Donald Trump

'Black People Don't Have To Be Democrats'

Chance The Rapper says the unthinkable and takes it back. But he's right, and not just about African Americans.


There's a fascinating and important story about moribund political alliances playing out adjacent to the spectacle of rap god Kanye West controversially tweeting "love," if not actual support, for President Donald Trump.

One of West's proteges, Chance The Rapper, initially supported his "mentor" and "big homie" with several tweets, including this one:

But that was Wednesday. Earlier today, Chance mostly recanted his apostasy, writing:

I'd never support someone [such as Trump] who'd talk about Chicago as if it's hell on earth and then take steps to make life harder for the most disenfranchised among us….My statement about black folk not having to be democrats (though true) was a deflection from the real conversation and stemmed from a personal issue with the fact that Chicago has had generations of democratic officials with no investment or regard for black schools, neighborhood, or black lives. But again, said that shit at the wrongest time.

Kanye West, Twitter

Chance is certainly right about his hometown's longstanding Democratic rule—the last time the Windy City had a Republican mayor was back in 1931. (As with many industrial cities, control there flipped from Prohibition-supporting GOP machines to Democratic machines due to changing demographics and shifting attitudes toward Catholic and Jewish immigrants.) And as he grudgingly acknowledges, Democratic rule in Chicago hasn't been good for African Americans. The city's police department routinely violates the rights of black and Latino residents, according to a scathing Department of Justice report issued last year. Massively powerful unions have blocked reforms not just of police but of awful schools, while extorting generous pensions and benefits that have brought the city to the edge of bankruptcy and kept it from providing basic services. Chance himself has donated $1 million to Chicago's schools, which have been deemed the country's worst at least since 1987.

Chance was immediately called out as a hypocrite for defending Kanye West. It's not difficult to understand why he felt a need to separate himself from his comments about blacks not needing to be Democrats. Over the past 70 years, no voting bloc has been more identified with the Democratic Party than blacks. Since 1948, when the Democrats inserted a civil rights plank in their platform, a majority of blacks have identified as Democrats. No Republican presidential candidate has pulled more than 15 percent of the African-American vote since 1960, when Nixon received 32 percent against John F. Kennedy.

Yet Chance's comments—however fleeting and quickly countermanded—point to the fact that Democrats do not and should not have a lock on the black vote. The party is able to get by partly because of its longstanding defense of civil rights and its welcoming attitude to minorities. Such comity is mostly missing among Republicans, who at best ignored blacks when not accusing them of criminality and massive welfare fraud while offering a soft landing for former segregationists such as South Carolina's Strom Thurmond.

But absent concrete steps to address such urgent issues as criminal justice reform, school choice, occupational licensing, and the drug war, all of which disproportionately affect minority populations, there's no reason to assume that black support for Democrats will continue, any more than publicly regulated taxicabs, postwar shopping malls, or old Fortune 500 companies can hope to persist. Political parties are contingent organizations whose meanings and commitments need to change over time and in reaction to customer demands. Most Americans are increasingly alienated from the current iterations of either party for the simple reason that the Democratic and Republican coalitions were designed to appeal to political realities that made sense back in the late 20th century. The car you drive, the food you eat, the music you listen to—none of these things are the same as they were back in 1978, 1988, or 1998. So why should the political party you vote for?

On Wednesday, Chance also tweeted this:

In many ways, Donald Trump ran in 2016 as an independent. Not only did he openly attack the leaders and infrastructure of the GOP, he shredded its dogma on free trade and other issues. Chance's timeline might be a bit optimistic, but there's no question that he's pointing in the right general direction, not simply for the presidency but the future of American politics, too.

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  1. Libertarian moment?

    1. I think his backtrack recasts himself as a Bernie Bro.

      1. I think his backtrack recasts him as a coward.

        1. Nah man, that’s like calling someone cause they can’t swim in the river rapids. Can you even imagine the hate-tsunami that descended on him the moment he tweeted that?

          1. Perhaps, and perhaps he should have considered the strength of his resolve before dispatching his tweet directly into hostile territory. Breaking rank and taking a stance against militant groupthink and hatred historically has been, at the very least, incredibly testing and often very dangerous for those with courage to stand their ground. I certainly hope he at least manages a strategic retreat and regroup such as Kanye did. I’m optimistic for him. He doesn’t have to be that flip flopper. Noone respects that. I very much hope he finds it within himself to stick to his latent individualist guns and finds strength from that.

          2. What’s funny is all that hatred was because he was black, which in some circles would be considered racist. If someone who was white said the same thing, all else being equal, I’m pretty sure would not have encountered the same degree of hostility.

      2. Chance realized that if he really intended to run for mayor of Chicago (it’s been floated, and Rahm Emmanuel is hated in the black community) he would have to toe the line and run as a Democrat. He spoke way too soon and definitely to the wrong demographic.

    2. Commandeering the top comment to say:

      I fucking love Chance the Rapper

        1. Oh man, CHANCE!!! My proggie friends are stunned and silent, I had to link this article, you’d think he’s Benedict Arnold reborn.

          Red Pillin’ the children, just ordered some CDs. Take my money! Dude’s actually intelligent as fuck. His first CD was “lit” and he wrote it at 19 or some shit.

          There is still hope for the generation after mine, I pray they don’t follow millennials down that dark path.

    3. Just another reason to focus our efforts on destroying the progressives so they can’t exert this type of influence.

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  2. I don’t think he said it at the “wrongest” time at all. The time feels right for a total political realignment.

    1. What he means is he said it at a time when people were gonna be fired up enough to yell at him.

  3. Blacks abandoning Democrats? Fat Chance.

    1. People might be surprised by what could happen if Republicans and conservatives ditched the bigotry, the backwardness, the insularity, the authoritarianism, and the ignorance.

      This is hypothetical, of course, because the current Republican-conservative electoral coalition depends on intolerance, backwardness, insularity, and ignorance (southern and rural bigots in particular) with no sign of change in sight.

      1. So, Kirkland, in all your comments you display an astonishing amount of intolerance, insularity, and ignorance. In your time here, you’ve show no sign of changing your mind about any issue, or accepting that you yourself are nothing more than a bigot who pretends to be “enlightened” simply because your bigotry is directed against the right. Hypothetically, how do you think your comments?and you yourself?would be received were you to ditch the bigotry, arrogance, insularity, authoritarianism, and ignorance?

        1. You’re asking an awful lot of someone who is probably 20 lines or so of Javascript, judging by the repetitiveness of the posts.

          1. I hate Java, and I am offended you would insult it so by comparing it to that guy.

            1. I said Java*script*. Not the same thing.

              1. Fair enough. Missed that.

      2. Why are liberal Democrat cities so dangerous and oppressive to minorities?

        Chicago, which has not had a Republican mayor since 1931:

        How Chicago Racked up a $662 Million Police Misconduct Bill

        Chicago has paid a staggering sum ? about $662 million ? on police misconduct since 2004, including judgments, settlements and outside legal fees, according to city records. The payouts, for everything from petty harassment to police torture, have brought more financial misery to a city already drowning in billions of dollars of pension debt.

        The Justice Department’s recent decision to investigate the Chicago police ? fallout from the McDonald case ? has helped focus new attention on this agonizing history of misconduct and the surprising lack of consequences. Few officers accused of wrongdoing have been disciplined in recent years.

        1. And NYC… and LA… and Boston…

        2. If this is the fault of Democrats, and blacks continue to support Democrats, how much worse must Republicans appear to blacks? They look at something like that and say, hey that’s bad, but imagine how much worse it’d be if Republicans were in charge. And nobody really thinks they’re wrong.

      3. Good point. Nothing is more bigoted than allowing people to keep their own money while touting personal responsibility. Unlike Democrats who tell minorities that they can have no success in life without a helping white hand.

        1. Democrats care so much about black community that they had to destroy it to save it.

      4. Quit letting out the secret Kirkland that Democrats and Republicans are basically the same. You went so far as to list the similarities!

        1. They are entirely different. One hates the right people. The other hates the wrong people.

      5. People might be surprised by what could happen if Dems and proggies ditched the intolerance, the backwardness, the insularity, the authoritarianism, and the ignorance.

        But that’s hypothetical, and given the proggy asshole commonly posting here (above), extremely unlikely.

      6. Consider Senator Tim Scott, R., South Carolina. Senator Scott was appointed to the seat by then Governor Nikki Haley, and has since won two state wide elections in the Cradle of the Confederacy, where the electorate is over 65% white. Senator Scott is the first black US Senator ever elected from South Carolina. You haven’t heard of him because Senator Scott doesn’t fit the left’s narrative of racist Republicans. So who’s racist? The Republicans who voted for Senator Scott or the leftist press who refuse to report on Senator Scott’s achievements, like helping to draft the recent tax bill?

      7. Yes, the party that was founded on abolition, the party that fought consistently for the civil rights of ALL Americans, the party that never passed laws designed to hurt a people based on their race is the bigoted one.

        And who tells us this?

        The party that drove the natives from their land, the party that fought for the right to keep humans as farm animals. The party that, having been thwarted in their attempts to class a people as livestock, set about crafting a legal system that effectively did the same thing, The party that, having been thwarted in that attempt crafted a series of policies and programs that remove agency from all they attach themselves to.

        In simpler terms, the party completely, wholly, and devoutly committed to a severely stratified society with whites at the top,, the Democrats.

      8. Everything you just said described the democrats. You have to be blind not to see that they are the party of identity politics. What have democrats done over the last 40 years to help black? What? We have gone backwards ever since LBJ was forced to pass ‘Civil Rights.’ We have poorer schools, more women as head of households, higher crimes, no school choice, less pay, more arrests, more murders, more dropouts, and less home ownerships (gone up under Trump). Do you really think the government can legislate equality? How about promoting staying in schools and competing for jobs? Illegals undermine jobs for blacks, but you don’t hear democrats telling you that (Republicans do). Why? They want votes! Republicans want cheap labor, but they don’t patronize you like the democrats do. Democrats think you can think for yourselves. Once I decided to leave the democrats, I have been much more successful. My earnings tripled by going to school, stop looking at myself as a victim, believing in God, and working hard. Give it a try!

    2. Yeah, at least the Democrats pretend to care about black issues, even if they screw them over every single time. It’s the same reason gullible libertarians keep voting Republican.

      1. Are you saying there’s not a single republican who’s done or even claimed to have a single thing for black people?

        Let’s turn it into a game. How about I give you a dollar for every elected Democrat you can name who’s advanced libertarian (economic) policy on principle and/or in the name of liberty/libertarianism and you give me a dollar for every elected Republican I can name who’s advanced a black issues policy on principle and/or in the name of liberty/libertarianism? Since the two political footballs are the same it’s a no-lose proposition for you, right?

        1. Not taking?

          What if I offer you a chance to double your money? Where, in this round, I’ll give you two dollars for every piece of legislation specifically enacted or spearheaded by Republicans that affected only black people by name socially or fiscally and you give me a dollar for every piece of legislation specifically enacted or spearheaded by Democrats that affected social or fiscal liberty in general *or* specifically applied only to black people. Still the same interchangeable footballs, right?

          1. Hugh is a troll. Shitting on a thread and running away is his move.

          2. To be fair, you responded 31 minutes after his post, and gave up on him responding after only 16 minutes. Try again at 4:10PM.

            1. Don’t tell him this, but I’m going to pretend the game was fair and he can pretend that I robbed him and since we’re both pretending, it’ll be a wash.

            2. 7:47 PM — no response.

      2. How has all that pretended worked out for the black community there Hugh? You racist jackass. This is going to come as a shock to you, but pretending isn’t’ good enough. Black people are actual human beings and don’t exist so dipshit white people like you can feel smug about themselves.

      3. Yes. Fake apathy is more important that actual action. Who cares that black incomes gained the most under Reagan and it is happening again under Trump. Who cares if Democrats want regulations like against hair braiding to make own startups too expensive for minority communities. It’s words that matter. You’re a moron.

      4. This “at least the Democrats pretend to care about black issues”, is the reason. Somehow it’s not enough to treat people x the same as the rest, the demand for special privileges will only doom you to political lies, deceit, and dependence on third parties to save you from yourself. In other words to invite failure.

      5. “Yeah, at least the Democrats pretend to care about black issues, even if they screw them over every single time. It’s the same reason gullible libertarians keep voting Republican.”

        Oh fuck off. In the short time Trump has been president, he has done more for black employment than Obama did in eight years. In fact, blacks ended up worse off for voting in lockstep to elect that commie piece of shit.

        Democrats have done nothing but fuck blacks over at every turn for the last hundred and fifty years. Republicans. Freed them , from slavery, helped at, the, to battle the Klan. and did the heavy lifting to get civil rights legislation passed. Republicans are also the ones who largely created periods of economic opportunity for black people.

        With very few exceptions, democrats have been the black population’s worst enemy. Just like they are to the rest of the population

        1. I guess bigots keep trying to peddle this ‘Democrats are the real racists’ lines, despite its futility, because they figure they have nothing else left in a country that has been making progress against their objections throughout our lifetimes, with an electorate destined to become even less rural, even less religious, even less white, even less bigoted, and even less backward as Republicans take their stale thinking to the grave.

          Carry on, clingers. While your betters continue to effect the progress you hate.

      6. If I was black immigrant, with no prior American political knowledge, and decided that I’d pick my party based on tribe identification derived from message board comments, Reason would sway me Republican. But if I read Breitbart, the pure, unfiltered hatred toward me based solely on skin color would make me run to the Democrats.

        Voting based on tribal identification is therefore a bad idea … but I am sympathetic to how difficult it would be for many blacks to vote in lockstep with a large cohort who despise them for their race. It would be an interesting tact for a politician to take – openly acknowledge the racist cohort who will be voting for them, also acknowledge that they need the racist votes in order to win and access power, but argue that their policies make it personally worthwhile to vote for you to vote for them along with the racists.

        1. I wonder which part of the Republican platform an immigrant or black American would consider most appealing — the drug war, the race-targeting voter suppression, the gay-bashing, the abusive policing, the xenophobia and general intolerance, the military belligerence, the substandard conservative schools, the torture the nanny-state approach to abortion and contraception, the prayer in schools and creationism in science classes, the deficit-funded military budgets . . . the list of points that distinguish Republicans is long and varied.

      7. Republicans–and sane people– don’t care about “black issues”.

        They care about American issues.

        People who see pandering and pretense as viable courses of action will see this as ‘uncaring’.

    3. He’s not fat, he’s big boned.

      1. This has not gone unappreciated.

    4. Blacks voted straight Republican until FDR started his giveaways.

    5. Agree, Chipper. As long as Democrats can convince blacks that they are helpless victims and, therefore, in dire need of government “help”, they will have a lock on the black vote. Their own power- and money-hungry leaders, “Reverends” Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, reinforce this “victim” mentality and, in fact, depend on it to maintain their control and influence. Until blacks denounce these leaders and throw off this mentality as a race, they will continue to lag other ethnic groups in achievement and economic success.

    6. Ironically, blacks in general would have more political power if there was a higher likelihood of them abandoning Democrats.

  4. Yet Chance’s comments?however fleeting and quickly countermanded?point to the fact that Democrats do not and should not have a lock on the black vote.

    What about their lock on the single woman vote?

    1. Blacks are actually conservative and incredibly brainwashed, single women belong to the party of ‘it isn’t your fault’.

    2. If they wanted to keep it, they shoulda’ put a ring on it.

    3. Single women are VERY dependent on ‘big government’ and the Democrats openly provide that. Of course, the spending for that big government is slowly grinding the US into the dirt. But, that’s in the future — so they don’t think about that.

      1. The resurgence of the traditional nuclear family would be a great threat to democrat hegemony. This is why everything is homos, tranny’s, single parents, abortion on demand, etc.. Anything to break up families and make everyone as dependent on government as possible.

  5. Just because Blacks don’t need to be Democrats does not mean they have to be Trumpaloompas. The Democrats just don’t understand that, and automatically assumed he was a Trumpaloompa. In the Democrat (and to a huge extent, the Republican) world view, everything is either pitch black or stark white. Either one has a personal shrine to Hillary are they gleefully voted for Trump. No other option conceivable to them.

    1. I see you’ve been talking to Tony.

      1. If you don’t puck a party and love it to death, you’re a monster! Oh, and your also a monster if you don’t pick my party!

    2. What’s annoying is that even if you DID vote for Trump, the reasons might be complex or nuanced.

      1. Yes, no one should ignore the rich tapestry of bigotry, the beguiling nuance of backwardness, the complex features of disaffectedness . . .

        1. Why are liberal Democrat cities so dangerous and oppressive to minorities?

          Ferguson, Missouri, an overwhelmingly black and Democratic city:

          Washington Post: Ferguson shows how a police force can turn into a plundering ‘collection agency’

          The amount of revenue siphoned through citations rose 56 percent between 2011 and 2014 ? from $1.4 million to $2.3 million ? which netted the city a tidy tribute. So when the chief of police reported that his team had “beat our next biggest month in the last four years” in revenue collection, the city manager had one reaction.

          “Wonderful!” he said.

          1. Kevin, Arty is WAY to cowardly a weasel to answer such a question.

            1. Why are liberal Democrat cities so dangerous and oppressive to minorities?

              In the case of Ferguson, it seems to have been because the mayor and council members were white.

              Carry on, bigoted right-wing goobers. While your betters improve America over your strident but irrelevant objections.

              1. They were white liberal Democrats. Those are the same people that you so gleefully refer to as “your betters”.

                Keep carrying that torch though. It’ll burn you before long.

        2. Better call Kanye a nigger quick. Or else people won’t think you’re progressive enough.

          1. I think the term white people acutely tuned to dog whistles use is “house negro” to describe blacks like Thomas Sowell who wander off the reservation.

          2. +1 sling
            +1 arrow

        3. Whoa, you described southern Democrats to a tee.

        4. “Yes, no one should ignore the rich tapestry of bigotry, the beguiling nuance of backwardness, the complex features of disaffectedness . . .”

          Yeah, asshole, she (and you) lost.

          1. That’s where you and the other disaffected, no-count goobers are wrong.

            Guys like me win. We have been winning throughout my lifetime in America, and we will continue to win.

            Doobies, abortion, gay marriage, voter suppression, creationism in science classes, treatment of women, affirmative action, prayer in schools, environmental protection — the liberal-libertarian alliance has been forging progress in America while right-wing authoritarians mumble ineffectually at the sidelines of society.

            And we are going to continue to make progress against right-wing efforts and aspirations. Immigration. Universal healthcare. Better environmental protections. Gun safety. Treatment of gays. Treatment of women.

            The dividing line is education, tolerance, reason, science, and inclusivity against ignorance, bigotry, superstition, backwardness, and insularity.

            I know which side of that line I am on; which side has been winning throughout my lifetime; which side I expect to win.

            Now be nice, or maybe we will decide to start shoving progress down your no-count throats sideways.

            Have a nice day, goober.

            1. Winning…winning…winning

              Ok Charlie Sheen.

            2. Hey, Arty Lee, it’s ‘no account’. Those of us who are actually from the cities know this kind of thing.

              Some other things to help–

              There is no ‘r’ in the word ‘wash’

              Ideas and Ideals are two different things.

              Dentistry is a good thing.


              I sincerely hope that helps you, you cute little bumpkin,

              It’s always so entertaining to watch them after they think “they done got educated”

      2. What’s even MORE annoying is when these people with supposedly “nuanced” reasons for voting for Trump eat the shit he’s spewing because they insist it’s exactly what they ordered.

      3. Which is why I said “gleefully voted for Trump”. I know plenty of people who voted for Trump while holding their noses.

        1. Then they can’t really pretend to be surprised at the stink, can they? Gleefully or holding your noses you all knew exactly what he was.

    3. Just another iteration of “Team Red/Team Blue” point scoring mentality or the Commission on Presidential Debates deciding that the U.S. is a two party nation. The lazy media inflates this environment because it’s easy to setup villains for their pharmaceutical advertising shows.
      It feels scary and puerile to hope for a zeitgeist change where free thinking individuals approach problems and policy without first forcing alignment to some group. Exciting possibility even if it’s ridiculously unlikely.

    4. Nothing says thoughtful discourse like high end academic terms like “Trumpaloompas”. Did you think of that yourself or was it in your morning email of talking points you get from the Daily Show?

      1. Always floors me how people attempt to pass themselves off as halfway intelligent while referring to people as, say, Trumpanzees, Obongo, Obummer, The Dotard, Hilliary, etc.

        1. Me too. Do they really think that is clever? It is not even very insulting. It is just lame. The Trump people calling people cucks is at least vulgar and legitimately offensive.

          1. It’s what burns me out about Rush and such. Mark Levin is the worst about it, his nicknames actually make me embarrassed.

            1. There can be only so many nicknames as insults. They get old and boring quickly. Some aren’t even accurate. I get tired of “RINO”. Is doesn’t occur to the people who use this that maybe *they* are the “RINOs”.

      2. I know, right? How dare he speak I’ll of a protectionist, deficit-running, statist, drug war enthusiast president and his disciples on a libertarian forum!!! Next thing you know he’ll be demanding collectivization of the farms!

  6. But again, said that shit at the wrongest time.

    Way to stand up for your convictions. Then again, can you really call it a conviction if you’re not willing to stand up for it?

  7. If only we had someone with the moral fiber and broad popularity of, I dunno, Bill Cosby to talk frankly with black people about the multiple causes of the problems – not just “racism!” – that face their community.

    1. to talk frankly with black people about the multiple causes of the problems – not just “racism!” – that face their community.

      I believe that job can only be done by white people.

      1. Or by Artificial Intelligence!

      2. Black people exist so that white people can show them the proper way to do things. Didn’t you know that?

    2. Note: that when Bill Cosby did start talking frankly is when all the women came out of the wood work. can’t let a nigger tellem like it is

  8. I’m in CA, the most leftist of places, completely controlled by leftists, yet the problem is still those evil straight while male republicans fault! Those pesky 1%ers!

    Just like in Chicago — Chicago and every other big city has been a single party democrat haven for generations and generations, yet it’s never their fault! It’s always some republican or some corporation…. somewhere. But no, keep voting Democrat and think things will change.

    Democrats have perfected the art of keeping people down and convincing them it’s other people’s fault, ensuring people keep voting for them.

    If a company acted like this, they’d either be bankrupt or facing calls for regulation.

    1. Those who rob Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

      1. There is no evidence that Trump paid Rand to support Pompeo.

        1. Stormy Daniels approves of this message

          1. Michael Cohen, however, does not. Sustained ambivalence from Flynn and Co.

    2. Yep.
      Why are liberal Democrat cities so dangerous and oppressive to minorities?

      New York Times: Suit Alleges ‘Scheme’ in Criminal Costs Borne by liberal Democrat New Orleans’s Poor

      On Thursday, Ms. Cain joined five other plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit against the criminal district court here, among others, alleging that judges and court officials have been running an “illegal scheme” in which poor people are indefinitely jailed if they fall behind on payments of court fines, fees and assessments. The suit describes how fees are imposed with no hearing about a person’s ability to pay, and how nearly all components of the local criminal justice system ? the judges, the prosecutors, the public defenders ? benefit financially to some degree.

      1. I suppose guys like KevinP could genuinely be dumb enough to believe that Republicans are blacks’ friends, and that Mississippi and Alabama constitute the best of America.

        Homeschooling and backward religious schools have consequences.

  9. Blacks are not abandoning the Democrat party. That is all.

    1. They really should, considering that liberal Democrat cities are so dangerous and oppressive to minorities.

      In liberal Democrat Chicago, which has not had a Republican mayor since 1931:

      Chicago police detained thousands of black Americans at interrogation facility

      At least 3,500 Americans have been detained inside a Chicago police warehouse described by some of its arrestees as a secretive interrogation facility, newly uncovered records reveal.

      More than 82% of the Homan Square arrests thus far disclosed ? or 2,974 arrests ? are of black people, while 8.5% are of white people. Chicago, according to the 2010 US census, is 33% black and 32% white.

      Over two-thirds of the arrests at Homan Square thus far revealed ? at least 2,522 ? occurred under the tenure of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the former top aide to Barack Obama who has said of Homan Square that the police working under him “follow all the rules”.

      1. And I bet every cop that arrested those people were Evil Republicans /sarc

      2. Probably because they saw how Republicans and libertarians reacted when they actually got together and formed a movement to stand up to police violence against black people.

    2. Not as long as explicitly courting them remains a useful tactic for electing Democrats.

      1. Is your problem with politicians explicitly courting a section of the electorate, the colour of that section, or with the idea that as a result black people have any sort of actual influence on politics at all?

        1. Black people have NO influence in politics whatsoever thanks to the lockstep voting for Democrats.

          They’re simply written off by Republicans and the smaller parties because you can’t pry them away from the Democrats even with actual KKK members running AS Democrats.

          So they’re simply a solid chunk that everyone just factors in. They’re the tare on the scale.

          Since they ARE so solidly Democratic, the ghettoes grow and inner city schools worsen–all while decades long Democrat rule blames people who may never have had any power in the city.

          And black people moronically yell at people who can’t ever help them because they refuse to vote for them.

  10. I can’t remember how many times Tony has asked why blacks overwhelmingly vote for Democrats.

    1. Perhaps they enjoy the beatings. It truly is a mystery to me.

      The Brutality of Police Culture in liberal Democrat Baltimore, 87% of which voted for Barack Obama

      Victims include a 15-year-old boy riding a dirt bike, a 26-year-old pregnant accountant who had witnessed a beating, a 50-year-old woman selling church raffle tickets, a 65-year-old church deacon rolling a cigarette and an 87-year-old grandmother aiding her wounded grandson. Those cases detail a frightful human toll. Officers have battered dozens of residents who suffered broken bones ? jaws, noses, arms, legs, ankles ? head trauma, organ failure, and even death, coming during questionable arrests. Some residents were beaten while handcuffed; others were thrown to the pavement.

      1. I think it’s a combination of good intentions and economic ignorance. When you think the economy is a zero-sum game, and think the best way to help the poor is to rob the rich, you’re going to support Democrats every time.

  11. The party is able to get by partly because of its longstanding defense of civil rights and its welcoming attitude to minorities. Such comity is mostly missing among Republicans…

    Ah yes, the Democratic Party’s longstanding defense of civil rights!

    Chicago, which has not had a Republican mayor since 1931:

    NBC News: ‘Crook County’ Author: Judicial System Stacked Against Blacks, Latinos

    Van Cleve documents how minority defendants in Chicago were referred to as “Mopes,” a term with the same derogatory intent as the N-word. Fabricated police reports were overlooked.

    Rather than a case of rogue officers and “a few bad apples,” Van Cleve presents a searing picture of systemic and deeply entrenched racism – including among defense attorneys. Those within the system who try to fight its defects often risk retaliation and isolation.

    Minority defendants, she writes, were often viewed as objects with no humanity. Van Cleve shows how even members of the public, such as defendants’ family members, were routinely disrespected and subjected to humiliation and abuse.

  12. I’m so glad we have baby boomers to explain things to us

    They really *get it*

    1. that new Yorker headline is a laugh riot.

  13. Chicago’s schools are far from the “worst in the nation”. Gamblin’ Bill Bennett was talking through his ass when he said that. The worst big city school system is (easily) Detroit’s. Chicago is “average” for a big city, similar to Boston and New York, among others. Student performance, shockingly enough, is very closely related to socio-economic status and race/ethnicity. Big cities typically have large percentages of poor black and Hispanic students. There’s no question that teachers’ unions have “bought into” a dysfunctional, “you leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone” system that puts very little emphasis on student performance, but this is in large part a function of the belief among many black and Hispanic voters that the first job of government is to provide well paying jobs and to never fire anyone.

    If you want data on big city school performance, check out “district” performance in 2017 at the website for the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

    1. Chicago is “average” for a big city,

      I don’t think that makes the point you think it does there Alan.

      1. To rather solidly drive the themes home: according to several sources, including his own NAEP, Detroit is the posterchild for reducing racial inequality in education while Chicago is the pinnacle.

        There’s lots of ways to be retarded but being exceptional, by definition, sets you apart.

        1. Chicago is the pinnacle

          The pinnacle of inequality that is.

  14. Let’s make this simple…

    If you are a voter, and you won’t punish a political party when they fail you because, God forbid the other side wins. Then you’re their bitch and they can treat you accordingly.

    1. Pretty much that. And if you say up front that you will never vote for the other party, how can you complain when that party stops giving a shit about your interests?

    2. It’s astonishing how partisan devotees (ahem, Tony? You here?) don’t grasp this, or adamantly deny it. Parties respond to incentives. If you’ll vote for them no matter what, their only incentive is to ignore you. History has proven this time and again.

      1. It’s a good think I rad down a bit or I would have posted almost the exact same thing.

      2. You know what history also proves again and again?

        How nature points out the folly of men

  15. I love all these white people on this thread who are so sure what black people are going or not going to do and what their real opinion on things is. Where would these poor people be without an enlightened white man to speak for them?

    1. I personally enjoy being a symbol as opposed to a real human being in my white American brothers’s and sisters’s personal redemption narratives. I get to educate them about Miles Davis and the difference between Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. And at barbecues I also get to be the one to explain what collard greens are. “So they taste like cabbage?”

  16. It would be interesting, but only possible in a Robert Heinlein story, if Chicago black leaders would get their noses out of the Democratic trough and start a campaign to vote for Republican mayor and aldermen candidates next cycle who made certain minimum promises: rein in the police, stop corruption (although those are two sides of the same coin). And then actually do that, and get half the blacks to follow through, and shake a few aldermen out of office. Of course, not only will that not happen, but the Republicans who did win would sure as shit just fall into the same old ways.

    But it is an interesting fantasy, and it’s fun to speculate on the domestic revolution which would ensue in cities across the country if it actually did happen in Chicago.

    1. If you only knew what was said in the media, you would think that every black person was either an entertainer, politician, professional athlete, or lived in the ghetto. The truth is that there are 40 million or so black people in this country and they come in every kind. At least a quarter of them or more would be voting Republican if they voted strictly on their values and beliefs. The fact that they don’t is because being a Democrat is essential to being part of the black community. It doesn’t matter what you think, as long as you vote Democrat you are part of the community and if you don’t, you are kicked out. They really can’t kick someone as famous as West out of the Black community. And if he can support a Republican and get away with it, others will have an easier time doing so. This is why Progs are losing their shit over this and why it really is important.

      1. The truth is that there are 40 million or so black people in this country and they come in every kind. At least a quarter of them or more would be voting Republican if they voted strictly on their values and beliefs.

        ^ This, and this is definitely coming to a head.

        I live in a pretty working-class neighborhood with a higher-than-the-national-average population of black people, but it’s a transitional area where the local school also draws from more professional areas.

        There is a real divide forming where the more professionally-oriented black mothers are losing patience with the condescending attitudes from the District, represented by things like special academic achievement awards for black students only – i.e. the “you’re pretty good for a black kid award” – or for the special “black-kids only” literacy groups.

        We often hear things like “no thanks, I’m against segregation” or “why can’t the other kids who are behind have help, too?” when one of the ‘activist’ ladies tries to recruit one of the ‘professional’ ladies.

        There is more and more recognition that privilege has to do with class and wealth much more than it has to do with race, and this scares the shit out of the modern Democratic Party because they have no idea what to do with that.

        1. I would argue also that privilege has to do with family status much more than it has to do with race, and this scares the shit out of the modern Democratic Party because they have no idea what to do with that.

        2. I would argue also that privilege has to do with family status much more than it has to do with race, and this scares the shit out of the modern Democratic Party because they have no idea what to do with that.

    2. I do not know where everyone is getting the idea that the police are susceptible to meaningful political control. I doubt that’s true anywhere in the country, and it’s certainly not true in any big city. BdB in NYC made some gestures in that direction, but then the NYPD engaged in an (illegal) slowdown and he’s been shoveling money at them ever since. No politician will take the risk of an officer mutiny, and they will do it in a second whenever they sense their fiefdom is under threat.

      And those officers? Trump supporters.

      1. ^words of a bitch

      2. That seems to be a specious allegation. Unions typically support Republicans just because they are cops in NY? I would love to see some polling data on that one.

        1. Are you unable to speak English? None of your comments to me are comprehensible.

          It’s absolutely the case that the NYPD skews Republican and is full of Trump supporters. That’s likely true throughout the country, too, including in sanctuary cities, where the rank-and-file quietly hands over detained immigrants to ICE even when their political leadership tells voters that’s not what they’re going to do.

          The police and sergeants’ unions are probably the only public unions Republicans can stand, and that’s part of what makes these unions so powerful and unaccountable to anyone. They’re corrupt as all hell, deal themselves pension benefits unlike anything Joe Blow at the DMV can hope for, and can reliably expect Trump, Sessions, and the whole line of Republican political leaders on down to shovel military-grade equipment for them to play with.

  17. “But again, said that shit at the wrongest time.”

    I would suspect there are plenty of people like that – in this context meaning black people but I’m sure we can think of other contexts where it applies to other groups – who are aware that the stuff they’re supposed to pretend to believe is seriously flawed, but it’s not timely (and never *is* timely) to upset their social circle by harping on these problems, and that the best course is to go along to get along.

    1. What you did there – it has been seen.

      1. Can you explain it to me, then?

        1. “go along to get along”

          Perhaps I was reading in, but this phrase used to be associated with Uncle Tom types like Clarence Thomas who see the racism all around them but don’t say anything in order to participate in the “structures of white privilege.”

          If that’s what you were doing, it was clever IMHO.

          1. Maybe it would have been clever, maybe not, but I associate the term “go along to get along” with political conformity, for example in Congress but by extension elsewhere.

            Are you seriously calling Justice Thomas an Uncle Tom?

            (And if so do you mean the insulting stage version or the somewhat-more-respectful figure in the novel – though even the Tom in the novel wasn’t quite as aggressive as the Thomas on the court)

            1. (And Justice Thomas mentions race a lot, especially when he’s pointing out inconvenient – to progs – realities about this country’s constitutional history.)

            2. Are you seriously calling Justice Thomas an Uncle Tom?

              I was being snarky. There was an old SNL skit I was trying to dig up that has Thomas giving an aside to his wife to the effect of “see, I told you if I just kept my head down and stayed quiet things would work out for us!” but I couldn’t find it.

              I don’t personally feel that the term “Uncle Tom” has been particularly relevant to actual life in well over a century, but Chance revising his sentiments to match those of the people who keep him on the gravy train is a bit of an eery echo.

              1. Racism is expecting another person to believe or behave a certain way because of their race. The term “Uncle Tom” (among others) is racist.

  18. This Rolling Stone piece is beautiful not just for its unadulteratedly idiotic hot-take on this, but for the thorough shellacking it’s getting in its own comments section.

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    2. The comments don’t appear to be accessible on my potato. Am I doing it wrong?

      1. Step one, get a computer rather than potato.

        1. *Lifts gaze from iPotato and looks up at BUCS, casually*

          What’s a computer?

          1. We should have never allowed the Polish into this country.

            1. Fine. We’ll take our pierogis and super-strength vodka and not bother you anymore!

  19. In the United States of America, if a black person dares question the Democrat allegiance expected of them by their peers, they are shamed, brow-beaten, defamed, and coerced in any way possible until they recant. I wouldn’t be surprised if, just like the unions, there were efforts to keep suspected rogue voters away from the polls within certain communities.

    1. It’s no time for African Americans to leave the Democrat party. It is so rotten with corruption that it’s due for a purging/leadership change. African Americans may well benefit from any changes. Libertarian opinion, at least on this board, probably would prefer the status quo to radical changes in the Democrats.

      1. The democrat party should be declared an enemy of the republic.

        1. Declare away! Nobody’s stopping you.

      2. Unless those radical changes involve becoming less socialist, then no, black people will not benefit from them, nor will the rest of us.

        1. Exactly. Despite all the whining, you prefer the status quo. The Clintons are preferable to any true believers.

      3. If South Africa and Zimbabwe are any indication, Blacks do not suddenly become libertarians when they find themselves in political power. They keep voting against their interests and to take from Whites and give to Blacks … until there aren’t any Whites left.

      4. If South Africa and Zimbabwe are any indication, Blacks do not suddenly become libertarians when they find themselves in political power. They keep voting against their interests and to take from Whites and give to Blacks … until there aren’t any Whites left.

  20. They don’t? Isn’t there some kind of law that says they must?

  21. ” The party is able to get by partly because of its longstanding defense of civil rights and its welcoming attitude to minorities. ”

    Or maybe just their extensive experience with the politics of racial spoils , and willingness to dish those out instead of actual equal rights.

  22. ” Republicans, who at best ignored blacks when not accusing them of criminality and massive welfare fraud while offering a soft landing for former segregationists such as South Carolina’s Strom Thurmond.”
    What? No love for Robert Byrd?

    1. Seriously, the black vote was bought by LBJ for expressly partisan reasons and paid for by the taxpayers, including the black ones. The fact that his strategy destroyed the black family structure and created the Democratic party supervised ghettos that endure til this day was apparently worth the cost to him. One can only wonder how history might be different had NAACP member and integrationist Barry Goldwater won the election.

  23. If only he knew what Democrats like Hillary Clinton support:

    “Why affirmative action failed black families where it matters most” http://malemattersusa.wordpres…..-families/

    This is not what you may think it is. It may be shocking for some.

  24. Michael Hihn has more vestigial finger webbinga than there are voting African Americans who know who Strong Thurmond was.

  25. No, black people don’t “have” to be Democrats. They don’t have to be Republicans or Libertarians or Socialists or Anarchists or anything else. Same goes for white, brown, red, blue, green, purple, and polka-dotted people.

    1. The polka-folka actually don’t have a choice. They always vote Party.

      1. Good one.

        1. I wonder how long that screen name will be allowed here.

  26. I don’t read the news for one day and the fucking unthinkable happens!?

  27. Special interests get everything they want from politicians. They offer big money to individual politicians in exchange for pushing the special interest’s agenda. The special interests make it clear that if the politician doesn’t do their bidding then next election they will give the money to their opponent. That’s the key to getting what they want. They use the carrot and the stick.

    Black people vote Democrat no matter what. Why would Democrats do anything for them so long as they are guaranteed the black vote?

    1. “Special interests get everything they want”

      Aren’t you special?

  28. Do all black people need to be Democrats? No, certainly not! Black people should vote for whoever serves their interests.

    A tip, however: If other parties want to court black voters, an important first step will be acknowledging that black voters have interests, and aren’t just hoodwinked into a “plantation mentality” that serves the Democrats.

    1. Your entire premise is that we should vote ‘me’. You should vote society, but without ‘me’ we can’t have the greed everyone says they hate.

  29. I think that Blacks — and Jews, Muslims, Native Americans, Latinos — need to *not* be Republicans, as the Republican party is currently structured. The party that openly embraces the “Alt-Right”(*). The party that thinks Joe Arpaio is a great guy — the sheriff who was held in contempt for disobeying several Federal court orders to stop racial profiling. .

    Not that the Democrats are really great friends of blacks and other disadvantaged groups. Chance and Gillespie are 100% right about that. Just that the _current_ Republican Congress is so much worse. Now maybe we can someday get back to the Republican party of Reagan, of Bush 41, of Clinton, even of Bush 43. A party that knows right from wrong. A party that is willing to work with a President of the opposite party to accomplish goals acceptable to both sides. A party that (maybe) cares about fiscal sanity.

    But not the Republican Party of the 115th Congress. This Republican Party is none of the above. I can only hope that in a few years we will again have a Republican Party worth respecting.

    (*) There’s a laugh. Trump and his followers say they don’t like Political Correctness. But what is “Alt-Right” if not a Politically Correct term for Nazis, Kluxers, and other hate groups?

    1. Why, for that matter, would a white person vote for the party that’s chummy with the likes of racists like Louis Farrakhan? In fact, why would a Jew? It’s interesyong you mention Jews. Obama got his picture taken, smiling, with the black equivalent of David Duke. Why do they get a pass for that again?

      Let’s not kid ourselves. You wouldn’t vote for Reagan if he were alive today even if he were running against Bernie Sanders.

    2. “maybe we can someday get back to the Republican party of Reagan”

      Maybe we should come up with a term for this kind of “nostalgia for dead politicians whom we hated when they were actually alive and active.”

      When Reagan was actually in the White House he was the worst racist since racism came to racism-town. He was also a fundamentalist who yearned for a nuclear holocaust to fulfill his apocalyptic fantasies. Not to mention how he caused AIDS and homelessness and was paranoid about the Nicaraguan government being Communist, etc., etc.

      Now progs casually drop his name an example of the kinds of *good* Republicans we used to have in the old days.

      1. That’s because they think the only good Republican is a dead Republican.

      2. This appears to be the exact opposite of all I have experienced in regard to Reagan. I’ve never met a left-leaning person who had any positive thoughts on Reagan beyond his affable nature and talent for communicating, and that’s the more optimistic baby boomers. Those a couple of generations removed from actually living through the Reagan years appear to have an idea of him as some kind of devil, or at the very least only a puppet for some kind of “fascist” agenda.

        I can’t imagine how I would feel about Reagan during his presidency, without knowing what would become of his policies, because I was only a kid. With hindsight the war on drugs was a terrible idea, and it appears as though parts of his administration went rogue. I don’t believe he was aware of what was happening with Iran-Contra.

        He wasn’t fantastic, but he wasn’t absolutely god awful in every respect. As a personality and a public speaker he was incredibly disarming and very comfortable with any audience. An accomplished statesman, but not the paragon of economic liberalism and fiscal responsibility that some wished he would have been.

        7/5; would have voted for without foreknowledge of his policies and legacy.

  30. “Never apologize Mister, it’s a sign of weakness”

    1. My first girl friend told me that. It has been useful ever since.

    Kanye West (formerly a famous Black rap artist) has made a lot of still Black people (most of whom are formerly white) angry that he no longer supports the Democrats.

  32. Blacks do not have to BE democrats, they just have to VOTE for democrats.

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  34. Black people DO have to be Democrats–just ask Stepin FetchitChance the Rapper —

    I’d never support someone [such as Trump] who’d talk about Chicago as if it’s hell on earth and then take steps to make life harder for the most disenfranchised among us….My statement about black folk not having to be democrats (though true) was a deflection from the real conversation and stemmed from a personal issue with the fact that Chicago has had generations of democratic officials with no investment or regard for black schools, neighborhood, or black lives. But again, said that shit at the wrongest time.

    You do what massa says, boy.

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