking points in order. Ahem: “True Free Trade” isn’t when all these other countries lower their trade barriers. No, they need to also take on all the quality of life improvements championed by the left so that their cost of labor is equal to ours here in the US. We will remain justified in raising tariffs so long as people in China do work cheaper than their US counterparts.

      1. We know he’s full of shit going by his Nom de Guerre. He’s a Trumpista, not a Constitutionalist.

        1. And you’re just a garden variety turd Mexifry. You never really add anything to a discussion, except slander of your betters, which is just about everyone.

          1. (spits coffee on screen)

            You never really add anything to a discussion, except slander of your betters,

            Reveal the pathetic bullshitter! See the very first comment on this page!! (lol)
            And, umm, the one I just quoted!

            (dumber than a box of rocks)

            1. You fail at logic. Best you learn to obey.

      2. Trade restrictions are super high. China wont even let Google put a search engine on their internet market unless it comes with expensive authoritarian suppression software.

        Business taxes just got lowered to 21%. So that means that US companies start all business transactions with a 21% handicap toward making money.

        You’re full of shit and anyone who is paying attention knows this too.

        1. Re: lovecons… Yeah, no,

          Trade restrictions are super high.

          Trumpistas have a penchant for hyperbole.

          China wont even let Google put a search engine on their internet market unless it comes with expensive authoritarian suppression software.

          And that matters because……

          Business taxes just got lowered to 21%. So that means that US companies start all business transactions with a 21% handicap toward making money.

          See, that’s how everyone knows Trumpistas are economic ignoramuses. Assuming you’re correct about the 21% rate, that’ll be on profits. Tariffs hurt INPUTS, which cannot be ‘handicapped’ as easily because prices are set by THE CONSUMER, THE MARKET, not by producers. Any ‘handicap’ you care to point to is erased (and then some) by higher production costs thanks to your mercantilist pals in the WH.

          1. Mexifry, you know not of which you speak. As usual. I’ve been listening to a lot of market Ana,hats lately on this issue, and every one of them agrees that we do not have good trade deals with many of our trade partners, and that this has been a problem for decades.

            The only disagreement is how bad deals to take on at once, and in what order.

            But then, I’ve never had any sense of you giving a shit about America and what’s good for it, or Americans.

          2. They don’t have a 21% handicap because most of them used the tax windfall for stock buybacks and bonuses. They didn’t raise salaries and they certainly are not going to use any left over money to offset the costs of the tariffs. They will cut hours and stop giving raises, claiming falling sales and increased production costs. This is a no-win argument.

            1. Angela, that’s just democrat rhetoric. The fact is that wages are going up, and jobs are coming back.

        2. You’re moving the goalposts, just like I said you would. Free trade has morphed from free to trade without tariffs to businesses being taxed equally. What’s next? Equal workplace safety rules? This is why nobody believes you or any other Trump supporter on the subject of free trade. You want “fair” trade. They are not the same thing.

        3. No workplace rules.

          No taxes for businesses.

          Same thing outside the USA.

          Free trade.

        4. Trade restrictions are super high. China wont even let Google put a search engine on their internet market unless it comes with expensive authoritarian suppression software.

          That has NOTHING to do with trade at all, Trumptard!

  5. What’s going to happen is, there will be a “blue wave” of Democrats elected this fall, or a “purple wave” of libertarians (we can always dream!) in reaction to Der TrumfenFuhrer’s trade wars (and perhaps to a lesser extent, His National-Socialist border excesses). Der TrumfenFuhrer’s GOP lackeys have failed to stop His Trade Wars, despite them easily being able to do so. They will pay a price!

    Then by hook or by crook, Der TrumfenFuhrer won’t serve 8 years, if there’s a God or any angels whatsoever. A few months post-TrumfenFuhrer, grownups will de-escalate the trade wars. Der TrumfenFuhrer’s admirers will give Der TrumfenFuhrer credit for having put their (trade partners’) feet to the fire, and having attained “free trade”, even if the NEW “free trade” is slightly less free than the OLD “free trade”, pre-TrumfenFuhrer!

    TrumfenFuhrer’s admirers will admire Der TrumfenFuhrer, regardless of facts, logic, or the evidence of our senses…

  6. Worst roundup ever.

  7. What they should have done was just raise TAXEZ on the greedy corporashunz . Right ?

  8. A new NPR/Marist poll found that his support is declining even in small towns

    so they decided to pass the results on since NPR needs the democrats in power to continue to exist.

    1. Gotta have that state sponsored radio.

      1. All the polls say the same thing, losers. Trump is clearly nearing a total breakdown.

        Along with all his trolls here. But he has them masterfully brainwashed. The more proof of his massive failures, THEY see more proof of a Deep State Conspiracy. Remember, virtually his entire core base are Birthers. They’ve been drinking his Kool-Aid for over a decade.

        Only 32% of Americans think he’s trustworthy
        49% want impeachment to start now
        56% believe he’s unfit for the Presidency
        63% of young people know he’s a racist (they saw his disgrace with Charlottesville)
        Only 40% think he’s the change agent they wanted.

        Don Junior CONFESSED to conspiring with the Russian government who SAID they wanted to boost dad’s election. Then Donald LIED about the meeting, a cover up that makes him a co-conspirator HERE too.

        It’s now worse than his business failures.
        Obama Derangement Syndrome.
        So … will Trump quit … or commit suicide?
        His tiny ego now spews the strong stench of doom.

        LOCK HIM UP!

        1. I’m more focused on your suicide. They should force you into hospice amd turn the morphine drip up.

          Best thing for you really, your commentary is going nowhere.

  9. What value is to be found in electing a businessman who doesn’t understand the basics of business? President Feckless is attempting to use the same tactics that made him anathema to all banks who dfidn’t have a history of Russian money laundering, to international trade. He has tunnel vision. seeing only the benefits without taking into account the costs. This is is natural; position because he never honored any costs incurred from his actions, unless the people to whom he owed his successes such as they were, were Russian oligarchs. He is helping steel at the cost to the rest of the economy which is exactly what he is doing for the coal industry at the expense of the environment and the thousands of people employed in the renewable energy fields. To destroy Obamacare, he is endangering West Virginians with Black Lung and the hundreds emmployed in the health care industry: West Virgina’s largest employer.
    Apparently he forgets that people besides coal miners and steel mill workers also vote and as they see their paychecks decline- they are motivated to do so.

    1. Yep, just more democrat bullshit from Angela.

  10. ” said because of European retaliation the price of a typical new rig could climb from $30,000 to $37,000″

    We *could* be hit by a meteor tomorrow! Damn Trump!

    Another of Reason’s articles cherry picking the losers of the changes to trade policy instead of the winners.

    I think we’re at about the lowest unemployment rate ever. 4% annual GDP growth.

    Sounds like America, and American workers, are winning.

    But Company Podunk *might* have to raise their prices! Damn Trump!

    1. We *could* be hit by a meteor tomorrow! Damn Trump!

      Trumptard says Trump could cause us to be hit by a meteor! Umm, precious snowflake confuses something CAUSED with something that would happen anyhow — typical Trumptard IQ

      Full of shit on employment and GDP growth.

      Pay attention, Trumpchump.

      …growth rate Trump repeatedly cites, the 4.2 percent expansion … The economy grew more quickly than that four times during Obama’s eight years

      …When it comes to jobs, the U.S. added more jobs in each of the last three years of Obama’s presidency, 2014-2016, than it did last year, Trump’s first in office. Job growth has picked up a bit this year but is still on track to come in below the 2014-2015 pace.

      That’s why Trump tweets so early in the morning, He’s programming their robotic minds. And they nod like bobbleheads, as gullible as Bernie’s bots.

      Left – Right = Zero

  11. US Income tax evasion is the same as taking money from the US treasury.

    This is the same as politicians awarding no-bid contracts to political contributors at inflated prices which also results in taking money from the US treasury.

    US Tax laws require that US citizens pay taxes on money that is made in foreign nations by US citizens, even if none activity to create that wealth was done in the USA.

    Even if you believe that these provisions of the US tax code are not fair, you should face US prison for evasion of these provisions if you file false statements to the IRS.

    No US citizen should ever be pardoned by any US President for US Tax Evasion.

    If you want the benefits of US Citizenship then you must also comply with US laws, or you can renounce your US citizenship and leave the USA.
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