Brett Kavanaugh

Cory Booker Risks Senate Expulsion, Releases Confidential Kavanaugh Emails About 'Racial Profiling'

Booker's totally not running for president or anything.


Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call/Newscom

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) followed through today on his vow to risk expulsion from the Senate by releasing confidential emails from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

"I understand the penalty comes with potential ousting from the Senate," Booker stated. "I openly invite and accept the consequences of my team releasing that email right now."

The emails in question, dating back to Kavanaugh's time as a lawyer in the George W. Bush administration, had been labeled "committee confidential," meaning only senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee had access to them. But Booker released the messages anyway, arguing they're not "national security-related."

Booker made public twelve pages of emails, including a thread with the subject line "Racial Profiling." In one of the emails, dated January 17, 2002, Kavanaugh wrote that while he "generally favor[s] effective security measures that are race-neutral," it's still necessary to "grapple…with the interim question of what to do before a truly effective and comprehensive race-neutral system is developed and implemented."

Booker's acknowledgement that he's "knowingly violating" Senate rules is the latest development in Kavanaugh's contentious confirmation hearing before the Judiciary Committee. Booker questioned Kavanaugh over the emails yesterday, prompting a protest from Sen. Mike Lee (R–Utah), who pointed out that Booker was grilling Kavanaugh over documents he "can't see."

According Sen. Chuck Grassley (R–Iowa), there was a clear process in place for senators to request that certain documents be cleared for public release. Booker disagreed, referring to "this process as a bit of a sham." The New Jersey Democrat indicated that by releasing the documents, he's engaging in "civil disobedience."

Republicans condemned Booker, accusing him of grandstanding. Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R–Texas) even read the Senate rules to his colleague during the hearing. But Booker said it didn't matter. "Bring it. Bring it. Apply the rule and bring the charges. Bring it," he replied to Cornyn.

Booker got some backup in his act of "civil disobedience" from many of his Democratic colleagues. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D–N.Y.) and Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D–Ill.) as well as Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse (D–R.I.), Richard Blumenthal (D–Conn.), and others expressed their support for Booker.

While Booker has been praised by liberals for releasing the emails, one can't ignore his ulterior motives. Though he hasn't said yet if he'll run for president in 2020, he's expected to be one of the top democratic contenders if he does. Making a scene at a high-profile confirmation hearing can only boost his profile and improve his chances of one day winning the Democratic nomination.

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  1. Republicans are not going to make a martyr of him.

    1. They will do something more effective like cut the number of parking passes for his office staff.

    2. There is nothing to make a martyr of. Booker was told this morning he could release the documents, they were no longer confidential. The memos actually show kavanaugh was against racial profiling.

      Booker be dumb yo.

      1. Booker was told this morning he could release the document

        So the Poor Man’s Obama lied about the circumstances behind the release to make himself look like a Daring Purveyor of Truth? What a shock.

        1. Well, how does that stack up against his complete misuse of the “I am Spartacus” reference.
          This clown is such a fool. Anyone who would vote for him for president loses their right to criticize a Trump voter.
          Trump looks like Leonardo da Vinci compared to Cory Booker.

  2. #HePersisted?


    2. #HePersisted

      No, that’s Weinstein

  3. “Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (R?N.Y.) and Minority Whip Dick Durbin (R?Ill.)”

    Great work, Joe!

    1. Minority Whip Dick was my nickname at pentacostal bible camp.

      1. Good one whip dick.

    2. I’ve been on hiatus for a long while and just returned to this board a few weeks ago. It seems like it’s gone downhill further than when I left.

      1. No. It can go further down hill.

        Want to cry about it?

        1. Yes. I do.

          1. Red Tony you have found your original account again! I’m so happy! It must suck to lose them; I am always afraid I will.

            1. …what?

              1. You are posting under the “Red Tony” username again.

                1. Tony’s not very creative, he’s used to being told what to do.

    3. Give him a break, he’s just an assistant editor and there are so many parties in congress. A story of this caliber should have nothing less than a level 23 wizard editor in charge.

  4. The best liberals can do is whine and scream and throw a temper tantrum like goddamned toddlers… yeah can’t imagine ever voting for these people.

    The fake acting is just like when your kid cries to get his way. No way you’d put up with that shit as a parent, so why would you put up with that as a voter.

  5. There is nothing braver than violating the rules that you know will not be enforced while you wait for glowing profiles from a partisan media that is cheering on your efforts.

    End this farce and just vote already

    1. End this farce and just vote already

      Not quite enough campaign donations have been raised. Give them another day or two.

    2. He violated no rules as the Documents were released at 4:00 am this morning, Hours before his Spartacus speech

  6. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (R?N.Y.)

    R? As in gRandstanding jackass? Or maybe just DemocRat?

    1. Dick DuRbin could use a second look too.

  7. Good for Booker. Kamala Harris remains my first choice for President in 2020, but Booker is still in the top tier with Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand.

    Everybody needs to understand what’s at stake here. It’s not just a matter of Democrats being angry because they lost an election. In fact, Drumpf’s presidency represents a national emergency. He’s a mentally unfit white nationalist who’s taking direct orders from Vladimir Putin and turning this country into The Handmaid’s Tale. Nonviolent civil disobedience from ordinary folks and even high-ranking government officials is absolutely necessary. And it will continue to be necessary until Orange Hitler is removed from office in 2019.


    1. Easy. Your posts are making the writers aroused.

    2. You’re gonna need a bigger boat.

    3. Lots of cunts on today…

    4. It’s been said that parody is the lowest form of comedy. But I suspect you already know that, Oven Baked Lettuce and Tomato.

    5. B

      Deduction for “turning this country into The Handmaid’s Tale”

      1. Umm…
        Weren’t protesters wearing handmaid tales costumes to protest the Kavanaugh hearing?

        I admit, I thought it was over the top at first too, but then again psychotics know no bounds

        1. No matter who the nominee was, it is pretty much assured that if he/she is appointes by a republican, they will be labeled as radical on abortion and gun rights.

    6. Unless this was unmitigated sarcasm, you should be looking for the “mentally unfit” in your mirror.

    7. Whoa, lets tone down the ‘non-violent’. It’s completely OK to punch a Nazi.

  8. “The New Jersey Democrat indicated that by releasing the documents, he’s engaging in “civil disobedience.””

    Then, in the spirit of civil disobedience, he should be willing to accept expulsion from the Senate.

    Any bets?

    1. I bet two Twitter mentions by Hillary Clinton and Stormy Daniel’s lawyer; one glowing New Yorker cover, and a long-winded apologia from David Frum about how everything is “not normal”, except those things that are “not normal” but frustrates the current administration.

    2. I’m not sure that really amounts to civil disobedience.

      There is no civil penalty, it’s a closed, private group rule.

      One does wonder what is the other shoe if he is booted; the sorry he has on the other side of the house to be released.

      So much for role of law within our lawmakers.

    3. Even though it wasn’t any kind of disobedience, since the document had been cleared for release, shouldn’t his words indicate an intent to break the rules and be dealt with as such.
      Shit, with HiLIARy, she clearly violated many laws but was let skate, because they claimed she didn’t have any criminal intent – bullshit, to be sure – so shouldn’t the reverse apply and a clear demonstration of intent, even if it wasn’t a violation, be treated as if it was?

    4. How old school of you. Contemporary civil disobedience does not contemplate receiving actual consequences for your actions. Because #fascism.

  9. Raises the question…

    Why is anything that’s not directly related to national security, coming from our “public servants”, not releasable to the public?

    It’s almost as if Congress believes we work for them.

    1. If you want a policy to be thought out at all, giving people anonymity to actually discuss stuff is required.

      And, mind you, the emails in question do not remotely show what the profoundly weird Booker said. Maybe T-Bone gave them to him.

      1. If you want a policy to be thought out at all,

        I don’t. I don’t want people to decide those kinds of policies at all.

    2. Why is anything that’s not directly related to national security, coming from our “public servants”, not releasable to the public?

      The ‘national-security related’ is a ruse. It’s a holdover from when the ‘committee confidential’ classification was used previously as a justification for why documents could be disclosed to Senators but not the public. Committee Confidential documents including things that may be protected by attorney-client privilege.

      Congress acting like we, or Kavanaugh, worked for them doesn’t mean it’s true.

      1. Committee Confidential documents including things that may be protected by attorney-client privilege.

        Why should government be afforded attorney-client privilege?

        1. Why should government be afforded attorney-client privilege?

          Why don’t we just call people government and then freely violate their Constitutionally-protected rights? POTUS and Congress violating the fundamental liberties of SCOTUS couldn’t possibly have any downsides. Let the invasion of government body snatchers begin! *points at Edward Snowden and screeches*

          1. Why don’t we just call people government and then freely violate their Constitutionally-protected rights?

            Cuz people have rights and government doesn’t?

            1. Cuz people have rights and government doesn’t?

              OK, nice and easy now, I don’t want you to hurt yourself. So, if people have rights, then is Brett Kavanaugh a person or a government?

              1. I would say it depends on, in which capacity he is acting?
                Those things he does as a government agent – an appellate court judge – should have no protection from public oversight.

        2. “Government” is not afforded the attorney-client privilege, but it can be asserted by people in government who consult attorneys, divulge facts to those attorneys, receive opinions from the attorneys and form their actions to one degree or another on those opinions. Whether the assertion of the privilege withstands judicial scrutiny is, of course, another matter altogether to be resolved on a case-by-case basis.

    3. Why is anything that’s not directly related to national security, coming from our “public servants”, not releasable to the public?

      Exactly. That is the real issue that ought to be discussed.

      Instead we’ll spend the rest of the day lighting our hair on fire with Team Red/Team Blue theatrics

      1. Somehow I feel like this argument was already being made around the time of the Nunes memo and people seemed to think it was just fine that the intelligence community was redacting information that was embarrassing to them.

        Maybe that’s why we’ll never get disclosure? Because people like to play politics, while pretending to totally not be playing politics?

        1. Convenient how disclosure is suddenly an issue for some all of a sudden.

      2. That is the real issue that ought to be discussed.

        This hearing has been a long time coming and it has been discussed before now. The idea that it must be discussed again now is, once again, procedural grandstanding and ruse.

        117 Justices to the Supreme Court and we’re at the point that Senators are insisting they read private emails before interviewing the candidate like the emails are going to contain details about Russian collusion that weren’t previously known. All the decisions Kavanaugh has penned are available. An unprecedented amount of his professional work outside those decisions are available. Even if you didn’t have either one of those, it’s still an hearing where you get to ask questions openly. This isn’t even a witch hunt, it’s a hunt for documentation on warts, broomsticks, and pointy hats so that they can find a witch to hunt.

        As with Trump, Reason has pointed out some things that should make Kavanaugh pretty questionable as a judge. Democrats are, instead, choosing to focus on the procedural issue because questions about the limited power of SCOTUS and the government undermine their agenda as well.

        1. I have long believed that the more power some person has, the more we the people are entitled to know about that person. These are not private citizens forced by the state to reveal details about their lives in some legal proceeding. These are people who are applying of their own free will for very powerful jobs, and investigating their past is no different than a background check for employment.

          1. So if you are a public figure you have no right to privacy? Or at least decreased right to privacy? That will have no negative outcomes…
            This is why so many otherwise good people refuse to go into public service, because we all have aome secrets that, when viewed or presented in the wrong light, would embarrass us or worse.

          2. This idea is asinine. People are people whether they work for the government or are a CEO or McDonalds worker.

    1. Well that didn’t turn out right. Let me try this:…..D0K65NxxLO

      1. Guessing the caption for that guy in the top frame: “This show. Smells like shit.”

  10. If Dems take the House, he and his colleagues support here provide Trump near limitless legitimacy to refuse to send ANY documents.

  11. I don’t have any problems with the emails being released, and I don’t have any problem with Booker being ousted from the Senate.

    1. You oust Booker, you’re going to have to deal with his imaginary friend T-Bone

        1. On Wednesday, the National Review sued Booker for records relating to another anecdote the mayor frequently references about a teenager who died in his arms from gunshot wounds.

          “Given the dubious existence of T-Bone, we’d like to see documents backing up Booker’s statements,” National Review editor Rich Lowry said. “Certainly, the public has a right to know if Booker has made a habit of embellishing or fabricating similarly cinematic stories.”

          While dodging sniper fire in Bosnia?

          1. Plot twist: T-Bone was actually a steak that was so tough, Booker had to get the waiter to cut it for him with a pistol.

            1. T-Bone was WAY more Spartacus-y than Corey could ever hope to be.

              1. George Costanza wanted to be T-Bone, he wound up being Koko.

          2. Did he not, as mayor, single handed rescue someone from a burning building? I recall an interview in which he wore a bandage on his hand and affected an “aw that ain’t noth’n” air about the whole thing.

            1. And a freezing dog, and held a dying teenager in his arms and… I think there are some articles that indicate he’s done like nine amazing cinematic rescues.

  12. Cory Booker. True American Hero.

    1. He’s a fucking cunt. Waste of space.

  13. Booker is a fucking cunt. I hope he runs for president. Then all of the fucking skeletons will come flying out of his closet.

    1. Sharpe James fended off the challenge for the Newark mayoralty that started Booker’s then-legendary career (he won the second time around) by claiming the skeleton in Booker’s closet was Booker himself! Of course James also claimed he was a white Jew, so maybe he is not the most reliable source. Sorry Booker/Obama shippers; you will have to settle for Booker/Harris.

      1. I think I might actually move to Mexico if that came to pass…

        1. Please buy me a bus ticket too.

      2. A ticket almost guaranteed to carry the Democrat Party to its well-deserved oblivion. They just can’t help themselves, God be thanked

  14. Booker risked his seat over “grappling” with interim questions en route to race neutrality?

  15. Booker wants to violate rules he doesn’t believe in. But I bet he has a different opinion if you violate the rules you don’t believe in, but he does.

    1. Sounds like the reason definition of libertarianism. Rules are a matter of convenience.

  16. It’s very telling how many people here are anti-Booker yet are perfectly ok with President Twitter Fingers openly committing treason while key insiders openly rebel in the NYT.

    1. Do you mean he typed “TREASON” thus showing that he has as much of a concept on the term as his detractors or that he is committing “TREASON” by typing on a keyboard?

      Or, maybe only the Russians know that answer? I. Want. To. Believe.

    2. I live in NJ. This assbiscuit is supposed to represent me. I know he was a fucking shirking cunt while mayor of Newark (which is still the asshole of NE NJ, not to be confused with Trenton the other asshole of NJ).

      So, yeah, I am 100% ANTI-BOOKER because HE’S A FUCKING CUNT, and I am one of his venomous and pissed-off constituents.

      You got a problem with that?

      1. Uh oh. Someone’s been triggered.

        1. Yes, but why are you admitting it?

        2. You are a fairly reliable stooge for Team Blue most of the time.

      2. I liked Booker after watching that “Street Fight” documentary on him a while back. Of course that was back when he supported school vouchers; didn’t believe that raising taxes was the way to fix Newark, and was far less of a drama queen

        1. He was always a grandstanding opportunist, but at least then he was grandstanding opportunistically in the right direction and got to use some of his competence. When you’re saying, please vote for me instead of the guy who has been openly robbing all of you blind for decades as he turned your city into a crime infested dystopia so infamous that Japanese villagers understand “Newark, NJ” references, it’s hard not to be sympathetic.

          By the way it all has a happy ending; Sharpe James has been an enthusiastic Booker booster since his first Senate run.

      3. Newark (which is still the asshole of NE NJ, not to be confused with Trenton the other asshole of NJ)

        Do you think Paterson, Camden, Elizabeth, East Orange, Passaic, Atlantic City, etc. are going to take that snub lying down?

        1. How many assholes we got on this state anyhow?!?!

          1. Looks like a direct Situation.

          2. Take a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Draw 4 columns lengthwise. Start numbering at the top left and continue until you reach the bottom right. You may turn the page over if you run out of space.

        2. Fuck, man, way to kick the state when it’s already down.

          Fine, NJ is just another acronym for New Motherfucking Shithole Liberal Cesspool Jersey. All those other letters are silent.

          1. You actually have a very beautiful state that doesn’t deserve its politicians!

        3. New Jersey Land of a thousand assholes. Should be on the license plates. At least that would explain the smell.

    3. What treason has Trump committed? Openly or covertly?
      Reminder: it’s defined in the constitution and that should be the only relevant definition here.

      1. He beat hillary.

      2. He stole the official “45thPresident” twitter handle?

  17. Booker wouldn’t have dared pull this stunt last year. The. Chris Christie would have appointed Booker’s replacement.

  18. So Booker is going to release these e-mails, and I am sure he is going to be as honest in his criticism of what Kavanaugh wrote as the critics of James Darmore’s Google memo on sexism.

    1. I keep thinking of when the NYT won a FOIA request for Sarah Palin’s e-mails while Governor of Alaska. They claimed they would find evidence of all sorts of nefarious back-door dealings along with bad grammar and genuinely poor use of the English language. They got something like 50,000 emails and turned something like 100 interns loose on them, and came up with ? (wait for it) ? absolutely nothing.

  19. “In one of the emails, dated January 17, 2002, Kavanaugh wrote that while he “generally favor[s] effective security measures that are race-neutral,” it’s still necessary to “grapple?with the interim question of what to do before a truly effective and comprehensive race-neutral system is developed and implemented.””

    This is the smoking gun?

    I say, just let it go. But once again, as with the Dems repealing the filibuster rule on judicial nominees and refusing to consider Estrada’s judicial nomination, the Dems have established yet another breach of senatorial norms. And they will cry foul when their own precedent is later used against them.

  20. As a NJ resident – please expel Booker and Bob Menendez. I’d rather not be represented than have either of those two representing me.

    1. LOL I bet Menendez wins re-election. WTF happened to NJ? You can’t even elect crooks that at least know how to run the place these days. You’re worse than New York.

    2. Maybe Raul Castro will agree to take Bob Menendez back now that we have good relations. Sort of a reverse Mariel.

      1. If he offered a few 16-year-old hookers, Bob might be interested.

    3. No, shit! Those two motherfuckers are woodchipper food.

      I’m having Fargo flashbacks and grinning now….

      1. That woodchipper is nowhere big enough. We need the biggest that they make and we need lots of them. Drain the swamp? No, deforest the political landscape and make it a fucking dessert!

  21. Turns out, pseudo male Booker was advised the emails were to be released regardless.

    So this was just asinine.

      1. I’m hoping Corey feels some embarrassment — but he has put out comments that indicate that, no, he does not.

        T-Bone is crying.

  22. So, Booker is now publicly out as OPPOSED to not using racial profiling. Good to know.

  23. Christ, what an own-goal

  24. Booker has always struck me as a grandstander’s grandstander. As in, he’s standing on a box on a street corner shouting “I’m grandstanding!”

    1. Or, less metaphorically, “Hey guys, I’m totally Spartacus!”

      1. Looks like Tony doesn’t understand the “I am Spartacus” reference, either.

  25. Trump has caused our most cherished institutions to start crumbling from within. If this isn’t a reason for presidential impeachment, I don’t know what is.

    1. Schoolhouse Rock is crumbling?

    2. I suppose touching yourself is also impeachable now too. You best be on your best behavior!

    3. So Democratic senators breaking long standing rules for their own gain is Trump’s fault? You think they would have treated Romney differently if he had won in 2012.

    4. Trump has caused our most cherished institutions to start crumbling from within. If this isn’t a reason for presidential impeachment, I don’t know what is.

      As a libertarian, I say it’s a reason to reelect him!

      1. Many of the people who are crying about Trump destroying “cherished institutions” I believe would probably also have blamed Adams, Jefferson, Paine etc. for destroying our cherished subservience to the British Crown.

      2. It is also telling that it is all Trump’s fault, that he is somehow forcing the entrenched bureaucrats and Democrats (though I admit the two are not necessarily exclusive) to act insane.

    5. Those institutions were crumbling long before trump.

      1. Yes, but everyone had the decency to declaim how perfect and necessary they were, so it was all good. The correct response to a less than successful institution is to scream ‘greedy taxpayer’ and point out they would be even more perfect with even more money.

        Trump has ruined all that because… Twitter?

    6. True. You don’t know what is. Start from there and work your way back.

  26. “…Kavanaugh wrote that while he “generally favor[s] effective security measures that are race-neutral,” it’s still necessary to “grapple?with the interim question of what to do before a truly effective and comprehensive race-neutral system is developed and implemented.””

    I’m failing to understand what the problem with this statement is. It seems like a reasonable course of action to take. Am I wrong?

    1. Of course you are. It mentions “Race-neutral,” which is problematic because we all know that’s code for “White-favoring.” It does NOT mention how racist the current system is, which is similarly problematic.

      1. Did you get that translation from your Little Orphan Annie decoder ring?
        In the rational world, race-neutral means race-neutral.
        Only the hopelessly paranoid think things are “code words” and “dog whistles”.
        Not being honest about what you are saying is a descriptor of the left, not the right.

    2. Reasonable courses of action? In government? You are funny. Lmao

  27. Does anyone really believe that anyone on the committee did not know that the document had already been released. It’s just another step in the If you can’t dazzle with brilliance, baffle with …..

    1. I can buy Booker not knowing.

      Even though he was told.

  28. Haven’t we been hearing that Trump is an idiot and impulsive and needs people to control him?

    Booker’s staff is failing him by not keeping him from being Corey Booker.

  29. Did anyone see Chuck Schloomer’s mouth move when Booker was talking? I could clearly see his arm up his ass and the muppet wires on his hands. Good show, Chucky!

  30. Well, the ordinary procedure would be to leak these documents anonymously. So Booker’s public release is just political grandstanding.

    As far as the emails are concerned, they seem to show a thoughtful, reasoned, classically liberal approach to racial equality. I.e., Democrats and progressives are going to hate it and Republicans and independents should be fine with it.

  31. Are we a Nation of rules and Laws or not? Obviously those in Washington feel themselves to be above such restrictions. As seen in their opting out of laws they’ve placed on the rest of us!!!!!

  32. It’s amazing to see the whole truth about this situation. If you look at an unbiased source, they will show you the email he referenced and its the opposite of what this liar implied it was. Also, the email had already been released before he made his “I’m a hero” gesture, and he was fully aware of it. What dishonesty. Taking advantage of the feeble minded.

    1. If Booker didn’t take advantage of the feeble-minded he couldn’t even get elected to the Board of his HOA

  33. Expelling a member of the Senate or House takes a 2/3 vote of the relevant body.

    Let’s see…the Senate has 51 Republicans, and they need 67 votes to expel, so that means if every Rep votes to expel they’d still need 16 Democrats, assuming everyone shows up to vote (is anyone filling McCain’s seat, that might upset the calculations).

    So expelling Sen. Booker is a simply matter of getting all the Reps and 16 Dems to expel him. Sounds easy.


    1. The possibility of a vote to expel never existed. Some Republicans, unlike Trump, know how to pick their battles. Best to let this bit of nonsense just die the death.

  34. The documents were released hours before he became Spartacus . so Spartacus not so much
    Senator Whitehouse is very upset because it was his turn on the bottom playing gladiator with Booker.

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  36. Booker is a socialist show boat.

    1. Booker is a bit stupid, but he is one of the sexiest senators. Admittedly, that’s a low standard however.

  37. This is really good news as, perhaps, both sides will start showing the country all the secrets they are keeping from the people in an effort to harm each other.

  38. And I’ll just leave here the fact that the major media outlets all covered it wrongly as a “heroic event”, even hours afte r it had been already shown that the docs were not confidential at the time of release. Just another coincidence, of course, not an orchestrated campaign at all.…..rate.html#

  39. Christ, what an asshole! Also, epic fail numb-nuts.

  40. I don’t think ANY governmental communication should be hidden from review – especially old ones – so I support Booker’s choice to defy old pricks like Grassley, et al. Good of old Schumer to “back him up”, too, since he would never have the balls to do something like that himself.

  41. The only thing this reveals to me is that Corey Booker is a racist (not a huge reveal). If looking for effective race-neutral security in our system is a problem to him I can only assume that it’s because it won’t guarantee him the explicit racial quotas he wants.

  42. It’s just come out that the RAT Booker lied this morning about violating Senate Rules. The E-Mails he released were cleared for public viewing last night.

  43. Meh, if Booker wants to impress me with how tough he is, he should be a presidential candidate in Brazil.

  44. Only a completely disingenuous narcissist like Booker would think something like, “generally favor effective security measures that are race-neutral,” … “grapple?with the interim question of what to do before a truly effective and comprehensive race-neutral system is developed and implemented,” are racially inflammatory quotes. They’re pragmatic. Booker is a hypocrite. I’ve never seen any Democrat hesitate to implement their huge government schemes, wondering if they’re truly fair or what the unintended consequences could be. The Democrat M.O. is, “we have to pass this bill so you can see what is in it.”

  45. Cory Booker: Hack du Jour.

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