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New York Attorney General Schneiderman Resigns Amid Physical Abuse Allegations

The anti-Weinstein crusader apparently had some problems of his own.


Eric Schneiderman
Albin Lohr-Jones/Sipa USA/Newscom

Just hours after the New Yorker published a bombshell story featuring four women accusing New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman of physical and emotional abuse, he has announced his resignation.

The vivid story, reported by Jane Mayer and Ronan Farrow, details several stories of Schneiderman getting drunk and slapping women hard enough to leave marks, and in one case, apparently injure her ear. He threatened them, warning them not to talk about his treatment of them.

Farrow had previously exposed the stories of Hollywood movie magnate Harvey Weinstein's alleged abuse and assault of women. And in this latest story, the reporters note that Schneiderman has used his position as attorney general of the state to try to file a civil rights suit targeting Weinstein.

Two women, Michelle Manning Barish and Tanya Selvaratnam, both previously dated Schneiderman and have agreed to speak on the record about how he treated them, and the mockery he made of the feminism he pretended to espouse. Farrow and Meyer report:

Schneiderman's activism on behalf of feminist causes has increasingly won him praise from women's groups. On May 1st, the New York-based National Institute for Reproductive Health honored him as one of three "Champions of Choice" at its annual fund-raising luncheon. Accepting the award, Schneiderman said, "If a woman cannot control her body, she is not truly equal." But, as Manning Barish sees it, "you cannot be a champion of women when you are hitting them and choking them in bed, and saying to them, 'You're a fucking whore.'" She says of Schneiderman's involvement in the Weinstein investigation, "How can you put a perpetrator in charge of the country's most important sexual-assault case?" Selvaratnam describes Schneiderman as "a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" figure, and says that seeing him lauded as a supporter of women has made her "feel sick," adding, "This is a man who has staked his entire career, his personal narrative, on being a champion for women publicly. But he abuses them privately. He needs to be called out."

Initially, Schneiderman released a statement and a tweet (from his personal account, not his attorney general account) insisting that this was all consensual sex play:

We'll probably end up learning more about the nature of his relationships, but even if Schneiderman had a fondess for kinkier sex acts, what the story describes makes it clear that the women do not see themselves as participating in consensual play.

It wasn't long before New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was calling for Schneiderman to resign. Just a couple of hours after the story broke, Schneiderman relented:

Weinstein was far from the only high-profile legal crusade Schneiderman pursued to make sure he stayed in the public eye, particularly in connection with progressive causes. He was one of the masterminds of a team of state attorneys general who attempted to subpoena documents from nonprofit think tanks (including the Reason Foundation) in an effort to try to get evidence that ExxonMobil was concealing what it knew about fossil fuel use and climate change. He publicly extolled a bill severely restricting the use of Airbnb room rentals, a bane of the heavily unionized hotel industry. He pushed Uber to cap its surge pricing during emergencies, one of those controls that regulators argue helps consumers but in reality reduces the market supply.

Weinstein prosecution aside, people who support free minds and free markets are not likely to miss the man. But knowing New York politics, he'll probably be replaced by somebody with very similar views.


Well, shit.

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  1. “On May 1st, the New York-based National Institute for Reproductive Health honored him as one of three “Champions of Choice” at its annual fund-raising luncheon.”

    How can someone who supports abortion possibly be violent?

  2. It seems that, in more than a few cases, a politician’s public hobbyhorse is a reflection of his private nightmare.

    1. Is this a good time to announce my crusade against the scourge of nude Jello wrestling -slash – yodeling?

        1. Just when you thought SIV could not sink any lower….

        2. At least link to a better recording, which even has Swiss twerking.

            1. That’s great stuff — and the recording is amazingly clear for that era.

              1. don’t forget your mittens…

  3. Sick fuck. The worst thing is he used his political power and social position to threaten and intimidate. The only good thing is he resigned and the #RESISTANCE #NeverTrumpers have another of countless examples that the president is a fuckin’ saint compared to his enemies

    MAGA bitchez

    1. Didn’t the Pussygrabbenfuhrer rape a 13 year old girl and buy her off?

      1. Whataboutism is giving Climate Change and Atheism a good run for the One True Faith of you commies.

        1. I imagine you typed that without irony.

      2. I’ve never heard Roman Polanski called that before.

    2. I wonder if that jerk was as in to M as he was evidently fond of S in professional and personal life.

    3. Because the cuckservatives are clean as a whistle 😀

      1. The kinkiest of vices come at the end of cocktail parties.

  4. We’ll probably end up learning more about the nature of his relationships…

    Yeah, let’s not. We’re all very familiar with the various hypocrisies from public figures bandwagoning for votes/praises the “right” side of a cause c?l?bre only to secretly (for a while) be guilty as eff of that very thing. Just go away, rehabilitate yourself in the private sector and don’t return to the spotlight. Give the next hypocrite an at bat.

    1. A lot of bitches like to get abused in the sack, this creep delivered so they kept coming back for more. Dumb fuck was too arrogant to realize most who do don’t like it one bit as a lifestyle.

      1. SIV literally puts his chickens into a sack before he dishes out the abuse they were clearly clucking for.

      2. SIV|5.7.18 @ 11:21PM|#
        “A lot of bitches like to get abused in the sack”

        I’m sure you can support that claim.

        1. The active dominatrix and S&M community. They do exist. They aren’t unicorns.

        2. 31 to 57 percent

          Anecdotally, I’d say it trends towards and somewhat above the high end.

          1. You linky no worky.

            1. I blame touch pads, clit-mouses rule

              let’s call it 60%

    2. Oh, that these people were only hypocrites. At this level of power, competition among the sociopaths has weeded out the mere hypocrites.

  5. But knowing New York politics, he’ll probably be replaced by somebody with very similar views.

    Knowing New York politics, he’ll probably be replaced by somebody with similar skeletons in their closet, too.

    1. 50/50 chance the next creep will be worse.

  6. Well shit is right.

    Gentlemen, start your woodchippers.

    1. “Curse this solar-powered woodchipper!” – Red Tony from the future

      1. That is indeed what I once said.

  7. Job Security (a definition): eg., Ronan Farrow specializing in reporting sexual abuse by powerful people.

    1. I have to admit the kid has found his niche. Kudos to him.

      1. Mia Farrow has been in the “in crowd” for decades. She probably has a book of dirt on people that ronan is using.

  8. Well whoever the next NY AG turns out to be they can’t be worse than a sexually abusive fake feminist gloryhound.

    NY Legislature: “Hold my beer”

    1. “Anyone got Preetender’s number?”

      1. It’s scrawled on the stall in every judge’s private bathroom in the state. “For a good time threatening people for exercising their constitutional rights, call Preet…”

    2. Hahaha 🙂

  9. Tribe is an idiot. Why promote an active member of the resistance… Tribe doesn’t care about the law anymore, if he ever did.

  10. Maybe if #MeToo has taught us one things it’s not to rush to judgement and instantly condemn people based on evidence-less anecdotes.

    Oh who am I kidding? Everyone! It’s a sex pervert! Into the pit he goes!

    1. What’s your breath weapon, n00b?

    2. “Maybe if #MeToo has taught us one things it’s not to rush to judgement and instantly condemn people based on evidence-less anecdotes.”

      I do agree in general, and so far here we have a couple of claims which are far from evidence. But we also have the guy bailing as a result of those claims and making *his* claims regarding ‘role-playing’.
      If it were me, in his position of some power, and the claims were false, I’d damn well make the accusers back them up. Seems he opted to ‘spend time with his family’ instead.
      Sniff. Sniff. Stinks.

      1. It’s worth noting that once smeared with the shitty stick of abuse allegations, the stink never goes away, so I imagine he would have no choice even if the allegations are false.

        The vanguard has to sacrifice it’s own to storm ahead in the constant battle to achieve whatever they want to achieve, which is hard when there is no clearly defined endgame. Successsive “priveleged” groups fall foul of the march of progress until there’s noone left but a very small, elite group of something. Useful hypocrites serve their purpose, for a time, just as righteous acolytes may need to be disposed of once they can nolonger stay ahead of the revolutionary wavefront.

      2. “But we also have the guy bailing as a result of those claims and making *his* claims regarding ‘role-playing’.”

        I read his defense of himself and looked at it like… what? Dude says he sexually roleplays and beats chicks in bed, that he is into S&M. I am fairly certain if some dude claimed something like that 30 years ago or more he would be tarred and feathered just for that for inflaming public morals or something.

  11. Preet fucking Bahara–is this a joke?!

    What, is being a shithead the prerequisite for being the AG of New York or something?

    Aren’t there any other douche-bags available?

    1. There are doubtless plenty of douchebags to choose from in New York, but Preet has really hustled to get himself crowned King Douchebag.

      1. Once again, Past Me wonders why he lives in Oklahoma.

        1. If the government didn’t coerce your ancestors into moving to Oklahoma you have no business living there.
          Unless they had to leave Texas but won’t say why

  12. Good riddance to this proggie fuckwit…..proggie Trump torpedo circles back to launcher. And they could get Preet, a fine example of The Law…..never mind, fire up both woodchippers.

  13. Are we gonna be put on lists again?

    1. Hahahahaha.

  14. “you cannot be a champion of women when you are hitting them and choking them in bed, and saying to them, ‘You’re a fucking whore.'” It always worked for me.

    1. You cannot be a champion of women when you infantilize them. Some women like kinky sex. Some women like to be dominated, tossed around, slapped, demeaned, etc. As long as it’s consensual, who cares?

      1. I’m not saying this was necessarily consensual. Obviously we don’t have all the facts. But this absolutist bullshit coming from so-called feminist circles is crazy.

  15. Apparently Trump tweeted about this in 2013. That schneiderman was worse than spitzer, weiner. That means it was an open goddamn secret. What the hell is it with these freaks?

    1. Rich people in positions of power let that power go to their head and do disgusting bullshit behind the scenes. Not like your usual fetish or even a gross fetish, all of which are consensual. I mean they basically become addicted to deriding people sexually in order to get a high off their power trip. It’s basically what happened in the Roman Senate all the time (and probably our Senate and House too by the looks of things).

  16. I hope @PreetBharara is willing to serve as the new Attorney General of NY, and that the NY Legislature will have the wisdom to choose him.
    ? Laurence Tribe (@tribelaw) May 8, 2018


    1. Bbhara is the opposite of a neutral prosecutor. We’ve had enough of prosecutors with political ambitions.

  17. I love watching these things happen, how entertaining this all is.

  18. But remember everybody: Mike Pence and Mitt Romney are the real threats to women’s health and safety…

    1. Well of course.

      Because they are evil Republicans. And if Democrats treat women like this, then just imagine how bad those two must be.

  19. The guy wasn’t an actual attorney general anyway.

    He was just a partisan leftist hack pretending to be one.

  20. Clinton strategy 101: Deflect your indiscretions and violations of law by accusing others of indiscretions and violations of law.

  21. Maybe now that it’s an open secret he can find his soul mate slave.

  22. HAHAHA!! Act like an arrogant ass and eventually your true self will be exposed. Just another left wing loon brought down by the truth.

  23. Politician is a hypocrite. In other news, water is wet.

    Not that I’m sorry to see Schneiderman go. He was an incompetent hypocrite.

  24. Behold the face of the #Resistance

  25. Bondage sex (and related fetish) is a thing. Submission and pain are components in normal sex. Men get aroused when women moan in pain or appear in a state of helplessness. That’s why Cosby gave all his victims drugs to help them feel “relaxed”. He wanted to have sex with half conscious women. There are some weird chloroform fetish videos online.

    I only mention this because theoretically the guy might have accidentally crossed a line while role playing. Calling women a “F-ing whore” while playing out some male dominatrix fantasy isn’t criminal. Maybe the spanking aspect more physically violent as he lost control of the situation?

    The partisan in me delights in watching #Metoo take out mostly leftists, but I’m also wary of witch hunts. Accusations alone shouldn’t automatically result in dismissal or resignation. We should take some time to explore the allegation.

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