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Trump's Attack on Fleeing American Companies Is the Flip Side of His Attack on Incoming Foreigners

It makes sense if you think the government's job is to protect U.S. jobs


President Gerald Ford is credited to have said that a government that is powerful enough to give you everything you want is also

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Chine Nouvelle Sipa via Newscom

powerful enough to take away everything you've got. But what's also true is that a government that is ruthless enough to rip kids from migrants to stop them from coming and allegedly taking "U.S. jobs" is also ruthless enough from letting Americans leave to protect these jobs.

Therefore, I note in my column at The Week, this morning, it is no surprise that President Trump is threatening to tax the iconic American motorcycle manufacturer, Harley Davidson, out of existence if it moves its operations abroad to avoid becoming a casualty of his trade war.

But Trump alone is not to blame. Attacking fleeing Americans as "unpatriotic" and "traitorous" has been part and parcel, bread and butter, bricks and mortar of Democratic politicos forever.

Trump is just the most consistent synthesizer of the most draconian instincts of the left and the right.

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