Brickbat: How Blue Can You Make Me?


Blue cups
Nehru /

Robert Park calls it The Blue Loop, a 1,000-foot-long trail of blue cups, blue toys and other blue objects he placed in a wooded area on his home's yard. He says it's art. Officials with Bath Township, Michigan, call it junk. Even though it's all on his own property, the township has ordered him to remove it or they will take it down, bill him for the cost of removal, and fine him $250. They've taken Park to court to attempt to force him to comply.

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  1. I’m blue.

    Dabba dee-a dee da
    dabad da dee
    dabba dee
    dabba dee
    de dye

    1. 🙂

  2. He also sought the ACLU’s help when he had an elect Obama sign that violated sign limit sizes in 2008.

    You didn’t build that.

  3. I’m afraid I just blue myself.

    1. That’s OK, unless you PAID yourself to blue yourself! If you PAID yourself to blue yourself, you are guilty of “human trafficing”, bluing without a license, credential, degree, and board certification, failure to pay taxes on your employment, and, depending on the state that you live in, and your self-employment insurance status,possibly also failing to meet the standards of health insurance mandates on employment, which includes mandatory coverage, covering alien abduction therapy, aromatherapy, Scientology therapy, addiction therapy, sex change therapy, species change therapy, enrich-my-uncle-the- hypnotist therapy, past-lives regression therapy, sex addiction therapy, love-your-Government -Almighty relationship therapy, therapy-therapy, and on and on…

    2. It’s just a falllllaaaaccccyyyyyy ?

  4. Interestingly enough, if they send cops to ‘protect’ the government trespassers, the workers would have to remove the blue cops.

    On the other hand, he was a fan of Emperor Hussein.

    If only the founding fathers had instituted the principle of private property, this kind of issue would not come up.

    1. But the cops will be wearing some other color of hazmat suits, covered head to toe, to protect themselves from these deadly hazards!

  5. Hey wait a minute! I think I have a “fix”!

    He’s an Obama supporter, and hence a supporter of re-distribution, taking from the “rich” to enrich the “poor”. And he’s rich, else he wouldn’t be owning all of this real estate, and wasting all these blue cups and toys!

    So he wouldn’t mind if someone snuck onto his property, grabbed all of those blue items, and re-distributed them to the poor, who don’t have enough blue items! AND it would save us all some very silly, senseless court costs!

    1. Is it even visible from off the property?

      1. No, not with leaf cover in summer. Winter minus leaves might be a tad different, says the link…

        I read the link fairly thoroughly. I do not recall anyone complaining, it is just Government Almighty over-reach…

  6. This crosses the Thin Blue Line!

    1. Hey, stop saying something I agree with!

  7. no Bob Dylan references?

  8. It’s not real art unless some bureaucrat’s niece made it and taxpayers are footing the six figure bill for it to clutter up the sidewalk. Or at least that’s how it works in my town.

    1. Hey! I didn’t realize we were neighbors!

    2. Your a bad sport for not liking the the highly subjective garbage you didn’t agree to pay for!

  9. From the Detroit Free Press:

    “The Blue Loop is tucked away on his 1 ?-acre heavily wooded lot. It is a quirky spot. He has a house where he’s lived for nearly 40 years plus two outbuildings he uses as studios. The buildings are adorned with words and objects. There’s a lot of undergrowth on the property.

    It contrasts sharply with nearby condos with neatly manicured lawns that were erected a dozen years ago west of his property. ”

    That’s the problem right there. And you don’t want to fuck with condo people.

    1. I’m sure five gallons of gasoline and a road flare would handle those condo fags quite nicely.

      1. Gasoline burns too fast. You want to use kerosene.

        1. Paging DHS

        2. Kerosene isn’t hot enough. Use thermite.

    2. This. It’s not even almighty-state-overreach here (well, technically it is), but most likely some overwhelmed low-level bureaucrat who broke under the pressure of constantly complaining condo people and called in the big guns.

  10. He should have filled the cups with piss and dropped rosary beads into them.

    Poof! Instant art.

  11. If it’s legal for a town to enact an ordinance then enforce the ordinance in a way that is unconstitutional — which makes every town council member, every police officer and every bureaucrat in the chain of command required to enforce that unconstitutional interpretation of the ordinance guilty of a federal felony — I have to wonder: If the town can break the law, bill him for the cost of them breaking the law and fine him $250 on top of it, why couldn’t he do the same to them?

    Take a paint brush and some blue paint, and put a little graffiti on the front of city hall — and charge them for the service? After all, it would be less illegal than what the city is doing to him!

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