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Georgia Gubernatorial Race Features First Black Female Nominee and Man Who Pledged to Round Up Immigrants In His Truck: Reason Roundup

Plus: The FBI exaggerated encryption problems and Congress rolls back Dodd-Frank.


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Tuesday election results. Tuesday saw primaries and runoffs in Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, and Texas. The most attention-grabbing result comes from Georgia, where former state House minority leader Stacey Abrams won the Democratic nomination for governor. If she wins, she'll be the first black female governor in the U.S.; she is already "the first black woman to be a major party's candidate for governor," notes The Week. "She will face the winner of a July Republican runoff between Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and Secretary of State Brian Kemp in an election that will test whether the state's politics have shifted enough for a liberal Democrat to win after more than a decade of Republican rule."

Cagle and Kemp competed in a five-way contest notable for "the candidates [trying] to one-up each other on who would be toughest on immigration," reports NBC.

One of Cagle's ads featured images of MS-13 gang tattoos and guns being fired at the screen, while Kemp pledged to round up undocumented immigrants in his "big truck." A third contestant, state Sen. Michael Williams, outfitted an entire "deportation bus" for the purpose.

Abrams won against Stacey Evans "in a primary that pitted competing visions for the future of the Democratic Party against each other," writes Sean Sullivan in The Washington Post. Abrams "ran on a liberal platform, while Evans, also a former state legislator, rooted her pitch in being able to win over crossover voters in the general election. The AP called the race with 30 percent of precincts reporting; Abrams led with 74 percent of the vote at that point."

In Kentucky, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray—who unsuccessfully challenged Rand Paul in 2016—lost the Democratic nomination for a seat in Congress to former fighter pilot and first-time candidate Amy McGrath. Record producer Hank Linderman also won a Democratic congressional nod, in the state's second district.

Current Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson fended off a challenger with 72 percent of the vote.


The FBI has been lying about encrypted cell phones. A Washington Post investigation finds that the FBI "has repeatedly provided grossly inflated statistics to Congress and the public about the extent of problems posed by encrypted cellphones." The agency claimed that encryption prohibited it from accessing 7,800 phones tied to criminal investigations last year. The actual number was somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000, according to the Post.

FBI Director Christopher A. Wray has repeatedly cited the imaginary 7,800 inaccessible phones as a reason why tech companies should make "back doors" to encrypted devices that allow them to be accessed by law enforcement.


Ditching Dodd-Frank. Congress voted yesterday to roll back several bits of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, thereby freeing up banks from regulations passed in the wake of Great Recession. "The bill chips away at several parts of the Dodd-Frank Act," explains Reason's Eric Boehm.

The most significant changes are targeted towards small banks. Those with less than $250 billion in assets are exempted from Dodd-Frank's so-called "enhanced prudential standards"—strict regulations regarding liquidity, risk management, and capital meant to serve as a "stress test" for banks' balance sheets. It would also exempt banks with less than $10 billion in assets from the so-called Volcker Rule, which limits speculative investments.

Other major parts of the Dodd-Frank law remain unchanged, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the so-called Durbin Amendment, which imposed price controls on debit card fees and has been blamed for reducing the availability of free checking accounts.


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  1. If she wins, she’ll be the first black female governor in the U.S…

    We’ve already had a black president. This is a step down.

    1. Sheeeiitt. We’ve already had a black female president.

    2. No, dude, black AND female. She gets the multiplier bonus.

      1. It’s called intersectionality, shitlord.

      2. She is a dude and a female? I don’t know how anyone could compete with that

        1. Gavin Grimm could, maybe.

        2. +1 Jamie Lee Curtis

    3. I thought Bobby Rush said he wasn’t black enough?

    4. South Carolina already elected a black man and an Indian governor. The notion that a black woman can’t win in the South is bullshit. A Republican black woman would win with 75% of the vote.

      1. Exactly. The black lady running for governor in Georgia is a filthy socialist, which is why she won’t win.

        1. One can only dream

  2. The FBI has been lying about encrypted cell phones.

    Hashtag #Trump’sFBI

  3. “See what happens, whether or not it happens. If it does, it’ll be great. It’d be a great thing for North Korea. And if it doesn’t that’s okay too. Whatever it is, it is”

    Don Delillo is his ghost-tweeter.

    1. You sure it’s not Doris Day?

      1. How would that help me imply that I know who Don Delillo is and that I “get” him regardless of whether the comparison makes any sense at all?

  4. Do we need to diversify our digital archives?

    I’m still stuck over here trying to digitize our diversity archives!

  5. A transgender student’s lawsuit against Virginia’s Glouchester County School Board can go forward, a federal judge said yesterday.

    I don’t see why it’s necessary to note the student’s gender status, Elizabeth.

    1. I laughed.

    2. Um, because the lawsuit is about transgender restroom rights?

  6. Simply going by stuff I have seen written on public bathroom walls, Georgia appears to be one of the most racist states.

    1. How can that be? Georgia’s going to have the first black woman governor in history!

    2. Chipper was shocked and appalled at how racist his graffiti was in that Atlanta truck stop restroom

    3. I lived in Georgia for the entire 90’s with my ex wife. As an interracial couple we never heard a single utterance from any white person about our relationship. We regularly went to country bars up in (then) all-white Kennesaw, hiked the mountains, had a nice view of the stone mountain monument from our front yard, played in the largest tennis league in the country (ALTA), golfed together at exclusive clubs, sat behind the dugout at Braves games, camped all over the south, and never once did anyone even look at us cross-eyed.

      The African-American community…. well, let’s just say that a decent number of the fellows felt empowered to comment on our relationship, for good or ill. Mostly it was along the lines of “wow, that’s your woman? She’s a fine looking sister”. Every now and again guys would hit on her in the form of “you should stick with your own kind”. (pro-tip…. that’s never going to work as a pickup line).

      So based on my life experience… nah. Not so much.

      1. Did you get divorced recently? I remember last time you referring to her as your wife. If so, I am sorry it didn’t work out.

        1. Not recently, but I’m sorry too. We had a full-term stillbirth and another five miscarriages. After all that, she’d had enough. She couldn’t be around me without thinking of dead babies, so she took off on a Sunday without a word. The adoption agency called 3 days later to say they had a baby for us. Nobody said life was fair.

          1. Damn, that sucks. Sorry to hear this.

            1. FWIW, our first died soon after birth and if anything it strengthened our relationship, but I don’t know if I could do it after five more miscarriages. That’s just heartbreaking.

              1. That sort of experience does give you a super-power. You can see another couple at an event and make eye-contact and just know….

          2. So sorry to hear that, Cyto.

          3. Holy crap, I did not expect such a gut-punch answer. I am really sorry to hear that. I hope you find true love again soon and I hope the experience made you a more refined person without instilling bitterness.

            1. It was a long while ago. After a 15 year relationship, it took 3 years to become human again…. but I’ve been married again for over a decade and have 3 beautiful and talented children. But it still hurts every time I pick at that scab. I haven’t mentioned it in many years…. I’m not sure if I ever have mentioned it online.

              I learned a lot. But I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. One of the rare cases where it is better to be ignorant.

              1. Thanks for sharing but it seems to have worked out for you in the end.

        2. Black folk are more race-conscious and racist than whites. Of course, that might upset the resident rainbow coalition types.

    4. The scrawling-graffiti-on-bathroom-walls group is a powerful voting bloc.

  7. Other major parts of the Dodd-Frank law remain unchanged, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the so-called Durbin Amendment, which imposed price controls on debit card fees and has been blamed for reducing the availability of free checking accounts.

    Congress doesn’t want to be known as deregulators when the next one hits.

  8. A Washington Post investigation finds that the FBI “has repeatedly provided grossly inflated statistics to Congress and the public about the extent of problems posed by encrypted cellphones.”

    Probably the ones who don’t want to remove Trump from office. We can still safely rely on what the other ones say.

    1. It was just a couple rogue agents. Nothing to see here, folks

  9. Kemp pledged to round up undocumented immigrants in his “big truck.”

    This is the most Georgian phrase i have ever read.

    1. Isn’t lc1789 from Georgia? Coincidence?

      1. So are shreek and, i believe, SIV, and a handful of other regulars. That state is a hot mess.

        1. Georgia is the Florida of Georgia.

          1. Yet everyone wants to come to Georgia.

            Plus, it might have the first black woman governor in history!

            1. Is that what Georgians tell themselves? I’ve never heard anyone say that.

              1. Yet Georgia is building houses like crazy. We have record prostitution happening in Atlanta. Its all good!

                All sorts of out-of-state plates in local areas not just the interstate.

                I especially find the new Georgians shy to admit where they moved from. They realize now how bad California and NY are after moving here.

                1. Hrm…

                  According to, Georgia is growing faster then the US as a whole (7.6% growth from 2010 to 2017, compared to 5.5% for the US as a whole).

                  It’s also slightly younger and more female (1 or 2% points)

                  On race, it’s actually less white (61.2% vs. US 76.9%) and more black (32.% vs. 13.3%). Other races are all less then US as whole, including mixed race.

                  Lower foreign-born persons (9.8% vs. 13.2%)

                  Lower owner-occupied housing unit (62.8% vs. 63.6%) and home value ($152,400 vs. $184,700)

                  Higher persons-per-household (2.72 vs. 2.64)

                  Less educated. (85.8% vs. 87.0% for high school or higher, 29.4% vs 30.3% for bachelor’s or higher)

                  More disabled and with less health insurance (8.8% disabled vs 8.6%, 14.8% without insurance vs. 10.1%)

                  Lower labor-force participation (62.3% vs. 63.1%)

                  Lower median household income ($51,037 vs $55.322)

                  More in poverty (16% vs. 12.7%)

                  1. I would wait for 2020 census numbers. Georgia has grown a lot since 2010. The mid decade Census info is probably off.

          2. Georgia is Florida’s bladder, Brunswick is the pubic bone, and I-75 is its urethra.

            1. And so the Florida Keys are the foreskin, and the Everglades are … just Ewww.

              1. It’s okay, you can type “smegma.”

      2. Yup Georgia. Kemp is not me.

        I voted for the wacky Libertarian guy, Ted Metz. His website sucks.

        1. ” wacky Libertarian guy ”

          Triply redundant. You can just say libertarian in the future.

          1. Don’t you mean doubly redundant?

            Triply redundant would be wacky libertarian guy with poor social skills.

            1. Quadruply redundant would be wacky libertarian guy with poor social skills who has a need to correct people in online forums

          2. He’s not that bad but his website needs serious work.

    2. Is that the immigrant-eating monster truck from that one commercial?

    3. The most Georgian thing I ever heard was:
      Sakartvelo aris q’velaze didi kveq’ana msoplioshi.

      1. Check out Dzugashvili over here.

        1. Sheni deda.

          1. Check out Mr. Has Google Translate Open In Another Tab over here.

            1. Well duh. Did you think I actually spoke that fucked up language? The script is pretty cool, though. Looks like it’s straight outta Tolkien.

              1. Chernaya Zhizn!

    4. If the Georgia Dems have a lick of sense they’ll be donating heavily to Kemp’s campaign. Cagle’s a bog standard (Georgia) Republican, Kemp was one right up until he figured jumping on the Trump bandwagon was the way to win. Kemp has decided to make himself look like a cringe-worthy caricature of a red-neck moron and the Dems would do well to exploit that. Keep in mind Georgia (like most of the Deep South) only recently started making it where openly identifying yourself as a Republican was slightly more respectable than identifying yourself as a child molester, so “Democrat” is not quite the dirty word it is elsewhere – Sam Nunn and Zell Miller were both Democrats well to the right of half the RINO’s in Congress today.

      1. I love how pledging to actually enforce the law and take actions supported by the majority of the country now makes you a crazy redneck. But hey, I am sure that allowing leftists to move the Overton Window will never harm Libertarian causes.

        1. He’s full of it anyway.
          Could spend the entire campaign loading up his truck and not even clear out Norcross, let alone Doraville or Chamblee (semi-affectionately known as Chambodia… But I think the Hispanics have since won)

          1. I think he is trying to make a larger point that he is serious about the issue. I don’t think he means to literally do it.

            1. John, relative to your point about virtue signaling (thank you for saying I don’t), chemjeff now claims that being an anarcho-free enterprise guy isn’t as important as the reason why one is an anarchist.

              Its as if you wrote the script, and he came along, read the script, auditioned, and got the part.

              He, like a couple of others, fundamentally distorted my complaint that Whole Foods was not providing outstanding customer service by hiring employees who do not have good English communication skills and putting those employees in a position where they have to engage in inter-personal communication with Whole Foods’ customers, the vast majority of which are English speakers. That is not a good business practice, it demonstrates that the company is not committed to providing outstanding customer service.

              Chemjeff read my complaint as demeaning to the dignity of individuals. That there is some abject virtue signaling.

              In a free society, people have a right to be critical of any business that would hire analphabet Hispanics who have poor English communication skills and who are put in a position to have to communicate with English speaking patrons.

              What type of perosn would then construe such criticism as bigoted, racist, or demeaning of dignity?
              A person more committed to the ethos of a Jesse Jackson, an Al Sharpton, a Hillary Clinton, a Rachael Dolezhal, a Susan Brownmiller, an Elizabeth Warren, or a Chavez than to the ethos of liberty.

              1. What type of perosn would then construe such criticism as bigoted, racist, or demeaning of dignity?

                Oh for crying out loud. You’re from Boston, everybody knows you’re a racist. Just be free to be who you are without complaining about what everyone else thinks of you.

                1. Spark, I’ve been making my own kind of music my whole life.

                  Besides, I am from Newport.

                  1. Besides, I am from Newport.

                    Yeah right, I might have believed you if you said Newton.

                    1. Newport is not exclusively Bellevue Avenue and summer cottages and Bailey’s Beach and the Newport Country Club (home of the first United States Open Gold Championship in 1895) and the International Tennis Hall of Fame and the host of the America’s Cup for generations and where Claus von Bulow was tried for murder; to the contrary, Newport also features the proverbial other side of the tracks, a manifestation of which transpired in the spring of 1979, when a Vanderbilt heiress, who joined a tenant’s union and participated in a tenants’ march in front of City Hall because her landlord, who had flunked out of high school only to become the Sheriff of Newport County, was raising her rent at the Mailands estate by 900%, which was covered by network news, including NBC’s Douglas Kiker, who happened to knock on the door of a young LM’s boyhood home looking for LM’s dad, who represented the Sheriff, for comment.

              2. The kind of person who views virtue signaling as the most important thing in life. That is who. Everything is just a vehicle for him to assert his moral superiority over others. So, your reasonable expectation that people you do business with in this country speak your language must be racist. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to assert his moral superiority over you.

                1. Hey, what did you think of the Rockets last night?

                  Chris Paul showed me something. Of course, if he wants Mr. O’Brien’s trophy, he is going to have to show us a whole lot more.

                  Are the Caps going to pull it off tonight?

                  1. I was shocked by the Rockets. I didn’t even watch that game. I had great hopes for them beating the Warriors but gave up on them. They apparently ran the Warriors into the ground using only a six man rotation. The Warriors got tired and scored only 12 points in the fourth quarter. That is real guts and makes me think maybe they can win.

                    And I think the Caps will win. This is their year. If it wasn’t, they would have rolled over in game 6.

                    1. I stayed up and watched the whole game and am paying for it now. What the Rockets did was impressive. Before the game, Ernie and Chuck and Kenny were asking whether Chris Paul was prepared to take the next step.

                      FOE must be pulling for Tampa tonight. It will kill him if the Caps win.

              3. No, Libertymike. What made your comment especially outrageous is that you explicitly said that non-English-speaking customers shouldn’t even be served at all by American businesses.

                Let’s review what you wrote yesterday: “In the United States, businesses should cater first to English speaking people, native or otherwise, and then, if at all, to people speaking other languages.”

                You explicitly place English speakers at the top of the social hierarchy. That’s not ‘virtue-signaling’, those are your own words. Own up to what you actually believe. In your complaint, you were pissed off that Whole Foods didn’t have someone at the ready that could *immediately* serve you (even though there was an English-speaking employee there, just occupied at the time). Your mild inconvenience was an utter tragedy in your mind. YOUR needs and YOUR desires come first before everyone else’s. THEIR needs and THEIR desires don’t matter at all to you. That’s the problem. It isn’t really about the liberty itself. We both agree that they should have the liberty to hire whomever they like. It is about the fundamental reasons behind wanting that liberty in the first place. You don’t view the liberty of others as important as your own liberty. In that sense I don’t view you as a reliable defender of liberty as someone who believes in the individual dignity and self-worth of all people, not just one’s self.

                1. No, once again, you are engaging in deliberate distortion.

                  First, in my original post, I complained about Whole Foods’ lack of concern for its English speaking patronage by its hiring of employees who have poor English communication skills and putting such employees in a position where they have to communicate with the company’s English speaking customers. That, in and of itself, hardly constitutes support for the proposition that I do not care about other people’s liberty.

                  Second, I patiently waited for approximately 20 minutes until the English speaking employee was able to assist me. I chose to wait that time because the analphabet Hispanic employee and the Bangladesh woman had horrible English communication skills. That you are attempting to make this about me being impatient is further evidence of your distortion.

                  Third, that I think that businesses in the United States should cater first to English speaking people does not thereby mean that I “place English speakers at the top of the social hierarchy.”
                  You attempt to characterize my opinion from one that is predicated upon common sense and the notion that a business should be more concerned about providing outstanding customer service than fidelity into a position rooted in racism and bigotry.

                  1. Fourth, you seem to have omniscience regarding what constitutes an inconvenience. You have not problem dictating what is or is not a legitimate inconvenience. How Cult-Marxist of you.

                    That I was inconvenienced by Whole Foods’ lack of concern for its customers is immaterial to you. That is no surprise as you don’t appear to care for the plight of white, English speakers who do not want to just roll over and take whatever blows diversitopiods deliver.

                    Fifth, you are the one characterizing my experience as “an utter tragedy.” That you would choose to deliberately distort that which I wrote, demonstrates that you are more committed to making virtue signaling points than you are to liberty. Mendacious characterizations go way beyond hyperbole.

                    Sixth, the NAP is greater than anti-racism.

                    1. Break down your thinking chemjeff.

                      You aver that because I insist upon a business hiring employees who have good English communication skills if the employees are going to be interacting with English speaking patrons, I somehow value the liberty and dignity of others less than that of myself.

                      That is wholly illogical, born of multi-cultural rot.

                    2. You aver that because I insist upon a business hiring employees who have good English communication skills if the employees are going to be interacting with English speaking patrons

                      Another vote for the “elites” and their fancypants standard English?

                      What about applicants with dense drawls, or the subliterate goobers and their random capitalization, Tea Party spelling, and backwoods grammar?

                    3. Don’t hire them, either.

                    4. Oh give me a break. Context matters. Your entire Whole Foods rant was prefaced by your declaration that “I DO NOT WANT MORE IMMIGRANTS” and you also note that “you make the mistake of making the normative assertion that bigotry, per se, is antithetical to the principles of anarcho-free associational liberty”, suggesting that bigotry is a big reason why you are interested in liberty.

                      The progressive views bigotry as a pernicious social evil that must be stamped out by force if necessary.
                      I view bigotry as a regrettable consequence of the exercise of liberty, but using force to eliminate it does more harm than good.
                      You, evidently, view bigotry as a positive reason for favoring liberty.

                      Spare me your pleas that you don’t actually favor a social hierarchy with you at the top and the non-English-speakers at the bottom.

  10. A transgender student’s lawsuit against Virginia’s Glouchester County School Board can go forward, a federal judge said yesterday.

    IT’S GLOUCESTER. Pronounced “glaw stir.”

    My cousin lives there. He has a horse in his yard.

    1. A good place to keep a horse. Where do yanks keep them? Indoors?

      1. In this day and age, a horse is a fairly unusual item to keep at all.

        1. More of the NoVA elite, out of touch with anything that isn’t D.C.

        2. In this day and age, a horse is a fairly unusual item to keep at all.

          Not in Loudon County

          1. Loudoun County is a weird-ass place, though.

    2. Dr. Foster went to Gloucester, all on a summer’s day
      The King of Hearts, he made some tarts, and frightened Miss Muffet away

  11. Kudos to ENB. Excellent morning links with a nice diversity of topics and sources. Well done.

    1. ENB always delivers. Good work ethic.

      1. She really puts out.

    2. No sex links

      1. Uh, the second item clearly indicates how badly the FBI would like to be able to fuck everybody.

      2. Here you go. Another teacher getting busted for doing students:…..udent.html

        High school me definitely would, with zero hesitation.

        1. The Daily Mail has excellent U. S. coverage.

    3. “Kudos to ENB. Excellent morning links with a nice diversity of topics and sources. Well done.”

      I was just about to point out that this is the worst round-up since the new format.

      This round-up could have been posted to Salon–both in subject matter and takes on those subjects.

      Who do you want–the first black female or a redneck in his immigrant-hatin’ truck?

      How much you wanna bet it’s more complicated than that?

      The story about how Trump has firm demands of his own for a summit with Kim is reduced to a CNN tweet suggesting that he’s wishy-washy on whether there will even be a summit?

      If I wanted to read Salon, I’d go to Salon.

      1. Well, if we are gonna talk about what we aren’t talking about… I’ll echo that, but amplify it even more. That the media is seemingly blind to the magnitude of the overreach taking place at the FBI right now just boggles the mind. They have transmorgrified “find out about Russian interferenc” into a scorched-earth policy of “get Trump at all costs”, and nobody seems to notice. They are raiding the President’s personal attorney’s office over a possible interpretation that a payment in a private agreement might be an illegal campaign contribution? Every syllable of that is unrelated to an investigation into Russian interference.

        And what of the DNC and Clinton campaign consorting with Russian intelligence and British intelligence in order to get “dirt” on their political opponents? That’s actually all public record. But we aren’t gonna investigate that?

        1. This latest round of revelations in the NYT where they admit to sending a spy into the Trump campaign is amazing. Not a whisper from any in the media about the unprecedented nature of everything we are seeing? They actually cover for them, claiming that the spy is actually an informant (therefore Trump is a liar for claiming he was spied upon.)

          This whole thing is an historic mess, and it is stunning that none of the progressive journalists seem to be worried about it. This whole thing was way over the line back when Obama administration officials admitted to setting up classified information to be leaked to the press post-inauguration. That’s way beyond a prank of popping the “w” keys off of the keyboards. This was an actual, no-kidding conspiracy to undermine the next president. And you don’t have to be a nutter to believe in it, because they detail what they did and why they did it in the New York Times. Where are the principled liberals? They don’t even seem to be able to see that this is a problem.

          1. This whole thing is an historic mess, and it is stunning that none of the progressive journalists seem to be worried about it.

            In fairness, one Progressive Journalist, Glen Greenwald seems to care. I never had much use for Greenwald but you really have to respect him for his work on this issue. He has principles and balls.

            What is really shocking is how many people on the right and libertarian side of things don’t seem to care. Reason has not voiced a single note of concern over this. That to me is stunning. The Sullumn article last night has to be the worst thing Reason has ever published. For as crazy and stupid as people like Dalmia and Chapman are, you can at least argue that they are taking a libertarian position. Sullumn is flat out taking the side of unaccountable prosecutors and the use of FBI and Intelligence Community assets to spy on Americans. It is quite remarkable that a professed libertarian magazine would publish such a piece.

            1. I missed it last night, so based on your recommendation I gave it a read just now.

              I don’t agree that it is the worst thing ever. There’s lots of worst to go around.

              But it is pretty willfully ignorant of what is happening. To complain about Trump “demanding” an investigation when the Obama administration was actively spying on his campaign using multiple intelligence agencies….. well, that’s a bit much.

              Also, he uses the term “informant” to refer to the spy that was sent to infiltrate the Trump campaign. This is a giveaway. There is no way to bend the definition of “informant” to include this guy. He was a spy. Playing the spin game with the FBI and the DNC operatives in the media to imply that Trump was lying when he called him a spy goes beyond expressing an opinion on the propriety of Trump’s demand. That’s taking sides in a political fight. And it is taking the wrong side on this one. They sent a spy into the opposing campaign. That’s Nixon times 1,000. There’s no sugar coating it.

              There is so much motivated reasoning going on with so many smart folks rationalizing away inexplicably awful behavior. It is really stunning. It is like that brief period after the OJ Simpson trial when certain people were hanging on to the notion that he didn’t murder his ex.

              1. This paragraph is what makes it the worst article reason has ever published in my opinion.

                The fact that he has the right to open or close investigations at will, of course, does not mean he would be right to do so. In an upcoming article, Fordham University law professor Bruce Green and New York Law School professor Rebecca Roiphe argue that “the Department of Justice is independent of the President, and its decisions in individual cases and investigations are largely immune from his interference or direction.” That situation, they say, “does not result from any explicit constitutional or legislative mandate” but is instead “based on an evolving understanding of prosecutorial independence and professional norms,” which serve as “a fundamental check on presidential power.”

                Sullumn is claiming that DOJ decisions to prosecute are totally immune from supervision by elected officials. DOJ could be railroading an innocent person or abusing its power to every extent possible, and according to Sullumn not even the President could stop them. This in spite of the fact that the Constitution gives the President the power and responsibility to supervise the executive because there is an “evolving understanding of prosecutorial independence and professional norms”. That is frightening and appalling stuff.

                1. Reason’s editorial stance has been against the notion of a unitary executive. Of course, an out of control Justice Department does show what the danger of that is.

                  Also, an “evolving standard” untied to to any statutory or constitutional mandate means pulled out of some legal theorist’s nether regions and has no legal standing.

                  1. “Evolving standard” means “we have broken the law enough that we can now call it standard practice”. It is how tyrannies happen.

  12. The agency claimed that encryption prohibited it from accessing 7,800 phones tied to criminal investigations last year. The actual number was somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000, according to the Post.

    Irrelevant. Any number greater than 1 is too many.

    1. Even if they can break the encryption eventually, every hour spent hacking a phone is another hour that the guilty run free. And that is not justice.

      Ebolish all privacy now.

  13. Again with the Grimm case: if sex segregated facilities are illegal discrimination, why are gender segregated facilities not? If everyone should be legally considered androgynous, then why the insistance that using facilities reserved for males are the only acceptable outcome?

    1. Solution: for all public-accessible facilities, replace indoor bathrooms with a single hole out front.

      1. The case is about more than restrooms. The plaintiff is also demanding to be roomed with males on overnight school trips. Apparently, having a room to oneself painfully reminds Grimm that she is not biologically male.

        1. Which makes one wonder why the school couldn’t sit down with the parents and work out a solution that works for everybody. If he has classmates who are willing to room with him and the parents all sign off on it, they could have very easily gotten out of this mess without making a federal case of it.

          I suppose that is giving government functionaries way too much credit.

          And I don’t know how I’d feel about my son rooming with him on a field trip. Not because of any weird transphobic terrors, but because they’ve already proven to be the kind of people who will make mountains of molehills and make insults into legal cases. That’s a lot of risk to take based on a desire to make one kid feel accepted. Then your son makes an off-color remark and he’s getting kicked out of school or worse.

          It seems they have set up a lose-lose situation.

          1. My understanding of this case is that the school was largely willing to make accommodations for Grimm’s condition, but Grimm found any situation that did not unequivocally treat her as a boy was unacceptable.

          2. They aren’t trying to work out a solution, they are trying to cement themselves as woke champions of civil rights

            1. They are trying to shove their version of the truth down everyone’s throat. It is either full acceptance of whatever they say and any lie they tell or nothing. There is no accommodation with these people.

              1. The whole transgender bathroom thing seems to have been designed to be a wedge issue forced upon more conservative states to embarrass them. Transgendered persons are a very small minority (at most 1% of the population), and there is no reason they and their parents couldn’t have privately worked something out with the school officials to provide accommodation.

                1. Again, the dispute is far wider than just restrooms.

                  The parents refused any accommodation that did not give them precisely what their child demanded.

                  You cannot blame the school for not finding an accommodation if the other side is totally refusing any compromise.

                2. Yes Nick, they are forcing it. And Theodore Dalrymple explains why.

                  In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.

                  Transgenderism is a perfect example of what he is talking about here.

      2. So a latrine? That sure would provide shovel-ready jobs.

        1. And shovel ready jobs on the back-end too.

      3. West Virginia already has a pilot program started for other states to copy.

      4. Isn’t replacing “a single hold out front” what started this whole thing?

        1. dammit… *hole

        2. Yes and as a plumber I can’t wait till the SJW types find out how gender specific and problematic the plumbing in their houses are. Female adapters having a male end forcible inserted into, without any consent by the female adapter! They should be boycotting all indoor plumbing until these patriarchal terms are eliminated.

          1. The better news is that every business and public facility in America is going to have to replace their bathrooms with single person models. That should make it one hell of a time to be a plumber. And both Reason and tons of their readers assure me this is a good solution and not forcing people to spend money where they otherwise would not because the cost of doing that comes from special tranny fairy dust.

            1. Having to build multiple restrooms with at least a lavatory, a water closet, and a possibly a urinal, including at least one stall with ADA fixtures, full walls and locking full size doors won’t be any problem. Especially converting all existing buildings with gang restrooms.

              1. It would cost hundreds of billions of dollars. All to placate a small, disturbed but vocal minority. I am going to go out on a limb here and say people have better things to do with their money.

          2. +1

            Electronics too.
            Rape everywhere

    2. I’m not sure what you are saying, but I also find this legal reasoning confusing.

      First, they are citing “equal protection”. I’m not exactly sure how “equal protection under the law’ applies to being able to choose either men’s or women’s facilities. They have a definition based on the plumbing of the body and not the psychology of the mind. From this it equally applies. If you want to argue that their definition is somehow wrong, have at it, I suppose. But it is a pretty straightforward standard that applies equally to all – even if it is not up to date on t”he latest gender identity science and politics.

      Next, they are citing Title IX, which explicitly refers to discrimination “on the basis of sex”. And I also know that people in this field are very explicit that “gender is not sex” (see bit about bathrooms above). So on the one hand gender is most definitely not the same thing as sex, and you are transphobic for even thinking it. But on the other hand gender and sex are interchangeable for the purposes of interpreting Title IX.

      It is all a muddled mess, logically speaking. Not that the law makes much of a pretext at being consistent or logical or even remotely sane. But still, it is weird to hear the same people argue that gender =/= sex in one sentence and then argue that they are the same thing in the very next sentence.

      1. What I trying to get at is the outcome Grimm desires is changing the segregation of school facilities from a sex basis to a gender identity basis, without explaining why the former violates Title IX but the latter does not. On the other hand if the proper outcome is thst there are no segregated facilities, then who else uses the facilities Grimm uses should not matter to them.

        1. Wanting consistent reasoning from a progressive? Lolz

        2. So you are in the same quagmire I’m mucking around in.

          This is a logical mess.

          1. It is really not. The logic is quite clear. Transgenderism is total lunacy. When you realize that, the logic falls right into place.

      2. It makes absolutely no sense. There is no way to read Title IX the way Mickey describes it as allowing for the segregation by “gender”, a concept that didn’t even exist at the time of the drafting of the statute and is of very dubious validity anyway. It is just the courts engaging in legislating because judges and elites society has decided that Transgenderism is going to be shoved down the throat of an unwilling society.

        1. It is also the irony of Title IX being used to legally destroy women’s private spaces from male intrusion and women’s sports. Because I cannot see how that cannot be the ultimate outcome of the political pro-transgender rights argument.

          1. That is absolutely the outcome of it. It is women who are going to be harmed by the transgender movement. I would like to think at some point women are going to figure this out. But people are so brainwashed into believing anything they are told is “tolerant” and so terrified of being branded intolerant, I am not optimistic.

            I am starting to think that things are going to get worse as the left chooses ever increasingly bizarre lies and causes to pursue as a way to further cement its control over people. At some point, it has to end and there has to be a backlash. But, I would not hazard to guess when that point will come. But it will because it always does.

            1. You’re not very familiar with the feminist movement if you aren’t aware of the anti-transgender Feminists. Which is fine, no one can be familiar with everything, but they’re a pretty big group in modern feminism, and it’s a major divide in the movement.

              1. I think Rose McGowan is the most prominent example. She had it out with Jenner after his/her comment that the hardest part about being a woman was deciding what to wear.

                Being trans apparently means you have the substance of a cardboard cutout of your preferred gender

              2. I know they are there. I just wonder how effective they will be. Honestly, this is one time the feminist have a real point.

  14. “.@AsaHutchinson, the great Governor of Arkansas, is in a primary tomorrow. He has done an incredible job with a focus on lower taxes, border security, and crime prevention”

    I’ve driven from Texas across Arkansas to Missouri or Tennessee and back dozens of times since Hutchinson was Governor. Arkansas border security is shit. Absolutely no presence at any of the crossing points that I’ve taken.

    I dunno, maybe it’s focused in the Ozarks to keep the Okies out?

    1. I think it’s mostly focused in the Ozarks to defend the rest of the state against hillfolk incursions.

  15. The actual number was somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000, according to the Post.

    With all due respect, why can’t the Post cough up the actual number?

  16. The most attention-grabbing result comes from Georgia, where former state House minority leader Stacey Abrams won the Democratic nomination for governor. If she wins, she’ll be the first black female governor in the U.S.; she is already “the first black woman to be a major party’s candidate for governor…

    Oh please. The Democrats and their pipe dreams. If Southerners are racist and the majority of the Georgia electorate is white, then this lady has not got a chance in hell.

    In reality, Georgia is a solid conservative state and she will lose because she is a filthy socialist.

    1. Would you be tempted to do something really crazy if she does win? Just curious.

      1. Continue to discuss how she’s a filthy socialist? Sure will.

        1. But that’s not really crazy for you. That’s just your default crazy.

          I’m talking like driving your pickup truck up the steps of the state house and plowing through the front doors before jumping out and trying to organize everyone to band with you to fight off the dirty socialists.

          1. That’s the craziest you could come up with? You can do better.

            1. I was trying to go with a crazy but likely scenario. I didn’t want to get into stuffing scorpions up his ass while crabs dangle from his nipples and a rattlesnake bites his penis crazy.

              1. I think my deepest libertarian came out in that scenario, that crazy that lies in all of our Libertarian hearts.

                Because if someone drove a truck into a state building to rally against socialism, (assuming now one was physically injured) I’d probably cheer them on.

          2. Sparky, I can tell YOU have crazy thoughts and YOU have given this more thought than I have.

            I got a truck guy, if you are looking.

            I will just continue to spread the Libertarian word and wait for the lefties to completely lose their minds and start the next civil war.

            1. Well that’s kinda boring. I thought you southerners had giant balls and were always ready to start some ass kicking. Turns out you’re just regular schlubs who will keep backing up your red line every time it’s pushed.

              1. “We’ll see”, said the Zen master.

  17. “undocumented immigrants?” You mean illegal aliens? People whose first act upon entering this country is to break the law? Yeah, I don’t want them here either.

    I know that the libertarian purists will say that we shouldn’t have borders at all, and in a perfect world where everyone is a polite and honest person then yes, that would be great, but that is not reality. Countries have borders for many reasons but one of them is to protect the populace and keep bad people out.

    That doesn’t mean we can’t let the good people in, the ones who aren’t criminals and just want to work and maybe even become a citizen, but we do need a way to filter the bad actors out. If you can figure out a way to do that without a border and without immigration laws then by all means, tell me.

    If you want more lax immigration laws then that’s fine (I’m all for a more free labor market), if you want to make it easier and less expensive to get citizenship, that’s fine, I’m on board, but let’s not pretend that we live in an utopia.

    1. The whole problem is the “we” in your rants. “We” don’t speak with one voice when it comes to immigrants, documented or otherwise. If you choose not to associate with immigrants, fine. But don’t impose your desires on the entire nation. Sound good?

  18. A funny thing happened during primary voting in Georgia.

    I was at my voting location at the same time as a person that I know who has a mentally retarded son. This guy goes to school all day and is in his 30s. She leaves him home by himself all the time. She brought him to vote.

    While not technically illegal, this is evidence of how some people might get more than 1 vote for their ballot preference.

    1. A funny thing happened during primary voting in Georgia.

      That story had zero humor.

      1. Funny as in funny.

      2. You have no appreciation for Southern Gothic I see.

        1. Lc is no Flannery O’Connor, to be sure.

          1. HOW DARE YOU SIR!

            1. I think that’s what most disappoints me about you. That you’re not Flannery O’Connor.

              1. If you could here her speak, her southern accent would have probably been like molasses spilling out of her mouth.

    2. Much easier to do things like this with absentee ballots.

      Remind me again, who is it that is continuously pushing for more absentee ballot access?

    3. You sir are no Zero Mostel.

    4. That’d democracy for you. Even folks you think shouldn’t vote get to vote. Good thing too. Imagine if everyone else got to decide whether or not you got to vote.

      1. Everyone should get a vote and there should not be a test or poll tax. It should be as easy as possible for every American to vote.

        I just never hear anyone discuss the situation of my anecdote when it comes to shady voter behavior. I might as well drag my dead grandmother to the polling place to get an extra vote in.

  19. Euro-weenies make sure Facebook has no competitors:

    “Europe’s new privacy regulations take effect Friday, even for US firms”
    “”For people interested in privacy, that’s undoubtedly going to be a good thing,” said Abhishek Nagaraj, an assistant professor at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.
    “But the impact (on) the design of future technologies cannot be overstated,” Nagaraj said. “Anyone wanting to start an online business will have to worry about it. That’s something that might be an unintended consequence of this legislation.”

    Once the gubmint gets done, it WILL be a monopoly.

    1. That’s something that might be an unintended consequence of this legislation.”

      Unintended? Nah. Unstated, maybe. But not unintended.

    2. GDPR is an internally contradictory, logically faulty hot mess of a law, so it’s only a matter of time before it gets copied wholesale into the Federal Register.

  20. The FBI has been lying about encrypted cell phones. A Washington Post investigation finds that the FBI “has repeatedly provided grossly inflated statistics to Congress and the public about the extent of problems posed by encrypted cellphones.” The agency claimed that encryption prohibited it from accessing 7,800 phones tied to criminal investigations last year. The actual number was somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000, according to the Post.

    FBI Director Christopher A. Wray has repeatedly cited the imaginary 7,800 inaccessible phones as a reason why tech companies should make “back doors” to encrypted devices that allow them to be accessed by law enforcement.

    But Jacob Sulumn assures me we can totally trust what the FBI says about the Trump investigation. Anyone who demands an investigation of their actions is just being a partisan.

    1. Jacob Sulumn

      Never heard of him. Does he design columns?

      1. It was a trick question designed to trap those not paying attention or bright enough to understand what is going on by the context. Unsurprisingly, it snared you.

        1. It was a trick question

          But there are no question marks. Do you mean it was a trick statement?

          1. Not all trick questions are questions.

            1. Not all trick questions are questions.

              Is that a trick question?

              1. Tricks are what whores do for money.

  21. Aides described the behind-the-scenes Trump as in intense negotiator armed with details and who takes the lead in talks.

    On trade, for example, they have said he is quick to challenge world leaders and demand better deals.

    On military burden, he’s prompted some NATO nations to pay a bigger share and has questioned some allies on why U.S. taxpayers should be paying to station troops in their countries.

    “When he goes into these meetings, he is America’s negotiator-in-chief. And he is looking at every single item in every single negotiation,” Miller said in an interview.


    But that is nationalism!!!

    1. I wish we had a better term than Isolationism for not wanting to be stationed militarily all over the word.

      1. Self interest. Trump is telling Europe to start defending itself. I honestly can’t see how any American not getting rich off of the US military presence there could see that as a bad thing. It is also a call to arms against Russia. What exactly are those European militaries for if not to deter Russia? Kind of puts a kink in the whole “Trump is Putin’s agent” narrative.

      2. Non-interventionism is a better word.

    2. Article headline: “Stephen Miller: Trump America’s ‘negotiator-in-chief,’ what voters wanted ‘times 10′”

      You are repeating the agitprop from one of Trump’s chief sycophants.

      Sorry, not yet convinced.

      1. Of course you are not. That is because you don’t understand that ad hominem is a fallacy. If any of the facts stated there are wrong, then explain why. But saying but pointing out the source and then dismissing it just shows that you are an idiot who doesn’t like what it says. That is not news to anyone who reads your posts.

  22. The FBI has been lying about encrypted cell phones.

    Fixed for universal accuracy.

    1. You just don’t understand the “evolving standards of professionalism and independence”. The FBI is as pure as driven snow. Reason assures me of this.

      1. Driven snow is a nasty, nasty slut.

        1. Pretty much.

        2. 50 Shades of Snow Gray?


    Harvard has set up a secret blacklist for students who join fraternities and sororities. I think it is long past time to end Harvard’s and the entire Ivy league’s tax exempt status.

    1. Or, achieve the same results by having kids go better schools, leaving Harvard for the legacies who couldn’t get into other schools.

  24. Truck guy wins by 10pts

  25. Libertarians should vote for Brian Kemp over Cagle in the runoff (we’re an open primary state, motherfuckers!) and then they can vote for the loserdopian in the general (like I will if I vote at all). It’s like ranked-prefernce voting. The GAm gubenatorial GOP runoff is the election, The Dem candidate won’t be making any more herstory.

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