Elizabeth Warren

It Sure Seems Like Elizabeth Warren Is Running for President. Could She Topple Trump?

If Warren really wants to win in 2020, she's going to need to do something she hasn't yet accomplished: broaden her message beyond the far left wing.


A recent poll shows Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts leading the 2020 Democratic presidential primary field in neighboring New Hampshire. The New York Times is following her encouragingly around early-voting Nevada. Maybe it's time, though, to start paying some more skeptical attention to Warren.

The former Harvard Law School professor who has claimed American Indian ancestry—President Trump calls her "Pocahontas," the Republican National Committee calls her "Fauxcahontas"—would be 71 on Election Day 2020.

A recent Senate speech by Warren denouncing Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, gives a flavor of what she'd be like as a presidential candidate. It's a divisive, class-warfare approach unmoored from reality.

"For millionaires, billionaires, and giant corporations, Trump has kept his promises all the way," Warren claims. Actually, more than a few millionaires were annoyed that Trump and the Republican Congress limited their federal income tax deduction for state and local taxes. And more than a few giant corporations are upset about Trump's tariffs and immigration restrictions.

It bears mentioning, too, that Warren's own wealth in 2015 was estimated at nearly $8 million. In 2010 she and her husband, who is also a Harvard Law professor, reported joint income of $954,721.

So when Warren complains, as she does, that "Judge Kavanaugh's record shows that he will continue to tilt the scales of justice in favor of the rich and powerful and against everyone else," she means the non-Warren rich.

In the course of a brief Senate speech, she returns again and again to this theme of how rich people and corporations, or rich corporations, are somehow pitted against everyone else.

"The Federalist Society had pulled together a whole list of people prescreened to overturn Roe versus Wade and to help out the powerful corporate interests that are really calling the tune in Washington," Warren claims. If these "powerful corporate interests" were really "calling the tune" in Washington, how did she manage to sneak through?

"Stripping away rights from women, from voters, from workers, from immigrants, while expanding the rights of corporations and rich people isn't fair" Warren says. "Our courts should not be another puppet of the rich and powerful."

She makes it sound like it's a zero-sum game. But not all political or legal issues break down so neatly along these lines. Plenty of "rich people" favor abortion rights — Michael Bloomberg and Warren Buffett, for example. Plenty of corporations also want to expand their ability to hire immigrants. Plenty of rich people favor gun control laws that plenty of non-rich people oppose.

"Judge Kavanaugh believes that while in office, a sitting president should be above the law," Senator Warren complains. If Senator Warren ever does get elected president and finds herself in the sights of private plaintiffs or pesky prosecutors demanding her time for perjury-trap testimony, she may come to appreciate the wisdom of Kavanaugh's position.

Until then, she demagogues the issue: "After the spectacle, broadcast live on television around the world, of President Trump attacking American intelligence agencies and American law enforcement officers while sucking up to Vladimir Putin, we should all question Judge Kavanaugh's willingness to protect the president, no matter what."

Imagine Senator Warren criticizing Trump for "attacking American intelligence agencies and American law enforcement officers." Would she have intelligence agencies and law enforcement tactics be beyond control or criticism by elected representatives?

As if Trump, "corporations and rich people" were insufficient villains, Warren also demonizes the Federalist Society. She describes it as "extremist," "a radical right-wing group deeply committed to overturning Roe versus Wade" and "undermining critical rights like women's rights, workers rights, voting rights, and environmental protections."

"Criminalize abortion, punish women, that's the Federalist Society's plan" Warren says. The many libertarian members of the Federalist Society will be surprised to hear this.

Describing those one disagrees with as "extremist" is a time-honored political tactic. If Warren persists in her presidential ambitions, she may find the tactic turned against her, and perhaps even with more accuracy than she is using it against the Federalist Society.

Anyway, Trump defeated a wealthy, baby-boomer Northeastern woman lawyer and Democratic senator for president once already, back in 2016. The past three times any major political party picked nominees from Massachusetts—John Kerry, Mitt Romney, Michael Dukakis—they lost. (William Weld, who like Romney and Dukakis was governor of Massachusetts, may run for president in 2020 as a Libertarian.)

If Senator Warren really wants to become President Warren, at some point she's going to need to do something she hasn't yet accomplished, which is explain to voters nationwide how she or her message are unlike Kerry, Dukakis, and Hillary Clinton. Otherwise she'll wind up on that list of also-rans instead of starring in the inaugural parade.

Ira Stoll is editor of FutureOfCapitalism.com and author of JFK, Conservative.

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  1. Class warfare is essentially what got Trump elected, why wouldn’t it work for Warren? Also, she is so much more woke than Hillary…

    1. Warren has to be even less electable than Hillary. Are the Dems just absolutely hellbent on 8 years of Trump?

      1. I don’t know about that…there are a lot of pissed of womynz out there, and I’m not just talking about those who thought it was “Her Turn.” Warren also appeals strongly to the Bernie bots, many of whom didn’t vote in 2016. Put these together with those who voted for Trump thinking that he would not be nearly as crazy as he turned out to be (and probably won’t vote at all in 2020, or vote third party), and you have President Warren.

        1. She’ll be challenged to do the Ancestry.com thing and be shown for the fraud that she is.

          Plus, she is arguably as unlikeable as Hilligulia.

          1. If the Pocahontas thing is all you retards can find on her, she’ll be fine. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but it makes you look like a bunch of fucking racists more than it damages her.

            She is way more “authentic” and believable on economic populism than Hillary.

            She just needs to buy a couple new jackets. Sick of that blue number.

            1. I don’t know. Besides that, which points to character (by that I mean she’s full of shit), there’s the time when she tried to cynically make herself part of the #metoo movement claiming a colleague chased her around an office desk like Yosemite Sam ran after Granny. Or the time when she profited off foreclosed homes.

              Such a pillar of integrity her.

              1. Then there’s the time, I forgot to mention, she plagiarized a Native Indian cook book.

                Socialists are such lazy uncreative hacks, eh?

                1. Oh hey guess what the president is a rapist traitor.

                  1. I thought we were talking about Trump. Why are you bringing up Bill Clinton?

              2. I find it unbelievable that she was sexually harassed. Who would want any of that?

            2. According to Tony, I’m racist because I think Fakeahontus is a phony.

              Man, that makes no sense. But that’s par for the course for you.

              Hey Tony, no one is stopping you or any other socialist retard from stating a commune. That way only those who volunteer will be socialists and you can leave me alone.

              1. He needs your money to run the commune. That’s the whole point. Not picking up the tab yourself is what socialism is all about.

            3. The Pocahontas thing is just funny, much like mocking Rachel Dolezal. Her problem is she’s as economically illiterate as Bernie. And just as crazy and hypocritical.

              1. As you need to know is that I think Pocahontas is funny.

                If you don’t, I don’t care, man.

            4. I grew up on the Rez, and if there is one thing that really pisses of every Native I know, it is when a white person claims to be Native without any proof.

              1. Amen.

                I am married to a native (choctaw). She is not as annoyed by Warren as I am, but Warren won’t be getting either of our votes.

              2. I always assumed all whiteness in my tree till I joined 23andme and discovered Native American, Serbian and Iberian. All slave roots. Then I discovered my roots in Colonial America and uncovered a smattering of slave ownership of Native Americans in the 1600’s where women and children were conscripted as house servants and males were shipped off to work the sugar plantations. The I learned of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melungeon Melungeon Melungeons and mulattos…and other “white trash.” Funny how some white people regard one drop of African slave root as a shame upon the family while embracing the “proud” Native American root as though it were some sort of voluntary blending of cultures or a badge of honor. If Warren has any NA blood I suspect the origin is not pretty.

                1. I’ve always assumed that I have at least a little sub Saharan African DNA. I saw a partial genealogy from one branch of my family that had Moorish roots going back about 700 years or so.

            5. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but you’re the most useless retard ever to suck oxygen.

            6. Economic populism. Translation, it’s true economics because I feel it hard enough.

              We’re racists for calling out her trying to ride the coattails of a marginalized population.

              You’re a fucking idiot. Repeatedly. Unending.

            7. Tony:
              “…is all you retards can find…”

              What do you mean, “retards”?

              1. People who lack even average intellectual capacity to a debilitating degree.

                1. Tony, do you really believe you have a higher IQ than most of the people who post here? Really?

                  You’re very likely at the bottom. Probably in overall education too.

            8. She is way more “authentic” and believable on economic populism than Hillary.

              Many people voted for Hillary because they said “we don’t relly believe she means that, she’s in bed with corporations, and she isn’t going to wreck our economy that badly”.

              With Warrent, they are going to say “wow, she doesn’t just sound insane, she is insane”.

            9. She also needs a makeover. So dreary looking.

              1. Two more years and a long primary season plus general election cycle won’t do her appearance any favors either.

            10. Fauxcahontas, Tony– Fauxcahontas

              And ‘we’ won’t do anything. One of the native Americans who didn’t get the diversity scholarship she stole will take care of all that for us.

              1. Could do a two minute ad on prime time, plus hit MSNBC and CNN with that. Her cultural appropriation will be like Blumenthal’s stolen honor. Except this is something progressives actually care about.

              2. I wasn’t aware of that diversity scholarship. Can you point to any evidence to confirm Warren got any special consideration at all, scholarship, favorable admissions treatment, anything, to make sense out of your hostility?

                Hint: At least at the outset, the back-story of the native American claim was that Warren was already teaching at Harvard, when they sent around a form to faculty asking them to check off on diversity, if any. Harvard wanted to be able to tell the world how diverse its faculty was, or something. So, relying on family tradition, and with nothing at all personally at stake, Warren checked Native American.

                I’m not vouching for that. Just saying I haven’t seen any evidence to the contrary. So what’s your evidence?

                1. I wasn’t aware of that diversity scholarship. Can you point to any evidence to confirm Warren got any special consideration at all, scholarship, favorable admissions treatment, anything, to make sense out of your hostility?

                  She claimed to be Native until the moment she got tenure. Then…she stopped. Cold.

                  She advanced awfully quickly for somebody with, well, not-that-elite academic credentials and even less impressive scholarly credentials.

                  She got her job at Harvard due to the claim.

                  So, relying on family tradition

                  …and when advised of the lack of evidence, she claimed people were attacking her mom.

            11. So when the Cherokee nation she claimed to belong to denounced her claim as bogus, that made them racist? Warren is a fraud who used a false claim of Indian heritage to gain status for college and post-graduate purposes. It is racist to defend her conduct, not to attack it.

            12. If the Pocahontas thing is all you retards can find on her, she’ll be fine.

              Progs perfectly OK with somebody using affirmative action to steal jobs from minority group. Shocker.

              We can also cite the idiotic CFPB. Her asinine scholarly work on medical bankruptcy. Her lack of any ACTUAL accomplishments.

              She is way more “authentic” and believable on economic populism than Hillary.

              …provided one ignores how she got her wealth, sure.

          2. She’ll be challenged to do the Ancestry.com thing

            Is that this year’s version of birtherism for bigoted right-wingers?

            Carry on, clingers.

            1. “Is that this year’s version of birtherism for bigoted right-wingers?”

              Honesty is such a lonely word/
              Everyone is so untrue/
              Honesty is hardly ever heard/
              And what we never get from you/

            2. There’s ZERO proof of her claim.

              Nice try.

              1. I actually “know” the native American whose research completely invalidates her claim.
                Sam Morningstar

                1. Wasn’t he in Lord of the Rings?

            3. I truly hope someone kicks you repeatedly in the face with a steel toed boot and breaks every functioning cell in your pin sized head.

            4. You mean like Hillary did against Obama? Your memory is short.

            5. No, silly, this year’s version of birtherism is the “Trump colluded with Russia” conspiracy theory for bigoted left wingers.

              Carry on, clinger.

      2. Democrats have no good candidate and their platform sucks.

        The Democratic Party is dying and becoming the CPUSA.

        1. There are more Democrats than Republicans.

          America becomes less white, less rural, less bigoted, less religious, and less backward just about every day, thanks to cranky old goobers dying off and being replaced by better Americans in our electorate.

          Republicans will find it more and more difficult to maintain an electoral coalition for ignorance, intolerance, and superstition.

          But Democrats shouldn’t get cocky. If right-wingers perfect a machine that mass-produces ignorant, white, rural, intolerant, superstitious, easily frightened, downscale men, and Republicans figure a way to register the newly hatched goobers to vote, the liberal-libertarian alliance could be in real trouble.

          Until then, carry on, clingers.

          1. That explains why Team Red lost 1,000 legislative seats around the country over the last…oh, wait.

            1. Kkklinger has a very dull mind, don’t confuse him with facts

          2. 7/10, still needs more viciousness.

          3. So if everyone joins team Blue, then who makes all the Free Stuff?

            1. Uh, oh. What makes you believe subscribers to pickpocket politics have ever properly thought through the question of “and then what?” When their ideas fail, they just ramp up to do the same uncharitable things just bigger or more often.
              The question is great, but the people who can’t answer it are the least likely to be reached. Defeat them/remove them from influence or high places and move on.

          4. Fuck off commie. You will be deposited in a landfill soon enough. Just like every other. Marxist

            1. Did you just threaten POTUS?

          5. Put a shotgun in your mouth and pull the trigger. The world would celebrate.

          6. Some nice elitism there. Heavy is the White Ivy League Man’s burden that rests upon your shoulders, no?

            1. Some nice elitism there. Heavy is the White Ivy League Man’s burden that rests upon your shoulders, no?

              Oh, Susan, Artie ain’t never seen no ‘ivy league’. He didn’t get past fourth grade–that’s when his daddysister put him work on the manure fields. Someone hadda be taster–and it sure wasn’t going to be anyone useful–THEY hadda MAKE the manure.

              Artie moved to a city big enough to have TWO traffic lights and he thinks he’s all sophisticated now.

              But he shits in his hand, just like everyone else in his family

          7. You perfectly exhibit the mix of hubris, ignorance, and arrogance that will cause Democrats to continue to lose for the foreseable future.

          8. Carry on, racist!

          9. Carry on, Mr Hihn

      3. Warren has to be even less electable than Hillary.

        I’m not quite sure of that. Odious as she is, she’s not married to a rapist, she hasn’t been given a walk on thousands of counts of mishandling classified information, and there isn’t a string of mysterious “suicides” of people who worked for her or investigated her.

        Fauxcahontas isn’t within an order of magnitude of Hillary’s repugnance.


        1. You make it sound like she’s the perfect person to finally make socialism work!

        2. Yes, you are right to assert that Warren isn’t within an order of magnitude of Hillary’s repugnance, but she is still arguably as unlikeable.

          Why? Her personality sucks.

        3. She’s not, but she’s also not likeable, is ancient, isn’t sufficiently woke, and won’t attract any independent voters.

          1. And she has “nasty feet”

        4. The problem with Warren is that she actually believes the economic nonsense she preaches. With Hillary, many people believed that she was a closet moderate trying to appeal to the extreme left wing of her party.

      4. I don’t know about that. At least she will have the Russkies intervening for her….

      5. explain to voters nationwide how she or her message are unlike Kerry, Dukakis, and Hillary Clinton.

        If her message is the same as Hillary Clinton’s, just without the controversy about the e-mail server, then Warren could win. Clinton probably would have won if not for that. (She did win the popular vote, after all.)

        1. Properly adjudicated, her emails would have had Hildog in jail. So, Comey saved her.

    2. Warren doesn’t have the baggage that Hillary has, she could beat Trump if the election were run today. Who the fuck knows who will win in 2 years though.

      1. She has plenty of her own baggage. And would struggle in flyover country.

      2. I tend to think that Trump’s prospects are good at the moment regardless of who the Democrats pick to run against him. Basically because the economy is doing well.

        Yeah, the media are hating on him, but they’ve been doing that ever since it was clear he’d get the nomination, and he still won. Now he’s got the advantage of a track record, and it’s not a bad track record.

        Now, if the economy tanks before 2020, Trump is in trouble. But as things stand now? He’s looking pretty good.

        1. Media over-reaction is Trump’s friend. He is increasingly seen as victim.

      3. At this point, I think dems would bring Barney Frank out of mothballs they are in such bad shape. I don’t know what they are thinking of trotting out this Approximately Cortez commie in NY [to see if the nation wants to go full Chavez], but she is so bad outside her district her presence alone should depress their own national turn out to lose seats on net this election cycle [and maybe 2020].
        That doesn’t mean republicans haven’t lost their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory – I have yet to see anything resembling a philosophy of governance that has been a plague to them for over a decade and counting. They entered the wilderness with a blindfolded Hastert at the helm and haven’t looked back. But a noodle like Warren can only win in a pure political vacuum I think – kind of like Carter winning in the wake of Nixon imploding in office. We shall see… midterms will be everything to her.

    1. White man no need underarm deodorant at all. Good white braves and squaws from Standing Rock battle tell me this.

    2. How.


      No, How!

    3. Warren “lies” once on a disputable issue, and gets dragged over the coals. Trump lies every goddamn day that he opens his mouth, and you guys worship him. If you’re going to bitch about her talk about her fallible socialism issues rather than relying on the one “lie” that you’ve got her in.

      1. Devastator|7.23.18 @ 7:06PM|#
        “Warren “lies” once on a disputable issue, and gets dragged over the coals.”
        Wrong, scumbag. She lied in a factual matter and did to for political gain.

      2. The abomination that is the CFPB has been raked over the coals many times on these boards since it was created.

        You must be new.

      3. “Proud squaw not need white savior. Golden fat man speak with forked tongue, yes. But my people stand tall now, on two great feet, with paleface thieves and strong squaws of color in Great Potomac Round-Roof Longhouse. Next trail to ride: up Pennsylvania Warpath to Great White Wigwam!”

      4. “Warren “lies” once on a disputable issue”

        By saying she believes in markets right down to her toes?

        1. I can still remember quite clearly pissing-backwards when it came time to shut down the EXIM bank. I think Fauxcahontus has more than one lie to her name, or skellington in her wigwam.

      5. Warren’s mistake was claiming to be Native American.

        She should have just claimed to be black, like Valerie Jarrett, Steve Martin, And JoJo Rakamanasulgorian.

        1. Had she done that, sooner or later she would have to have become a welfare queen. Just like Rachel Dolezal.

      6. Devastator, just stop with the progtarded shit. Tektite,y speaking. Trump is good and Warren is evil.

        That’s what a piece of shit Warren is. If you support her over Trump then you are a Marxist traitor.

  2. Warren v. Hillary – who would get the nomination?

    1. Hillary – Warren has zero ground game or appeal outside of Boston and Berkeley, while in the eyes of many Dems, Hillary was robbed.

  3. No is the answer.

  4. It’s a divisive, class-warfare approach unmoored from reality.

    It worked for Bernie.

    1. Well, until reality knocked his ass back down.

      1. s/reality/the DNC/

        1. I think sed is beyond most of the commentariat.

  5. Yes, she “could”.
    An asteroid strike “could” destroy the earth.
    But neither is likely.

    1. And the asteroid would be preferable.

  6. In contrast to 2016, I really don’t know who’s going to take the Democratic primary this time around. Every prominent speculated candidate seems to have major flaws just from a primary campaign perspective, which makes me wonder if you could see an outsider no one expected take it (essentially the Dem version of Trump’s win).

    Biden and Bernie are currently leading most of the polls, but they’re both really old white guys which may not play well with the Dem electorate, and they’re facing an uphill climb with voters wanting a clean break from 2016. Also, Biden’s handsy history will leave him vulnerable in a post-#MeToo environment.

    If Bernie and Warren are both in the race, they’ll be splitting the staunch progressive wing of the party. And as the article goes into WRT Warren, I’m not sure they’ll be able to expand far beyond that base. Bernie was able to somewhat in 2016 because he could count on people voting for him out of anti-Clinton animus in a 2-person race, but he won’t have that dynamic this time around.

    1. The other people I see rumored the most seem vulnerable to attacks for not being “true progressives.” As examples, Gillibrand was far more moderate as a representative and then has tried to reinvent herself as a progressive champion once she became a senator. Booker and Patrick would get attacked for PE experience (Booker even defended Romney against Obama’s attacks in 2012 which will surely get brought up) and I’ve seen a lot of left-wing people accuse Booker of being a pharma industry shill. Harris’s time as a prosecutor doesn’t paint her as the shining example of a criminal justice reformer and defender of rights that she makes herself out to be today.

      So bottom line, I can easily see all these people faltering, and there doesn’t seem to be another obvious choice. So I wouldn’t be surprised by a dark horse run.

      But knowing the Dems this means they’ll probably end up nominating Hillary again (I’m only half-joking).

      1. Hillary is absolutely trying to position herself to run in 2020. The question is whether the rank-and-file and the party’s big-money donors are willing to get behind her again, or whether they’ll have finally gotten so tired of her that she has to throw her support behind Warren instead (if she runs).

        Warren isn’t exactly young herself, (she’ll be 71 in 2020), and considering the party’s on-going evolution into an urbanite organization that blames white people for everything bad that happens, the real issue is whether the party wants to get behind another old white person, female or not, by that time.

        1. Yeah, but the Left has basically accepted her as a non-White

          1. That really hasn’t been the case from what I’ve seen.

        2. Hillary is just trying to keep the idea that she might gain power alive enough to keep the money flowing, and Democrats motivated to keep her out of prison. I don’t think she seriously wants to run again, she’s just going through the motions.

          1. I think you underestimate her thirst for power. She’s openly coveted the Presidency since 1992, and there’s plenty of sycophantic articles out there trying to portray her unending ambition and greed as a byproduct of her so-called Methodist religious beliefs.

            She’s lost two elections to political neophytes, and I’m positive she’s thinking that third time will be the charm. The question is whether the party and its supporters, other than her most obsequious boot-lickers, want her to try again. Keep in mind that she literally gave the party an economic bailout of its debt and turned it into Hillary, Inc. during the last election, so if people think that she’ll be able to deliver on political favors better than Warren, Sanders, or whichever affirmative action candidate decides to run, her chances of getting nominated are very high.

      2. Not a chance Hilldog will be nominated again. The dems could not possibly be that retarded.
        There choices are sadsack or old white guys (Tim Kaine or Joe Biden), Or someone relatively unknown. But they will definitely have to be well to the left of center because that’s where the money is right now.

        1. “The dems could not possibly be that retarded.”

          That sounds like a challenge

      3. Gillibrand was a congresscritter from bumfuck upstate; she was pro-choice but overall considered a conservative Democrat; she had an A rating from the NRA for example. She promptly completely reinvented herself, as you point out. Cory Booker made his name as a “reformer” good-government technocrat running (once unsuccessfully, then successfully) against a monstrously corrupt local Democratic machine that (surprisingly successfully) convinced Newark that this handsome golden-boy interloper from the affluent suburbs was actually additionally a white Jew. He’s of a type that would in the past (and perhaps in the present, were he actually white) almost certainly been a Republican, and in fact was noted for his outspoken, unapologetic centrism esp. on things like school choice, public-private partnerships, corporate gentrification, etc. He was always a showboating opportunist, though, so it doesn’t surprise me that he was one of the first senators to join the hard-left bandwagon…

        1. …Kamala Harris or however you spell her name was basically Dianne Feinstein in blackface. You never saw such a ruthless, committed authoritarian–and not really in any recognizably “progressive” way, even considering her office. She was the “progressive” candidate during her initial Senate run–but that was against former Republican (she switched to take on Bob Dornan, and won after she restored her surname to the Spanish-sounding one) and fellow opportunist Loretta Sanchez.

          But while we’re at it, fuck, even Elizabeth Warren was a Republican until “the party left her.” I don’t know how you go from that kind of profile to socialism, but there you go. Everything about that cunt oozes dishonesty even as she talks; she doesn’t even have Bernie’s sincerity. (You can also see it in her voting record; she voted for Ex-Im for example.) I can’t for the life of me imagine how anyone could consider that dime-store “emotionally moved” voice that she pleads with when she is “passionate” about something to be anything but laughable, but damned if it isn’t working with a big chunk of America. It’s like the “mesmerizing” Hitler; I guess if you see it you see it.

          1. I could see a Northeasterner going from Rockefeller Republican (I don’t know that much about Warren’s background, but I’m speculating that she was this type of Republican) to progressive Democrat, at least over time. And Warren’s more of a technocratic social democrat who uses populist appeal than a populist socialist true believer like Bernie is, which makes that transition make more sense to me.

            1. Actually I think once people start listing in one direction they tend to gradually list all the way across the middle; the center of the political spectrum is, IMO, an unstable equilibrium; once you reach the precipice you tend to roll off onto the other side due to the social and tribal nature of it. In a few years I wouldn’t be surprised if John Kasich is a social Democrat, and totally sincere about it.

          2. Have you seen Kamala Harris? She looks pretty much white (and had a hugely privileged upbringing to boot). As the standards bearer for oppressed minorities, she’s a joke.

            1. I’m not a Harris fan, but I don’t think she really looks white and her dad is black Jamaican and her mom is (Asian) Indian so while I suppose she may have a little white ancestry from her dad it’s not exactly comparable to Warren.

              1. She looks Italian or Spanish to me… I.e. white European.

                I know who her father and mother were. It doesn’t change how she looks.

      4. By Patrick, do you refer to Deval Patrick?

        1. Yeah, his name gets brought up a decent amount in articles speculating about 2020. Which is kinda interesting now that I think about it, because I feel like I literally never hear his name outside of those articles. I know he’s not in office currently unlike the others (aside from Biden, who was VP), but still.

          1. Oh God. That guy is bad news.

            Wasn’t he governor or something during that tainted blood scandal from that woman Dookhan?

            1. He was horrible.

              He was so bad that in characterizing how horrible RINO Charlie Baker’s term as governor has been, Charlie is referred to as “Too Tall Deval” (Baker is about 6’5 and Deval is about 5’5).

              1. Well then Webster over there ain’t about to be no motherfucking president. That’s one thing America’s not ready for.

                I’m hardly surprised about Baker. Damn Bill Weld really was a libertarian by Masshole standards. What I’m most disappointed about is the Republican governor of Vermont. Here I was nervously anticipating the arrival of national-party gun politics to the Green Mountain State, especially with all the outsiders pouring in, when suddenly I get a reprieve and this now solidly Democratic/Socialist state unexpectedly elects a Republican governor. Sigh of relief.

                Then Stoneman Douglas. The Vermont gov originally stands firm, says fuck no this is Vermont and we ain’t changing anything. Then couple weeks later some kid who’d been grumbling about copycatting gets stopped by law enforcement. Gov, rattled, goes on TV and says, “I thought this would never come to Vermont, these problems, with our culture here.” Then he orders the very Democratic dominated legislature to take up and pass the first gun control in the history of the only state never to have it. No previous Democratic governor (granted, there had barely been any since the Era of Good Feelings) had done it. But he had. And he explained it by essentially saying, “I’m a fucking moron.”

                1. Yes, very disappointing.

                  Governor Scott’s reversal is craven.

  7. Warren is basically a less appealing Hillary Clinton. People who love her are the same who got the tingle for Hillary, despite both being extremely unlikable people.

    1. She’s not even doing socialism very well. You’re supposed to talk about the free shit Santa Clause is going to give the faithful supporters, not focus solely on the source of the money; it reveals too much the fact that goodies aren’t free.

    2. My 86 year old retired CA college prof. Aunt loves both of them. Neither to be questioned.

      1. No surprise for a college prof. Hopefully she won’t vote in the next election

  8. So an election where I hear Pocahantas/Feaxcahontos/Fakeahontas and not much in the line of ideas…

    To me it hard to play the class warfare card when you got paid like $400K for two years as a Harvard professor. I don’t hate her for it, hell get what you can and what you’re worth, but don’t bitch to me about how poor can’t afford education when you’re fleecing it for all you can.

    Could have prolly sent a lot of native American’s to college with that cheese!

    I’m sure I have tons of other reasons to not vote for her, but that is the one that comes to mind immediately.

  9. I’m still thinking it’s going to be someone from the entertainment field. Oprah if she runs and if she can get people to forget her past association with Weinstein.

    1. I don’t think Oprah would run. She wants people to like her, and nothing makes you more unlikable than politics.

      1. I think that is what will ultimately make The Rock (now a–probably anti-Trump–independent) decide against it. According to a GQ profile those around him think he seriously could if he wanted to, and the more I think about it the more plausible an assertion that seems.

        1. What, that jabroni as president?

          Okay yeah I can totally see it.

        2. maybe that Steyer fellow…

        3. He will be the most electrifying man in political entertainment history.

    2. Trump didn’t seem to suffer from his past association with Trump.

      1. Exactly what came to my mind when I read his comment.

        1. Responding to your own sock puppet?

          1. Or just incapable of independent thought?

      2. Well when he rapes someone the equivalence will start to make sense

      3. Yeah, but Trump seems basically immune to the twitter mob.

        I doubt Oprah want’s to risk her brand against the inevitable turning of the mob.

    3. Liberal feminists put political ideology above women’s rights, so her past association with Weinstein wouldn’t be much of a problem for Oprah.

  10. It Sure Seems Like Elizabeth Warren Is Running for President. Could She Topple Trump?


    No she can’t.

    If she runs, Trump will get even more states in 2020.

  11. No mention of Warren’s signature accomplishment, the CFPB? I’m sure she’s proud of the fact that she set up an independent agency, an agency independent of any control or oversight by those *ptui* politicians in Washington – like Elizabeth Warren – and instead run by our intellectual and moral superiors – like Elizabeth Warren. Checks and balances are for people you don’t trust, angels like our lords and masters in the administrative state you can trust with dictatorial powers. And I’m sure the idea of “one man, one vote, one time” appeals to a large chunk of the electorate.

  12. Bzzz! There are objectively speaking no more rules for who can be president. Literally the worst person in America can do it.

    I’m personally supporting Hat Stand (D), but I think Liz would be great. She’s “authentic.”

    1. Yeah, Obama was one of the Worst presidents ever.

      Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson were impeached, so they would be the worst two presidents.

      1. Nobody cares what you think.

        1. Again exactly what I thought.

          1. No. LC is interesting. Not like yout to faggoty pieces of shit.

            Go kill yourselves. Maybe a murder/suicide pact. Either way, don’t care how you get it done. Just die, the both of you.

            1. So hostile… couldn’t they be tasked with finding dental care in Britain and come back when they found out what standard of care was? That should keep ’em off the grid for a good 4 decades. If they survive, Tony should be denied re-entry as a suspected holocaust denier (but that’s just my two cents).

        2. Brer Tony luv him Brer Barry – would go in the briar patch just to vote for him again…

        3. That’s pretty rich coming from the most obnoxious tool bad douche in town who never gets any response other than being told how universally despised you are.

          1. Sick burn rando.

          2. Unlike you, I dont come to reason for responses or any of the troll shit that you do.

            My comments are a danger to your Lefty world.

        4. Tony, you care what I think because its a danger to your subjugation of Americans.

      2. Obama was not one of the worst presidents ever. He was a largely ineffectual and shiftless presidents with vaguely leftist theoretical leanings who was endlessly fluffed by the media– for reasons I suspect may produce some head scratching and navel gazing 20 years from now.

        1. Soooo, worst ever.

          1. WOODROW.







            1. As an European with some knowledge of history, I have to agree.

              1. *a European

                1:50am, tempranillo, and I don’t get to speak English often 🙂

            2. Worst presidents: 5. Obama 4. Hoover 3. Carter 2. FDR 1. Wilson

              1. No Bush I or II? Both were worse than Hoover (I think — not much up on him) or Carter.

                5. Boooosh I
                4. Tie: Booooosh II and Obama
                2. Wilson
                1. FDR

                1. FDR ’cause internment camps, pushing Japan into war, threatening to pack the Supreme Court, massive cronyism trumps anything Wilson did (including resegregation).

                  1. Although when you get down to it, I guess it’s all Shit Sandwich vs. Giant Douche, Kang vs. Kodos. All five were just crap.

                  2. The US had no business interfering in WWI and Wilson set the stage for Hitler to rise in Germany.

                    Not to mention jailing WWI protestors and his horrible, real racism.

                2. I just threw that up there, quickly… sure, swap out Carter, Hoover, insert Bush… Wilson and FDR were awful… I can’t say I remember much about the oldsters… maybe Chester A. Arthur was a bastard

                3. I regard 42, 43 and 44 as one long continuation presidency, looking at domestic policy. Should we call them the “yale years” on balance? I don’t know. 41 gets honorable mention [since he fell down and gave us Clinton], but he was more of a place marker to me. If you think Obama was bad, remember the people working for him were Clintonistas left in place by Bush’s “new tone” to arrive at senior positions all over the place when The Occupation began under 44. Strangely, Bill turned out to be more middle of the road than progressive, but… he didn’t pick most of his people. Whoever heard of a first lady needing to review hundreds of FBI files, and didn’t that portend her lack of concern [to come] for national security? ‘Need to know’ is generally a good standard to operate by, but ethical cripples have no boundaries.

              2. Only to rednecks.

                Worst to experts are


                1. Experts.


                  As if they’re not political.

                  80% of my history professors in university were liberal. Gee, guess how they’d rank the presidents?

                2. Incidentally, you elitist asshole, you say redneck like it’s a bad thing.

                  Go back to sniffing your own farts.

                  1. Incidentally, you elitist asshole, you say redneck like it’s a bad thing.

                    You got your White Trash POTUS in Trump.

                    Be happy about it.

                    1. Hey fart sniffer: Where did I say I supported Trump?

                    2. PB, you and your proggy friends are ignorant subnormals. We laugh at your stupidity.

                      Now go home and get your fucking shine box, you stupid bitch.

                3. Then the experts aren’t really very expert. Both on economic and foreign policy, Johnson was far worse than Bush. And and abysmal a person as he is, nothing Trump has done has put even in the top 10.

                  Any list that doesn’t put Woodrow Wilson the klansman in the bottom 5 is worthless, as is any list that puts FDR the ethnic cleanser and burner of crops while people starve in the top half.

                  But if fellating Democrats in public were a sport, buttolug, you’d be in the Olympics.

                4. Any expert who doesn’t put Wilson or FDR on the list is a hack.

                  But then, you’re a fucking hack too, so it makes sense you would listen to them.

              3. Pudgeboy|7.23.18 @ 6:53PM|#

                Worst presidents: 5. Obama 4. Hoover 3. Carter 2. FDR 1. Wilson

                I know you’re just a dumb redneck but check this list out”


                The Bushpigs were the worst though. Trump/Nixon closely follow.

                1. Yeah, because “experts” are those smart enough to rank a president less than half way through his first term.

                  You’re a partisan copy-n-paste hack.

                2. I look forward to the day you progtards push too hard, and you end up face down in a landfill.

                  1. I think that’s pretty fucking uncalled-for.

            3. I don’t disagree.

            4. TR did a lot to foster the imperial presidency.

              1. Maybe excluding Honest Abe, TR was the first Big Government Republican (read Menken’s essay on him for a good rundown of his awfulness), so yeah, another good candidate for the list.

              2. TR vote splitting gave us the biggest abortion of a President, Woodrow Wilson. The closest thing we’ve ever had to fascism in the United States

            5. I’m not 100% on board with this, but I’m definitely what I’d call “convinceable”.

        2. Cuz them media bitches (M and F) like them some BBC?

          1. I would say they probably enjoy a variety of British TV programming.

    2. Hat Stand (D) has 10x the integrity of Hillary Clinton, so I approve of your evolution.

      1. Hat Stand (D) has integrity and principles. When asked to vote on bombing the crap out of third-world countries, Hat Stand (D) proudly voted no. Despite being squishy on the first amendment and horrid on the second amendment, as a former defense lawyer Hat Stand (D) has consistently stood up for the rights of suspected criminals. Couple that with Hat Stand (D)’s strong antiwar stance, and we have a candidate that libertarians can support. I hereby call on OpenBordersLiberal-tarian to join us in supporting Hat Stand (D)’s run for the Democratic Party nomination. Hat Stand (D) is not the candidate America deserves; Hat Stand (D) is the candidate America needs.

    3. Literally the worst person in America can do it.

      What, that little bitch who urged her boyfriend to off himself? You really think so?


    4. Sheesh Tony, do you have to toe the party lion even down to voting Hat Stand (D)? What if the Libertarians run Comfy Armchair?

      By the way, Liz is “authenic” like Totinos Pizza.

      1. Comfy Armchair has capitulated on EVERY amendment. Comfy Armchair may talk the talk, but the voting record of Comfy Armchair is more statist than Bernie Sanders. Hat Stand (D) is one of the best options available.

        1. Comfy Armchair is a bit of a squish.

          1. Yea, but Hat Stand (D) is a pushover

        2. Well, taller candidates usually win.

          1. Yes, but Trump even lies about his height. He claims to be 6’3″ but is shorter than Obama who claims to be 6’1″.

            1. Way to completely miss the point of the thread. We’re having some fun here — take your sick Trump obsession somewhere else.

            2. Seriously, are you so aspy that you missed the game here?

              1. Hey, don’t bag on people with Asperger’s. PB ain’t aspy?he’s assy.

            3. And Obama’s dick is so much bigger too! You know because you’ve measured it with your tongue.

              You seriously need to see someone about your obsession with Obama. It’s pretty unhealthy.

            4. PB, fuck off you worthless buzzkill.

              If there is ever a Reason convention in Vegas, it will be a raffle to see who gets to beat you senseless in the men’s room toilet stall.

    5. Literally the worst person in America can and did easily beat the ” most qualified candidate ever”.

    6. May I suggest Marion Barry, Tony?

      Truly a man of the people!

      1. A great mayor, and an even better pie! Hell, he even brought his own powdered sugar.

    7. Nobody cares what a useless retard like you thinks about anything.

  13. “which is explain to voters nationwide how she or her message are unlike John Kerry, Michael Dukakis, and Hillary Clinton.”

    She’s more hostile to free-markets?

  14. Uncle Joe promises to only serve one term, to straighten out everything bad that Trump did, and says he will turn over things in 2024 to his v.p. running mate, Kamala Harris, who will be a first class Woman President. Don’t forget, the records of Booker, Warren, Gillibrand, etc. don’t matter because the media will allow them to posture any way they want.

    1. Uncle Joe will have his hands all over VP Side Piece

  15. It’s a divisive, class-warfare approach unmoored from reality.

    I believe according to Tom Perez, that’s the future of the party.

  16. If Mueller somehow fails to deliver and Drumpf actually runs for reelection in 2020, any Democrat will beat him. Russian hacking put him over the top in 2016 (even though he still lost by 3 million votes), but his luck has run out. The economy is terrible, and more and more Americans are realizing he’s an asset of a hostile foreign power.

    Elizabeth Warren probably isn’t my first choice right now ? I alternate between Gillibrand and Harris ? but I’d be happy to vote for her. On the #1 libertarian issue, immigration, she would of course be a substantial improvement over Orange Hitler, who cruelly rips children from their parents’ arms. And you know her Supreme Court picks would rule the right way on the #2 libertarian issue, abortion access.

    I admit her anti-One Percent rhetoric occasionally disappoints me. But that’s the key difference between progressives like Warren and left-libertarians like me: progressives think enormous economic inequality is inherently bad, while left-libertarians see nothing wrong with individual net worths of $100 billion or more, as long as the billionaires fund open-borders advocacy.


    1. Open the borders, man.

      There’s plenty of stuff for the whole world to have and enjoy.

      Even Elvis is on The Cloud and anyone can have his music for free.

    2. How about #0 libertarian issue, getting kids off your lawn?

    3. OBL, I am afraid that your incisive and nuanced post will go unappreciated in these here parts.

      Thank you for taking the time to differentiate left libertarians from progressives.

    4. …Russian hacking put him over the top…” Uh, huh. Insane but I’ll play. So here’s the deal: in 2020, ceteris paribus, I’ll give you all the Russian hacking you want; in exchange, you give me the MSM, the intelligentsia, Hollywood, and the network comedy shows.

      Let’s see who wins.

    5. I saw someone in the WaPo comments use Orange Mussolini.
      Orange Hitler is way better

    6. But that’s the key difference between progressives like Warren and left-libertarians like me: progressives think enormous economic inequality is inherently bad, while left-libertarians see nothing wrong with individual net worths of $100 billion or more, as long as the billionaires fund open-borders advocacy.

      See, this. This is why you’re just doing better than Kirkland is.

      You’re doing “goofy hyper optimistic leftist idiot”, and doing it perfectly. His schtick is “dour frothing leftist douchebag”, but he’s really only averaging about a 70%, I’d say.

      1. Also, the optimistic thing is fun to read, while the elitism and obvious jackboot turn my stomach.

    7. OBL just so you know Warren is closer to Hitler than libertarian and she hates your lily white ass because she’s Native American

    8. God damn, if only you could apply this consistently high level of wit to not being a racist.

      1. Are you typing that in front of a mirror?

      2. Few posters seem to notice this – OBL’s posts are some of the most amusing on Reason.

    9. I’m not sure how any left-libertarian could vote for Harris, an evil bitch of a prosecutor who didn’t care about people’s civil rights at all if meant a conviction.

  17. Some moons ago E Warren came to our Cherokee Tribe.

    She said she was a Cherokee squaw in search of her roots.

    Our Medicine Man, Flying Buffalo was present. He asked to her come to him so he could smell her hair.

    She did as was told.

    Flying Buffalo took her hair, smelled it, winced, and then spoke;
    ” I do not smell Cherokee squaw, I smell white socialist guilt and head and shoulders shampoo! Begone Fakehonutus !”

    She turned bright red and fled.

    We all laughed at Flying Buffalo’s joke but also thanked him for his wisdom to identify the white she devil

    1. I was hoping that joke would end with, “Why do you ask, Two-Dogs-Fucking?”

    2. Mmmmmmm………

      White She Devil………


  18. If Warren ever had a legit presidential shot, she missed it in ’16. She foolishly endorsed Hillary and bypassed what might have been the perfect storm of “favorables” (e.g., Hillary-fatigue, a radical-left tide, women’s tide, anti-Trumpisms, and a still-extant Obama warmth. Not to mention having the prosaic democrat(ic) resume).

    She was also then a fresh face with (superficial) substance, vibrancy and vigor. She was Bernie with tits and didn’t carry the baggage of being an avowed socialist; nor did she wear the losers tag.

    Trump and the shifting tides of politics changed all that. Now she’s a fading voice with an uncertain niche. She has bark sans bite, plays second-fiddle to the rising socialist apparatchik and can’t undo her Pocahontas mask.

    She’s VP material at best. But the matter is rather moot since Trump ain’t going anywhere, anytime soon. In politics, as with wit, the adage remains: better never than late.

    1. She didn’t have a shot in ’16 either, though, because the Dems had the fix in for Hillary with their superdelegates.

      1. She could have been VP and waited for President Gollum to choke on a hairball.

  19. Interesting tactic. There is no chance she could win. That means it’s likely a strategic move. My guess is that by proposing Warren now, the DNC hopes to shift the baseline so that a marginally-less-extreme candidate will appear mainstream by comparison.

    1. Agreed. Although Warren could be a kind of Trojan Horse of the establishment dems to try and modulate the Bolshevik drumbeats.

    2. Broken Overton window fallacy ™.

      Field an extreme X, attract voter attention, then mainstream candidates have to prove they’re not X.

    3. The DNC is not “proposing” EW, you moron.

      1. Oh, you think she decided to run all on her own? That’s cute.

    4. Odd that his name isn’t getting any buzz now, but immediately after the election my (non-insane) D friend, a lobbyist, was betting on Cuomo for 2020 nominee

      1. It will be a Governor because there are no electable (D) Congress people.

        1. Huh. The first time I’ve ever agreed with you. But which governor? Too get elected governor, you have to be at least a little centrist. I predict the extreme left wing of the Democrats will not allow a centrist to win the nomination in ’20. Remember, Bernie came within distance of winning the nomination for ’16, and might have if not for the DNC. I suspect the party has moved so far left that they will not be able to nominate someone who can win flyover country. To boot, I predict the convention to be a complete shit show, open war between the DNC and the left wing, further weakening the eventual Dem nominee.

          1. Obama is a DLC centrist (free trade, cut spending and taxes) and won.

            The Govs of Washington state and Colorado are supposed to be running.

            1. “Cut spending and taxes.”

              Yeah, that happened. NOT!

              1. You’re an ignoramus.

                The Budget Control Act of 2011 was the largest spending cut in US history.

                Obama cut payroll taxes in Feb 2009 and income taxes in 2011. And wanted to cut taxes and spending in the Grand Bargain but crazies on both sides voted it down.

                1. tax cuts (inflation adjusted)

                  American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (enacted in 2013) $321 billion

                  Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 $210 billion

                  Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 $208 billion

                  Current tax proposal (Trump) $150 billion – $220 billion

                  Revenue Act of 1964 $64 billion

                  Revenue Act of 1945 $60 billion

                  Revenue Act of 1978 $55 billion

                  Revenue Act of 1948 $38 billion

                  For you stupid Trump-tards

                2. Palin’s Buttplug|7.23.18 @ 10:01PM|#
                  “You’re an ignoramus.”
                  From a fucking imbecile

                  “The Budget Control Act of 2011 was the largest spending cut in US history.”
                  Forced on that lying sack of shit Obo by congress, you cherry-picking piece of shit.

            2. PB I did think in a weird way Obama seemed like a DLC centrist but turned into more of a typical commie (read: Democrat) as time went on. I don’t think he actually supports gay marriage but he gave in

              1. He swore HE couldn’t move dope from the highest schedule; it needed Congress to act.
                This from a supposed ‘constitutional scholar’. And psychopathic liar.

          2. Cuomo is awful garbage.

  20. 2020 strikes me as a really unpredictable race to predict, and the least of it is because we’re still too far out.

    The Dems best strategy right now is to have a bunch of candidates bending over for the progressive wing, and having someone who can at least appear more moderate sneak under the radar thru the first few primaries, emerging as the clear front runner. If that candidate has a decent temperament and a little political skill, Trump is very beatable. You can always name a progressive champion as your VP.

  21. Six months is a lifetime in politics. Trump proved anyone can beat anyone depending on how sick the electorate is of the current bullshit artist. Having said that, consider: There is nothing Trump has done that would convince anyone who voted for him to change his mind on his reelection. Moreover, I suspect a large number who couldn’t quite pull the handle for him in 2016 are convinced now he’s not that bad and will complete the pull in 2020. There must be something dramatic happen with Trump in the next two years (always possible) that will negate his stellar accomplishments, OR Team Blue will need to invent an attractive candidate (increasingly doubtful) to compete. Frankly, the ace Trump has makes Reason shudder. The WALL will bring Trump more votes than nearly any other candidate or any other issue.

    1. OCASIO-CORTES is just the right gal to do it!

      1. I think she’s literally too young to run for President in 2020.

        1. She won’t be old enough until 2028

      2. Valley Girl 2020…like…totally.

        1. I know, right? Full on!

    2. “convinced now”, “stellar accomplishments”, “something dramatic happen” — I think you’re insane.

    3. that will negate his stellar accomplishments

      Trump has “stellar accomplishments”?

      What fucking planet do you live on?

      He inherited a robust economy with 4.9 UE and a record stock market yet tries to take credit for both. GDP has not budged.

      His idiot tax cut is doubling the deficit to over $1 trillion, He has jacked up spending. He has a pitiful record on cutting regulations next to Jimmy Carter. He is agitating for war in Iran. He sucks dictators dicks and lets them splooge all over him.

      Some record.

      1. His idiot tax cut is doubling the deficit to over $1 trillion

        At the precise moment this comes up in conversation with libertarians, a nearby boat blows its very loud foghorn. It’s weird.

        1. And, ever so coincidentally, the foghorn always sounds like this:


        2. What happened to that 2016 recession that was supposed to last forever?

      2. So you’re upset that he’s not itching for a war with one dictator and you’re upset because you think he’s itching for war against a less powerful dictator?

        Basically, you have no principles or original thoughts or value of consistency whatsoever.

        1. Trump could achieve unconditional world peace tomorrow and Tony and PB would invent a way to condemn him for it.

          Obama could nuke humanity to extinction and Tony and PB would mindlessly defend him.

          That is what they are.

    4. “Moreover, I suspect a large number who couldn’t quite pull the handle for him in 2016 are convinced now he’s not that bad and will complete the pull in 2020.”

      You’re on to something. The left would literally explode from confusion if you told them this, and I’m not sure how big that number is, but those people exist.

      1. See above

      2. If the libertarians actually run Weld, and the Dems run Hillary again, and if I thought she might actually win, I might actually pull the lever for Trump.

        1. That’s about where I am. I wouldn’t vote for the dems and would be happy to vote L if they actually stuck to the values of the ideology. All said though, if I stumble into getting myself registered to vote again before the 2020 election then I’ll probably vote Trump. Don’t like the man at all, but whether through intent or accident he has moved things much more in the right direction than most R’s would.

      3. I did not vote for Trump but would seriously consider it next time around if the Democrats continue being insane and the Libertarians nominate Weld….

        Trump has done some stupid stuff (tariffs), but on policy is pretty good. Name me the last President who did more Libertarian-friendly things. (Note: *Did*, not *Said*)

    5. I think you are spot on, Harvard. A truly Ivy League analysis!

    6. I think the Democrats will try to get a minority candidate again (Pocahontas doesn’t count) because if not they’ll lose to Trump or whomever again.

      1. Ds double down on the racialism that’s alienating most Americans, and dial that shit up to 11!
        (What’s that? Oh, we’re already at 11?)
        (Wait, what? How the hell did they get it up to 111? We just had a [half]black president!)

  22. “The Dems best strategy right now is to have a bunch of candidates bending over for the progressive wing,”

    A better strategy yet: Just outrig your opponent. If Warren was the mastermind behind this ingenious indian scheme, she shouldn’t have much trouble putting one over the likes of Trump. He seems to believe the last thing he’s told.

    1. I guess you will be the last one on the Trump train.

  23. Hillary, Lizzy, and Joe all think they are absolutely the only thing that can save the Democrat Party from annihilation in 2020. They will really think so is the BIG BLUE WAVE of this Fall turns out to be mediocre in any way.

    The Democrats have some photogenic young blood but they are so radical. Once upon a time the mainstream media (aka the drive-by or legacy media) could give Democrat candidates like that all kinds of cover and explain away most of their blunders, or just ignore them. If all else failed the MM would just non-stop destroy the Republican.

    Except that formula doesn’t work so dependably anymore, does it? I wonder why?

  24. No.

  25. President Trump has ranked as the worst president of all time in the 2018 Presidents & Executive Politics Presidential Greatness Survey released by Boise State University Monday. The poll ranks “presidential greatness,” since the first POTUS.

    The survey was conducted among 170 current and recent members of the Presidents & Executive Politics Section of the American Political Science Association. The group is comprised of scholars dedicated to studying the American presidency.

    Each member was asked to rank the current and past presidents from zero (worst) to 100 (best). The ranking is based on overall performance in office. President Trump scored a mind-boggling 12.34 out of 100.

    When only Republican respondents were polled, Trump still ranked 40th worst out of 45 Presidents. Trump managed to beat James Buchanan among Republican pollsters. Buchanan oversaw the seccession of seven states before the Civil War.


    Here you go, Trump Rednecks.

    Notice paragraph 4.

    1. He’s not even finished and they rank him?

      1. It’s kind of like when you’re not finished taking a shit but you know the odor is the worst.

        1. Trump wipes the floor with Obama’s ass.

          I love that he’s overturning some of that over rated, remedial twit’s crap.

          Obama was and remains a clown.

          1. That is why have no vote as an expert/scholar.

            Conservatives are slow and stupid according to Hayek.

            You are in good company over at Bratfart.com.

            Is that SOB still dead, btw?

            1. Well, since Hayek said it, it must be true!

              The conservative mind, in my personal anecdotal experience, is far more introspective, intelligent and gracious than the progressive left.

              1. The conservative mind, in my personal anecdotal experience, is far more introspective, intelligent and gracious than the progressive left.

                That would be true of George Will and Bret Stevens. Few others though. Can’t think of another one.

                Bruce Bartlett for sure.

                (among the living)

                A conservative Trumptard is just a vile stupid greasy redneck.

                1. A progressive Obamabot is just a vile stupid, greasy nigger or white guilt liberal.

                  See how that plays out?

                  For a rational classical liberal such as yourself, shouldn’t you be avoiding generalizations passing off as valid arguments?

                  And no, I will not apologize for using the word ‘nigger’ because of context.

                  1. Obama did not demonize his opponents.

                    He has class.

                    Trump is a vile, despicable piece of shit who has no class.

                    (But you don’t know about class and dignity)

                    1. Are you on drugs right now?

                      Obama was low class and engaged in divisive rhetoric.


                    2. Obama was a narcissistic asshole. He could have made major progress toward healing race relations in the U.S. but instead made them worse.

                      First black president should have meant something good.

                      Worst thing I can say about Trump is that he needs to stop acting like a clown sometimes on Twitter

                    3. What exactly did racists need from Obama for them to stop being racists?

                    4. Tony, it’s ckearly you only hate Bush because he’s straight and you’re a gay supremacist.

                      You’re seriously getting so retarded it’s realky difficult to parody you anymore.

                    5. The claim is that Obama made race relations worse somehow. That means he made more people racist. What could he have done differently to reverse that trend? And why couldn’t racist people stop being racist without his help?

                    6. The claim is that Obama made race relations worse somehow. That means he made more people racist.


                      What could he have done differently to reverse that trend?

                      Stop the endless racebaiting.

                      And why couldn’t racist people stop being racist without his help?

                      They were. They elected a black president, didn’t they? Think of that. The party of segregation. The party of Jim Crow. The party that tried to rip the country in two just so they could keep black people as farm animals nominated, and elected a black man.

                      I think that’s a pretty clear indication that racists were stopping being racist. Don’t you?

                    7. Tony, serious question:
                      What % of Americans do you think are racist?

                    8. Dunno. What percentage do you think Obama made racist?

                    9. Dunno. What percentage do you think Obama made racist?

                      Enough to hand the election to Trump.

                    10. Palin’s Buttplug|7.23.18 @ 9:01PM|#
                      “Obama did not demonize his opponents.
                      He has class.”

                      You’re a fucking ignoramus.

                2. Yep, I hope you do show up at a Reason convention someday. It would be enormously cathartic to kick every square inch of your pathetic, smug, weasely little ass as you beg for mercy.

        2. Coincidentally, this is the same analogy PB’s mother used to describe giving birth.

        3. Palin’s Buttplug|7.23.18 @ 8:13PM|#
          “It’s kind of like when you’re not finished taking a shit but you know the odor is the worst.”

          No, turd, it’s kind of like you don’t know what your bloviating about, but you do so anyway.
          In fact, you (and the Nobel Peace Prize judges) are shining examples.

    2. They should have polled the American Society of Sociologists. Trump would have ranked even lower.

      1. Or polled CPUSA ,embers.

    3. The survey was conducted among 170 current and recent members of the Presidents & Executive Politics Section of the American Political Science Association. The group is comprised of scholars dedicated to studying the American presidency

      Trump must be doing something right.

  26. So if I was an evil (genetic) genius I would create a virus carrying the human Pinochio gene, and spread it through the US, hell, the whole world’s water supply.

    Just how long would some noses get?

    1. In metaphorical terms, pole vaulting would be obsolete.

    2. Women might enjoy that.

      1. I think they might prefer the ‘Gene Simmon’s tomgue’ Virus.

  27. (My question from an earlier thread) Would like for a conservative to reply

    This Cortez woman is not worth the thousands of articles written about her this month.

    Where are the thousands of articles written about actual Nazis like Atthur Jones running for office in the GOP?

    Reason – cough up one for the Nazi GOPers, will you?

    1. “This Cortez woman is not worth the thousands of articles written about her this month.”

      Every 5000th comment PB says something sensible. But just like an orang-utan who was the victim of a botched Moldovan lobotomy he goes and says stupid shit like…

      “Reason – cough up one for the Nazi GOPers, will you?”

      You should learn to leave the room when you’re on a high.

      1. You should learn to leave the room when you’re on a high.

        Coincidentally, this is what PB’s mother said about his crack-fueled conception.

        1. He coined the phrase, ‘You’re a towel!’ I heard.

    2. And you’ll be waiting for the longest time. The US basically imported national socialism during the denazification off Germany. Religious conservative altruists either joined the communist party and became international socialists, or were told by Americans never to be seen exterminating the selfish again. This is what Orwell was referring to when he admitted “we” weren’t likely to see fascism clearly defined anytime soon.

      1. WTF are you talking about?

  28. Imagine Senator Warren criticizing Trump for “attacking American intelligence agencies and American law enforcement officers.”

    That’ll lock down the NeverTrump “National Security”-conservatives, Julian Sanchez’s twitter followers and at least half the Cato Foundation vote.

  29. I fail to understand why the Obama team wasn’t grooming anyone to replace him.

    1. In part, I think there was at least an acknowledgement, if not an outright deal, that Clinton was next. Additionally, I think there was little consideration about down ticket races, which made developing the future of the party difficult. President Clinton was like this too, sucking up resources the party could’ve used, but he at least had a clearly chosen successor. Obama has made an effort out of office to tutor those who are interested behind closed doors, but this is essentially too little, too late. The party is sort of in the deep end, having to learn to swim for itself right now. From what I’ve read, Deval Patrick seems to be as close to a personal favorite for team Obama as there is right now in 2020.

      1. Yes, the DNC’s lack of interest in lower offices has definitely bitten them in the ass, and I suppose with the super delegates there was never any question that Hillary was next. Still, they had a winning formula with Obama, so I’m surprised they couldn’t find another blank slate who checked off all the right items on the list. Just for backup.

        1. No doubt Obama signed off on Hillary going next.
          The rest is simply hubris and laziness.
          They figured that with 90% of MSM, all entertainment, education establishment k through college, the entrenched bureaucracy, corporatism, international “nobility”, and all minorities in their pocket they were well on their way to one party rule. They’d let Rs like Bush and McCain stay around to maintain the appearance of bipartisanism, and a few others to (impotently) play at opposition – but they figured power was on lockdown.
          They bought their own hype.

    2. The OBama team understood (read: pretended) that OBama won due to his persona. Ideology or policy were fiction and fantasy. “Grooming” was thus impossible; it may as well have been a cloning exercise. He alone was hope and change, incarnate. He transcended the message and walked on water.

      Just ask him, or listen to his speeches.

      Nobody could follow in those golden footsteps. No one else mattered, really, not even the party itself. The future was massaged and managed only to the extent that it deified OBama. Even the media drank the Koolaid. Indeed, Hillary was handed the torch purely by default, the proxy best able to perpetuate his legacy.

      His team dedicated itself to solidifying his image as the left’s messiah. It became a global event. They used every penny to achieve that goal. Hillary ultimately found the coffers empty. The party found itself broke. Small wonder the party and its heirs devolved into an abyss of political nothingness.

      The dumb bastards had made their Faustian bargain, this time named OBama (ian.) Even the media jumped aboard. But delusion and hero-worship are risky. Sometimes you roll snake eyes. And now they walk the planet, like Diogenes, in search of one honest candidate.

      1. Well said.

        Though I’d use the word “viable” rather than “honest” in that last sentence (though I guess that dilutes the Diogenes reference)

    3. Julian Castro is a. rising star among the far left douchebags. He sent ready for prime time yet. Probably angling ihimself as a possible VP pick, or running for TX governor. I don’t think he could go from HUD Secretary to the presidency without something else in the interim.

  30. The biggest problem the Democrats have is that people like Clinton and Warren are so ignorant and divorced from reality that they actually believe themselves to be capable politicians and administrators.

    1. That’s the entire party, with the possible – though diametrically opposed – exceptions of Schumer and Gabbard

    2. If anyone rewards incompetence and stupidity with promotion more then the RNC, it’s the DNC.

      The whole thing comes down to a sense of entitlement. Democrats are worse in this area.

  31. If the economy goes south , Trump is vulnerable. Otherwise, he gets re-elected.

  32. What if Trump ran for the Democrats’ nomination, just to fuck w them?

  33. Read the Dem energy plank that basically promises to treat electrical engineers the way Republicans wish they could treat Planned Parenthood. Dems seek to institutionalize the energy infrastructure of Puerto Rico. The bookies missed that when calculating the odds that voters were eager to be stripped of what’s left of air conditioning after the Reagan-era freon ban.

    1. Can’t you just make a cogent point without being needlessly verbose, obscure, vague and idiotic? Do,you really think the shit you say is clever?

      It isn’t.

  34. What a depressing shitty swamp of mouth-breathing right-wing stupidity this thread is.

    1. Tony|7.23.18 @ 11:39PM|#
      “What a depressing shitty swamp of mouth-breathing right-wing stupidity this thread is.”

      ‘Mouth-breathing’ – what fucking lefty ignoramuses hope makes them look better than the supposed ‘mouth-breathers’.
      Fucking lefty ignoramus is jealous.

    2. Well Tony, if that’s how you feel, then fuck off and GTFO.

      Then go drink some Drano. You aren’t nearly dead enough for my tastes. Maybe you can talk some fellow progtards into a suicide pact. Call PB. I hear he’s looking for something to do.

  35. I am a proud supporter of President Trump. He was not made a fool of by Putin at Helsinki, nor will he be when they meet again here. The intelligence and foreign policy fools would be Obama toadies like Andrew McCabe and James Clapper who vetted the Uranium One deal and forced intelligence reports that made it smell like a rose.

    That would be just one of the many, many reasons that they (and the likes of Brennan, Comey, Strzok, etc) all should immediately have their security clearances lifted. Their old cronies still working should not even be able to talk to them on the phone.

    There was nothing about the Russian cyber-probing in 2016 that was out of the ordinary, nor was it ever designed in any way to favor Trump over Hillary. All the real evidence shows is that Russian “agents” and “hackers” are often just opportunists looking for the easy score. They probe for the open door, the easy score. It would be more accurate to call most of them lobbyists looking to get paid by anyone or even freelance investigative journalists.

    Our Fake News media, being lazy, stupid, and 100% Democrat, claims Maria Butina was Kremlin deep cover. Hah! What liars these news fakers be.

    Vlad Putin, on the other hand, is 100% dangerous. The Status Six and Poseidon weapons he has fathered, well,
    Donald J. Trump has to cajole/humor/charm Vlad into drowning these children.

  36. If Senator Warren really wants to become President Warren, at some point she’s going to need to do something she hasn’t yet accomplished, which is explain to voters nationwide how she or her message are unlike Kerry, Dukakis, and Hillary Clinton.

    I hope Warren decides not to run. She is too old. She has, so far, proved to be a terrible politician, and the Presidency is, first and foremost, a political office. It’s hard to imagine Warren mastering the political fundamentals necessary to make a success of the Presidency.

    But Warren is the genuine article on economic populism. And she proved her message is unlike that of Kerry, Dukakis, and either Clinton, years ago. She hasn’t wavered.

    Also, trying to tar Warren as a would-be plutocrat will be heavy going. Her up-from-nothing, self-made biography will resonate broadly, when it becomes better known. Her entire life has been authentic promotion of economic issues from the point of view she grew up with. A great many blue collar Americans will come to see her as one of their own.

    So if Warren did become the candidate, I expect I would join pretty much all Democrats, and a big slice of erstwhile Trump supporters, and vote for her.

    1. “A great many blue collar Americans will come to see her as one of their own”

      Not after they look up her net worth, and how much money she has accumulated in office beyond her salary.
      Same as ol’ Bernie; one of the elites, not one of the people.

    2. Her up-from-nothing, self-made biography will resonate broadly, when it becomes better known. Her entire life has been authentic promotion of economic issues from the point of view she grew up with. A great many blue collar Americans will come to see her as one of their own.

      Is this satire? I honestly can’t tell

      1. In her autobiography, EW explains how banks are evil because her alcoholic parents had a very shaky job history when she was growing up and came close to having their home foreclosed.

        Clearly the bank’s fault. Making her parents drink all that scotch and ditch out on work, or sow up late and smelling like a distillery.

  37. During her run for senator here in Massatwoshits, she wanted people to spread the word about her candidacy. She suggested bringing it up while you were in line at the cheese shop. See, she’s just a regular joe, like us!

  38. Now the betting crowd favors Joe Biden. That is mindful of another Helsinki moment, when Trump chided Angela Merkel for doing this HUGE pipeline deal to import Russian gas around other NATO countries to keep Germans warm. Trump thinks American CNG would be a better choice.

    Merkel would have to be tortured to admit it, but she has already been dodging sanctions against Russia to import natural gas from a company called Burisma, which has offices in Cyprus and Kiev. The gas fields for this company are in eastern Ukraine, which is controlled by rebels very cozy with Russia.

    Who really controls Burisma? An American named Hunter Biden is on the board of directors. (His dad’s name is Joe.) Ownership of Burisma vanishes into a maze of dummy corporations. Perhaps Tony Podesta (brother of John) who is highly involved in Ukrainian/Russian wheeling and dealing, can sort this for us. Tony has lately been granted immunity by Mueller. He might be talky.

    Germany needs a new fossil fuel for warmth because Merkel sabotaged her nation’s nuclear and coal power industries to please green voters. Recall that she flooded Germany with immigrants as well. Angela is stoking the fires of right-wing politics in Europe and she will burn herself to a political crisp.

    In just what way would Lizzie Warren be any different from Angela Merkel? Both will be toast in coming elections.

  39. A recent poll shows Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts leading the 2020 Democratic presidential primary field in neighboring New Hampshire

    So, the Free State Project is completely dead then? Taken over by ‘liberaltarians;?

    1. Democratic presidential primary field. As in, they were polling Democrats not Porcupines. Sheesh.

      1. Democrats might be better served by nominating porcupines for high office races.

  40. If the Democrats want to lose in 2020, all they got to do is put Warren on the ticket!

    “Double Down on Dumb!”

    I mean, sheesh, at this rate they’ll dump the donkey as a mascot and switch to the ostrich with its head in the sand.

    1. She can play Dare to be Stupid for the convention! A little Weird Al just might wake things up.

    2. The Democrat Ostrich has it’s head up it’s own ass.

  41. This article jumps too far ahead. First, Warren must defeat the Clinton machine, which although damaged is still in most of the right places. As we all know, that is extraordinarily risky business – off the charts where actuarial charts are concerned. Just ask Seth Rich… oh wait, you can’t.

    1. Based on the Carter Page FISA warrant request, the Clinton Machine might have few more wrenches in the works here soon.

  42. Who? Pocohontas? That is the funniest thing I have heard all day…

  43. Uh, I think Warren would have no problem paying higher taxes.

  44. I will pay to be in the front row of her debate with Trump. Thats something I’d just have to witness in person.

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