Super Bowl

Ignore the Anthem Outrage Mob, It's Going To Be a Great Year for Football

There are many reasons to be excited about the NFL's return. The national anthem controversy isn't one of them.


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Football fans rejoice: The NFL is finally back.

Well, it technically returned more than a month ago if you count the preseason. (You shouldn't). And we did finally get a taste of the real action on Thursday night, when the Eagles defeated the Falcons 18–12.

But if you—like me—have been counting down the days since February 4, when Tom Brady's last-second heave fell to the ground and the Eagles won their first Super Bowl championship, you're probably excited for Sunday when the season gets underway in earnest.

Unfortunately, the return of football brings with it the return of the national anthem controversy, now entering its third season. It all started prior to a 2016 preseason game, when then-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick knelt for the playing of The Star-Spangled Banner. Kaepernick, who was kneeling to protest police brutality against African Americans, kept at it throughout the regular season, and many players around the league joined him.

Many conservatives were, and still are, outraged. Kneeling during the anthem shows blatant disrespect for the American flag and military veterans, they say. Others think differently, and in some circles Kaepernick has been hailed as a hero. The fight has long since ceased to be about the legitimate debate over policing practices, however; it is now the province of partisans and culture warriors.

Still, the controversy likely would have died a lot sooner if not for President Donald Trump. At a rally one year ago for Alabama senatorial candidate Luther Strange, Trump denounced the players who kneel, suggesting they ought to be "fired." Trump continued to insert himself into the debate over the next year, firing off periodic tweets on the issue to remind supporters of his great respect for the military.

Kaepernick, for his part, opted out of his contract with the 49ers (he didn't really have a choice) and hasn't played in the NFL since. He's filed a collusion grievance against the NFL, claiming he's being blackballed, though his detractors say he just isn't good. (In reality, it's probably a little bit of both.)

The NFL, meanwhile, has consistently shown it has no idea how to deal with being at the center of a high-volume, low-content political death match. The league approved then later suspended a policy requiring all players on the field to stand during anthem. This week, the league said in a statement that the "social justice issues" raised by Kaepernick and other kneelers "deserve our attention and action."

That latest statement was prompted by a new Nike ad campaign headlined by Kaepernick. The campaign's motto? "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything."

As one might expect, Trump has been all over Nike for effectively endorsing Kaepernick. "I don't like what Nike did. I don't think it's appropriate," he told Fox & Friends at a rally Thursday night in Montana. "I honor the flag. I honor our national anthem," he added. Early Friday morning, Trump reiterated those sentiments, tweeting, "What was Nike thinking?"

And Trump's response to the Nike ad campaign was far from the most extreme. Across the country, people decided the best way to stick it to the multibillion-dollar apparel company was to burn their Nike gear—nevermind that Nike already had their money.

And so the controversy rages on. Though it's worth noting that on Thursday night, anthem protests were a non-issue. Two Eagles players, defensive end Michael Bennett and running back Jay Ajayi, sat down right before the song ended, but there was no kneeling.

Though it's not terribly surprising that the outrage continues; fomenting outrage is good politics. Maybe that's why Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has taken to tweeting what Reason's Peter Suderman correctly referred to as "inane pablum" about the kneeling players. Walker is facing a tough re-election battle against Democrat Tony Evers, so what better way to rile up the base than by scoring easy political points with some showy rhetoric about being "honorable" and showing "respect?"

Police brutality is a very real problem and football players are right to use their platforms to call attention to it. It's also possible to make a good-faith argument in favor of a league policy that requires players to stand for the anthem. But this entire controversy has come to be defined by unresolvable partisan bickering.

It's a shame really, because there are so many reasons we should be excited for the NFL's return.

All around the league, there are great storylines. Will Andrew Luck return to form after missing all of last season with a devastating shoulder injury? Are the new-look Browns going to build off a disastrous 0–16 season? Can Kirk Cousins turn the Vikings from a playoff contender to the team to beat in the NFC? Will Sam Darnold turn out to be the quarterback the Jets have been searching for since Joe Namath?

Storylines aren't the only thing to get hyped about. There's fantasy football, and gambling too. Plus, thanks to a May Supreme Court ruling, some of those bets might even be legal (though only in certain parts of the country).

While all of those things are great, for many fans, it's simple: After a very long offseason, there's finally something good to watch on Sunday afternoons. And Sunday nights. And Monday nights. And Thursday nights. Baseball is great, but there's only so many times a man can watch the Mets embarrass themselves.

When the NFL games kick off on Sunday afternoon, why not skip the politics and focus on football?

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  1. Only if you’re a Carolina Panthers fan.

  2. “Kaepernick, who was kneeling in protest of his impending demotion to backup quarterback…”

    Fixed it for you.

    1. He had been benched. He first sat on that bench during the anthem to try and force a trade. Knowing his career was over he grabbed the chance to become an SJW figurehead with the policing explanation.

      1. Except he had been wearing the pig socks earlier in training camp, and said the stuff about America being racist immediately after the game where he was noticed sitting for the first time.

        It seems more likely that the driver was his radical Muslim girlfriend.

        1. I don’t think I ever heard a coherent statement about the ‘protest’ out of him. Would have had some respect if he actually tried to do something outside of the ring. ESPN would have fallen all over themselves to cover it. Was there one forum with police a year after the original ‘protest’.

          For all his priggishness, Trump might be right. The NFL is an entertainment league, with paid actors. If those actors diminish the value of the product, they should be fired. The same would happen to anyone at a 9-5 job for giving the company a black eye.

          1. The problem with kaps protest is he didn’t tell anyone he was protesting thus his protestations were only an excuse to his lack of anilty to perform

          2. Don’t libertarians support the right of employers to restrict the actions of its employees while they’re working so they aren’t protesting the government instead of doing their job and positively promoting their company and industry (or at least not harming the company and industry)?

            Kapernick hasn’t made any coherent arguments or proposals on how to reduce police brutality against blacks, or provided any examples of it. Seems he’s an opportunist jumping on a SJW bandwagon to bring attention to himself, and has succeeded in converting that to an income stream.

            Seyton asks “When the NFL games kick off on Sunday afternoon, why not skip the politics and focus on football?”, and perhaps should be addressing the kneelers IMHO. When I go purchase something, I don’t want to be lectured by SJWs. I won’t be watching the NFL for that reason.

      2. That’s some nice Alex Jones you’ve got going on there.

  3. If the NFL dies, i shall not mourn.

    But nice of Reason to worry about, possibly, the most crony capitalist enterprise out there.

    1. They’re “pro-business”.

    2. They’re “pro-business”.

    3. They’re “pro-business”.

      1. And you’re pro-squirrels.

        1. Everybody blames the squirrels for multiple posts.
          But really, it’s aliens


    4. Pretty sure I’ve read the odd article here calling out the NFL’s shameless shakedowns.

    5. You are free to start your own NFL.

  4. I don’t know much about football, or kneeling, or national anthems. But the kneeling depicted in the photo here looks plenty respectful to me. Maybe it’s silly, but they are doing it in a quiet and dignified way, as far as I can see. It’s not like they are wiping their asses with the flag or mooning the crowd during the anthem or something.

    1. In football terms, that stance is taking “at ease”, when you are supposed be “at attention”.

    2. Does any of that matter other than the opinions of consumers?

      1. Well, some consumers share that view of things, I think.

        I think it’s foolish to do something that’s going to be divisive when you are supposed to be entertaining people playing a game. But I also really don’t care and think it’s a funny thing to be a major national issue.

      2. Nope, and consumers are free to move on to other “more patriotic” sports like the NBA, La Crosse, and dwarf tossing.

    3. So is it a protest or not a protest? You pro-kneelers have to make up your minds. It can’t be both a protest protected by the first amendment AND an alternate way of showing respect for the flag.

      If you read Kaepernick’s comments from when he first started sitting during the anthem, he explicitly said that he intended to show disrespect to America because it was a racist country. Those who join with Kaepernick in kneeling join with him in that statement.

      1. Your missing all the context and nuance. All of the intersecting nexuses that only lefties can divine, and somehow those divinations always come up such that they are allowed to do whatever they want and their enemies are allowed to do nothing.

        1. Yeah, I also had a bunch of whistle words in there against blacks, Jews, and colostomy patients.

          1. Ya, I noticed “sitting”, which is totally, like, racist or something towards people who can shit standing up.

      2. We can have it both ways. Unless you have some certificate indicating that you have the final say in any argument. I support his right to demonstrate, I don’t give a fuck what he’s trying to say or why, but he has the right to protest. The NFL has the right to fire his ass for doing, but all the fascists who want to see him destroyed or killed because he protested are pretty pathetic.

        1. Yes those anonymous fields of strawmen need to be burned to the ground and the earth salted.

  5. Yes please blame Trump for the actions of a big-haired loser pied piper and his trail of misguided followers. The anthem does not represent the police, it represents the nation. Football will continue to lose supporters until this nonsense dies out.

    1. The bigots are dying off. Our electorate gets less rural, less white, less backward, less religious, and less bigoted just about daily. You therefore are correct: This nonsense will die out. With the current Republican Party.

      Carry on, clingers. While you can.

      1. Fuck off phony ass hat so called ‘Rev.’

        I know you’re a soy boy loser with a degree in male feminist yoga studies.

      2. Ah, the “demographic destiny”. It was supposed to start in 2008 when Obama was elected. All those young people were supposed to usher in a new era!

        1. To be fair, if the Dems had nominated an ordinary Democrat in 2016, they would have won. Hillary almost won for chrissakes.

          1. Is there an ordinary Democrat anymore? The ones getting press all seem to be proto-socialists.
            Cory Booker?

          2. She lost by 70 votes.

            1. That’s only because of a fucked up electoral college method, if we had a representative rather than winner takes all, that wouldn’t have been the case.

              1. If it weren’t for the electoral college, Trump would have campaigned differently and won anyway. Millions of Republicans in California would have had a reason to vote.

        2. It was actually supposed to start in 1993, when Bill Clinton and Al Gore were the first Baby Boomers in the White House.

          The old “GI Generation” was dying off, and the 60s generation would finally be able to steer America to its Progressive Destiny. W’s election put an end to that theory.

          1. You DO realize that is exactly what happened right? Look at how far to the left the political spectrum has shifted in the last few decades.

            I think the current demographic changes will likely do the same thing, barring some radical event/realignment. In 20-30 years the “conservative” party in America may be as left wing as Obama was, and the left may make Bernie Sanders blush. It’s not a 100% for sure thing, but it is pretty likely. Just look at how un-conservative conservative parties are in Europe compared to America today, let alone America 50 years ago.

      3. Nothings says prosperity like fewer white people.

        1. The people of Zimbabwe are all billionaires now so there.

          1. *high five*

          2. Trillionaires. They’ve issued 100 Trillion dollar notes.

            1. AND pens so you can add more sets of 0s as necessary.

              As the prime example of “fewer white people”=less stuff for the government to steal.

      4. Our electorate gets less rural, less white, less backward, less religious, and less bigoted just about daily.

        Except that’s bad news for the NFL, too. Even less money controlled by men (in their 20s, women make significantly more than men), massive uncontrolled immigration and anchor reproduction among soccer fans who don’t give a shit about gridiron football.

        1. Lots of Mexicans I know are football fans, but disgustingly they are almost uniformly Cowboys fans.

          I’m usually open borderish, but there are limits.

          1. Open border, or open immigration?

      5. “The bigots are dying off.”

        Not if you’re an example. You post constantly. Unless these are death throes (please God).

        And if anyone is a “clinger,” it’s you — to the ass of society, like the wet stinky turd you are.

      6. Arty, the generation behind the millennial sis far. Ore conservative and will likely rebel against their douchebags elders.

        So get ready for Hell you worthless bitch.

  6. The only real difference between the NFL trying to stop the kneeling protest and Twitter banning people seems to be that in the case of the NFL it was driven by consumers, rather than the media in the case of Twitter, and Reason will virtue signal against market forces in the case of the NFL.

    I don’t really care about the protest one way or the other (though I think they’ve been counterproductive), but the hypocrisy here is rather galling

    1. ^^^^^ THIS

    2. It’s only real hypocrisy when someone on the right does it. Then it shall be denounced as the destruction of the very foundations of civilization!

    3. It is not the “media” causing Twitter to ban people. It is the Democratic Party, full stop.

      But it isn’t fascism to Reason.

      1. Do you REALLY think that if the MSM was pushing for free speech in all cases that these companies would have caved? Or caved as easily? The leftist media is pushing their agenda, as they always do. The lefty CEOs might still have gone this route, but if the media was even neutral on this they would have been a lot more cautious.

  7. Conservative has lost any meaning that it ever had. I guess Seyton now wants to define it as “the set of people who think football players kneeling during the national anthem is divisive, distracting and/or disrespectful”. I’d expect that set covers the political spectrum and includes the truly apolitical (who wouldn’t know they’re not allowed to be political)

    1. “to be apolitical”

    2. Conservatives are actually getting back to their Burkean roots, which actually makes them a good ally to libertarians. The feud between Paine and Burke caused a rift that has been hard to reconcile over the years, but it is apparent that Thomas Paine lost his damned mind towards the end, and liberty would have been well served if his ideas were tempered by Burke, rather than Paine rejecting Burke and the bloodshed and dictatorship that followed in France.

      1. What’s so Burkean ’bout bigotry, ignorance, and superstition?

  8. >>>Can Kirk Cousins turn the Vikings from a playoff contender to the team to beat in the NFC?

    Tarkenton and Culpepper couldn’t. Cousins unlikely.

    1. Our rickety offensive line might get Cousins killed.

  9. Kaepernick, for his part, opted out of his contract with the 49ers (he didn’t really have a choice)


    Two Eagles players, defensive end Michael Bennett and running back Jay Ajayi,

    Michael Bennett lied about being racially harassed by the LVPD. Seems kinda important if we’re doing the “nothing to see here” thing.

    It’s also possible to make a good-faith argument in favor of a league policy that requires players to stand for the anthem.

    ^^^^ libertarians in the current year

    He’s filed a collusion grievance against the NFL, claiming he’s being blackballed, though his detractors say he just isn’t good. (In reality, it’s probably a little bit of both.)

    The guy had a job with the Ravens and celebrated by calling Ray Lewis an Uncle Tom. Get the fuck outta here.

    1. Bennett doesn’t exactly scream credibility indeed.

    2. About Kaep – plus he has demands including wanting to be a starter.

  10. “But DJT wants everyone to be patriotic and stand for the anthem. Those sonsofbitches don’t know how good they have it. Maybe they should all go back to A-freek-a!”

    Trumpistas must show solidarity with DJT, to the point of ridiculousness.

    1. That statement is pretty much true… If people think America is such a horrible place to live, they SHOULD leave. Go move to fucking Canada or Europe, OR even back to Africa if they think they have it so horrible. This goes for white lefties too. African Americans have it better than any other black people on planet earth, if that isn’t good enough for them they can go fuck themselves.

      95% of the problems black people have in this country in 2018 are completely of their own making. White people don’t force black people to kill each other at rates comparable to a hot war. We don’t force them to have tons of out of wedlock children. We don’t force them to drop out of school. I could go on forever. Although crime rates/income etc are still not as high as whites/Asians, African and Caribbean immigrants show up here with a ton of disadvantages compared to native born blacks, and yet leave native born ones in the dust in terms of outcomes. So yeah, African Americans are mostly just whiney bitches at this point in time. They have legally enforced biases in their favor nowadays, not anything holding them back as in the 60s or earlier.

      1. A,Erica would certainly be better off if all the progressives left. Let them enjoy the comeraderie of the marxs T nations whose policies they wish to emulate. Then we won’t be forced to one day brutally slaughter them all.

  11. Trump was right. The owners should have said stand or look for another job but only because it’s bad for business.

    1. The owners should stop playing the anthem before every game. Many problems solved, none created.

      1. The fans wouldn’t like that either.

        1. I bet 75% wouldn’t notice

          1. The fans with lives and purposes would welcome the time saved. A couple of minutes for 100,000 people is a lot of hours wasted.

            1. If they had lives and purposes, they wouldn’t be watching NFL. Or reading your posts.

              1. Or posting them.

            2. Arty, just because you are a treasonous America hating Marxist doesn’t mean anyone else is. Best you just go off and kill yourself. That would certainly help make America great again.

      2. Yes, they should play recordings of Jolson singing “Mammy”.

      3. I bet if they played The Internationale Kirkland would make sure they all bloody well stood.

        The Internationale – 2018 update
        Stand up rich victims of oppression
        For the workers fear your might
        They owe to you all your possessions
        And they deserve to have no rights
        Let intersectionality be perpetuated
        Individualism makes our empire fall
        Freedom is privilege and racist
        To be destroyed by one and all

  12. Others think differently, and in some circles Kaepernick has been hailed as a hero.

    Yet others, not mentioned here, agree with the general stated goal of the protests and therefore decry them because – right or wrong – they’re putting off the very people who need to be convinced. In this instance, you can be righteous or you can be effective.

    1. There’s a lot of problems with the police. There isn’t any evidence that hunting blacks for sport is one of them.

      1. Blacks ARE three times more likely than whites to be killed by the cops.

        1. Aren’t you the Mike Brown truther?

          1. Damn straight.

            1. You mean the punk that tried to kill that cop? Not the hill to die on. Eric Garner is a far better, and totally clear cut case of LEO homocidal wrong-doing.

        2. Now do the math for interactions with police.

          Per interaction, there is no statistical difference between whites and blacks and death by cop.

          1. Actually, according to that study done by the black Harvard professor, black people are LESS likely than whites to get shot.

            But yeah, the fact is that blacks commit more crimes, thus have more interactions, thus get their shit fucked up more often by cops. If they stopped committing more crimes, then this would likely end. But since they commit murders at rates almost 10 times the rates that whites do IIRC, it’s kinda to be expected that more of them will have nasty run ins.

            1. These same figures apply across the pond in the UK as well. Look at rates of crime and incarceration there, and you’ll see that a certain segment of the population commits the crimes, no matter how many guns are confiscated or how many liberal governments bend over backward to kowtow to them.

              Same applies to France. Same in Canada. You name the country, if that population exists, it commits a disproportionate amount of crime.

              Which is not to say all blacks are criminals. Far from it. But the facts are the fact, the numbers are the numbers, and blacks commit a disproportionate share of crime in relation to their population percentage.

              1. The finest minds in academia are currenty engaged in twisting logic and reality into moebius strips to explain away the simple facts. THEN if you insist on pointing this stuff out, you’re just “stupid”.

              2. Yup. Everywhere in the world, they are always the highest crime population. Of course science has already figured out why, but people refuse to accept it. Black people have the lowest average IQs of any ethnic/racial group. Crime rates correlate almost perfectly with IQ. Whites at the same IQs as blacks have very similar crime rates, there are just more blacks that fall into that IQ range than whites, hence disproportionate amounts of crime.

                I know, I know, it’s racist! BUT here’s a cop out for those that don’t think there are genetic differences: You can still believe it’s entirely environmental factors that hold back black IQs. This is what proggie scientists cling to.

                They keep trying to control for enough variables to prove it, but it always comes back being largely genetic… BUT if they’re right, won’t they please figure out the environmental variables that hold back their IQs so they can raise them, and then all of black peoples social problems will be magically fixed. Even if it is 100% environmental, it still explains the problems in the black communities RIGHT NOW, because they DO have lower IQs in the present.

        3. Yes, and they are roughly 6 times more likely to be killed by other blacks.

          At some point you have to admit that maybe, just maybe, there is a reason other than racism that the cops are disproportionately shooting black men.

        4. Does that have anything to do with black folls comitting more crimes per capita than white folks?

      2. There is a higher percentage of police shootings of African Americans (and of whites, in comparison to Hispanics, which is weird), so it’s not entirely true to pretend like there isn’t disparity.

        But, to Fist’s point, the infusion of identity politics into this topic has been worse than counterproductive- it’s been a disaster

        1. There is a higher percentage of police shootings of African Americans

          Oh no shit? Is there any context I should know about?

        2. Simple. Blacks are too visible a target in the daytime, whites at night. On the other hand we just drop our weed whackers and hold still and quiet against the nearest tree trunk; nobody can see us. We get a lot of practice while we are sneaking over here.

          1. Couple of years ago I was driving by a traffic stop. Somehow while the fat white cop was trying to slap on handcuffs, the thin black yout too of like a gazelle. I thought about putting the car in park and helping give chase, but didn’t want to get shot, and watching the cop try to run for what may have been the first time in 15 years, one hand trying to host his belt enough to move his legs was comedy gold. I think the kid is still running.

        3. …the infusion of identity politics into this topic has been worse than counterproductive- it’s been a disaster

          Kmele Foster has been twitter mobbed for suggesting as much.

          1. Kmele’s too good for all this noise.

      3. Police overreach and brutality is colorblind.

        1. They see blue and not blue.

  13. The best respect you can show for veterans is to keep the US military out of voluntary wars. If they want to go to war on their own, to be mercenaries, more power to them, it’s no skin off my back unless they want me to pay for it. If they do have a war boner instead of just a military boner, then mercenary should be their path, not the military I pay for.

    1. You don’t appear to understand what a veteran is, or how the military works, at all. Your kind of babbling is why no vet, or current armed forces personnel reading your word salad would ever take you seriously.

  14. A bunch of overpaid entertainers deciding to lecture their paying customers on some half arsed social justice BS, when the entire country knows that police brutality is color blind and really doesnt want to hear any more of the hands up, dont shoot fake news or any other excuse for blm to whine. Screw that, screw them. Play the damn game like you are paid to, or put your money where your mouth is and actually do something for the community….like lebron ffs. Whiny loser kaepernick and his psycho girlfriend deserve every criticism they receive.

    1. From where Brown turned back towards Wilson he made it 22 feet. The shooting lasted 3.5 seconds. That means Brown was only moving at 4mph, walking pace, not charging “full speed” as Wilson testilied. It was an execution.



        1. The truth shall set you free.

          1. The Conspiracy to defame St. Michael knows no limits.

            From doctoring that convenience store video “showing” him going hands-on with a much smaller clerk in order to steal a box of Swisher Sweets, to the official investigation which backed up Wilson’s claims, to the three different autopsies which showed the same results, the trail to besmirch his impeccable character leads all the way to the White House.

            1. The investigation says Brown moved 22 feet in 3.5 seconds during the shooting. Do the math yourself. There was no charge. If he had reached 10mph for 2 seconds he would have covered 28 feet.

              1. I’m going to guess either you’re wrong, or there is a context that shows something other than what you’re saying.

                1. You can read the files yourself.

            2. Now Soick, come on, you know damn well how much Obama and Holder like to cover for random local white cops who shoot black kids, right?

              1. “Spock”

              2. The Feds only look for civil rights violations they do not determine type of homicide.

      2. You are spouting bullcrap refuted by every witness save one…the putz who immediately went on tv to spout nonsense.

        1. The distance and time are from the police report.

      3. Shockingly, full speed isnt achieved instantly.

        1. It was never achieved. He was moving at 4mph.

          1. Does inertia not count? A gentle giant moving at 4mph is a significant event in physics.

            1. Wilson wasn’t nailed to the road. He could have stepped back.

              1. Yeah, are you gonna lie to us and tell us that Wilson could’ve stepped backwards at 4mph (or faster) to avoid your uniform-velocity 4mph estimation of Brown’s forward “walk”?

                1. Of course. Wilson could have turned and ran away at 15 mph.

                  1. And why exactly should a cop be obligated to turn tail and run away from a criminal that has decided to come at him aggressively? Maybe he should have tased the POS instead, but he had no obligation to run away… If cops start running from criminals every time they get aggressive, that would kinda defeat the purpose of cops, which is to deal with criminals…

                    1. I didn’t say obligated.

              2. Also, if we’re gonna talk about “coulda shoulda woulda,” Brown could’ve not robbed the store and not ignored orders and not charged at Wilson.

                1. He didn’t charge him.

                  1. Brown is not the ideal candidate for arguing your position.

                    1. Well he didn’t shoot an unarmed guy walking towards him.

                    2. Soooo he wasn’t obligated… But he should have done it anyway. Can you imagine a situation where a cop SHOULDN’T turn tail and run from an aggressive person coming towards them, whether running or walking while seeming threatening?

                      As I said, shooting may have been a bit much, but he surely should have beat the shit out of him with a night stick, or tased him, or if it was kung-fu cop maybe gone all Bruce Lee on his ass. But you’d be bitching about that too probably. These cops deal with CRAZY mother fuckers all day long. I’m sure their patience gets worn thin. It shouldn’t, but it does.

                      But that doesn’t mean the cops shouldn’t lay a beat down on a lot of these thugs either. The Chris Rock sketch about how to not get beat up by the police says it all. Anybody who gets all hard with a cop, especially when they were in the wrong in the first place, deserves what they get.

                      I personally don’t feel sorry for somebody robbing a store getting killed. Saved society from having to deal with them. They shouldn’t do it unless they’re provoked of course… But I wish every liquor store robber would pull a gun on the cop that tried to arrest them so they could all be shot Johnny on the spot and save society the trouble of dealing with them. Society doesn’t need dirt bags, and that would give them reason to do it!

                    3. If you believe the shooting was a bit much then it was an unjustified shooting. You can’t have it both ways.

                    4. As I said, tasing him, or beating his ass would have probably been the better call in hindsight… But it’s hard to put yourself in the moment too. If he had gut shot him once, I don’t know that that would have been uncalled for. Personally I don’t know why cops don’t do that more often. A single shot to the gut rarely kills somebody, but will tend to make them a non threat.

                      That said, there’s always a range of acceptable behavior. Tasing or beating may have been better than shooting, but perhaps shooting also falls in on the other extreme end of that range too. Personally I just don’t have sympathy for shit people. So whether the cop should have shot him or not as an intellectual matter, I simply don’t care that he did. Just being honest. I’m glad some scum bag like this is dead. I wish they’d ALL drop dead.

                      If only every dirt bag would go rob a liquor store in a single day, and start a shootout with the cop that tried to nab them, we could greatly improve the country by offing them all in a single day. 🙂

          2. You mean he didn’t go full speed in 3.5 seconds?


            Seeing a guy trying to get to full speed doesn’t mean you cannot do what you have to do to prevent him from achieving it.

          3. Don’t lie.

            Dividing 22 feet by 3.5 seconds to get 4mph ASSUMES that the velocity was uniform across the entire distance. You’re pushing that assumption as fact.

            damikesc and Ecoli have a much more honest grasp of physics (Newtonian mechanics).

            1. For someone as tall as Brown 22 (specifically 21’7″) feet is about 8 steps. Do you honestly believe a person can start, stop, start and fall down and reach anything near a full speed charge of say 10mph in 8 steps? It’s absurd. I haven’t even pointed out that Wilson didn’t have to stand his ground he could have just backed up or dodged.

              1. Sprinters would disagree.

                Besides, police roadside measurements are notoriously poor at being accurate.

                1. You know Brown weighed 210 pounds?

      4. The witnesses (who were interviewed separately) all said that Brown made aggressive move towards the officer.

        The Obama DOJ found no civil rights violation.

        1. If you call walking towards someone aggresive. Math doesn’t lie.
          Right they made no determination as to whether it was murder.

          1. You assume constant velocity. Normally people start slowly and then accelerate. 4 mph is a brisk walk for most people. If. You assume he took even 1 sec to steady himself after turning, then he was moving pretty quickly. Pwned.

            1. Actually there was 2 seconds of shots a 3 second pause where Brown came to a complete stop and 1.5 seconds of shots. Brown was 6’4″ 22 feet would be about 8 steps.

          2. Math doesn’t lie, but you do. You’re misusing averaging on purpose.

            1. AND, how is coming at a cop,who has told you to stand still, at any speed, acceptable? There’s at least as many “coulda, shoulda”s about Browns’ actions as there are about Wilsons.

              And yeah, you can say “But only Wilson’s actions proved fatal” and again, maybe something Brown should have taken into account.

            2. AND, how is coming at a cop,who has told you to stand still, at any speed, acceptable? There’s at least as many “coulda, shoulda”s about Browns’ actions as there are about Wilsons.

              And yeah, you can say “But only Wilson’s actions proved fatal” and again, maybe something Brown should have taken into account.

              1. It’s not but it’s also not an automatic death sentence. Remember to use deadly force the fear must be REASONABLE. Wilson wasn’t trapped and had seen no weapon.

  15. I have been a free agent for nearly 60 years, and no NFL team has ever called to offer me a job.

    It must be collusion!

    I think I’ll sue.

  16. As Jason Whitlock said…there are 6 days and 21 OTHER hours to protest.

    1. Or to actually try to do something productive with the object of your protest.

      1. True. They don’t seem to do much of anything EXCEPT kneel. Hell, Trump even invited them to give him names of who should be released and they did not.

  17. Is the NFL also colluding against Tim Tebow? It must be retaliation for his Christian beliefs. There couldn’t possibly be any other explanation why no NFL team has signed him.

  18. He’s filed a collusion grievance against the NFL, claiming he’s being blackballed, though his detractors say he just isn’t good. (In reality, it’s probably a little bit of both.)

    The ability question is easy to solve — you look for the CFL contract. Anybody good enough to be on an NFL roster is good enough to be on a CFL roster, and nobody in Canada cares about respect for the US anthem. So, where’s Kaepernick’s CFL highlight reel to show just how stupid the NFL owners are being and prove collusion?

    Same place as Tebow’s, another supposed victim of collusion over ideological controversy.

    1. Tebow’s highlight reel is in minor league baseball (an all-star this season), and one miracle season in Denver where he turned around a losing season, made the playoffs, and beat the mighty Steelers with his sling shot. Oh yeah, and in college where he kept 50 or so felons in line to win a national title at Florida.

      1. And nearly won the Heisman twice for the second time in history.

        Tebow is a markedly better athlete than Kaepernick. It’s funny remembering how pissy ESPN was at Tebow for trying while applauding Jordan for doing the same, yet Tebow is better at it than Jordan was.

      2. Being one of the five best players on a team two-levels-below-big-leagues level in another sport is not a reliable indicator of an ability to play football at the CFL level. Neither is having been a good player at the college level. And many, many people have had one good season in the NFL; this is not, in fact, a reliable indicator of an ability to make an extended career of playing pro football.

        If the thirty-two NFL teams all judge that you can’t cut it in pro football, you have two choices open to you. You can try to prove them wrong in the CFL, or you can admit they’re right and not even try to play “minor league” pro football.

        Kaepernick and Tebow both chose the latter course. Everything else is just bullshit.

  19. WHY THE FUCK is everybody–not just the conservative rank and file in the street, but the conservative press and all sorts of people who should know better–so focused on motherfucking Nike?

    Colin Kaepernick is not hurting me. He is not taking away my rights. He is not doing jack shit to affect my life. Why should I give a shit, personally, whether or not the man kneels? Or what the fucking NFL does to set the rules or consequences for employee conduct on this issue? Actually America (and even the kneelers) seem to regularly tire pretty rapidly on this issue until Trump, or Kap’s sponsor, or whatever, decides to draw attention to it afresh and restart the cycle.

    While Nike airs its silly, rather routine-for-it attention whoring ads with this harmless has-been halfwit, Levi’s has proudly announced it is spending millions of dollars to try its hardest to take your basic Constitutional rights away. And yet what do we see shouted by the “conservative” press every day? Nike! Nike! Nike! Un-American Nike! Outrage! People are burning Nikes in the streets, cutting the logos out of their clothes. Where is the ire toward the apparel company that is actually trying to hurt us, to destroy American values and civilization?

    Fuck us. Really. We are doomed.

    1. lol. Different take from mind but I also agree with this!

      1. mine

    2. Conservative press: Nike stock getting OWNED!!!!

      Nike stock: $2 off its 52 week high.

      1. It fell 3 percent the day after the ad campaign was announced.
        So they lost 3 billion dollars in market cap for 160 million in free publicity.

      2. Stock opened 2018 at $63.49. It closed today at $80.30.

        Still it was down twice since the announcement so it’s worth paying attention to as a $2 drop translates into roughly $2 billion off market cap. Not a great thing but it can rebound.

        I’m sure Nike knows its target market/demographics well.

        1. I’m sure Nike knows its target market/demographics well.

          Probably, but sometimes companies willingly sacrifice sales in order to bring in virtue-signalling political investors, convince employees to work for less because they’re doing good, and so the CEO can be a hit on the cocktail circuit.

          Usually this is done by companies that are already in decline (Burger King for example). So Nike is unusual in that regard.

          1. From CEO Parker’s wiki entry:

            “…In 2017, Parker took a 71% pay cut due to a year of poor sales at Nike and the layoff of 1,000 employees.[11] Subsequently, he will earn $13.9 million this year from stock and options.”

            1. Wow, I didn’t realize that. Not sure what their international market is like, but I guess it makes sense that they would be in decline in the US. The young adults who in the past were the market for designer sneakers are broke. Also a major way they manufactured “cache” for their brand was through advertising, which is extremely difficult to do nowadays with few watching TV and the spread of adblock on web browsers.

              1. Yeh, I’m seeing this as a play to improve sales.

                1. Might work internationally, if Kaepernick becomes a Che Guevara type symbol of being anti-Trump (or in some places, even anti-American) that nobody there actually understands. Absolutely not going to work in the US.

                2. Yet they have an example of Michael Jordan, who sold a shit ton of shoes, while working hard to piss off half of the potential buying public.

    3. The power of trolling is great.

    4. There’s nothing wrong with getting pissed at companies that go out of their way pushing shit you don’t agree with. If GE suddenly started pushing for eliminating private property and turning the USA into a straight up communist country, would I not be right to be pissed?

      As far as Levi’s, that’s fucked. Thankfully I’ve been buying American made jeans for years, so I don’t have to worry about cutting Levi’s off, because it’s already been done!

      1. A ,or of things would be easier if we just got rid of communists in the US.

  20. It’s just worth noting Kaepnerick wore a t-shirt with two racist and muderous shitheads respectively in Farrahkan and Castro on it. Plus he wore socks depicting cops as pigs. How is that ‘heroic’ behaviour and supposed to solve anything? Then Nike turns around and tries to make a hero of this misguided dope probably egged on by his SJW girlfriend. On top of all that, he had unrealistic demands when he was looking for a job. Then he sues the league.

    Colin Kaepernick is full of it. He leveraged the NFL’s brand to further his own agenda. I own a business and if I had an employee doing that I’d pull them aside and tell them not on my fucking dime. I’ll support you quietly behind the scenes (heck even if I disagree with them. If I have a good employee I like and they believe in a cause, come see me in private).

    “…The NFL, meanwhile, has consistently shown it has no idea how to deal with being at the center of a high-volume, low-content political death match. ”

    That’s why I don’t respect Kaep. He put a league that made him wealthy in an impossible situation. The NFL’s job is to sell a product. FOOTBALL. It’s not in their DNA/Mandate to deal with this shit. I don’t see why they should be denigrated for it. There was no winning for them here. There’s plenty to criticize the league for and how they handed this controversy isn’t one of them.

    As for Nike, they turned one of the greatest brands in corporate history into a temporary meme.

    1. I agree with most of this. But the NFL has draped themselves in the flag for years, including taking big money from the military for recruiting advertising that looked like a patriotic freebie. And they had at least two opportunities to stop this: when NBA fixed their issue years ago and as soon kaep kneeled the first time. Of course the league that polices warmup clothes and won’t allow DPD stickers after the murders could’ve put a stop to this.

      1. Other than taking money from the military, what is wrong with draping yourself in the flag? Do you view being patriotic as a BAD thing??? The USA has plenty of fucked stuff in our history… But on the whole it is the LEAST fucked country in history. I have no problem saying the USA is the best country in the history of mankind, and hence being patriotic of it, even with its flaws.

        Perhaps you suffer from the same delusions that progressives do: Believing utopia is possible, instead of accepting that humans are fucked, and the world is fucked, hence you have to accept good when and where it is possible, and let some of the other stuff slide. This isn’t to say we shouldn’t try to fix stuff that is fixable in the real world, but going all sour puss and hating the whole because there are some bad parts isn’t the right mindset given we’re as good as it has ever got…

    2. I’ll give him a pass on the socks but yeah, he’s an ignorant asshole. Seems to be going around.

      1. I can understand not making a big deal of this but the guy is said to be trying to change things and you don’t change things by a) alienating fans who don’t feel their country is bad and b) pissing off cops.

        It’s just immature and pointless.

        1. Idiots gon’ idiot. It’s the same thing as the ANTIFA morons. If ANYTHING triggers a right wing backlash in this country, it will be morons like Kap and ANTIFA that make it happen. If the left was still dominated by people like Bill Clinton in the 90s the odds of a hardcore right wing takeover of the country would be next to zero… But with idiots like them leading the charge, I’d almost put the odds at over 50% right now…

          1. Just not enough half-educated bigots and disaffected yahoos to maintain a conservative-Republican electoral coalition.

            1. No, it they seem to keep the democrats going pretty well.

              Now fuck off.

            2. Well, when you’ve been flooding a country with people who have no appreciation for liberty for 50+ years, yeah, people who know what’s what can become outnumbered. Didn’t stop the founding fathers from laying the smack down on the British, despite most colonists not even being on their side throughout most of the war.

              I don’t WANT a right wing military coup in the USA… But it would be preferable to what the left has planned. Mussolini, Franco, Pinochet… They may have been assholes, but they were less of assholes than the people they stopped from coming to power. Hitler was really the only fascist dictator who was probably worse than the alternative… But if commies had come to power in Germany, and allied with the USSR, we may well have had something worse than WWII happen too. I guess we’ll never know.

    3. Rufus you strike me as a Red Ensign aficionado, am I right?

      1. lol. Heaven’s no.

        1. But I will say this. The choice of the Maple Leaf to replace it was very Canadian.

          Part of the whole ‘multicultural is a-okay-a-otay’ direction the country took in the early 70s.

          1. You at least still call it “Dominion Day,” right?

            1. You’re killing me.

              Well, since that asshole Trudeau and his band of idiotic derelicts came into power I just may have to!

              1. Man you are one alienated Liberal!

                Did you see the report showing that your party is by far the most pro-gun-control–far more so than the Greens; and even more far so than the second-most-pro-gun party, the NDP? (And the survey question was about policy in urban areas so it’s not like this was about country-living greenies and commies wanting more flexibility for their areas.) Also, again, the age correlation was pretty fucking fascinating.

                1. No I didn’t. Oh, Ekos. Ignore.

    4. The NFL was NOT in an impossible position. The weekend after Trump’s speech in Alabama, the NFL office tweeted a condemnation of Trump being “divisive”, several owners knelt during the anthem with their players, and Goodell said that he was proud of the kneelers. That’s when the fan boycotts began en masse. If the league had just stayed out of the fray and said they weren’t getting involved in team or player decisions — which had been their original position when Obama was president, btw — the boycotts would have been much lighter. But they thought they could win by virtue signalling against Trump.

      1. Fair enough but it still supports my claim there was little or nothing they could do that would please everyone.

        The CFL responded by having coaches wear stupid ‘Diversity is strength’ t-shirts.

        I’m pretty sure the fans, for the most part, probably side with Trump. So I think it was calculated on his part?

        1. I would say so. Trump knows in his gut that a LOT of people agree with him on lots of things, including his more risque positions… For years nobody had the balls to say any of it in public, but he came along, took the gloves off, and made a lot of it acceptable to say in public again… Errrrr, or at least acceptable in some circles.

          On this one I think he knew a big chunk of the silent majority was with him, because the national anthem is pretty not controversial to the overwhelming majority of people, including most moderates and liberals. I think in their gut even a huge chunk of shit libs don’t REALLY like this stuff, but feel the need to virtue signal that they agree, just because FUCK TRUMP.

          1. Popularity? Trump is at roughly 40 percent approval. Obama approximates 66 percent.

            Trump’s base consists of just about every group declining in influence. Obama’s voters share characteristics with the predictable future of the American electorate.

            The liberal-libertarian alliance has been shaping American progress throughout our lifetimes. Is there any reason to expect this to change?

          2. Trump popularity gets higher every day. The fact that MSM tries to lie about how popular he is just illustrates that they know how popular he is too. Otherwise, they would post the real numbers.

            Propaganda is one of the few tools the Left has left to save them.

          3. LOL

            Trump has been hovering at basically similar approval ratings as most recent presidents at the same point in their term. Obama was doing horrible for much of his time in office. Bush II even worse!

            Ex presidents tend to receive really high positive rankings from everybody. Even Bush II is viewed more favorably nowadays than practically anytime while he was in office.

            But it’s not really about Trump. People like a lot of the stuff he is doing, but don’t care for him personally. That’s pretty much where I’m at.

    5. As somebody pointed out on Outkick the Coverage…Colin seems to be the ONLY winner in his protest.

      NFL ratings are down. A lot.
      ESPN ratings are down. A lot.
      Nike is having issues with approval by fans.

      But Colin is making serious bank.

      1. I still dont buy exxon or BP.

        That was for reckless oil spills that were preventable. Im just one person but it means something to me to boycott those companies.

        If I care about something enough, I send messages to companies or politicians to let them know somebody is willing to go against them.

        If enough people successfully boycott a company, a new company will fill the void left by the bankrupted company.

      2. Well if CK can hurt all these anti patriotic groups, then all the better.

  21. Congress can mess with everyone’s head by amending the flag code* so that kneeling during the national anthem will be an approved method of showing respect for the flag.

    *Yes, I know it’s purely advisory as far as the private sector is concerned

    1. But then they’d have to come up with another position to dishonor the flag! Which IS their intent, soooo it’d defeat the whole purpose!

  22. By the way, wise words. Don’t mind the noise. Just enjoy. I didn’t even notice Bennett and Ajayi. I don’t even think they showed it.

    No matter. I just change the channel or mute the noise.

  23. The leader of the Anthem Outrage Mob is that ungrateful multimillionaire quarterback with the 1975 dynamite fro-back ‘do.

  24. Alex Jones gets banned from 4 social media outlets in 24 hours: “Shut up, right-wing snowflakes. They’re private businesses, they can do whatever they want.”

    Colin Kaepernick doesn’t get signed by an NFL team: “Shut up, right-wing snowflakes! You’re killing freedom of speech!”

    1. Seems to be a shifting standard.

      1. Quit whining.

        Or continue to whimper.

        Either way, I am content.

        1. You’re the only one whimpering here Arty, like when you get your ass pounded.

          Now I’ve already told you to fuck off.

          So fuck off.

    2. As always the principles never matter to the left, only the outcome that serves them.

  25. I’m pretty happy my Vikings are going to be on TV here on Sunday. Looking forward to seeing how Cousins performs.

  26. Many conservatives were, and still are, outraged. Kneeling during the anthem shows blatant disrespect for the American flag and military veterans, they say. Others think differently, and in some circles Kaepernick has been hailed as a hero

    The outrage isn’t the disrespect for the flag, it’s the ridiculousness of ultra-privileged, ultra-wealthy celebrities pretending to be oppressed minorities. Foremost Kaepernick, who grew up in a stable white family and could pass for Italian or Spanish.

    1. He doesn’t look Italian.

      At all.

      1. Oh calm down.

        Strictly aesthetically, by the way, he wouldn’t be that ignoble an addition to your tribe. He was even perhaps slightly handsome in a very goofy way back when he had muscles and a decent haircut. The thing is that long hair–afro, dreads, flowing mane, whatever, always sounds hella cool in principle. But as with clothes too many guys focus on that matter, instead of what makes them look good. As though there were such a thing as whether a haircut or piece of clothing looks good in its own right, that matters worth a damn.

        Probably the worst thing–you don’t see it much anymore–is how guys used to keep rocking their huge afros even after their hair starts thinning. In the front is bad enough, but on top is insane–motherfuckers look like a fucking animal mauled them and took a bite out of their fro. The second worst is when Italian or Jewish cats had the total frizzy hair but used to not let that get in the way of attempting a hairstyle that’s completely inappropriate to it. Like they’d try to slick it back wiseguy style, or wear it “down” like a mane. Gene Simmons is the only famous person I see still doing the latter. That shit is hard to look at.

        1. Forgot to make the point! Namely: Long hair (of whatever style) sounds cool looking in principle, but almost no dude looks better with it. Stick to short–especially as you get older of course! You want cool? What looks cooler than a nice clean fade?

        2. I wasn’t angry at all. i was just saying he doesn’t look guinea.

      2. Put his face into a celebrity search engine and what you’ll get back is people of Mediterranean descent, not people of African American descent. He does not look African American. Hence, he is full of sh*t if he claims that he is being discriminated against because of his race: he grew up in a white family and looking Mediterranean.

    2. “Kaepernick has been hailed as a hero” … that is, a hero, someone who puts their own life in peril to save others?

  27. The biggest lie of the entire issue is that players have a right to free speech. No they do not. All speech is strictly controlled by the NFL. When the Cowboys asked to wear a patch to honor the 5 Dallas police officers killed by a domestic terrorist, Goodell said no and they were not allowed to wear it. If a player celebrates too long or too outrageously they are penalized. If they wish to add something to their name such as Jr. it has to be approved by the NFL. If a player or coach publicly criticizes referees or NFL management they are fined and suspended. This is not a free speech issue. This is a Goodell the son of a leftist politician issue. He is a leftist like his father and a dyed in the wool Democrat so he supports this protest because Democrats support the protest.

    1. You just made me realize people who defend youtube/Twitter for their censorious behaviour because they’re private probably don’t extend this courtesy to the NFL.

  28. Change the rules and make them play the game on their knees. Much more entertaining.

    1. Happy Valley pee wee rules! Always a classic.

    1. Now that is something to unite America!

    2. I’ve seen dozens and dozens of them and that’s among the best.

      And the Mike Tyson one.

  29. Still, the controversy likely would have died a lot sooner if not for President Donald Trump. At a rally one year ago for Alabama senatorial candidate Luther Strange, Trump denounced the players who kneel, suggesting they ought to be “fired.”

    You guys are seriously still peddling this crap? How would it have ended if Trump hadn’t made that one statement at a barely-watched rally for a losing candidate in a backwater state? It’s not like he was the first person to voice that opinion publicly. He was parroting what other notable figures had said.

    What re-invigorated the controversy was the fact that the following weekend, the NFL office condemned Trump for being divisive, and players and coaches and even owners (Arthur Blank and Jerry Jones) knelt as a show of defiance against Trump, and the commissioner talked about how proud he was of all this. They thought they were going to win this fight! Then when it completely backfired as mass boycotts arose, the NFL and the media tried to rewrite history and blame Trump for reigniting the controversy. No surprise that Reason joins them in that revisionism.

    1. +1

  30. And Trump’s response to the Nike ad campaign was far from the most extreme. Across the country, people decided the best way to stick it to the multibillion-dollar apparel company was to burn their Nike gear?nevermind that Nike already had their money.

    I absolutely agree with SJW Reason on this point. If people want to hurt Nike, they should be selling their Nike gear, or donating it to thrift stores. End result, someone who would have bought a new Nike product buys it used instead, and Nike doesn’t get a cut.

  31. I just want Matt Ryan to take a knee. As in, when the Falcons get inside the ten, Matt Ryan needs to drop way back and take a knee. Atlanta has a much better chance of scoring from the 25 than from the two, stop fucking running goal-line plays when you retarded shitheads are built for the long pass. What did they have, like 11 attempts at goal-to-go and couldn’t score a touchdown? Pathetic.

    1. I can’t believe all this prepping and the best they got inside the 10 is try and shovel or force it to Jones?

      Not ONE running play with two solid backs?

      They’re predictable.

    2. Sark is the worst coordinator in the NFL.
      Ryan has regressed.
      A creative – and smart – OC would’ve run inside zone with Tevin. You know, the play that got our only TD.
      Sark must go.
      If one were inclined to be optimistic, the Falcons looked horrible in the first game in 2016, losing to Tampa Bay. That season went well until the second half of the Superbowl.
      Problem is that Sark has no track record of success, no philosophy, and nothing he does shows any awareness of how to utilize particular talents.
      I don’t have much faith that he’s going to repeat Shanahan’s turn around.
      Fn hate Sark

  32. I think that any anti police brutality protest should be required to include a football game.

    1. I remember when a lot of. Lives ended in a football game. Whether they were set in the Korean War, or in a state penitentiary. Good times.

  33. Sports viewership and tickets sales are down again this year for the NFL. I think the same thing for MLB.

    Falcons stadium is offering $5 draft beers to lure people to the stadium since attendence is down.

    1. I am surprised that the no-pitch intentional walks and the extra backstop netting were not the magic keys we once thought they were to getting the butts in the stands.

      Aren’t NFL tickets crazy expensive? Are $5 Bud Lights really going to do much to convince people to blow that much cash in the first place just to see the fucking Falcons? Sounds more like a recipe for drunker fans not more numerous ones.

      1. I am surprised that the no-pitch intentional walks and the extra backstop netting were not the magic keys we once thought they were to getting the butts in the stands.

        The one-pitch intentional walks are much more fun to watch.

        1. The oldest school will never die!

    2. And soccer phandom is up. Build the fucking wall already.

      1. Around Chevy Chase, Maryland?

  34. “When the NFL games kick off on Sunday afternoon, why not skip the politics and focus on football?”

    That’s all we’ve ever wanted, you f***ing faggot (I’m with her!) progressive.
    So shut the f*** up.

  35. If Nike hopes their owners benefit, it is of no interest to me whatsoever. I might own Nike stock in some fund or other, but their idiocy her bothers me not in the least.
    Regardless, holding that pathetic piece of shit up as a ‘hero’ sacrificing anything at all is simply marketing hype, signalling to other dimbulbs.
    His ‘sacrifice’ is his opportunity to act as an adult, even IF his claims were valid; he acted to prove they weren’t.
    He should be jailed as an NFL QB impersonator, if not for public stupidity.

    1. Looks more like he’s impersonating the legendary Phil Lynott, bassist/vocals for Thin Lizzy.

      1. And the Boys are back in town. After a whiskey in a jar who the hell cares?

        1. Rosalie?

  36. Football season at last. Now I can go inside where I belong, out of the sunlight and away from other human beings.

    And until the national anthem is played at every Trump property at the start of the workday, I truly don’t give a damn what he thinks.

  37. Best ever tweet I have seen on this was from Patterico if you have seen his legal blog website.

    “I’ll pay Ford $10 if they put Kaepernick in a commercial for F-150s so I can watch some dumbass torch his pickup on Twitter, who’s with me”

    Really I do not care about the kneeling stuff. The players need to play ball, not do national anthems. That does not even belong there. I know that Keapernick is just a mid level player. So what?

    Why does a libertarian even need to worry about this. Watch football in your Nikes or don’t. Buy or sell the shoes or stock. Not my problem.

  38. Golly gee !! Karl Marx once noted: “Football is the opiate of the masses.”

    1. When was Marx in Alabama? That’s some very detailed observation of American culture, and several decades ahead of the curve.

  39. ” Are the new-look Browns going to build off a disastrous 0?16 season? ”

    If they win one, no parade next February, so no.

  40. “A national anthem . . . is generally a patriotic musical composition that evokes and eulogizes the history, traditions, and struggles of its people, recognized either by a nation’s government as the official national song, or by convention through use by the people.”*

    Those who will not stand to show respect for the “history, traditions, and struggles” of the American people owe it to themselves to try and find a better place to live, or so it seems to me.


    1. Ray Charles was right. It should be America the Beautiful. Better song

      1. Meh. America the Beautiful doesn’t have anything about shit getting blown up in it… So kinda a fail. We don’t want to have some sissy national anthem, do we???

        1. Nope. This country was founded on a bloody revolution. The national anthem is what it is, and the only possible alternative is “America”……..

          1. Right?

            Am I a bad person because I would ACTUALLY prefer that to America The Beautiful as our national anthem? LOL

      2. Ray Charles? LOL! The guy was LITERALLY blind. As well as FIGURATIVELY apparently.

  41. When even a Sensitive Man of the Hanky like Joe Setyon is shilling for the NFL, the wonder isn’t that Kaepernick is the face Nike, it’s that he’s not the face of Victoria’s Secret.

    1. Adult Diapers! Depends has been try to get Jerry Brown for years now and Hillary since her 2016 campaign.

      1. Don’t look now, but I think Parliament got that trademarked… and nobody wants to hear Jerry or Hillary sing.

  42. I’m sorry, after a lifetime of devotion, the bloom is off the NFL rose for me. From now on it’s what the world calls football with the rare scoring but the more continuous action (meaning fewer commercials.)

    Those who care can continue the campaign to make Kaepernick the next Rosa Parks.

    BTW, Blue Lives Matter (retired)

  43. I’m sorry, after a lifetime of devotion, the bloom is off the NFL rose for me. From now on it’s what the world calls football with the rare scoring but the more continuous action (meaning fewer commercials.)

    I don’t think I’ve been so disillusioned since after Navy boot camp in 1970 I met this beautiful, green eyed blond on a Greyhound bus. We talked for hours and when it pulled into Sacramento where she got off she hunched over to write her address and phone number on a scrap of paper. For the first time I noticed the tattoo on her shoulder, which was still rare for gals in those days. It said Property of the Hell’s Angels. That signified quite a bit more in those days, too. Wonder whatever came of her?

    Those who care can continue the campaign to make Kaepernick the next Rosa Parks.

    BTW, Blue Lives Matter (retired)

  44. I quit watching the NFL 6 years ago and have become a big fan of Lacrosse. It had nothing to do with the current controversy but was caused by the same element. I grew tired of the excuses and whining from way overpaid under performers. When I looked away it was like listening to diaper wearing babies crying for a bottle.
    As to the protest over police brutality of African/Americans? A good friend of a darker skin tone, and higher intelligence then most, said to me: The police will quit pulling over car loads of blacks when they quit finding problems in each of the cars they’ve stopped.

  45. The NFL should stop playing the national anthem, at least for a few years until this stuff blows over. As a patriotic ritual, the anthem is supposed to remind us of what we have in common. At NFL games, however, it incites us to despise each other.

    1. “Some NFL players despise other citizens, but can only get attention for this attitude during the quiet moment provided for them to express this contempt before the games begin. This then allows others to return the sentiment.”

      FTFY. Note the lack of culpability assigned to the anthem itself.

    2. I don’t think the anthem is supposed to remind us of what we have in common. I think it’s supposed to be about how objectively fucking awesome America is. People who don’t like it can go fuck themselves, or preferably move to Canada or Europe or whatever and leave their betters in peace.

      There’s nothing wrong with having a little culture warring now and again. I’m sick of all these people who hate EVERYTHING America is all about, yet turn around and claim they’re patriotic or whatever. This kind of stuff shows what they’re mostly really all about… Hence if the think it’s soooo horrible, they should move to a country that already has all the crappy socialist policies they claim to love so much.

      1. Agreed. Without culture warring, conservatives wouldn’t have had their lame agenda and weak asses kicked across this country and repeatedly throughout the most recent half-century, and America would not have improved so profoundly during that period.

        It’s always easier to appreciate and enjoy the culture war when your side is winning it.

        1. Arty, you are only alive because conservatives allow you to live. If you are here to see another sunrise, it is because a conservative allowed it.

          Don’t ever think otherwise. Now best you just learn to obey.

        2. Well, just remember Arty that history can turn on a dime. SOME things HAVE got better. However a LOT of shit has gone to hell in a hand basket, and LOTS of people KNOW it. Generation Z is showing to be the most conservative generation since The Greatest Generation… So if things flip, and people get tired of all the proggie bullshit, I hope you enjoy a half century of the country swinging to the right! I know I will 🙂

  46. This whole mess amounts to incredible stupidity on the part of the NFL team owners. They need to figure out that their core audience is about the farthest-right of any spectator sport in the US, except maybe NASCAR, and so long as the kneeling continues, all those fans are pissed off and are going to spend their money elsewhere. The NFL’s audience, both at stadiums and on TV, has been falling steadily for five years now, and it’s not all because of the concussion problem or DeflateGate, though those issues have not helped either.

    If the owners have any brains at all they’ll lay down the law to their players and start heavily fining them for kneeling.

    In the meantime I suggest that President Trump stop baiting the owners about this issue, because it will only make them keep being irrational longer just to spite him. Most of the owners lean much farther left than their audience.

    1. Some of it may come from his failed attempt to buy the Buffalo Bills and his USFL disaster.

    2. Trump has said his peace, and there are bigger fish to fry – like an apparently mentally incapacitated AG. Hope he just lets the market sort it out this year.

    3. What’s wrong with him baiting them to make them act stupid? If you’re waging a cultural war, don’t you want to make your enemies fall flat on their faces as much as possible?

      1. You appear to be spectacularly ignorant about which side has been winning the American culture war. Do you live in the United States?

        1. It depends on which aspects you mean. People are still plenty supportive of guns, family values, and lots of other things. People have become more sane and libertarian on some things, like marijuana etc, but I don’t view that as a bad thing. It also depends on what part of the country you’re in. I live in The Peoples Republic Of Seattle. It’s a shit hole, and most people are shit libs. But much of the rest of the country is still sane. Get outside your bubble more often Arty, and you’ll find a lot of the country is still a lot more like Mayberry than you might care to imagine.

  47. No, a “great year for football” would be one in which the refs KNOW WHAT THE FUCK A CATCH IS!!

    Wait, what? 24th? Well, I wasn’t paying attention.

  48. “…players are right to use their platforms to call attention to it”. That’s true enough, but that field on game day is not their platform: the team owners paid for it, and their uniforms. So what is Kaepernick’s platform? I don’t think he’s bothered to build one, despite it being a consistent “interest” of his over the last few years. The man is a shill. If the league had any sense, they would have sued him for damaging the brand on the first offense.
    I stand for the anthem because I agree to disagree – with lots of other Americans, and probably in perpetuity. It’s all part of the scenery, and… sport gifts a rare moment when we can all forget about politicians bullcrap – do we need a separation of sport and state amendment? Freedoms tend to last longer and have greater value when they aren’t infected by government ideologues.

    1. You make a valid point. Alex Jones’ Twitter account is at least as much “his platform” as the field is Kaepernick’s. I’ll give you three guesses which side of that debate Reason came down on.

  49. – .”players are right to use their platforms to call attention to it”. That’s true enough, but that field on game day is not their platform: the team owners paid for it, and their uniforms.”

    It is a contract arrangement. The players are the product the owners are selling. The rest is marketing. Anyone can buy a uniform which is pennies. Without the athletes there is nothing for the owners to sell. The players have as much or more leverage.

    – “So what is Kaepernick’s platform? I don’t think he’s bothered to build one, despite it being a consistent “interest” of his over the last few years.”

    He is a mid level quarterback who just landed something for now with Nike. That is it.

    He is a “shill”. That is not an issue. He has violated no contract and is a free agent.

    The rest well, anthem and flag waving. My point of view is that taking a knee is not disrespect. It is a legitimate form of protest. If you do not agree there we are. At the same time the president gets involved and government ideology and power do not belong anywhere here. That is the path to serfdom.

    1. It may be a legitimate form of protest, but that doesn’t stop it from ALSO being disrespectful. It can be both at once.

      1. As someone who served, it is no disrespect to me.

        The faux-patriotism obsessed people of this country who get triggered by people peacefully kneeling can do what they suggest everyone else do, and get the fuck out of this country that has freedom of speech if they don’t like it.

        I love my country, and I always stand. But honestly taking a knee looks respectful, and it doesn’t offend me. If they were sitting on the bench texting on their phone or doing something of that nature, then yes I think everyone would be irritated by that. But a knee? If you don’t like it turn the TV off and let the market take care of it.

        1. As a leftist you cannot possibly understand patriotism. It is simply beyond your progtarded mind.

          That you are not offended is of no consequence, as you are of no consequence.

        2. I don’t mind freedom of speech, but I don’t think it’s the right time or place for it. If you have a disagreement with a relative about something, is bringing it up at your grandmothers funeral REALLY the best way to go about it? NFL games aren’t quite that solemn of course, but it’s the same general principle.

          These guys are HUGE stars, I hate watching sports ball myself, so don’t know who the hell most of them are personally… But they could go do plenty of activist shit on their own time, without pissing off most of their fans, and giving the appearance of being disrespectful.

          You DO understand that if a HUGE percentage of people consider something disrespectful, it kind of is de facto disrespectful right? Lots of people don’t like this shit. Therefore a polite person would not do it after finding out that it offends people, even if they didn’t initially expect that reaction. If somebody lit up a smoke in somebodies car assuming it was okay, only to find out it was not considered okay by half the people in the car, that could be forgiven… But if they continued lighting smokes after that, they’re just kind of an ass. Dig?

          I wouldn’t mind the smoker, and you don’t mind the kneeling, but lots of people do.

  50. I’m sure there will be great sport. Whenever you assemble a group of concussed millionaires and have them fight over a piece of flesh it is highly amusing. The part that’s a little off putting is when the participants in this blood sport suddenly grow a conscience and condemn the whole enterprise when things aren’t going well for them.

  51. Sportball in all its forms is lame. So the NFL can’t lose me, because they never had me… But I do enjoy watching the NFL and Nike going all retarded trying to virtue signal, and then getting shit on by people who don’t hate the country in its totality. The USA has plenty of problems, but I still wouldn’t move anywhere else on earth because they’re all bigger shitholes and less free than here on all the issues where it counts.

    1. I really look forward to those NFL assholes having to finally cut player salaries across the board when their declining ratings cause their revenue to drop off enough.

  52. Sounds like Joe Seyton suffered some traumatic brain injuries as a child.

    Seek help, Joe. You’ve probably got insurance. Three letters for you: MRI.

  53. I plan on taking a dump during the anthem before the 1 pm game.

  54. Good thing I don’t 1) watch the NFL or 2) give a damn what they do on or off the field. I quit watching it after Kaepernick started his antics and now don’t really ever think about it. I’ve found a lot of other interesting things to do with my family on Sunday afternoons.

  55. Sorry, I hope the NFL crashes and burns for disrespecting the country and the men and women who died for it. They could have protested any other way and I would have been fine with it but they decided to protest the.

    They only proved that they are SPECIAL since they can do something that 99% of Americans can do, Protest at work!

  56. Sorry, I hope the NFL crashes and burns for disrespecting the country and the men and women who died for it. They could have protested any other way and I would have been fine with it but they decided to protest the.

    They only proved that they are SPECIAL since they can do something that 99% of Americans can do, Protest at work!

  57. While mentioning storylines, you left out the excitement of watching the Detroit Lions! Maybe this year they’ll finally make it to the Super Bowl! Okay, probably not … (they last won a championship the year I was born) .. But those of us in Detroit can still dream!

  58. This is peripheral to the Kaerpernick controversy, but I glimpsed a news blurb somewhere that claimed the Lebron James contract with Nike if it extends his whole career as planned will exceed one billion dollars..

    How can that possibly be right? $1 Billion for shoe endorsements? The only possible way that could make any sense as a business model is if the wizard footwear company in Portland, Oregon, is having the Lebron special sneakers made in Indonesia for maybe $5 each and they are selling them here for $250.

    Anyhow, back to the campaign to make Kaepernick the next Rosa Parks for reasons he is increasingly vague about nowadays, but which clearly started out being his strong, outspoken conviction that police everywhere in America were being intentionally predatory in a lethal way towards minority males.

    I just want to affirm that Blue Lives Matter and, if you are on a crowded elevator or a subway and you see an adult pair of feet in a nice pricey look-at-me pair of Nikes, hitch up your courage to the sticking point and as unobtrusively as you can manage, step on them heavily.

    1. Rosa Parks wasn’t Rosa Parks. The real hero was 15 year old Claudette Colvin who was arrested a few months earlier on the same charge.

  59. We must make the workplace safe for career criminals! No felon should fear for his life while putting food on the table for his family(s)!

  60. There is a group of high paid social justice football players continuing to protest this country, the flag and racial injustice, go ahead. Although they have every right to protest, I believe their message is misguided. As a consumer, I counter their protest by not watching NFL football and avoid the companies that pay to have their products promoted on tv and at the games. .

  61. If you said you didn’t like Tim Tebow kneeling at games that was ok. But if you say you don’t like someone who happens to be black kneeling at a game you’re suddenly a white privileged racist. Fans watch games for a sense of unity and camaraderie. Anything by definition dividing them into separate groups of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ people simply doesn’t belong in that particular venue.

    Meanwhile the number of blacks killed by police in a year is less than the number killed by blacks in Chicago in a recent single day. The outrage is misplaced. And whites get killed by police too. But white people always have to play the villain. The average NFL fan can’t even watch a game anymore without being reminded how evil they are or without having to watch male cheerleaders prance across their screen. So they don’t anymore.

    In black pop culture it’s cool to have lyrics like ‘I #$$%^ the #$&* #$%’ but saying one likes the way Candace Owens thinks is considered so indecent as to be labeled mental instability. They need to fix their own problems then get back to the rest of us. If you crap your own bed it’s going to be dirty, it’s no one else’s fault, and nobody else can stop it but you.

    Screw Kaepernick, screw Nike, and screw the NFL too.

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