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The official Twitter account of South Africa's ruling African National Congress appeared to call all of the nation's white citizens murderers and said it was a mistake to consider their views. The tweet was later deleted and a subsequent tweet said they were quoting someone else. But critics note the tweet wasn't a retweet, wasn't in quotes and wasn't attributed to anyone and that the ANC hasn't explained why it quoted that person to begin with. The ANC explained further that they were quoting somebody who came to speak at a public hearing of the parliament's constitutional review committee.

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  1. You know, at one point I wondered why the ordinary work-a-day Germans just let it all happen. Lots did. Asking that question used to be a thing.

    We stopped asking. What’s more, it may never have been an adequate question. It was generally framed as “what went wrong with them”. Which is too easy a question, since *clearly* the answer was that they were fucked-up monsters. It may be that a better question is “What’s wrong with humans?”

    It’s easy to see the monster in the foreign tribe. It’s harder to see the monster in the mirror. It all goes Nietszche from there, it seems.

    1. You know, at one point I wondered why the ordinary work-a-day Germans just let it all happen.
      Street battles by rival gangs of socialists helped. People often choose security over liberty. Eventually they gave up too much.

      1. People often choose security over liberty.

        While true this was not their motivation. The German people’s economic circumstances sucked and the Nazis told them (a) it wasn’t their fault and (b) the people’s whose fault is was had a pot of gold to be shared if it could be confiscated.

        Think of the Jews as the “top 1%” of that time.

        1. They were still choosing security over liberty. Whether threatened by violence, loss of employment or simply access to food or water, people will gladly give power to someone who promises to protect them from those problems. It’s a bonus if only those other people have to pay the price. By the time you realize those with power can now turn it on you it is too late.

      2. Well, effective resistance to armed mobs is difficult when you are unarmed.
        And if you opposed the armed mobs, the cops arrested you.
        Welcome to the revolution; beat up anyone from antifa today?

      3. And it ended with the populace around the concentration camps turned out at bayonet point by the allies to be paraded though the camps.

    2. Several factors. Judenhass, a nasty habit of blindly following orders that went all the way back to medieval times, economic desperation…


      1. habit of blindly following orders
        The change from the Reichswehreid to the F?hrereid in 1934 had the military swear loyalty to Hitler instead of Germany. Too many officers took the oath seriously even after they realized the error.

    3. Yep, who’s the racist thief now?

    4. +1 Milgram

  2. Rhodesia is ready when you are.

  3. Great. Now the hypocritical right-wing mob will take THIS nuanced satire out of context.

    1. SIV,

      If it was satirical, why did the ANC take it out and then lie about why they pit it instead of saying ‘Punked, yo bitches!’?

    1. Russian hacking.

      1. Yep, still waiting for the posts in Russian to show up here.

    2. Dog whistle!

  4. There is a greater context to this. South Africa shook off apartheid using a “truth and reconciliation” process that basically acted to absolve a lot of past sins. Part of the deal was to protect private property – in hopes of avoiding the catastrophes of other African nations that expropriated all white owned land.

    The ruling party in South Africa is now touting the idea of changing the constitution to allow the government to take white-owned land without compensation. The idea is that whites control most of the land, and that isn’t changing. Meanwhile, there are lots and lots of poor black people. So they are just going to vote to change that situation, expropriate the land and give it to someone who looks like them.

    South African President Cyril Ramaphosa recently announced plans to allow white people’s land to be taken without compensation, which will then be distributed to black people in a move that he believes will be good for the economy.

    So, that explains why they sent out the tweet.

    1. Take land from people who are using it productively and give it to people who have no fucking clue of how to use it.

      That will end about as well as it has ended in all the other countries that did the same thing.

      But I guess it is good because democracy or something.

      1. Is subsistence farming still a thing?

        1. Yeah. In really poor parts of the world.

    2. Did they hire Mugabe as a consultant?

      1. Just using Hugo Chavez’s old notes.

    3. “truth and reconciliation”

      Never apologize Mister, it’s a sign of weakness.

  5. White people are always racist, even when they try not to be… And black people can NOT be racist!

    Is this only true in the USA? Is human nature different over there? If so, why?

    1. People who belong to a race that has been the victim of racism cannot be accused of racism.

      1. Unless they have the wrong opinions. The white liberals can hurl racial slurs at them without any consequences. Just ask Clarence Thomas, Candace Owens, Thomas Sowell, etc.

        1. Duhh. Race is not a choice.

          1. just ask Michael Jackson, Rachel Dolezal or Liz Warren.

  6. Tweet and re-tweet went to the store. Tweet came back, and who was left?

    1. The Democrats?

    2. Captain America?

  7. I don’t get it. So the ANC is getting a job with the New York Times Editorial Board?

    1. I was going to say that it’s nice to see that Sarah Jeong is moonlighting with the ANC.

  8. My understanding of the present context in South Africa is this:

    They have an upcoming election, and they have an upstart, what we might call “populist”, party that’s threatening the ANC in elections. They’re threatening to cut into the ANC’s seats like the Tea Party cut into the seats of establishment Republicans. The ANC is, hence, moving to an anti-white narrative to head that populist party’s support off ahead of elections.

    The populist party was campaigning on seizing white famer’s land without compensation, for instance, so the ANC started legislation to do the same.

    It would not surprise me if they put out a tweet like this in order to highlight their anti-white bona fides.

    The big picture, here, is that the anti-white policies and rhetoric aren’t a mistake, aren’t the act of one person in the ANC, and aren’t likely to go away. They’re a reaction to something happening at the grass roots level, and that’s a problem with sturdy legs.

    1. + 100,000,000,000 Zimbabwe dollars

      1. Oops. 100,000,000,000,000

        1. too many 0’s for Venezuela?

          1. For a couple of weeks, anyway.

    2. — They have an upcoming election, and they have an upstart, what we might call “populist”, party that’s threatening the ANC in elections. —

      It’s interesting that the ANC would suggest that white people are all murderers because of the threat from a populist upstart. He sounds like he’s a Trumpista, except of a different and more local flavor.

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