Brickbat: Leaving a Bad Taste in Your Mouth


Dining couple
Krivosheina Elena /

The Indonesian province of Aceh, which is heavily Muslim, has banned men and women from dining together in public unless they are married or related. Officials say the ban is aimed at making women better behaved.

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  1. Thanks to open borders, we’ll be seeing this in Europe in our lifetimes, though probably not here (unless you’re really young)

    1. Thanks to our very own social conservatives we’ve seen shit like this here.

      1. Yeah… because modern conservatives are SO much like muslims…. Fuck off.

        1. A fundamentalist kook is a fundamentalist kook . . . and our delusional and intolerant religious zealots are right-wingers.

          1. And vegans. Don’t forget vegans.

          2. Surely ALK you are the online presence of the late Adm. James Stockdale, because every time you post, I think, “who are you? Why are you here?”

      2. Ah? When was that?

      3. we’ve seen shit like this here
        Hello overly earnest youth.
        Hate to break this to you, but the Handmaid’s Tale is just a shitty book. It’s not actually historical.

    2. Muslims- the religion that wants us all to rock like its the Stone Age.

    3. I know, right? It’s not like there have never been misogynistic patronizing laws in the West before those damn Muslims showed up.

      1. You said past, right? Yeah in the past.

      2. Well, would you just look at those goalposts move.

  2. Officials say the ban is aimed at making women better behaved.

    See? I knew if we just gave them a chance to explain their reasoning…

    1. Well they aren’t wrong. People are often very well behaved when their freedoms are horribly curtailed.

  3. Filthy whore! Chew with your mouth closed!

    1. The law would be entirely acceptable, even commendable, if it confined itself to that provision, and to banning dates who do not order from the middle of the menu.

  4. Women know when they appear in public unaccompanied by a bodyguard of some sort they’re practically begging to be assaulted. Those dirty, dirty whores, leading men to engage in bad behavior. And yet some people don’t realize that the men are the real victims here, they can’t be held responsible for controlling their animal passions any more than you could expect a retarded chimpanzee to control his instincts. Well, Muslim men at least apparently can’t be expected to behave any better than a retarded chimpanzee.

    1. Yes, in Muslim nations a woman invites rape by showing a few inches of bare skin, they should know better, they had it coming!

      In America, black men invite being shot to death by being anywhere near pot, especially anywhere near where there might be pot AND a gun or suspected gun of any sort… they should know better, they had it coming!

  5. Context: 95% of the really weird shit in Indonesia happens in Aceh. It is both philosophically and geographically at the fringe of Indonesia.

  6. First this then banning straws.

    1. Well, straws do enable the decadent (albeit adorable) sharing of milkshakes.

      1. And sucking. Way to suggestive.

        1. This brings up a question about intersectionality:

          Penis-shaped plastic straws marked “for non-hetero-CIS-gendered shitlord customers only”, would they be allowed, being intended for favored classes, but being made out of EVIL plastics?

          Inquiring minds want to KNOW, dammit!!!!

  7. “Officials say the ban is aimed at making women better behaved”

    Muslim women are the worst

  8. Private College ( maybe others too) in the 60’s,”we control the men by controlling the women.” That ended and how many single unwed mothers are there today?

    1. “… how many single unwed mothers are there today?” probably not a lot that went to college.

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