Donald Trump Is Driving Ann Coulter Insane

Maybe she'll move to Mexico if he implements a guest worker program


Donald Trump is the poster child for the primacy of recency – or endorsing the last thing that someone said to him. And he did it again during his

Ann Coulter

rally in Macomb County, Michigan last week. Evidently, as he was flying into town on Air Force One, members of the Michigan delegation, particularly State Republican representative Paul Mitchell, impressed upon him how the nation-wide labor shortage was hurting Michigan ag and they really needed a guest worker program.

Right on cue, after first regaling the audience with the need for the Great Wall of Trump to make America's borders strong, Trump abruptly pivoted and talked about letting more guest workers in, leaving the audience mighty confused, my friend and former Detroit News colleague Henry Payne reports.

(Here's a rough transcript of his speech. Check the 33-minute-mark of this video.)

For the farmers, OK, it is going to get good. We are going to let your guest-workers come in…We have to have your workers come in. The unemployment picture is so good, so strong. We have to let people come in. They are going to be guest workers. They're going to work on your farms. We are going to have a lot of things happening. Then they have to go out. We are going to let them in because you need them. You need them. They'll come on H-2Bs. And then they'll leave. In Wisconsin, I was very instrumental in getting FoxConn to come. A good friend of mine and a great guy. They make a lot of that Apple IPhones. They are incredible and incredible company. They are building a fantastic plan. It is under construction now. They are recruiting and getting people. They are doing it professionally. We need people to be able to come in to our country, do your jobs, help you on the farms…Guestworkers….Don't we agree. We have to have it happen.

Now, if the president were serious about implementing a guest worker program, he could draw on Reason's copious work on the subject. Indeed, as I and others at Reason have written numerous times, scrapping the 1965 bracero program with Mexico sowed the seeds for America's unauthorized population because it took away the main avenue for hooking up willing workers with willing employers. And implementing a new and improved version of that program is the bestest, cheapest and freedom-friendliest way to stop illegal entries and truly secure the border—not misguided walls.

But of course every time Trump sounds semi-sane on the subject, Ann Coulter goes totally insane. That's not surprising for someone who once said that she wouldn't care if Trump performed abortions in the White House so long as he implemented his plan to conduct mass deportations and restrict future immigration. She instantly lit into Trump:

The president needs to understand, unless he drops his bizarre and totally uncharacteristic desire to bring in people to do your job, the voters might just bring in someone else to do his.

The plus side of the midterm elections is that liberals have gone mad. The minus side is that voters intensely hate Republicans. Liberal insanity is not going to save a GOP dead set on pleasing the donor class by screwing over ordinary Americans. As usual.

It was hatred for Republicans that drove millions of voters to Trump in the first place.

The same conservative talking heads who think the GOP is going to be fine by focusing on those great tax cuts —we'll get to immigration soon, promise!—spent the first six months of Trump's candidacy indignantly informing us that he was "not a Republican."

They said it was "unhealthy" for the party to be debating mass deportations. Trump "hasn't really stood for Republican things." The "summer of Trump" would come to a quick and deserved end. The danger, standard-GOP conservatives told us, was what Trump's candidacy "can do to the GOP brand…

The cowardly GOP was too terrified of the media to ever run on any awesome issues. Only Trump did, and, for that reason, nothing could stop him.

But now he seems to think he can win the midterms by hewing to the loser wing of the Republican Party. We've got to save the GOP "brand"! What does Marc Short say? RUN ON TAX CUTS!

Yeah, that'll do it.

No, starving the economy of its most precious resource—human talent and grit—will do it, Ann.

Liberals said they'll move to Canada if Trump got elected. Will she move to Cancun if Trump implements a guest worker program with Mexico? Canada is no doubt no option for her given the saccahrine Trudeau!