Rep. Justin Amash Calls Out House Republicans for Passing 'Massively Wasteful' $675 Billion Defense Bill

Amash was one of just three House Republicans to vote against the spending bill.


Jeff Malet Photography/Newscom

Rep. Justin Amash (R–Mich.), one of just three House Republicans to vote against a Department of Defense appropriations bill on Thursday, called out his party for overwhelmingly supporting the wasteful legislation.

The $675 billion spending bill easily passed in the House of Representatives by a 359–49 vote. Aside from Amash, Reps. Thomas Massie (R–Ky.) and Ken Buck (R–Colo.) were the only Republicans to vote no.

Despite the fact that Republicans—who do indulge in small government rhetoric from time to time—control both houses of Congress and the presidency, government spending has only gone up, Amash noted in a Twitter post on Friday. This will always happen, he said, when "all of government" is controlled by one political party.

"Whenever one party controls all of government, spending goes up like crazy. This Congress is no exception," Amash wrote. "Yesterday, I was one of only three House Republicans to oppose the massively wasteful DoD appropriations bill—one of the most bloated bills ever."

Ever since he became a member of Congress in 2011, Amash has made it clear he won't stand for wasteful government spending. In March, after his congressional colleagues passed a 2,300-page omnibus bill, he called the legislation "one of the worst—and most costly—pieces of legislation ever to become law."

"That's why I voted no," Amash tweeted at the time.

Amash has never shied away from criticizing both Republicans and Democrats for not being fiscally responsible. "There is such a level of stupidity right now in the way we spend money," he said in April.

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  1. Amash might not care whether America is invaded by ISIS, but I for one support our HEROES in uniform.

    1. So hard to tell in today’s climate whether this is meant earnestly or just snarky sarcasm…

      1. Don’t kid yourself. The ISIS invasion force is on the way.

        “Achmed. Paddle faster!”

        1. “Achmed. Paddle faster!”
          Woah, man, that’s pretty rude. They have motor boats these days. Not only that, I heard they’ll motor boat innocent Americans once they get here!

          1. They would be here already if it wasn’t for that idiot Achmed. Gave him the spare fuel tanks and told him to fill up. Now the boat is drifting off the coast of Madagascar. It is out of diesel but the are four 100 gallon tanks of hummus in the hold.

        2. ISIS Space Force is just over the horizon.

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  2. Busting the budget to pwn the libs!

    1. W I N N I N G

  3. Priorities, man, you gotta pick your battles. Sure, deficits matter, but not when you’ve got things like NFL players mocking our most sacred traditions by refusing to kneel before the flag. Or kneeling before the flag, maybe. Standing in front of the fire exit? Sitting on a park bench? One of those things. But whatever it is, it’s important, dammit!

    1. They were literally kneeling on the corpses of our veterans!!!!!

      1. Is this you being sarcastic, or did it actually happen in the weird-ass alt-universe you come from?

        1. The whole NFL controversy didn’t happen because (A) Trump wasn’t in Office, (B) The Libertarian Moment happened?, and (C) the Sea People invaded.
          If you’re asking about sexually kneeling on corpses, then yes, necrophilia flourished in my dimension. Even primitive forms of techno-necromancy have even been achieved, and it’s great. You want to fuck a zombie? It’s possible, baby.

          1. Who were the Sea People? Were they people of the sea? Were they C-students who became pirates? Were there even Sea People at all?

            1. First, URL shortening services are shit.

              The line between science fiction and science fact is microscopically thin! You have witnessed the line being shaved even thinner! But is the menace with us? Or is the monster gone?

              These questions haunted many people after we nearly destroyed most of the Sea People.

              Who were the Sea People?
              Intelligent fish with arms that fought humanity with mechs because we as a species were deemed dangerous after our miraculous growth following the The Libertarian Moment? occured.

            2. Atlantis attacked under the leadership of Prince Namor?

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              1. Yeah, all the vore was the worst part of that game. I don’t remember if it had foot-fag shit in it, but they’re the only one’s worse. You come into threads and ruin shit. Everyone’s having a good time and then suddenly you get someone drawing a picture in crayon, where some random chick has a disenteded stomach and is farting and gurgling and shit.


                1. I’m sorry you can’t appreciate high-tier sexual expression, BUCS. I’m also sorry that you got bullied by gurofags. But you have to understand that us patricians must shine light upon the path in which you plebeians should walk.
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                  Anyway, ur a fgt.

          3. We had Sea People also. Some became Jews, some became Arabs, some became who knows. Google it people it’s a real thing.

  4. If Justin Amash ever leaves Congress, I’m totally going to cancel my service (man, wouldn’t that be awesome — ‘cord cutting’ for government?)

    1. That would be awesome. And I don’t think it could be outside the realm of possibility. Imagine if we could choose our own government to live under.

      1. Well, to some extent you can. It’s just that all of your options suck.

        1. And a few hundred million idiots get to drown out your pick.

        2. No, I mean in the same sense as choosing one’s cell phone service provider.


            1. Or as they call it in your dimension, nad neuterality.

            2. I would prefer net chaotic good.

            3. It was restored, remember?
              The net was neutral from its inception, then the feds started regulating it for a few years.
              Now it is back.

          2. That’s the dream.

            I’d settle for some minor competition between the services they do force fuck down our throats.

          3. Have you not noticed that all cell phone providers kind of suck?

      2. Maybe instead of celebrating or howling about libertarianism (or lack thereof) from DC, maybe you should be pushing for greater federalism instead?

  5. I only know a little about Amash, my understanding is he’s Libertarian-ish, but I suspect if congress entertained the cuts that he dreamed of, he’d be called “literal hitler”.

    1. Amash and Massie send a thrill up my leg. Dont know anything about Buck, but I like the crowd he hangs with.

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    1. Oh shit. Someone else selling Ys on people.

      I was hype on 8 when it came out but not a single shit was given by anyone here. If these similarities keep up I fear I’m going to soon learn I’m some sort of Tony derivative as well.

      1. Well, it didn’t help that NIS spewed bloody diarrhea with their release. Fuck, I think even the PC version was botched despite the delays.

        If these similarities keep up I fear I’m going to soon learn I’m some sort of Tony derivative as well.
        We’re all Tonies who are in turn Tulpa.

        1. Yeah, no idea why suddenly NIS got the series after XSeed had been doing a solid job with it so long.

          1. Because NIS supposedly promised to ship out the English version faster. The best thing NIS did was release a patch giving us the Japanese voices; something I like a lot, and something XSeed is shit on.

      2. Since you are from Arizona, you can be Sand Tony.

        1. Since it’s BUCS, he should be NICE Tony.

    1. No way. Gotta be fake news.

    2. “We are not demanding that anyone stop reading Wilder’s books, talking about them, or making them available to children.”

      Because it’s not within your power?

      Progressivism is a religion

      1. sorry the quote is from a related article

  7. Holy crap…. we’ve jumped by a quarter trillion in, how long? And that’s not counting any off-budget war stuff.

    What the hell are they buying with all that? Obama “destroyed” defense spending by taking it down below a half trillion. And now we are back up to the peak under Obama? Good lord!

    The navy is building a dozen new ballistic missile submarines. That whole program isn’t supposed to cost more than $130 billion or so over a couple of decades. The “amazing” joint strike fighter is supposed to cost about the amount of the increase – only that’s also over 20 years. And everyone says that program is a bloated pork-fest of over-priced spending.

    WTF people?

    1. Vote buying, Team Red style

    2. Yeah, but we’re pwning teh libtards with l33t i-th chess.
      In all seriousness, it’s disgusting. You try to cut the military (Which is a different kind of welface at this point.) or any social program, and the people start screeching until not only is the cut reversed, but more money is thrown at it.

      1. Look. We’re all going to die.

        1. Yeah, but I’d rather go down with a crushed pelvis and a vanilla coke in hand.

          1. Vanilla coke? You are from an alternate universe.

            1. I don’t really like vanilla coke. It smells awesome though.

            2. Yeah, what a fun dimension. All we have here is regular cocaine.

          2. True fact: I can crush a vanilla coke can with only my pelvis.

            1. I seriously doubt that. I bet you have to use some muscles as well.

              1. My pelvis is my biggest muscle. You should see me twerk.

                1. I feel confident that as with all other mammals, your pelvis is in fact a bone.

    3. I may be partisan on this issue, but I think our ground forces should be largely dismantled into a mostly National Guard, call them up in times of emergency, type of service and the money saved from ground forces should be pushed into the Navy and Air Force. We have two gigantic oceans and I just do not see the need for a big Army to secure our borders.

      They also need review boards to fire a lot of the worthless shit that exists in the military. Lots of garbage that gets hired that can never be dumped.

      1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahaha.
        There are 195 countries on this planet; the United States has troops in 177 of them.

        1. So there are 18 shitholes that not even our troops will dare step foot in.

      2. Problem is, every time anyone suggests anything other than giving the military more money, Team Red screams GUTTING THE MILITARY and LETTING THE TERRORISTS WIN. And Team Blue is either right there with them, or they are too scared to defy Team Red on their bullshit rhetoric. The military is yet another untouchable Third Rail of American politics.

        1. Problem is Team Yellow can’t do honest math because fighter jetz.

        2. *shrug* yeah it is pretty dumb.

  8. So, did you guys hear ninjas are finally allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia?

    1. Thank YHWH

    2. F’g Communism!

    3. Funny….but ninjas would never pass an Arabic driving test. Horn-honking is required before and after any driving maneuver

  9. Why does Amish hate “teh Children” .

  10. A link obtained from Volokh Conspiracy’s roundup of recent of federal court decisions.

    Their protestations aren’t just wishful thinking. Since 9/11, the FBI has aggressively used confidential informants like Skaik to push confused wannabes like Suarez over the edge just to score easy points in the endless War on Terror, critics say. A disproportionate number of those cases have happened in the Sunshine State: Since the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon 16 years ago, the Department of Justice has charged 67 Floridians with terrorism-related crimes, more than any other state but New York.
    “The question is whether we’re using counterterrorism to actually identify terrorists,” says Michael German, a national security scholar and former undercover FBI agent, “or trying to find gullible young people to coax into a manufactured plot for the purposes of scoring a win.”

    1. I don’t really know what to think about this – these are people who, after talking to the government agent, agree to go into a crowded place wearing what they think is a massive suicide bomb which they believe will get set off and kill lots of people. Instead the bomb’s a dud and they get arrested.

      They seem a bit too willing to go along with what the federal operative suggests they do, even if they think it means committing mass slaughter.

      If the FBI didn’t get to them first, would they get recruited by a bona fide terrorist group?

      Or are they just stupid Florida-man types who talk about jihad but wouldn’t have done anything about it if their own government hadn’t prompted them?

      1. I have no way of knowing the breakdown of these particular people, but generally when these stories are fully reported, it turns out the guy is barely mentally competent, usually with an IQ around 80.

        1. And moved to FL from NY.

  11. While not wrong, at the same time, defense is one of the actual things government is for.

    1. It’s a useful distraction from having to talk about the one area that mathematically must be cut. But only 6 more months until it’s time for the annual(ish) piece on cutting entitlements (but only because it’s stealing feom the yoing to give to the old and a UBI would be more efficient).

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