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CBD oil
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The federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau ordered California's Black Hammer Brewing to stop production of its popular beers containing cannabidiol, a compound derived from hemp also known as CBD. CDB won't get you high, but it's not on the approved list of ingredients for beers.

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  1. So…do you get to label it something else, or is it banned altogether?

    1. “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Beer”

      1. Fabio featured in advertising.

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  3. give me cannabidiol or give me something, something, something…

  4. Is California not one of the states that legalized weed to begin with? If so, why would they take issue if the presence of this ingredient was properly listed? Sounds like excessive bureaucracy to me rather than any kind of principled decision based upon public safety.

    1. It’s not because of any federal laws around cannabis. Rather, it’s because the bureau requires special approval for any non-standard beer ingredients.

      The feds support innovation.

      1. It’s for the children.

    2. Bureaucracy is its own reward, for the bureaucrats.

    3. ATF is a federal bureaucracy, not state. The feds still consider the Devil’s Weed verboten.

  5. The article says the brewery must stop producing the offending beers, but is allowed to sell what they have in stock. So, it’s not about consumer safety. Not really. Compliance with nanny approved list(rose hips yes, rose water no, assload of hops yes)is what’s at stake. Without these hero enforcers of American beer exceptionalism who knows what these anarchists might put in our wholesome brews? Maybe even pumpkin or something from Russia.

    1. They Live was a documentary.

    2. Pumpkin Spice Russian Imperial Stout hardest hit.

      1. They tried to sell me beet spices on facebook! True story.

  6. Fuck the nanny state Feds. Where’s my beer?

  7. Yet another reason to brew your own.

  8. Given the mass number of varied ingredients today in micro brews, why is CBD the only thing on the list the FDA is worried about? There are caffeine beers and other weird concoctions, so I see nothing that makes this any different.

    Of course, maybe they can just include the CBD along side the six pack so the customer can add it themselves.

    1. Wait a tick. Is this the FDA trying to enforce the Reinheitsgebot?

    2. There are caffeine beers and other weird concoctions, so I see nothing that makes this any different.

      The difference is that the brewers of those concoctions asked permission, while the brewers of this one did not.

      1. Guess they did forget to Support Their Local Sheriff.

  9. That which is not permitted, is forbidden.
    Why is that so hard to understand?

    If is wan’t California I might give a damn.

  10. Does this affect other breweries that are using CBD? I’ve never heard of Black Hammer but other breweries have been making hemp beers.

  11. The San Francisco Cannabidiol Party.

    Its 1773 all over again!

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