Mistreating Library Book = Contempt of Court

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If, that is, the book belongs to the Illinois Supreme Court library; Illinois Supreme Court Rule 33 provides,

The librarian of the library of the Supreme Court shall not permit any person except judges of the court to take any book from the library without the consent of the court or the chief justice. No books shall be marked or underlined, nor shall the pages of any book be folded down. Any person who offends against the provisions of this rule is in contempt of the Supreme Court.

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  1. “There are no comments”
    How could there be?

  2. >There are no comments

    Ok, It is ridiculous the court can “make it’s own laws” and then pass judgment without a trial on things NOT before them in their court room. Stealing a library book should be governed by the legislature, in so much as it doesn’t apply to a case before them, activity in the court room, or injunction pertaining to a case.

    1. This ruling pushes contempt powers way too far.

  3. “[O]ne person’s hay-fever is another person’s ambrosia…”

  4. For those who think this draconian, it may be some consolation that if the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics is true, there are innumerable universes in which the ISC chief justice is caught on video folding down a page of an ISC library book – twice.

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