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U.K. Mayor Dons Sombrero 'in Solidarity With Mexicans,' Bans Trump From City

Lord Mayor Magid Magid wants Trump, whom he called a "spurting cesspit of hate," to stay away from Sheffield, England.


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The mayor of Sheffield, England, has "banned" Donald Trump from his city ahead of the president's visit to the United Kingdom next week.

Sheffield Lord Mayor Magid Magid, who at 28 is the youngest mayor in the city's history, announced the ban while chairing a city council meeting on Wednesday. At the meeting, Magid sported a T-shirt declaring Trump a "wasteman" and a sombrero, which he told the London Independent he wore to show "solidarity with Mexicans, other Latinas and all people suffering at the hands of the Trump regime."

Magid told the world about the ban on Twitter. "I Magid Magid, Lord Mayor & first citizen of this city hereby declare that not only is Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) a WASTEMAN, but he is also henceforth banned from the great city of Sheffield!" he wrote before declaring July 13, the date Trump is set to arrive in the U.K., to be "Mexico Solidarity Day."

Magid's attempt to ban Trump from Sheffield is symbolic. As CBS News noted, there's no reason to believe Trump will stop in Sheffield during his U.K. visit. And even if Trump wants to see the city, Magid doesn't actually have the power to ban him, Sheffield's city council told the BBC. Still, Magid felt he needed to speak out against Trump, who he told The Independent is a "spurting cesspit of hate, stoking divisions between communities while scapegoating minorities."

"We need to be honest, bold and courageous in our viewpoints," Magid told the BBC. "As a world leader he has a lot of weight and we have to fight that hate."

In a Twitter post on Wednesday, Magid listed several reasons he considers Trump a "wasteman." He took issue with Trump's ban on travelers from several Muslim-majority countries as well as his decisions to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate accord, move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, enforce the "imprisonment of children at borders," and defend "the violence and actions of White Supremacists."

Magid, a Somali immigrant who came to the U.K. at the age of 5, is not the only critic planning to protest Trump's visit to the country. Tens of thousands of people are expected to demonstrate against Trump's policies in London next week, according to CBS. On Twitter, Magid encouraged people to participate in those demonstrations and support organizations "combating Trump and his politics."

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  1. This. Is. AWESOME!!!!!!!


    1. Really? Who, other than you and your prog buddies, gives a flying fuck what the mayor of a third-tier UK city thinks about Trump?

      1. Nick, it shouldn’t STILL need to be pointed out, but OBL is a spoof. A really, really obvious one.

        1. But Citizen, how can he be a parody if he’s merely espousing the popular opinions held by the writers and editors?

          1. Hint: you are also a parody

          2. That seems to be begging some kind of question.

            1. I’d say it’s because of the name. The name signals the parody, and the link to one of Shikha’s least popular articles drives it home. It’s like that “lulz farmer” guy who only comes on to post racist opinions. They’re both obvious trolls; the difference is that OBL is really good at what they (I believe that’s OBL’s preferred pronoun) do.

        2. Yes, he’s a spoof, but you believe pretty much everything he says in his ridiculous, parodic posts.

          That means he’s spoofing you, you stupid fuck.

  2. LOL… behold your future, UK voters. You asked for it.

    1. It seems to be their present.

      1. So much cultural enrichment!

      2. 1 is their present. More is the future.

  3. Cultural appropriation!

    1. I really like those shoes. They look like Docs.

      1. His shoe game is on point, but pretending that he thinks there’s any overlap between his constituency and Trump’s is a particularly dumb way to virtue-signal.

        1. His shoe game is on point

          and the calculator watch?

          1. Super convenient, bruh.

    2. I was about to make this comment but you beat me to it lol

    3. Yeah, check the playbook before piling on.

  4. Who gives a shit?

    1. Medicos.
      TDS has now leapt national borders.

    2. It does look like that’s what he’s about to do.

  5. I’ll bet you Donald Trump isn’t sitting around wearing Magid t-shirts.

  6. Looking at that pic, I don’t think Trump’s combover is going to make it through his first term. At least, not in any respectable form.

  7. “Teenage WASTEMAN, it’s only teenage WASTEMAN…. We’re all WASTEMEN!”

    1. “It’s a beautiful world for you, for you. It’s a beautiful world.”

    2. It’s always fun till the whammy bar goes through your hand

  8. So, if Donald, Jared, Eric, Melania, and Barron show up in Sheffield who gets to stay and why?

  9. Sounds like Magid may have been hitting the Khat a little early today.

    1. Ha!

      Or perhaps attention seeking. It’s pretty obvious by now that if you want media time, say something about Trump and Trump will have you in the news cycle.

      1. You can’t out-troll a troll, but you can get your 15 minutes by simply trying!

        1. “Not classy UK Mayor who can’t even afford another name attacks me, very unfair. Sad!”

        2. So you think observing that the media will pick up Trump’s tweets about you after you say something about him is trolling? Perhaps you don’t think this guy is attention seeking by tweeting this?

        3. btw, I do say it in jest, but it’s not far from true.

  10. #SoBrave

  11. Why am I so irritated by “Lord Mayor” being the title.

    1. Because the Middle Ages ended a long time ago?

      1. Not to worry. The left and right are both working furiously to bring the dark ages back.

        1. If only our taxes would return to the low medieval levels.


  13. Wouldn’t donning a sombrero be a racist act?

    1. That’s only if you’re white.

      1. And only on Cinco de Mayo. Which will become harder to figure out once Europe returns to the lunar calendar.

      2. Your name is so horrible it made me laugh. Well played.

  14. Sheffield Lord Mayor Magid Magid, who at 28 is the youngest mayor in the city’s history, announced the ban while chairing a city council meeting on Wednesday.

    So he wants to block certain foreigners from entering his city because he doesn’t like the effect they have on the culture?

    1. Would it be impudent to point out that Rotherham is 5 miles away from Sheffield?

      1. I heard that’s a great place to meet chicks.

    2. Isnt’ that sort of Trump-liek?

    3. So he wants to block certain foreigners from entering his city because he doesn’t like the effect they have on the culture?


  15. Is he going to separate the president from Barron at the border?

    1. Do you think Melania would care?

  16. On his second bullet point he neglected to add “while the other signatory countries were bravely declining to meet their commitments”.

    I mean, I guess there’s a technical difference between what Trump did and what the other countries did, but damned if I can see any practical difference.

    1. On his third bullet point, it seem he is interfering with US foreign policy. Well, I guess that would assume someone thinking a foreigner with connections to government posting in favor or against on social media is interfering.

  17. I knew Sheffield was a leftist hellhole, but Jesus Christ on a crutch! The fact that socialists would rather trust the words of this Green Party (you’re shocked, right?) assclown and take him seriously enough to elect him shows you where Europe is going.

    And the comrades within our own borders look upon them in envy…

    Western civilization could very well be doomed. The Lord Mayor Gangrenous Taint is a big nail in that coffin.

  18. We’ve got a few million Mexican illegal aliens in our country.

    How many of them does he want?

  19. Well that’s not an image I was expecting to see.

  20. The Lord Magid looks amazingly relater to this guy …

  21. Holy crap.

  22. Is there some domestic problem in Sheffield he’s trying to distract attention from?

  23. “. . . other latinas . . . ”

    so the latinos can go fuck themselves? or do you not know how romance languages do multi-gender plurals?

    1. “The videos I watch only have latinas in them.”

  24. There’s so much about this pic that’s hilarious. If you had said 10 years ago that the mayor of Sheffield would be a Somalian refugee trying to make a name for himself by doing a Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho impression and unironically wearing a sombrero and a University of Miami-style turnover chain, while squatting on top of a table like a chimpanzee, people would have called you a lunatic and a racist.

  25. A city actually elected a character from Idiocracy who wasn’t one of the two people of average intelligence?

    1. For those unfamiliar with the film: every other character was of below average intelligence

  26. Newsflash for Magid Magid (the Lord Mayor so nice, they named him twice?): when your government is $21 trillion in debt, everyone in government, of every stripe, is a wasteman!

    1. “Wasteman”,..He keeps using that a word. I don’t think it means what a he thinks it means…. 🙂

  27. Wow, how original. Another liberal “Oh look at ME everyone (“everyone being; every liberal in his echo chamber). I’m bashing Trump because I’m just so outraged.” Evidently he must feel like he’s not getting enough attention in his little village, so he’s chosen to throw a feigned fit, as it were. Let’s all hope he got the attention and liberal love he needed. What he really needs to do is grow up and act like an adult – he’s a Lord Mayor for gods sake.

  28. Btw, why isn’t this moroon being called out for being a racist for derogatorily stereotyping the Mexican / Black culture by wearing a sombrero and neck bling while squatting like a monkey in the forest? How does HE get a pass? Oh ya, because he’s part of the liberal ‘I care more than you do – so I’m allowed to use stereotype props to convey my sympathy for people I’ve never met or even paid any attention to until it was politically advantageous’….so there.

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