Scott Pruitt

After Months of Scandals, Scott Pruitt Resigns EPA Post

President Trump announced the EPA administrator's departure in a pair of tweets.



Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has resigned from his post, President Donald Trump said on Thursday.

In pair of tweets, Trump thanked Pruitt for doing an "outstanding job" and said his deputy, Andrew Wheeler, will take over as acting administrator. "I have accepted the resignation of Scott Pruitt as the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency," Trump wrote. "Within the Agency Scott has done an outstanding job, and I will always be thankful to him for this. The Senate confirmed Deputy at EPA, Andrew Wheeler, will on Monday assume duties as the acting Administrator of the EPA. I have no doubt that Andy will continue on with our great and lasting EPA agenda. We have made tremendous progress and the future of the EPA is very bright!"

This latest Trump adminstration shakeup comes after months of scandals involving the Pruitt, a former Oklahoma attorney general. Pruitt has faced investigations for installing an expensive soundproofed telephone booth in his office, regularly traveling first class on airlines, taking a security detail on personal trips, and renting a posh D.C. condo from a Washington lobbyist at a cost far below the market rate. He justified his first-class air travel and 24/7 security guards on the grounds that the hoi polloi might say rude things to him.

CNN reported this week that Pruitt asked Trump to get rid of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and give him control of the Justice Department. Pruitt denied that report.

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  1. Hopefully Mr Wheeler will keep de-regulating and waste much less money.

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    2. Regulations always need tweaking because that is the nature of government. Not 100% efficient. However, people like you think companies are self regulating? Are you ignorant of how many companies will take the cheap way out and pollute waterways and airways if they get a chance? Instead of trying to gut the EPA, conservatives should have worked on reforming any overreaching regulations and adding regulations in areas where they are actually needed. With Pruitt, it was always catering to corporations.

      REgulations have to undergo a review every year and finetuned each time. Not just inviting corporations with influence to affect policy.

      1. Pruitts determination to behave like a typical swamp dweller aside, the EPA has decades of anti corporate/anti industrialist policies to make up for. Coming back to the middle meant addressing corporate concerns shut out from Nixon on in ham handed fashion.

        1. There may be overreaching concerns for some corporations. But give me a damn break. Just look at the pollution of water bodies by poultry farms. Overall, I have no doubt we probably have regulations that need to be pared down. But you think coal industry needs less regulation? Without EPA and OSHA, the coal industry would be getting away with a lot worse.

          1. You act like these industries are largely unregulated, when in fact, the previous president went on record saying he would literally bankrupt the coal industry. So yes, there could certainly be a massive rollback in regulations without really hurting anything.

            You sound like you just want to stick it to them.

            1. Hurting anything? So you think coal industry has been responsible with worker safety and local pollution control on their own? It’s regulations that put them somewhat in check .

              And Obama did not say he wanted to bankrupt the coal industry. He just thought that was the direction it was headed towards. Sticking up for the coal industry has NOTHING to do with libertarian principles. Those companies behave like little fiefdoms and there is not much room for individual brilliance to prosper.

      2. I’m always wary when someone says, “people like you think…” It’s been my experience that the vast majority of the time, there is a significant gulf between what they say “people like you think…” and what people like you *actually do* think. Most often, it’s because they are acting as if their side’s standing caricature of your side is actually representative of your side.

        1. Actually, it was a question – as denoted by the little “?” symbol at the end of the sentence.

      3. because of course all regulations come from benevolent unelected bureaucrats without political agenda. Don’t get too upset buddy, when your guy was in office, he was able to see thousands of regulations put in, and it would take even the most savvy of government cutters a while to dismantle that.
        In the mean time, water will flow, air will will circulate, and fat kids will fart.
        I know its just as hard for a progressive to see over the alter of big government saving us from ‘insert whatever crisis here’ as it is for a conservative to cut a tank program to keep us safe form the commies/terrorists/whoever. Its going to be fine. You can get together at Al’s mansion, eat some kale chips, and have a ‘Erin Brockovich/Inconvenient Truth’ movie marathon.

        1. I clearly said there is always going to be government overreach that needs to be pared down. There are also corrupt government actions like turning a blind eye towards some corporate abuses. I see regulatory reform going both ways on an annual review. Guys like you probably just think government overreach is so extreme that it is fine just to focus on paring down regulations (and in the case of Pruitt, regardless of relative merit). Dont feel so bad for big corporations. My problem with leftists is they dont distinguish the small business guy or the brilliant entrepreneur from the big corporations that act like mini governments. My problem with some of you guys is the same. In a practical world, a big corporation has the power of a small government in some cases. Putting a check on their abuses has little to do with facilitating free enterprise and individual brilliance of our fellow citizens.

          1. yet isn’t it ironic that in many many many many cases the big businesses sponser/support regulation? I wonder why that is? Couldn’t possibly be that, I dunno, the little guy can’t compete.

            But you’re right, 30,000 pages of regulation from one agency sure does keep down those big old corporations/mini governments in check! Good thing those small businesses can hire teams of lawyers to navigate that insanity.

            I digress though, you’re clearly for the ‘little guy’.
            So go ahead and go to your protest so you can post of facebook how you’re a champion of regulation and sticking it to the big corporate fat cats…. Virtue signalling is the best and I got like 300 likes!

            1. Making regulation overly complex does NOT mean it is good regulation. I have talked about paring down regulations, making them more common sense oriented in a couple of comments already.

              I have always said laws and regulations need to be simplified, not necessarily become toothless. Having said that, there may be a couple of scenarios where it is probably practical for a bigger company to do a project because most of the regulations are actually necessary in such a project and it is no place for the kids at the table.

              Unlike you , I don’t see regulation in itself as bad. The people who go to extreme on either side are the problem

      4. because of course all regulations come from benevolent unelected bureaucrats without political agenda. Don’t get too upset buddy, when your guy was in office, he was able to see thousands of regulations put in, and it would take even the most savvy of government cutters a while to dismantle that.
        In the mean time, water will flow, air will will circulate, and fat kids will fart.
        I know its just as hard for a progressive to see over the alter of big government saving us from ‘insert whatever crisis here’ as it is for a conservative to cut a tank program to keep us safe form the commies/terrorists/whoever. Its going to be fine. You can get together at Al’s mansion, eat some kale chips, and have a ‘Erin Brockovich/Inconvenient Truth’ movie marathon.

      5. Regulatory agencies give corporations the single handle they need to control to do whatever they want.

        Consumer choice in giving their business to a corporation is far less controllable than a government agency, and therefore much better at regulating a business.

        A case in point. Wetlands regulation in our area has some sort of wetlands replacement ratio – for the sake of argument, it’s something like needing to replace a wetland that you are going to destroy with a new wetland that is 150% bigger.

        The small company I work for, which has a long history of keeping most of our land wild and untouched, wanted to expand into an area that fronted on a wetland – we did not plan on encroaching on the wetland. The EPA brought up endless little minutia that kept us from expanding for 8 years. I mention this to show that we have a very active EPA presence in our area.

        On the other side of the extensive wetland, Target decided to move in despite fervent objections of the residences. No one thought they’d be able to develop because there was only a fringe of non-wetland on the property they purchased. Didn’t matter – they created a hole about 600 feet by 80 feet by some ungodly depth, declared that an equivalent wetland in the correct ratio, and proceeded to fill and kill the rest of the wetland.

        Well connected and well represented corporations love the EPA. It guarantees they can do anything they want.

        1. And thta is the kind of stuff that needs to be reviewed and revised . I have no problem with such reviews to make it work from a common sense perspective.

          Sure once you reached a certain level where corporations are already used to the existing regulations because they have already sunk costs into compliance, they will be fine with using that to their advantage. The solution is to make the regulations better not just remove a bunch of regulations with top priority to benefit companies friendly wth the EPA leaders.

          What Pruitt engaged in wsa helping the corporations that were well connected first. It’s not like he reviewed all the regulatoins and went after the worst one first.

    3. So in the name of libertarianism, you think coal industry brilliance is being curtailed by regulations? You think coal industry doesnt deserve to be regulated. Wheeler will kotow to the coal industry even more effectively than Pruitt who was more concerned with his greedy desires.

      1. More hyperbole. You’re a progressive, aren’t you? Sorry, this administration isn’t waging a war on the coal industry. Now the industry can get back to developing clean coal technology without progressive regulation on it’s back.


        1. I lean progressive socially. Fiscally, I am all over the place. I am for periodic reviews of bureaucratic policies. I believe big organizations(private and public) err on the side of too much policy and that needs to be reduced. I am for school choice. I am for anything that helps individuality. I wasnt a fan of Obamacare. I dont think either side has a good handle on healthcare reform. My idea of libertarianism doesnt extend to helping big companies that rely on rigging the game in their favor. I worked in big companies and just view them as mini governments.

          If I sound like a raging leftist it is the pushback on the environmental issue. Other than public shaming on a big issue, there is nothing stopping a company from polluting the environment if it means they can save themselves a few dollars. That’s why we need an EPA. It does not mean I support every policy the old EPA enacted. But I dont agree with the cronyism that Pruitt favored. And with the new guy Wheeler, I am no fan of the ownership of many coal companies. and unlike many of you, I dont believe the coal industry is overregulated. Maybe there are a couple of policies that need to be pared down with respect to the coal industry. At the same time, I am sure the left can point out a few areas where the coal industry doesnt have enough checks.

      2. Looten Plunder is a-comin’ fer us!

        Fuck yourself with a rake you jizz mop.

  2. Damn, I sure was hoping Rico would be doing the story on Pruitt – I wanted to hear the “to be sure”s on Pruitt’s antagonistic (dare I say, “libertarianish”?) approach to the EPA’s regulatory state uber alles attitude. Pruitt might have been one of the most corrupt, self-dealing, lying shitweasels in DC since the Harding administration, but the EPA pretty much defines the category.

    1. His replacement needs to work on firing all those Obama era appointees who were hastily converted to GS workers after The Hag lost.

  3. After Months of Scandals, Scott Pruitt Resigns

    Well, he came in like a Warrior, but he was gone in the The Beat of a Heart. But you know what they say – Win Some, Lose Some, and he had his Hands Tied. Now he’s saying Goodbye To You.

    1. I accepting his resignation, Trump said, “Say What You Will, but Maybe We Went Too Far”.

  4. Pruitt has faced investigations for installing an expensive soundproofed telephone booth in his office

    How is installing a cone of silence a scandal? Sometimes 86 wants to have a damned conversation without 99 listening in.

    1. Laughed at this but was quickly reminded how old I am and got sad. Thanks for ruining my evening,

      1. If you need something like that to remind you of your age, your memory’s going. So you’ll forget about it by tomorrow anyway.

    2. It’s not smart to use the cone of silence to call your lawyer in Tulsa and the Houston Oil Club.

      1. That’s what burner-phones are for according to Hillary.

      2. Shoe phone would work best.

        Cone of silence was not professor Cone’s best invention.

  5. You know, I’m thinking about this word ‘scandal’ and how fungible it is. I remember a certain EPA scandal where, if I recall correctly, no one resigned and I don’t think anyone even referred to it as a scandal.

    1. Shit, during a town hall on said “scandal”, the director of the EPA didn’t even show up. A lower level regional director was sent. That’s some serious realpolitik right there.

  6. At first, I was really leaning towards accepting a narrative that the media was kicking the shit out of him unfairly because the EPA was even closer to their leftist hearts than the Dept. of Ed. But Pruitt, for all the good directions he was steering the EPA in, really does now appear to be a douche.

    1. The two are not incompatable

      1. Absolutely. It’s clear that the media was praying to find dirt. Pruitt was simply incompetent enough that he created plenty of dirt for them.

        I know they’d LOVE to get rid of DeVos. But she so far seems to have understood how to be an appropriate cabinet member.

        1. Being already wealthy, she’s not tempted by minor indulgences, I suspect. If she wants to fly first class, she just pays for the ticket herself.

        2. Devos is a fucking idiot. If Trump wanted true reform, he would have hired someone who is not a wingnut who doesnt agree with the inflexible left on education. We need education alternatives and I agree TitleIX is a joke. Devos may have the right answers to two of those big issues but she is a joke. There are many people on both sides of the ideological spectrum who have no use for the state of public school education the way it is and many of us who are not right wing stepford wives actually have a real poroblem with the teachers union leadership.

          1. Principals not principles?

          2. “Maybe if I call her enough names no one will notice that I have no argument”

            Kill yourself.

            1. But his name-calling was rightthink name-calling! Unperson the out group!

            2. I call her enough names because she lacks the intellectual heft to come up with a good alternative. There are many smart people in our country who are advocating for education alternatives. I have seen her in interviews and she looks like a moron when trying to answer questions . Sure the questions have a bias but she has been lobbying for alternatives for how many years now?? And she is not ready with answers to the gotcha questions?

              She has failed to put enough priority on charter school oversight even if she throws a few token words in favor of charter schools not getting too comfortable. I personally want to see the public school system revamped totally which includes a lot more flexible collection of alternatives to the staid neighborhood public school. Which means I want a smart leader who can sell enough of the public on that. not a rich dunce like Devos who looks confused at questions from journalists that she shoudl have expected. SOme of her talking points are on the mark, but I just dont see a follow through from her that works well enough to sell her policies to more people. And she certainly did no favors with her religious crap in the past.

              I say this as someone who thinks Randi Weingartner is a first class bitch who is an enemy to innovation in educaiton.

  7. The last head of the EPA oversaw the poisoning of the Flynt water supply and the poisoning of the Colorado river The latter was the result of his agency’s actions not just negligence. Pruitt got a security detail and had a classified phone put in his office. But Reason tells us its Pryor who was the one who was scandal plagued.

    1. There’s a big difference between an organizational fuck-up which the head should take responsibility for vs. the head directly being a fuck-up.

      1. There is a big difference between the head of the organization taking a few perks and the organization poisoning rivers. And the former head took no responsibility for it.

        1. and since people are literally harassing officials a security detail is a needed expense

          1. Fuck that! That is still not a valid reason for a security detail. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

            1. I’ll admot, I would much prefer to read that one of Trump’s people,faced with impending assault, had pulled a gun and shot the self-rightious little pinko.

        2. Not to mention the thousand dollar ink pens and the first class flights and the biometric lights and the mattress bullshit.

          I worked for more than 30 years to pay for those “perks” and my kids are working now to pay for them. What you call “perks” I called “money pissed away”. Fuck that guy.

          1. I worked for more than 30 years to pay for those “perks” and my kids are working now to pay for them.

            How many years of that were in the top 20% income bracket? Because any year outside that income bracket and you weren’t paying shit.

            1. “How many years of that were in the top 20% income bracket? Because any year outside that income bracket and you weren’t paying shit”

              Well, for the last 21 of those years I was an officer at three different publicly traded energy companies. So at least that long. And probably a few years before that. The last decade of my career I probably averaged about $300,000 per year in federal income tax paid. So, yeah, I paid the shit out of taxes, thank you for asking.

              So, like John, you’re one of those people that don’t want the government wasting money unless they are rightthinkers, and then it’s ok?

            2. Are you suggesting that an individual that makes less than $75,000 pays ‘shit’ in taxes?

              You have never filed taxes, have you?

            3. Hmm.

              I’m not in the top 20 percent abd I certainly pay shit in taxes when considered as an absolute amount – but I’m still a net taxpayer even at this low bracket.

            4. I’m barely in the top 20% but I got a good accountant so half the shit I paid was corn kernels. Maybe enough to build half of that Corn of Silence

        3. Both you and Pruitt claim to be legal professionals. You should understand that simply because you have the capability of making an expenditure does not necessarily make it legal for you to do so.

          In the private sector, this would be called embezzlement if not properly authorized, and some of it would probably be taxable to the employee regardless (i.e., 1st class upgrades). Descibing it as “taking a few perks”, is apologetic bullshit. Take it from an accounting professional.

        4. So the solution is to actually make the EPA less effective instead of more effective to deal with Flint like crises? What happened with Flint was bureaucratic inertia and there is need for real reform in all parts of government on that. But the main problem wasa still with the state of Michigan, not the EPA even if the EPA should have done better in providing oversight.

          1. Bureaucratic inertia also dumped toxic waste into the Colorado river. There’s never anything wrong with the agency we just need the right man in charge.

    2. I think you’ve got a better case on the Colorado river, than poisoning the Flynt water supply. The Flynt water department handled that one, “all” the EPA did was dither about telling people in Flynt about it. The river the EPA poisoned themselves.

      1. Um, it’s Flint, people, not Flynt. One is a shadow of Detroit, one is a ‘pornographer.’

        1. I should know that, originally a Michigan native. But I’ve been gone from the state 10 years, I doubted my memory and just went with the flow.

  8. He justified his first-class air travel and 24/7 security guards on the grounds that the hoi polloi might say rude things to him.

    Those rude things were actual death threats but Reason keeps wanting be woke. You can be critical of Scott Pruitt without being an asshole cloaked in the veil of “righteous indignation”.

    1. Pruit also did more to get the government’s boot off of people’s faces than any EPA administrator in history. But all of the staff’s leftist friends hate him and that is what really matters

      1. People’s faces or his favorite corporations?

    2. Pryor has tons of death threats. He needed security. But reason actually believes only the right is violent and the left is always well meaning

      1. Reason has actually put many articles on the intolerant left on college campuses including artices on the Berkley riots. But a freeper like you only remembers the times reason goes after the right.

    3. A whole whopping zero according to FOIA documents.

      1. Your link says 14.

        The inspector general did confirm that there have been investigations into 14 threats to Pruitt, but only one person had been arrested.

        1. 14? with one arrest?

          for the head of a government agency? and that justifies a pretty darn large security detail? This ain’t a couple of plainclothes we’re talking about here.

    4. FOIA request on the “death threats ” came back empty.

      But look, you could hire any of 10,000 true believers who could do what he did but with none of the baggage. Trump had to go hire the most comically corrupt one in the whole damn country. Good riddance.

    5. Oh dont be a fool. Even I have gotten death threats on the internet for some of my past postings in the 90s usenet era. Guess what. it’s the damn internet. A mere death threat is not grounds for all that security. It should be a credible threat. And the reason they gave for putting him in first class makes no sense at all. LIke one of the rich hllywood guys who hate him dont travel first class????I think you betray your freeper credentials when you actually give justification to this crap.

      1. The prior EPA head who also travelled first class had the special “I want to chock on his cock” exemption from you I suppose.

  9. Every time I spill 20% of my gas while trying fill my lawnmower with an EPA approved gas can, I wonder how those retards can stand behind such a shit design in an otherwise first-world nation.

    1. It’s a covert subsidy for Big Oil.

      The sad part is I only think I’m joking…

    2. I wonder how those retards can stand behind such a shit design in an otherwise first-world nation.

      Bureaucracy and statism are defining features of civilized, first world nations.

  10. Scandals?
    Baloney.This makes true the old dictum that if a lie is repeated enough times, it becomes the truth.

  11. The Swamp Things win a round .

  12. Are there any libertarians on this board?

    1. Shecky Dullmia is one, I’ve heard. Probably busy interviewing future rocket scientists near the border.

    2. Some of you believe libertarianism is no holds barred whatever. Some people and I happen to believe in a libertarianism that lets the individual thrive in a free society with minimal hurdles. Pruitt is a crony capitalist who likes to reward his corporate friends who in general are not a friend of individual brilliance once a corporation gets to a certain size and becomes a mini government in itself.

      1. Your collective posts sound pretty lefty to me.

        1. I am for school choice. I am not for Obamacare. I think unions had a purpose back in the early 20th century but am fine with curbing the many excesses of unions. I am in favor of regulation reform(not to be confused with just throwing out a bunch of regulations that benefit my friends). . I have progressive ideas I support. But funny how being evenhanded makes you get painted as a lefty.

          I live in Georgia a red state. They got this dumbass emissions thing where if a car is merely 3 years old, you gotta get emissions checked for the annual tag. How many cars even fail emissions after 3 years? I dont know which party enacted this law. But the republicans had every opportunity to get rid of it. Also, I live in Sandy Springs and it is hilarious to see the same people who bash the EPA are the same people who whine about billboards being visual pollution or worry about someone’s lawn height. Or moral pollution where they try to drive out all the strip clubs in the area. So you got these red state hypocrites who rail agiants the EPA but spent a lot of time being anti business locally where they put hurdles for businesses advertising on billboards, the kind of signs they can put up, or even the type of businesses they can operate.

        2. Also i am banned on dailykos. I frequently used non PC language there. I thought I could reach out to my liberal friends on some common ground issues and seek out those moderates . we actually succeeded in getting pushback on school choice issues and a lot of my diaries there attacked party leaders on both sides. I was painted as a troll that was acting liberal by some. I was accepted as is by others. That’s the problem when you dont’ fit in one niche. I would classify myself as learning more progressive with a lot of libertarian tendencies when it comes to the individual or even groups that lack the influence to rig the system in their favor. I am in favor of whatever leads to excellence being rewarded. And I think it’s just good policy to mitigate a little bit of that to help out the losers and/or unlucky people in society just to avoid hopelessness to span generations in certain segments.

          I come to reason for common sense discussions first, libertarianism is secondary to me though I respect quite a few ideas here too. But I would hardly call myself a lefty.

    3. Are there any Libertarians writing articles….

    4. Nope just you Mikey.

  13. Clearly it was that teacher publicly berating him that lead to this outcome.

  14. Well, look at the bright side.

    You won’t have angry ladies with bad tattoos hassling you while eating a cheeseburger.

    1. That’s what you think. According to Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post, anyone who worked for Trump should face a life sentence of harassment and public scorn. All it takes is another moron sharing an Occupy Democrats meme about him and the nightmare begins anew.

      1. One of those harassers is going to confront the wrong person in the wrong way at the wrong time. It will end poorly for them.

        Sometimes when you grab the bull by the tail, you get the horns instead.

  15. Another one bites the dust

  16. Scott Pruitt attempted to tamper with an election by deliberately misrepresenting a proposed law on a ballot. His attempted fraud delayed the vote on Oklahoma’s marijuana law by a year and a half.

  17. ” taking a security detail on personal trips”

    After the last few days, I’m having trouble considering that particular act abusive.

    1. That particular act *isn’t* abusive, unless one thinks that someone bent on political violence is going to ask, “Is this a personal trip or an official trip?” before they attack.

  18. Pruitt was the Environmentalist Crowd’s nightmare; now, he needs to be replaced with their Worst Nightmare –
    whoever that might be.

    1. John Bolton?

      I’m down.

  19. He could have done more to have avoided controversy. We can safely assume that the MSM would have been after his head if he was the most ethical, efficient appointee you could find…simply because of his politics. Nevertheless, for one of the better Trump picks, he seemed to have a screw loose.

    1. Um yeah he wanted millions of our hard earned dollars on BS so I won’t be shedding many tears

  20. Kristin Mink must be so proud of herself!

  21. I guess Jesus isn’t as tough as some people think.

    1. I fear you stand to find out one day.

      1. Why should you fear for the Rev to face Jesus? Do you think he’s a bad person likely to be judged as deserving of eternal fire and torment? (How bad does one have to be to deserve an eternity of torment and suffering anyway?) Or are you one who adheres to standard Christian dogma that belief is necessary for salvation? I seriously question the goodness of any god that would require such belief in order to avoid the aforementioned eternity of torment and suffering.

        1. But if that God turns out to be who he claims to be, however seriously you question anything may well be the single most moot observation in the universe.

          1. “But if that God turns out to be who he claims to be…”

            Let’s be clear that it is people that are making claims about who God is. If He was unambiguously speaking for Himself, then there wouldn’t be any reason to question His nature or even existence, right? So, it is people that are claiming God requires belief and worship, and my questioning of the nature of this God that people talk about is hardly moot.

            Since you didn’t answer my questions to you, I suppose I’m left to draw my own conclusions and take it to be most likely that you really do believe that belief is required to avoid Hell. How sad it is to buy into the most obvious carrot and stick combination religions use to acquire and hold onto adherents.

            1. Faith, plus nothing, as it was with Abram. Oh, and he wrote a book about just that. Don’t buy it? Fine, but he gave you the free will to take that option. For that alone you might doff your cap

    2. Jesus expended one of his twelve regenerations for your sins.

      1. Now this wins the internet for the day.

  22. Screw this bozo he acted like a monarch and pissed away taxpayers money like it was going out of style

  23. If only we canned all those in politics and public service that abuse the spending and treat it as their personal piggy bank to raid. None of them are essential, all can be replaced. As I drive around Washington DC and see the monuments to Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln they have all been replaced. These peons filled with their self importance are of no real consequence.

  24. His resignation letter was fucking insane. I can’t believe no one here has mentioned it. That shit alone should prohibit him from doing any other job.

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