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9 Times John McCain Slams Conservative Media in New Book

One reason the national political press has almost always liked the Arizona maverick? He shares their disdain for the conservative media bubble.


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Today is publication day for John McCain's career-capping book, The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights, and Other Appreciations, co-written with longtime speechwriter Mark Salter. I have written here previously about the book's surprising (though unsurprisingly unreflective) admission that the Iraq War was a "mistake," and also its unrepentance about accusing Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) last year of "working for Vladimir Putin."

The combination of the book, the forthcoming Memorial Day HBO documentary John McCain: For Whom the Bell Tolls, and the busy end-of-life arrangements are producing what Politico media columnist Jack Shafer calls "the last McCain swoon" from America's political journalists. "Not even Derek Jeter and David Ortiz were flurried with as much confetti when they departed," Shafer acidly observes.

There are many causes for the liberal media's long and only briefly interrupted (in 2008) love affair with this Republican politician, many of which I get into my 2007 book, as well as posts here from 2008. But key among them is that like many elitists, McCain shares with the national political media an unconcealed disdain for swaths of the GOP grassroots, particularly as amplified by the conservative media.

"Stop listening to the bombastic loudmouths on the radio and television and the Internet," the senator said during his dramatic Senate speech last summer. "To hell with them. They don't want anything done for the public good. Our incapacity is their livelihood."

Here, in language frequently indistinguishable from that of New York Times reporters, are nine instances in Restless Wave where McCain excoriates the conservative media:

1) Describing his fight with Mitt Romney for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination:

I was also on the receiving end of daily attacks from talk radio blowhards. They had some effect, but they aren't as influential as they like their listeners to believe. They make quite a living from promoting polarization in the country, and scaring politicians who can only win races in gerrymandered districts.

2) While complaining mildly about the media's pro-Obama bias during the general election:

But given the media environment we live in today, where we can restrict information gathering to sources that tell us only what we want to hear, where crackpot conspiracy websites like InfoWars and Breitbart, and Russian propagandists such as Russia Today and WikiLeaks, are taken more seriously by their credulous followers than journalism practiced with professional standards and ethics, the problem of routine liberal bias in the media seems positively quaint.

3) Talking about his famous "No ma'am. He's a decent family man, citizen" comment about Obama:

Obviously, this was before our contemporary understanding of how the Internet is used to spread conspiracy theories and calumnies about candidates to people with an appetite for that sort of thing or an inability to discern what could be true from something spawned in the fever dreams of people who should probably seek psychiatric help. Today, of course, Internet nuts and haters find willing recipients for their "ideas" on certain cable news and talk radio shows.

4) Explaining why he didn't accept Teddy Kennedy's invitation to switch parties after the 2000 election:

I was a Republican, a Reagan Republican. Still am. Not a Tea Party Republican. Not a Breitbart Republican. Not a talk radio or Fox News Republican. Not an isolationist, protectionist, immigrant-bashing, scapegoating, get-nothing-useful-done Republican.

5) Sketching out his personal creed:

I believe in the separation of powers, a press free to report without fear or favor, and free to infuriate politicians—including me—as they do. Lastly, I believe in principled compromises that move the country forward, goodwill toward Man, and empirical facts.

6) Talking about anti-immigration conservatives:

There are politicians today who would have Americans believe that illegal immigration is one of the worst scourges afflicting the country. Some who espouse that nonsense believe it to be true. Their opinions were formed in restricted information loops as they communicate mostly or exclusively with people who believe the same. Many more know it isn't so, and are cynically claiming otherwise for one of a couple reasons. I expect most are identifying a scapegoat people can blame for their dissatisfaction because it suggests there is an easy fix for difficult problems, an easy fix that's easy to campaign on. Others are doing it for more sinister reasons they're reluctant to acknowledge publicly, including racial prejudice. Whatever their reasons, the cynical and the ignorant promotion of false information and unnecessary fear have the same outcome. Decent, hardworking people who mean no harm are blamed for crime, unemployment, failing schools, and various other ills, and become in the eyes of many the objects of hate and fear.

7) Regarding the 2006 efforts at comprehensive immigration reform:

The issue was starting to heat up on the Far Right. Bashing illegal immigrants proved popular with conservative talk radio audiences, and if any industry enjoys beating dead horses, it's conservative talk radio. Honestly, having to dream up more hyperbole on the same damn subject day after day would bore the hell of me.

8) In a section about his handling of the Russian dossier:

So, I've been to crazy town before, and I've seen how impervious to reason, facts, and common sense these delusions can be. Most are still the work of nuts and frauds, but they proliferate like never before and persist forever on the world wide web. I noted the traffic of absurd conspiracies in the 2016 campaign, and we know now that many of them were conceived and disseminated by Russia, which makes their embrace by politicians too gullible to dismiss them or too shameless to resist exploiting them all the more disconcerting. But those kinds of politicians were around before the advent of the Internet, too. From Joe McCarthy acolytes to moon landing deniers to 9/11 Truthers and Obama Birthers, there has always been a market for "the paranoid style in American politics," as historian Richard Hofstadter termed it.

9) Bemoaning gridlock:

There are a lot of contributing factors to the gridlock that frustrates so many. Chief among them is how much more polarized we are as a society. We are secluding ourselves in ideological ghettos. We don't have to debate rationally or even be exposed to ideas that contradict ours. We have our own news sources. We exchange ideas mostly or exclusively with people who agree with us, and troll those who don't. Increasingly, we have our own facts to reinforce our convictions and any empirical evidence that disputes them is branded as "fake." That's a social trend that is going to be very hard to turn around given the prevalence in our daily lives of media and communications technologies that enable it.

NEXT: A Nation of Narcs

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  1. Isn’t that piece of shit dead yet?
    Why not?

    1. You sound like a half-educated right-wing bigot, Shirley.

      Why not take your stale thinking to the grave, enabling our electorate to improve as a younger, better American replaces you?

      Or, just stick around and endure having even more progress shoved down your worthless throat by the liberal-libertarian mainstream.

      1. You sound like an uneducated left-wing ignoramus, Arthur.

        Why not take your shitlib Boomer thinking to the grave, enabling the country to fix what your shitty-ass generation has wrought in the last 50 years?

        Or, just stick around and endure Gen-Z taking your Social Security and Medicare away from you so they have money to buy more video games.

        Carry on, soyboys.

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  2. Probably because a lot of conservative media is aware that McCain kind of sucked. They have varied reasons for hating him. But they were each in their own way correct.

    1. McCain is just a no class jerk.

      1. Also the single most unelectable candidate in history. Worse than Dole. Worse than Hillary.

        1. What about Bob Barr?

          1. Fuck, Barr was far better than McCain.

          2. People forget that at one time Bob Barr was the most prominent champion of civil liberties in Congress.

            1. Barr was even at his worst a lot better than Gary Johnson or Bill Weld.

        2. No, not worse than Dole.

          McCain just stopped campaigning. Dole anti-campaigned. Once he had the nomination in hand, he went on at whirlwind tour, going out of his way to alienate every Republican constituency. He had a list and was checking each one off in turn.

          The worse you can say of McCain’s campaign style is that he didn’t try to win. Dole put real work into losing.

      2. They can’t all be Trumps, you bigoted hick.

        1. Says the original hicklib.

          1. You know those movies where the hot shot New York ad exec/lawyer/writer has to begrudgingly go back home and visit his backwards family only to realize they are complete ignorant assholes? That’s Arthur’s life but he never got to the ending.

            1. I began plotting my escape from the hicks and sticks when I was about 10. Left the day of high school graduation. Never spent another night in that gooberville. I feel sorry for the children stuck in such circumstances and believe decent people should provide an effective means of escape for those who wish to better themselves. My sympathy for the adults of Lesser Jesusland has diminished recently.

              1. On behalf of all the hicks and sticks, thank you. One less A-hole in our midst is a blessing.

                1. Everybody’s happy!

                  On behalf of my family (and accomplished Americans everywhere), I thank TxJack 112 and our other half-educated rubes for being the disaffected, left-behind losers my children and grandchildren will have the opportunity to compete with economically. I have built a fine life in that manner and want my family to continue to benefit in this way.

                  Carry on, clingers. Thanks for the chance to win at your expense.

  3. Christ what an asshole.

  4. Peace and happy retirement to John McCain.

    Meanwhile, maybe they can find a qualified person to be Senator in his place.

    1. A blight on my state. As much as I hate Arpaio, McCain is still probably the worst thing that my state produced.

      The best? That Dragon Dildo manufacturer is in Scottsdale. So is Alice Cooper.

      1. McCain is sorta starting to look like a dildo.

      2. At least Arizonans only inflicted Arpaio on themselves, as opposed to inflicting McCain on the entire country.

  5. and also its unrepentance about accusing Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) last year of “working for Vladimir Putin.”

    Can we just get a Hillary/McCain ticket for 2020 and be done with it?

    1. Might be a good election, honestly. I’ve often wondered what 2 corpses would achieve in office.

      1. America could do, and has done, much worse than a couple of desiccated carcasses.

        Assuming, of course, that the stars have moved far enough along their courses that the eldritch, incomprehensible essence of Herself is no longer able to maintain control over Her embodiment in this realm. Based on how the body spent the last campaign jerking around like an antelope being dismembered by a crocodile, that day might be coming soon.

        1. The problem with your idea is that Hillary is never going to die. She is more of a zombie candidate than a corpse.

          1. That which is dead can never die, it is true.

          2. She and Pelosi seems to have taken the Death Becomes Her potion.

            1. So… liches?

            2. I seem to remember in the movie that body parts started falling off. For these two losing some parts could be an improvement.

              1. Nancy has had so many facelifts I could swear she looks like she has a goatee….

          3. We just have to find the painting of Hillary and destroy it. That will kill her.

        2. I assume it’s a DemiLich situation where Hillary’s soul is imbued in a skull or something. And if we just ignore that Skull (In the Constitution it says skulls don’t have free speech rights) then everything is going easy.

          1. Yeah, that is what everyone always says at the beginning of the horror movie “just ignore the skull”. It never works out as planned.

          2. I think of it as more of a Lovecraftian Elder God situation. Gibbering horrors from beyond the knowable universe tend to be more difficult to ignore.

            1. Technically, with some of them, ignoring them was your only hope. You were only vulnerable to the extent you were aware of them.

    2. The corpses of McCain and Hillary would be far, far, FAR better than their living bodies.
      And, in this instance, I’m not making a snide comment on all politicians – but specifically those two horrid human beings.
      Give his carcass to the coyotes – far nobler creatures than he.


    Speaking of assholes, what is the deal with Max Boot? Is he really this crazy and stupid or is he on someone’s payroll to be crazy and stupid?

    1. If there’s a betting pool for “next to be accused of molesting a ficus in front of an intern” put me down for Boot.

      1. Yeah, that is probably not a bad bet. There is something wrong with him. And Jennifer Rubin is even crazier.

        1. Though, it is funny to see how much Rubin’s opinions change when Trump agrees with her on an issue.

    2. He’s challenging Jennifer Rubin for most turned-upside-down political belief system after Trump possible.

      Boot is a clown.

    3. The circle of true believers is shrinking John. I don’t know why you don’t jump out and save yourself the inevitable embarrassment.

      1. Totally Tony. That is why Trump’s approval rating keeps going down instead of up, right?

        Oh yeah, it hit 50% last week


        Your misery is so enjoyable.

        1. Either you’re looking at the disapprove column thinking it’s the approve column or you’re selecting out Rasmussen because it tells you what you want to hear. Either way, stupid and sad.

          1. His approval is higher and his disapproval lower today than it was when he was elected. Whatever happens, please don’t deprive me of your misery when the Democrats do not take back Congress this fall and Trump is re-elected. Please don’t run away. It is going to be so fun.

            1. I am certainly under no impression that Americans are by and large not idiots, But I don’t know whom you’re trying to impress by linking to Trump’s dismal poll numbers.

              They’re really not good John. And it would be ever so nice if Republicans would stop defining excellency down every time they elect a half-simian insane person to high office. It’s not just your playroom to trash you know.

              1. Again, they were not good when he won the election. And they are better now. Moreover, his approval rating is at 50%, which is sort of the gold standard for incumbents.

                You are in a very provincial and isolated and increasingly irrelevant minority Tony. Just face it, your views and opinions just don’t matter anymore. It is Trump’s world. You just should be thankful you get to live in it.

                1. His approval rating is at 50% with Rasmussen. He’s underwater 10 points in the average of polls. you do get that simply selecting the poll with the best numbers is not how this works, right? Especially one with the track record of Rasmussen. It has a consistent pro-Republican bias of, well, like 10 points. I think they just call people over 70 with land lines.

                  1. “You just should be thankful you get to live in it.

                    And leave the political death threats to Elias and whoever the fuck that other guy is. It just looks clownish on you.

                    1. That is not a death threat you moron. You should be thankful you have Trump as President and not Obama or worse Hillary. You get to be a miserable ignorant bastard in this wonderful country with its booming economy and in an increasingly peaceful world thanks to that. Just say think you and enjoy it.

                    2. Jesus Christ John. They could literally install a moldy apricot in the oval office, and as long as it had an (R) after its name you’d act like a North Korean who actually genuinely likes the dear leader. Do you ever reread your posts? Edit for cringeworthiness and save us all the discomfort.

                    3. I am trolling you, you retard. But you still should be thankful Obama is not still in office sending billions to Iran, who really would kill you if they could.

                  2. All of his numbers by any poll are higher than he was when he won the election. So, he isn’t going to lose an election when he is more popular now than he was then. It is really that simple.

                    You need to start accepting the reality that he is likely a two term president. As much as I enjoy your misery, even I kind of have to feel sorry for you sometimes.

                    1. So you’re abandoning your claim that he’s at 50% approval. Fine, I’ll let it slide to save you further embarrassment.

                      Even if he does survive his first term without being ousted, and even if he decides to run again (my money is on “definitely not”), the difference is that most of America thinks he’s a horrifying clown show, and no cohort of voters has ever been more motivated in my lifetime than the anti-Trumpers. So good luck with that.

                    2. I don’t think you can assume his winning is a given. There’s a good chance the Democrats won’t nominate Hillary next time around. There’s even a non-zero chance they won’t nominate a corrupt lunatic.

                      And, of course, at his age he could just stroke out on the campaign trail.

                  3. “It has a consistent pro-Republican bias”

                    So does reality.
                    Sorry, just couldn’t resist the chance to make such an idiotic, Colbertian comment.
                    Does that stupid ass saying actually provide you pathetic progressives solace?
                    If so, sad

                  4. Rasmussen and Fox News are the opiates of the dumbasses.

                    1. Probably explains why so many left-wingers watch it all the time.

                2. It is Mueller’s world, you racist goober. Trump just lives in — until Mueller decides it’s time.

                  1. It is Mueller’s world, you racist goober.

                    Yeah, that’s why his butt boy in New York just got MeToo’d and left BugGirl Samantha “I turn tricks for Democrats” Bee looking like the idiotic hack that she is.

  7. There are politicians today who would have Americans believe that illegal immigration is one of the worst scourges afflicting the country. Some who espouse that nonsense believe it to be true. Their opinions were formed in restricted information loops as they communicate mostly or exclusively with people who believe the same. Many more know it isn’t so, and are cynically claiming otherwise for one of a couple reasons.

    Freud didn’t get much right, but he fucking nailed “projection.”

  8. How, of anything that McCain said, does it not apply equally to CNN, Maddow, Matthews, and the prog news ilk?

  9. This is not a parody, is it?

    For all the bemoaning of Trump as being a bad character, which I largely agree with, those same people dumping on Trump have praised as a statesman this angry, graceless, unself-aware man.

    1. And for all of the talk of Trump’s character, his wife and kids and even his ex wives seem to like him. I don’t think McCain’s ex wife had many good things to say about him.

      1. Are you referring to the wife who swats away Trump’s tiny-fingered hand, avoids him throughout the day, travels separately, sleeps in another room, and frowns until he turns away, at which point she smiles?

        1. You are a delusional idiot. Seriously, you are not even funny as a trolling act.

        2. Rev, just admit it: you would enthusiastically hold Trump’s hands if he extended them to you. After all, you pride yourself on being an enlightened, tolerant creature who would welcome the warmth of physical embrace of any fellow human being.

          1. I don’t like bigots, boors, the vainglorious, or the subliterate.

            Also, I have heard that flabby old guys tend to be cold, not warm.

            1. I don’t like bigots, boors, the vainglorious, or the subliterate.

              The historically ignorant, however, you’re A-OK with.

  10. Fucking hell is he a douchebag.

  11. get-nothing-useful-done Republican.

    Never thought anally violating the First Amendment was “useful”. personally…

  12. Bashing illegal immigrants proved popular with conservative talk radio audiences, and if any industry enjoys beating dead horses, it’s conservative talk radio. Honestly, having to dream up more hyperbole on the same damn subject day after day would bore the hell of me.

    That’s what the Oxycontin is for, silly.

    1. Said the man who thought the Steele dossier was newsworthy….

      1. Would it be newsworthy if the Russians were blackmailing Obama over hookers and pee? I bet it would be!

        1. Everyone knows about it. You can’t blackmail someone with information that is public doofus.

          You can’t even get your conspiracy theories straight.

          1. He still has deniability and the help of credulous pickled-brain partisans like you.

            Just three seconds of imagining of one day of the Trump fiasco happening under Obama–and considering how you’d react to it–makes me wonder how this planet even supports the mass of such hypocrisy.

            1. So, no one cares except people who already hate him. Yeah, that is some deadly blackmail there. You are nothing if not a comedian.

              1. Oh I expect him to go down on his actual crimes.

                People breathlessly trying to deny the veracity of the pee dossier are just sad little partisan stooges. It’s a drop in the bucket, so to speak.

                1. Oh I expect him to go down on his actual crimes.

                  Yeah, you should work on that. You are not that bright to begin with Tony. Being delusional is not going to help.

                  1. And how lucky you must feel that no matter how much crime is proven, you can simply claim it was all a deep state conspiracy or whatever the fuck other babytalk you people are using these days.

                    1. Yeah Tony, they have Trump on lots of stuff. They just haven’t told us despite spying on him for going on two years now out of kindness. They are waiting to spring it on us as a suprise.

                      If you were not such a horrible human being, i would feel sorry for you.

                    2. This is one of my favorite talking points solely for the near-water-like weakness of its sauce.

                      No, the Mueller investigation isn’t gushing forth with information about the dirt it has on Trump. That doesn’t mean there isn’t dirt. How silly this one is. It suggests you ain’t got much else.

                    3. Faith being the path to grace, eh Tony?

                    4. I fully expect to be underwhelmed. I like being pleasantly surprised. Just waiting and seeing, unlike John who has a hotline to the Mueller leaker.

                    5. “hotline to the Mueller leaker.”

                      Tony, this is no place to talk about your sex life.
                      We’re trying to have a chat room here.
                      C’mon, man

            2. Just three seconds of imagining of one day of the Trump fiasco happening under Obama

              Like using the IRS to attack opponents?
              Or using the national security apparatus to spy on opponents of a deal with Iran and political opponents?
              Or using the DoJ to force gun store owners to allow illegal gun sales to cartels so they can justify further gun control measures?
              Having his national security apparatus spy on Congress?
              Spy on reporters?
              Spy on reporters’ parents?

              What would you like to see Trump do that Obama did?

              1. You’re a fucking retard and you need to be reeducated before you hurt some kid with your ignorance.

                1. Someone who thinks the pee dossier is real is in no position to call anyone a fucking retard.

        2. If it was remotely close to accurate…maybe.

          However, it was not.

          And it is funny that the basis for this “Russian collusion” investigation relies on info provided by Russians.

  13. I like gridlock otherwise we’d be over the cliff already with socialism.

  14. On the day John McCain dies, I’m going to play ‘War Pigs’ over and over and over again.

    1. McCain’s advocation for what was essentially the repeal of the 1st Amendment as it relates to political speech was much much worse than anything about his foreign policy. The crooked SOB really wanted to turn the country into a police state.

      1. McCain-Feingold was an offense to liberty. I would have crawled naked over broken glass to vote against him when he ran for President.

        IMO, he made himself even more repellent in the years after.

        1. The fact that Barry G. detested him back in the 1980s was enough for me.

          Another thing: McCain soils the concept of maverick and he soils the good names of Bart and Brett Maverick.

      2. Yes, he did.

        The way I heard it, the NRA was running an attack ad on his opponent, and he didn’t like it. So he summoned somebody from the NRA to his office, and ordered them to pull the ad.

        The NRA guy explained the 1st amendment to him, and told him that they didn’t have to take his orders.

        The whole campaign censorship crusade was apparently a spiteful effort to prove them wrong.

  15. There are politicians today who would have Americans believe that illegal immigration is one of the worst scourges afflicting the country. Some who espouse that nonsense believe it to be true. Their opinions were formed in restricted information loops as they communicate mostly or exclusively with people who believe the same. Many more know it isn’t so, and are cynically claiming otherwise for one of a couple reasons.

    He’s not wrong. Check out this article from 2015 on Steve Bannon and how he ran Breitbart.

    1. From the Bloomberg article:

      Breitbart’s genius was that he grasped better than anyone else what the early 20th century press barons understood?that most readers don’t approach the news as a clinical exercise in absorbing facts, but experience it viscerally as an ongoing drama, with distinct story lines, heroes, and villains. Breitbart excelled at creating these narratives, an editorial approach that’s lived on. “When we do an editorial call, I don’t even bring anything I feel like is only a one-off story, even if it’d be the best story on the site,” says Alex Marlow, the site’s editor in chief. “Our whole mindset is looking for these rolling narratives.” He rattles off the most popular ones, which Breitbart News covers intensively from a posture of aggrieved persecution. “The big ones won’t surprise you,” he says. “Immigration, ISIS, race riots, and what we call ‘the collapse of traditional values.’ But I’d say Hillary Clinton is tops.”

      The right-wing media does it on purpose. They deliberately scapegoat undocumented immigrants in order to forge a narrative of casting them in the role of America’s villains – if they aren’t raping citizens, they are stealing from them. Immigrants, particularly undocumented ones, are holding America back. Only by controlling immigration can we “make America great again”. That’s their narrative.

      1. This is how Ann Coulter put it:

        “Everything gets better with a wall and deportations,” Coulter replied. “Immigration makes everything easier. Entitlements, the drug problem, theft of government?

        They literally believe that immigration is the source of our problems. They are happy to put forth this narrative despite the harm it causes. Because they are soulless.

        1. No dumb ass. She said everything gets “easier”. That means they contribute to those problems not that they are the single cause of those problems.

          Jesus son, can’t you ever get any smarter? My God, you just never get any better at this stuff.

          1. Re: John,

            That means they contribute to those problems not that they are the single cause of those problems.

            Which is still an obvious and clumsy lie.

            Immigration does NOT make Entitlements easier. The biggest group of entitlement recipients are the elderly, a fact that would help make the argument that allowing people to age makes entitlements easier but for unabashed racists like Ann Coulter and her fellow travelers, it is far easier to blame Rosita Fernandez for the expansion of entitlements that their own nannas.

            1. Yes Mexican you are a racist who thinks immigrants are necessarily better than natives. We know that. We just are not racists like you and never will be you crazy bastard.

              1. Re: John,

                Yes Mexican you are a racist who thinks immigrants are necessarily better than natives.

                I don’t think ANYONE is necessarily better than anyone else. The only PROVEN collectivist asshole so far is you, who is paralyzed by the fear of vaginal mutilators lurking under your very bed.

                Ann Coulter PROVED she was a racist cunt on tee vee, live, during one episode of the Stossel show on FBN while discussing immigration with professor Benjamin Powell, whose free market videos can se Learning Liberty website.

                She said she believed America should only receive immigrants from Britain or Holland. She was called out for the racist that she is by both Stossel and Powell.

            2. True but like so many others, you do not seem to realize there is a finite amount of money available for entitlements and other expenses in this country. Letting people enter the US without any restrictions will make that money vanish much faster. The difference between the left and right is the left seeks to make everyone equal by making us all poor and dependent on the government so they are in control.

        2. Everything gets better

          They literally believe that immigration is the source of our problems

          Christ you’re fucking stupid.

        3. Illegal immigration saved Ann Coulter’s career. Her anti-abortion rants were becoming repetitious and boring. If it weren’t for the freak ricochet that killed Kate Steinle, a nice young blond would still be alive and an old washed up blond’s career would be dead.

  16. This is like the worst chatroom ever.

  17. Sometimes I wished I wasn’t agnostic; this war mongering old fool deserves at least a few centuries in purgatory.

  18. A man who tried, in good faith, and failed to save the mind and soul of the Republican Party.

  19. The super RINO McCain writes a totally self serving book that is his final parting shot at all those on the right he hates because they are true conservatives. McCain is not a war hero or a statesman. He is an arrogant, self serving political hack who has had his misdeeds covered up (fire on the USS Forrestal), he has repeatedly betrayed the people of Arizona by voting against what he claimed he supported and constantly broke the cardinal rule of Reagan, never attack those in your own party. Anyone who dare challenge him was viciously attacked and marginalized yet anyone who dared attack him was savaged by the other RINOs and the MSM. The departure of McCain and Flake from the Senate will only help this country. However, as final proof of his self serving arrogance, McCain has not voted in the Senate since he stopped the Obamacare repeal last year and yet refuses to step aside for the good of Arizona or the nation.

  20. During the last Presidential campaign, McCain called Senators Cruz and Paul wackos. Soon after, in an interview, he said Hillary Clinton would make a good President.

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  22. I’m not sure I understand. Is Matt Welch defending those who say Vince Foster was murdered, Obama was born in Kenya and Pizzagate was a real thing? Or just the mouth breathers and window lickers who believe such things?

  23. McCain was an honest war hero, enduring punishment and sacrifice beyond the imagination of most humans. Beyond this, he seems to have been mostly milktoast, and frequently boring and obnoxious. His criticisms of conservative media are precisely why critical, media, at polar odds with the mainstream progressive dope, is essential. Why would McCain find it so obnoxious, and namecall anyone who would participate in it on a daily basis? Most likely because he wasn’t all that at odds with the underlying ideas that galvanize the 90% dominated main stream news. No doubt he found Limbaugh and Fox news boring and obnoxious as well — perhaps they should have settled into the more acceptable conformist progressive mind-warping views of the major news stations and the forked tongue ideologues on the left? A

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