Antifa Still Wants to Punch the Two Dozen Damp, Sad Nazis Who Showed Up at Unite the Right II

But most counterprotesters were calm and nuanced about free speech and fascism at the D.C. rally.


Christian Britschgi/Reason

"I really think we should just ignore them," counterprotester Glen Hellman told Reason outside the Vienna Metro station this morning, where Unite the Right II rally participants boarded a subway headed into downtown D.C. "We're validating them, and that is a problem," he added, describing himself as "torn" over whether to ignore the rally or protest it.

As expected, it was a chaotic scene outside the White House on this rainy Sunday, as white nationalists staged a rally in the nation's capital.

But the core "Unite the Right II" group managed to draw only about two dozen people, compared with thousands who showed up in response, including plenty of anti-fascist (antifa) and Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters.

The white nationalist rally in Washington, D.C., served as a sequel to last year's Unite the Right event in Charlottesville, Virginia, where violent clashes broke out and one counterprotester, Heather Heyer, was killed. In light of the events in Charlottesville, D.C. authorities made sure they were prepared for unrest. There was a huge police presence in Lafayette Square (where the rally was held) and the surrounding area. Cops guarded the white nationalist protesters wherever they went.

There just weren't that many of them. Rally organizer Jason Kessler predicted in his National Park Service permit that 400 people would participate. Less than 30 actually showed up.

The rally's actual size didn't stop antifa protesters from getting all riled up. Decked out in black with their faces covered, they screamed chants like, "Any time, any place, punch a Nazi in the face" and "Whose streets? Our streets!"

But there were also plenty of level-headed counterprotesters, like Hellman.

"Anti-fascism isn't just punching Nazis in the face. It's giving food out to people who don't have food," says Marina, who declined to give her last name.

Many counterprotesters say they support the white nationalists' right to hold a rally. "Everybody has to have a right to free speech, but man, there can be some disgusting messages out there," one anonymous protester told Reason. "You can't stop it. That's the way our country is built."

Paul Mitchell, a counterprotester wearing a U.S. Army veteran cap, compared the white nationalists' right to hold a rally to NFL players' right to kneel during the pre-game playing of the national anthem. "I would never do it, but I do support their right to make a statement," he says.

The range of emotions was perfectly represented by the variety of signs counterprotesters were clutching outside the Vienna Metro station. Some, like "Hate has no home here" and "We were all created equal" had anti-hate, pro-equality messages. Other signs were much blunt. "Give them a platform," read one, next to an illustration of a guillotine. "Fuck you fascist fuck," read another.

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  1. “only about two dozen people”

    That’s quite a pathetic turnout.

    “Whose streets? Our streets!”

    That sounds vaguely familiar…

    “Die Stra?e frei den braunen Bataillonen.
    Die Stra?e frei dem Sturmabteilungsmann!”

    (Clear the streets for the brown battalions,
    Clear the streets for the storm division!)

    1. Times like this call for a weapon of higher authority! Who best to know how bring God’s wrath upon the modern day far-right menace: the Hitler Youth/ Wermacht pope; or his successor the soccer stadium pope?

      1. Just having a little fun there of course, btw; I like your Vatican-heavy commenting as I too follow the same news. And as you know Benedict is one of my favorite people out there in the world.

        1. Great, though I’ve not been doing as many Pope comments recently.

          1. And a good thing for your soul, too. Professing to be a Catholic while commenting on Koch-funded sites is inadmissible in all cases because it is an attack on the inviolability and dignity of the Earth. This is de fide now; get with the program and cease your disobedience.

            1. Ha ha, yes, I’m truly excited with the current Pope, His Holiness is like the crazy uncle of Popes, you can’t wait to hear what he’s going to say next.

    2. You gotta wonder, at what point does this stop being news? What’s the minimum number of people to qualify as a rally?

      1. If it makes the right look bad? Zero. If it makes the left look bad? Infinity.

        1. The right could avoid opprobrium by having fewer aggressive bigots in its electoral coalition. The right could avoid aggressive bigots by refraining from appeasing and embracing bigotry.

          1. Wow, Kirkland calls someone a bigot…from the files of the sun rises in the east or the sky is blue.

          2. There were two brands of leftists at that event, and no one on the right.

            Carry on, Comrade

          3. I get a fairly wide range of Republican correspondence. The wide range became part of a problem for the supermajority, the way the Greyhound strike and resulting profits became part of a problem for Trailways…but the “White Nationalists” aren’t part of the electoral coalition. I suspect they’re actually left-wingers playing into the left wing’s favorite anti-right-wing meme.

      2. This echos KKK rallies in the 80’s.

        By then they were dwindling down to just a handful of folks. In Atlanta the KKK would come down from the mountains of North Georgia every year for a march. They’d be met by counter protesters that outnumbered them probably 100 to 1. Maybe closer to 1000 to 1.

        They made the news every year.

        Then Atlanta civil rights dudes decided that ignoring the protesters was a better strategy, instead of confronting them and yelling. They spread the word on local radio. People still showed up, but mostly didn’t shout. And the next year there were not even 15 KKK members to show up. And then the year after that, nobody much bothered to counter protest the 9 guys who pathetically marched.

        And then it was all over.

        1. These idiots on the left have given the “alt right” a platform that they didn’t have, and an audience they didn’t earn. They riled up a bunch of people by removing civil war memorials and renaming parks and streets in a way that has nothing to do with race, racism, white supremacy, nazis or any of that. They were just attacking their home, history and culture in a gratuitous way designed only to provoke. And they were gleeful that they were able to provoke a response, since it gave them a reason for existing.

          Now we see what the core constituency is. Even with all of the national press the last two weeks…. they got 20 people.

          There is no white supremacist movement. No nazi movement. No racist threat.

          Sorry antifa. You have no honest reason to exist.

          1. Well said, Cyto.

            Antifa particularly, and progressives generally, are desperate for the “white supremacist” movement to be a thing. So desperate that they’ll do whatever they can to create them (as you aptly describe).
            This isn’t a new phenomenon, but has certainly increased in intensity over the last 3 years or so.
            The question becomes: what lows will progressives stoop to to keep their bogeyman alive? What atrocity can they provoke to bring him off of life support?
            Charlottesville was not an accident, though the death wasn’t planned. Progressive organizers and activists, national media, and local politicians conspired to create a conflict that could further sow discord and drive a wedge between peoples, and also to hold up as an example against Trump.

            In the end, I think I’m just restating everything you wrote above, Cyto. The existential need antifa has for “Nazis” has long been something glaring to me. But it goes beyond antifa – it’s true of all progressives.

            Well said, Cyto.
            ramble over

    3. Looking at several videos of the “Unite the Right” protests, I saw several people with American flags and no hateful signs from the dozen or so protestors.

      On the other side, I saw hundreds of virtue signalling carrying signs that in no reflected the behavior on the Unite group.

      How pitiful.

  2. “I really think we should just ignore them,” counterprotester Glen Hellman told Reason outside the Vienna Metro station this morning, where Unite the Right II rally participants boarded a subway headed into downtown D.C. “We’re validating them, and that is a problem,”

    Glen Hellman admits to willfully validating white nationalists/racists/ Nazis. Does his employer know he’s validating this shit? I believe Glen’s family, friends, employers and any potential future-employers really ought to know he spends his Sundays out validating white nationalism. Perhaps Glen should have taken his own sage advice and not done that.

    1. Employer lol that’s adorable

    2. Glen decided to ignore them in person.

    3. ” “We’re validating them, and that is a problem,”

      Only two dozen fascists showed up. It’s not much of a problem.

  3. Geez, all these protests. DOESN’T ANYONE WORK?!

      1. Are these the Nazis? Are they gonna hurt us? No, SIV, these men are cowards.

        1. The antifa who marched in Charlottesville last night are the cowards. The Nazis weren’t even there!

          1. “You don’t have the fucking numbers, dipshit; we know you never did!”

          2. No, the real cowards in Charlottesville last night was CNN, which had their reporters assaulted by the Anfifa, and were too chicken to report it.

            1. Oddly enough, the only account of that I’ve seen was published in Vox.

              Get a screen shot before it disappears.

    1. Sundays are for a decent man to stay home and spend time with his chickens, Rufus.

  4. Rally organizer Jason Kessler predicted in his National Park Service permit that 400 people would participate. Less than 30 actually showed up.

    True to form that is a somewhat Trumpian overestimation.

    Leave it to a venue like DC to fuck up a good old-fashioned Nazi/Klan .Unite The Right’ rally. It should have been held in the Confederacy – maybe Stone Mountain. LoveCons1789 could be Grand Wizard and Fuhrer.

    1. I asked them – they said they were too busy tag teaming Mrs. Buttplug.

    2. That and the National Socialists and KKK dont want people like me in their ranks. Im Libertarian, not white enough, and against Democrats who started the KKK, Jim Crowe laws, and the confederacy.

      1. I’m white enough, but my multi ethnic family (Korean and Arab) family unit wouldn’t be popular with those leftist socialist Klam type folks. OB would probably fit in though.

      2. phtt, you’re a libertarian like the sun is the moon.
        You’re a run-of-the-mill Trumpncontard. Cripes, you even have the stupid talking points of a Rush listener.
        What a tool.
        Crawl back to the Federalist.

        1. That goes for both you – LC1789 and Last of the Shitferbrains.
          Both Contards, through and through.

          1. NYP taking a break from getting pegged by daddy to take out his frustration on anonymous internet commenters.

          2. I slapa da bass to Rush and Tool rocks!

          3. NYP, at least I’m not a bigot like you. Eitherw way, I’m a million times the libertarian you are.

            Don’t you have some commie meeting you need to attend with your fellow travelers?

        2. Well, which is he? A Rush listener or a Tool listener? I don’t imagine there’s much crossover.

          1. (Meekly raises hand)

            1. *raises a hand as well*
              I actually listen to Limbaugh from time to time. Now if we’re getting into Rush the band, then I do listen to both then and Tool. I actually like APC more than Tool

              1. I like Limbaugh. Good sense of humor. And Tool is my favorite band, alongside Rage Against the Machine and Three 6 Mafia…

      3. Are you a fellow mud-race Untermensch? I have to admit I did not picture that! Very racist of me! Especially since the whole world will soon be our ugly color if the Jews’ scheme continues to go as planned. (Open your eyes sheeple.)

        Anyway go easy on us poor Democrats! We may have been bad on that whole owning people thing but few in the political mainstream were any too good either back then. We basically stood firmly on the right side of everything but the race issue until 1896, and did not completely descend into total depravity until the cartoonishly malevolent Woodrow Wilson. Those of us who were fervently antislavery tended to be not only the best people overall in the political mainstream but the best at being antislavery; you had to be really dedicated to both small government and antislavery to choose to be an antislavery Democrat!

        1. I find it hilarious when the Lefties go on and on about racist Libertarians blah blah, then I show up.

          Lefties hate that non-Aryans are against their Lefty policies too.

      4. Dude, for a guy who supposedly lives and (grew up in Georgia?) how the fuck do you not know that every white racist switched to the Republican party decades ago? Surely you would know this if you really had lived in Georgia. Surely your own family would have experienced this. I’m calling bullshit on you. I think you’re a fake. You’re probably not even American.

        1. Somehow, Progressive gospel manages to have more inaccuracies and less logical consistency than the original gospels.
          In many ways, too, are they more intolerant than the original puritans.
          Mass psychosis is fascinating, and I guess much easier for a hive mind.

        2. If you lived in Georgia, you would have the answer to that.

          There are Democrats here in the South and they are racist as they ever were. See, they never voted anything but Democrat.

          You also have Lefties who could not get elected as a Democrat, so they call themselves Republicans but everyone knows that they are RINOs. The Democrats vote for those RINOs because they are Democrats hiding as Republicans.

          Then you have Republicans. Conservative Republicans who dont seem racist but surely there are a few.

          Saving the best for last, you have Libertarians.

    3. Truly Trumpian would be to claim that there actually had been 4,000 people at the rally, and all the reports, photos and videos are fake news.

    4. The Klan being a left wing organization and the National Socialists being right wing? Or is it the other way around?

      1. It’s not a one-dimensional analysis, and you know it. Left vs Right is one thing. Peaceful vs Violent is a different axis entirely.

  5. The ADL and SPLC say, “Report Nazis to the police (who we trained) and go home and do good deeds.” Well this is exactly the terrible advice that led to the Holocaust. People say, “We should listen to the Jews because they understand better than anyone how hate leads to genocide.” This is terrible advice because maybe we don’t have any idea what the hell we’re doing. (Or worse.) Thank you America for ignoring the Jews and the ADL and the SPLC and going out and standing up to hate and saving us from ourselves.

  6. Although I condemn the vanishingly small percentage who engage in violence, antifa members are natural allies for us libertarians. Similar to democratic socialists, they are aggressively opposed to Drumpf, specifically his white nationalist immigration policy of putting black and brown children in cages. As long as this illegitimate Kremlin asset regime remains in power, libertarians must acknowledge we are just one faction in the anti-Drumpf coalition. We must not let purity tests or in-fighting distract us from our ultimate goal: removing Putin’s Puppet from office.


    1. The Antifa idiots who go to ‘protests’ in scary clothing and armed for battle are the reincarnation of the SA Brownshirts. They are swarming in the streets to intimidate people with whom they disagree. That’s fascism. They and others on the Left attack businesses because of the religion of the owners. So did the despicable Austrian’s goons. They clamor that they are attacking Nazis. They ARE the Nazis.

      I have scant patience with the White Supremacists, but that doesn’t make me like the Fascists of the Left one whit more.

      You want Trump to win a second term? This foolishness is probably one of the better ways to ensure it.

      1. …So did the despicable Austrian’s goons.

        I know this is a Koch publication but still, speaking of Rothbard in such terms is uncalled for.

      2. Not really. They are a quite literal reincarnation of Antifasciste Aktion from the same period. And it’s important to remember that due to the “Antifascists” in Germany, and their violence and general madness in the streets the NSDAP gained a foothold and eventual control over the nation. People generally like order, not anarchy, and the German Supremacists offered that.

        1. Hannah Arendt, a socialist Jew, suggested that some Jews actions also played a role in their persecution and was soundly labeled a self hating anti-Semite Jew. Her reasoning was quite nuanced too but some individuals cannot bear harsh truths and however nuanced.

          This reminds me of the same. People forget communists (with the overt support of the USSR) and other anti-social elements were running wild in an economically ravaged Germany. Without the yin to the yang of the Nazis they probably would have whimpered out of existence.

      3. the reincarnation of the SA Brownshirts

        I tend to think it’s more the Red Guard from Mao’s time.

        1. I don’t think so.
          The Red Guards were given an initial impulse, but operated independently and out of control.
          The SA were controlled by The Party and sent to specific places for specific reasons.
          Antifa are not fanatics run amok – they are very much directed.

    2. > antifa members are natural allies for us libertarians

      OBL is about as libertarian as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, not that most of the commentariat here are fooled by his/her drivel.

    3. Count me out of an alliance – anarchists [like Antifa] generally get used to serve communist/socialist ends, and get squashed like bugs once the targeted power consolidation has been achieved responding to “emergencies”. Consolidation truly is anti-libertarian. But the cage thing is appalling, and goes back a couple years before January 20th, 2017. Glad it’s being addressed.

    4. unlike you I support Trump’s great libertarian agenda of deporting ethnic undesirables through utilization of a large police force with a greatly expanded mandate and greater discretionary power so that ICE -agents can show up at some church and separate families into deportables and those that go
      Into the camp. Get with the program, commie douche.


      1. How cute. OBL buys into the media’s inaccurate portrayal of legitimate enforcement of the laws on the books. The separation of families thing is too often done by the families themselves – parents entrusting their children to coyotes who drag them across desert and other dangerous locations.

        Calling Americans bigots for not wanting to mix overly generous welfare programs with one party’s cynical attempt to replace voters and another party’s lame ploy to pander to business groups like the Chamber of Commerce is boring and exposes OBL as a progressive, which is incompatible with libertarianism.

  7. outside the Vienna Metro station

    Joe Seyton didn’t even make it as far as Tyson’s Corner.

    1. He did go to Xaverian, so he’s probably a rich kid. But half of those kids are Mafia, so he may well be made of tougher stuff.

      1. Did he make top cut and get an invite into the X-Men?

        1. Obviously not. Mentorship of those whose Mystique-like powers never advance beyond the ability to shapeshift at prog cocktail parties is swiftly handed off from Charles Xavier to Charles Koch.

  8. Paul Mitchell, a counterprotester wearing a U.S. Army veteran cap, compared the white nationalists’ right to hold a rally to NFL players’ right to kneel during the pre-game playing of the national anthem. “I would never do it, but I do support their right to make a statement,” he says.

    Why is Mitchell being so logical?

    Trump said NFL players were anti-American sons of bitches for protesting.

    1. Typical hypocrite. Quote a guy you disparage at all other times. Me, I figure if I don’t trust some guy 99% of the time, I’m not going to suddenly quote him approvingly the 1% of the time he happens to say something I agree with.

    2. Paul Mitchell, a counterprotester wearing a U.S. Army veteran cap, compared the white nationalists’ right to hold a rally to NFL players’ right to kneel during the pre-game playing of the national anthem. “I would never do it, but I do support their right to make a statement,” he says.

      In these times of anti-freedom prog virtue signalling by seemingly every corporation you can think of, it is nice to know I can continue to purchase my shampoo in good conscience.

    3. “Trump said NFL players were anti-American sons of bitches for protesting”

      So? You’re saying Trump can’t express an opinion about the scumbags expressing an opinion?

      Do you have a point, other than Trump hating?

  9. Just a few dozen? That’s a good sign – I’ve seen enough of this incite the left garbage. Have people actually started to think? I’m almost optimistic. But… a crowd of leftists this small on a celebrated leftist cause? Well, they would be surrounded/co-mingled with scores of media types and get a tight shot of the whole affair and report it as an estimated crowd of hundreds.

    1. Have people actually started to think?

      Perhaps. Like anyone stupid enough to show up a year ago to actually protest the Lee statue removal, instead of not giving a rat’s ass about it and merely using the opportunity to narcissistically gain international media attention and/or provoke a race war–this time I presume even they have wised up.

      Even the benign forms of incitement-for-incitement’s-sake may have seen its day come and go. I don’t think they’ll be a new Milo. Maybe the campus Right will even choose to spend more time sitting down and learning, and learning to strategize, this coming year. The Left may have overreached even among the young; the counterrevolution may be quietly brewing and there for the taking, as the stunning success of Jordan Peterson may be revealing. Provocation is out now; boring self-improvement is in!

      1. Yes!!! Exactly what I say. What this society needs more is a more boring form of Tony Robbins who argues for a society with even more White male chauvinism in the age where we have a quiet, effete, sober and multiethnic great leader like Trump.

  10. He did go to Xaverian, so he’s probably a rich kid. But half of those kids are Mafia, so he may well be made of tougher stuff.

    1. Oops. Well, it deserved to be said twice. If you ease up on the hazing the new guy never feels at home.

  11. Curious, how are these unite the right dudes so easily and breathlessly labeled as whit nationalists and we gloss over ‘Black Lives Matter’ as some benign group opposed to the evil racists? In this post they are clearly juxtaposed against one another with one clearly the bad guy? In every media outlet as a matter of fact.

    Either all race based ethno-nationalism is bad or it is all equally fair game. Which do we choose? I see the talking heads have equivocated on this pretty incredibly. Can’t be labeled a racist or sexist!

    1. Only Augustus Sol Invictus can achieve peace in our fractured land by uniting both sides into an unstoppable Black Wives Matter movement. I am sacrificing a goat to the Translesbian Afro-Gaia as we speak.

    2. ‘Black Lives Matter’ as some benign group opposed to the evil racists

      Jeeze, have you even been to college, or read anything on the internet? African-Americans can’t be racist. They’re as powerless as their African-American-African land-less would be farmer kin in South Africa!

      1. Christ you’re a retard, SIV.

        1. Not nearly as dumb as you proglydyte cancer cells, NYP.

    3. Black Lives Matter is like a franchise that activists sign up to run local branches of.

      Some of the franchisees look at police accountability, others are into fighting the evil pig commuter on the way to work or the hospital…it’s all good…

      1. It’s like a brand name under an ancap regime that rejects trademark. I hereby proclaim myself to be Brooklyn BLM, Brooklyn Antifa, Brooklyn Anonymous, Brooklyn OWS, and Brooklyn KKK. Cover me, mainstream media!

        The fact remains that, while BLM has the potential to be an ally against police brutality: (1) They almost inevitably overracialize it so far beyond recognition as to be doing more to distract from the core issue than emphasize it; and consequently (2) their efforts seem to be bearing little fruit in halting the ever-more-statist march of the Left, while their prevarications and over-the-top ugliness seems to be inciting the Right to re-embrace the law-and-order narrative and slurp ever more lustfully on the boots of local cops–even as they become more and more agreeable to us on other matters…

        1. …BLM did have founders, and it’s useful to remember who they are and how they got started. It is not some sort of salt-of-the-earth manifestation of the black street; it was started by a bunch of radical lesbian intersectional feminists with a mission (stated clearly to this day on their website) to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.” They were not founded as a reaction to police brutality, but as a response to the failure of a jury to impose mob justice on a Latino hothead civilian asshole who killed a black kid who was pounding his head into the pavement and perhaps reaching for his gun. Though they sometimes prefer to emphasize what was indeed the critical moment of their legacy–their outrage at the failure of a DA in Missouri to similarly railroad a cop who killed a violent thug who was lunging for his gun. Meanwhile they completely ignored the vicious cop killing of a gentle loosie salesman on Staten Island, whose family insisted on emphasizing the state abuse angle instead of the racial. That case is never mentioned by BLM to this day.

          I want to see the best in BLM too. But it’s not as though they were perverted by some wildcats from their true purpose. Just like OWS–despite the kind words of solidarity Ron Paul may have with them, founded not by a “leftist Tea Party” street disgusted by the Bush bailouts, but by a bunch of infantile Canadian “anti-consumerist” pranksters–their soul was rotten from the start.

          1. *I clarify that the mission to disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure is indeed stated clearly as BLM‘s goal, on BLM‘s website–not the founders’ personal ones.

            1. I was pretty surprised when I read that on their website awhile back. They don’t even try to hide the fact they are proto-revolutionaries with a mission to smash the status quo to something more favorable to their ideal utopia, they flaunt it quite openly.

              1. It’s easy for the left to get away with flaunting that sort of thing in the US: They know 98% of the media won’t report it.

            2. That’s not how I understood it. I read that they want to disrupt the idea that the nuclear family is a requirement. It seems like they are using the word “nuclear” to mean “biological”. In other words, they want the option of choosing “intentional family”. Which is already pretty common these days. That’s how it sounds to me, anyway

  12. These were obviously the stupidest slime ball Nazis. The slightly less stupid slimy creatures have crawled back under their rocks.

    1. Nope. There were thousands of people marching for hate. A large group of haters, a tiny group of haters.

      Does anyone ever take the time to think about the fact that these “counter protests” wouldn’t have a chance to exist without the small group of people for them to rally against?

      1. There were thousands of people marching for hate. A large group of haters, a tiny group of haters.

        And yet all of them together accomplishing so much less of consequence to history than the Time Haters.

      2. It helps when that small group is exaggerated by the media into some huge virtually unstoppable force that would overwhelm the nation if not for those virtuous Antifa clowns.

    2. Mostly, they were just shrewd enough to bait the antifa into assembling and letting them do what antifa do, knowing that any violence that occurred couldn’t be blamed on them this time.

      1. Shrewd. I like that.

        A shrew is a small animal. Like a mouse but weaker. We just call them moles here. They burrow underground. Problem in gardening sometimes but mostly just food for the owls, foxes, cats and other creatures around.

        It is not antifa the shrews fear. They can punch as well as the next guy. It is being caught open in the moonlight.

        1. But shrews are portly but cute; whereas, while in these metrosexual times the new generation of white nationalists is certainly slightly easier on the eyes as a whole than those of years past–when you basically had David Duke and several hundred Sloths from Goonies–they still have a long way to go! Master Mud Race FTW!

  13. “Anti-fascism isn’t just punching Nazis in the face. It’s giving food out to people who don’t have food,” says Marina, who declined to give her last name.

    You sure about that, Marina?
    Pretty sure that’s all part of the totalitarian socialist scheme.

    1. Socialism is more like finding someone else who has food and punching them in the face and taking it.

      1. For the proletarians, comrade! Surely you must understand!

    2. Marina, what you meant was ‘taking my food and handing it out to others. . . ..’

    3. It’s a crap talking point, like something out of a miss America pageant that birthed a great bumper sticker: “visualize whirled peas”. Whether it’s hers or somebody elses does not matter to me – the hallmark of Antifa is organized interstate violence/confrontation which is antithetical to her inane remark. I don’t know anybody that eats 65mph eggs, bricks in a pillowcase, frozen water bottles or urine. But the statement is noteworthy because somebody really thinks that much bull will fly. She rides a jackalope to work, no doubt.

  14. Nazis are socialists which makes them left wing. Fascists are left wing so anti-a s are right wingers. What a screwed up protest. People don’t know what the really stand for. . . Or maybe the earth’s magnetic poles are flipping again.

    1. You’ve got to expect this sort of inversion since the left started using 1984 as an instruction manual.

  15. Lefties fighting Lefties. Who cares.

    1. Stop with the dumbass Contard talking points, LC1789.

      1. This really is getting old. Yes, Nazis were socialists. No, they weren’t “lefties” in their time or even ours. They were a right-wing reaction to the gains of communism/anarchism in the interwar period. I think the issue stems from failing to distinguish between American and European right-wing movements.

        1. No they were not a reaction to communism. They were a reaction to WW1 reparations. The communists were their rivals to power. Funny how communism almost always devolves into fascism immediately.

          But yeah, it is getting old, if only because it is impossible to break through the willful ignorance brought on by decades of brainwashing. Calling them right wing is far, far more disingenuous with today’s definitions than calling them left wing.

        2. The only difference between American and European movements is that in the USA we know better than to think Nazis were anything but Lefty Socialists.

          On the political spectrum, Right-wing is monarchies and oligarchies. Right is conservatism. Nothing more conservative than a monarchy. They dont want change for anything.

          Left-wing or Lefties consist of Communism, Socialists, Nazis, Progressives, Liberals….

          Libertarians are in the middle with maximum Liberty under a conservative rule of law (Constitution).

          When Europeans call political groups “right-wing” they mean to the right of Communism. Not a single European political party is right of Libertarians unless its a Monarchy or Oligarchy.

          Sweden is Left-Wing since its a Socialist state.
          France is Left-Wing because its a Socialist state.
          Italy is Left-Wing because its a Socialist state.
          Vatican City is Right -Wing because its an oligarchy.

          Iran is Right-Wing because its an oligarchy.
          Russia is Left-Wing because its a Socialist state.

          Canada is Left-wing because its a Socialist state.
          The USA is somewhere in the middle. Our government is set up slightly conservative with many freedoms and protected rights of the People under our Constitution. Social Security, Medicare, ObamaCare, etc drag the USA left-wing. America now has a Police and Nanny State thing going on.

          1. Extreme Left-Wing is characterized by revolution and dramatic change leading to authoritarian regimes that are intolerate of freedoms.

            Extreme Right-Wing is characterized by authoritarian monarchies and oligarchies that are so conservative that they resist change and are intolerant of freedoms.

            Centrist is where Libertarians are. Maximum freedoms and minimal government control. Libertarians have a slight conservative streak since the Rule of Law under our Constitution does infringe on some rights to gain the advantages of the Democracy we live in.

          2. Sweden is not as “socialist” as the news tells you.

            Conservatism is a form of right wing, and in the US it is the orthodox form. Monarchies do tend to be right wing. Oligarchies go either way.

            Socialism is not a purely left-right issue outside of the US. It certainly wasn’t during the interwar. The Nazis eschew our strange modern dichotomy because much of what they stood for outside mere economics was socially right wing. They were markedly pro-family, natalistic, nativistic. They wanted citizenship by blood and the expulsion of aliens. Germany First. They recognized the right of peoples to self-determination.

            it’s not that black and white my dude.

            1. Trite definitions doesn’t change the fact the the nordic states are significantly socialist. Just stop with all the blather that not all means of production are owned by the state and therefore it isn’t REAL socialism. Since there is still SOME trivial amount of free enterprise in Venezuela, it’s not REAL socialism either. It’s a stupid talking point.

              Communists and socialists recognize individual rights and self-determination as well, at least on paper. The only significant difference between nazis and communists is that the former recognizes nation states while the latter believes that there can be only one government (and supposedly none in the end).

              At the same time the nazis wanted communal property and distribution of wealth. That is definitional socialism. To claim that old age pensions and nationalizing of industries into co-ops is equivalent to a monarchy is simply bizarre.

              1. I didn’t claim it is equivalent to monarchy. perhaps you have a reading comprehension issue. I claimed Nazis are socialist (but not communist). I claimed that being socialist doesn’t always compute to left wing for an ideology. We have to look at ideologies in their entirety to determine where they land on the right-left spectrum. Maybe it’s hard for materialist libertarians to comprehend that economics is the only determining factor in that.

            2. Kivlor, as I mention down threat a tiny bit Spectrums have ranges. Sweden being Left on the political spectrum is within a range. Sweden is not as Socialist as Venezuela.

              England is a great example of a Socialist state that has a Monarchy. England is NOT right-wing even though they have a Monarch. The Queen does not control England, the Socialists in the Parliament do.

              The Nazis were not conservative otherwise they would have been right-wing. The Nazis got a large minority in the Reichstag via revolution (not conservative) and then united with more minority parties to then get Hitler appointed Chancellor. Once Hindenburg died, the Nazis declared all the other parties illegal and Hitler was declared head of state.

              The Nazis used race to gain and hold power. Did you know the Nazis let non-Aryans into the SS? Race was not the most important thing to the Nazis.

              The Nazis used ‘family’ to get more babies for the state and to keep troops fairly confident that their ladies back home were not fucking the wounded guys coming back from the front.

              The Nazis used ‘nationalism’ as their special brand of Socialism. Hitler thought the Communists exporting Socialism internationally was a losing method. Hitler wanted to dominate territory for Germany and Germans. Hitler wasnt even a German. He was Austrian. How is that for German Nationalism. A fucking Austrian convinced a bunch of Germans that Germany should spread Germanism and Socialism around the World via warfare, even Austria.

        3. Yes, Nazis are on the left. They don’t disagree on how to run things, on,y which group is going to be in charge.

        4. Fascists were socialists. They were also opportunists and accepted any support wherever they could find it.

          1. Correct Darren. Fascism is and always was another bastard child of Marxism. Just like socialism and progressivism.

      2. Stop with the dumbass Lefty talking points,Yard Penalty

      3. I assumed he was a parody account of someone mimicking what a Limbaugh/Levin/Hannity account might post. Similar to what Colbert did with O’Reilly. No one could be so logically inconsistent or blindly spouting talking points.

  16. Gotta say, Reason sure took a rather mild and equivocating tone for a group (Antifa) that has a history of beating the f*** out of people and destroying property on a regular basis. It comes across a bit of sycophancy.

    1. It will be a cold day in hell before Reason writers admit that Nazis are Lefties and are just different versions of the antifa Lefties.

      1. Lies, Nazis are right wing extremists.

        1. Yep, all that hard right socialism and command economy conservatism.

          1. The issue here is your failing to understand that not all right-wing movements are equivalent to the American “right-wing” orthodoxy.

            1. Trump’s Wingnuts die the fact of Aryan Supremacy because it is their Nazi brethren on the right that exposes them.

              1. Trump’s Wingnuts DENY the fact of Aryan Supremacy because it is their Nazi brethren on the right that exposes them.

                1. They deny it because most of them are not Aryan Supremacists, want nothing to do with it, and can’t imagine “bad guys” on “their side”. Same as the left imagining Trump supporters as Nazis. “We are the good guys. the other side is all evil”

                2. Like you deny the fact that the eugenics movement was a creature of the left? Like you deny that the biggest anti-semites like Corbyn and sarsour are creatures of the left?

                  Nazis are and always have been socialists and on the left. And racism never left the left, it just enjoys far more diversity there.

                3. It’s interesting you claim that Aryan Supremacy is a fact.

                4. PB, you are such a vile piece of shit. If you want to se the legacy of the Mazi party, just go look in a mirror. You are pure evil, and a fitting heir to their evil and insanity.

                  Leftism is pure evil.

              2. White supremacists could be on both sides of the political spectrum since Socialists can be racist and conservatives can be racist.

                Nazis are Socialists who want to control the government using Aryan race standard for who is in charge.

                “White supremacists in the USA” are Nazis who know that the Nazi name is an instant turn-off for most Americans. Plus Nazism is a German creation, not American. They wanted an American racists movement that was less tied to the defeated Nazis of Germany.

            2. Oh, for the love of god, Kivlor.

              Government control of business is not–in any way– a right wing thing. It IS a pervasive left wing thing.

              Socialist policies are not–in any way– a right wing thing. They ARE pervasive left wing things.

              And I can keep going. I can get more and more precise.

              Because the communists and the Nazis weren’t adversaries–they were competitors. If Hitler had a lick of sense he would simply have left them alone–communism decays into fascism.

              1. Technically, monarchs and oligarchies of the extreme right wing do control business and are authoritarian.

                Most Republicans are conservatives on the political right between Libertarians in the Center and Monarchs on the Right-Wing. They want change only when supported by the masses and without change for change’s sake.

              2. Much of their demanded “government control of business” was absolutely reactionary in nature. The end of massive corporations/trusts and a leasing of that out to small private interests. A return to the banning of interest was a return to a much older policy of Christendom. This wasn’t a “progressive” or left wing movement, it was a right wing one that yanked the carpet out from under the “left”.

                Stop trying to put all the evil in the world on your “the left” or “the right”. These are spectrums not perfectly defined boxes.

                1. Attempting to muddle the dialog is hardly helping.

            3. Kivlor, the failure of understanding is all on your end I assure you. There is no right wing socialism. Period. If you can’t move past your confusion, then just focus in my words to guide you.

              I’m happy to correct people that sometimes need a helping hand and are not able to correct themselves.

              Bask in my generosity.

              1. LotS: Economics is not the one deciding factor in left vs right. What I’m getting from your arguments is ~”they can’t be right wing if they’re socialists, no matter what all of their other ideas are.” That seems like a childish dumbing down of political theory. It ignores everything else for one part of an ideology.

                1. NASkippy: I make no claims on eugenics. I have not said that only right wingers are antisemites. I think plenty of people on the left are very guilty of both, eugenics in particular. Racism exists on both sides of the aisle because it is natural to humans, just like sin. To deny that the left is rife with racism would be to deny that we breathe air.

                  1. Kivlor: The eugenics post was for buttplug. We agree on the point of racism.

                2. Kivlor, why make things more complicated?

                  On a Left-Right spectrum free market is in the center. Monarchies on the far Right are not free market and Communists on the Far-Left are not free market.

                  Authoritarianism is the harshest at the extreme right and extreme left. We are the most free in the middle.

                  The Left-Right political spectrum has a center too. That is where Classical Liberals and Libertarians are. Spectrums have ranges and the Center has a range.

                  1. If you omit the racial genocide thing, how were Nazis and other fascists that different from socialists? The only real difference I’m aware of is that Fascists were satisfied with controlling and regulating businesses (including unions) rather than needing outright ownership.

                3. I don’t think you understand conservatism. Which is nothing like national socialism.

      2. Give it the fuck up, LC.
        Cripes, is Brietard closed for the night.
        You are singlehandedly ruining reason comment threads with your Contardery.
        Call The Big Fat Idiot’s radio show in the morning and then give yourself a handie.

        1. Goes double for your sock puppet, Last of the Shitferbrains

          1. NYP, you are a stupid shit aren’t you? LC and I are clearly different people. Our writing isn’t the same at all.

            Your confusion is understandable though, given the handicap of your limited progtard mind.

        2. He is mistaken. He isn’t ruining the threads. Grow some thicker skin snowflake

          1. Kivlor, to Lefties, me discussing Libertarianism and the Left-Right Spectrum is ruining the threads that LEFTIES WANT.

        3. You citing Briebart and Rush Limbaugh is hilarious since I am not a Republican, so I dont listen to Rush Limbaugh, nor read Briebart, nor watch FOX.

          I am also a non-white Libertarian who fights Lefty Socialism at every turn.

          I know that I upset you and make you foam at the corners of your mouth.

    2. “No enemies on the left”

      1. Niskanen: “Pwned, Reason!”

    3. The article did seem to want to paint Antifa in a moderate light. Weird!

      1. It’s not as though a half dozen NAZIs are going to show up at Reason’s offices with tire irons and Molotov cocktails. OTOH, you never know what the Antifa might do if you diss them.

        1. Kind of highlights how pathetic Reason is these days

  17. I’m not sure what to make of this. Apparently a few wanna be brown shirts and a bunch of angsty socialists appeared and nothing happened. Why did I just read this?

    1. Because nothing happened.

      Is that not good news?

    2. a few wanna be brown shirts and a bunch of angsty socialists appeared and nothing happened.

      That is just what you saw. This is what they saw.

    3. What they’re not mentioning is that both the fascists and the other fascists were outnumbered by the news reporters salivating over the prospect of actual documented proof that Trump is responsible for massive outbreaks of racial violence. I was watching some of this on the news and they just kept repeating that race relations have gone in the shitter since Trump’s election, ignoring the fact that a few years back millions of people every single day made openly racist comments. “I don’t like government-run healthcare.” “I don’t like drone-striking people without due process.” “I don’t like executive orders over-riding the Constitutional delegation of authority.” “I don’t like deficit spending.” You don’t hear such blatant racism like that now that Trump’s President do you? So how can they say that racism has gotten worse?

    4. The trend is down, compared to what happened in Charlottesville. That’s newsworthy: fewer people getting duped & used to serve as a whipping post for Antifa.

    5. What I find funny is that as soon as antifa gets their utopia and realize it isn’t working, they’ll turn immediately into those they hate in an effort to retain power, complete with the xenophobic nationalism, police state and murder. Sure their victims may be slightly different in skin tone, but that will be about the extent of it.

  18. I’d like to punch them too, but I don’t because I acknowledge that freedom of speech is a thing even if it’s coming from the enemy. Antifa is the other extreme, and I like to punch them as well, those mask wearing cowards.

    1. Nazis and anti-fa are Left-wing extremists. Luckily for them, the 1st Amendment protects their right to peacefully protest.

      1. Yep. And left wing groups fight each other all the time.

  19. Sure is nice of Setyon to put a kind face on a group that tolerates violent extremists.

    So long as they are the right sort of violent extremists.

    1. The juxtaposition has been fairy clear in the media by and large.

      On one side you have evil white nationalists, bad racists. Clearly evil.

      On the side of good we have social activists, Black Lives Matter people, and Antifa. These are clearly the good guys in this debate because racism is so super evil it beats violent anti-social anarchist / communist and black ethnic-nationalism in a war of who is the worst.

      1. On one side you have evil white nationalists, bad racists. Clearly evil.

        The term “racism” used to refer to the belief that one race is superior to another. It is mainstream libertarians and conservatives who say “blacks are equal and can make it on their own”, while the left claims that blacks who can’t make it today inherit permanent damage from slavery and need help from their superior masters in the Democratic party.

        “White nationalists” today in the US is just a reaction to Democratic racism: they say that if the left wants to distribute political power and redistribute resources based on race, then whites need representation just like any other racial group. It’s the wrong reaction (the right reaction is to tell Democrats to stop being evil racists), but it is merely a reaction to Democratic racism.

        1. Telling them to stop being racists is a joke. This is basically giving up. They believe that only whites can be racist. they teach it in universities across the nation. this has been the intellectual consensus for a decade

          1. The idea that only whites can be racist is incredibly dangerous. Just ask Rwanda.

            1. Well, we are heading to a consensus on that being the case here. Another decade is all it should take if the reactionaries fail to do something.

              1. The reactionaries? Seems like you’re the one now living in two little boxes.

                  1. Because you have divided the world into leftists and reactionaries.

                    1. Not at all. I’ve merely denoted that leftists will win this issue if the reactionaries fail to turn it the other direction. I’ve marked two opposing forces, I didn’t lump everyone into only those two forces.

          2. elling them to stop being racists is a joke. This is basically giving up.

            I left out the “or else” part: “or else we are going to treat you like the evil racists you are.”

            That is, conservatives and libertarians need to stop being the punching bags for racist Democrats, defend themselves and expose the real racists relentlessly.

        2. I did hear one news reporter mentioning that at least one group of white supremacists refer to themselves as “white rights” supporters, just to scoff at the idea that there’s any such thing as “white rights”. You’d think the left would be cheering at the news that identity politics has won the day, that even white males now see themselves as a single voting bloc just like blacks, women, latinos, gays, etc. That’s what they wanted, right? All authentic women supported Hillary just as all authentic blacks and all authentic latinos and all authentic gays have candidates they have to support lest they be branded as traitors to the cause, obviously all authentic white males should have their own candidate and if you don’t support him you’re a traitor.

          1. This is the logical conclusion. If everyone else organizes based on race, and white interests are antithetical to other races objectives, then whites must organize based on race or be race traitors.

            1. Identifying yourself as your skin tone or sexuality is as absurd to me as identifying by your shoe size.

              It is the ultimate tell of ignorance, IMO.

              1. Not protecting your family because “ignorant” is patently absurd. Humans notice race by nature, at young ages. They have a general preference for their own that appeared built-in to them. The non-whites all organize around it. If whites dont do it too, they will inevitably destroy themselves by opening the gates to the barbarians who seek to destroy them.

              2. Identifying yourself as your skin tone or sexuality is as absurd to me as identifying by your shoe size.

                Using arbitrary criteria to categorize yourself isn’t so absurd when you live in a country that allocates resources and opportunities based on those criteria.

                That is, it’s not absurd for Indian Dalit or Chinese “peasants” to demand more resources for their caste; the fact that those caste systems are absurd in the first place is a separate matter.

    2. “No hate No Fear”
      “It takes a bullet to bash a fash”

      Nope, nothing to see here, No cognitive dissonance, hypocrisy, or irony

  20. Antifa Still Wants to Punch People

    There, FTFY. They’re just looking for excuses. That’s because Antifa is basically the Brownshirts.

    1. From the looks of them the brown is a crap stain. What a bunch of pathetic noodle boys.

  21. Of course, there’s a Twitter user styling himself (or, hypothetically, herself) “Nazi Punch,” with a photo of a punch bowl filled with booze.

    1. Somebody should brave the inevitable outrage mob and create that as a commercial beverage. Then at the next antifa-alt showdown, approach the other side, say “Hey, how ’bout a nice Nazi Punch?” and then, as they square off, hand them the cool refreshing can! It would create peace in the streets. Helps even more if you’re a hot Armenian girl while doing it, but we’ll get there when we get there.

      1. I’m pretty sure antifa would use the full cans as projectiles.

        1. The irony would be too much for the hipsters to pass up.

  22. Hmm, does this mean there aren’t Nazis, and minority and women haters on every street corner or lurking in Walmart corner in America? We all know there are at least 56 million die hard haters (Trump ballots).

  23. Gee, look at all the heroic Antifa resisters! All dressed up in their battle rattle, holding their inspiring banners, and at least one hammer-and-sickle USSR flag.

    Yep, some fun cosplay going on there. Too bad the dragon they showed up to slay turned out to be the Geico gecko. The grownups predicted it would be so, but the kids gotta play pretend I guess.

    1. No, the fact that the white supremacists didn’t show up doesn’t suggest that there really aren’t very many white supremacists – we know for a fact that there are tens of millions of them – it just means the sneaky bastards are hiding and we’ll have to redouble our efforts to expose them. It’s bad enough when they’re out in the open, they’re far more dangerous when they’re hiding because they’re obviously hatching a truly monstrous evil plot they don’t want us to find out about.

  24. After all the angst the Washington Post tried to stir up here in D.C., showing pictures of the violence in Charlottesville last year, with the photos of people flying in the air after the car attack being on the online front page every day, the demonstration turned out to be a big nothingburger.

    Their coverage of the violence against police and news crews in Charlottesville this weekend was reposts of AP stories that were buried in the back pages.

    Guess they’ll have to go back to the 3D gun stories to rile their base up.

    1. Car attack?

      You mean that poor guy who lost it when his car was attacked? The one who slammed on the gas and crashed into another group of antifa attackers that had swarmed two more cars in the street, killing one?

      Is that what you’re talking about?

      1. The baseball bat to the back of his car right before he took off should be ignored … never happened was completely deserved because white supremacists are always evil and those who oppose them are always good, or some such nonsense

  25. “Anti-fascism isn’t just punching Nazis in the face. It’s giving food out to people who don’t have food,” says Marina, who declined to give her last name.

    Antifa is about working in the food service industry?

    1. Ha, none of those wankers would work in the food service industry, or any other. They feel jobs are for the rubes in flyover country, so they can pay taxes to fund free college for the Antifa heroes.

    2. Mostly coffee, or Trader Joe’s, from what I’ve seen.

  26. “I really think we should just ignore them,” counterprotester Glen Hellman told Reason…

    Luckily Glen went with his heart instead of his head and showed up to not ignore them.

  27. Yes counter protestors aka Antifa are pretty “nuanced ”
    regarding free speech. So apparently is Reason
    The whole Cville incident was caused by folks who thought they could violently assault folks whose speech they disagreed with

    Lesson not learned

  28. It is human nature to ridicule that which we don’t want to be.

    Some ridicule Trump for ridiculing others, oblivious to their hypocrisy.

    Do you think the Nazi narrative would have more or less credibility if it wasn’t illegal to provide scientific and historical evidence to the contrary?

    Is the ridicule you’re contemplating in support of a narrative or in opposition to science and history?

  29. But there were also plenty of level-headed counterprotesters, like Hellman.

    “Anti-fascism isn’t just punching Nazis in the face. It’s giving food out to people who don’t have food,” says Marina, who declined to give her last name.

    Yes, you read that.

    1. Antifa soup kitchens?

  30. These loons are a vanishingly, almost non-existent presence in the U.S. But the mainstream media constantly engages in deception to paint the entire right as this. There are also false flag operations that get run.

    At the Charlottesville rally, most people there were simply protesting the removal of statues – an eminently reasonable cause.

    1. Except is small pockets of the northwest, neo Nazis have always been small fringe element. They were a much larger prescence in the 1980s than they are now

      1. Even in the pictures from this event, I am seeing only one Nazi dude. The rest are just standard confederate and Gadsden flags.

  31. The fact that only about 2 dozen white supremacists showed up demonstrates the size of the “movement” in the US is overblown by the media. In contrast Antifa and BLM protesters showed up and harrased drivers and attempts to created chaos and start clashes with others because they are all thugs. The event in Charlottesville hapened because people wanted it to happen and made sure tensions flared as they did. Police were told to stand down, so there was no barrier between the groups until violence erupted. When it did the media got and pushed the narrative the left was seeking. Government must silence these hateful white supremacists who support the President. This rally proves that entire narrative was crap

    1. Yep-I suspect that the cops were ordered not to get involved last year by the then governor Terry McAuliffe, a longtime DNC operative. He knew it would get ugly and could be used to their advantage.

      1. Evidence? That he planned any of it? Because Tacky McAwful’s reaction was bad enough if it was just the shock reaction I (charitably) assumed it was…

    2. Until these Lefties are put in their place that peaceful protests by people will be protected, they will keep trying to pull this shit.

      This so backfired on the Lefties. If the permit holders planned this so nobody but anti-fa showed up- its genius!

    3. We really need to get our marxists under control.

      Of course. There shouldn’t be fen be marxists in a country like America, but getting them under control is a start.

  32. Was actually in C-ville this weekend, though not to attend any rally or protest. There were easily more cops there than there were C-villians, and didn’t see anyone who looked like a neo-nazi/white nationalist, or Antifa for that matter. In fact, other than our friends we were hanging out with, I really didn’t see anyone, which wasn’t surprising since the town is mostly empty in August before the school year starts at UVA.

    I think the prog MSM was hoping for another bloodbath there and in DC, but it didn’t happen. So they are the ones who look stupid now.

    1. The MSM is pure evil, and a bunch of seditionists.

    2. What does a “white nationalist” look like?

      1. “What does a “white nationalist” look like?”

        It’s like obscenity. A progressive can’t really say but know it when they see it.

      2. To be a “white nationalist” it is necessary and sufficient that you are both a nationalist (=oppose open borders) and white. So, indeed, if you’re not a socialist or progressive and you have predominantly European ancestry, you are a “white nationalist”. Bet you didn’t know that.

  33. So reason ignored the action of the fascists anti fascists ? Messing with and intimidating Reporters and stopping them from filming in okee dokee and kumbaya ? Getting physical with people ? no problemo !
    All peace and love ? JFC Reason !

  34. Look, we all know that the MSM is covering up for the massive number of DNC operatives and members of the Democratic Party that want to engage in a violent confrontation. Nazis are only peace-lovers that just want to express their 1st Amendment agenda. Come on, CNN, stop the collusion with DNC antifa agenda


    1. Biden?

      Who did he grope this time?

      1. It’s hard to keep track of old Uncle Handsy.

  35. “[T]he funny thing is that Facebook is taking on an even greater responsibility than the actual news gathering and publishing operations do.

    While Facebook is busy muting “hate speech” and thwarting “fake news” online, the real media is in an orgiastic frenzy to promote any assembly they can find of neo-Nazis, white supremacists or racists. Literally, these “news” organizations are running out of bullhorns to hand out to these crackpots.

    Endless, wall-to-wall coverage of some racist rally in Washington comes just one year after the media did the same thing in Charlottesville, where they whipped up so much attention and rattled so many nerves that one innocent woman got killed, along with two state troopers trying to keep the peace.

    In sane, civilized society, everyone knows that nasty, rude, hateful people are simply to be ignored. Not elevated and magnified and analyzed.

    You know the only thing more tedious than listening to some rambling madman spew racist nonsense? Listening to a couple of sheltered snowflakes working for National People’s Radio analyze some rambling madman spewing racist nonsense.


  36. This whole thing is ridiculous. Remember the infamous “both sides” statement last year that sooo racist!

    Well the side we couldn’t mention, Antifa, was the only one that showed up yesterday and guess what, they were violent. Go figure, maybe its nuanced violence.

    Somehow this has to be Trump’s fault though.

    1. Anything that doesn’t give progtards what they want 24/7 is to blame. Progtards are like spoiled children throwing a tantrum.

      I’ll be glad when the public nuts up amd finally beats their kind down just like they deserve.

  37. Which ones are the Nazis?

    1. The ones with fewer brothers.

  38. “Antifa” claim to be Anti-Fascism, but they’re NOT! What they are is a bunch of good for Nothing good, group of Anarchists, Assailants, Assaulters, Brawlers, Delinquents, Gangsters, Goons, Hoodlums, Hooligans, Looters, Malcontents, Pillagers, Revilers, Ruffians, Thugs, Vagrants, and Vandals. And why they cover and mask their little faces?

  39. I have noticed that it has been ANTIFA that was involved/caused most of the trouble during the summer of 2016 and 2017 and even this last summer. So it was no surprise to me, anyway, to see that it was mostly ANTIFA that caused most of the trouble this weekend.

  40. Forgot to mention the 489 members of the press covering the event. Page one all around!

  41. Paul Mitchell, a counterprotester wearing a U.S. Army veteran cap, compared the white nationalists’ right to hold a rally to NFL players’ right to kneel during the pre-game playing of the national anthem. “I would never do it, but I do support their right to make a statement,” he says.

    Those NFL players were working at the time. They had no more right to “make a statement” than I have to make a statement while I’m at *my* place of work. If their employers are OK with it, that’s fine., but those employers (the team owners) in turn must bear the consequences of *their* customers NOT being OK with it and spending their money accordingly.

    1. Unless you’re in the military, or your refusal to salute the flag somehow interfered with your ability to do the job for which you were hired, then, no, your employer doesn’t have the right to force you any more than they’d have the right to force you to pray. Saluting the flag has nothing to do with playing football. If it bothers the white fans, they can ignore it, the way they ignore the systemic racism and police brutality that the protest is actually about.

  42. This is pathetic.

    Nowhere in this article did you state what Unite the Right’s message was. But throughout the piece hate and fascism were implied. You didn’t even see the irony in calling Antifa (the closest thing to the Brownshirts today) “anti-fascist” while they run around cloaked in masks and black hoods beating up people thy don’t like.

  43. Jesus Reason… This is ridiculous. The 2nd article on this, and you STILL didn’t mention the violence and property destruction ANTIFA caused in DC and in Charlottesville. Are you REALLY white washing shit for ANTIFA now???

    Also, from what I read elsewhere, what little speaking was done on the part of the organizers basically amounted to “Hey man, if everybody else is going to be all anti white, and organizing along racial lines, then white people need to be able to do it too to protect our own interests. So get used to it!” and that was about it. Which is in fact an eminently reasonable statement. If everybody else is going to be tribal and gang up on honkies, honkies are basically going to be forced to organize in this way as well as we slide into becoming a minority in our own country… Multicultural society basically forces this outcome.

  44. “Anti-fascism isn’t just punching Nazis in the face. It’s giving food out to people who don’t have food,” says Marina, who declined to give her last name.

    Funny, that’s what fascism is about as well.

  45. Ignore the Nazis, because they’re damp and sad? Oh, like the world ignored that sad, hate-filled little man with the stupid mustache in the 30’s? How did that work out for the world? I’m not a huge fan of punching people in the face, but neither do I think these people should be ignored. They should be ostracized, stigmatized, humiliated and resisted everywhere they show their ugliness. “Anti-fascist” shouldn’t be just something we do on weekends; it should be our default mode.

    1. Some things have changed. In the 1930s many people admired Hitler.

    2. Do you think the Nazi narrative would have more or less credibility if it wasn’t illegal to provide scientific and historical evidence to the contrary?

      Do you even understand the question?

  46. How can anyone provide an informed comment when the information is illegal?

    Inform yourself. book/show/23629458-breaking-the-spell

  47. Two dozen people is not a “rally”. The only rally on Sunday was the one held by those on the left who are also the only ones who engaged in violence. The way to defeat White Nationalists is let them speak because the more they speak, the more obvious it becomes they are complete idiots. However, I think it is so ironic that those who claim to be “fighting fascism” are actually the ones using fascists tactics to silence opponents. The fact the media attempts to justify their use of violence only shows how corrupt it actually is.

    1. It’s not ironic. The technical term is “Orwellian”.

      I wonder if Orwell would still have written 1984, if he’d known it was going to be treated as an instruction manual?

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