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Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Sees Michael Cohen Taking the Fifth and Trump's Lawyers Heading Back to Court: Reason Roundup

Plus: protecting online speech from meddling lawmakers, why TV prices are set to soar, and a very bad Sentencing Commission nominee.


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"Based on the advice of counsel, I will assert my 5th Amendment rights…" It looks like President Trump may be right about his "fix-it" guy and personal lawyer Michael Cohen. Trump said last week that he was confident Cohen wouldn't "flip" on him (a statement that's implication of guilt either went over Trump's head or level of care). On Wednesday, Cohen invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in a civil lawsuit filed by Stormy Daniels over alleged hush money paid by Cohen to keep quiet about a decade-old tryst with Trump.

"Based on the advice of counsel, I will assert my 5th Amendment rights in connection with all proceedings in this case due to the ongoing criminal investigation by the FBI and U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York," declared Cohen.

In addition to Daniels' lawsuit, Cohen now faces a federal investigation. Testifying in the civil suit—in which Daniels seeks to void the contract brokered by Cohen on the grounds that one party (Trump) claims to have no knowledge of it—could come back to bite him (or Trump) in the criminal case.

"Talking, when you're the subject of an investigation, when they are thinking that this contract was a federal crime … is incredibly reckless," lawyer Ken White (better known around these parts as Popehat) told NPR. "The only sensible thing to do is shut up and not make it worse."

That's not been Trump's opinion on pleading the Fifth, at least not in the past. "The mob takes the Fifth," Trump said at one 2016 campaign rally. "If you're innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?"

Here was Daniels' lawyer's response:

Trump's lawyer is scheduled today to tell the court how the president, who is also named in Daniels' lawsuit, plans to respond. U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood "scheduled a noon conference to hear how lawyers are preparing to review large amounts of data for attorney-client privilege after the April 9 raids on Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen," notes the Associated Press. The lawyer has previously said in a letter that Trump "will make himself available, as needed, to aid in our privilege review on his behalf."


Protecting online free speech from Congress. Today, Congress is slated for a showdown on "The Filtering Practices of Media Platforms." Like any foray by legislators into technology, the efforts are unlikely to lead anywhere good. But it's an important topic, as digital publications and platforms face shifting legal liabilities for their content monitoring and filtering practices in the wake of FOSTA becoming law.

"Public attention to this issue is important," suggests the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), as "calls for online platform owners to police their members' speech more heavily inevitably lead to legitimate voices being silenced online." EFF submitted a statement to the House Judiciary Committee, which will conduct today's hearing, arguing against Congress encouraging stricter online censorship.

We all want an Internet where we are free to meet, create, organize, share, associate, debate and learn. We want to make our voices heard in the way that technology now makes possible. No one likes being lied to or misled, or seeing hateful messages directed against them or flooded across our newsfeeds. We want our elections free from manipulation and for the speech of women and marginalized communities not to be silenced by harassment.

But we won't make the Internet fairer or safer by pushing platforms into ever more aggressive efforts to police online speech. When social media platforms adopt heavy-handed moderation policies, the unintended consequences can be hard to predict. For example, Twitter's policies on sexual material have resulted in posts on sexual health and condoms being taken down. YouTube's bans on violent content have resulted in journalism on the Syrian war being pulled from the site. It can be tempting to attempt to "fix" certain attitudes and behaviors online by placing increased restrictions on users' speech, but in practice, web platforms have had more success at silencing innocent people than at making online communities healthier.


TV prices could soar under Trump's tariffs. After years of tumbling prices, we can expect to start seeing televisions get more expensive again. President Trump's proposed tariffs on all sorts of Chinese imports would include a 25 percent tax on TVs and parts used to make them. The Consumer Technology Association predicts the Chinese TV tariff would not only raise rates for Chinese-made TVs by 23 percent but cause a price hike of 4 percent on all TVs sold in America. In 2017, 35 percent of all imported flat-screen TVs and components came from China, the association says.



Bad news for sentencing reform in Trump commission nominee. Trump has nominated William "Bill" Otis to the U.S. Sentencing Commission, the non-partisan group tasked with "reduc[ing] sentencing disparities and promot[ing] transparency and proportionality in sentencing" through data collection, analysis, and dissemination. Cato researcher Jonathan Blanks thinks this is a bad idea, noting that during Otis "has continuously lambasted bipartisan efforts to reduce sentences and remains a stalwart proponent of the 'tough on crime' rhetoric of the 1980s, warning of great crime waves that will follow widespread sentencing reduction. Otis marshals no empirical evidence for his claims—because there isn't any."

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  1. This morning, Jackson said his colleagues’ accusations are false but he withdrew his nomination anyway.

    There’s always Tito.

    1. Hello.

    2. Former colleagues say Ronny Jackson, President Trump’s pick to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs…prescribed drugs like candy.

      In the case of meds for chronic pain, like my cousin who is a VA patient needs, that’s a feature.

    3. Some people say “needs more cowbell”. I don’t think anyone anywhere has ever said “needs more Tito”.

  2. “The only sensible thing to do is shut up and not make it worse.”

    That doesn’t sound like a Trump team player to me.

  3. The porn as “public health threat” hoopla is now hitting Missouri.

    Maybe the way Missourians do it.

    1. The state of misery.

      1. Dilly dilly!

    2. Back in the 70s I lived in Missouri for a year. They were considering passing a bill that according to opponents would “result in the state being overrun by organized gambling.”
      Somehow, the measure managed to pass.
      It was all about allowing Missouri residents to enter the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.

  4. New York is the latest state to consider a “free range parenting” bill.

    Hopefully they don’t forget to exempt law enforcement again!

    1. “The Mouthpiece” starring Warren William (of Match King fame) was released in 1932. That pre-code saga of New York’s criminal criminal lawyer class was effectively banned when one such NY lawyer sued for libel and won! Same old same old…

  5. That’s not been Trump’s opinion on pleading the Fifth, at least not in the past. “The mob takes the Fifth,” Trump said at one 2016 campaign rally. “If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”
    To be fair, Trump was talking about Hillary Clinton and he had no idea that the Mob would be using their positions as bureaucrats to undermine his duly elected position.

  6. Former colleagues say Ronny Jackson, President Trump’s pick to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs, crashed his work car while driving drunk and prescribed drugs like candy.

    Trump material all the way. Why do libs obstruct the Dotard’s cabinet picks?

    1. For a second, I thought you were bringing up Ted Kennedy.

    2. The US Navy is not what it used to be.

      We worked hard and played hard all over the World.

      1. Fun fact: the Colombian government had to ban “Usnavy” as a baby name. Also banned is “Onedollar.”

    3. Your boy Obama probably shouldn’t have appointed him as the White House doctor then, right, you bet-welshing piece of shit?

      1. Ha!! It’s funny because it’s true.

    1. Splash goggles and rubber hazmat suits will be recommended for the studio audience.

    2. I’d actually watch that shit.

  7. The porn as “public health threat” hoopla is now hitting Missouri.

    I take it they’ve solved their meth problem?

    1. This is the solution… divert attention elsewhere.

  8. This is one-sided, government-approved propaganda being spread uncritically and unquestioningly by private news sources who refuse to report both sides of the story.

    This is why dominatrices can’t win anything.

    1. “OMG Hillary Clinton provides cover for male sexual predators!”

      Congratulations for spreading one of the fake news talking points that gave us President Drumpf.

      1. I’ve noticed your character has become more aggressive lately.

        1. (1) I’m not a character.

          (2) I admit I’m surprised #ItsMuellerTime hasn’t yet succeeded in removing Drumpf from office over #TrumpRussia. My patience is being tested and I’m more agitated than usual.

          1. Another commenter said that your mask is beginning to fuse with your face.

            1. “assume this is that Nietzsche quote about gazing into the Abyss that I use to pretend I’m smart, but actually learned it from the intro to Baldur’s Gate.”

              1. I wasn’t aware Nietzsche was a video-game developer…what a genius!

            2. I warned about this a while back. But I also suspect that OBL is just a Chinese Room. Can both be true? That is an interesting philosophical conundrum.

              1. We could speak ill of Chinese Commie leaders and find out.

                1. Lc, if you don’t know what the Chinese Room Argument is, look it up before commenting.

                  1. Would looking it up matter though, since he’s just following his biological programming?

                  2. Citizen, I was making fun of low end philosophy.

                    You should have learned that when examining your multiple programs.

                    So cute that you cannot understand higher programming.

                    We’ll make sure your programing is kept simple so you can keep up.

  9. More trouble for MSNBC host Joy Reid.

    I’m beginning to fear she might lose the high ground against the right.

  10. Republicans want answers from Pruitt; EPA ethics woes mount
    WBAY 18h ago

    The Dotard can pick out the swamp creatures for sure.

    1. Sure, let’s keep pretending like Pruitt isn’t being targeted because of his non-Leftist positions at the EPA.

      1. Everything Pruitt does to run his agency is different than when Democrats ran that agency because TRUMP!

  11. “An enormous statue of Jesus in Poland just got internet antennas and no one’s sure why.”

    The Son of Man wants to stream Westworld on his phone too, you know.

    1. Jesus wants to get on the twitters and join the #MeToo brigade. The guy got fucked by Judas that one time 2000 years ago and everybody’s still talking about that shit. #LetItGoAlready

    2. If God is to maintain his omniscience, he’s going to need a backdoor into your Facebook account.

      1. You’d think He’d know i don’t have one anymore.

        1. You don’t have a backdoor anymore? I warned you to stop eating so much TexMex.

          1. My digestive system is so efficient it turns out i don’t need one.

  12. “New York is the latest state to consider a “free range parenting” bill.”

    How can there not be any link about the UK refusing to allow a family to take their child out of a hospital? This involves parental rights, socialized medicine, and free speech issues as the police are threatening arrest for people who criticize the NHS via the internet.

    1. Death panels are so Obama-era.

      1. One would think that a publication that writes articles about free range parenting and the insanity of British hate crime laws would take an interest in state forced euthanasia.

        “Good News: New York Won’t Arrest you for Allowing Them to Play Outside. Bad News: Medicare for All Will Literally Kill your Child”

        1. Don’t exaggerate. It won’t literally kill them, it will just make you watch as your child slowly dies.

        2. Look, aren’t three generations of imbeciles enough?


  13. Ford Retreats From American Car Business in Penny-Pinching Push

    Ford Motor Co. is cleaving an additional $11.5 billion from spending plans and dropping several sedans, including the Fusion and Taurus, from its lineup to more quickly reach an elusive profit target.

    The automaker is almost doubling a cost-cutting goal to $25.5 billion by 2022, Chief Financial Officer Bob Shanks told reporters Wednesday. By not investing in next generations of any car for North America except the Mustang, the company now anticipates it’ll reach an 8 percent profit margin by 2020, two years ahead of schedule.

    Ford is trying to kick-start a turnaround that’s yet to take hold almost a year after the board ousted its chief executive officer. Getting rid of slow-selling, low-margin car models and refocusing the company around more lucrative trucks and SUVs is a crucial element of new CEO Jim Hackett’s rebound bid. By 2020, almost 90 percent of Ford’s North American portfolio will be pickups or sport utility and commercial vehicles.

    Godspeed, sport sedan.

    1. I don’t get it. I see Fusions everywhere.

      1. Same here. There seem to be almost as many Fusions around as there are Civics and Corollas combined. Maybe they’ve reached market saturation?

        1. The country wants more escapes, damnit!

          1. Who wouldn’t want to buy a Ford Flex SVT?

        2. I wonder if the margin is too low on Fusions. They mention that goal they are striving for is pure a profit margin. So maybe they’re going to cut other cars to increase their margin?

          Really, I’m not always sure about this shit. I wish I worked for a privately held firm myself. Public corps are a bit odd.

          1. A big difference is that public corps focuses on quarters or maybe a few quarters out.

            A private company can vary tremendously based on who is running it. Investors still need to get paid semi-regularly, so a private company can strive for long term goals but needs some profits along the way.

    2. Maybe that TARP bailout was not such a good idea Booosh and Obama.

      Turns out American vehicle manufacturers stay uncreative and stagnant when their moral hazard is removed.

      1. Didn’t Ford not take TARP funds?

        1. Technically, you’re right. Ford accepted a $25 Billion dollar loan from DOE the day Chevy declared bankruptcy. They did not take “TARP” funds like Chrysler and Chevy.

          I generalize to call it TARP since everyone knows about TARP and I can blast it as welfare.

          Forbes- Ford took DOE money

          DOE summary- Ford

    3. The Taurus was never a big seller in its reboot, but them dropping the Fusion is telling as to the state of the sedan market. Fusions are a HUGE fleet market for Ford, and for them to drop that model is a game-changing direction in the company’s sales philosophy and for the industry. The Big 3’s truck divisions are money-printing machines because the market’s shown that people will pay $60K or more for a blinged-out cowboy Cadillac, and will spend $30-40K on lower-tier models, while the soccer mom contingent wants SUVs and CUVs, not sedans.

      Don’t be surprised if Chevy follows suit (FCA is already down to the Chrysler 300 and that’s it) and other car companies start dropping sedans from their lineup in favor of higher-margin vehicles.

      1. Another interesting development in vehicles is that Europe is taxing bigger engines at higher rates. I did not know this until I recently bought a car.

        Its why you will see as many European cars at V4 with turbos to give them more power. The V6 tax is driving up the price points too much.

        Ford selling in Europe will consider this tax too.

    4. Does this mean the Fiesta is over?

    5. They need to replace the steel with plastic. Ford should make a 21st century Trabant!

  14. Hemp is showing some promise for fighting cancer.

    Your move, Larry and Moe.

    1. Ironically, Schemp is actually loaded with THC.

  15. This morning, Jackson said his colleagues’ accusations are false but he withdrew his nomination anyway.

    Never aspire to anything public.

    1. If only…

  16. More trouble for MSNBC host Joy Reid.

    Joy Reid is the victim of a sophisticated right-wing smear campaign. If she said hackers planted those old comments, then I believe her. And for any problematic comments she admits to having made, if she apologizes we should accept it and move on. It’s disgraceful ? and arguably a threat to free speech ? the way right-wing outrage mobs try to ruin people’s careers by forcing them to answer for things they may have said years ago.

    1. Trump proved you can target wetbacks and fags and people love it.

      1. Trump is the least socially conservative Republican nominee ever. He never targeted gays dipshit. The only people targeting gays are Muslims.

        1. Trump just needs to spin his Muslim ban idea as a pro gay rights agenda.

          1. That would be truthful.

            1. Liberal heads would literally explode

              1. Gay people are not really the focus as much these days. Muslims and trans and such seem to get more focus. I’ve seen certain privilege minded folk exclude gay men entirely at this point.

                1. Who cares about gay people anymore and that makes gay people upset.

                  1. You’d be surprised. There’s actually a lot of gay men I’ve met, particularly younger ones who grew up in a relatively accepting environment to gays, that are taking it in stride. I know more and more people who are gay, but it’s not a particular big deal, it doesn’t entirely define who they are, and they don’t particular search for privileged like you describe.

                    I can’t speak for the gay men as a demographic at large, but I have seen some schism where certain gay men are trying to shame other gay men for not being overtly political about sexuality. They are fishing, hunting, starting families, working jobs that are not traditionally considered homosexual, and they are politically diverse. They’re getting to a point where they can just live their lives as they are, and I’ve seen certain gay men get upset about that. But I think it’s a losing fight.

                    We are slowly reaching a point where they will just integrate into the population. Which I think is the dream.

                    I used a lot of phrases here I’m not too fond of, but hopefully the underlying point makes sense.

                    1. They’re getting to a point where they can just live their lives as they are, and I’ve seen certain gay men get upset about that.

                      Good for them. But make no mistake, if it ever gets to a point where gays are no longer useful to the Progressive political movement, the Progs will turn on them in a heartbeat. Suddenly, being openly gay will be seen as Islamophobic or somehow intolerant. You watch.

                    2. I agree. And that is the thing that is happening, as it becomes more generally considered normal to be gay.

                      To be perfectly clear, most of them that I met were totally fine with it. My good friend is gay, and when going to graduate school became the designated conservative weirdo because he thinks people shouldn’t just hate Trump outright.

                      They are being set aside now, and I think that this is a group that gains can be made in. Because they are humans like you and I, and once their identity is no longer so directly tied to a party, things can become better.

                    3. “Good for them. But make no mistake, if it ever gets to a point where gays are no longer useful to the Progressive political movement, the Progs will turn on them in a heartbeat. Suddenly, being openly gay will be seen as Islamophobic or somehow intolerant. You watch.”

                      John, the same thing happened to rural blue collar workers. The Democratic Party considers them racist deplorables.

                      The left is turning on blacks who do not follow the narrative. Clarence Thomas is one example of that.

                    4. BUCS, that was some good info.

                      I should have said that *some* gay people get upset. As you pointed out, its almost like some militant gay people lose their identity now that being gay is really no big deal. There are no fights really left, so the soldiers have a tough time.

                      Honestly, gay folks seem to be more interested that my wife and I walk into a gay bar and have a drink than a gay couple walking into a non-gay bar.

                2. Gay people are not really the focus as much these days. Muslims and trans and such seem to get more focus.

                  The progressive stack changes depending on the needs of the moment and whom the left feels needs to be humiliated at that particular point in time.

                3. They realized that gay men are a privileged group. You can accomplish much if you don’t have children.

                  1. It’s certainly easier to take spur-of-the-moment vacations and pay your rent, that’s for sure.

                  2. And two disposable incomes.

        2. The only people targeting gays are Muslims.

          Are you referring to the Pulse gunman? He may technically have been a Muslim who supported ISIS, but it’s well documented that the root cause of the tragedy was right-wing Christian homophobia.

          1. Certainly. If the right wing Christian foundation wasn’t there, Florida wouldn’t even be a place where people lived to be shot.

      2. Trump proved you can target wetbacks and fags and people love it.

        You’re a fag and you live a mile from the White House, and yet your dumb ass hasn’t been targeted.

  17. Is Stormy Daniels even a good porn star?

    1. If by good you mean is she attractive with big tits and can get fucked, then yeah.

      1. Is there any other measure of a porn star?

        1. Theatrical moaning is always a plus.

        2. Depends… male or female?

        3. Well, porn star isn’t gender specific so, yeah, there is another. I’m referring to, of course, girth.

          1. I thought men didn’t really become porn stars. Sure they do porn but it is the women who become stars.

            1. You can have male porn stars. Aniki was internationally beloved for his work. Also, Ron Jeremy is a weird semi-household name.

              1. What’s Peter North, chopped liver?

                1. Yeah, but those guys are exceptions to the rule, especially as the industry has become almost an exclusive online enterprise. Most porn watchers are signing on for the chix, not the dix.

                  1. Sure. Women are the focus in most porn. My only point was it does happen. Let’s say about 10:1 ratio.

                    Also, obviously, Gay porn has a lot of stars.

                    1. I pretty much assumed most of the guys did “gay for pay” anyway.

                    2. It probably pays better.

                    3. From what I’ve read, unless you’re a big name like Jeremy or North, most male porn actors don’t get paid that much–something like $50-200 a scene. Not necessarily because they can “recharge” and shoot several scenes in one day, but because most people watch porn for the women, who often get paid in the thousands, especially if they’re more well-known like the ones on the subscription sites. The guys are often obscured and the focus is put on the girl, so the guys typically do “gay for pay” so they’re not living on ramen noodles and rice.

                      With that said, I’ve heard that even female porn stars make more money doing strip club tours and hooking on the side than shooting scenes (many also have their own websites with videos, although I’m not sure how lucrative that actually is. Probably a lot more than any of us would expect), and that they see the movies as a way to keep their brand active, rather than something they necessarily enjoy doing.

                    4. ” My only point was it does happen”

                      And you proved that by naming someone who is basically unknown and the hedgehog, who is known for his crossover movies.

                      So, you were wrong

                    5. “Also, obviously, Gay porn has a lot of stars”


                2. Peter North demonstrates that powerful money shots is another path to success and fame.

              2. “Aniki was internationally beloved for his work. ”

                Nobody, including me, has any idea who the fuck that is.

                1. Well, and I don’t mean to be rude, then you don’t know shit about modern porn.

                  1. Perhaps that person is like me and feels that knowing someone’s name kind of ruins the whole thing.

    2. *asking for a friend

      1. You could have just referenced me by name.

  18. Columbian sex workers explain why they launched their own newspaper.

    Extra! Extra! Half-and-half costs extra! Read all about it!

    1. Finally, someone doing reporting on something I care about. What the heck is fat free half and half?

    2. I love newspapers that have happy endings.

      1. Doesn’t that make all the pages stick together?

        1. Only when you finish.

  19. Pro Tip: Do an article on the Latina who’s running for the (7th?) congressional seat in NE Minnesoda for the democrats.

    She was a former ICE agent and used it as a selling point.

    When an uproar by allies ensued, she responded that she never knew that ICE was an issue with people!


    1. The spectacle of publications like the Ringer, Vox, and Huffpost, which are nearly or in the case of Vox I think entirely staffed by white people lecturing a black man on how he needs to stop being a tool of white supremacy is unseemly to say the least. These people really do lack any form of self-awareness.

      1. It’s best not to talk to others, they might surprise you.

        1. I don’t understand what you mean.

          1. If they went around actually talking to Kanye, or other black people, or really people belonging to groups they supposedly love, they might find they disagree more then they are comfortable with

            1. One of the things I really hate about the media of any stripe is how they seem to think every black person is either an entertainer, politician, professional athlete or lives in the ghetto. There are black people who are more country than the guys on Duck Dynasty. Ones who are evangelicals or atheists or millionaires or have nothing and everything in between.

              Ever notice how when the media talks about trade and protectionism it is always about the “white working class” as if no black person ever worked in a factory or lived in the rust belt.

      2. This is why Democrats are shitting themselves. Black people are trending to not towing the lefty line anymore without questioning it.

        1. I don’t really see any evidence of this. Let’s not assume that Kanye is some kind of bellwether for how black people are going to be voting within the next generation, especially if the Democrats keep trending as the “no whites allowed” party.

          1. I don’t think he is a bellweather. I do, however, think he is basically untouchable. And once he gets away with supporting a Republican without being kicked out of the black community, and he will, it will be easier for other black people to do so in the future. And that is what scares the left.

          2. Trump is getting credit for policies that actually help get black unemployment down to the lowest level in 50+ years.

            Unlike Obama who was seen as a giver of jobs for black folks, Trump is actually creating an environment where more and more black people have jobs. People remember that they are employed when elections come around more than other issues.

  20. Trump said last week that he was confident Cohen wouldn’t “flip” on him (a statement that’s implication of guilt either went over Trump’s head or level of care).

    You won’t flip someone if you have no leverage because he is innocent.

    1. I’m flipping over the new grammar ENB has created for “that’s”.

      1. I think it’s just missing “an” more than an issue with that’s.

        1. That doesn’t fix it.

          I think she’s actually trying to make a possessive adjective out of “that” – analogous to “who” and “whose”. But English don’t work that way.

        2. That doesn’t fix it.

          I think she’s actually trying to make a possessive adjective out of “that” – analogous to “who” and “whose”. But English don’t work that way.

          1. Yeah, you’re right. I’m trying to view this as an edit distance problem, and determine the minimum changes required to make this correct.

            Trump said last week that he was confident Cohen wouldn’t “flip” on him (a that the statement that is an implication of guilt either went over Trump’s head or level of care).

    2. a statement that’s implication of guilt either went over Trump’s head or level of care

      Presuming that the flipper will tell the truth about what he knows, and he knows something.

      Where is the part on how the JD is forcing a lawyer to testify against his client? It seems like there ought to be a question of privilege involved.

  21. An enormous statue of Jesus in Poland just got internet antennas and no one’s sure why.

    “No one comes to Twitter except through Me.”

    1. It’s pretty secure too as the password is the Apostle’s Creed, and no one remembers that one.

    1. I’m gonna need her to remove it asap.

      1. I find it hard to believe she has a problem no matter what she wears.

      2. She is a good writer and quite a nice looking lady, too.

        1. She also writes for Playboy, because clearly you’re not reading the Federalist

          1. Crusty only reads the Federalist so he can j/o to the pictures.

          2. I like to peruse Mel Magazine.

    2. Tucker Carlson is the worst. Didn’t you get the memo? He’s a Russian plant or something. The guy didn’t even want to bomb Syria.

      1. Don’t steal my Russia fever dream about Tucker being a Russian plant for your next article, ENB. I call dibs

      2. He does kind of suck, but he’s not really notably bad. He’s like a better Hannity to me. Unless he’s changed dramatically in the last 5 years or so.

        1. No, he sucks. But, his opposition to the bombing in Syria earned him points with me.

          1. My most important point is that Hannity is the worst.

            1. And Tucker is a huge Dead Head and went to dozens of shows back in the day.

              1. Ah, another point against Tucker.

    3. “Is that your boyfriend?” a man handing out flyers asks.

      “Yes, he makes me wear a T-shirt with his face on it so everyone knows I’m his property,” I reply.

      “Wow. Smart guy.” He says, in seriousness.

      Fuckin’ LOL.

  22. Cato researcher Jonathan Blanks thinks this is a bad idea, noting that during Otis “has continuously lambasted bipartisan efforts to reduce sentences and remains a stalwart proponent of the ‘tough on crime’ rhetoric of the 1980s…

    He’ll sail through to confirmation.

  23. I’ve written a lot over the years about the nature of our rights, where they come from, and how we know they exist?regardless of whether the government recognizes or respects them?but nothing brings those argument into sharp focus like having them violated, which is what happened to me yesterday when some vile criminal took my child away from me.

    It seems so clich?, the idea that the legitimate purpose of the police is to protect our rights from criminals. The fact that I’m glad to see the police under these circumstances doesn’t make me a hypocrite. It confirms the clich?. The cops wanted to know about all my friends and family, whom I suspect might have done such a thing, etc. Listening to their questions, there was even a hint that I might have had something to do with it myself. But they were doing their legitimate job in protecting my rights, so I didn’t mind. I just want my baby home.

    1. Where do our rights come from? Why was taking my child away both wrong and unjust? I don’t think it’s about the hard work I put into making her the way she is today. Is it all the experiences we’ve had together? All the memories we’ve made doing things together? Is it because the government arbitrarily decided that no one should be able to take her away from me without my consent? I don’t think so.

      When I say I have a natural right, I mean that I have agency and people are obligated to respect my ability to consent. This is the legitimate essence of both morality and criminal law: No one has the right to take away my baby without my consent?because I can consent. There is no morality without freedom of choice, and there is no justice without respecting our right to make choices for ourselves.

      Now, please God, bring my motorcycle home safely.

      1. *slow clapping*

      2. *regular clapping*

  24. Something seems amiss with the twitting.

  25. Just spell the name right:

    “Facebook soars at the open, on pace for best day in 2 years”
    “Facebook beat on both the top and bottom lines, quelling concerns about a diminishing user base and margin compression ? at least for now. ”


    Wealthy White liberals don’t want their children going to school with brown kids. Desegregation is something you force on deplorables not respectable white people.

    1. You know who else didn’t want poor kids to go to their ritzy public schools?

      Samantha Bee’s husband

      Also, pretty much every yuppie that lives in a major metro area, because “tolerance” or something. It’s cute when they pretend like they oppose vouchers because they think it will actually hurt poor kids.

      1. Integration is absolutely like that. It’s been like that since the days of white flight.

        Last I checked, millenials were proving to be less . . . um . . . principled on the issue of diversity, as well. As soon as they have kids, they abandon the diversity of downtown for lily white suburbs, just like their parents and grandparents did.

        1. Now we’re seeing the reverse. Cities have become lilly white, wealthy, and childless. The few families that do live in cities do not want any poor people sending their kids to their schools. In contrast, suburbs have become more diverse than cities and yet their schools are still better than your average city public school.

          1. In contrast, suburbs have become more diverse than cities and yet their schools are still better than your average city public school

            To a degree. In Denver, the population has shifted to where white families dominate the south and west metro areas so their kids can go to Cherry Creek, Jefferson County, or Douglas County schools, for example, while the minority families have settled in older suburbs like north Aurora, Sheridan, Lafayette, or Westminster. And open enrollment is allowed, so a lot of minority kids who are great athletes will commute to white-majority schools to be on good teams, even though they live in the district for Aurora Central or Centaurus High School, for example, while their less-athletic siblings actually attend the neighborhood schools.

            Even at that, it’s a stretch to call these schools “more diverse” than the city schools. Most of the schools in Aurora Public and Adams 50 are now 70% Hispanic or more, which is hardly diverse, and their performance metrics are as bad as Denver Public. One of the elementary schools I attended went from being about 65/25% white/Hispanic in the 80s to 10/85% today. Once a school becomes majority-minority in the Denver metro area, the quality of education goes through the floor every single time–which is why even white liberals don’t dare send their kids there.

        2. Yeah, I’m not seeing this as anything more than a “gotcha”. The actual proposal is to endumben the schools. Who’s really the racist here when that’s interpreted by everybody as making them less white?

          And BTW I went to inner-city, diverse schools. This in no way reduced the quality of education I got (in fact my HS got national attention for being so damn good) – that is why they invented “tracking”.

    2. Wealthy White liberals don’t want their children going to school with brown kids.

      This certainly isn’t unusual. White urban liberals love diversity at a distance–they want to eat in ethnic restaurants, kiss minority ass at indie bookstore events and art shows, or mingle with them at the downtown festivals, but they certainly don’t want their kids being a minority at school. Most of them send their kids to charter or private schools rather than the neighborhood public school, or they get a home in a white-majority suburb that their minority house cleaners and landscapers can’t afford to live in, because they know sending their kids to a majority-minority school is tantamount to child abuse. Little Regan might get beat up by LaTasha and Awkwafina in the girls’ restroom or rubbed on by Carlos and Shaqtavious in the hallway, and could end up with no better than a 3rd-grade reading level when the graduate to boot, because the school’s more like a holding pen for once and future prison inhabitants than an educational institution.

  27. We want our elections free from manipulation and for the speech of women and marginalized communities not to be silenced by harassment.

    I think my eyes just swiveled around a complete 360.

  28. “[Jersey City mayor] Fulop’s order requires a sign at any bathroom maintained by the city saying, ‘Gender diversity is welcomed here; please use the restroom that best fits your gender identity or expression,’ ” reported.

    “Take that, Hoboken – I’m more fucking woke than you are!”

    1. Because apparently all more pressing problems have been solved in Jersey City.

      1. Did North Korea finally nuke Jersey City? If so, good on Un. He’s proven he’s responsible with his WMD’s.

    1. In my day, every closet was a cry closet. We simply willed it to be.

      1. In MY day, closets were for hooking up in.

        1. Yeah, and one cries after sex, so your argument is nothing but semantics.

    2. I have words- We are fucking doomed.

    3. They even suggest a hashtag in the rules. How cute.

      1. Some of those rules are sure to be ignored. Specifically the “one person at a time” and the “no more than 10 minutes” rules.

    4. Good lord. It’s an art major’s project, not a University program.

      But way to go with your misleading headline.

    5. Poe’s Law and all that, but I’m not certain this isn’t just a troll of the “safe space” types.

  29. Orin Kerr should know better than to include the Koch connection in his tweet about the 4th center, would have been better to have mentioned the MacArthur connection. The Left is now going to be calling for repealing the 4th if those evil right-wing extremist Nazi racist homophobic Trump supporters like it.

  30. Freeman Dyson may not call himself a libertarian, but every libertarian should be reading his work–especially this piece at the NYRB (no paywall):

    “The Key to Everything”…..verything/

    Let’s start at the end so you can get a sense of his libertarian bona fides:

    “The last time humans invented a grand unified theory to make our existence sustainable was when Karl Marx came up with dialectical materialism. The theory had great success in changing human behavior over large areas of our planet. But the changes did not prove to be sustainable, and the theory did not remain unified. It seems likely that West’s theory will run into similar difficulties.

    The choice of an imagined future is always a matter of taste. West chooses sustainability as the goal and the Grand Unified Theory as the means to achieve it. My taste is the opposite. I see human freedom as the goal and the creativity of small human societies as the means to achieve it. Freedom is the divine spark that causes human children to rebel against grand unified theories imposed by their parents.”

    1. The “sustainability” bullshit is nothing but a front for neo-feudalism and Orwellian totalitarian control.

      1. He explains why in terms that are clear to average people.

        Denialism isn’t enough, and the problem is more fundamental than that.

        If you’ve ever looked at Bailey’s work and felt like there was something off, Dyson can show you why and where and how to respond.

        1. And then he’ll build an enormous shell completely around the Sun.

    2. His destination isn’t anywhere near as important as the journey. This piece is in response to the scientific elitists imposing their visions on us from above with their grand plans for sustainability, smart cities, etc. He’s going after the very foundation of their thinking–the reasons they’re wrong about economics, politics, and culture are the same reasons they’re wrong about the fundamentals of physics and evolution.

      You know about spontaneous order arising in economics because you’re a libertarian. What do you know about spontaneous order in physics and other scientific disciplines?

      We’re so accustomed to fighting scientists for applying observations from disciplines like physics to human beings, but have you ever stopped to wonder whether that’s the problem–what if the problem is that the scientists are fundamentally wrong about the science?

      This is a man who embarrassed Richard Dawkins because of Dawkins’ fundamental misunderstanding of evolution. Get your head around the principles he lays out in that article, and you can destroy your elitist opponents–from a scientific perspective.

      1. Interesting read.

        Dyson definitely attacks the notion that humans can plan for their future based on some grand theory. There is a place for disorder.

        The planners certainly love them some cities. They always fail to admit that people’s desires change over time, so people grow up in rural areas, move to an urban area as soon as they can, and return to less urban areas. As Dyson points out, its not a closed system. The exchange of ideas happens in ways that TOP MEN never expect, which is another reason that humans have a tough time planning that far ahead.

    3. The linked “Green Universe” article in the footnotes is rad too.

  31. udge rules New York City bar can refuse service to Trump supporter wearing MAGA hat…..a-hat.html

    1. Udges will allow businesses to kick out gay people too then?

    2. But wait until liberals find out they can be tossed out of a bar for being a Clinton supporter.

  32. Jackson fouls out.

    Tie game. Inside pass from Jeff Green. LeBraun fades back. Swish. Perfect three pointer with zero on the clock!!!

    Some teams are just better than others.

    1. Especially when their star player is allowed to goal tend.

    2. Some teams are just better than others.

      Narrowly squeaking out a last second win is the purest display of utter domination.

      1. Well yeah.

        Ronnie Jackson is probably as good as it gets ER doc. This is the guy you want when you are rolled in. He just did not belong to where he was assigned. Why would he? Admin is not his game.

        On the other hand the Cavs squeezed by with a hit. That last second of play could have gone either way. Just a moment in the game.

        Dr. Jackson would know about that.

        Heck he had one patient who is healthy as a horse. Then he was set for military pension the whole deal. Happy for him to leave the swamp and go back to the Emergency Department where he belongs.

        I think Cavs do not have great odds. But in the game that was as awesome as it gets. The pass and setup were perfect.

        Team Trump is not a team.

  33. “Hemp is showing some promise for fighting cancer.”

    Research in the previous few centuries shows that proper treatment with hemp can prevent someone from dying of cancer.

  34. “‘Culture is power’: Columbian sex workers explain why they launched their own newspaper.”

    Journalists are whores, so why can’t whores be journalists?

    (present company excepted)

    1. Are you trying to get invited to a Reason party?

      By letting them off the hook, you just might get invited.

  35. Bill Cosby just found guilty of 3 counts of aggravated indecent assault.

    Supposedly these events took place over 14 years ago. Does Pennsylvania not have a statute of limitations that forces people to be tried in the same decade as the events?

  36. Thanks. This is way more entertaining than anything on looter media.

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