Gun Control

British Politicians Declare War on Knives

Having failed to thwart crime with gun bans, British officials now want to restrict what may be the most useful tool ever invented.


It turns out that when you pass laws disarming people in an attempt to prevent violence, criminals who habitually disregard all laws don't make exceptions for the new rules. In London, crime still thrives despite the U.K.'s tight gun controls and the British political class is now desperately turning its attention to restricting knives.

A flurry of recent headlines reveal that London now has a higher murder rate than New York City, a metropolis of nearly identical population and one long considered more vulnerable to crime. "London police investigated more murders than their New York counterparts did over the last two months," Reuters reported earlier this month. "In the latest bloodshed, a 17-year-old girl died on Monday after she was found with gunshot wounds in Tottenham, north London, a day after a man was fatally stabbed in south London."

Commentators note that this may be a blip and that New York City's murder rate for 2017 stood at more than double that for London. In fact, London's murder rate really hasn't risen much—instead, New York's has dropped dramatically. But that still represents a big shift. In her 2002 Guns and Violence: The English Experience, historian Joyce Lee Malcolm noted that "New York City's homicide rate has been at least five times higher than London's for two hundred years. For most of that time, there were no serious firearm restrictions in either city."

New Yorkers didn't need firearms to exceed the bloodlust of their trans-Atlantic rivals. Even if you removed crimes committed with guns from the comparison, "New Yorkers still managed to outstab and outkick Liverpudlians by a multiple of 3 and Londoners by a multiple of 5.6″ over those two centuries," wrote the late Eric H. Monkkonen in Murder in New York City, published in 2000.

The mayhem that's closed London's homicide gap with its trans-Atlantic rival appears to be largely the result of violent criminal gangs. Firearms are strictly restricted in the U.K., including a near-total ban on handguns. Nevertheless, "[i]n the 12 months to October 2017, there were 2,500 offences involving guns: a 16 per cent increase on the previous year and a 44 per cent increase on 2014," the London Assembly's Police and Crime Committee noted in January. Criminals, it seems, are not averse to committing crimes—including the illegal acquisition of tools that help them commit more crimes.

Besides illegal guns, British criminals also use edged weapons, which have been a favorite tool for mayhem since the dawn of civilization.

Having failed to disarm criminals with gun controls that they defy, British politicians are now turning their attention to implementing something new and different: knife control. Because criminals will be much more respectful of knife laws than of those targeted at firearms, I guess.

"No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife. Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law," London's Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted on April 8.

Not to be outdone, his predecessor, Boris Johnson, currently Foreign Secretary, called for increased use of stop-and-search powers by police. "You have got to stop them, you have got to search them and you have got to take the knives out of their possession."

Poundland (the British equivalent of a dollar store) announced last week that it will no longer sell kitchen knives in any of its 850 stores. Similar stores are being slapped with fines for selling knives to minors.

British politicians propose banning home delivery of knives and police promote street-corner bins for the surrender of knives while also conducting stings against knife vendors. Their goal is to "target not only those who carry and use knives, but also the supply, access and importation of weapons."

It all sounds all so familiar, doesn't it? And yet so utterly pointless. If British authorities have been unable to block criminals' access to firearms—mechanical devices that require some basic mechanical skill to manufacture, or at least a 3D printer—how are they going to cut off the flow of knives, which require nothing more than a piece of hard material that can take an edge?

There are also practical downsides to discouraging the public from possessing knives—one of the oldest and most useful tools ever invented. Poundland, after all, isn't dropping the sale of combat blades; the company's move applies specifically to the tools people use to make their meals. The law looks much more likely to inconvenience peaceful people planning to carve a roast than to put off thugs who, push comes to shove, can find a way to sharpen a piece of rebar against a rock.

And remember, if guns and knives can be used offensively by criminals, they can be used defensively by would-be victims—especially if they're permitted to do so. In her 2002 book, Malcolm noted that "English law now prohibits civilians from carrying any article" for private defense. Seventy-eight year-old Richard Osborn-Brooks was recently arrested on suspicion of murder for fatally stabbing a burglar who attacked him in his own home; only under public pressure did police released him without charges. Current British law actually enhances the advantage criminals who ignore the law have over their law-abiding prey.

Rather than a race to ban dangerous objects that can only end with the criminalization of rocks and pointed sticks, it's time politicians stopped pushing laws that are ignored by criminals and annoying and inconvenient to the rest of us.

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  1. I wish the British would just cut to the chase.

    1. I don’t get your point, John.

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  2. I suspect the only way all criminality can be eliminated is not through weapon control but rather through thought control. If the technology to control minds ever becomes available, I have no doubt politicians will be unable to contain their enthusiasm. The results for humanity will be sad indeed.

    In the meantime, it seems that the right to defend oneself is a pretty basic human right. It’s really just a corollary of the instinct of self-preservation, isn’t it?

    And, beyond even that, how about allowing people to cook their own foods? Even leaving aside meat and hoe difficult it is to cut without using a knife, it’s not easy to prepare vegetables or even cut up potatoes without a proper chef’s knife. Are British politicians going to propose that all meals must be purchased in restaurants so that only licensed professional chefs will be allowed to use sharp-edges cooking tools?

    1. I also wonder if doctors and surgeons will be prohibited from having and using sharp instruments.

      1. They’re government employees and therefore exempt, although they will have to keep their scalpels in a locked case inside the operating theatre.

        1. With serial numbers, and inventoried like police and military weapons?

    2. This will no doubt follow its logical course toward the Poe Horizon; as it is, I can no longer tell the difference between a “real” headline and The Onion.

      1. I feel bad for the Onion’s writers. They’ve been getting regularly scooped by reality for a couple of years now.

    3. Imagine a device that could monitor for murderous anger and then correspondingly release doses of something like ecstasy to pacify the aggression. #cyborg future

      1. Aldous Huxley already did.

        1. Oh, I thought he was talking about a conscience.

        2. No, actually, he didn’t. I think you missed the point of that book and the post.

    4. I would like to hear Gordon Ramsey’s opinion of the knife laws.

      1. Mr. Ramsey was the first name I thought of when I saw this headline. The insanity of looking to blame a “tool” for the wicked actions of a few (evil) misfits in society is always frightening in its basic stupidity and denial of the REAL problems, which are EVIL (or insane) people.

    5. No, they will ban private meat sales. You will only be able to buy pre-ground meat from government-run outlets. And then you’ll find out what it really is.

      1. “then you’ll find out what it really is” we are certainly not talking about the meat’s contents, are we?

    6. it’s not easy to prepare vegetables or even cut up potatoes without a proper chef’s knife

      You wouldn’t need a knife if the govt mandated that all potatoes were supplied


      *fetches coat and makes a swift exit*

  3. Is the pussification of British society now complete?

    1. In England, its pronounced pussay.

      1. IIRC it is fanny!

        1. +1 arrested development

    2. Oooooh, Babe Ooooooh Babe, Ooooh Babe, You’ll always be baby to me.
      Mother, did it need to be so high?

      1. And she said momma, it’s a hard life now you’re gone
        Momma, it’s so hard to carry on

  4. Luckily, in the USA we have the 2nd Amendment which protects American’s right to keep and bear arms, including knives, swords, machetes, and other bladed weapons.

    1. Yeah, but not the kind of knife with the thing that goes up. And surely the framers of the constitution never envisioned a Cutco knife with power enough to cut clean through a penny.

      1. All bladed weapons. Switch blades and Ginsu knives included.

        1. Think big, and call it art. That should flummox half the libs out there. It’s time to design a v12 powered mobile trebuchet with heated bucket seats, monster tires and an 800watt stereo. Towable jacuzzi optional. Plop the bust of some lesser known British ponce on the bonnet and voila!

      2. No, they were using swords that would split someone’s skull!

      3. You don’t think anyone in the 18th century could cut through a penny with a properly sharpened sabre?

    2. Those things are protected, if at all, only for people serving in a militia. We can’t have just anybody walking into a store and buying a samurai sword.

      1. Aren’t there capitalist babies somewhere that you should be eating?

        1. The only meat an obvious parody feeds on is the tears of the gullible.

          1. You must be lots of fun at parties.

        2. When did I ever claim to be anti-capitalist?

          On the contrary, I think people with net worths in the tens of BILLIONS of dollars are cool, as long as they use some of their money for open borders advocacy. I’ve even convinced some of my progressive friends to rethink their opinions of the Koch Brothers by showing them Shikha Dalmia’s thoughtful Reason pieces on immigration, and reminding them the Kochs fund Reason.

          1. “Shikha Dalmia’s thoughtful Reason pieces” LOL

            Fuck off, slaver.

            1. Bard of the outhouse?

              1. Shibboleth of the shit house.

          2. Shikha Dalmia and thoughtful together? LMAO

      2. Bruce Willis has a sad.

      3. Every able bodied male is a member of the militia, and you must own your own weapons to join an organized militia.

      4. Tell that to the Supreme Court. They don’t seem to agree.

    3. Not so in practice. Pennsylvania, for instance, has an even stronger version of the Second Amendment in its state constitution, yet carrying any of a laundry list of blunt and edged weapons is banned. There is no National Blackjack Association to defend those rights.

      1. And yet anyone, including children, lunatics, and convicted felons, can go out and purchase that most potent of Penna weapons – scrapple.

        1. lunatics… scrapple


          1. Holy fucking heartburn, Batman

      2. And yet, despite all reason, they have baseball teams. Armed to the teeth with clubs and projectiles.

      3. People have no standing to fight these laws unless they get arrested for it and regular people don’t get arrested under these laws. The actual criminals using said clubs and such tend to face bigger crimes when caught, so they don’t worry about contesting the constitutionality of banning blunt objects as weapons.

      4. Baseball bat? Carry a ball and glove. Tire iron, hammer, screwdriver? Carry a few other tools in the back seat. Problem solved. I preferred a bumper jack on the floor of the back seat.

        1. A cricket bat is more stout, and can really do some damage.

        2. The police in GB recently conducted a round up of “weapons” and the picture looked as though they had raided a hardware store; pliers, screwdriver, and a file.

      5. Pennsylvania, for instance, has an even stronger version of the Second Amendment in its state constitution, yet carrying any of a laundry list of blunt and edged weapons is banned. There is no National Blackjack Association to defend those rights.

        Yeah, it continually and repeatedly blows my mind but brass knuckles are illegal in IL. Even plastic facsimiles can draw weapons charges. Helps make it clear to anti-gun types that it’s not really about guns but rather literally about where I swing my fists whether I hit anyone’s nose with them or not.

      6. The Baseball Furies hardest hit

  5. There’s more than one lesson in this story.

    1) The murder rate doesn’t necessarily go down because you ban a certain class of weapons.

    2) If you jurisdiction bans the carrying of firearms, consider getting yourself a karambit!

    Read about the karambit online, and you may come away thinking you need some kind of special training to use one. No doubt, learn how not to cut yourself with it. Apart from that, having a 2 3./4″ blade sticking out past your knuckles when you punch someone in the face doesn’t require much more specialized training than punching someone in the face.

    In many jurisdictions, because it’s less than 3″, it might even be legal to carry it concealed.

    And women who are concerned about their safety should think about getting a blade like that as much as anyone. When worse comes to worst, you may not even have to use it. There’s something about angry women brandishing knives that makes men want to run in the other direction–cross culturally and throughout history.

    Oh, and there’s something suspiciously patriarchal about expecting women to call men to come save them when they’re in trouble. Isn’t it woke to think women can learn how to protect themselves?

    1. I was told once in no uncertain terms that the only woke position to take vis a vis assaults on women is to condemn them. “Teach men not to rape!” is the only solution, they said; teaching women how to defend themselves against predatory men is exactly the same thing as approving that predatory male behavior, you see. I asked my interlocutor if they locked their house when they left or if they preferred to just get mad about burglary. The conversation rapidly devolved from there.

      1. I’ve come across that line of thinking as well; in response to being advised to avoid sketchy areas, especially after dark, a “woke” person countered that to do so was supporting rape culture as women have a right to go any where at any time. Guess they just:


        1. The response to that is, “Sure, I’d love for blonde white girls to be able to walk in the ghetto at night without being attacked, but until Quontravious, Craphonso, and LaShelton can stop being afraid of getting shot by police for raping while black, she’ll just have to avoid those areas.”

          1. “until Quontravious, Craphonso, and LaShelton can stop being afraid of getting shot by police for raping while black”

            Lol. We’re rapidly moving toward that future.

      2. Nice work. Wish I could have seen their faces.
        Teach our daughters to shoot, and to stay away from ‘womens studies’ cash drains in college.

      3. How should women defend themselves against other women?

      4. It’s hard to argue with the mentally ill. Liberalism IS a mental disorder.

      5. Yes, they say that is victim blaming. I guess it is also victim blaming to warn someone not to step out in front of a bus.

        I suppose, in an ideal society, a beautiful naked virgin would be able to walk with a bag of gold in each hand, down any dark alley on the South Side at midnight in perfect safety, but we don’t live there, and probably never will.

    2. Firearms are the great equalizer.

      An old lady who weighs barely 100 lbs can stop a 300 pound male trying to hurt her with a firearm.

      1. There’s a lovely story that published sometime late 90s. I forget what city in Louisiana, but an old lady who had corralled a would be burglar with a shotgun [gifting him some time behind bars] was visited by the same fool after he got paroled a few years later. She put a load of bird shot in his behind as he was climbing out the window, and… back to jail he went. So fuck gun control: those people out there that hate grandma need their heads examined.

    3. There’s something about angry women brandishing knives that makes men want to run in the other direction–cross culturally and throughout history.

      Not that I enjoy putting women into that situation but she’d have to do more brandish it before I’d get concerned.

    4. I like when Ken posts about things I’ve been carrying every day for years.

    5. I gave my daughters switchblades. One pulled it out and opened it when a guy started harassing her while she got gas. Thankfully for both of their sakes he ran.

      1. I gave my granddaughter a concealable knife.

        “Death before dishonor. His death before your dishonor.”

  6. Can’t they use their fox hunting weapons for defense?

    1. Bad genes and a handful of sleepy hounds?

    2. Only if it is a dog. The shotgun is gone as well.
      And if they use the dog, they WILL be arrested.

  7. J.D., it’s not that they are proposing restrictions on carrying knives in public. They want to more strictly enforce the restrictions that have already been in place. Is it ridiculous? Sure. Is it a proposal for new restrictions? Nope.

    Current UK law:

  8. “Your weapon will kill.”

    1. My favorite show.

    2. I absolutely love that guy, always cracks me up when he says that. I think that’s how any real American would react to that phrase.

  9. Plastic toothbrush handles are routinely sharpened into stabbing instruments by sharpening them against concrete.
    And the best news is they are usually given for free after a dentist visit.

    1. This is Britain. There is not the idea of “dentist visit.”

      1. And you can’t really call the way they prepare their meals “cooking”.

    2. Finally the British will use toothbrushes for something.

    3. Toothbrushes, as well as plastic combs, are often used to make shivs in maximum security prisons. Soon all of Great Britain will be an open air version of such a place, if it is not already.

    4. Someone is a prison guard or has been in the clink before.

      1. Or is literate enough to have read a book – – – – – –

        1. There is a book that describes inmates sharpening toothbrushes to fashion weapons?

          I had a client once who faced a charge of possessing a weapon inside a state facility, otherwise I don’t think I have ever paid attention to that being a thing people talk about outside prison.

          1. they show how to make weapons from plastic on tv all the time, reading not required

            1. And there’s probably 100s of videos on YouTube for that.

          2. Dude, watch “The Night Of” or “Oz”…. damn….

          3. Just Google “shiv,” counselor.

          4. You seem massively uninformed about society in general.

    5. Yep. Make way for the non-metallic that can pass as something else. The reason high security prisons don’t like to allow shoelaces is… bad brains.

    6. I was always intrigued about a knife sharpener commercial. It showed them sharpening all kinds of knives and then they did a credit card and sliced a tomato or something.

      1. There are fiberglass “windshield scrapers” that have some defensive purposes.

    7. When I was a kid, girls would sharpen the ends of their combs. You could also put razor blades in your Afro (I’m pretty old) or use a card, like a credit card, to slash someone. You can turn just about anything into a knife or cutting/slashing tool. You can sharpen the end of an umbrella. An umbrella can be a pretty good weapon. C’mon Brits, fight back – don’t just take this crap off your weakling govt and Muslim invaders!!!

  10. London police investigated more murders than their New York counterparts did over the last two months…

    In London’s defense, it’s possible that NYPD has its hands too full doing much easier drug busts and petty code enforcements to actually investigate murder. Hence the wording.

    1. considering it takes five cops to bust a man selling one black market cigarette your probably correct in your asessment

  11. Current British law actually enhances the advantage criminals who ignore the law have over their law-abiding prey.

    And will only lead to higher crime rates. Enjoy your relative peace while it lasts, the UK.

    1. I’m betting importing a bunch of non-Brits end have no bearing on why, suddenly, the social order is breaking down a bit.

      For all of the claims, diversity has little evidence of actually making many things better.

  12. That board with a nail in it may have defeated us, but the humans won’t stop there. They’ll make bigger boards and bigger nails. Soon they’ll make a board with a nail so big it will destroy them all!

    1. Great minds think alike

    2. Itchy and Scratchy agree.

  13. One of my favorite episodes of the Simpsons is the treehouse of horror where the monkey paw disarms the whole planet and the aliens take over with a slingshot and a bat. After the inevitable hijinks ensue Moe comes to the rescue with a board with a nail sticking out of it. The aliens run away and console each other with the knowledge that eventually humans will just keep making bigger boards with bigger nails until they destroy themselves. Funny that a 25 year old animated series who’s best days are behind it understands the idiocy of nanny state policies better than any current politician.

  14. “the most useful tool ever invented.”

    You never heard of the Buttplug?

    1. “Useful” does not mean the same as “useless’.

  15. Something something Poundland something something dorm room nickname.

  16. “Malcolm noted that “English law now prohibits civilians from carrying any article” for private defense…Current British law actually enhances the advantage criminals who ignore the law have over their law-abiding prey.”

    You just have to look at it from the British point of view. Civilians carrying an article for their private defense become self-sufficient and independent. That, of course, is the most dangerous crime in a socialist society. Thieves and hoodlums don’t threaten the system. Independent citizens do.

    1. Exactly, Just as Penn State now forbids any of their outdoor clubs from actually doing anything outdoors for reasons of “safety and security.” I am more inclined to think it will encourage people to fend for themselves, and even provide for their own safety and security, when out of cell phone range. Such behavior clearly leads to the unforgivable sin of wrong think.

    2. Does it prohibit carrying such an article for offense?

  17. All hands will be kept in an open configuration at all times. The manufacture and transportation of fists will not be tolerated.

  18. Today in the UK, a Muslim can rape a child and the police will do nothing and call anyone who objects to that a racist. You can take your child to Switzerland to have them euthanized and the government will happily stamp your passport. But try to take your child to Italy to save his life and the police will kidnap him to ensure he dies and doesn’t become a burden on the beloved national healthcare system.

    The UK is a sad and sick place.

    1. And a cautionary tale, for us. There seem to be a number of voices here who regard such places are a virtual utopia, though in reality they just wan’t to be able to wield power over the rest of us backward looking bumpkins.

    2. It really is, and if your ideas are at all at odds with what the thought police deem unacceptable, then you will be detained upon trying to enter the country and interrogated and berated by border agents for many hours without any recourse to legal representation.

      1. I’m waiting for someone in the Stupid Party (the GOP) to take everything Britain has done, from weapon laws to speech laws to leaked memos about using immigration to change the population and explicitly runs on “don’t let the Democrats do to us what Labour did to the UK”.

        1. To be fair it has been a combined effort between the red and blue teams over the years, with a little help (or lack thereof?) from the yellow team when they had token authority. There are no options on the ballot in the UK dedicated to laissez faire liberty and simple freedom to live as one chooses. UKIP sort of paid lip service to it but were objectionable for a whole host of other reasons. The Lib Dems don’t seem particularly liberal, in the classical sense. Apparently there is a “Libertarian Party” in the UK but when I checked their facebook page it was just a bunch of scaremongering about immigration and stank of sock-puppet. I actually feel like there could be a true renaissance in political thinking in the UK and a rejection of the totalitarian state that critically does not involve just replacing it with another one. However, when the most “libertarian” news source/comment comes in the form of a publication that used to be called ‘Living Marxism’ (spiked – friends of Robby Soave) you have to wonder what form it might take.

          1. Oops, I forgot to turn off the italics. Now it’s very emphatic.

            1. Holy shit, I feel REALLY emphasized.

        2. “don’t let the Democrats do to us what Labour did to the UK”.

          Sounds like a winning platform.

  19. I love The Awl’s term for the UK: Knifecrime Island

  20. “There is no such thing as a dangerous weapon; there are only dangerous men”. – L. Long

  21. Eagerly awaiting the left claiming the Founders could have never envisioned the deadly power of a metal blade when they wrote the 2A. In other news, sushi now banned in Britain:

    How to make a shiv with hard, dried fish

  22. Eagerly awaiting the left claiming the Founders could have never envisioned the deadly power of a metal blade when they wrote the 2A. In other news, sushi now banned in Britain:

    How to make a shiv with hard, dried fish

    1. Ramen noodle shanks.

      “She’s trying to noodle stab me!” “My Chinese gang mates wanted to noodle stab me”- Lucille (Arrested Development)

  23. There will be far less pushback in Britain, as Americans in general by comparison don’t like to be micromanaged by the state on how to defend themselves, what they can/can’t say, etc. Of course, plenty of exceptions, but this issue really shows where the cultures diverge.

  24. Oh great… the imbeciles running London will arrest Wolfgang Puck on his way to work, and declare the law a success. I have a better idea: how about recalling the half wit mayor and be done with it? All of this is a distraction, to steer clear of the obvious: Islam is a system for political conquest, and is an unholy/inseparable marriage of state & religion. And that is why they asked for sharia courts in London. Those affronts to the rule of law are an affront to a fair number of significant people – such as the entirety of Parliament and the Crown. Time for pm May to wake up and smell the stench.

    1. May becoming pm was the deep state’s punishment for Brexit.

  25. What is really frightening about this is that just over a century ago these people ruled the world.

    How the Mighty Have Fallen, indeed.

    1. Are you talking about Hihn? Because that was a lot longer ago than a single century.

  26. How will British politicians respond when terrorists begin murdering people with teacups or Guinness bottles?

  27. The knighting ceremony will now be performed with a blancmange. Carry on.

  28. Your idiotic politicians letting sharks into your pool and then trying to ban their teeth for biting you in the arse
    Aristotelian logic there on display
    Just ask Theresa May she will explain it all

  29. Here is a thought.
    How about war on idiots that run the country

    1. Hilda would agree that a war was declared on her, by a basket of deplorables or backward looking bumpkins. And it worked.

    2. Why not just ban murder?

  30. There are also practical downsides to discouraging the public from possessing knives?one of the oldest and most useful tools ever invented.

    I got to visit my kids’ elementary school for one of their projects. It wasn’t realized until I was on my way out the door that I had a pocketknife, normally verboten, on my hip the whole time. I pitched it to the admins grumbling about my knife how a couple hundred years ago knifemaking was a skill and profession and how bizarre it would be if, 50 or 100 yrs. from now, kids weren’t allowed to bring their pens to school for fear that they may stab someone, jot some notes, or even do some creative writing.

    1. Kids don’t need pens. They can type on their cellphones.

      1. But they might hit someone with their cell phones or throw them at someone. The only safe answer is public handcuffs until they get back to priso….er….home.

  31. So, Londonistan wants to ban knives along with the rest of the newly defeated nation. Good luck, boys. England is now part of the new caliphate.

  32. A knife; one of, if not _the_ oldest, and most useful tools humans have carried since the oldest known blades were fashioned from flint 1.4 million years ago. Not only supremely versatile, it is also embodies self-sufficiency; something at odds with the imposed dependence the state forces on it’s citizens. The man is a little despot. I profoundly disagree with his virtue-signalling, victimhood-promoting, totalitarian agenda. I can think of lots of (non-violent) reasons to carry a knife.

  33. So, once knives are confiscated what about rocks? Cain killed Able with a rock. What about vehicles running down pedestrians? Drones dropping homemade explosive devices on crowds? A criminal slitting a victims victim’s throat with piano wire, boxcutter?
    The problem is not the assualt weapon instruments of destruction, the problem evil and its spreading like a virus because mankind has abandoned the teachings of faith, hope and charity towards his fellow human beings.

  34. Guns are outlawed, no knives, then sticks and stones, they will people be required to have padding so their fists can do no harm or simply be handcuffed in advance unless authorized by the government to use them freely? Yes it is getting that silly.

    1. Guns are outlawed, no knives, then sticks and stones, they will people be required to have padding so their fists can do no harm or simply be handcuffed in advance unless authorized by the government to use them freely?

      Even with gloves and handcuffs, I’m pretty sure I could shake or flail a great number of things pretty destructively. Probably best to just skip to punishing even trivial crimes by chopping the hand off at the wrist.

      1. Just nuke the UK. It’s the only way to truely prevent violence.

  35. Keep giving attention to the Hoggs of this world and it will inevitably come to ‘knife control’ too at some point.

    Just look at how the anti-smoking campaign that hit its stride in the 1980s and where it’s gone where a) our conception of science regarding it. For example, there’s never been a conclusive link to cancer; just strong correlations. But we kept hammering at the latter to the point it’s accepted as scientific. This opened the door to…b) abuse of civil liberties. We’ve gone from ‘you’re paranoid’ if you think it would ever be legislated in the private sphere right to exactly that. Think of this when progressive lie about not wanting to confiscate guns. They absolutely do and that’s the end game. They’re just very good at misrepresenting their true intentions.

    Britain is exactly what you’d expect from decades of progressive ideology ruling a culture and nation.

    Knife control. We used to joke about this and now it’s a thing.

    That’s how stupid politicians and left-wingers are.

  36. there is never a reason to carry a knife. — Somebody who got elected mayor?

    Unless you need to cut something, or defend yourself, or whittle wood to pass the time, or open a box, or a letter….

  37. Folks, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION to “indicators” and the “natural progression” of your loss of rights to mobilize and feed yourselves.

    (1) GUNS and KNIVES are on the PC hit list (on both sides of the Atlantic).
    (2) Self-driving cars are on the horizon because governments do NOT want future generations to have the ABILITY or the RIGHT TO DRIVE THEMSELVES!
    (3) Governments WANT TO MAKE CERTAIN that eventually, THEY ALONE can determine where and when people can congregate.
    (4) The “right” to drive PERSONAL VEHICLES has ALREADY been banned in “city centers” across the globe.
    (5) Governments FAVOR BUSES as the alternative to personal vehicles! (They even put the Royals, and society groups, on BUSES to make them appear cool.) NORMALLY RESISTANT FOLKS will feel foolish complaining if the Queen herself sees value in taking a bus.)

    Now that you are “confined to quarters” HOW will you eat without knives?

    Eventually, you will receive government “food boxes” that will contain MEAT already chopped (for stir fry; uses the least amount of energy or fossil fuels) and the vegetables in the box are all chopped (in government kitchens).

    We are being “conditioned” by Jennie Craig, Weight Watchers, Nutri-system, Meals on Wheels, and Blue Apron; also pizza and Chinese!

    Eventually, the government will CONTROL WHAT YOU EAT and you won’t need a single knife (or gun to hunt) since the government does it all!

    1. What makes you think they’ll contain “meat”. Vegetarians are so much less aggressive. A nation of soy boys!

  38. Reuters reported earlier this month. “In the latest bloodshed, a 17-year-old girl died on Monday after she was found with gunshot wounds

    Wait, what?

  39. Human intelligence has apparently reached its nadir in England. It’s against the law to defend yourself? But in a country that doesn’t even trust its police to have guns, what can you expect? I have to say they deserve what they get; they voted this guy into office and worse, allow him to stay in office after this display of extreme bad judgement.

  40. Poundland

    That was the colloquial name for my bedroom in the 80s.

  41. So, I take it Hihn wants those kitchen knives confiscated STAT.

  42. For the life of me, I cannot understand how the once proud English People have permitted their government to so totally control them.
    Frighteningly, there are those in the USA who want the same thing to happen here. Were it not for that MAGNIFICENT document, The United States Constitution, it would have.
    This is a cautionary tale. The Constitution has already been subverted to a remarkable degree, by the monsters in both parties.
    Better wake up, or we shall be in the same pathetic situation as our friends the Brits…

    1. Apparently to many in Britain “1984” was not a cautionary tale, it was a blueprint.

  43. Pretty soon they will outlaw knitting needles. This is what happens when a once powerful country falls victim to PC nonsense and socialists. Iraq citizens can have 1 Kalashnikov each. Great Britain is no longer great.

  44. The same bunch that want to ban the oldest and most useful tools ever invented also want to ban the oldest and most useful discovery: fire. Think about it; it’s literally true. They also deny the oldest and most useful dichotomy ever recognized by humanity and have essentially abolished the oldest and most useful institutions of humanity.

  45. “No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife. Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law,”

    Now THAT is embarrassing. You pitiful Brits CAN’T BE TRUSTED with a knife! Not a pocketknife, not a steak knife, not a utility knife. Just exactly what do you all DO over there, anyway? Draw pretty pictures of maidens by the sea?

    1. My 8yr old carries a knife, (not to school mind you) however everywhere else..’s the Muslims

    2. Of course, the man who said this is an ardent defender of Muslim radicals. So there’s that.

  46. First they came for the guns
    Then they came for speech
    Now they come for knives

    Never ever give up guns

  47. So of the 13000 knife incidents.. something like 11000 we Muslims? So how is this ok to the Englishman and Englishwoman? There are 56 million more of you then them, granted they hold office in many many cities and towns, and out breed you.. I’d say it high time to take your society back..

    1. You are absolutely right, of course, and the Brits will ignore this advice at their peril. Along with the rest of Europe. The Muslims WILL NOT assimilate into Western culture. Their goal is to infiltrate our countries and convert them eventually to Islam. That IS the goal. Ignore and you will die out. They have been trying to conquer the world for 1400 years and only active warfare from Europeans – generally Eastern Europeans and Spaniards, has stopped them. It’s time for all of Europe to unite and drive them out again.

    2. You are absolutely right, of course, and the Brits will ignore this advice at their peril. Along with the rest of Europe. The Muslims WILL NOT assimilate into Western culture. Their goal is to infiltrate our countries and convert them eventually to Islam. That IS the goal. Ignore and you will die out. They have been trying to conquer the world for 1400 years and only active warfare from Europeans – generally Eastern Europeans and Spaniards, has stopped them. It’s time for all of Europe to unite and drive them out again.

    3. You are absolutely right, of course, and the Brits will ignore this advice at their peril. Along with the rest of Europe. The Muslims WILL NOT assimilate into Western culture. Their goal is to infiltrate our countries and convert them eventually to Islam. That IS the goal. Ignore and you will die out. They have been trying to conquer the world for 1400 years and only active warfare from Europeans – generally Eastern Europeans and Spaniards, has stopped them. It’s time for all of Europe to unite and drive them out again.

  48. Point taken, but good luck with sharpening rebar against a rock — or against anything, for that matter.

    Knives in whatever configuration are as old as human history itself. The Vikings, used the same knives, swords and axes in battle that they used in working their farms. Peasants and farmers in Okinawa found ways to develop “legal” edged weapons for farming to get around the Japanese proscription against weapons and used them in battle against the Japanese.

    Knives are generally the most useful and adaptable tool we have. We have multi-tools, stub knives and choppers. As Gibbs constantly reminds his crew: “never leave home without a knife”. I don’t, unless I am walking into a place with a metal detector, in which case I usually just leave it in my car until I’m back. If you don’t have a multi-tool, get one and see how regularly you put it — not just the blade — to use. Some knives like throwing knives are largely for sport and target practice (at least in civilian life).

    To those who really believe all this is about societal safety and not disarmament of the people, give all this some thought. They’ll be banning forks next.

    1. Well, if you’re willing to exist on the government pablum, you don’t even need a spoon! It’s much safer than tose sharp edged soylent green crackers!

  49. Knives are killing one at a time, why not ban vans that are killing 5/6/7 at a time? Vans and trucks are killing more people so why not do something about them?

    1. Yes, assault vans are terrible and should be banned.

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  51. With knives safely banned, knuckles will be next. Not brass knuckles. Just knuckles. All knuckles will be responsibly sheathed in a glove or similar whilst passing through the city.

    1. Padded glove.
      For examples of how this makes knuckles safe, watch any Rocky movie.

  52. Politicians are government workers, and as such are not accustomed to actually making things work. Therefore they will implement policies, such as banning knives or other weapons, knowing full well that doing so will not stop violent criminals from harming people. But this futile act will permit the politicians to get on the news announcing how much they care and that they have taken action against violence.

    This type of response will get the politician through a recent news cycle or possibly an election cycle, convincing their feckless voters that something is being done against crime. This sort of deceitful and cynical response from our elected officials is not at all unlike politicians who are bankrupting America with the national debt while going on TV and announcing that they support cutting wasteful government programs, without ever reducing the budget by a single penny.

  53. Are the British Pols going to ban sharpened sticks? Battery acid? Broken bottles? Women’s spiked heels? Everything and anything is a weapon.

    1. Please don’t ban spiked heels… they’re hot!

  54. Next will be their cricket bats, “petrol”, building lumber ad infinitum. They surrendered their freedom and testes long ago.

  55. Virtually anyone who’s been to prison knows how to make a knife. You can make a shiv out of anything. Everyone knows what the real problem is in London and the rest of Europe. It’s the large population of MUSLIM immigrants & refugees who have not and will not assimilate into our Western culture. They will ALWAYS remain a violent problem, just as they are in their native lands. Everyone KNOWS this but WE’RE NOT ALLOWED TO SAY IT IN PUBLIC. Censorship and political correctness will not change or end it.

    1. You are precisely correct! Most people are just not brave enough to say it.

  56. The leftist politicians are just as demented in the UK as they are everywhere else. The problem with violent crime is the evil and mentally defective people who do it, not whatever implements they may use. Unless the police are good enough to catch most of the criminals, and the laws and courts impose sentences harsh enough to be a deterrent (with the option of the death penalty for particularly violent crimes), it will continue to get worse.

    The law-abiding public should be encouraged to carry arms, and defend themselves. There isn’t one violent encounter in a hundred where police are near enough to intervene before it’s over. It’s up to individuals to provide for their own defense, and they should have the option of carrying arms to do it.

  57. Well I guess the next to go will be forks, hammers, bats, baseballs and when all that fails they can always cut off all hands.

  58. How about a war on salad forks? Get them off our tables! They’re unnecessary and confusing. Think about how many lives could be saved.

  59. UK, Australia, Canada (everybody under the British royalty’s thumb) take your self respect back, mobs with pitchforks and torches did it many times in the past.

    …life for the commoners:

    The UK: RISE of the Anarcho-Tyranny STATE

    1. The UK: RISE of the Anarcho-Tyranny STATE

  60. Easier to police the law abiding these days

  61. These actions are very worrisome to me. Sure, its fine to ban the knife, but what about the spork? The spork is responsible for almost as many deaths as the knife, especially the assault spork. There is no reason for any citizen to have an assault spork. When will politicians wake up to their responsibility to keep us all safe? Ban the spork immediately!

  62. In a nation of sheep one wolf with a gun or a knife will make them all kneel.

  63. All weapons of any kind are banned in prisons, with severe penalties for possession. I guess that’s why no one is ever stabbed or cut in prison.

  64. What a pity. UK residents should instead declare war on British politicians.

  65. This is really dumb! I carry a gun 24/7 in Texas… I’m not a cop and haven’t shot anyone… don’t want to. I do go to church on Sunday though…. Hmmm…

    I sure hope no one kills anyone with a screwdriver… lot’s of handymen need that.

  66. I’ve talked to a number of UK residents on reddit who defend these knife laws saying that there isn’t a total ban on them. Your allowed to carry a pocket knife if your hiking or at work or in the kitchen – that if your found with a knife and have a good story for it than it’s at the officers discretion weather to ruin your life or not. Other than the minor inconvenience many (on the r/knives subreddit no less) brits see no problem with giving up control. When pressed on “isn’t self defense a valid reason to carry?” most seem to become mortified that you would want to harm your attacker. One guy even tried to tell me I could be murdering some poor kid thats just going through a phase.

  67. Well now that you have banned guns, acid, and knives, the Muslims will have no choice but to bludgeon you people in London to death with hammers or run you over with trucks.
    It would not surprise me if you people elect the leader of the Hezbollah for your next mayor, bring in another million jihadists and continue to write more absurd articles about your skyrocketing murder rates. Hilarious.

  68. Yeah right and they should ban vans and trucks and everything else while they are at it. They are never going to get its the person not the object, the mad will use any object they can banned or not they will find a way. Knifes are not the only things that are sharp…. The law makers are just as mad as the mental committing the crimes….

  69. My gosh, just reading this should show the stupidity and ignorance of supposedly educated people.
    “Guns cause violence- ban them. Knives cause violence- ban them.” What’s next- sticks and stones? Why not just arrest everyone?- they will be safe in jail! (sigh).
    You don’t change a criminally bad person into a saint by taking away his/her weapons any more than you change a dog into a cat by calling him “whiskers”!
    “There’s no reason for anyone to carry a knife”; Words of wisdom from the very people who’s actions have done nothing but disarm the law abiding person who should have the right to protect themselves? Is there any reason the politician needs a body guard, while the people are left to defend themselves alone? Is this why they care not for acting as mommy and daddy to the people who are perfectly aware of this condescending treatment?
    If these lawmakers think disarming is the answer- why don’t they disarm their military to make the country safer? After all, getting rid of weapons should mean world peace- shouldn’t it? But wait- that would mean the other countries would have the weapons and could easily invade your country! Why does it work for them and not the people? Hmmmm.
    What BS! What Morons that run countries!

    1. I think the idea is wrapped up in eliminating cultures that are fixated on an object, “gun culture” and “knife culture” are phrases that seem to imagine cult like worship of weapons. The weapon worship is driving them to kill, sort of like how Dungeons and Dragons turned teens into devil worshipers.

  70. I demand Congress make edged objects in American prisons illegal!

  71. Since I can make an edged weapon from a stone, are rocks next?

  72. Soon… you won’t be ALLOWED (by the $TATE) to wear boots (increased instances of kicking). And due to the deadly clubs, no more Badminton, Ping Pong, Cricket, or Tennis.
    — Horseback riding is currently under review, due to the possible trampling carnage.

  73. Whenever our leftists say they only want “common sense gun control”, remember that their counterparts across the pond are seizing peoples’ knives.

    This is a long game to them. They will never be satisfied. They will continue adding small restrictions to us forever until we wake up as total slaves without ever having noticed it happening.

  74. Anybody who has ever looked into the stats knows that the overwhelming majority of crime in the UK is committed by non whites, mostly Muslims in the UK. These are hard facts.

    The same is true throughout the European countries that have let in lots of low education immigrants in recent years. They’re responsible for VASTLY disproportionate percentages of all crimes. Sweden is going from being a dirty socialist, but incredibly peaceful and well ordered society, to a total shit hole. Europe is finally getting a taste of what America has had to put up with since the civil war ended!

    Broken cultures are broken cultures… And you don’t want them in your society. Other than Asians, no other non white group on earth has ever shown themselves to be able to live peacefully and productively in a western society. So I say fuck ’em, stop letting them in period. Or at least only let in the 1% of them straight from the top of their dodgy societies. Upper class people tend to not have issues with crime whatever their culture.

    1. Mass immigration from broken places will only break your civilization. The theory that after decades, or generations, of being a HUGE net negative to your society, they will eventually become average and normal is a HORRIBLE excuse for why we should put up with the carnage and increased taxes in the short term… We have ZERO obligation to fuck up our society for some foreigners benefit. PERIOD. The facts with welfare rates, crime rates, etc speak for themselves. High education immigrants, and Asian immigrants in particular, are a solidly good bet… Everybody else is a proven failure. So why keep trying a failed experiment? It’s madness.

      It saddens me to no end that all of the great western European nations have decided to destroy their ancient and amazing societies for the delusional utopian pipe dream of multiculturalism. All that will happen is the destruction of Europe. Eastern Europe has been keeping it real… But I just can’t get as into Poland or Hungary as England or Germany. Poland is cool, I’ve been there… But they’re just not quite as awesome in my book. But the east may be all that remains of European civilization in a few decades. What a tragedy. 🙁

  75. If I had cows that were providing minimal if any milk and they were mauling my more productive cows to death, I wouldn’t instinctively think that muzzles or isolation controls should be purchased, I’d eliminate the problem cows. How much revenue is the British government milking from the kinds of people who stab one another? The British government already controls a healthcare system that sentences people to die as it sees fit (see Alfie Evans)…. why not just flag your problem cows for injection with an aggressive carcinogen under the guise of an annual flu shot? Criminals must serve a pragmatic purpose in the scheme of things if they haven’t been eliminated. I imagine they’re being cultivated for a reason.

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