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Electric scooter
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Beverly Hills police have been cracking down on people riding electric scooters without a helmet or without a driver's license. They issued 100 citations or warnings in just one week recently.

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  1. Back in ’76, Texas passed a helmet law. I told a friend that it would be repealed within 5 years. He bet me $50, and asked why I thought that. I mean, insurance companies and stuff. They were the ones who wanted it, right? I said 2 words. ‘Organ donors’. He pulled out his wallet.

  2. As you probably guessed… this is all about the scooter rental “sharing app” thing.

    Per the article, the city council is slated to introduce new regulations on Tuesday.

    Interesting juxtaposition that we have a couple of stories about west coast mayors encouraging lawlessness in service of their own political agenda, and here we have a west coast city using zealous enforcement of the law to put their foot on a new line of business.

    1. Liberty for me, but not for thee!

  3. Three felonies a day…


  4. “They’re not that sturdy to me, to be honest, so we’ll see how it goes,” said Victoria Daniel, who rode a Lime scooter in Beverly Hills. “There’s a lot of cars, a lot of traffic. Maybe it’s not the safest of all routes but I just wanted to try it, to see what it was all about.

    “It’s like riding a skateboard,” she added. “You see kids riding skateboards all around, you never see them wearing helmets. Do you know what I mean? But it’s probably for the better, yes.”

    Two paragraphs of an eight-paragraph story. Scintillating journalism. In the video, the hairdo reports that Santa Monica “had to” limit the number of scooters rather than saying they”chose to”.

    1. Lady couldn’t even do us the favor of turning the heat up on that tepid 1980s skateboarder take.

  5. The municipalities are pissed. These scooters show up, and all the sudden their billion dollar trolleys become obsolete.

    1. Scooters weren’t part of the central plan.

  6. “The City Council on Tuesday plans to consider adding regulations of motorized scooters.”

    So what was the excuse for the warnings and citations?

    1. To warm up the people for the additional warnings and citations?

    2. What is not regulated is forbidden!

  7. Beverly Hills police have been cracking down on people riding electric scooters without a helmet or without a driver’s license.

    The Beverly Hills Cop franchise has really gone downhill.

  8. Oh we had one of those when the kids were younger. It was fun to ride around the neighborhood. Always just thought of them as toys.

    Would feel kind of silly riding one in a crowded public area wearing a helmet. Sounds like that is what the city is doing. Just making it too much hassle so they will go away.

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