Barack Obama

Former President Obama Criticizes Leftist Shutdown Culture

You can't make the world a better place, he says, if you silence "those who aren't like you because they are white or they are male."


Screenshot via ABC News

In a speech commemorating Nelson Mandela's 100th birthday, former President Obama condemned "strongman" politics and the rising tides of nationalism. Coming just a day after President Trump's humiliating presser with Vladimir Putin, in which Trump appeared to have gullibly swallowed Putin's obvious lies about Russia's interference in the 2016 election, many will see Obama's remarks as a thinly veiled criticism of his successor.

But Obama also made remarks that can only be seen as a condemnation of intolerant leftists who shut down speakers on college campuses because they find their views offensive. Here's what the former president had to say (emphasis mine):

Democracy demands that we're able also to get inside the reality of people who are different than us so we can understand their point of view. Maybe we can change their minds, maybe they'll change ours. You can't do this if you just out of hand disregard what your opponent has to say from the start. And you can't do it if you insist that those who aren't like you because they are white or they are male, somehow there is no way they can understand what I'm feeling, that somehow they lack standing to speak on certain matters.

This a direct rebuke of the notion that only people who are oppressed for some reason—because of their race, gender, sexuality, disability status, size, etc.—should be allowed to speak on issues relating to said difficulties.

It's not surprising that Obama would say this. The 44th president has consistently touted norms of speech consistent with Enlightenment liberalism. In his 2016 commencement address at Rutgers University, he implored students to engage speakers with whom they disagree, not to shut them down.

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  1. I just wish he would go away. All old politicians I wish would just retire to some island where we never hear from them again.

    1. Yeah, but it helps all of us when a progressive hero like him pops out of his hole once in a while to lightly shame the social justice left that worships him.

      1. Yeah, but it helps all of us when a progressive hero like him pops out of his hole once in a while to lightly shame the social justice left that worships him.

        You mean while paying homage to a violent terrorist, racist, and communist?

        1. Freeper alert. Maybe mandela gravitated towards communism because the communists were cunning enough to seize the opportunity to court him. What were the right wingers doing when Mandela was jailed? ‘

          As far as racist? He is the same one who helped quell any possibility of mass reprisals against the white minority with the truth and reconcilation commissions.

    2. We will be craving Trump’s elder-statesmen wisdom years after he’s out of office.

      1. and then we’ll know what it means to have crossed the event horizon of a black hole

      2. “President Warren is weak on the border. Too many “smoke ’em peace pipes” for her. Sad!”

        – Former President Donald Trump

        1. You’re the Alice Ghostly to his Paul Lynde

          1. Ghostley

        2. LOLOLOLOLz

          Too funny! Except the part where I had to imagine that lunatic being president of this country… We really would be over with as a nation with some moron like her in there.

        3. “President Warren…”


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    4. Or, maybe ALL politicians should just retire to some island. Maybe that island where Biggie and Tupac are hold up on

      1. I was thinking 3 mile island or if I’m being generous bikini atoll. Then we can have Politician survivor for real.

      2. I was thinking the Island of Dr. Moreau.

    5. Jeffrey Epstein knows a place…

  2. I’m sure he told the same thing to a certain communications director when she “went to war” with a certain network of opposing viewpoints.

    1. That is part of the golden rule of politics, “Do as I say not as I do and give me your money, peasant!”

      1. Nice tranformation of the quote.

  3. This article is appropriate.

    I drive food delivery for an online app to make rent and support myself and my young family. This is my new life. I once had a well paid job in what might be described as the social justice industry. Then I upset the wrong person, and within a short window of time, I was considered too toxic for my employer’s taste. I was publicly shamed, mobbed, and reduced to a symbol of male privilege. I was cast out of my career and my professional community. Writing anything under my own byline now would invite a renewal of this mobbing?which is why, with my editor’s permission, I am writing this under a pseudonym. He knows who I am.

    In my previous life, I was a self-righteous social justice crusader. I would use my mid-sized Twitter and Facebook platforms to signal my wokeness on topics such as LGBT rights, rape culture, and racial injustice. Many of the opinions I held then are still opinions that I hold today. But I now realize that my social-media hyperactivity was, in reality, doing more harm than good.

    1. Yeah, that’s a good one. Read it yesterday. A sign of maturity is one day realizing what a jerk you are, and changing that behavior. It’s hard to admit.

      1. Well, he stopped when they ruined his life. One presumes that if they never caught wind of his PC infractions, he would still be at it.

        1. ^ This.

          It’s easy to say you’ve learned your lesson when you’ve already been completely destroyed, and perhaps this individual did indeed figure it out, but how useful is that lesson to those who have not already been destroyed?

          It’s always ‘somebody else’ until it’s you.

          1. No, I’m pretty sure they’ve “excised the cancer” and gone back to being the caring community of goodthinkers they always were. Won’t be attacking anyone else.

          2. Hey, cut his SJW former colleagues a little slack. They’re working hard to destroy more people, but these things take time.

    2. Interesting article. “They eat their own” writ large.

    3. Papa John, is that you?

      1. Papa John is texting Peyton Manning right now about how much Eli sucks ass

      2. I’m hoping it’s Boss Hogg.

        1. Barney Stinson.

    4. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.
      Live by the sword, die by the sword.
      Work in the social justice industry (?WTF?), die in the social justice industry.
      You got exactly what any just God would hand out. Deal with it without whining.

    5. Good article, but is it true?

      1. It could have been Robespierre.

    6. Yeah, but the article concludes:

      The social justice vigilantism I was living on Twitter and Facebook was like the app in my dream. Aggressive online virtue signaling is a fundamentally two-dimensional act. It has no human depth. It’s only when we snap out of it, see the world as it really is, and people as they really are, that we appreciate the destruction and human suffering we caused when we were trapped inside.

      As if we never had witch hunts before social media. A SJW who blames social media for his behavior when he finally improves himself is only halfway there.

      1. Seen too many examples of Mob Justice Warrior attacks, and they really sound mentally ill. Not sure if they have a formal name for their game, but I’d bet it’s not “Being Human”.

    7. WTF is the “social justice industry”?

      1. marketing or HR.

        1. College or corporate diversity group.

  4. “Engage speakers with whom you disagree,” said St. Obama. “For instance, call them ‘bitter clingers'”.

    1. That’s just like, his opinion, man.

      1. What is his opinion, Dude?

    2. Right???

      The few somewhat sane people in the Democratic establishment may try to make a push to get the craziest elements to STFU. They will likely call on Obama, the Clintons, etc to try to just throw out little tidbits like this… But we all know they’re personally fine with this stuff, they just don’t want it to cost them any elections.

      1. Versus the namecalling quite a few commentators here on a supposedly non right wing site that have engaged in against Obama in recent years? And how angry some of the readers here get when Reason tries to be evenhanded? One hypocrite even railed against reason not taking Obama to task for vacations by his family and then when reminded that they did, he offers a lame “oh i forgot” type comment.

  5. “And you can’t do it if you insist that those who aren’t like you because they are white or they are male, somehow there is no way they can understand what I’m feeling, that somehow they lack standing to speak on certain matters.”

    That is exactly what you would expect a white male to say.


    1. He’s 3/4 of a white male anyway.

      1. He’s half white, but biracial people don’t poll well. We won’t have enough voting Americans who identify as biracial to elect a biracial president for a long time.

    2. Racist comments made by racist people bouth of you. If any of you is hoping that is good i hope so.

      1. I try to help you guys with your talking points and this is the thanks I get?

        1. Based on his Twitter feed, he was probably joking.

      2. Who can argue with that??

  6. Like this bit of self virtue signaling will even be remembered by tomorrow morning.

    1. Nah, he’s good at putting himself into other people’s shoes. Like when he posited about what his son might look like in a hoodie.

      1. I always thought Palpatine, or is he just a bit too white?

  7. Hooray for Obama! The man deserves SOME credit here!!!

    Also his wife was very active in getting rid of, or bypassing, a HUGE mess of regulations and licenses (on the state level, not the feds) that get in the way of military spouses and ex-military (vets) who have the job skills, but not Government Almighty “permission to work”.

    Let’s give credit when credit is due!! Hoo-Ray for the Obamanators!

    1. Guy’s got the sense to realize that, at the rate the Democratic party is veering left and purging its not so left-wing, he’s going to be on the purge list in just a few years if it isn’t stopped.

      1. Yeah man, make way for the Bernie Sanders Communist wing!

        1. Pssht. Bernie isn’t woke enough, doesn’t even seem to understand the identity politics, probably couldn’t even recite the Intersectionality Victim Points Table. He’ll be gone before Obama.

          1. And Bernie’s squishy on the 1st And 2nd Amendments. Squishy on repealing them or totally ignoring them.

            1. You know what else is squishy?

              (hint: i’m typing this while sat on the toilet)

              1. Your elderly-accessible cushioned vinyl seat? I hope you remembered to bring the spatula to help peel it off your sweat-sticky butt. We don’t want a repeat of what happened last time. Wow, that was an embare-ass-ing 911 call.

                1. Yes!

              2. Dammit guys, I read this during my lunch break, ugh.

    2. Note: This is marketed as a Libertarian site.
      Praising a political wife for moving state responsibilities up to the federal level is not exactly a good thing.
      When she starts on getting rid of licensing, instead of giving it to the feds to create a special class of citizen, then you can talk about how wonderful she is.

      1. “When she starts on getting rid of licensing, instead of giving it to the feds to create a special class of citizen…”

        I’m not truthfully clear on the details, but I don’t recall her advocating that, so much as she was just trying to call attention to the clear injustices taking place. Baby steps, ya know… First, let’s get the heat off of the vets and military spouses, and then I am ALL THE WAY on board for SMASHING the licensing State!

        But yeah, I don’t know for sure, where Ms. Obama was on taking it to the logical conclusion…

    3. I suppose, but his record as President makes these comments…questionable given that he was the one who was actually spying on the press and threatening them with jail time if they didn’t give up sources.

      And yet, we’re told Trump threatens the 1st amendment.

      Obama always talked a good game, it was his follow through that revealed him as either an empty suit or active liar.

    4. You mean the same wife that made the fat tax and other shitty things like that? The same wife that lied about obama care? Fuck her. Some credit to obama but minimal.

    5. I’m going to give him credit for good stuff he did, which boils down to some great executive-clemency decisions.

      (though the clemency with the terrorist wasn’t one of the good ones, IMHO)

      As far as criticizing the excesses which he encouraged while in office, I’m not so sure I’m enthused about that.

  8. Fuck you Obama

    You’re a fucking asshole, asshat, asshole loser.

    Fuck you!!!

    1. Why does everyone rage about “words” nowadays?

      1. Apparently words are violence, now.

        1. Hihn? is that you?

  9. Progressives can take identity politics overboard.

    Republicans are treasonous plutocratic planet-destroying ignorance-fostering ratfucking cowards.

    Better let Republicans in charge, just in case the identity stuff goes too far.

    1. Good practice for 2020.

    2. Republicans are treasonous plutocratic planet-destroying ignorance-fostering ratfucking cowards.

      If that were true, I have no doubt that you would give them your full-throated support.


      1. give them your full-throated support

    3. Progressives can take identity politics overboard.

      Republicans are treasonous plutocratic planet-destroying ignorance-fostering ratfucking cowards.

      Well, we’re on our way to civil discourse already!

      1. Either the American people want civil discourse or they want “pussy grabbing” and “I promise there’s no problem with my dick size” Trump.

        1. So you don’t understand the difference between private conversation with a trusted individual and discourse on public policy.

          I’m sure your having sex talk is wonderful.

        2. “I promise there’s no problem with my dick size”

          See, here’s what I don’t get about you. He made a fool of himself talking about that subject, and it’s low hanging fruit, bit then you lie and make yourself the object of ridicule.

          Wtf man?

          1. What do you expect from someone who sees things in the partisan binary?

            You’re either with him or you’re defending a republican.

        3. Or they could have a literal rapist who settled with his accuser and “get in the back of the bus”.

        4. Either they are for Gary Sinise, or Harvey Weinstein. Either you are with the Little Sisters of the Poor, or selling aborted baby parts. Either you are with Patriot Guard Motorcycle Riders, or Antifa.

          Gee, this is fun

    4. I think the problem you have is that all your doomsday predictions are failures, and Trump is doing Ok comaparatively, so the more you virtue signal your outrage, the dumber you look.

      1. I don’t understand why there’s always someone here who feels the need to defend Republicans.

        1. So why aren’t you talking to him then?

        2. You don’t understand why the sun rises every morning or how a fucking doorknob works. Let’s make a shorter list of the things you actually do understand.

          1. 1.) Whining
            2.) Lying
            3.) …

        3. Too true; you don’t understand.

      2. But let them keep on. Rev. Arthur and the rest of the peanut gallery will just re-elect Trump. Just as the voters seeing and hearing them elected him the first time.

    5. Tony,

      Q: What did the brown rat say to the white rat?

      A: You’re new around here, aren’t you?

    6. Imagine a world where either hardcore conservatives got their every whim and desire, including the religious chunk of the base… Or one where all the socialists got their every whim and desire.

      In one of them we’d end up like Venezuela. Our economy would be fucked, but everybody would be equally poor! We’d have hate speech laws, nobody could own guns unless they had a “good reason” (as decided by the government of course, who doesn’t see a reason anybody should really have guns), high taxes, etc. Even if you want to pretend we wouldn’t be Venezuela, the BEST CASE scenario is we’d be the UK with most of those same problems… And about 1/3 lower incomes and a vastly lower standard of living! Which people like to forget.

      In the OTHER version you’d have… 1950s America. Welfare would be rolled back, the size and scope of government would be rolled back… We might get in a few stupid wars now and again, but we could afford it again anyway! Abortions might be illegal in some states, but probably not in others. We’d probably have a lot of law and order stuff, which would mean pot heads might get harassed, but maybe the cops would actually start giving a shit about other crimes again too… Etc.

      I don’t have a love of a lot of trad con stuff being put into law, but I sure as hell know which one of those two options would be a LOT more functional for the majority of people.

      1. As much as I’d hate a Venezuela-ish society, I wouldn’t want 1950s America either. It wasn’t exactly paradise if you were gay or non-white… if you were not living the One Approved Lifestyle as sanctioned by the Christian religions, or dared to stray from “your place” and tried to mingle with those outside your ethnicity, you would be shunned, “disappeared” or worse bludgeoned and/or killed by vigilante mobs while law enforcement looks the other way and the justice system tries to find the slightest excuse to let the perpetrators walk free.

        I think the best we could strive for is 1950s fiscal policy in a modern-day social environment (minus the shutdown culture and SJW nitpicking).

        1. Well, IMO, a lot of the down sides aren’t ever really going to come back. I don’t think people are going to become rabidly anti gay again. But I can see people not bending over (couldn’t help it!) for the gay lobby for every dumb shit special privilege they want, and also not thinking “gay is cool man!” like a lot of people want to push today. Gay isn’t cool. It’s not horrible, but it’s like a trendy thing to think it is somehow better than being straight. I don’t think black people will be getting lynched. But again perhaps we’ll actually hold the black community to account, and quit making excuses for their self inflicted failures. Etc.

          But the truth is a lot of the things SOME people consider down sides, were actually up sides and people are just now starting to realize it.

          The truth is that “modern social culture” is a disaster in a ton of ways. Science even proves a lot of it amusingly enough! I think America could very much benefit from a return to a more conservative culture in many respects, provided it isn’t forced through law.

          As a for instance, most people know that children who grow up in single parent households are a disaster. Especially males with single mothers. It basically ruins their chances at life to a large degree. A thing many people DON’T KNOW is that women started becoming less and less happy according to studies, EXACTLY as 2nd and 3rd wave feminism became the norm.

        2. In other words they’re miserable trying to pretend to be men, because they aren’t men. Yet that’s what society demands of them. Get a job, kids are icky, sleep around (unfulfilling sex), if you want to be a stay at home mom you’re telling yourself short, etc. They suck at pretending to be men, as evidenced by tons of stats, AND they hate it. And if they have kids their lives are ruined too.

          So a return to a society where slutting it up is discouraged and marriage is cool again? I can see that. And it would be a good thing. Science also tells us this is a great idea. The chances for a successful marriage drop precipitously if somebody has more than a single sex partner. After 3 it REALLY drops like a rock. If you’re dumb enough to marry some chick who has slept with 20 guys, you have almost a 100% chance of getting divorced.

          Men are effected too, but our numbers are higher for causing the same level of inability to bond and form lasting relationships. See human biology is a thing. We’re genetically programmed to be a certain way, to operate within certain parameters. If you go outside these, you get undesired side effects. Everybody wants to find someone to be with for life… But if you sleep around too much, especially for women, this becomes a nearly impossible task because of how it effects us psychologically.

          I don’t LIKE that it’s like that… But that’s what science shows.

        3. Traditional societies are judgey about a lot of stuff… But they had their reasons for many of them. Some were just random dumb things, but most aren’t. That’s why you see so many recurring rules in almost all societies all over the entire planet. People learned through experience what works and what doesn’t, then forced everybody to do it the way that is better, whether they wanted to or not.

          As a libertarian I don’t want this stuff to be in laws, but a certain amount of social pressure to encourage good behavior? Not the end of the world. All possible behaviors people might choose are NOT good behaviors for them to have. Encouraging or being accepting of bad behavior isn’t necessarily a good thing.

          Being accepting of any and all BAD BEHAVIOR is not required by libertarianism. That’s just hedonism. I want crack to be legal… But I also reserve the right to think that crack heads are degenerate pieces of shit.

          Too many libertarians seem to have got caught up in the idea that you can’t personally judge irresponsible behavior in others, but it has never required that, and frankly I don’t think you can have a functional society where anything and everything is socially acceptable. The important part is keeping the laws free, and letting social pressure encourage good behavior… But at least you’re not locking up the crack heads, just shaming them a bit. A huge improvement from how we do it now, or in the past.

    7. If Republicans are treasonous plutocratic planet-destroying ignorance-fostering ratfucking cowards, then people like you would have a moral obligation to take up arms against them. But you don’t do that, which means that you’re either a mincing drama queen or a gigantic pussy. Which is it?

      1. Both. Tony’s a veritable renaissance man when it comes to SJW values.

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  11. Obama speaks like a conservative then governed like a leftist. Trump speaks like an idiot but governs as a conservative

    1. That…may have been the most cognizant summation of the two men I’ve ever heard.

    2. Except for that tariff thing

      1. That was something most traditional conservatives AND most liberals were fine with until just a few decades back. Like it or not tariffs work for manipulating markets. Economics is not always JUST economics. There are political aspects too, which is one reason tariffs have often been used.

        It’s how they’re still used. The Chinese have created more jobs in China by protecting their markets… Maybe, that’s their theory anyway. They probably would have created more jobs by having a totally open market, that’s traditional free trade theory… But maybe not since they currently benefit from the west allowing them to export without being required to reciprocate. Either way they’re achieving their POLITICAL ends by obliterating western industries they specifically choose to go after, and placating people at home, even if they’re really done their citizens economic harm. It works as a feel good measure if nothing else.

  12. And yet it was his administration that weaponized Title IX and complained about rapists being let go when the Trump administration attempted to reverse his administration’s policy on Title IX.

    This seems like a case of “words speaking louder than actions” again

    1. what it looks like is that he is afraid he will bear some responsibility for not governing as a hard leftist, and for allowing trump to beat hillary

  13. Obama protecting “bitter clingers”, who would have expected it.

    1. I’m sure the bitter clingers are impressed with his civility and respect.

  14. Whatever you do, don’t criticize that jaguar in the New Orleans zoo or it’ll escape AND FUCKING TEAR YOU APART.

  15. “Coming just a day after President Trump’s humiliating presser with Vladimir Putin, in which Trump appeared to have gullibly swallowed Putin’s obvious lies about Russia’s interference in the 2016 election”

    At least we have our intelligence agencies to tell us the truth, even if they won’t share that information with Congress or the American people. They’ve never deceived us

    1. You know what they do to traitors?

      1. Trump is always lying, except for this time when we believe him.

      2. You know what they do to stillborn children?

        1. You know who else did stuff?

      3. Yep, I know.
        Vince Foster told me.

      4. Casually throwing around “traitor”, because someone doesn’t accept the secret conclusions of the intelligence community is totally not something that Dick Cheney would have done

        1. Not supporting Team Socialism is Tony’s definition of traitor.

      5. Give them the Nobel Peace Prize?

        1. Oooh, Oooh, now do Alger Hiss. Or Dalton Trumbo. Or Woody Guthrie

      6. You know what they do to traitors?

        Run them for office and then bitch incessantly when they get beaten by a buffoon?

    2. At least we have our intelligence agencies to tell us the truth

      I can’t believe that just today two or three of our hosts have insinuated with a straight face that we should put our trust in what those guys are saying about this whole Russia farce.

    3. At least we have our intelligence agencies to tell us the truth

      I can’t believe that just today two or three of our hosts have insinuated with a straight face that we should put our trust in what those guys are saying about this whole Russia farce.

    4. It’s actually kind of funny. Reason has become a pro-interventionist, pro-war libertarian magazine now that is fully in support of neoconnery, even though they were against it not 3 months ago.

      1. I think we got a shift in the people who comment here. Left-leaning libertarians don’t comment here as often as they used to. Maybe they are busy changing the world by sticking their tongues out at people in the mall.

        1. In winter time, every now in then you’ll see one with his tongue firmly stuck to a flagpole waving his arms and bleating for government to save him. They’ll pretty much fall for anything.

  16. ” It’s not surprising that Obama would say this. The 44th president has consistently touted norms of speech consistent with Enlightenment liberalism.”

    Is this how Robby translates “Elections have consequences. I won.”

    Sorry Robby but it is surprising that Obama would say anything of the sort (or at least actually mean it). He was perfectly fine with these tactics up until the end of his presidency and I’m sure he’ll be fine with them again once they’re seen as an effective cudgel instead of a political anchor.

    1. Robby: “Fundamental transformation? Gee… that sounds pretty enlightened.”

  17. It’s not surprising that Obama would say this. The 44th president has consistently touted norms of speech consistent with Enlightenment liberalism.

    Was that before or after he was jailing journalists and whisteblowers and using the IRS to target non-profit groups who opposed his agenda?

    1. Both before and after (and maybe now)

    2. And suing nuns for not complying with his arbitrary contraceptive regulatory mandates.

    3. He was only following the Bush script. The Patriot act is the real culprit and both parties past that attempt at repealing the Constitution

  18. I told y’all that Democrat elites know full well how unpopular all this SJW bullshit is. They know that election 2018 and 2020 will be bloodbaths for Lefty politicians.

    If the first black president cannot talk sense into SJWs, then who can?

    1. Do you like men? I love men. I want to live in a world where men can be together all the time and enjoying each other’s company and physiques.

      Read my blog to learn about men.

      1. Are you a lumberjack?

        Are you okay?

        1. yes, just like my dear papa

    2. Yup. With Hillary they tried to keep it all in check, but were clearly losing their grip. Once she lost they completely lost control.

      It’s their own fault. They intentionally built up all this nonsense to achieve their ends… They just figured they could control their mob. They forgot that once you get a mod all riled up, sometimes the mob starts doing what the mob wants, and not what it’s told. GOOD! Because it is totally going to fuck them.

  19. Obama is half white male so he can’t possibly understand his privilege and should be treated a child

    1. He is a half-white half-wit then.

  20. Blind pig, broken clock, etc., etc.

  21. This whole article reeks of blatant revisionism. Isn’t this the same Obama that you say “defending Enlightenment liberalism” the same man that had the NSA collect massive swathes of data on innocent Americans? In addition to that, didn’t he also use strong-arm tactics to threaten journalists that said anything bad about his administration AND have the Fast and Furious scandal break out, whose intention was to undermine the 2nd Amendment? Like this shit is on your site, you idiots. Stop pretending that you forgot about it.


  23. But Obama himself made it clear he didn’t care much for men:

    “Does Obamacare About Men? Three takes on Obamacare’s discrimination against men”

    “Obamacare’s unequal treatment of young men”

    “What Does President Obama Mean For Men?”

    Join the links and delete spaces.

  24. Robby heard that Obama was thinking about going gay in his youth and decided to recruit?

    Dude for 8 years ran an administration that sowed ethnic (racial, gender, sexual orientation) separatism and strife and then has the gall to decry what his leadership wrought.

    Try to sell that BS somewhere else.

  25. You can’t blame Obama for all of the crazy. He won two presidential elections easily with a lot of white voters — and not just progressive gentrifiers either.

    Just as conservatives have to keep inventing new foreign threats to justify an ever expanding military, after each bit of social progress the progressives have to move the goalposts to stay relevant. Problem is, they’ve now pushed the goalposts over a cliff.

    1. …and they’re about to take a giant step forward!

    2. That was a big part of Hillary’s problem?she had nothing to run on. I think Kennedy and Roberts did their fellow Republicans a huge favor by legalizing gay marriage and for Roberts keeping the individual mandate on the books. I really believe Hillary could have won running on marriage equality.

      And also the new faux issues conjured up by Progressives are asinine. Medicare for all??? Most Americans under 65 are satisfied paying for health insurance. Free college?? Community college followed by a regional public university is cheap and accessible. Also the Ivy League has already done away with loans for the middle class so all private colleges could do that tomorrow if they reduced enrollment and cut staff. We could easily get rid of loans and replace it with funding for private colleges based on how much of their endowment goes to tuition.

      1. Once upon a time, public schooling ended at grade eight. Then we tacked four more years on, and I don’t think we’ve seen an improvement.
        You collect a group of people, some who want to be there, some who see the wisdom of using their time wisely there, quite a few who go with the crowd, and some who want to be anywhere but there. Then you tell the institutions they must teach all of them, to a certain minimum standard, including not just those who want to be anywhere else but school, but also those who will never come to truly comprehend that two plus two will always equal four and A comes before B comes before C.
        Twelve years of schooling, when everyone has to attend, is no better than eight years of schooling, when everyone has to attend. I say let the drop outs DROP OUT, without penalty to the school, and the quality of the average graduate will leap skyward.

        Making two years of college free will encourage a good few, who don’t really want to be there, but also don’t want to work, to tie up the teachers time, dragging the value of an Associates Degree down to little better than the level of a High School Diploma.
        Making those two extra years of college mandatory, or all but, will make matters even worse, because now those teachers are forced to reach those who don’t want to be reached, to the detriment of everyone else, again.

  26. In a speech commemorating Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday

    An interesting choice of vehicles to deliver such a message, given that the person being honored popularised necklacing.

    1. You’re thinking of his later-estranged wife, who was into that sort of thing while he was in prison.

      1. Mandela himself was a violent terrorist, a communist, and thoroughly anti-American.

        That’s the kind of person Obama honors.

  27. The 44th president has consistently touted norms of speech consistent with Enlightenment liberalism.

    Yes, talk got him elected. Unfortunately, it turned out that what Obama said and what he actually did were two very different things.

    In a speech commemorating Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday, former President Obama condemned “strongman” politics and the rising tides of nationalism.

    Translation: Obama hates Trump (despite Obama being much more abusive of executive power than Trump), and Obama wants to continue to import third world migrants into the US to shore up the Democratic voter based.

    1. Pres. Obama is an educated, accomplished, modern, tolerant, decent American. His disdain of Pres. Trump is essentially unavoidable. But Pres. Trump still has the obsequious devotion of America’s uneducated, disaffected, intolerant, downscale, bigoted, authoritarian, backwaters-inhabiting yahoos.

      1. Well you’re an intolerant, bigoted, and authoritarian slaver so you should be cheering for him if that’s the case

      2. And an overrated arrogant braying jackass. Let’s not forget that.

  28. He’s just trying to subtly walk things back from the level of insanity the hard left has taken them to… But it won’t work. The Democrats have lost control of their mob. Bernie showed that pretty clearly. They’re going to crash and burn in the short term future IMO, but a lot of this stuff will never go away, and will probably continue to escalate.

    Racial animus is NOT going to go away in this country. It will just get worse and worse and worse. A country with no ethno-cultural group clearly in charge is always going to be a powder keg. There’s a reason white identity politics is become a thing… It’s because if everybody else is operating on that premise, you HAVE TO also or your ethnic group will get stomped by the others. This is why humans have always organized in groups of one form or another… If you don’t, and another group does, they will dominate you. That’s just the way reality works.

  29. He sicked his IRS on political opponents and the director had to take the fifth to avoid prosecution. Obama was also the strongest force and greatest beneficiary of the rise of identity politics in the past decade. He’s the reason anyone could imagine needing to say you can’t hate people just because they are white. Hardly actions of someone dedicated to enlightment liberalism committed to freedom of speech. Get your head out of your ass, you sycophant.

  30. “We interrupt this regularly scheduled program of Trump Derangement Syndrome to bring you this commercial announcement of Obama worship.”

  31. In the year 2076 Obama will be talked about the most irrelevant President the United States has ever had in terms of accomplishments .
    All he did was get elected twice, win a peace prize before he took office and decimated the Democratic party and left it in ruins nationwide.
    Buy he gave a great speech !

    1. I’m still curious as to what he won the peace prize for. His foreign policy was certain not peaceful

      1. The nobel peace prize is a joke. Kissinger? So the Obama one was a joke too. but again, Kissinger?

      2. Being black, being left wing.
        Officially it was “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

  32. Was anyone else forced to begin watching a video of his speech on YouTube yesterday? Last night on 3 separate occasions I was forced to watch around 10 seconds of the speech video before YouTube would allow me to click on anything else.

  33. Elections have consequences Eric. I won.

    Yeah, Barry out defending the bitter clingers…

  34. Bigoted, ignorant, authoritarian, conservative goobers have rights, too.

    It is not surprising that former Pres. Obama would advocate respect for the rights of downscale right-wing yahoos).

    I still believe the addition to Mt. Rushmore should be Franklin Roosevelt. The enduring tribute to Pres. Obama should be that universal health care is officially named Obamacare. Having that one roll off the tongues of clingers for a few generations will be enjoyable.

    1. Bigoted, ignorant, authoritarian, conservative goobers have rights, too.

      Notwithstanding the best efforts of the political party preferred by uneducated, self-regarding cunts like Arthur to curtail those rights.

    2. Bigoted, ignorant, authoritarian, conservative goobers have rights, too.

      Notwithstanding the best efforts of the political party preferred by uneducated, self-regarding cunts like Arthur to curtail those rights.

  35. I call him Obambo ’cause it rhymes with Mambo, as in Mambo jumbo.
    In Mexico Obambo danced Huapango,
    in Cuba Obambo danced the Mambo,
    in Argentina Obambo danced the Tango,
    Will Obambo in Spain dance Fandango?

  36. That’s all very well now that he is an ex-president but he was pretty intolerant of other views when he mattered. For starters, he called a Boston cop stupid without knowing the facts (Skip Gates incident); told Eric Cantor “Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won” in response to an alternative to Obama’s stimulus proposal; ditto for health care etc. It is not clear he took anyone’s advice on a range of foreign policy issues. His first visit to Beijing was with Valerie Jarrett and not his Secretary of State; Iran’s green revolution had Hillary advocating for action; Afghanistan – setting a date for withdrawal and the same for Iraq whether or not the status of forces would be signed.

    The best he can do is enjoy his many millions and keep out of today’s politics.

    1. And you know the facts? Regardless of the initial reason cops came, the escalation of the incident most probably had everything to do with his race. If that’s a white man of that size and age, most likely it becomes “oh sorry, please go on in” type incident.

  37. Other than gratuitous Trump-Bashing, what is the purpose of the first paragraph?
    The only fact in the paragraph is, yes, it was Nelson Mandela’s [terrorist and kleptocrat] birthday. Unless ‘nationalism’ is a Progressive dog whistle to – ignore what I am saying. [Since Progressives are always accusing Conservatives of secret ‘dog whistles’, it must be proof that they constantly use them.] The remander of that paragraph is unrelated to fact, and except for Obama’s direct quote, the remainder of the article straddles the line of fact vs opinion.
    I expect better from Reason.

    1. How is he a terrorist? Geez, if you were treated the same way he was, you dont think you woudl exercise your second amendment rights and engage in a lot more violence than he did?

      1. A terrorist is a terrorist, whether or not you think it was a righteous cause. I’m fine with calling the Founding Fathers terrorists… They just happened to be ones I agreed with!

        Mandela and his crew were ostensibly fighting for SOME good things, but they were also very brutal, including to other blacks, and fighting for a lot of bad causes too. Homebody ain’t no hero of mine.

  38. This twit is nothing more than a socialist-communist gynocentric male apologist white knight mangina. He started the 1 in 4 rape hysteria and then issued the “dear colleague” letter instructing colleges to throw out due process. In his latest he says men are getting on his nerves and urges “empowering more women” which is nothing but big government double speak for more government interference in your life to protect women. Men, both white and of color, have quit the dems in droves and after 8 years of him screwing men insincere “we need to listen” comments of no value aren’t bringing them back. Dems, Repubs, and the Libertarian pParty (endorsing non Libertarians) may want to take note that men (and 40% of women) voted for Trump because were sick of the BS Swamp of both parties.

    1. What you said.

    2. Where the hell do you get the men of color have quit the dems in DROVES?

  39. That is, unless you have the IRS available to harass them.

  40. It’s not surprising that Obama would say this. The 44th president has consistently touted norms of speech consistent with Enlightenment liberalism.

    Obama: “I won; you lost. Deal with it.”

    Obama: “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”

    Obama: “We’re going to punish our enemies and reward our friends.”

    Yeah, that Obama?

    Bite me.

  41. It should not surprise that Obama seeks a conciliatory tone and avoids the furious fringes of the DS Trump bashing. President Obama has to be hoping beyond hope that Republicans do not become strong enough (and angry enough) to commence investigating a lot of ancient history. Especially stuff with “what did he know and when did he know it” connotations like the Fast and Furious fiasco, the IRS gooning of the Tea Party, the Uranium One deal with all the Russian lobbying it took and FBI approval by the same Deep State insiders we talk about today, all the extraordinary massaging of intelligence reports that Brenan and Clapper had to do to expedite the Iran Nuclear Deal not to forget what DOJ had to do for Hezbollah in terms of drug trafficking to get Iran on board.

  42. BO: The brilliant final undisputed leader of the free world #LLOFW

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