America First

Trump and Bernie: America First Brothers in Arms

They are more similar than different


Last week, President Donald Trump took to twitter to attack the Koch brothers after they confirmed that they would look to bankroll Democratic candidates

Alex Edelman/dpa/picture-alliance/Newscom

who share their values in the mid-term elections. It is no secret that the bros have been deeply disturbed by the protectionist, restrictionist, statist and racist turn of the GOP under Trump.

Trump denounced them as a "total joke" and "globalists" who don't put "America or the American workers" first. Such rhetoric, while alarming, is par for the course for this POTUS. But you know who beat him to similar attacks on the Kochtopus three years ago?

Bernie Sanders.

Yes, the silver haired, social-democratic senator from Vermont who is the darling of the left for his high-minded altruism. But he's an America Firster like the best of them. And the similarity between him and Trump doesn't just end there, I point out in my column at The Week. There's more. Much more.

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