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Liberals Freak Out As Kim Kardashian Visits White House to Talk Criminal Justice Reform: Reason Roundup

Plus: ACLU loses fight with D.C. metro, Trump signs right-to-try bill, and Roseanne might not go quietly.



Hate, hypocrisy, and short memories on display after Kardashian meeting. For years, the push for federal criminal justice reform hasn't meant much more than a series of high-profile summits and conferences at which the same tireless advocates and impotent politicians talk about the things they have no shot in hell (and often no real intention) of getting done. Enter Kim Kardashian. The reality TV star and fashion mogul sat down with President Donald Trump at the White House yesterday to chat about prison and sentencing reform.

No one I've encountered thinks Kardashian can usher in the serious, dramatic types of reform we need. But can she set something in motion? Perhaps. Regardless, and independent of any actual federal policy changes, Kardashian's high-profile attention to our draconian criminal sentencing policies raises the issue leaps and bounds beyond its previous profile. I can't imagine a way in which one of the most recognizable women in the world calling for criminal justice reforms—and visiting the president to talk about these things—could be bad for the cause.

But there is a certain (not small) segment of people who would rather dunk on Kardashian or Trump than appreciate any small glimmers of brightness in these murky political times. So a large amount of reaction to Kardashian going to Washington was centered on insulting her intelligence or implying that it is somehow uniquely alarming and dystopian for a Hollywood celebrity to bend a president's ear.

CNN's Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta had a small conniption fit on live television over the meeting:

Forget about the fact that Kim Kardashian is here at the White House today and what planet that is anything resembling normal because it's not. She shouldn't be here talking about prison reform. It's very nice that she is here but that's not a serious thing to have happen here at the White House.

But of course recent presidents have met with all sorts of celebrities, sometimes at the White House, to talk about various issues. Indeed, in 2016 Barack Obama hosted a cadre of pop stars including Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys, and Ludacris at the White House to talk about criminal justice reform. (Acosta didn't seem to have a problem with star-studded efforts back then.)

And the Obama administration's Title IX expansion and campus sexual assault initiatives were rife with celebrity endorsers. A promotional trailer for the White House's "It's On Us" initiative even opens with: "It started with a celebrity spot to gain attention, which led to a pledge, that became a viral badge…" Vice President Joe Biden debuted the video (which features him and Obama along with Jon Hamm, Questlove, Connie Britton, Kerry Washington, Mayim Bialik, and other celebs) alongside Lady Gaga at the Academy Awards.

There's nothing unique about Trump inviting Kardashian to the White House to talk about an issue, especially when it's one that a part of his administration has been focused on lately and one where some small changes both are politically possible and could make a tangible positive difference in people's lives.

And hey, Kardashian has proved herself capable of just about anything she decides she wants to accomplish. I've learned better than to expect much from any federal justice reform attempts, no matter how briefly high profile. But I do give Kardashian better odds than anyone in Washington or Hollywood who has previously attached themselves to the cause.

"Specifically, Kardashian [was at the White House] pushing for a presidential pardon for a 62-year-old woman convicted of nonviolent drug offenses," C.J. Ciaramella noted here yesterday:

Kardashian also tweeted out the story of Matthew Charles. Charles was released from federal prison after serving 21 years behind bars for a crack cocaine offense, but two years after he started putting his life back together a federal appeals court ruled he had been set free in error. He has since been returned to prison. As Reason reported yesterday, Charles' story sparked outrage and widespread calls for Trump to commute his sentence.


American Civil Liberties Union loses lawsuit against D.C. transit system.


Trump signs right-to-try bill. Terminally ill patients in the U.S. will now have access to unproven but potentially lifesaving treatments, thanks to a "right to try" bill that Trump signed on Wednesday. Under the new law, these patients are allowed to try medications and procedures not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

"Thousands of terminally ill Americans will finally have hope, and the fighting chance, and I think it's going to better than a chance, that they will be cured, they will be helped, and be able to be with their families for a long time, or maybe just for a longer time," said Trump at yesterday's White House bill signing ceremony.

Among the bill's sponsors were Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly, "a vulnerable Democrat up for reelection" this fall, reports Jesse Hellmann at The Hill. "Despite calling Donnelly a 'really incredible swamp person' earlier this month, Trump thanked the senator for his work on the bill."

The only other Democrat co-sponsoring the bill was West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin. "Most Democrats and public health groups oppose the bill," writes Hellmann, "arguing that it could put patients in danger."


Roseanne reboot reboot?

"It is telling that no mainstream figure anywhere on the political spectrum has come to Barr's defense, while everyone from Bill O'Reilly to Tomi Lahren have condemned her," writes Cathy Young at Forward.

If you see something, say something culture hits human-trafficking panic. Can you guess what happens next?

RIP The Americans.

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  1. Roseanne reboot reboot?

    Who will boot the rebooter?

    1. ABC should keep the show with all the same people except Rosanne. Then Fox should sign Rosanne and have her do the show with different co-stars. It could be like dueling comic book universes.

      1. Better yet. Let the actors choose where they go. Roseanne and others vs. the others.

        Goodman is the wild card.

        1. No way Goodman chooses bigotry.

          1. Someone was watching that grotesque ‘pearl clutching’ exercise in faux-outrage ‘everyday racism’ with ACTUAL bigots like Reid and Sharpton.

            I like you. You’re funny.

          2. Didn’t stop him before.

    2. Hello.

      Obama’s administration was the first pop culture presidency.

      Man, how I loathe progressives and people like Acosta.

      Not a stick of self-awareness.

      1. How about the Holtby save last night Rufus? That had the feel of one of those season-defining moments.

        1. I mention it below.

          Yeh. If they win the Cup that’s where it was won.

        2. The one with his stick? That was fantastic. Great series.

      2. Um, the Clinton presidency?

        1. Rufus is stupid and vapid.

          Clinton was certainly a celebrity POTUS beloved by pop culture.

          1. Rufus loses more brain cells on a night out drinking than you have. Flatworms have higher IQs than you do.

            1. Clinton didn’t work the late night circuit, didn’t fill out NCAA brackets and didn’t invite do many hip hop stars and celebs as Captain Class did.

              1. Yeah, I don’t recall seeing Hillary Clinton on Parks & Recreation, or any show that was actually on at the time. As herself. Making political points on a SitCom.

                So no, Clinton wasn’t it.

                Now, JFK? There’s a hip cat.

        2. And Lincoln hobnobbed with actors and hung out in theaters way too much.


      3. Nah, Kennedy’s was really the first. Not just because he and his brothers were running a train on Marilyn Monroe, but because he and his family were in thick with a lot of Hollywood figures. His presidency is really the turning point for the industry eventually becoming a mouthpiece for the Democratic party.

      4. Nixon and Elvis?

        Kennedy and Monroe?

        1. Wait, Nixon had an affair with Elvis?

    3. Amazon, Netflix, YouTube Red, Showtime, . . .

      ABC finally found something potential cord cutters want to watch, and they burn that bridge immediately? Even while ESPN and others are struggling to hold onto subscribers?

      The Duck Dynasty people weren’t even that stupid.

      1. And the Duck Dynasty guys were already rich and didn’t even need the money. ABC has shareholders to answer to.

      2. The Duck Dynasty people were aggressively stupid. Did you ever watch that show?

        1. They were satirizing themselves. That was the joke doofus.

          1. Arthur L. Hicklib thinks that just because he’s a stupid hick, that anyone who has the same background as him is also stupid. He’s nothing if not consistently solipsistic.

            1. This is true. Those Duck Dynasty guys are gazillionaires who with the exception of the old man all have smoking hot wives. We should all be so stupid.

              1. That level of analysis resembles cashing a winning lottery ticket and exclaiming, ‘I hope everyone recognizes that this vindicates my lifelong retirement savings strategy of purchasing a lottery ticket on my final day of work.’

                1. Considering your low IQ Arthur, buying lottery tickets might be the best of a set of bad options for you.

                2. That level of analysis resembles cashing a winning lottery ticket and exclaiming, ‘I hope everyone recognizes that this vindicates my lifelong retirement savings strategy of purchasing a lottery ticket on my final day of work.’

                  So, are you really comparing building a multi-million dollar business around something as mundane as duck calls to winning the lottery? Hate them for their political views all you want, but to imply that building a business up from nothing is the same as being a lucky turd who buys a winning lotto ticket is really fucking stupid.

                  Is Richard Branson also just a lucky turd? What about Steve Jobs? Elon Musk? Bill Gates? All stupid people who just got lucky right? Oh wait, no, they’re the “right kind of people” who aren’t Bible thumping socially conservative rednecks. Nevermind.

                  1. Look asshole, any idiot can get rich selling duck calls. The Rev just chooses not to and instead lives at home with his mother because commerce is beneath him.

                    1. commerce is beneath him

                      It’s just so… bourgeois.

                  2. So, are you really comparing building a multi-million dollar business around something as mundane as duck calls to winning the lottery?

                    Arthur L. Hicklib thinks the only wealth that matters is what’s shown on teevee. Actually building a successful business from the ground-up is a foreign concept to his class.

                  3. They didn’t build that.

                3. Didn’t the Duck Dynasty people invent a new tool and successfully market it to gain their money?

                4. You are aware that they designed their own duck calls that are sold by the truckload. Phil owns multiple patents for them.

                  This isn’t “Dude, I won the lottery”. It is “Dude, I turned down the NFL because I prefer the outdoors and hunting more”

        2. Whether they were stupid is beside the point. They were money makers, and there was pressure to fire them for saying bad shit about LGBTQI+.

          You don’t decide to burn a money maker over something like that just because somebody said something stupid. That’s just Disney’s Hollywood culture shooting themselves in the foot.

          ESPN is losing subscribers for the same reasons–they became highly political and started shedding subscribers. Now, half the cord cutters out there don’t give a shit if they can’t get ESPN anymore.

          Markets don’t stop entrepreneurs from making bad choices. They just punish them for their bad choices.

          Assuming ABC/Cap Cities/Disney is in the business of maximizing profits for their shareholders, rather than changing the world into a place where no one ever tweets anything stupid, Disney made a big mistake here.

          It’s telling that they keep making the same mistake over and over with various assets.

          1. I care about ESPN because they sometimes have the sporting event I want to watch.

            So… I borrow someone’s cable password and stream it on my roku…

          2. Yeah, Disney is fucking over a lot of things. They have made Star Wars into a decidedly meh franchise after it being one of the biggest cash cows in entertainment history.

            And Iger wants to run for President? “Fucked up ABC. Fucked up Star Wars. LET ME RUN THE COUNTRY!”

        3. Again, the new era of social justice mores that was ushered in during the Obama administration was a figment of certain people’s imaginations. In real life, average people say stupid shit all the time. They voted for Trump because they were sick of snowflakes who can’t tell the difference between an obnoxious tweet and acts of discrimination.

          That you would flush a ratings hit that appeals to a new audience in the name of a fantasy SJW world that doesn’t exist is absurd. If cord cutting and digital distribution of films does to Cap Cities ABC/Disney what Napster and Apple did to the music industry, it won’t be unrelated to Disney’s foolish content decisions.

          I mean, who doesn’t hate their cable company already?

          Now half of America has reason to hate ABC/Disney, too?

          Not a smart decision. They should have put a decision to renew on hold–pending their decision–if anything. Roseanne could do the apology tour–would have been good for ratings. But nooooOOOOOOOooooooo.

          1. I mean, who doesn’t hate their cable company already?

            Oh, people hate their cable companies? Gee, that’s terrible!

          2. They voted for Trump because they were sick of snowflakes who can’t tell the difference between an obnoxious tweet and acts of discrimination.

            Actually, they just wanted a president who was up for both.

        4. Only created one of the biggest brands in the outdoor sports industry. Phil was also a rather good college QB, starting over Terry Bradshaw at their school, but opting to start his own business over playing pro.

          Yup, they are idiots. Not the dude on a message board.

        5. ITT, we learn that Rev Artie thinks that reality TV is ACTUALLY reality.

  2. Trump signs right-to-try bill.


    1. This is like abortion but for adults. You would think all the Democrats in Congress would have voted for it.

      1. principals > principles

        1. I don’t think it’s so much as the long standing progressive belief that Top Men know better than you and your doctor what kind of medical care you need. They’ve believed that horseshit long before Trump came along.

    2. “Most Democrats and public health groups oppose the bill,” writes Hellmann, “arguing that it could put patients in danger.”

      Personal choice in medical matters is anathema to a certain segment. Except in one small area, of course.

      1. I thought Democrats supported assisted suicide.

        Now I am really confused.

      2. Yet don’t a lot of Dems support “physician assisted suicide”?

        Seems that their beef is the chance that the drug might not kill you.

  3. The same people who get their politics from John Legend and Jon Stewart are now outraged that Kim Kardashian got to meet with the President to try and get an old woman out of prison.

    1. The lefties hate that Trump is stealing all their political thunder going into election 2018.

    2. Hell, Acosta INTERVIEWED Legend about his views. He wasn’t trying to get a specific person freed.

      Is there a reason his WH Press Credentials haven’t been pulled yet?

  4. Today I wrote about @RepDianeBlack’s idea that porn is to blame for school shootings. Honestly curious about what type of porn she’s been watching

    I’m sure BUCS can enlighten us, although maybe it’s more like the opposite of enlightenment.

    1. Haven’t you ever heard of “skeet” shooting?

      1. “From the windooooooooooooow….. TO THE WALLS!”

      2. Perhaps BUCS prefers “trap” shooting, if you know what I mean.

    2. Probably that one guro series about a high school that trains to learn to decapitate themselves in showy ways.

      Maybe she posts on Hitlerchan.

      1. You never disappoint, but you do sometimes dismay.

  5. But I do give Kardashian better odds than anyone in Washington or Hollywood who has previously attached themselves to the cause.

    She’s cheapening reality television by associating at all with DC.

    1. You have to credit her for making a real sacrifice to get that woman out of prison.

      1. As she walked into the Oval Office, Kim thought, “So, this is really happening.”

        1. Then he turned toward the window, looked down on his subjects in Pyongyang, and said to himself, “It’s time to make peace with America.”

    2. She’s cheapening reality television …

      How is that even possible?

      1. Associating with politicians, that is how.

        1. Politics is reality television, just with more pretentions to significance.
          Cancer with a PR agent

          1. Cancer with a PR agent

            I like that. And yes it is. And that explains why Trump has been so good at it. He is like turning a professional basketball player lose in a high school JV game.

  6. Hate, hypocrisy, and short memories on display after Kardashian meeting.

    First the lefties lose Kanye the black man and now lose Kim who attracts black men. Lefties cannot afford to lose too many of their black men.

    1. In 2016, the Democrats ran everyone white male’s ex-wife or nasty mother-in-law depending on their age. In 2020, they will run Kamela Harris who will be every black man’s nasty ex wife

      1. Lefty desperation is getting pretty hilarious, I must admit.

        I am waiting for Democrats to run a “little woman” for president to grasp that last demographic they used to ignore. Bill Clinton will have a video leaked where he “dwarf-tossed” a little person. The FBI will find criminal conduct but no “intent” and never recommend charges.

        The Democrat will lose again. Matt Welch will finally admit to voting Democrat all this time.

      2. Nah. Kamala is every black woman’s boss’ side piece that he favored over them.

  7. But there is a certain (not small) segment of people who would rather dunk on Kardashian or Trump than appreciate any small glimmers of brightness in these murky political times.

    Ultimately it’s about proving superiority. If these two people get done what no one else has been able to manage, it would be a blow to a lot of egos.

    1. A black man and his (Armenian?) wife may help get thousands of black people out of prison. Don’t they understand only benevolent Progressive white people are supposed to help black people?

      1. Stop wrecking 75% of the Democrat platform.

      2. Is she Armenian or American? It’s almost impossible to tell just by looking at her.

        1. She is of some kind of middle eastern dissent. And it is very hard to tell by looking at her, though I am told many people know immediately what race someone is just by looking at them. I guess I have never been interested enough in the subject to develop that skill.

          1. She is of some kind of middle eastern dissent.

            Yeah, I suspect she disagrees with a lot of what’s going on over there.

            She’s probably black. Like Colin Powell black.

          2. They are Armenian. Which I guess is middle eastern in a geographical sense. Though it’s almost in Europe and was one of the first officially Christian kingdoms.

            1. I’m not sure how you can see that just by looking at her, Zeb. I’m pretty certain that she’s black.

              1. I’m not sure how you can see that just by looking at her

                I would advise you to avoid looking at the Hobbit too closely, or your eyes will explode and brain melt. You could just look up her wikipedia page.

                [Her] mother is of Dutch, English, Irish, and Scottish ancestry,[15] while [her] father was a third-generation Armenian-American.[16]

                1. You could just look up her wikipedia page.

                  Yeah well, Valerie Jarrett’s Wikipedia page says she’s African-American but we all know now that she’s actually white. So excuse my if I don’t trust Wikipedia anymore.

            2. Yeah, I am not sure how you describe people from the Caucasus. Strictly speaking, they are Caucasians, but that word has a different meaning these days. They are not fully Middle Eastern but not quite Eastern European either. It is a fascinating area of the world though and one that produces its fair share of gorgeous women. If you ever watch the F1 race they hold in Bahku, that city seems to be a Medieval treasure. I have heard Georgia is quite nice too. Both on are my bucket list of places to visit.

              1. Georgia interests me a lot too. Pity there is so much terrible stuff in that part of the world.

                1. But enough about SIV, lovecon89, and Buttplug’s home.

              2. Middle Easterners and Eastern Europeans are both Caucasian–by the current meaning.

                They’re white.

            3. Armenia was THE first Christian kingdom, almost a century before Rome.

              Fun fact: Russians disparagingly refer to people from the Caucasus as ??????, which means “blacks.” Literal Caucasians are considered black in Russia.

        2. Her dad was Armenian-American. Her mom is just a basic bitch white woman.

        3. Armenian. She should’ve slipped in “Recognize the Turkish genocide of Armenia as well”.

          Because it happened and, seriously, fuck Erdogan.

    2. Also, the Left has completely lost any sense of position about Trump. If he’s for it, they’re against it, even if they’ve been for it for a hundred years. If he started raising dead children to life, they would fund a way to criticise.

      1. You know what they say. If Trump walked on water the media would proclaim that Trump can’t swim.

      2. If he started raising dead children to life, they would fund a way to criticise.

        “He’s raising an army of undead children!”

      3. the Left has completely lost any sense of position about Trump. If he’s for it, they’re against it

        So what you’re saying is, they have adopted Trump’s strategy, only with regard to Trump instead of Obama.

        And you could just as easily say the same about Republicans, just in the opposite direction — whatever Trump says, they nod along even when it is something they should be against. Witness the treatment of Mueller, a four-time decorated war veteran and lifelong servant of the country, who has been thrown under the bus for a grifter in a cheap tie.

        It seems like Trump’s strategy is just to make everyone, on all sides, lose their minds. At least then he’ll be on equal terms.

        1. Witness the treatment of Mueller, a four-time decorated war veteran and lifelong servant of the country, who has been thrown under the bus for a grifter in a cheap tie.

          Mueller is a lifetime FBI DOJ hack who was in charge of the Boston USA office when it was a branch of the Winterhill gang. He helped send innocent people to jail for murder and then wouldn’t do anything to correct the error.

          Now as a special counsel he has no evidence that Trump was in any way “colluding” with Russia whatever that means and has proceeded to ruin the lives of people who had the misfortune of being remotely connected to Trump including Mike Flynn who did a hell of a lot more for this country than Mueller ever did but was railroaded into pleading to something he didn’t do for his trouble thanks to Mueller.

          Go take your talking points somewhere else and come back when you are interested in telling the truth.

        2. Witness the treatment of Mueller, a four-time decorated war veteran and lifelong servant of the country, who has been thrown under the bus for a grifter in a cheap tie.

          How does his war service and job history indicate that he is, you know, a good prosecutor?

          He had TONS of issues involving the anthrax case.

  8. But there is a certain (not small) segment of people who would rather dunk on Kardashian or Trump than appreciate any small glimmers of brightness in these murky political times.

    Those people are known as “assholes”.

    1. You have to be a major asshole to be pissed off about someone trying to get someone unjustly spending their lives in prison out of prison because of your politics.

  9. We said if the Caps were to have a chance, Holtby was gonna have to outplay Fleury and boy did he ever last night.

  10. Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a cunt yesterday. Serious question, how is calling a woman a cunt any less offensive than calling a black person a monkey? Does Bee get a pussy pass so its okay for a woman to do it?

    1. Quit whining.

      1. Go fuck yourself you twat. The rules are what they are and they need to be applied ruthlessly. Bee is a talentless hack. But why does she have a career? Pretty much because people like you think misogyny is fine.

        1. Keep on whimpering.

          1. Keep on hating women. I never watched Rosanne. Since you get all of your news and talking points from Bee and Oliver, canceling Bee would be a big problem for you. I can see why you defend her.

          2. This commenting system has flaws, but two things are great: Its ability to produce comments from the 1950s is unmatched, and the feature that enables me to hear John’s mewing and sputtering is remarkable.

            1. We do love you lefties and your comments from the days when Democrats started the KKK, Jim Crowe laws and embraced slavery.

              Keep it up Arthur.

              1. Those southern Democrats (and the other Democrats who appeased them) were as deplorable as the current southern bigots and the Republicans and conservatives who embrace the racism, misogyny, xenophobia, gay-bashing, etc.

                The good thing is that most of the relevant Democrats are dead. The better thing is that the relevant Republicans, conservatives, and faux libertarians will die off soon enough, taking their stale thinking to the grave, to be replaced by better Americans in our electorate.

                1. New Soviet Man would have been shorter.

            2. Its ability to produce comments from the 1950s is unmatched

              This from the same idiot who thought there was no discussion of world government in the post-WW2 era.

    2. Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a cunt yesterday.

      That was funny.

      Loosen up, John. You’re too PC.

      1. Was it funny because Ivanka was minding her own business and Samantha Bee was like the twitter version of a crazy old homeless lady screeching and throwing feces at random people on the street?

        1. I guess it is kind of funny that the crazy homeless lady is considered a comedian and has her own show

          1. She continues the trend that John Stewart started. Mock someone right of center and call it comedy. Do you guys not remember the naughts? When most kids thought the Daily Show was a news station? Well Samantha Bee is just continuing in that “journalistic” tradition by calling someone a cunt.

            1. I guess I’d be cranky too if the other side had all of the good music, the best actors, the best movies, the best television shows, the best comedians, etc., and I got stuck with Ted Nugent, Chachi, Greg Gutfeld, Gene Simmons, Luke Bryan, and ‘rasslers.

              1. Arthur L. Hicklib doesn’t realize that most professional wrestling fans are Democrats.

                1. Wrestling fans are nothing. They don’t vote. They’re too busy being gullible and downscale.

              2. You seem annoyed that your movies suck, your comedians aren’t funny, and your music tends to be so bad that people get offended if anybody ACTUALLY sings the lyrics without censoring themselves.

            2. Mock someone right of center and call it comedy. Do you guys not remember the naughts?

              Goes back further than that. South Park mocked that tendency of the Hollywood left in the late ’90s.

              1. Remember when notoriously unfunny Margaret Cho was allegedly a comedian?
                Has Kathy Griffin ever been funny?

      2. So, it is now OK for TV “personalities” (Samantha Bee is stretching the concept of “personality” pretty thin) to call women “cunts” now?

        It is so hard to keep up with these rules.

        Would it be OK if we called Jarrett a Muslim Brotherhood-loving cunt?

    3. And she was just posting a picture of her son. Progs are damaged bitter people but at least they frequently hurt their own cause

      1. They are sick fucked up people. There is a reason why every time they get any kind of unchecked power it ends with people being shot in the back of the head in large numbers. The whole ideology is based on hate and envy and the desire for revenge against the entire human race.

    4. how is calling a woman a cunt any less offensive than calling a black person a monkey?

      One is classless and one is racist.

      Does Bee get a pussy pass so its okay for a woman to do it?

      Yes, for the same reason that black people can call each other “the N word”.

      1. No, it’s not like saying “what up, my ****” and Bee knew that. She wouldn’t have said that to someone she respects. The thing is that Ivanka didn’t deserve it. It’s not like she was posting pictures of poor downtrodden immigrants and laughing at their plight.

        1. It’s not like she was posting pictures of poor downtrodden immigrants and laughing at their plight.

          No, but she hangs out with Republicans which makes her literally worse than Hitler.

        2. The thing is that Ivanka didn’t deserve it.

          To someone like Samantha Bee, there is nothing anyone named Trump doesn’t deserve.

          The point is that she will get a pass from women because she is a woman. Of course what she said is offensive, it was supposed to be. But it’s not going to set off any feminism alarms.

          1. I know Megyn Kelly called her on it. But yeah, many women will probably give her a pass, especially the ones who were “with her”

            1. Which is why feminists are often so baffled as to why so few women are feminists.

      2. One is sexist. If you don’t think calling a woman a cunt is offensive, go out sometime and call someone’s wife or girlfriend that and see what happens.

        1. I’m not a woman so it’s infinitely more offensive for me to say it than for a woman to say it. Plus, Samantha Bee is a woman on the correct team.

          1. Not true. It is in some ways even more offensive for a woman to say it. If you don’t believe me, go ask a woman sometime if they think it is okay if a woman calls them a cunt.

            1. John, your wife is a cunt. Go tell her I said that and let me know her reaction. If she calls me a dick or a cock or something along those lines then you can tell her, on my behalf, to fuck off with her outrage.

              1. If you ever call my wife a cunt to her face, it will be on. You might kick my ass but I promise I will get my blows in and you will at least earn it. I doubt I am alone in that opinion. So again, if you think calling someone a cunt is just no big deal, go out and do it and get back to me. And if you think it is okay, well that makes you an asshole.

                1. Let’s just wait a few days then and watch the holy hell that rains down on Samantha Bee then. Surely you’ll be proven dead-on accurate by Saturday.

        2. As a male, I could possibly call a woman a bitch and get away with it. But if I called a woman a cunt I would have to leave town on the rails. If I survived.

      3. I always thought Bee was a stupid cunt so….whatev.

    5. What does it matter? Bee’s “urbanite bugwoman” snark is tailor-made for The Daily Show of the Bush era. The only people who are watching her show are bitter dangerhairs, box-wine guzzling catladies, and pathetic nu-male soylents.

      This is a woman who portrayed the New York AG as a comic book hero simply because he was against Trump, then passive-aggressively acted shocked and outraged after he was accused of being a sexual assaulter. Bitch, your entire industry is full of these types, don’t act as if you’re some sort of morality police.

      1. All we’ve learned since Hillary lost is that feminist men have a massive, undoubtable rape problem.

        Maybe we should ban FEMINIST men from any positions of power.

        They have proven to be untrustworthy.

    6. And she’s apologized. Next, her >cough< show >cough< should be cancelled. Right? And then her network will denounce her? Because unlike Roseanne, who tweeted to her fans and followers, Samantha Bee did the deed on TV. Now, granted, she's got very few viewers, but somebody could have caught it while surfing past. Of course, none of this will happen. It's never bad when THEY do it. Even when what they do is objectively much worse.

  11. Not to say NATTING but that Larkin guy has 2300 followers and no comments to his Tweet.

    I get he’s the proto-type for lefty entertainers but who gives a shit about him?

  12. I do not fault Kim Kardashian for trying to do something worthwhile. If her fame, coupled with the bizarre Kanye-Trump meeting-of-the-lesser-minds relationship and whatever happenstance led her to this cause, can generate something good, I will be glad.

    Why wouldn’t Roseanne and Fox hook up? Roseanne should be grateful for anyone that would have her, and for Fox (or perhaps Sinclair) the prospective ratings and the ability to provide a platform to a boorish, backward bigot must look like the ultimate combo platter.

  13. Patients won’t necessarily have access to experimental drugs. The pharma company will have the option of making a drug available, but not many drugs will actually be available this way.

    1. You still have to pay for them or get your insurance to pay for them. The thing about experimental drugs is that you need to do the experiment to figure out if they work. And that necessarily means not giving them to everyone. You have to pick a proper group of patients and a similar as possible control group to give the placebo. Science necessarily requires at least prioritizing access to these drugs so that we can figure out if they work.

      1. I don’t see how Right to Try necessarily changes drug testing procedures. It might reduce the participation rates in clinical trials (because you have a 50/50 chance of getting a placebo), but it’s pretty inhumane to force people into science experiments. Pharma can still perform their clinical trials on willing participants.

        If anything, this bill allows for more off-label use of prescription drugs, which will tend to increase the ability to find additional uses for existing medicine, beyond just lab testing on animals.

        1. That is a good point. This is really about allowing doctors to use drugs for purposes that they have not been approved but are known to be effective. And that is a very good thing. True experimental drugs are not in great supply and the supply that is there is used for research not just sold to any patient who wants them.

          1. Well, as long as the drugs aren’t opioids or other “Schedule 1” items.

            1. Then it is only in a three day supply.

          2. IIRC this law doesn’t apply to drugs that are approved for an indication in the US.

            Those drugs are already available, by definition.

          3. I don’t know what you 2 are going on about. How does this affect off-label uses? The use of drugs is not even a subject of federal food & drug law, except as concerns controlled substances & human growth hormone. Off label uses of drugs (or of non-drugs) have always been legal.

        2. I am pretty sure this law is for drugs that have only passed phase 1 clinical trials so off label use is not an option because these drugs aren’t on the market yet.

          1. That’s not how I understood it. But I could be wrong. I thought that I read somewhere that off label use for drugs on the market already was also covered.

            1. You can already use drugs off label. Phase I drugs aren’t available outside of extremely small clinical trials. This would change that.

              1. No, it won’t, because those drugs are produced in very small, expensive batches.

                I can’t find any evidence that the proponents of this law spent any time talking to actual Pharma.

              2. Not only may you use drugs off label, you may use non-drugs (& non-medical devices) off label. So if you think something that’s not marketed for medical use has medical use, you may use it that way.

        3. I thin k the real expectation is that someone can “try” a drug that is available in Europe but not the US.

          There is no way that Pfizer diverts experimental drugs from Phase III trials to a commercial market.

          No. Way.

      2. No, I mean the pharma company won’t even make it available for sale. Too risky for them when a drug is in trials.

        1. If the thing backfires and does harm, no amount of informed consent and waivers will save them in court or with the public. That is the flip side of all of this “let people try” stuff. I am all for letting people try too. But, if we do, then don’t come and whine to me when it doesn’t work or causes harm. You have to be willing to live with that risk to do this. And I am pretty skeptical our society is mature enough to do that.


    HBO filmed the moment Ben Rhodes found out Hillary lost the election. It might be the most enjoyable few minutes of film ever made. It takes a heart of stone not to enjoy this.

    1. I wish someone had captured the scene when conservatives learned that black men would no longer be required to lower their gaze in the company of white women.

      1. I am pretty sure they filmed Woodrow Wilson when that happened. Do some google searching and I bet you can find it. It would be good for you to get in touch with the racist roots of your politics.

        1. Well, if they filmed Wilson, did they clean up the drool from the side of his mouth first?

      2. Haha. Lefties actually think non-lefties think this should be the way it it.

        More evidence that lefties live in a fantasy land.

      3. “I wish someone had captured the scene when conservatives learned that black men would no longer be required to lower their gaze in the company of white women.”

        You have an active and pathetic fantasy life. Seek help.

        1. Mostly, I just detest half-educated bigots and faux libertarians.

          1. Arthur L. Hicklib knows about half-educated bigots because he sees them all the time. It’s called a mirror.

      4. Well, we could ask the morality of the Senate for years, Bob Byrd.

        Oh wait, he’s dead.

      5. I wish someone had captured the scene when conservatives learned that black men would no longer be required to lower their gaze in the company of white women.

        Heh! I bet you do, Artie, I bet you do. It’d be so great to see all your heroes at once, wouldn’t it?

        Why, I bet you’d take off your pointy l’il hood to honor a moment like that.

        Those of us whose political heroes were on the OTHER side of that fight–you know, Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Coolidge–well, we’d have another good laugh at you.

        Like we always do.

    2. The guy who admitted to being a lying jerk? Yeh, I saw that. It was SPLENDID.

    3. Thanks John. I love collecting those lefty tears over a year after Trump won.

      He had read a column asserting that liberals had forgotten how important identity was to people and had promoted an empty cosmopolitan globalism that made many feel left behind. “Maybe we pushed too far,” Mr. Obama said. “Maybe people just want to fall back into their tribe.”

      His aides reassured him that he still would have won had he been able to run for another term and that the next generation had more in common with him than with Mr. Trump. Mr. Obama, the first black man elected president, did not seem convinced. “Sometimes I wonder whether I was 10 or 20 years too early,” he said.

      A few take aways from what top Democrats said- The left does push. Their strategy is to push.

      Second, funny that Obama used the term “tribe” which implies he thinks Americans are stupid cave people rather than Americans who knew that Hillary was horrible.

      Third, is that the left lives in a complete fantasy land that the “next generation” has more in common with Obama than Trump. People love reality shows and Trump is a reality star. Even Obama decided to join Netflix to get into the reality show game.

      1. Next Generation is like so 80s.

      2. Obama joined Netflix because Netflix needed to give him a high paying cushy quid pro quo job for trying to enact Net Neutrality

      3. 10 or 20 years too early for what? Lifetime appointment? Dude won two terms.

    4. I always enjoy flipping over to the channel of the losing team in the elections. Watching Fox in 2008 and 2012 was certainly less enjoyable than flipping over to MSNBC in 2016 after it started looking bad for the Dems. The element of smug confidence being shattered is one of the purest forms of comedy.

      1. The Right is generally more stoic and less histrionic. Their reactions to losses are as a rule pretty dull. The left, however, never disappoints. Their tears are always plentiful and delicious.

        1. I don’t know. Get the right rightwingers together and it can be pretty entertaining. I’m guessing that 2018 will be an election with much flipping out on FoxNews.

          I think the difference was that nobody really expected McCain or Romney to win. Everyone expected Hillary to win.

          1. The Right’s reaction to 2008 or 2006 pales in comparison to the temper fit that was thrown in 1994 and 2016. And I think you are probably going to be watching MSNBC for good losing television in 2018. The blue wave seems to have turned into a trickle.



            All the Democrats had to do to win back at least the House was not be crazy. To the surprise of no one who has been paying attention, it is proving an impossible task for them.

            1. Hell, there was all of the mockery of Morris being pissed at the results of OH in 2012, saying they were wrong.

              But “news anchors” fucking WEEPING as Hillary crashed and burned? That’s cathartic or something.

          2. Conservatives aren’t as hysterical. Hence the term conservative.

            Progressives are all about emotions wrapped up in faux-rationalism. Hence they hysterical reactions.

            It isn’t complicated folks.

        2. And the Republicans didn’t really expect to win in 2008 ad 2012. The Dems (and many others) were so sure in 2016 that it made it extra fun.

          1. 94 was a lot of fun. Every Democrat considered it to be a metaphysical certainty that the Democrats would always control Congress. The Democrats had for nearly all of the lives of most people living then. Then, suddenly they didn’t. Shock and awe is putting it mildly.

        3. Fortunately, the right has been losing the culture war, bigly, so Democrats haven’t had much reason to be unhappy during my lifetime.

          What I enjoy is the goobers who genuinely figure gay-bashing, an abortion ban, prayer in schools, segregated schools, abusive policing, creationism in science classrooms, race-targeting voter suppression, a contraception ban, anti-miscegenation laws, and other items on the right-wing wish list are coming back.

          1. I thought abortions were nearly impossible to get in most states? Planned Parenthood assures me of this. You mean they are lying?

            And the Republicans are supposed to lose big in 2018. Just like they were supposed to lose big in 2016, 2014 and 2010. Keep digging doofus. That emerging majority pony has to be in there somewhere.

            1. Emerging? People like me have been effecting progress against the hopes and efforts of people like you for a few generations. That’s the reason guys like you are so disaffected, muttering about ‘taking the country back.’ You’ve been losing so long you’re nothing but a pile of ideological scars and bruises.

      2. Part of that is the realization that some of the Fox talking heads aren’t really republicans.

    5. That perfectly summarizes why the left is so fervently attached to the ideas of Russian interference and impeachment.

      They didn’t lose an election. Their world view was attacked and shaken. They believed all of the propaganda. It became who they are. They believed they were on the side of history. On the side of all that is good and just and holy. And they believed all of their negative campaigning. That everyone on the other side is evil. They are racist. They are hate personified.

      So the only possible way they could lose is if there was a vast conspiracy.

      It is the same thought process that leads to conspiracy theories around the Kennedy and King assassinations. These people are so important that it is impossible that they were killed because someone was mentally unstable and shot them. It couldn’t be. There must be a vast conspiracy, not just one bullet.

      So now their groupthink has forced them to build up a narrative that they were swindled. Cheated of their birthright. And they will believe anything if it supports this narrative, no matter how ridiculous it might be.

      1. Scott Adams commented on the video that it was the moment when reality no longer agreed with the movie Rhodes was watching inside his head and you can see his mind reboot and try to come to terms with it.

      2. The left represents the people. The left represents a government that stands between the people and the evil businesses that steal from the masses. Anyone who votes for the right is rich, wishes they were rich, or duped by some outside force. No sane person would vote for the right. Why would they? The right represents the rich. No one would vote against those who promise to rob the rich on their behalf unless they are rich, stupid, or brainwashed.

    6. The version of the video at the bottom with the sad theme music from the old Incredible Hulk TV series in the background is hilarious.

      And who the fuck stammers out “I can’t even…” IRL? What an imbecile.

      1. His only skill is writing.

        It does not mean he is good at it. Of the list of things he sucks at, it is the least shitty.

  15. The comments in the Ryssdal twitter account.

    Not a single person refers to Obama taking celebrity culture to the WH to new heights.

    All talk as if Trump is the first.

    TDS. There’s no cure.

  16. “It is telling that no mainstream figure anywhere on the political spectrum has come to Barr’s defense, while everyone from Bill O’Reilly to Tomi Lahren have condemned her,” writes Cathy Young at Forward.”

    Roseanne’s fauxpaw was fiercely debated by the commenters yesterday, with many defending her. What are we, chopped liver?

    1. I for one got something useful out of that long debate: I learned how to spell “fopaux”, with a great deal of help from Google.

  17. So I read Kathy Young’s article on your recommendation….

    And as one would hope she ends up dragging out the “free speech should be protected” viewpoint. But holy cow with the virtue signaling! There’s a ton to unpack and criticize in there, but I’m going to skip all that and go back to my original thought…. which clearly delineates my thought process as an outlier.

    I didn’t get the “clearly beyond the pale” of the tweet. I just missed it. First, my initial reaction to “muslim brotherhood” and “planet of the apes” isn’t racism. It isn’t even race. I don’t read that as “she looks like an arab had sex with a monkey”. It is a stretch for me to even see how others could see that.

    When I hear “muslim brotherhood” I think about a political group with a violent, authoritarian theocratic ideology.

    When I hear “planet of the apes” I think of an anti-nuke, post apocalyptic story about an authoritarian society where people are chattel and that enforces its ideology through violent oppression an “re-education” that includes lobotomizing potential dissenters.

    People who saw arab+monkey (including perhaps Rosanne herself) have serious issues.

    Jarrett was a close advisor involved in a crap-ton of terrible foreign policy choices, including drone strikes, Libya, kill lists, secret spying on Americans …. it is a long, long list of authoritarian awfulness. It is stunning that “what she looks like” springs to everyone’s mind.

    1. Making fun of Jarett’s looks is like saying Hitler had a funny mustache or Mao needed to mix in a salad. It is a bit of an absurd criticism to make given who she is and what she was responsible for.

      The reaction to it just shows the absurd hypocrisy of the left. Leftist entertainers call black conservatives uncle Tom’s, conservative women whores and cunts, children of conservative politicians sluts and worse pretty much every day. But someone a single tweet about someone most Americans have never even heard of is the biggest thing ever!!!

      While I am sure most people find the tweet offensive, no one can fail to notice the absurd double standards and hypocrisy going on here. The whole thing no doubt makes the retarded base feel good about themselves, I doubt it does much for their cause.

      1. Every wypipo in America knows you can’t compare an African-American to a simian and get away with it. You can say Usain Bolt runs like a cheetah but not like an ape. Though there was a time when racism meant “all blacks are…..” and it wasn’t racism to say an individual black person was “…..(ugly), (dimwitted), (a thug), (well-muscled).”

        1. Yes. But that doesn’t change the double standards being applied here. You can compare a black person to an ape and get away with it. You just have to be a progressive and the black person a conservative.

          1. Howard Cossell got fired for saying an NFL player ran like a monkey. He was a lib.

            1. The player wasn’t a conservative.

            2. That is a poor choice of comparison, even if not motivated by race. Monkeys are hardly the animal I think of when I think of good runners.
              There aren’t many animals better at running than humans.

              1. Cossell was no racist but he violated a norm thus he was fired.

                Conservatives defending Roseanne are just stupid for defending her.

            3. Howard Cossell got fired for saying an NFL player ran like a monkey. He was a lib.

              Wrong, you idiot. Cosell was never fired from MNF, he quit in April 1984.

      2. “While I am sure most people find the tweet offensive, no one can fail to notice the absurd double standards and hypocrisy going on here. The whole thing no doubt makes the retarded base feel good about themselves, I doubt it does much for their cause.”

        There is a silver lining in it. The left are a large collective asshole, visible from outer space.

    2. Coming from Roseanne or any white trash Trumptard it was all about calling her an “ape/nigger”.

      1. Yeah, and even if that’s what she meant… .It says more about you that you understood it that way than it does about her.

        Even if I’m the only person on earth who doesn’t see race first, I’m still right. Alone, but right.

        1. Roseanne doesn’t know anything about policy so of course it was racist.

          The stupid bitch called herself a Marxist a few years ago.

          1. Well that would fit with her racism.

    3. Roseanne wrote and intended X. Everyone else in the world read and understood X. You read Y, therefore you’re right.

      That’s an interesting stance to take.

      1. Yup. If everyone else in the world thinks 2+2=5, I’m still right in thinking that it is 4.

        And if everyone else in the world looks at Barak Obama and thinks “Wow, there goes a black guy” as their first reaction, that’s still a ridiculous first reaction to have. There’s got to be a hundred other qualities that would come up before skin tone when describing Obama. The same goes for Varlerie Jarrett.

        And the same goes for Planet of the Apes. You have to make a lot of odd leaps to get to racism on that reference. Even if the only thing you got from it was “they have talking apes”, it is still a pretty big leap to get from there to “I’m calling someone who doesn’t really look very black an ape – but only because all black people are kinda like apes and that’s how I’m making it an insult”. It requires a mindset that is completely at odds with the ideals of the MLK “I have a dream” speech. A mindset which, growing up when I did, was what one was supposed to strive for.

        It just isn’t how I think at all. If I saw 10 kids hanging out in a group and one had on a red coat and was Korean – I’d say “the kid in the red coat” to describe him. “Red coat” would be more distinctive to me than “looks Asian”. (assuming he’s the only red coat, obviously).

        And even if nobody else shares my peculiar discernment priorities, mine are still better than the one that looks at Gary Busey and sees “white male” instead of “aging actor with head injury”.

    4. It is always dangerous to have a disagreement with someone who is thinking about something else entirely. Policy vs racism in this case.

    5. Jarrett was a close advisor involved in a crap-ton of terrible foreign policy choices, including drone strikes, Libya, kill lists, secret spying on Americans …. it is a long, long list of authoritarian awfulness. It is stunning that “what she looks like” springs to everyone’s mind.

      You’re thinking too hard about this. Roseanne made fun of the way a minority woman looked in a way that implied she was some kind of human/ape hybrid. Now, emote: how does that make you FEEL. /sarc

  18. Good news on the Caps front?

    Fleury’s statistics are predictably coming back down to earth. He came into the series sporting a 95% save rate. Over the last two games, he’s clocking in around 87%. That’s just a statistical reality. You can’t maintain a 95% save rate like that against top teams forever.

    And it isn’t just that Holtby is saved upwards of 95% last night either. It’s when he made those saves.

    They’ve got us at five on three for a minute and a half? I’ve got this.

    Need the most important save in franchise history? I’ve got that, too. (If Washington wins the series, Caps fans will call that “The Save” forever.

    Ted Williams is supposed to have said something to the effect, “Don’t tell me your batting average. Tell me when you hit ’em”. Was it with guys on base? Was it when we were down a run in the 9th with two outs?

    The bad news for Caps fans is that we’re going home. There’s bad juju in our home stadium. I think it’s the expectations of a collapse. It’s contagious. It spreads from the fans to the players. Bad juju.

    1. That was some game last night. More exciting than the previous goal-fest even.

  19. Meanwhile, high-profile Eagles star Malcom Jenkins, who professes to want criminal justice reform a la his anthem protests, is refusing to go to the White House when Trump welcomes the Super Bowl winners. One must really be a serious person when one passes up a chance to have a conversation with someone with the power to actually do something about the cause one professes.

  20. License plate cameras raised some valid concerns regarding tracking and privacy, but these? Naw. The company double-promises not to turn the data over to the government. Really. They mean it!

    “California’s digital license plates: road to convenience or invasion of privacy?”
    “Smooth and reflective, the tablets display a license plate number when the car is moving and become a customized billboard when it’s parked. The devices could be used to automatically pay for parking and bridge tolls, and track a vehicle if it’s stolen. They could also eliminate the need for registration stickers.”

    1. I believe it was Ben Franklin who said “Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither, but I cannot judge those who would sacrifice liberty to avoid the DMV.”

  21. writes Cathy Young at Forward

    I like that Reason is referencing the Forward. I’ve been reading them for over a year and I think they’re pretty good. However their readership is a strange mix of Zionists and socialists (often combined) and so the bolshies will cry if they sense a closer relationship with dirty pig capitalists. Let it out, let it out, there there.

    1. They aren’t referencing Forward. They are referencing their gal-pal Cathy Young. If she was writing for Pravda, they’d link to her there.

      1. Let it out, let it out, there there.

  22. Roseanne’s defense is simple, and her destruction is just. She made a dumb joke that bombed. She referred to Valerie Jarrett in the same sentence with a reference to an idiotic scifi movie that was about mythical talking apes. She thought Valerie was white, hence it was completely acceptable, even highly encouraged, to compare Valerie to an ape. Who wouldn’t want to insult a white woman? In reality, Valerie is white, at least to the vast majority of people who don’t give the first fuck about Jarrett’s blood line, but secretly black. Roseanne’s humor is popular with the wrong people, so the left despises her. Because the left despises Roseanne it is entirely acceptable, even highly encouraged to destroy her life.


  23. If we ignored stupid second-rate hasbin celebrities, we wouldn’t have politicians at all.


    Interesting write up on the Tommy Robinson case. As bad as the UK law is, it is even worse than that because they are misapplying it. The law says Once proceedings are ‘active’, anything which creates a substantial risk that the course of justice in these proceedings will be seriously prejudiced or impeded will be a contempt of court.

    Robinson stood outside the court, noted that a criminal trial was taking place and gave the names of the defendants and the charges against them. In what universe could that create a substantial risk that the course of justice in these proceedings will be seriously prejudiced or impeded..?

    This is not even the situation that the law was designed to prevent. This is just the UK government punishing an unpopular political activist for reporting a fact that is embarrassing to the government.

    1. Stupid question… why aren’t the officials who covered this up on trial too?

      1. That is a very good question and one no one seems to have an answer to beyond FYTIW

  25. CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta had a small conniption fit on live television over the meeting

    It’s incredible how Trump being in the White House has completely broken this guy–he’s basically become Tony with a press pass. I’m hoping Trump gets re-elected just to see if Acosta decides to incinerate himself in L’Enfant Square in protest.

    1. Interesting that CNN keeps him in that position, even though he clearly has a political agenda and is not an objective reporter of the news.

      1. Trump has declared the press an “enemy of the people” you idiot.

        Of course reporters hate him. They should.

        1. Yeah that is why they hate him. They were so civil and fair minded to other Republicans. It is not like they accused Mitt Romney of giving a woman cancer or George Bush of trying to murder black people during Katrina by allowing the levies to fail and ensuring FEMA didn’t do anything. No. They are not lying partisan sacks of shit or anything.

          1. The press loves John McCain. They like honest politicians (what few there are). Trump is a lying scumbag Con Man.

            1. The press accused John McCain of being a racist and wanting to start World War III when he was running for President. They don’t love John McCain. They see him as a useful idiot.

            2. Are you implying that John McCain is *honest*?

              That’s one of the most horrible things you have ever said.

            3. The press loves John McCain. They like honest politicians (what few there are).

              Oh, bullshit. The press loves McCain when he’s slagging his own voters and party. The minute he was in a position to gain real, actual power, they turned on him like a bunch of wolves.

            4. Explains the claim of an affair with a lobbyist with no evidence.

          2. Hell, I like MCain just for his defense of Obama when some redneck lady called him an “Arab” in the 2008 campaign.

            You can bet that trash voted for Trump.

            1. You like McCain because he saved your obamacare.

      2. “Objective reporter of the news.”
        That’s the long way to say ‘unicorn,’ right?

        Honestly, I’d rather have a consistent reporter with known biases. That can be useful.
        If I know my yardstick is consistently off by x%, I can still use it. If it varies with no perceptible cause, it’s useless. Volumetric flasks are calibrated to temperature as well as volume.

    2. Someone pulled up a tweet from Acosta from a few years ago where he is slobbering all over Obama for meeting with John Legend on criminal justice issues and put it side by side with his outraged tweet over this. The contrast was quite striking.

  26. Liberals Freak Out As Kim Kardashian Visits White House to Talk Criminal Justice Reform

    Does it really matter why? It’s obvious at this point that they freak out about anything and everything Trump related.

    1. I’m pretty sure if Trump rescued three dozen orphans from a burning school bus, the headline would read: “TRUMP LITERALLY TELLS FIRE FIGHTERS TO FUCK OFF”

  27. Here in Georgia yesterday Redneck AM Radio was all filled with Whataboutism like when Joy Behar said Christians were mentally ill if they think Jeeby talks to them.

    Unreal. A racist insult is like criticism of religion. Georgia rednecks are the worst.

    1. Pointing out hypocrisy is not whataboutism you miserable retard. If you are offended by Rosanne, good for you. But if you are not offended by leftists who say equally offensive things, then you are not really offended by Rosanne. You are just an idiot hack mouthing talking points, which we already knew. If you want to have standards, fine. But you can’t have standards unless you are willing to apply them to your own side.

      Basically, you are a racist fuck who would cheer a lynching if you thought it would help your cause. So stop insulting people’s intelligence by pretending you are offended by this.

      1. I am not the least offended by Roseanne, you liar. I live here in a white trash (Red) state. I am used to her type.

        1. Ever heard the expression, “Dumber than Georgia dirt”?

          You’re from Georgia?


        2. This website used statistics to find the ten dumbest cities in Georgia.


        3. Yes Shreek, you are a racist. We know that. I am sure you and your ilk call black people monkeys all of the time. We don’t.

          1. STFU John.

            For others – John calls me a racist because I oppose Affirmative Action.

          2. Does it not make a ton of sense that Shrike treats everyone like they’re the Georgia rednecks in his head?

        4. You’re not offended when a black woman is compared to an ape?


  28. Let me guess, the same people freaking out of Kardashian visiting the White House are many of the same people who think Oprah would make a good president…

    1. Well of course.
      Oprah gives stuff away and ‘cares.’
      Kim K. makes money.
      For a certain category of people, the distinction is both stark and significant.

    2. The comedic possibilities are endless.

      Trump might guarantee his reelection if he waited for the press conference and then grabbed Kim’s ass on live TV.

      He could send out a tweet that says, “Kim Kardashian’s ass is so big, when you climb on top of it, your ears pop!”

      Or, he could use lines from Mel Brooks’ History of the World in the press conference.

      Break the fourth wall and say, “It’s good to be the king”.

      1. “Now, *that* is the Black ass Valerie wishes she had!”

    3. Oprah would suck.

      Trump has ruined it for any TV personality jackass.

  29. Incidentally even Kim Kardashian looks more professional and suited to that office than he does.

    That’s horseshit. Kim looks like she showed up to a funeral. She’s one light rain away from being Cher or the girl from The Ring. Trump, on the other hand, couldn’t be more coordinated to the office if he tried. From his hair matching the curtains to his skin tone matching the carpet, it practically looks like he’s wearing the room. Like two seconds before the photo was taken, he was standing next to the presidential flag behind him and no one could see him.

    The part that’s more absurdly backwards is that, between his hands and Kim’s shoulder pads, they appear to be in roughly the same weight class. It looks like her girdle is working as hard as his.

    1. Trump looks like a mannequin of the “ideal President” placed in the office for a photo shoot. You are absolutely right about that. Saying that Trump doesn’t look suited to the office in that picture is pure Trump Derangement Syndrome.

      1. To flabby, old, fake-tanned, toupee-wearing white guys, Trump probably does evoke the “ideal President” look.

        1. I am not one of those. I don’t just make more money than you, I am likely better looking and in better physical condition than you. This is why you have to obtain your self-esteem from your politics; you got to have something.

        2. I have no desire to look like Trump, for a guy to look like Trump, or for a president to look like Trump. He looks prototypically Presidential and, more directly to my point, Kim is in no way dressed for the occasion while Trump literally appears coordinated to the room (or vice versa). If the Obamas showed up to a White House event, they’d both be dressed more like Trump than Kim.

          Any preferences for flabby, old, fake-tanned, toupee-wearing white guys or to represent yourself as a Kardashian are your own.


    It appears the SJWs have sunk their fangs into the hard sciences. Now they can make the new dark ages they so fervently desire actually dark.

    1. What could go wrong?

    2. I suppose you can’t build the New Soviet Man if you don’t own the tools to do so.

    3. see “Are We All Unconscious Racists?,” Autumn 2017

      On the plus side, as a conscious racist, I can probably skip that one.

      I’m not entirely convinced this is a bad thing and/or not the inevitable yin and yang of things. While the notion of science being inherently patriarchal is pure bullshit, it has been elitest and abysmally credentialist for quite some time. Which is to say that I don’t exactly disagree that a “patriarchy” or other walled garden has been set up around it. The men and women who can truly out-think even 5 or 10 people working as a group against them are rather rare and the ones who can out think 100 or 1,000 and should be cloistered in ivory towers to think for decades on end are even more rare. The thousands of adult children cluttering up research labs because they like playing doctor, on the other hand, might be forced to go out into the real world and get jobs they don’t like, do them well, and demand exceptional pay for doing jobs they don’t like.

    4. This is what happens when the farcical social “sciences” are allowed to steal that association. Just another skin suit as per iowahawk.

  31. Trump to Pardon Dinesh! There is a little adjustment to unfair punishment.

    1. Dinesh got all of the luck any man deserves when he dodged Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter.

      1. That’s a nice visual. Dinesh sandwiched in an erotic threesome between Ann and Laura.

        1. Doesn’t Ingram play on the other team? NTTAWWT

          1. Apparently she once dated Kieth Olberman, so who knows what that means? And Ann Coulter might have a penis, so there are many interesting possibilities.

            1. If Ingram was on our team before, no one could blame her for going to the other side after dating Olberman.

              Ingram never got married and has always been a bit cagey about that stuff. That is a pretty big contrast to most of the women who are conservative talking heads. The rumor has always been that was because she played on the other team.

  32. Everyone is calling it prison reform but she is only trying to get one person out of jail quit making it sound bigger than it is.

  33. Valerie Jarrett calls for turning Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet into ‘teaching moment’

    Jarrett … had been the target of false allegations that she practiced Islam during her tenure in the Obama administration.

    So, she practiced Islam *before* but not *during* her tenure? Isn’t that a mortal sin?

    1. Lesson: Never compare a white woman to a scifi ape?

      1. Sorry, she’s not white either.

    2. So wait, she’s a Muslim now? Well then, I guess she’s not black or Iranian.

      1. Can’t you be a black or Iranian Muslim? That is going to come as a hell of a surprise to a lot of people. Has anyone told Louis Farakahn about this?

        1. Someone certainly ought to.

    3. Why did she stop practicing Islam? is she ashamed of it? Is practicing Islam incompatible with public service?

    4. Jarrett is probable agnostic or atheist – which makes her smarter than some Bible-Beater.

      1. Jarett says she was and is a Muslim. Is she lying here? Do you know better?

        1. Contrary to common rumor, however, neither Jarrett nor her parents are Iranian, nor (as far as we can tell) are any of them Muslim. Jarrett’s parents, James E. Bowman and Barbara Taylor Bowman, were both American-born U.S. citizens from Washington, D.C. and Chicago, respectively; the couple merely lived in Iran for about six years in the late 1950s and early 1960s while James served as chair of pathology at Nemazee Hospital in Shiraz as part of a program that sent American physicians to work in developing countries.

          Snopes says you are full of shit.

          But I know how much you wingnuts hate facts and fact checkers.

          1. Just because she is not Iranian doesn’t mean she isn’t a Muslim. And so what if she is? Is there any group you are not bigoted against?

            1. She isn’t a Muslim.

              Why do you wingnuts need to lie about everything?

              1. She certainly doesn’t appear to be a Muslim. She was married at home by a judge, not in a religious ceremony. The only other reference to her religion I could find was that a great grandparent was jewish.

                But she is Iranian. She was born in Iran. She may not be ethnically Persian, but she’s Iranian and American by birth.

                And in “finding your roots” on PBS she learned that she was also Irish and Native American by ethnicity, among others. And that her great, great, great grandfather was a slave owner who’s son was able to send his grandson to MIT to become the first African American graduate of that institution… and he then went on to help build the Tuskegee Institute.

                She’s got a pretty interesting family tree.

          2. Snopes says you are full of shit.

            LOL! If Snopes says Snopes is full of shit does the internet implode?

  34. “It is telling that no mainstream figure anywhere on the political spectrum has come to Barr’s defense, while everyone from Bill O’Reilly to Tomi Lahren have condemned her,” writes Cathy Young at Forward.

    I can’t find the quote, but somebody once said something to the effect of if you want to know where the power lies, look at what you’re not allowed to joke about. Everybody’s condemning the vile, reprehensible, beyond-the-pale thing that Roseanne said, but they’re also repeating what she said. How vile, reprehensible and beyond-the-pale could it be if you’re repeating it on TV and printing it in family newspapers? If Roseanne had said Jarrett was a dirty fucking nigger, how many times do you think you would have seen and heard that uncensored quote? You’d see “the ‘f’ word” and “the ‘n’ word”, “f—–g n—-r” and “words we can’t repeat here” – things that would indicate what she said really was vile and reprehensible and beyond the pale. But to be sure, we all have to get our virtue-signaling in so that nobody thinks *we’re* as vile and reprehensible and beyond-the-pale as Roseanne, who said something mildly racist. And they’re just going to keep pushing the definition of” things you’re not allowed to say” until you learn to keep your head down, your mouth shut and your opinions to yourself lest the mob stone you.

    1. “if you want to know where the power lies, look at what you’re not allowed to joke about”


      Seriously, if you want to hear the phrase “dirty f***ing n****r,” you can probably find some black musician singing it, maybe calling himself one. You know, like “crazy-ass n****r.”

      Or has that fad gone out of fashion?

      1. Really, you don’t even have to look for it, you can probably come across a driver who is courteous enough to blare it out of his car’s speakers.

    2. Jerry

      That is probably the smartest thing I have read about this. I am serious. I never thought about the issue of repeating the joke. That is a brilliant and truthful point.

  35. Reason Quote: “No one I’ve encountered thinks Kardashian can usher in the serious, dramatic types of reform we need. But can she set something in motion?”

    Short of her ass in a booty shake, no she cannot.

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