A Gospel Group Sings Praises After Facebook Restores a Music Video It Deemed 'Political'

Facebook apologizes to Zion's Joy! after treating a music video like a campaign ad.


A gospel music group from Indianapolis is shouting the victory after Facebook reversed its decision to remove their music video.

The video, which accompanies a song from Zion's Joy! called "What Would Heaven Look Like," became a victim of Facebook's crackdown on ad content after the social media giant deemed it political. Videos of the deadly 2017 demonstrations in Charlottesville, protesters holding "No Justice, No Peace" signs, and various volunteer works play as the group sings such lyrics as "bigotry and hate are absent" and "equality for you and me."

The music video was uploaded to Facebook at the beginning of June. About a week after posting it to their Facebook page, The New York Times reports, Zion's Joy! promoted the video to help it reach a wider audience. This was done by paying for a tool called a "boost." But when the video then went through Facebook's algorithm, it was classified as political content and removed.

Group founder Robert W. Stevenson says he was asked to verify his identity after the ad was classified as political content. He did not immediately provide his information, telling the Times that doing so "would be like admitting that it's political content, and it's not." For Stevenson and the rest of Zion's Joy!, the song was solely about "preaching peace and love and coming together."

||| Facebook/Zion's Joy
Facebook/Zion's Joy

A spokesperson for Facebook has said in a statement that"we made an error by deleting the original post. As soon as we identified what happened, we restored the post since it does not violate our Community Standards and have apologized to Zion's Joy." The spokesperson also explained that Facebook's ad policy is "new, broad and exists to prevent election interference." This is Facebook's justification for asking those who pay for content to identify themselves.

Facebook's tougher content policies have faced criticism for being too broad. The Liberty County Vindicator of Liberty County, Texas, saw the removal of a Facebook post after it was flagged as "hate speech." The hate speech in question was actually a section from the Declaration of Independence, which Vindicator had been sharing leading up to the Fourth of July. Facebook apologized for its error and restored the post.


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  1. Facebook’s ad policy is “new, broad and exists to prevent election interference.”

    Translation: we don’t believe in free speech any more than the Dems we’re in bed with and who’ve been pushing the Russia nonsense for almost two years without a shred of evidence.

      1. Touche – a masterstroke that diverted the Jesus vote from Hilary.

  2. The hate speech in question was actually a section from the Declaration of Independence, which Vindicator had been sharing leading up to the Fourth of July. Facebook apologized for its error and restored the post.

    “We’re sorry you got mad at us, or whatever.”

  3. doing so “would be like admitting that it’s political content, and it’s not.” For Stevenson and the rest of Zion’s Joy!, the song was solely about “preaching peace and love and coming together.”

    There’s one particular political party that regularly calls for non-partisanship – “peace and love and coming together”, you might say – on certain issues near and dear to their heart on the grounds that their political positions aren’t political positions at all but simply common sense and basic human decency and the like. It’s the same party that calls for an end to all this divisiveness, a renewal of our spirit of unity, in all of us coming together in hating that evil racist Nazi bastard Trump that Putin stole the election for. Is this group preaching that kind of togetherness?

    1. You couldn’t possibly be referring to the passive-aggressive, two-faced assholes on the left? Sort of like how North Korea parades under the banner of reunification of the Korean Peninsula…with the understanding that, of course, South Korea will be integrated under their terms and fully subsumed into their workers paradise?

      That’s why I prefer the assholes on the right versus the left: they’ll at least spit in your face, as opposed to stabbing you while your back is turned, while smiling and sporting a snappy, ethically-sourced vintage tee.

  4. But when the video then went through Facebook’s algorithm, it was classified as political content and removed.

    I suspect Facebook’s “algorithm” is a poorly trained teen hired to look and listen for keywords provided to them on a laminated card and flag “offensive” videos.

    1. A “poorly trained teen” hints that they haven’t matured yet to full prog status. I’m sure they’ve been “trained” thoroughly and are carrying out their marching orders. Worry not.

    2. Yes, Diane likely does believe that.
      Part of the Grand Proggie Conspiracy
      that terrifies right-wing goobers,
      as libertarians continue ridiculing both primitive tribes.

      1. Michael, I’m not saying there aren’t mindless drones indoctrinated on the right. To say, though, there isn’t a bias in favor of the left at Facebook (and other tech giants) is refusing to acknowledge the candidates they donate to, causes they actively promote, and so on. Like any group of folks with power and money, they have a narrative and are going to push it.

        1. HGW, quit arguing with the fake Hihn. Real Hihns make lots of typos, like “faxsibnatibng.”

          1. Aw shit. Is that a capital ‘I’ in place of the lowercase ‘L’? I knew something seemed off about his text, but I saw “goober” and was duped. Damn.

            1. I have no idea, but the real Hihn has lost his ability to type coherently, so this one’s obviously a fraud.

    3. It’s bad, just like congress is: this is what you get when interns straight out of college are running the show. Come to think of it, they probably have a diversity problem where policy is concerned: almost everybody forming policy came up from a tech background, and as such are lopsidedly read. They get it wrong so often because they have no depth when it comes to formulating policy that can meet the masses. Instead, they have some kind of SJW clique running them into the dirt.

  5. Ok, so I watched a different video of the song and these people are even worse than I thought – singing about how in Heaven there will be no hate and bigotry but just a loving unity in worshipping the Lord. Obviously, if everybody in Heaven is worshipping the Lord, there’s no Muslims and no Jews in Heaven and they’re suggesting getting rid of all the Muslims and all the Jews will get rid of all the hate and bigotry. Sounds like hateful bigotry to me!

    1. Ok, so I watched a different video of the song and these people are even worse than I thought

      It does have a distinct SJW whitewash feel to it. Everybody is as milquetoast a representation of whatever race or gender they’re supposed to be and the whole thing lacks any sort of diversity right down to the vocals.

  6. The spokesperson also explained that Facebook’s ad policy is “new, broad and exists to prevent election interference.”

    El oh… fucking el.

  7. Facebook was one of many tools the Russians used to steal the White House for Trump (whose fortune was financed by Russian money launderers). It’s understandable that it may take Facebook a while to properly avoid their members getting used, abused and manipulated again.

    1. Next week: Fluoride in the water, how much is it affecting your wives.

      1. wives

        Thank goodness I’m not Mormon! * eats a tube of Crest for lunch *

    2. Hey, Michael Hihn, here is a Russian propaganda video that Facebook missed.

      1. I just want you to know that i appreciate what you did here, Eddy.

      2. Well, that rules out a spot on dancing with the stars… thanks for poking the bear, Eddy.

  8. One day, Fascistbook is going to censor the wrong person. As a result, Zuckerberg will be dragged in front of a judge to be told that he no longer enjoys the immunity Section 230 provides.

  9. To be fair, the Declaration of Independence pretty much was “hate speech,” coming down on George III as it did.

    During a trip to London my wife and I toured a Regimental Museum. One display featured a Redcoat with his Brown Bess and other accouterments. The placard discussed “The Troubles in the Colonies.” The attendant looked around the corner to see why we were laughing.

    1. I think that’s called British understatement.

      Like “a spot of bother” to describe what an American would just call “a colossal fuckup.”

  10. Heaven is a place where there is no beer.

  11. I’m so over facebook and their cheaply disguised war on the first amendment. Bunch of feckin loons…
    I’ll be staying away from Zuckerbergs next enterprise too, whatever it turns out to be.

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