Brickbat: Oh, Lord, Stuck in Lodi Again


Anti-NRA sign

A history teacher at California's Lodi High School berated two students wearing NRA T-shirts and ordered one to the principal's office when he refused to remove the shirt. In a statement, the school district says the shirts did not violate the dress code and promised to provide a refresher to staff on the dress code so this does not happen again.

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  1. Went there during the mid-80s, and frequently wore two political t-shirts, once that said “Peace Through Superior Firepower” and the other “I’d Rather Be Killing Communists.” I got a few chuckles from my lefty teachers, but never once even suggested I shouldn’t wear the shirts. Things have definitely gone downhill. That NRA shirt seems very mild compared to mine:

    1. Haha. I love that shirt but there’s no way you could wear it in public now without invoking the demonic wrath of “revolutionary violence”.

    2. Sweet! When I move away from the leftist hell hole I live in now I’m totally going to start rocking some of the highly offensive right wing shirts. I like the “Kill a commie for mommy” ones! If I did that here there is a 100% chance I would be assaulted. Off in Idaho methinks I won’t be hassled too much 🙂

      1. Not really relevant, but that mommy business reminds me of that episode of Futurama where all the Earth’s machines are remotely activated to rise up and overthrow humanity, and the treacly saccharine-versed talking Mother’s Day card becomes the uprising’s orator, suddenly starting spouting violent Marxist revolutionary propaganda.

      2. Are you moving to Idaho for the economic opportunity, the educational excellence, the cultural brilliance, or the general whiteness, insularity, and backwardness?

        1. Probably the economic opportunity.


          “While Idaho certainly manufactures goods such as lumber, chemicals and fabricated metals, the top manufacturing product is electrical equipment, specifically computers and computer components. Technology has played a large role in Idaho’s economy since the 1970s.”

          Wait, I thought lefties were smart, fact-based rational people who didn’t resort to stereotypes?

          1. “Wait, I thought lefties were smart, fact-based rational people who didn’t resort to stereotypes?”

            So the rev is not a leftie.
            That just leaves raging socialist, or bot.

          2. They’re just as prone to it as anyone, they just proclaim that it’s not a stereotype if it’s actually true — and refuse to discuss why it is that their prejudices are true, while other people’s prejudices are not.

        2. Mostly for the low levels of regulation, taxation, personal freedoms (concealed carry with no permit!), and the fact that it is low crime and a great place to live… All of those things exist there largely because it is so white. Cuz statistics.

          I don’t mind brown folks, I’m part beaner myself… But brown people do tend to commit more crime and vote wrong, so the best places to live happen to often be the whitest places. Or the most Asian. But there aren’t many Asian-topias in America, so Whiteopia will have to do!

    3. I am younger than you but pre-Columbine; I don’t even remember whether we were allowed to wear shirts with weapons images on them. Probably. Seems like so long ago now. Kids today can’t even bring a nerf lightsaber for Halloween! (That would have caused outraged eyerolls from parents in the crunchiest district back then, but is probably the law in every single one in America now.)

      1. It was allowed. One Halloween I went to school in a cowboy costume with a toy pistol and rifle.

      2. When my dad was in school, in THE BAY AREA, in the 70s/80s he still brought his ACTUAL GUN to school for shooting activities run through the school. They brought it in and left it with one of the gym teachers before going to classes, and then met up with him and got their rifles back after school and did the shooting class.

        Granted this was the suburban north bay, not SF proper… But that’s how much shit has changed in just a few decades.

        1. Much the same for me. I grew up on the California Central Coast, rather rural area then. It was not odd at all for me to strap a .22 rifle on my back and ride my bike across town to shoot at my Uncle’s place. Back then it was common to see shotgun and rifles in pickup gun racks at the high school student parking lot.

          If I were to try that today in the same place, I would likely be reported before I made it out my driveway and arrested as a junior grade ‘terrorist’ within half a mile.

          1. Yup. Gun racks in trucks were still common where my moms family lived up in the mountains when I was a kid, but that kinda thing was long gone from where we lived in the north bay by then. It’s crazy how fast things can change…

        2. Believe it or not, when I was in high school most NYC schools had basement rifle ranges. Kids would carry their .22s back and forth on the subway.

        3. Kids are not allowed to think of guns for recreational shooting, hunting, self-defense, military preparedness training, historical or design collection, or any of the other traditional, lawful purposes.

          Since Stockton, it has been hammered into their ritalin addled brains they should think of guns only in the context of school shootings.

          I recall the stories of students bringing their rifle from home to school for ROTC marksmaneship training in New York City. That was before the drum beat of anti-gun propaganda leading up to the 1968 Gun Control Act.

    4. Someone’s got a knife fetish. Holy shit.

      1. Not my knives. I just did a search for the shirt, and those are what shows up on the same page.

    5. I dont remember anyone getting sent home for what was on a shirt.

      If you wore short shorts or a short skirt, you got sent home because horny boys could see the sloppy purse and could not concentrate the rest of the day.

      1. They still do that.

  2. Brazilians drop outdated traditional macho language in state job description. But I’m more intrigued by the role of the gay groups in getting rid of it. What carne de vaca (yeah I know that is Spanish but I cannot speak Portuguese; who gives a fuck) did they possibly have with that rule? Was it femmephobic? Reminds me of when the American gays got this rabidly speedwalkerphobic British ad pulled for its hateful message. Looks like now even in Latin America the gay-activist industrial complex has to make work for itself by finding new groups of victims to parade around. Meanwhile from here on out don’t fuck with the sassy cops of Paran?; they will read you something fierce, bitch!

  3. This reminds me of some of the shit-lib teachers I had in high school that I would argue with. I had a couple that were cool and weren’t commies, but one of my history teachers was suuuuuch a tool. I just about gave him an aneurysm a few times by being perfectly logical and shooting down his horseshit arguments. His problem was that I probably have about 40-50 IQ points on him, so even in HS I was smarter and more knowledgeable on some subjects.

  4. Primary news:

    Vermont Democrats unfortunately will not give us our nation’s first junior-high-aged governor nominee. Instead we get our first transgender one! Unfortunately, the state’s famous incumbency advantage is apparently so strong that Phil Scott survived his primary challenge–even though his once sky-high popularity plunged dozens of points to below his unfavorables after he flip-flopped and demanded the Dem-controlled legislature pass the first gun control laws in state history. I don’t normally pull for RINO genelection defeats, but I do hope he gets his ass handed to him by the tranny.

    In Minnesota Tim Pawlenty failed to ride Never Trumpism to a grand comeback; he was defeated over that issue. The DNC finally stopped playing for time and made a tepid little statement on Keith Ellison–as its voters were already at the polls nominating him in a landslide for AG–and the tape of him beating the fear of Allah into some poor woman.

  5. To paraphrase something frequently posted by my Trumpian co-posters: How is this newsworthy? School staff fucked up, district told them just that. End of story.

    1. It’s newsworthy because the “good guy” won for a change.

  6. Lodi Unified also says it plans to refresh all staff about dress code policies, so this type of incident does not happen again.

    You could also refresh them on how individual liberties are won and defended.

    1. You might think a history teacher would know a little more than the average teacher about First Amendment issues. Maybe something more than circulating a memo is needed.

      1. You might think….but you’d be wrong.

  7. The man from the magazine
    Said I was on my way.
    Somewhere I lost connections
    Ran out of songs to play.
    I came to town, a one-night stand
    Looks like my plans fell through.
    Oh Lord, stuck in Lodi again.

    1. Nice work. Very nice.

    2. How… the fuck… did you get away with posting 6 links in 1 comment.

      -What foul sorcery is this-

  8. At least they’re allowed to wear a God dammed tshirt over here in fascist fly over fuck land it’s uniforms, buzz cuts and in stupid we trust plastered all over the place.

  9. My son used to wear a “IRS:We Make Money the Old Fashioned Way. We Steal It” t-shirt (and various beer label shirts) to school without any teacher intervention.

  10. It’s worth noting that the history teacher does not know students have freedom of expression.

    1. My HS american history teacher was the wrestling coach. He didn’t get his job because of his knowledge of the subject. But I did memorize all the presidents of the US, in order, that year!

  11. I got some shit from a teacher for wearing this tshirt:

    I was told not to wear it in her classroom again and nothing ever came of it as my mom somehow ‘lost’ the shirt in the laundry.

    1. I remember those when I was in Junior High. Granted, this was in Huntington Beach, where surfing is a big thing, so the teachers probably were more tolerant of that.

  12. I was out of school by the time I got this shirt at a White Zombie concert. However when I wore it to work in a kitchen it offended the waitresses so much that my boss told me to turn it inside out.

  13. I used to wear band shirts for Skinny Puppy, Corrosion of Conformity, and all kindsa shit. I don’t remember getting any guff for it. I don’t think I was trying to shock anyone, I was merely getting dressed for school. That was 25 years ago – probably couldn’t do that over there now.

  14. Lodi – the farming town equivalent of Berkeley.

  15. I oppose collective punishment. That training session is going to blow.

    1. If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

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