Mass Shootings

At Least 5 Dead in 'Targeted Attack' on Annapolis Newsroom

A suspect has been taken into custody, police said.



Authorities responded Thursday afternoon to reports of a shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland.

At least five people were killed in the shooting, and several others were injured, officials said.

A suspect was eventually taken into custody by police, authorities said, according to USA Today. Three senior law enforcement officials told NBC News that the alleged gunman, a white man, is believed to have used a shotgun.

William Krampf, acting chief of the Anne Arundel County Police Department, said the shooting was a "targeted attack" the newspaper.

"This was a targeted attack on the Capital Gazette," Krampf said. "This person was prepared to shoot people. His intent was to cause harm."

"Gunman shot through the glass door to the office and opened fire on multiple employees," Capital Gazette reporter Phil Davis tweeted. "Can't say much more and don't want to declare anyone dead, but it's bad."

Police were also searching the building for more suspects. According to The Washington Post, people could be seen walking out of their offices with their hands above their heads "as police cleared buildings in the area."

"We're doing the best we can to minimize causalities," Lt. Ryan Frashure of the Anne Arundel Police told ABC News.

"Absolutely devastated to learn of this tragedy in Annapolis," Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan wrote on Twitter. "Please, heed all warnings and stay away from the area. Praying for those at the scene and for our community."

According to White House deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters, President Donald Trump has been briefed on the situation.

Though details were sparse in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, it didn't take long for some people to jump to conclusions.

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  1. Fucking white supremacist fucks.

    1. “Though details were sparse in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, it didn’t take long for some people to jump to conclusions.”

      1. Yeah, If I was going to jump to conclusions, I would go with disgruntled worker, or someone that felt wronged by an article. Funny how these days we jump to conclusions that fit a political agenda.

        Not to say it wasn’t someone with a political agenda.

        1. Well, yeah, but you’re a dumbass white supremacist fuck, it’s obvious that you’d try to shift blame.

          1. That is totally what the real white supremacist on the board would say. We are onto, you big white supremacist racist.

            1. Your post sounds like what the white supremacist Mary Stack would say.

              1. Mary Stack is dead dude. Died right after Tulpa.

                1. You wound me J man.

              2. Making fun of Para-Olympians is not woke, bro/broette/xibro

                Mary Stack

                1. That Mary Stack is less developmentally disabled than the one who’s obsessed with this site.

        2. I’m gonna go with angry controlling spouse. Because of the shotgun.

      2. I’m gonna join in on the jumping to conclusions, since it seems like so much fun:

        This was most likely a good old fashioned case of workplace violence perpetrated by a disgruntled employee or former employee.

        I’ll also throw in a prediction:

        When the above turns out to be true, the progressives who are desperately trying to tie this to Milo and Trump will drop the story and never mention it again.

        1. Yep, there are a lot of Brian Ross wannabes out there.

        2. My prediction is that it was a disgruntled Reason columnist who was DEEPLY torqued off by sarcastic and hurtful comments by the commentariat here!!! But… Don’t look at me!!!

          1. I swear it was not me. I was in New Jersey all day and can prove it. Besides, you guys know I am way too self-absorbed to shoot up a newsroom without first mailing a manifesto to Reason’s DC headquaters.

        3. Well, that’s partially true. They wouldn’t drop it if the gunman used an Dun Dun Duuuun “ASS-SALT RYEFULL!!!” but since he used a shotgun it’ll be “meh”.

          1. I don’t see why it can’t start a discussion about assault weapons. When has the weapon used ever had any relationship to the bans that get suggested afterwards?

    2. You’re clearly the latest manifestation of one our long-time dedicated trolls, probably Mary Stack.

      1. No, Mary, I’m actually Dave Weigel.

        You white supremacist fuck.

        1. You’re an impostor.

          1. Really Cathy? From you of all people?

            1. Just compare the height of the letter “l” and you’ll discover the truth.

              1. Ok Cathy.

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                Now that’s cleared up, are you really a salmon’s nail, or in the imposter’s case a naii?

                1. I’m both Cathy

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            1. Sure Cathy.

            2. And no bro, it’s not shorter.

          3. Go eat a dick and off yourself, turd.

        2. Cheesy salmonsnaii, very cheesy.

          1. Ok Cathy.

    3. Yes I am sure that white supremacist fucks were just waiting for the opportunity to attack the Capital Gazette newspaper

      1. Don’t you know it man.

      2. I’ve heard they are illiterate and probably wouldn’t know what a newspaper is.

        1. All they know is ‘newspaper=jew’

          1. Duh: newspaper = jewspaper. /sarc

    4. should cancel your account for impersonating me.

      1. Done with Cathy L for the day are you?

        1. You’re a sick motherfucker.

          1. So I’m your type Cathy?

            1. That’s not Cathy. The real Cathy is either trolling Julie Borowski online or insulting Rufus in some thread (I don’t know why she enjoys bullying Rufus?).

              1. Yeah no, it’s Cathy. But keep defending Cathy, person who is strangely interested in defending Cathy.

                1. Hmmmm….well that’s a strange defense that I put forward

                  1. No less strange than putting up a defense in the first place

  2. “According to White House deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters, President Donald Trump has been briefed on the situation.”

    Why are these kinds of shootings so much more important than the daily types of these scale of shootings in bad neighborhoods? Do people not care about those people getting shot?

    1. Better yet, why are these shootings discussed more often than the daily barrage of death from the sky that we deliver to multiple people in various countries every day?

      1. Same answer. It happened to Poors in those cases.

    2. I think you know the answer to that.

      1. I’m pretty sure it’s because the press hates black people and they don’t care about black lives.

        1. Look at this story. I don’t know the race of the victim, but this story would be national news with non-stop hysteria had it been some white dudes who did this.


            Not only do the attackers take pictures after the attack, passersby then come over and rob him and take pictures of him unconscious on the street.

            1. Look at the story of the 15 year old that was killed by a machete.

        2. Little more sinister then that IMHO. As mentioned below those cannot be used politically. The press will care when a black kid is shot by a cop or in a mass shooting in a school or church. However criminal violence is dismissed. 1) Cause it will cause liberals to admit that their decades of policies and leadership in these cities has failed. 2) Prevents them from making the Gun Violence problem a them versus all of us, red neck straight white males against the world.

          You are spot on we should be talking about the inner city crime. We should be asking what why and how? The causes the solutions. But that doesn’t get votes or sell newspapers

          1. Sinister is a good way to put it. The media doesn’t see those who live in the inner city as human beings. To the media, they are just tools to be exploited to further leftist politics.

            1. “Sinister”

              Fuck both of you.

              1. Not caring about murders unless they can be used to further your politics is sinister. It is who the left is. If you don’t like people pointing that out, tough shit.

                1. Hi I’m John, I don’t get the joke.

                  1. I never do.

                    1. Sinistra is Latin for left.

                    2. Doo be doo be doo
                      Frank Sinistra left a while ago. Jr. too.

              2. OT : The Sinster Minister

                Victor Wooten is great on this!

                1. I think my favorite John moment was when he said I hacked his Facebook, when the reality was that he just stupidly left his settings on public.

                  Kind of a sad thing to lie about. Before he did that, I just thought he was a moron, but now I genuinely pity him because he lives in a world far beyond his comprehension, and lies about it to avoid looking dumb, to people who were actually present.

                  Made me see him as the broken down outmoded relic he is.

                  1. You can never resist losing your shit and getting banned. God you are a fucking weirdo. Oh well,

                    1. And you are a liar. You actually came here and lied about someone having your Facebook! Are you Hillary!?!?!??!

                    2. Have fun being banned. You just can’t help yourself.

                    3. I’ve actually never been banned that’s the real Mary stack you dumbass

                    4. You are about to be.

                    5. Like you are at glibertarians? And I’m not?

                      Speaking of glibs, you obviously thought all the people who knew what actually happened with your Facebook left during the glib Exodus.

                      It’s why you lied so readily about something no one else even cares about.

                      And it says everything anyone ever needed to know about you.

                      You’re stupidly vain, because no one cares about your Facebook ten years later, you make stupid assumptions because you thought no one would call you on your lie, and you lie readily about trivial nonsense to make yourself seem important.

                      Sorry, loser. You did this to yourself.

                    6. “I was HACKED!!!?”

                      John and Hillary, showing the same level of honesty.

                    7. You care about it. You are the one still obsessed with it. You are a sad, messed up person. Get help and try to get a life. I mean really. At some point picking on you is no longer fun and just makes me sad. I am sorry for whatever bad things have happened to you in your life. It is a shame you haven’t dealt with them better.

                    8. “You care about it.”

                      If you mean, “care about pointing out that you’re a liar” then yeah, but as always, you ‘re too stupid to keep track of what we’re talking about.

                      Sorry, Hillary.

                    9. “At some point picking on you is no longer fun and just makes me sad. I am sorry for whatever bad things have happened to you in your life. It is a shame you haven’t dealt with them better.”

                      See, this is what I am talking about, John lied, got caught, and immediately attacks.

                      I obviously struck a nerve, Hillary.

                    10. Again, I am sorry for how things turned out for you.

                    11. At least I didn’t lie about getting hacked like you did.

                      I guess that means you lost to a piece of shit like me. Again.

                    12. Hmmm, weird, I’m still not banned and you’re still a liar John.

                    13. “Again, I am sorry for how things turned out for you”

                      Could be worse, I could be a government attorney who lied about getting hacked. What a fucking loser I’d be then.

                    14. Get a room you two.

                    15. Shut the fuck up.

                    16. Tulpa, John, I like you both about the same. 🙂

                    17. Oh, that’s gonna hurt John’s feelings. Which is easy to do, as you can see.

    3. To put it bluntly no. The reason is simple they cannot us it politically. Mass shootings they can especially if it is done by whites.

      1. And the guy reportedly used a shotgun as in “Go get a shotgun” (Joe Biden). Workplace violence, no ” assault rifle/ weapon of war,” meh.

    4. Do people not care about those people getting shot?

      What do you mean “those people?”

    5. White newspapermen getting shot == news

      Black inner city residents getting shot == tuesday

  3. If you were some nut looking to take revenge on the media writ large, I seriously doubt you would shoot up some paper in Annapolis. You would go after the New York Times or Washington Post or something. I bet this was some disgruntled employee or someone with a beef against that particular paper for some reason.

    1. Yeah, angry former employee, somebody who was pissed off about something they wrote about them, . . .

      Those would be my guesses, too.

      Random kook, too. That’s the problem with kooks. They do their kooky things for kooky reasons.

    2. they probably wouldn’t print his letter to the editor, its happened before. but in reality we do need to let the dust settle but many are already doing playing the blame game for whoever they hate today

    3. Why, because no one is going to cover a shooting in Annapolis?

      1. Because it is just as easy to shoot up a more well known newspaper and doing so will have a much larger effect.

    4. I bet this was some disgruntled employee or someone with a beef against that particular paper for some reason.

      And when/ if it turns out that’s all this was the story will be dropped like a hot potato. No political angle to push a narrative = no interest from the media.

    5. Looks to be a longstanding fued with the newspaper.

  4. Shooting spree at Maryland newspaper comes days after former conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos encouraged “vigilante squads” to start “gunning down journalists”

    Oh good, at least we don’t have to wait to know who to blame.

    1. Who to blame?

      Nice try, fascist!

      The blame all belongs to the First Amendment.

      Well, that and incel rape culture.

      1. Also… whom.

        1. Accusative, dative, and ablative for whom, right?

          Nominative who.

          To blame whom

          Who to blame.

          “to blame’ is an infinitive very rather than a dative preposition.

          Am I right? If not tell me what I’m getting wrong.

          1. “”to blame’ is an infinitive ver[b] rather than a dative preposition.”

            1. Dammit, Ken, let it go.

              1. He distinctly said “to blave.” And, as we all know, “to blave” means “to bluff,” huh?

          2. The pronoun is in the same case whether it comes before or after the verb form.

            1. Fucking Nerds. Yes, all of you!

              1. At least we’re not incel nerds.

          3. Depends whether your pronoun is the subject or object of the verb. In this case you are talking about who is getting blamed, so correct form would be “whom to blame.” In “who to blame” the “who” refers to the person doing the blaming (and the phrasing is a bit awkward).

            1. Square = Circle|6.28.18 @ 5:39PM

              Yes! Grammar Nazi has orgasm!

      2. The blame all belongs to the First Amendment.

        And the Second Amendment, natch.

    2. Everyone who has ever disagreed with me over anything is responsible for this. Didn’t you know that?

  5. I’m not sure what happened or why, but I think we should ban assault weapons and blame rape culture.

  6. This is terrorism and I CONDEMN IT. Journalists are the heroes of our time. These attacks are not just evil, they are stupid. If you really feel angry, then post your feelings online on facebook or twitter. There’s just no excuse for violence. Also, this is why we must SPEAK OUT against death threats so that people know they will not spark a revolution (which is usually their goal) and will get no public support. We cannot expect our government to ‘fix’ it – any power we give them will ultimately be used against us as well – as we libertarians should know.

    1. DajjaI|6.28.18 @ 4:19PM|#
      “If you really feel angry, then post your feelings online on facebook or twitter.”

      What if you’re blocked on Facebook and Twitter?

      I guess mass murder is then your only avenue of mass expression.

  7. Blame Trump in 5, 4, 3….

    1. “Beginning on January 20 2017, safety will be restored,” Donald Trump vowed as he accepted the nomination as the Republican candidate for president.

      “This American carnage stops right here and stops right now,” he said at his inauguration.

  8. Oh goddammit Harlan Ellison is gone. One of my faves along with P K Dick.

    1. A Boy and His Dog made The Road seem like a feel-good Disney movie. What a strange guy. Never could get into his stuff.

    2. He was a giant douchebag but a decent writer.

    3. Ellison was a total asshole. He did write some great stuff a half a century ago, give or take a decade.

      1. R.I.P. He’s probably giving Asimov crap for there being an afterlife.

        He was also a creative consultant for Babylon 5.

  9. It’s ironic because many people say that the second amendment protects the first.

  10. Boy, it sure as heck didn’t take long for brand new employee Joe Seyton to adopt Welchie Boy’s preferred narrative about everything, did it? “We know absolutely nothing about this incident yet, but Milo is probably to blame for it.”

    Setyon, your nickname henceforth is going to be Rico Soave Junior.

    1. Do people generally say someone else is jumping to conclusions when they are endorsing that person’s argument?

    2. Wat? It looks like somebody named “Matthew Keys” made that connection, not the newbie.

      1. Look, Mikey is not very smart.

        1. He also blamed Welch, and then nicknames him after Soave. He’s just babbling.

          1. Well sure, but Joe Seyton is just an anagram for NO TEEN JOYS.

            Connect the dots people!

      2. Simple Mikey isn’t smart enough to tell the difference between a tweet that’s being quoted to drive home a point, in this case that people are jumping to conclusions without knowing anything, and the writer’s own opinion.


    Not sure if this is real, but if it is not, it should be.

    Maxine Waters, “Next Supreme Court Justice Should Be An Illegal Immigrant”

    1. It’s fake.

      CNN Poltics
      Political fake news, campaign stories and Washington coverage from this CNN parody account.

      1. Yeah. But it is funny.

    2. Fake but damn that’s funny

      1. She could make it true.

        1. And she just might do so.

      2. Sad thing is Maxine Waters is stupid enough to say that. Poe’s Law looms large again.

    3. you know it’s fake because she would probably say “undocumented immigrant”

      1. Truth.

  12. King Trump did say that the media was the enemy of the people.

    1. No dumb ass. That is the talking point for later. right now you are supposed to blame it on Milo. You really don’t read the memos your handles send out do you?

      1. I write my own material, you gibbon conservative.

        1. I write my own material

          I think we have isolated the problem.

  13. Though details were sparse in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, it didn’t take long for some people to jump to conclusions.

    It never does. The “Jump to Conclusions Mat” must be a hot selling item among a certain type of people.

  14. What if the conclusion people are jumping to turns out to be correct? You guys gonna lay blame at the fascist fucktards attacking journalism or are you gonna make whiny excuses for them?

    1. They will call him a “leftist” even if he is a Tea Party John Birch Baptist preacher.

      1. Great — a Tony/PB echo chamber. Why don’t you two racist sickos just mosey on over to the Huff Post?

        1. Facebook comments system, and I’m not an old lady with dogs.

          1. Solid B, nice effort.

          2. I’m not an old lady with dogs cats.

            FTFY. I’m pretty sure it’s old cat ladies who post at Huffle Puff.

            1. Cats are cool. Facebook is uncool. Like dogs.

              1. Cats are cool??? What are you, gay or something?

                Oh, right.

              2. Wait. You don’t like Dogs?

                1. They have teeth and bark all the time. Fuck dogs.

                  1. I need Yellow Tony here to give some extra-dimensional opinions, but I’m pretty close to writing off all the Tonys with these comments.

                    1. but i thoughts we was friends BUCS

                      i thoughts we was friends







                      is we not friends BUCS

                    2. I don’t even know. I don’t even know what to say about a man person who doesn’t like dogs.

                    3. I grew up with a dog. It barked all the time. I just went to a friend’s house. They had a dog. It was little. It got saliva and fur on me, without asking permission. Dogs are messy.

                  2. General Sharr’s Prize Petunias, you are sending mixed signals.

    2. Just as soon as I’m done blaming the NeverTrumpers for the congressional multi-assassination attempt of 2017.

      You know: wouldn’t want to be a responsibility hypocracy bitch.

      1. I don’t vouch for Berniebros.

        1. NeverTurmpers are NeverTrumpers.

          Let’s not jump from false choices to nuance, now.

          1. I blame Berniebros for Trump. Mostly because it makes them cry into their beards.

            1. I blame Hillary. Mainly because it was her election to lose, and she did.

              1. ^This

                I’ve had people blame the people that didn’t vote and I have to remind them that a candidate has one job. To convince you to vote for them. If they fail to do that, it’s not the fault of the uninterested people. It’s the candidate’s fault.

                1. If the uninterested people are ridiculous irrational cultists who will take nothing short of Bernie being installed dictator, there’s little the candidate can do.

    3. Did you blame Bernie Sanders and the fascist fucktards calling for resistance by all means necessary for the attempted murders of 8 Congressman last summer? Not last I looked.

      Do everyone a favor and just shut the fuck up. You have spent enough time getting your jollies off of dead people. Maybe you should pass up the opportunity to do so this one time.

      You really are the most hideous human being on earth. Five people are dead and all you can think of is how you can blame it on your political enemies. It is literally the first thing that comes out of your mouth. You are just disgusting Tony.

      1. Oh good the same talking point twice.

        And John, implying that he’d never in a million years use a horrific event to score cheap political points. Not John!

        1. I am not the one doing it. The fact that you pretend everyone else is disgusting as a way to rationalize how disgusting you are, doesn’t make it true. Again, just shut the fuck up and go have your blood fantasies with other leftists who are having the same.

      2. He really is a worthless cunt.

    4. “Fascist” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

      (Even if this guy was literally acting Because Milo Told Him To, that’s not fascism, just being a murderous shit.

      Milo’s also a shit, but again, not a “fascist”, because the word doesn’t just mean “non-leftist you hate”, any more than “commie” means “non-rightist someone else hates”.

      Ask Orwell, okay?)

      1. Commas and periods come before the quotation marks.

        1. He is not quoting a source. The quotation marks cluster a phrase that defines a term. His grammar is correct.

          1. Hey, maybe the shooter was motivated by an Oxford comma he did not like.

          2. His usage is fine, I’m sure, by some scraggly-toothed British standard or some such, but not by me or Chicago by God.

    5. We’ll probably lay the blame on the retard who was stupid to go shoot a bunch of people just because Milo told him to.

    6. Eat a dick you useless turd.

      1. Do you have one available?

  15. Stop it! Just stop!

    First there’s Trump, then Comey, than SCOTIS, then Russians, then shootings , then more Russians, then more shootings, then immigrants, than more SCOTUS, then more shootings…

    I can’t take this. I’m literally, constantly pooping now.

    Can we just impeach Trump for the Russian thing, and then move on? We’re not siitzophrenic you know. I can’t follow this without pooping.

    1. Nope, because there’s nothing to impeach for and the GOP has control of Congress.

    2. I can’t follow this without pooping.

      A certain LP presidential candidate would like your phone number.

  16. Will anyone pointing fingers apologize when it turns out to be random workplace violence?

    Of course not, this is America.

    1. Not only will they not apologize, within a week they will rewrite history and be claiming that the shooter was exactly who they are claiming he is.

      1. You haven’t said whether you agree or disagree with the suggestion that journalists be targeted for murder.

        1. You haven’t said whether you agree or disagree that GOP Congressman should be targeted for murder. Well do you? It has been a year and you still haven’t disavowed doing that.

          My God you are fucking stupid.

          1. Nope, they shouldn’t. Now you go. Are journalists the enemy of the people or not?

            1. “Though details were sparse in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, it didn’t take long for some people to jump to conclusions.”

              1. Sorry, I thought I was at Reason, not nerd debate camp.

                1. Sorry I thought for a second you might not be a pointless dingbat.

            2. I think a lot of journalists are part of a larger system that often works for the benefit of that system and at the expense of normal people.

              Am I a murderer yet?

              1. A murderer of critical thinking, perhaps.

                1. I’m sorry let me try again:

                  “Journalists are pure as driven snow! I know this because I saw All the President’s Men! And no amount of nuance can change that!”

                  All better?

                  1. I didn’t realize journalists were on trial at this very moment.

                    1. Tony: “Are journalists the enemy of the people or not?”

                      You brought it up.

                      Fine, have it your way. It’s not a great question.

                2. “”A murderer of critical thinking, perhaps.””

                  It’s cute that Tony thinks he knows what critical thinking is.

                  Tony, quit using fallacies so often and maybe I’ll quit finding that statement so funny.

        2. They should be. And babies. And people in bowling shirts. Damn, what awful fashion sense. Target them all for M U R D E R.

          1. I say we take off and nuke the planet from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

        3. When did you stop beating your boyfriend?

          1. I stopped?

          2. Past Me was using a fuckdoll at this point in time. You’d be amazed what you can do with those.

        4. Your insufferable stupidity and douchebaggery suggest you should be targeted for repeated beatings across your retard face.

  17. Another shooting. What the heck is wrong with people? And the media making them famous doesn’t help.

  18. If what Maxine Waters said was wrong because it was an incitement to violence, then most certainly what Milo said was wrong because it was an incitement to violence.

    Perhaps this is something we can all agree on.

    1. “Though details were sparse in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, it didn’t take long for some people to jump to conclusions.”

      1. Chemjeff’s comment has nothing to do with the shooting per se.

    2. I can agree with that.

    3. Take the “if” off. What Maxine Waters said was wrong.

      And what Milo said was wrong.

      Both are just talentless throwers of verbal bombs because it’s they want to stay in the public eye.

      I guess it makes a difference that Waters is a public official with some theoretical responsibility and Milo is just a guy who throws around bullshit, but any difference is in the margin……

    4. Sure it was a stupid thing to say. He was wrong. But being wrong doesn’t make him responsible for the actions of others.

      1. Just Republicans are Nazi-lite doesn’t mean people get to wriggle out of responsibility for being propagandists for the cause, same as real Nazis.

        Constantly, for decades on end, attacking the “elites” in journalism, academia, science, and everything else where smart people have jobs, sometimes ends in violence perpetrated by the hysterical mob the politicians are exploiting. Reasonable people can be concerned about that.

        1. Constantly, for decades on end, attacking the “elites” in journalism, academia, science, and everything else where smart people have jobs, sometimes ends in violence perpetrated by the hysterical mob the politicians are exploiting.

          Great. Now do Republicans, and KKKorporations.

          1. There’s nothing magical about the US preventing a rightwing xenophobic movement from taking it down the well-worn path so many other societies have traveled and ended up in history books in the chapter “What Not to Do.”

            In fact, we have a fully fledged rightwing propaganda network that makes it all the more likely. It’s so effective they have people tearing their hair out over an immigrant crisis that doesn’t even fucking exist.

            Oh, and it’s here already, personified by a man so strange looking and “eccentric” acting he could be from fascist dictator central casting.

            1. Yes Tony, it is different when you do it. You pretend that the other side is evil so that you can rationalize any amount of horrible behavior on your part. It is so obvious, sick and pathetic. The only person you are fooling here is yourself.

              1. You pretend that the other side is evil so that you can rationalize any amount of horrible behavior on your part.

                It’s okay to demonize and call for public violence against bad groups! It’s only bad when the bad people do it back!

              2. It’s just that modern technocratic liberals haven’t perpetuated as many genocides as you guys.

                1. It’s just that modern technocratic liberals haven’t perpetuated as many genocides as you guys.

                  Really? What’s the body-count of “technocratic liberalism” vs. libertarianism?

            2. You really didn’t do a very good job. Do want another chance?

              1. Hey I haven’t had a drink in almost 24 hours and I still managed not to mix the “path” metaphor too badly.

                1. In your average, garden-variety Hollywood movie or TV show, who needs to die, the journalist or the CEO?

                  1. In real life, which one tends to be a psychopathic twat?

                    1. In real life, which one tends to be a psychopathic twat?

                      Um – the journalist.

                      Why, what were you expecting the answer to be?

                    2. I’ve met CEOs. I just met one today in fact. I’m not speaking from my ass.

            3. You’re a useless retarded twat.

        2. Constantly, for decades on end, attacking the “elites” in journalism, academia, science, and everything else where smart people have jobs, sometimes ends in violence perpetrated by the hysterical mob the politicians are exploiting

          But enough about Weather Underground and FALN.

    5. If what Maxine Waters said was wrong because it was an incitement to violence, then most certainly what Milo said was wrong because it was an incitement to violence.

      One wonders whether the Waters thing created a certain disposition to go on a whataboutism spree . . .

  19. I guess Shaun King has never hear of the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.

    1. “I don’t speak Klingon, nerd!” – Shaun King (probably)

    2. Shaun King doesn’t have time to worry about things like that–he’s busy making sure his membership in the Rachel Dolezal Fan Club stays in good standing.

  20. Just thik// m,aybe if the State of Maryland did not make it so impossible for ordinarly folks to get their Mother May I Card to carry about with them, upon their persons, the most effective crime deterrent/stopper made, perhaps one or more of the eployees at that place could have taken out the perp before he took out any, or at least, as many, as he did. Anyone else want to bet whether tht office is by policy or law, a Certified Disarmed Victim Zone? Sheesh, lots of folks make noise about the coppers wanting to get home at night after their shifts. How about everyone else?

  21. No details on if it was a conservative or liberal publication?

    1. It’s the Baltimore Sun; a bunch of standard-issue JournoList leftards.

  22. I have someone I know on Facebook who checks in as “safe” after any event on FB. Shooting, earthquake, riot, whatever.

    I want to tell them, “We know you live 1000 miles away from where this happened. We are not worried about you.”

    1. Seriously? That is the funniest thing I’ve read in awhile

      1. Yes. This is a real person. She’s a nice lady, but I wonder sometimes.

        1. You should respond with “not safe! Pray for me!”

  23. the alleged gunman, a white man, is believed to have used a shotgun.

    What rock has this guy been living under? Doesn’t he know that military-style assault rifles are the preferred weapon for mass shootings by white males? How are we supposed to get that firearm ban when these idiots don’t use the most lethal killing machines?

    1. He apparently has no ID on him and refuses to talk to the police. Who knows what he was thinking or why he did this.

      1. Tony assures us that he’s part of Milo’s Nazi task force, do we need any more proof?

        1. Asking for more proof would be racist.

        2. Yes, he’s from the Ernst Rohm division.

        3. The bigger question is what does it matter?

      2. No ID? Probably an illegal white guy alien.

    2. Has anybody seen John Biden?

    3. AR style rifles are banned in Maryland. Sure am glad because shotguns are much less lethal…. not….

  24. Jesus, you people squawking about the media coverage over this shooting sure are missing the point. The point is that this shooting happened at a newspaper, a place where journalists work. Journalists! Not normal people, journalist people. There wouldn’t be more coverage of armed gunmen breaking into the Vatican and shooting five cardinals, two bishops and a rook.

    1. Pretty much.

    2. It is more important because they’re journalists. It’s taken for granted that the press is vital for freedom (well, not among rightwing nutjobs). But imagine where we’d be if the only truth people got were the mouth farts of Trump and Huckleberry.

      1. But imagine where we’d be if the only truth people got…

        You rely too much on being told what to think, imo.

        1. If he didn’t have people to tell him what to think he would have to think on his own. and that is just not a good role for Tony. Stupid and easily lead is his sweet spot.

        2. You rely too much on being told what to think, imo.

          ^ This.

        3. And people here rely too much on their imaginations instead of expertise.

          1. Tony, the people on here have lots of expertise. You have no expertise. You are an ignorant hick.

            1. Is Tony disparaging one of cultural progressivism’s patron saints, Mr. John Lennon?

          2. And people here rely too much on their imaginations instead of expertise.

            Note that he does not deny being unable to formulate his own opinions.

      2. Yeah Tony, it is not like liberals don’t control 90% of the media in this country and ensure that is puts out DNC propaganda 24/7. Oh my God, we are so close to liberals not having a voice. Just give it up/.

        1. Do you believe there’s a difference between fact and fiction? Liberals do, and that’s why they’re in charge of all the smart jobs.

          1. John was talking about media jobs.

            1. Reporters tend to be smart people with strong principles (which is why they settle for the pay).

              John couldn’t tell you the difference between a reported fact and a Sean Hannity mouth queef if his life depended on it.

              1. Reporters are idiots Tony. They take low pay because they can’t do any better. They are losers. just like you.

              2. Reporters tend to be smart people with strong principles

                Except for reporters who aren’t Democrats. Those guys are idiots. And evil.

                1. Even them. Even FOX News has journalistic standards for its news reporting. The problem is its sheep viewers don’t know the difference.

                  1. The problem is its sheep viewers don’t know the difference.

                    Between what and what? Are you suggesting that the journalists at FOX are liberals and their audience don’t realize it?

                    Remember how your original point was that liberals are the smart people and have all the smart jobs, including “journalist?”

                    No, of course you don’t. You’ve never shown the ability to carry an argument consistently for even two posts running, let alone through a whole thread.

                    1. I am 100% sure you can find statistics about scientists, academics, and other “smart” jobs and find a majority of godless liberals in them.

                      Remember how Trump was the champion of fat Bubba in the plaid shirt and ballcap with his very hilarious act as the white noble savage–the only demo we should pay attention to, because they’re so sensitive or whatever? That’s conservative.

          2. What Eddy SAid. Media jobs are not smart jobs. You make better money as a teacher than as a journalist. Journalists are not smart people. They are poorly educated and have no real marketable skills. That is why the field is dominated by Progs.

          3. and that’s why they’re in charge of all the smart jobs.


            1. I guess, under the circumstances, I should clarify that there *are* smart journalists, I simply don’t accept the generalization that the profession is simply swarming with geniuses.

      3. “It is more important because they’re journalists.”

        This is why people nobody likes you.

        1. In fairness, it’s really only one of many, many reasons.

      4. I agree with Tony. Attacks on journalists are also attacks on freedom of the press. It is like an attack on a priest at a Catholic mass in France is also an attack on freedom of religion.

        1. Freedom of the press protects US citizens from government censorship, it’s not a special freedom afforded to journalists. The only real attack on freedom of the press can come from government.

          1. not that this wasn’t an attack, but it was bad inasmuch as it was an attack on innocent people….not people that are more or less important than anyone else, and it’s pretty damn elitist to imply differently

    3. Typical. Why is it that after every shooting, someone pops up and implicates the pawns?

      1. What do you think pawns are for?

  25. the alleged gunman, a white man, is believed to have used a shotgun.

    You never get this tidbit when it’s non-white people. I like it cause it helps me jump to the right conclusions.

  26. I believe this is a conservative-leaning news paper.

    1. I just looked at their website. It is a conservative paper.

      1. Then it might have been a Bernie bro. If it was, then this is going down the memory hole by tomorrow afternoon.

        1. You are just too rich.

          John, earlier: “C’mon it was probably just some disgruntled employee, no political motivation at all”
          TXJack: “It’s a conservative paper.”
          John, now: “Oh, well a BernieBro probably did it.”


          1. He assures us all the time that he’s not a partisan though.

    2. So… Maxine Waters. I knew it.

  27. Watch now as the shit-stream media — and probably this rag — blame this little event on Trump’s constant criticism of “fake news.”

  28. If the shooter is a former employee, ex spouse or someone without political motivations, the story will vanish in the next day or so. Look how quickly the shooting at the school in Santa Fe was dropped when the media realized the parents and kids in the school were not going to support their anti–gun narrative. Same issue but no way to exploit the kids so they dropped it. I think it is ironic how the trolls here immediately started in the claims the shooter is a “white supremacist F##k. I am gonna laugh my ass off if it turns out the guy is a Bernie Sanders supporter or just a leftist loon with a beef against the paper.

    1. No matter who it is, journalists are not school kids. No one is going to care about this one way or another.

  29. Didn’t take Pelosi very long to try and exploit the tragedy as another call for more gun control.

    1. It’s rational to propose solutions to problems.

      1. It’s rational to propose solutions to problems.

        Which is why she will suggest a ban on semi-automatic weapons, and Tony will support her, fully believing himself to be “Solving the Problem.”

        1. I’m for banning all guns and imprisoning anyone who won’t give them up, so whatever.

          1. Good luck with that.

      2. Common sense shotgun control is what we need.

  30. Tony, the average sideline reporter is brighter than Andrea Mitchell or Joe Acosta.

    1. I have house plants that are brighter than Mitchell and Acosta.

      1. What do you think Alan Greenspan ever saw in Andrea Mitchell? Granted, Alan was not exactly Cary Grant or Rex Harrison, but, WTF?

  31. (yawn…) I’ve stopped giving a rat’s ass about mass shootings. This is the world people voted for, and this is the one they got. Next!

    1. You mean mass shootings is a political candidate? Does it have a platform? A newsletter? What is its polling?

      1. Don’t look at me, I voted for Mass Drownings.

        1. I have always been a mass stabbing voter myself

  32. Shooting spree at Maryland newspaper comes days after former conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos encouraged “vigilante squads” to start “gunning down journalists”

    The conclusion I jumped to was it was Maxine Waters’ fault.

  33. The reports are that they’ve identified the guy, despite his having altered his fingerprints to try to make himself hard to identify. CNN is reporting that he is someone who has “had a prior interaction with an executive of the newspaper”.

    But still, for all you partisans out there, this shooting definitely proves that everybody in the other tribe is a dangerous lunatic who should be put down like dogs. Absolutely their fault, no matter what…?.

  34. Is this bad news, or good news?

    1. It’s bad news. People being murdered is bad news.

  35. I’m too sexy for my shirt
    Too sexy for my shirt
    So sexy it hurts

  36. They’re giving the guy’s name as Jarrod Ramos.

    From back in 2015:

    “Maryland’s second-highest court last week upheld a ruling in favor of Capital-Gazette Communications, a former reporter and a former publisher accused of defamation.

    “Jarrod Ramos of Laurel made the defamation claim in Prince George’s County Circuit Court in 2012 after a 2011 column by then-Capital staff writer Eric Hartley about Ramos’ guilty plea to criminal harassment….

    “”A lawyer would almost certainly have told him not to proceed with this case,” the court wrote in the opinion. “It reveals a fundamental failure to understand what defamation law is and, more particularly, what defamation law is not.””

  37. “According to an unreported 2015 opinion filed in the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, Ramos pleaded guilty to criminal harassment in July 2011. Five days later, an article about the case appeared in The Capital, one of Capital Gazette’s publications. The story detailed accusations by a woman who said Ramos harassed her online and off for months, calling her employer and trying to get her fired. The woman eventually went to the police and Ramos pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of harassment in 2011….

    “In 2012, a judge dismissed the lawsuit on the basis that “there is absolutely not one piece of evidence, or an assertion by you that the statement [in the article] was false.””

  38. The appeals court opinion includes the (non-defamatory) article about his conviction and the underlying crime. It also calls him a federal employee:

  39. Oh, and his suit against the newspaper dates back to 2012, which is before Trump became President.

  40. NY Post story News room shooting suspect previously sued paper for defamation.

  41. He got some woman who was a former high-school classmate of his to friend him on Facebook, and he ended up stalking her, over a period of months or years. The story reported his conviction and gave the victim’s perspective, and he sued (pro se) but couldn’t specify anything defamatory in the story.

    I hate to speculate, but I’m guessing he had a grudge against the newspaper.

    1. I would be interested to know if he had a domestic violence restraining order barring him from firearms ownership.

  42. Well for all of you who quickly assumed the shooter was a white supremacist prompted by the Presidents rhetoric you have been proven to be wrong. The shooter is someone with a longstanding feud with the paper. He sued them for defamation in 2013 and lost when the decision was overturned on appeal in 2015. He was not some random shooter pumped up by Trump’s anti press rhetoric. He was a loon with a longstanding grudge against this specific paper.

    1. He lost at trial and lost again on appeal.

    2. Yes, but just playing the odds and knowing nothing else the shooter would likely be a right-wing terrorist. That is just the highest probability since most terrorism deaths today are perpetuated by that ilk.

      If a school shooting breaks out tomorrow it will likely be by a white loner male, A carjacking is likely a young black male.

      Just the odds dude.

      Don’t have a shit-fit.

      1. Mass shootings are, of course, disproportionately committed by non-whites.

        1. Well that’s just a fucking lie of audacious proportions.

          1. Yeah, those bullets in the hood just fly on their own.

          2. Take it up with that horrendously racist right-wing publication “Slate”, dumbfuck

            1. I’m sorry, it was actually Mother Jones, you dumbfuck

          3. a little epistemic humility would do you a lot of good, given your incredible level of ignorance

      2. “”Yes, but just playing the odds and knowing nothing else the shooter would likely be a right-wing terrorist.””

        Funny, I used Occam’s Razor to propose it was someone who felt wronged by an article.

      3. For clarity, by “right-wing” you mean mystical socialist altruists, like Adolf Hitler, correct?

    3. Lest you dare doubt me

      The politically conservative Daily Caller News Foundation using data from the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), found 92% of all “ideologically motivated homicide incidents” committed in the United States from 2007 to 2016 were motivated by right-wing extremism or white supremacism.[39] According to the Government Accountability Office of the United States, 73% of violent extremist incidents that resulted in deaths since September 12, 2001 were caused by right-wing extremist groups.

      1. You clearly don’t get Republimath. One liberal shoots up a place, that is equal or worse than literally every rightwing shooting in history.

        Maxine Waters’s one sentence negates all of Trump’s sentences.

        It’s jus’ arithmetic.

        1. It’s really no different than you requalifying things as “workplace violence” and is yet another reason why you get laughed at so much.

          The interesting thing is that you are so stupid that you think people will believe you.

          Trump proves they know you’re full of shit, and your metrics are just propaganda ginned up put of thin air.

          Nadal Hassan says “you lose”

          1. Well it’s not like it’s a contest.

      2. No, we don’t doubt that you’re stupid enough to swallow nonsense stats.

        Did you ever pay that bet you lost? Play says no. I’d suggest you straighten it out with him, but you’re banned from glibs.

        For being stupid enough to try to pass that shit off, Ong other things.

      3. Fuck off you pathetic “sad clown” piece of shit.

  43. Fuckin’ LOL that all these shitlibs were blaming Milo for inciting a young white supremacist to violence, when it was really a 40-year-old Hispanic dude with a long-standing grudge against the paper. If nothing else, you can’t fault the hivemind for how quickly it kicks in.

    1. Leftists are scum, and the leftist JournoLusts of Reason who have the nerve to pretend to be libertarians are lower than scum.

    2. I really would like to see what Milo said in context. It does sound pretty bad out of context and I’m not inclined to defend it at the moment even knowing how much he enjoys trolling. That said, I see no connection between Milo and this guy from anything we’ve seen so far. When it comes to politics, one might guess that as a BLS employee and probably hispanic that he isn’t your typical Republican archetype. Otherwise, as far as I’ve seen nobody has asserted his politics.
      From the information presented across several sources, all I pick up is that he probably has mental issues (autism probably included) and has a major grudge against the newspaper for publishing a failed romantic attempt in an unflattering way. It also sounds like there were enough red flags to have taken action to avoid this outcome.
      What is the take on this in a majority of the media and here on Reason? “White guy shoots up journalists and was probably inspired by Trump and Milo.”

      1. Only the Blue Checkmark Brigade gives a damn what Milo says anymore. That’s the sole reason they’re looking to make him a scapegoat.

        1. The Suprema Corte struck down gay-baiting coercion in time for Republicans to get their Don elected in 2016. Milo is simply the poster boy hired to please mystical conservatives. Roe v. Wade did the same thing in 1972, striking down Comstock Law provisions in a sacrifice move to save mystical bigots from being butchered by female voters. Government paychecks were at stake in both cases.

  44. Once again, a “gun free” zone became a killing field. Maryland is a “may issue” carry permit state and requires a “good and substantial reason” for needing to carry a gun. Too bad. A couple of concealed handgun carriers, or even one, in that office–if they had been allowed in that building, that is–could have reduced the carnage and save the taxpayers a lot of trial and incarceration expense. Maryland does not have the death penalty, other than for unarmed innocent civilians who get in the way of lunatic killers.

  45. When Saracen berserkers or their copycat conservative “warriors for the babies” execute unarmed people at Planned Parenthood or Charlie Hebdo, the idiotic beliefs of the aggressors are easy to spot. In this case, bruiting the personality card effaces any clues as to what sort of force initiating looter exploited the disarmed state of the victims. Is this a Reason article?

  46. it didn’t take long for some people to jump to conclusions.

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