Security Drags Journalist Out of Trump-Putin Press Conference

After Sam Husseini refused to lower a sign that read "Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty," he was forcibly removed.


An accredited journalist covering Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin's press conference in Finland today was forcibly removed before both leaders came out to answer questions.

Sam Husseini, who was covering the summit for the progressive publication The Nation, was holding up a sign that read "Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty" when security guards grabbed him and marched him out of the room. According to CNBC, Russian authorities considered his sign a "malicious item."

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta reports that Husseini had been asked to leave the room earlier. He did so, then returned to retrieve his things; on his return trip, he told the assembled reporters that he had gotten the boot because of the sign. "At that point, as he held it up, the security officials grabbed him and forcibly removed him from the room," Acosta says.

Video captured at the scene showed the situation escalating. Husseini says his sign wasn't a protest, but a security guard keeps trying to get him to lower it anyway. When Husseini refuses and keeps talking, the guard attempts to wrest the sign from his hands, knocking the reporter's glasses off in the process. Several other guards join the effort, and Husseini is eventually dragged out of the room as a crowd of journalists watched.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation correspondent Susan Ormiston has said on Twitter that Husseini had been "heckling" other journalists as they reported live from the briefing room. According to Ormiston, the people who removed Husseini were with the U.S. Secret Service.

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  1. What the heck is an accredited journalist?

    1. It means some other partisan hack has certified that your partisan hackery is strictly neutral, unbiased and non-partisan. This is why you’ll never see a journalist espousing a political position like campaigning for a nuclear arms ban treaty.

    2. What the heck is an accredited journalist?

      They have Obama jizz stains on their press outfit.

      Its really the only way the media can verify who is anti-Trump.

  2. Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. This kind of behavior will become more common. The key is not to panic, but just to escort these assholes out and proceed. They will have any number of pet causes to protest. The worst thing you can do is to criminalize this behavior and radicalize them and turn them into martyrs. Also any laws you enact against ‘disruption’ will be used against you, and sooner than you expect.

  3. Hey, another story by the press about the press! At least the squirrels won’t have many comments to chew through

  4. Imagine if everyone had a sign at every press conference.

  5. What an asshole.

  6. A left wing reporter who was behaving unprofessionally, making some kind of weird grandstanding gesture and heckling the event was removed from a press conference. Right.

  7. Mmmm I’m ambivalent about this. You have been granted special access, you might get a question or two( I honestly don’t know the percentage of reporters who get their question answered), don’t waste the opportunity.

    But I also understand how you might not get a question answered and that you might feel the need to share your thoughts. In this case, the guy got the better end of it because it looks bad (or can be made to look bad rather) for Trump and Putin. So he probably made the choice that would get him the most coverage, possibly not intentionally.

    Still, I would prefer a world where journalists try to really hold politicians accountable with hard questions about tough subjects. I can dream.

  8. Sorry. If he’s holding up a political sign, he’s an activist, not a journalist.

    1. Same attitude here. As usual, no one mentioned the unseen, which is the “real” journalist whose seat he took. Not everyone who wanted in, got in, so the hosts are the ones who decide how to allocate those scare resources, and he in effect stole a seat from somebody else, along with disrupting somebody else’s meeting for his own selfish gain.

      Fuck him.

      1. Not that I disagree with your point, but I can’t believe a real journalist (or a dozen) wouldn’t be 100% willing to wait on standby.

    2. He’s both.

      1. Only journalists were invited to the event.

        Activists are trespassing.

  9. He should’ve taken his shoe off and thrown it at Putin/Trump.

  10. So it seems that there is a small difference in how a press conference is run in Russia as opposed to the US.
    Can we vote on the one we like more?

  11. You’re not part of the “press” when you are there to make a political statement. It’s hard to realize that considering how many activists have bylines now, but that’s just the truth

  12. The Deep State dipshits and their Block Yomommatard butt-buddies in the JournoList are so enraged that their pathetic attempt to undermine this summit failed and that World War III hasn’t started yet, it’s driving them bonkers. They seem to be losing their minds by the minute.

  13. Hopefully he got dragged off to a cell in the basement, where the local authorities gave him a good and proper tune up.

    1. So, just to clarify, you DON’T believe in due process but you DO believe in torture?

      1. Its was Finland, so who knows what rights they have.

        1. Its was Finland, so who knows what rights they have.

          The same as here. Whether they are secured or not is another question. The same as here.

          1. Finland has right to jury, right to non-excessive bail, due process rights, and right to keep and bear arms?

            Doubt it.

      2. When it comes to journalists – yes, I do!

        1. On what grounds? Why the animus against journalists?

          And if you don’t like journalists, then I presume you also don’t like op-ed writers & online bloggers & youtube vloggers (who report or comment on news and other journalistic stuff) as well and would like to see them tortured. That a fair presumption?

        2. Oh and I forgot to mention whistleblowers (who feed journalists their material) and which neither Obama nor Trump seemed to like. I presume you don’t like them either and would like to see them tortured.

  14. I found it amusing that Jim Acosta was used as a resource regarding the facts in this article.

  15. Once you’ve started protesting, you’ve ceased to be a journalist.

    Beyond that, a nuclear ban is idiotic. Nuclear weapons are the only thing preventing a full scale war

    1. So you think North Korea and Iran both need to get hold of some nuclear weapons? Those being “the only thing preventing a full scale war”.

    2. Everyone misread the sign.

      He doesnt want Russia and the USA to have nuclear weapons.

      Iran though. Those theocracies love people that disagree with them.

  16. MAGA!

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