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Nashville Mayor Calls for Tougher Gun Control After Waffle House Shooting

Assault weapon ban proposals are more and more popular, but the facts about American gun violence show they'd have little positive effect.


Nashville's mayor called for more gun control in the wake of a shooting that killed four people at a Waffle House last weekend. The alleged shooter is now in custody.

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"Clearly the victims of this shooting deserve our prayers and our thoughts," says Mayor David Briley, a Democrat, "but they also deserve leaders who will step up and take action and do something to get these weapons off our streets. Innocent Nashvilleans were terrorized by a man with an AR-15. Let's be honest. Some people see these weapons as having a purpose of terrorizing other people. It's happening too much. Enough is enough."

The same neighborhood also saw one person killed and several wounded at a church shooting last September. That shooter was armed with two pistols, and he was captured by an armed citizen.

Briley concludes: "We need comprehensive gun reform to address mass shootings, domestic shootings, accidental shootings, and homicides. If we can all just come together for this and for the greater good, we can take these weapons of war off the streets of our country."

A Democratic congressperson who represents the area, Jim Cooper, agrees, tweeting that "We can and must do everything possible to prevent these tragedies and keep Americans safe….That starts with restricting widespread civilian access to military-grade assault weapons."

Briley was never elected to his position; he slid into it in March after the previous mayor resigned in scandal. He will face the voters for the first time as mayor in August.

As the earlier church shooting shows, and as the fact that rifles of any sort are generally used in only around 2 percent of American gun homicides shows, Briley's focus on the AR-15 and Collins' on "military-grade assault weapons" are more about pageantry than they are about actually thwarting a major threat to his citizens. As Jacob Sullum has written:

the features that define so-called assault weapons—things like folding stocks and barrel shrouds—have little or nothing to do with their effectiveness in the hands of mass shooters. Contrary to popular belief, [such guns] do not fire faster, fire more rounds, or fire larger-caliber bullets than the ones that would remain legal. Even if she could make all "assault weapons" magically disappear, would-be mass shooters would have plenty of equally lethal choices left.

The particular facts of the Waffle House shooting involve someone, Travis Reinking, who already had "strong gun laws" aimed at him, including actual confiscation of weapons and revocation of a state license to possess weapons. This is further sign that even strong laws actually enforced to the best of the government's likely capacity are not sufficient to prevent these tragedies.

At least seven states and some localities already have some version of an assault weapon ban, and in the wake of the Florida school shooting in February new proposals have been floated in at least Indiana, Colorado, Oregon, Florida, and Vermont. The United States as a whole had such a ban from 1994 to 2004 with no noticeable effect on gun violence.

Some federal appeals courts have decided that such bans are constitutionally acceptable, though the Supreme Court has yet to consider the issue.

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  1. We can and must do everything possible to prevent these tragedies and keep Americans safe…

    Comprehensive Waffle House control legislation it is, then.

    1. some guy in Toronto just did a more effective job of killing with a van. time to register vans and remove their silencers and spark supprssors so that we can hear them coming

      1. Gaah, you beat me to it. Great minds think alike.

        1. And so do yours and Ron’s.

          1. Gaah, you beat me to it. Great minds think alike.

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      2. Or how about just making renting vans illegal?!

        Sounds like it would be about as effective as most of the other suggestions we hear….

        1. Uh, that is his point exactly.

    2. Do you want to see Civil War 2? Then just fucking try to ban Waffle House.

      1. No Waffle houses where I live in the very northern part of this country. No Waffle house shootings. Actually no mass shooting here at all, maybe because everyone here has guns and a lot of people carry.

        1. Or possibly it is too damn cold to go out and shoot people?

    3. “We can and must do everything possible to prevent these tragedies and keep Americans safe…”

      I agree. We must put a stop to these tragic calls for more stringent gun control.

    4. Progressive stupidity control legislation is certainly a must. Given their beliefs abkut safety, they should be the first to agree to be rounded up and put where their idiocy can’t harm anyone, including themselves. Perhaps some kind of camps, which will all be safe spaces.

  2. We can and must do everything possible…

    Only after the fact.

  3. Looks like there has been a “van attack” in Toronto. The van was definitely white. No official confirmation yet on whether the driver was though.

    When are these ratfucker wingnuts in Canada going to finally agree to some common sense van control?

    1. I’m just glad it wasn’t a scary black van.

    2. But, I heard it was a self-driving van that was mad at Elon Musk for paying low wages to his self-driving cars!

  4. The closer you get to November in an election year, the dumber our politicians become.

    1. They’re always that dumb. They just get louder and more visible as the election approaches.

  5. You’d do more to prevent untimely deaths of Americans by mandating treadmills onsite at every Waffle House, and telling fatties (like me) walk off their All Star breakfast (cheesey eggs, raisin bread, waffle, and extra bacon).

    But mathematical literacy never stood in the way of a good mass panic.

    1. OTOH, they’ve helped prevent more than a few deaths from mass romaine lettuce poisoning.

  6. The particular facts of the Waffle House shooting involve someone, Travis Reinking, who already had “strong gun laws” aimed at him, including actual confiscation of weapons and revocation of a state license to possess weapons. This is further sign that even strong laws actually enforced to the best of the government’s likely capacity are not sufficient to prevent these tragedies.

    It also bears pointing out to both sides, though one side more than the other, that Travis Reinking, mentally disturbed and with every intent on killing many people (but generally lacking the 6 P’s), was effectively overcome by an unarmed man.

    1. Travis Reinking, the Waffle House shooter, was captured in the woods by police and detectives. How did “detectives” become “an unarmed man”?

      1. You missed the news where he was disarmed during the shooting by an unarmed man.

  7. Now we know what happens in Nashville when country music goes soft.

    1. +1 Luke Bryan

  8. It makes me sad to see that people keep failing to mention that the shooter was naked. I was telling my wife that that’s actually a brilliant tactic because nobody ever wants to jump on a naked dude.

    1. Don’t tell Tony that.

  9. Hey guys,

    If the argument can be made that gun control is ineffective because people employ knife attacks and use bombs, is it permitted to make an argument that one can disarm an armed gunman without using guns. IOW, The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is for there to be a good guy with a gun

    1. I have no doubt that gunmen have been disarmed by someone who wasn’t. I also have no doubt that it won’t be me trying to do it.

      Why does it have to be a good guy? Why can’t it be another bad guy disarming the first?

      1. IOW, what you are proposing is that the slogan should be: the only way to stop a bad guy is for there to be another guy?

        Don’t you think this is too much– oh, I don’t know– kumbaya to appeal to the average gun nut?

        1. What I’m proposing is that ability, willingness, and motives matter.

          1. How about lethality?

            1. Alcohol kills 2.5 times as many people as firearms, so we should probably focus on the more lethal item first.

              1. Or cars. Cars aren’t protected by the Second Amendment. If the idea is to coerce people to “save lives,” banning automobiles makes more sense than banning guns, drugs, electricity or consensual trade.

            2. In the case of taking down a shooter, 100% lethality is best.

        2. We had a guy near here…Truman, AR, that got involved without a gun yesterday. He died on scene where a girl was being taken hostage with a gun. He went to a gun fight unarmed!

        3. Hey traitor boy, what precisely is an ‘average gun nut’?

      2. Actually, if it was an armed good guy, he would become a bad guy for having an evil gun.

  10. “Innocent Nashvilleans were terrorized by a man with an AR-15. Let’s be honest. Some people see these weapons as having a purpose of terrorizing other people. It’s happening too much. Enough is enough.”

    Right on, Mayor Briley. Enough with the “purpose of terrorizing people” bullshit!

    1. Isn’t that the whole point of having militarized police, and sumptuary laws that make a crime–not of violence–but of trade, production and plant leaves? Aldous Huxley referred to THAT as terrorism.

  11. I love how people think a war on guns and stricter gun control is going to only affect white redneck gun nuts, and not the young black men who perpetrate the majority of gun crimes and are much more likely to have illegal guns.

    Democrats’ refusal to acknowledge that the “gun culture” most responsible for our gun violence “epidemic” is largely the culture of urban minorities, and not the stereotypical Republican gun nuts, is going to actually wind up hurting minorities even more and worsening our mass incarceration problem.

    Sure they might stop a mass shooting or two by a white kid and save 20 lives, but that’s just an average week of murders in Chicago. What will happen if thousands of more people will be in prison simply for possessing contraband and not actually committing a crime.

    1. …what will happen *IS*…

      1. I know I post basically this exact comment a lot, but I have yet to see this argument properly laid out in a Reason article, beyond some general comparisons between gun prohibition and drug prohibition, and I hope somebody does an entire article on it.

    2. I love how people think a war on guns and stricter gun control is going to only affect white redneck gun nuts, and not the young black men who perpetrate the majority of gun crimes and are much more likely to have illegal guns.

      The whole point of these gun control laws IS to hurt “white redneck gun nuts” because they consider them their enemies and know that those people would be more likely to follow whatever laws that are passed. The people passing these laws know that POC gangbangers don’t give a shit about following them, but they don’t have to live in those neighborhoods and are confident those populations aren’t going to target their own for home invasions and robberies, so they don’t care.

      Albuquerque is going through a pretty serious crime wave now, and support for stricter criminal punishments has risen along with it because people throughout the city are being targeted, not just in the War Zone or the city’s known trashy areas. If people in shitlib havens like Boulder, Colorado were being invaded and robbed by gangbangers from Aurora or Westminster, their egalitarianism would vanish like a fart in the wind.

    3. It is also highly suspect that they would even stop those mass shootings or 2 by the white kids!!!

    4. Gun control laws disproportionately threaten the safety of women, the poor, and minirities.

      Why do progressives hate women, the poor, and minoroties so much?

  12. Gun-control advocates need to pay heed to history:


    A national effort to reduce mass murders, the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, which expired in 2004, produced this consequence:

    “The ban didn’t appear to have a significant impact on the number of mass murder incidents in that decade compared to other decades, and within the decade, there was no downward trend. This only shows that the availability of assault weapons doesn’t change the number of mass murder incidents, which means that killers just switched to different weapons, obtained illegal weapons, or made improvised weapons.

    During the ban, large attacks like the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Park Bombing occurred, and the average number of people killed per incident increased from 9.4 pre-ban to 11.3 during the ban, then decreasing to 7.6 after the ban expired. The average number of people injured per incident increased from 8.0 to 35.0 during the ban and decreased to 5.6 after the ban.

    More consequences detailed in:

    “Gun Control and Mass Killers”

  13. They took his gun away, and gave it back to his father, who then gave it back to his son.

    Hooray for government.

  14. We need more control of the guns cause Trump is like Hitler so it must be hard to get a gun so you can protect yourself against the Trump, who is like Hitler.

    1. Of course.
      And here I have been thinking that if every Jew in Germany had a gun, the Holocaust might have been much less effective.
      Silly me.

  15. Typical politician’s response. Never blame the nutso-cretin who stripped off his shoes, socks and pants then shot four unarmed citizens. Mayor Briley says, “…come together for this and for the greater good.” Representative Cooper says we must restrict, “…widespread civilian access to military-grade assault weapons.” Leftists dream of peace in our time and wish for total elimination of firearms from the planet. It’s an impossible dream.

    I used to wonder why leftists saturate media outlets with soothing pleas for conversation instead of acting on their clear and ultimate goal of confiscation. I assumed they stopped short of the extreme because they know firearms owners won’t tolerate confiscation without unimaginable fury. Fact is leftists will temporarily settle for controlling little things like bayonet lugs, ammunition taxes, bullet shapes and so on. It’s part of a common leftist flimflam.

    Eventually they’ll again get around to universal background checks that are impossible to regulate without universal registration. They need universal registration because it fundamentally transforms 120 million owners into dependents. Once they know who the owners are, they’ll choose which of them are allowed to be licensed. It’s the consummate entitlement. The democrat party cannot survive without more than half the nation being dependent on the government. Leftists trade entitlements for votes. It’s the heart of their strategy.

  16. Citizens just becoming aware should open their minds to the fact that the U.S. is very lucky to have a hundred million armed citizens with 400 million firearms in private hands. They should recognize that these are the most peaceable, lawful people in our nation. Leftists need to look at our open borders, colossal drug trade, scarce law enforcement, timid prosecution, limited incarcerations, gang strength, mental defectives living at home and terrorists roaming the streets. Can anyone even imagine the unbridled carnage if the leftist goal of total confiscation were to be achieved?

    Every time you vote, think about this. Those who carry out mass murders fear armed citizens and it’s precisely why governments always disarm the governed before they purge the disobedient. Taken together, all the mass shooting deaths from nuts, felons, terrorists and illegal aliens, throughout history for the entire planet, is infinitesimal compared to the total number of civilian citizens murdered by governments. It’s the reason for our 2nd Amendment and throughout human history, it has been a very bad idea to allow any government to disarm its people.

    1. scarce law enforcement, timid prosecution, limited incarcerations,


    2. Careful reasoning, use of facts; that doesn’t get the gun control crowd on television, nor does it create hysteria for new legislation. But you knew that.

  17. The mayor of Nashville conveniently forgot to mention that had this mentally ill male not been access to guns after they were confiscated from him then this never would have happened. Instead he decided to attack AR-15’s (scary gun tactic) as weapons of terrorists that must be eradicated rather than discuss how the system clearly broke down.

    1. Hey! Procedures were followed, ok?

  18. Tougher gun control? You got to be kidding. The kid had his guns confiscated and given to his father. His father gave them back to him!!! The father and son should both be prosecuted!!! No, you want to punish everyone else except the two a**holes who caused all the trouble. You’ll let the father go and slap the kids wrists. I call bulls**t!!!

  19. Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv was called to the office and interrogated over tweets he and his dad made about Kyle visiting a firing range for the first time:

    1. Good for him. The kid asked the correct questions when they tried to intimidate him.

      1. I hope his dad consults a lawyer and finds out if any laws were broken and then sues if there has been.

        Jesus Christ, school officials interrogate a kid for exercising his Second Amendment rights in his own time.

        1. If I were in school today, I would make it clear to administrators that any violation of my rights or laws broken on their part will be cause for severe punishment.

  20. I saw the headline and thought “isn’t Nashville’s chick-mayor in prison now”? She plead to a felony and received pussy-pass probation but they got a replacement so fast I didn’t notice.

  21. Tennessee voted mainly Republican, with under 3% voting Libertarian. So 97% clearly formed a consensus that wanted the initiation of force. Now they got what they ordered and everyone acts surprised. Why?

    1. Your logic is overly simplistic and wanting.

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    2. No, she doesn’t, moron.
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  23. Yet another information-resistant jerk…

  24. What commonly used modern firearm wasn’t used or isn’t based on a military weapon? After virtually every war in this country the best firearms became civilian flrearms. Even the “cowboy revolver” the Colt 45 was first built for the military, it is why it is called a Single Action Army. Or the gun that won the west, the Winchester, was based on the Henry which the Rebs called the gun you loaded on Sunday and shot until Wednesday. Arms manufacturers have always had a policy of letting the military pay for development and then selling the technology to civilians for profit.

  25. The dude was adjudicated a mentally unstable and like idiots, the police gave his father his guns on the “promise” the father would not give them to the shooter. Of course, the father gave them to the shooter. The guns are not the issue. The issue is police being stupid and the father being a complete idiot. More gun laws will not prevent crimes as a result of stupidity as this one is clearly.

  26. Now here is a crazy idea that might work. Lock up the crazy people.

  27. If we can all just come together for this and for the greater good…

    * We’ll ban gay sex because it causes aids
    * We’ll stop abortion because it kills babies
    * We’ll force people into conscription camps because a minority’s rights shouldn’t supersede the majority’s rights
    * We’ll ….

    What an asshole. Whenever anybody wants to do something for the greater good, it proves they have no empathy and can’t conceive that anyone else might have a different viewpoint.

    Fuck off slaver!

  28. Clearly victims should have been carrying guns.

  29. Don’t need anymore gun control. His guns were already taken away, only to be given to an entirely different person, his father. The Feds are orchestrating half this crap by failing to report, releasing violent predators in the streets and apparently giving someone’s firearms to other people where any idiot could tell he would have access to them.

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