The Fifth Column

Kmele Foster's Sympathy for Joy-Ann Reid and Disinterest in Kanye's Politics

Latest Fifth Column also features qualified Matt Welch defense of Rand Paul's Pompeo flip, plus a cautionary tale about a racist chew-toy.


Less than 24 hours before rap/footwear supernova Kanye West melted down the internet by tweeting about his love for fellow dragon energy–haver Donald Trump, showing off his autographed #MAGA hat, scheduling meetings with Peter Thiel, and retweeting Chance The Rapper's observation that "Black people don't have to be democrats," I was in a small podcasting booth with the one person I'd want to hear talk about Yeezy's politics, superfan Kmele Foster.

On the latest dispatch of The Fifth Column, our mostly weekly, often slurry podcast, Foster provides insight into West, black-conservative identity politics, red-pilling YouTuber Candace Owens (who Kanye recently complimented), and the Joy-Ann Reid controversy. Also of potential interest during the discussion are my racist choice of infant toys, qualified defense of Rand Paul's flip-flop on Mike Pompeo, and unified theory of Trolls vs. Bouncers. You can listen to the whole thing, including a cameo by Kat Timpf, here: